Best Bicycle for Kids 3-5 Frozen

3-5 16 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Disney Frozen Protective Gear

Disney Frozen Protective Gear

Customer service is provided. The bike is covered by a 2-year warranty and they will replace any fault. They will reply in less than 24 hours via their Facebook chat. Safety gear that is stylish for any Frozen adventure. There are knee and elbow pads. The gloves have padding for comfort and palm protection. Frozen merchandise is licensed.

Brand: Bell

👤I got this set for a friend of mine who is just starting out on her two wheeler, and I also got a bicycle basket for her. There is a I think the fact that she lives in Frozen encouraged her to try harder on her big girl bike so she could use her accessories.

👤My daughter loves them. She is 2 years old. They are a little big. She was able to fit all 5 fingers in the glove. I wanted it to match her helmet and the stores had a limited option. These matched perfectly.

👤My daughter can put the gloves on herself. She wears them for fun. She didn't like the knee pads, but they were cute.

👤Good price and safety for kids. There is a Kids love Disney products.

👤I bought this for my cousin and it fits her like a glove and she loves them.

👤Producto de una empacado.

👤They were too small for my 4 year old daughter, so I gave them 3 stars. She is an average size but they were too tight. Gave them to a small child.

👤Son de una calidad, quiere en el super. Mi hija tiene 7 aos, pero lo dems es ajustable.

👤The producto is a correct adaptation of the publicidad asi tambien, as well as a funcion de proteccion.

👤Muy buen material, segjros, and acabadas, para nios de 3 hasta 8 aos.

👤No son profesionales, no para peques, no poco reducidos.

👤A hija de 5 aos.

2. Little Tikes Balance Pedal 12 Inch

Little Tikes Balance Pedal 12 Inch

The 14 inch suitabe is ideal for 3-6 years girls, while the 16 inch suitabe is 888-739-5110 18 inch is suitable for 5-9 years old girls. Before ordering, please check it. The bike has 85% assembled body and basic assembly tools. A unique, single gear balance bike design with pedals that fold in and out can help your child learn to ride a bike faster. It is easy to switch between Balance Mode and Pedal Mode. Easy assembly with minimal tools. The My First Balance-to-Pedal Bike has a seat and handlebars that grow with you. NEVER FLAT TIRES! You don't have to worry about pumping bicycle tires anymore because of the durable tires made from EVA foam. It's easy to learn to ride safely.

Brand: Little Tikes

👤Don't waste your money on this. You don't have to. What child did they use to measure the geometry of the bike? The pedals are not important on this bike. The child will almost hit their nose with their knee if the bottom brackets is close to the seat. Don't. Don't spend your money on this!

👤We wanted to get a convertible balance bike for our toddler to do the quick transition from balance to pedals without training wheels. Balance bikes are better than training wheels for toddlers. Why not use a strider? How much time do you think your toddler will use? They will balance, then they will pedal, and in a blink they will be so tall that you will have to get a new bike. This bike is the best transition bike for the price, and it went through some trails without any issues. Our kid went from balance to pedaling in a blink of an eye. She gained the confidence to go down the trail very fast after she turned 5 because of her birthday.

👤We lived this bike for a while. My daughter learned to pedal in 2 weeks after using this as a balance bike. It's all good until the pedal starts to bother you. My girl had a hard time kicking the pedal after it got stuck. We decided to upgrade after a few rides. If you're buying this for a longer use, you might want to look elsewhere. This is a good start to learning how to ride a bike.

👤The pedals can be used as a balance bike. Kids have to open their legs wide to rub the metal part on their legs, which makes it very uncomfortable. The way the bike is built is not compatible with training wheels. It's so bad!

👤It is a great bike. The pedals get stuck. Not great as a pedal bike.

👤The seat is hard and the braking is difficult. My daughter is getting better at balancing.

👤I waited until the day before my daughter's birthday to put together the balance bike I ordered. Surprise! There is no place to sit. I'm past the return date. We have a useless balance bike.

👤It's not easy to convert a balance bike to a pedals out bike, and it's too heavy to be a balance bike. Buy a balance bike and get a bigger one.

👤Est una bici! Super resistente. There is a nico malo tienes pedales, pero estn plegados. The balance is un poco bromosos. y ya I ha quijado porque le lastiman un poco.

3. JOYSTAR Years Toddler Training Wheels

JOYSTAR Years Toddler Training Wheels

Design for kids. The bike has a training wheel. The quick release seat makes the height adjustment simpler. When the training wheel is off, it's a good idea to ride with a holder. The front handbrake is suitable for young riders. The steel frame is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, made of premium steel to survive the bumps of learning. The bike is simple to maintain and comes with a black tire. A do it yourself dart for safety. A child can make a unique bike with the decals by sticking their name on the frame or chain guard. The chain guard will last longer than other bikes, and your child will not get hurt if they try to touch the chain. It is easy to install. A novice can assemble a children's bike in about 20 minutes with the basic assembly tools. Please contact them if you have a problem with the bike. There is a size chart for bikes for boys and girls of varying ages. The child's height may be different even at the same age.

Brand: Joystar

👤I would offer some criticisms on the design changes I would recommend. For the price, it seems to be better than the name brand stuff. The plastic chain guard on this one is very good. There is a The pad is not an important thing. Either do it right or not. There is a The training wheels seem fine, but the index point should be better to keep them from twisting. There is a There is a front reflector that mounts oddly. The seat is good, the tires are good, and the color is great. We will see how it holds up. There is a My little girl learned how to ride the bike and is happy with the color. The 14” was perfect because she is big for her age. My girl can ride a bike.

👤My daughter loves the bike, but it does not hold up. There are two holes in one tire after 17 days of riding it. We have to try to find a new tire for our bike because we are past our return window.

👤I had a worse experience buying this kid bike on Amazon. If I could, I would give 0 stars. There is a The bike was very difficult to assemble and when we put it together after a lot of sweat, the saddle and handle bar were loose and unsafe for a kid to ride. The bike was difficult to disassemble and I got injured in the process. We needed more tools to put it back in the box. The return experience was a nightmare. The return agents will not show up until the return date is passed. There is a We are reconsidering any purchase we make with Amazon and this particular vendor after a horrible experience.

👤We have had the worst experience with this bike and this company, but I never write negative reviews. We got this bike for our little girl as a gift, and the mechanism holding the pedals on the bike just fell apart. The parts that are needed for a bike to go round and round don't work. We tried to fix it, but we can't. The company referred us to a video on the internet. It was not helpful. We never heard back from them after my husband wrote them back and asked what else they could do to make it right. Just a mess. We will not buy from this company again. This is not the first incident. My son's bike, which we bought from this company at the same time we bought a bike for my daughter, is very poor quality. Not as bad as the girl bike, but definitely wouldn't buy it again.

👤Cute. It's functional. Good price. There is a I would have been frustrated with the lack of instructions if I had known what I was doing. I think there's a video online. I didn't watch it because it wasn't something I wanted to see. The printed instructions are not for the bike I got. There is a When I opened the package, the decals on the training wheels were peeling off. We don't need them, but it looks cheap. There is a There is no information on attaching the reflectors. I left them out. The seat that I swapped out for her balance bike was made with bolts and brackets that wouldn't lower enough. The original seat will be fine once she grows another half inch. The center bolts of the handlebars were covered with a cheap flap. It would be nice if it was padded. It's kind of weird.

4. Frozen Wheels Cruiser Position Adjustable

Frozen Wheels Cruiser Position Adjustable

For children ages 2 to 4. There is an adult assembly required. The hazard to children under the age of 3 years is small. Stylized with your favorite characters. The stickers will be applied during assembly. The front wheel has a low center of gravity for security and control. The ride-on dimensions are 20 W x 22.5 H x 32.83 L. The front wheel has lights on it. 3 button cell batteries are required. The 15” fly wheel has three different seat positions which fit your child's growth needs. For children Ages 3-7. Adult assembly is required. Small parts are included in the hazard for children under the age of 3 years.

Brand: Disney Frozen

👤The directions for putting the rear axel together were either incorrect or impossible. After 4 adults at the birthday party tried to follow the directions, my son was able to get the locking washer on the axel without the end caps or plastic tool the directions showed. The handlebars were wobbly and he had to screw a few parts together. The front wheel slips as the child pedals. The Disney name was lent to an amateur and was a real disappointment for the money.

👤The package was missing the front plate and the manufacturer refused to send us the part until we could send them serial numbers and product numbers. We need to be put through this process because of their failure to package their product. There is a We bought the product for our daughter and we will need to give her a broken toy as a Christmas gift while we wait for the part to be sent. When I bought this cruiser, I thought it would be the Christmas that I envisioned.

👤My daughter is having her 3rd birthday. She was very excited to get it. It has held up well over the past few months. We would have to push her on it, she figured it out on her own. You have to put all the stickers on yourself at parts. The seat will work for my daughter for a while.

👤I can't recommend buying this big wheel look alike. I don't think it will last very long with normal use. It wasn't easy to put together because you have to apply the stick on decals yourself and you have to get out of the backing paper with a heat gun. It took two people nearly an hour and a half to get them on. The steering fork is very small and the front wheel is likely to break free of the pedal mechanism in time. It is not a quality product.

👤My daughter used it a few times in 2 months after she got it for her birthday. Since the pedal is plastic, it's very unlikely I'll be able to keep it on. The first time I tried it, it lasted about 5 minutes. Things are not the way they used to be. I had a big wheel for a long time.

👤I should have read the reviews. Don't buy it. The light on the wheel doesn't work and the front wheel slides instead of turning. We haven't gotten it together yet. The washers, nuts and bolts are not compatible with the back wheels. The other side is a lost cause because my husband hammered on one side. We have a temporary fix until we can buy pieces that will fit.

5. TheCroco Lightweight High Grade Aluminum Unbeatable

TheCroco Lightweight High Grade Aluminum Unbeatable

The kids' bike with 16-inch wheels comes ready to be assembled and includes authentic PAW Patrol graphics. The lightest bike on the market is only 4 lbs. It's easy for kids to handle the bike and learning to ride is a breeze. The first bike for kids 2 to 4 years old has an inseam between 11 and 18 in. The features are unbeatable. It is the only balance bike with all the Premium features at an affordable price. It includes: Bell, Handlebar Pad, Ultra- soft hand grips, Padded seat, Gripped footrest and Safety-End Screws for extra protection. Seat and Handlebar can be adjusted in seconds with the Quick-Release clamp. You will be adjusting the height during the learning-to-ride process and as your child grows. There is no confetti in the sky. They use foam tires that are 5 times lighter than regular rubber tires. A lightweight bike is the most relevant feature for a small child, that makes them feel comfortable so they can start learning to balance. You can take your child's bike everywhere without having to inflate tires. They only use the highest quality wheel bearings that will allow your little one to glide longer distances, and ensure your bike lasts for years. Cheap bearings will only last a few months and cause wobbly tires, so most of the other bikes use them. TheCroco PREMIUM Bike Assembly is an easy to assemble bike that can be set up in 5 minutes. Customer service is provided. The bike is covered by a 2-year warranty and they will replace any fault. They will reply in less than 24 hours via their Facebook chat.

Brand: Thecroco

👤We have three boys. All three love them. Our 2 year old will take a break to sit on the seat and then he will get back up to walk it again. He is getting the hang of it. He wasn't intimidated by it because the seat and handle bar height can be adjusted. There is a Our five year old is fast. He picked up the ride and rides every day. Our oldest is a little timid and reserved but still enjoys it. Assembly was easy. All three were assembled in less than 10 minutes. The entire bike is light because the tires are not made of rubber or heavy material. Our 2 year old can pick it up out of the garage and walk out onto the sidewalk on his own. There is a These were worth a lot. Our boys use them daily and we are often asked where we got it. Everyone wants a turn with one, so it becomes a fight when friends are here. Five stars all around!

👤I thought I would help people save time by writing a review. My husband researched which bike would be best for our child. There is a The bike was okay after he purchased the banana. Our daughter had no place to rest her feet. The bike was unassembled and the bearing was cheap. There is a The strider was the most expensive, came mostly assembled, had a foot rest, internal bearing, but the bike was still heavy at almost 7 lbs and made of steal. There is a The croco is similar to the strider and was assembled with instructions. This bike was 4 lbs lighter and made of aluminum which is a better product than a bike that is stolen. We got the croco bike, croco handle bar pads, bell and croco helmet for the same price as the strider bike. The croco was a better bike even without the extra stuff at a better price.

👤My 17 1/2 month old has a perfect bike.

👤These bikes are very good. It's easy to learn. My 2 year old had it down in about 30 minutes. He rode a wheelie down the street after chugged a red bull. Fricken A was better than expected.

👤Before buying this bike, we borrowed a Strider bike. We did not spend more on a Strider. The Croco is very lightweight and we have been using it for 2 years. It is easy for us to carry it around when he is done. The assembly was easy and quick. The seat of the bike is more substantial than other bikes. This is a great bike.

6. Schwinn Toddler 16 Inch Training Included

Schwinn Toddler 16 Inch Training Included

6 month warranty on quality guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have made, do not hesitate to email them, they will make sure to solve any problems for you as soon as possible. You can return the product for a full refund. The Schwinn elm girl's bike is designed for children 3 - 5 years old or 38 - 48 inches tall. The elm is a great choice for riding to the park or riding on the sidewalk. Schwinn's SmartStart Technology makes this bike easier to start and use, with lighter frame, cranks and pedals positioned forward, and smaller grips and seat. The bike has a rear coaster brake and a front caliper brake, which are similar to adult bikes, to help younger riders transition to a hand-brake-only bike. The Schwinn Elm girl's bike can be adjusted with ease using the saddle, seat post, and slack seat-tube angle. The Q-Factor technology has narrower pedal positions that match the width of a child's hips, allowing for easier peddling and handling.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I cannot recommend this bike as it broke after a few uses. There is a My husband put it together. It wasn't very difficult, but took a bit more time than we thought it would. The peddles lost after three uses. What? We made sure everything was secure so our five-year old didn't fall because something came apart. A piece fell off as she rode into the inside of the chain area after a ride or two. I don't know what to say. The chain seems to have slipped, but there's a piece that is irretrievable. I'm very disappointed. I thought buying a Schwinn would help us avoid issues like this. Guess not. I can't find a way to return the bike or exchange it, which is really upsetting as it's useless.

👤Thanks for ruining our daughter's birthday. The bike is not drivable because of the bent fork connecting to the steering wheel. Hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.

👤I thought the bike was better quality than the store. It was easy for anyone with a mechanical know how. The quality of the hubs, bearings, and anything that rotates was terrible. My 4 year old daughter had a hard time riding this thing. I did everything I could, except disassemble the hubs. This thing would stop going downhill. Terrible work. There is a The brakes are worth $2. I would want to trust the quality of what I would get for my baby. There is a If you return for a refund, you will get something that rolls.

👤When I opened the box to assemble the bike, I noticed that the basket had a large crack on the side. Which made me question the quality of the purchase. I can't review how the bike feels when it's wrapped because it won't be ridden until Christmas morning. Once my niece rides this bike, I will review it again. It would be great if the company could send a replacement basket.

👤Exactly what we were looking for. For our daughter, we got this. She really wanted a bike that was teal and this was perfect. We had her try a lot of different bikes to make sure she would be comfortable on them. She's still getting used to riding bikes without training wheels, but it's difficult for me to keep an eye on her because we live in a rural area where there's a lot of dirt and the only place she can ride is in the street. She needs the foot breaks until she transitions to a hand break only bike. The only bike I could find that was all we needed was this one, and it had hand and foot breaks. The BMX style bikes were not comfortable for her because you have to lean farther forward to reach the handles. This one has a more comfortable seat than the BMX style bikes that we tried, and it gives you a more upright posture. She hasn't been able to ride it much but it looks like a very well made and sturdy bike that I expect to last for many years, and she hasn't been able to ride it much but it looks like a very well made and sturdy bike that she hasn't been She loves it and I love it. My husband put it together quickly. Definitely recommend. The price tag was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but for the quality and everything we were looking for, it was definitely worth it. Shipping was fast and painless.

7. JOYSTAR Training Wheels Years Toddler

JOYSTAR Training Wheels Years Toddler

1. The design and color are amazing. Kids bike with bright colors, stylish and charming. Extra fun is added to the ride by the decals. The seat is soft and comfortable in riding. 2. It's safer to ride! The Front hand caliper Brake with rear coaster/foot brake offer more stopping power with more safety, wide 2.125" pneumatic tires, Sturdy steel frame and crank, Non-slip resin pedal, enclosed chainguard, front & rear reflectors and wheel reflectors are all included. 3. It is easier to ride. The brake lever allows little riders to brake efficiently. The training wheels are replaceable. The single speed drivetrain is reliable. 4. It's easy to assemble! The bike is assembled. The seat, tire and training wheels need to be installed. Assembly tools and instructions are included. Adult assembly is required. 5. There are more size options! The handlebars and seat height can be adjusted. You can use their kids bike size chart to find the perfect size for your beloved bike. The kids height should be taken into account.

Brand: Joystar

👤My 4 year olds birthday is this day. It's sturdy, rides well and he loves it. The instructions are not great. It was not difficult. My son is an average size for his age and it fits perfectly. I was very happy with my purchase. There is a My son still loves it two years later. He is almost ready for the next size. The company reached out to me after I left my review and told me that the handle bars were not straight.

👤Where should I start? The handle bars were upside down. I had to fix them. The included instructions have nothing to do with this bike, the tires need to be inflated, and the refectors keep falling off, and the included number to call for help is in China, it is a long distance call with no toll free number and you get an answering machine in This thing is not worth anything.

👤The brake mechanism on the bike is already mis-aligned, rendering it useless. The seat height adjustor is too tight to be adjusted, and the seat is loose and wiggly, and with no way to keep the seat facing forward, it slides around when riding. The bell broke right out of the box, but I thought it was a mistake. The bike was not real. There is a My 5yo was very happy to receive a brand new bike for her birthday, and took great pains to put the letter stickers on it. She has kept it out of harms way when not in use. This is a huge disappointment for this 3wk old bicycle, it's already a pain to ride.

👤Ok. Here is the deal. I bought this bike for my nephew. There is a We have been taking him to the local BMX Ramp Park with his bike for a few months, and it seems that he is ready for apedal bike. I wanted to get him a bike that looked similar to the BMX stuff that the bigger kids at the Ramp Park ride, but didn't think it was a smart idea to drop $300 on a real bike that he is going to use. All of the inexpensive 12” bikes look pretty childish with all the stickers and crazy stuff. I decided to modify one of them to fit what I wanted. There is a Anyway. I got this bike and immediately eliminated the nonsense I didn't like. I used a grind to remove the mounting tabs from the chain guard. I replaced the silly hand grips with inexpensive BMX style units. I swapped all the silly stickers for real BMX brand logos. The dumb reflectors were taken off the wheels. He got a bike that looked like a BMX Park bike, but it cost me more than the price of the bike, and was less than a Fit Bike Co. There is a Anyway. It seems like build quality is good for the money. Tools are included with the bike, which made assembly easy. All-in-all. It seems like this was a good purchase. Attached pictures do not reflect the product. This bike was modified to fit my needs.

8. JOYSTAR Training Wheels Bicycle Children

JOYSTAR Training Wheels Bicycle Children

The Joystar Angel 12 inch girls bike is a great gift for 2 to 4 years old toddlers. They have a saddle and stem that can be adjusted for easy pedalling. The seat is soft and comfortable in riding. The Angel is great for riding to the park or riding on the sidewalk. The bike is designed for kids and has a fork that is easy to use. The amazing ride comes ready to rock with resilient wheels, wrapped in rubber off-road tires for outstanding grip and stability in any weather conditions. The kid bike is a good way to teach your child to balance and pedal. The coaster brake is a great option for young riders because it is easy to provide stopping power when needed. The enclosed chain guard is for your kids. The training wheel will keep everything pointing in the right direction until she is able to balance on her own. It is easy for your children to learn and feel comfortable behind the wheel with the singlespeed drivetrain and smaller grip design. The girls bicycles come with a basket and decals that add more fun for your little thrill-seeker to get pedaling up to speed. Safety is the top priority for Alway on Your Side. If there are any issues with their kids bikes, please contact them and they will take action. Safety is their priority. The bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Joystar

👤I bought this bike for my son. It is cute and comes with stickers to name the bike, as long as you don't need more than 2 of any letter your good. There are no instructions about how to install basket, but it does require assembling with a provided wrench. You will need a tire pump as tires are flat upon arrival. Delivery was on time. The bike was well packaged. The seat is the reason we give it 4 stars. The seat is very hard and our daughter complains that it hurts her butt. I want to see if we could swap seats. The one thing I like about it is that it rides more like a cruiser because of the higher handle bars. I don't blame kids for not wanting to sit on the seat for longer than 5 minutes. It is like sitting on a rock.

👤The bike is a good size for my little girl. She was going to put her little brother in the basket and take him with her because she loved the bike and the basket so much. He is almost 30 lbs. and he is already running around. It's a funny thing. I hope it will last, as we have not used it much. There is a The picture looks exactly like it. The 14 in. was bought by me. My 3 year-old is quite tall. The pink color is nice. The basket is easy to assemble. I was able to do it on my own. It had all the tools needed for assembly, and a little fish as a bell. The price is decent, but I couldn't put my daughter's name on the bike because the stickers only have one set of letters. The little fish is hard to make a sound from. My 3 year-old can't press it or squeak it by herself. If you decide to assemble it yourself, remember to put air in the tires. I forgot to check when I took my little one, and she couldn't ride because of the lack of air, I blame it on my brain. It's easier to get the pieces in the right place and the right direction if you look at the picture while assembling.

👤The bicycle arrived as promised. It was easy to assemble and took me about an hour. I have old hands. There is a It is a sturdy bike. The training wheels are aligned so that the bike doesn't feel tippy like many with training wheels do. It is secure and solid. The 12 inch bicycle is perfect for my granddaughter, who is 37 inches tall. I am very pleased with the purchase of this bike.

9. Protective Safeguard Equipment Skateboard Protector

Protective Safeguard Equipment Skateboard Protector

Every balance bike comes with a lifetime warranty. If you have a question, please contact them first, they will try their best to solve your problem in 24 hours. The knee and elbow pads suit for 3-7 years old kids is adjusted to fit. Children at 3-7 years old can be fitted with straps that fit better to cling to their body and let them move at the same time. 2x kids knee pads, 2x kids elbow pads, 1x wrist pad offer your children all-round protection. PHYSICS DESIGN AND COMFORT. Premium skin-friendly fabrics are used to make the pads soft and smooth. Your child is not willing to take them off. Impact resistance is strong. The outer shell and sponge of the skateboard are made of the hard and thick ABS material. The best gift for children. Give the kids knee pads skating set to your kids on any of the following days: birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Children's day.

Brand: Kuyou

👤I wasn't sure if they would fit my five year old, so I was nervous to buy them. The knee pads fit. The wrist guards work. The elbow pads are too big. They won't stay on because I had them as tight as possible. I'm glad I got these since he'll grow into them and the knee and wrist pads still work. I thought this information might help others with their concerns. The main thing I was worried about was the size. I wanted to help other people with that.

👤This is not a youth size. There is a difference. It fit my 6 year old great, but not my 9 year old. I need to get a small adult for my 9 year old, who is a bit taller than average, because I bought 2 pairs and need to return one. They like to wear them and they fit the younger crowd well.

👤These fit my 30 pound and skinny 3 year old very well. He'll be able to wear them for a long time, but they're tight enough to fit him right now, because there's lots of room for him to grow. The wrist guards fit him. The pads are made of high quality material, the plastic parts are thick for protection in the event of a fall, and the elastic/fabric parts look and feel nice. I was worried that the elastic straps would rub on his knees and arms, but they don't seem to be that bad. I would definitely recommend them.

👤Good gear. We bought it for our toddler. It is easy to wear and protects knees and elbows.

👤These are better than I expected. I got them for my tall and skinny child. The wrist and elbow pads are tight and can stay in place, even though they are a bit big. The knee pads fit well with pants on. There is a They are great and will fit for a long time.

👤My two-year-old is a daredevil. You get more money than I expected. Did you get wrist cars and knee pads for my son to use when he is running around? He fell to protect his hands. He is very happy to wear them and they are very easy to put on. Highly recommended!

👤These worked well. The little guy is an average-sized 5 years old. The little guy loves the knee pads, and he has dumped pretty good, and the knee and hand pads would have been pretty intense without them. He says they are comfortable. The bag is very handy, and they are very easy to put on and get off. I'm very happy I went with these, I feel like I've gotten more out of them than my money can ever give me.

10. Dynacraft Trolls Bike Training Wheels

Dynacraft Trolls Bike Training Wheels

The troll world tour graphics are custom. The bag has hair. The training wheels can be changed. The seat height can be adjusted.

Brand: Dynacraft

👤The bike is well made and directions are easy to follow. There is a I only have one set of washer and lock nuts because the bike I received is missing a lock nut and washer. I am going to go to the Home Depot and the bike shop to see if I can find the part. I wanted to give my daughter a bike for Christmas but if I can't find a lock nut and washer then I will have to wait.

👤The bike was cute but we had to return because of the knocking sound coming from the inside.

👤I gave this to my daughter for her 4th birthday and she loves it because it is easy to assemble.

👤The bike is nice. The rim of the back tire has been damaged. I may have to make adjustments to the chain guard to prevent it from rubbing on the tire. I would return it if it wasn't "From Santa".

👤The bike is a great deal.

11. Huffy Bicycle Company Princess Connect

Huffy Bicycle Company Princess Connect

You don't have to worry about damage or maintenance with JOYSTAR's durable steel frame and puncture-proof tires. The kids bike comes with 85% assembled body and the basic assembly tools, perfect customer service and Lifetime Warranty on manufacturing defects for all metal frames, rigid forks, stems, and handlebars. Assembly is fast and easy with Quick Connect technology, which makes it easy to insert fork and handlebars. The seat height is easily adjusted without tools and the bike is perfect for children 3 to 5 years old with a height of 37 to 42 inches. The girl's bike has a pink and white frame with Disney Princess graphics and a Disney Princess display in the handlebar basket. The front and rear hand brakes are easy to reach and help your child learn how to ride a bike. The frame is built to last and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Huffy

👤We love this bike for our young child. I was confused after reading a lot of reviews. We decided to let her pick which one she wanted because they were all over the place. The bike was easy to assemble, and we have had no issues. We ride 5 miles a day and have had no issues. Even though the reviews were all over the place, we took a chance. We got the 16.

👤We decided to buy the quick connect pink/purple version after reading the reviews that it was difficult to put together the original version. She was previously riding a balance bike and was able to pick it up quickly, but this bike is a total waste of money because she has been riding it less than a week. The quick connect was easy to put together, but the handle bars were wobbly and it was difficult for my husband to steer it because he had to mess with it several times. The bike has only been on the road for a week, but one of the lights has broken, the seat has scratched, and the rubber on the handle bars has broken. She picked it up the first day and has not been rough enough on it that I would expect all of this damage. I wish we could return it. It is too banged up for that. We paid more for it than the normal version. The bike is very heavy for a new rider. I wish we had paid more attention to the weight before we bought it. This is the first pedal bike we have bought for our kids, so that wasn't something we thought about. Don't waste your money. I wish we would have bought a better bike.

👤It arrived quickly and as described. It was easy to put together. I was able to do it on my own. The directions were clear. The princess stuff on the front doesn't work. The battery compartment had a tab that didn't work. We bought new batteries and thought they were dead. Nope. It still didn't work if you put new batteries in. Oh well. It is not worth sending the bike back just for one thing. Our daughter loves the bike. She is getting used to it quickly. Good investment. She will be able to use it for a couple seasons.

👤Our daughter is a fan of this bike. She is getting used to it, it is one of the only ones that has two hand brakes. I think it is important for them to have experience with hand breaks.


What is the best product for bicycle for kids 3-5 frozen?

Bicycle for kids 3-5 frozen products from Bell. In this article about bicycle for kids 3-5 frozen you can see why people choose the product. Little Tikes and Joystar are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle for kids 3-5 frozen.

What are the best brands for bicycle for kids 3-5 frozen?

Bell, Little Tikes and Joystar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle for kids 3-5 frozen. Find the detail in this article. Disney Frozen, Thecroco and Schwinn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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