Best Bicycle for Kids 3-5 Blazer

3-5 28 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Radio Flyer Deluxe Big

Radio Flyer Deluxe Big

SPECIFICATIONS: Product dimensions are 26.4” L x 19.9” W x 19.7” H. This chopper-style tricycle has a large tire. The performance grip tread is made of rubber. A seat that is adjusted. The seat grows with your toddler. The outdoor toy is recommended for children 3 to 7 years old. The sleek design is enhanced by the chrome handlebars and hand grips. SPECIFICATIONS: The dimensions are 35.4” L x 24.4” W x 20.6” H. The maximum weight capacity is 65 lbs.

Brand: Radio Flyer

👤When I started putting it together, I was not impressed with the quality of the bike. It is made of plastic and has little pieces of plastic floating around inside. My 4 year old outgrew his tricycle and wasn't interested in learning to ride a two wheeler yet. I bought a big wheel bike for my older son but it was too big for my 4 year old. The red strip on the front wheel is supposed to add grip, but it doesn't really do that. I thought it was rubber. It's the same plastic in a different tread. My son loves it. He was able to ride it without assistance because it fits him perfectly. He is able to do little tricks after a couple days. I don't think these wheels will hold up to that kind of play, but we'll see how long it lasts. It does well on the asphalt, but slips a bit on smooth concrete. It grips better now that the wheels aren't perfect. If the bike falls apart too quickly, I will update the recommendation.

👤My son was 3 years old when I bought this. My son is big for his age. He's too short to ride this with the seat all the way forward. I'm assuming another few inches. He will be able to reach the pedals easily. The literature doesn't state how tall your child needs to be to ride this, so I only give this item 3 stars. The age range and weight limit are not included. It would have been nice to know the HEIGHT minimum requirement before buying this.

👤My son is 4 years old and is about 40.5" tall. He can ride but his feet have a hard time reaching the pedals when the pedal is far away from him. I will look at the pedal blocks until he is taller. It was easy to put together, but my kid made me feel like I was taking a long time to assemble it.

👤Everything is of good quality. I docked it because it was a little misleading about the traction on the front wheel. I thought it was rubber, but it is not, it is a different color and has a tred on it. It wasn't a big difference on slick surfaces. The rubber traction kit I ordered from bigwheelrally dot com is good to go. This is superior to other big wheels.

2. Pacific Princess Character 12 Inch Adjustable

Pacific Princess Character 12 Inch Adjustable

The kids bike by Pacific has a fire truck theme. There are 12 inch wheels for riders ages 2 to 4, or 28 to 38 inches tall. It's easy to use a single speed drivetrain. The brake on the rear coaster provides stopping power. The steel frame is durable. It's easy to tune the seat post.

Brand: Pacific

👤We bought a bike for our child. He needed a bike that he could learn to ride without the assistance of training wheels. This bike is the perfect size for him to learn how to use his balance. He enjoys using the bike and it is easy to use. This seems like a great bike for him to learn on. The bike can adapt to him as he gets older. Our son loves the dinosaur design and the colors look great in person. There is a It was well packaged and required very little assembly. The assembly was easy to assemble. It is made of quality materials. The bike is a great value compared to other models. We have been very pleased with the purchase. If you have a child who loves dinosaurs and is learning how to ride, I would recommend this bike.

👤The quality seems to be decent for the price, however none of the bearings are oiled. Will need hub disassembler to prepare for final assembly.

👤The bike was easy to assemble. The directions in the box were not for this bike. There was no mounting plate for the bike. There were no parts there. I can't return the whole thing because it was a gift. I would like to have the mounting pieces for the face plate.

👤The bike came quicker than it had said. About a month. It arrived in less than a week. I needed it for her birthday and I was worried about that. The bike was easy to assemble. The ride was smooth. The color of the seat was not something I liked. I thought they should have put a different color to match it, but she loved it so much that I didn't think they should have done that.

👤The bike we bought was for our granddaughter. She loved it when she saw it and her eyes lit up. She loves the basket and the colors.

👤I found that there was only one training wheel after I put the bicycle together for my daughter. I am not taking it apart to box it. That is ridiculous. Pacific Cycles can five me the other wheel. The wire holding the handle bar to be painted broke and was stuck inside the bar. I was able to remove it.

👤The quality is below 75% and there are some things that need tweaking.

👤Our granddaughter was hit by a bike. The logos were clear and easy to assembly.

3. Balance Bike Kids Years Green

Balance Bike Kids Years Green

24 It is the best way to learn to cycle. A balance bike is a fun way to learn to ride. A no pedal bike allows children to master balance and steering first so moving to pedal bike is easy. A big balance bike is a great bike. It was designed for every child. This is a bike for children up to 9 years old. A balancing bike is great for kids who have challenges and experienced riders who love testing their limits. There are pink, green, or blue balance bikes. Girls and boys balance bikes. It's safe and durable. Children need to be safe on balance bikes. The kids balance bike has been tested with the weight of larger children and it is amazing. Both wheels are equipped with safety washers. There is no need for kids to set up balance bikes. The bike is partially assembled. The wheels are ready to ride. Attach the seat and handlebars to your child with the wrench provided. Please let them know if you're not happy with the bike or the results. If you don't like your balance bike, they will buy it back from you. They can fix or replace parts.

Brand: Bixe

👤This bike is very special to me. I have a 7 year old son with a condition that makes it hard for him to ride a bicycle. He wasn't having fun learning and his parents were frustrated. He was understanding how to balance but didn't have the confidence to do it. He wasn't understanding the need to keep pedaling and he was afraid of letting go of the bike. He would jump off the bike or put his foot down when we let him go. I bought a bike. He loves it! We don't have to follow him closely because he keeps asking to ride his bike. We had it a week ago. I'm happy to see that he's happy in riding. There is a video in our driveway. He drags his feet to stop so he doesn't go into the street. He glided down a steep hill without stopping at a campground this weekend. He can rest his feet on the bar. He rode the hill many times. It was safe on the bottom of the hill. I love this bike. He will be able to transition to a bike with pedals if he has the confidence to balance. This bike is very good. I wish we would have gotten this for him sooner.

👤I rely on longer reviews by others to make buying decisions, and this is going to be a bit long. We tried a pedal bike with training wheels first because my 4-year-old is tall for his age, and we needed a larger balance bike. He loved training wheels so much that it was clear he would never give them up. He's not very athletic and tends to learn new physical skills slowly. His height, late start at balancing, and lack of athletic ability all suggest he's going to be on a balance bike for a while. There is a So. The Bixe and the 14x Sport were ordered by us. The bike is built better. There's no way around it. If you have multiple kids and plan to give the bike to them a few times, it would be a good choice. The higher sticker price is negotiable. The Sport has small tires and footrests that make it look like a little kid bike, so I would not be surprised if my child starts asking for a big kid bike when it's finally time to put the pedals on. When I was looking at bikes, I thought the footrest on the Strider would be important, but my child never rests his feet on either bike anyway. When he wants to coast, he lifts his feet up. The Bixe is less expensive than the Strider. I don't know how to tell the difference between the two, the metal the Bixe is made of seems slightly less heavy-duty and when you're assembling the front steering wheel things fit together more easily. The Bixe doesn't have the ability to adjust the seat height without tools. It's easy to change the seat height on the strider when we are out riding. The Bixe's seat needs to be adjusted with the allen wrench. My child has never asked for the Bixe seat to be adjusted, even though he has done it a few times. If I hadn't compared the bikes, I wouldn't have noticed the differences. We kept the bikes so one could stay at the grandparents. The Bixe can handle anything a kid could throw at it. It will hold up until my kid is ready to upgrade to pedals and will likely be in good enough shape to pass on to another family. My kid likes the Bixe because it looks grown up. He's too young to tell you how they feel on a ride. He looks forward to riding it when he goes to his grandparents' house. My kid is thrilled with this bike and I am happy with the price compared to the Strider. Customer service. The Bixe bike I received had a problem that made it hard to put it together. Bixe customer service went above and beyond to address the issue. They resolved the issue way beyond what I expected. You don't have to pay $250 for a bike. You and your kid will be happy with the Bixe. If you're still reading, please take the time to read this review.

4. JOYSTAR Bicycle Training Streamer Toddler

JOYSTAR Bicycle Training Streamer Toddler

What Do You Get-JOYSTAR has the best gift for your kids. The Petal Girls bikes are designed to be enjoyed. They have a better fit for easy pedalling and have a low gearing. The back pedal brakes are easy to use. They have made sure that their first ride is enjoyable and safe. Theurdy Hi-Ten steel frame and fork provide awesome impact resistance when riding over rocky and bumpy terrain, easily survive the multiple bumps of learning balance. The amazing ride comes ready to rock with resilient wheels, wrapped in rubber off-road tires for outstanding grip and stability in any weather conditions. Young riders can use the safe for young rider-coaster brake to stay in full control, it's easy to provide stopping power when needed. The enclosed chain guard is for your kids. The training wheel will keep everything pointing in the right direction until she is able to balance on her own. It's easy for your children to learn and feel comfortable behind the wheel because of the smaller grip design. The bicycles come with streamers and decals that make them more fun to ride. The 12 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 2 and 4 years old, the 14 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 3 and 5 years old, and the 16 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. Adult assembly is required. The bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Joystar

👤The bike is cute. It is a great bike for a young child. I was pleasantly surprised by the strength of it. It took my husband 45 minutes to assemble. My daughter loves the bike and has not had any problems riding it. The 14inch purple was ordered by us.

👤This is not a well-made bike. The bike chain fell off several times after my child rode this. If you have to maneuver around an awkwardly placed cover, it's one thing if the chain is easy to place back, but another if you have to do it by mistake. The training wheels kept coming off even though we screwed them back on. The lack of choices during the Pandemic made us not purchase this bike, which was quite expensive for a child's bike of this size. I regret buying it, it only took me a few months to get it. When I asked if there was anything wrong with the cover, they told me there was nothing wrong with it. When I said that the bike chain kept coming off and that it was a frustrating experience, I did not hear anything back from them. We bought another child's bike from Target, and it has held up well. It's better to use a trusted bike name.

👤Our little girl loved the bike we bought for her 3rd birthday. The assembly took 30 minutes. The bike is sturdy and looks good, but it is hard to ride even after adjustments are made. It's not as smooth as it could be. She transitioned from a balance bike to a road bike without the training wheels, but uphill is almost impossible at the moment with the extra resistance. The ground is not as fast as it should be. The resistance on the training wheels wouldn't be that big of a deal because they would stay upright when stopped and at slow speeds. She likes putting her stuffed animals in the basket when she rides. I don't think she will be interested in this bike for more than a year before she buys a bigger bike. It is a nice looking bike with a basket for a little girl.

👤The product was what was advertised. Assembly was easy for those with little mechanical knowledge. There is a The only complaint I have is to get the bike to work, as I felt it should be done in a more orderly fashion, as things weren't perfect in line and over right. A person without bike knowledge would think it was terrible.

👤The little girl is riding a bike. The basket is adorable with its flowers and the colors are pretty. The bike is sturdy. It was well packed and only required minor assembly, which my husband did in 15 minutes. We did not use the training wheels. I think they are made well. My daughter is 7 years old and I got her a 16 inch wheel bike. I was worried it would be small. It is perfect. We have had no issues with her riding it. I was very pleased with the purchase.

5. Peradix Tricycles Toddlers Detachable Birthday

Peradix Tricycles Toddlers Detachable Birthday

Pick the right size. The 12 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 2 and 41 inches, the 14 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 3 and 47 inches, and the 16 inch bike is suitable for 4-7 years. The handlebars and seat height can be adjusted. Grow up with your kids. The frame and fork are guaranteed for a lifetime. ThePeradix Tricycle is a combination of toddler bike, pedal bike and baby trike. The tricycle can be converted into a baby balance bike if the pedals are removed and the back wheels are pulled under the seat. Peradix baby bike is easy to assemble. The seat and back wheels need to be installed within minutes according to the instructions manual. The tools are included. The back wheels have a wide range of 7.9" to 14.2". The limit steering avoids the baby side falling. Kids are balancing on their feet to strengthen their legs. Enclosed silent wheels ensure baby feet safety. The toddler bike is easy to ride. Balance bikes are great for developing balance skills. When your kids are mastering their steering skills, riding on a trike can help. Three-wheeled bikes are ideal for building confidence. It's a great idea to treat your child to their first bike to keep them active and develop important skills. Peradix toddler balance bikes passed a Certficate. The carbon steel body frame has silent wheels. All the materials are safe for kids. It would be a great gift for your baby's first birthday. If you have any questions, please contact the service team.

Brand: Peradix

👤I bought this tricycle for my grandson. He does a good job on push toys, but is too small for regular tricycles. This is the perfect size for him to learn how to ride a tricycle. It is easy to fit a tricycle for most sizes of toddlers with the help of the seat and handlebars. It's easy to change the configuration for his growth and abilities. The trike is cute. The peradix 3 in 1 Tricycle is something I am very happy about. It's a great trike for anyone looking for a trike that grows with a toddler. It only took my grandson a few minutes to get used to it.

👤I would recommend this Peradix tricycle to anyone who is going to prepare for the Christmas gifts for little ones. The 3-in-1 tricycle is great for babies and toddlers because it can grow with your child. It can be used as a trike or a balance bike. The pedals can be removed, the handlebars can be turned around, the wheels can be expanded, and the seat can be adjusted. I'm thinking of buying a new one for my daughter's baby, I think it will grow up with the baby.

👤The front wheel needs to be straight up and down to tip forward if the child hits abump.

👤This was the best purchase I have ever made for a grandson. He saw it and his eyes lit up, he was in heaven! His feet almost reached the pedals at 19 months old, so it won't be long. We put them on the foot rest. He is a champion at controlling the direction. He goes fast. I got him a horn that has all the sounds on it and he thinks he is all that. I will take a photo and video.

👤The baby likes the balance bike. The quality is very good and the color is good. A cute little sticker was sent by the seller. It is easy to assemble and I like it very much.

👤All the parts and tools were in a package when it was put together. The storage area for the pedals doesn't work if the seat is all the way down, so I will store the pedals elsewhere until granddaughter gets a bit bigger. Difficult to get the handlebar assembly seated. I don't know if it is bad design or bad manufacturing.

👤The bike is nice, my daughter loves it, but I feel bad because the bike is unbalanced, easy to assemble, and kind like the ones I see on Amazon, but I think it is not a balance bike.

6. Activ Life Bicycle Presents Christmas

Activ Life Bicycle Presents Christmas

It is easy to install. They wanted to create a product with you in mind. Their free video will show you how to set up quickly. Every bike with a hub and spokes is awesome. Get your activities done today! Be cool! These bike wheel lights are the best-selling bike wheel lights you have seen and love. The perfect gifts for kids and adults are basket stuffers. You should attract attention and praise wherever you go. Ready to ride in style? Be safe! You are vulnerable from the sides. Gain visibility from all directions. Your bike is guaranteed to stand up. Want to get even more attention? You can switch from constant on to flashing mode. Get yours now! Perfect gifts! Their bike lights come in a gift box with long- lasting batteries. Basket stuffers and Easter gifts are very popular. All year long, birthday presents for men, women, girls and boys of all ages. LIFETIME WARRANTY! Their waterproof, durable Activ lites will light up your bicycle spokes, rims and tires for years to come. You also get a free lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Accept no replacements. It is easy to install. They wanted to create a product with you in mind. Their free video will show you how to set up quickly. Every bike with a hub and spokes is awesome. Get your activities done today!

Brand: Activ Life

👤Just needed five more flex ties to fit it to my son's wheelchair. The batteries helped. One wheel to go!

👤The video was very helpful. I would have been confused about how to put on the Activ lites if it were just for the paper instructions. The video shows you how to put on the lights. I love the lights. I don't like having one flashing light on the front of my bike and another on the back. I am able to drive safely in the dark with the help of Activ lites. I would want to see someone with Activ lites. One of the only problems I have with the product is that the part that holds the batteries could be a little bit more secure. When you think about it, there is no safer, more efficient, or more secure place than the on/off switch. When I put the lights around the spokes, I thought that they would slip down the spokes. They work amazingly. They stay in place if you put them on tight. There is a I would definitely recommend the product to others, I think it's amazing.

👤Great lights! I use these on my commute. We're very easy to install. The lights make you more visible at night. I feel more comfortable entering an intersection that I am seen from all angles. I got a lot of comments from car drivers after I turned them on for the first time. It's important that they look cool and increase being noticed. I had an issue with one of the lights. I contacted the seller and he fixed the issue. The seller was the best I have ever worked with and I am happy to support him. Purchasing is something I highly recommend. You should be aware that these work with internal rear hubs. The larger hub could easily be accommodated with extra zip ties. Disco lights from active life are also fun.

👤The bomb is here. The picture is taken in my house at night with my lights on. It was impossible to not ride at night. The bike is nice. Wow. I am glad I did not drop acid today. A dude actually said that. I rate anything less than 5 stars because it has to be amazing. This product is amazing. I bought 4 units and one of them went bad within 30 days, but ACTIV light reached out to me and offered to replace it. Who does that? 5 stars for customer service. I didn't know that these units takeAAA batteries and not AA batteries like every other unit I saw. The battery pack is smaller than AA batteries. I like that.

👤I ordered these for my daughter's 7th birthday so she could ride the bike we bought her. I opened them the night before and installed the first set of lights on her bike, but when I looked at the second one, it smelled like burning and the battery canister was hot, I realized the second one must have a short in it. I changed out the batteries. I sent an email to Amazon on June 12th, but no response was received until June 20. The blue set I ordered for my son is good, but I want to return all of them. I was going to buy sets for my other two daughters but will probably not because of the risk of buying something that does not work again and the terrible customer service. They claim to be a small family business, yet they don't respond to e-mail demanding the urgent need to get a new one for my daughter's birthday present. Still waiting...

7. RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle Training Children

RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle Training Children

It takes less than 10 minutes to assemble the tent and requires no tools. If you want to protect the bicycle shed more from the elements, you can bend the frame into an arch with a little force and use a shorter frame to open the width to use. 1. It's easy to put together. The bike is assembled. The installation of the front wheel and brake is much simpler compared to 85% bikes. Assembly tools and instructions are included. 2. It was safer riding. Safe grips and handbrake, Front caliper brake and rear coaster brake offer double safer, Wide 2.4” pneumatic tires add more stability, Sturdy steel frame,Crank, Non-slip resin pedal,Chainguard. 3. It is easier to ride. Royalbaby sealed bearing has been used since the beginning of the year to give little riders a smooth ride. 4. The design and color are amazing. Bright colors, stylish and charming. Adding a bike bell and decals to the ride makes it even more fun. The handle on the seat makes it easier to grab the bike. 5. There are more size options. There are 12,14,16,18,20 inches available. You can find a perfect size for your beloved with their easy-to- follow chart. The kids height should be taken into account.

Brand: Royalbaby

👤I used to work in a bike shop that sold low-mid price bicycles. I spent a lot of time fixing them. Lower-end bikes had a lot of issues. After reading reviews, I decided to get a Royal Baby for my son. When it arrived, I gave it my usual thorough review. The parts seemed to be of good quality. The finish was perfect. The bicycle had the same things as any other bicycle: pedals, handlebars, seat, accessories. The parts were perfect on the first try. No fighting, no twisting and pulling. It comes with cheap tools to help with assembly, so you don't have to worry about finding a pedal wrench or the right size metric allen. I began to look at the mechanics. The tires were very sturdy. It was normal for bikes in the $100-150 range to have no noticeable wobble. The brakes were adjusted. They had the perfect amount of pull and were centered on the rim. There is a It seems like a quality bike for the price and I am happy with the purchase.

👤I bought two of them. My daughter will be turning 5 next week and I wanted to give her a pink bike. I did not take her measurements, but she is a size 6 in tops and pants. The bike is big for her and she can't handle it without the training wheels. I would have bought her a size down to start off with if I had known what I know now. She can ride this with the training wheels, but we will keep her smaller bike until she is used to it. There is a My 7 1/2 year old son is a size 7 for comparison, but I did not have any measurements for the 18 inch blue bike. The bike is just right for growing. It would have been too large for him. I think this is a great bike. I like the look of it and it is sturdy. We live on a farm, so no sidewalks, and the pink is still feminine, but has black tires, not the white tires that most little girls bikes have. There is dirt, gravel and grass to ride on. The bikes ride well on rough terrain. There is a The bikes came with a water bottle. There is a The white seat on the bike looks like a hand grip in the back. The black seat on the bike is similar to a normal bike seat. The kids have not mentioned that they dislike their seats. My daughter is still getting used to using the brake on her bike, but it is a nice feature. I would suggest getting the hang of that before you go down a hill. The assembly was easy. It took 15 minutes per bike to get everything ready. One bike had the tires ready to go and the other had to have the tires inflated. There is a I am very pleased with the purchase of these bikes, they have been great so far.

8. Little Tikes Balance Training 12 Inch

Little Tikes Balance Training 12 Inch

Adult assembly is required. The kids bike comes with 98% assembled body and the basic assembly tools, but also a limited lifetime warranty. If there are any issues with their kids bikes, please contact them and they will take action. A unique, single gear balance bike design with pedals that fold in and out will help your child learn to ride a bike faster. It is easy to switch between Balance Mode and Pedal Mode. Easy assembly with minimal tools. The My First Balance-to-Pedal Bike grows with you because of the seat and handlebars. NEVER FLAT TIRES! You don't have to worry about pumping bicycle tires anymore because of the durable tires made from EVA foam.

Brand: Little Tikes

👤When we unboxed the bike, the box was already opened and had a toothpick and instructions for the bike in it. The bike's tires were dirty and parts of it were not assembled correctly.

👤Absolutely terrible bike. Don't buy. The bike is unrideable because of the off geometry. The pedals rotation so far back that your child's foot falls off the pedal when they try to ride it. When my 2 year-old tried mountain biking without pedals, my 4 year-old gave it a try. The bike is not usable. If you look at the picture of the kid on the front, you can see that he slid his butt way back off the end of the seat to get his feet on the pedals.

👤I bought this for my child. He has to bow his legs to touch the ground because of the bulky pedals. It is too tall for a 24 month old with average height to be able to ride it yet, and he cannot touch the ground on his tip toes. I like the idea of this product, but not the actual product. I would buy a standard balance bike if I could go back. It may be better for older kids than it is for the younger ones.

👤2 in 1 bike is fairly priced. We bought this for our son. The weight of this bike is heavier than the strider bike but it works well as a balance bike. The metal connections on the balance bike could cause pain for the kid's calf, so we removed 2 paddles. He could learn how to use the paddles. A nice 2 in 1 bike at a great price.

👤My son is a big fan of this bike. A bike that grows with them. My son and his friends get together after a few months of having this bike. Every toddler wants his bike. My son is very interested in sharing his bike. I think this bike is the best on the market, we've had 4 since he was 2, and my baby is in the 98th percentile of his height, yet he still has plenty of room to grow with this bike.

👤El pedales tienen usarla de equilibrio la pantorrilla, pero tienen pegada de la base de los pedales. La devolvimos.

👤I am an old engineer and appreciate good engineering, but have to do it often as my grandson often wants to ride his little brother's bike instead of his own Solid tires. The sit poll is too small.

👤I wasted my money because I took the rear wheel off trying to fit training wheels and it wasn't possible. I don't know how it goes back together.

👤When balance mode pedals are in the way, the legs have to be wider. Sometimes a bike won't go backwards because of the wheel locks. The seat needs to be tightened to the max, and even then it will still slip. When we tried to use the pedals on him, he couldn't get his feet on them because they were too small. I would have bought a straight up balance bike for him if I had known there was going to be so many issues. He looks like a giant trying to push the pedals.

9. JOYSTAR Bicycle Training Coaster Assembled

JOYSTAR Bicycle Training Coaster Assembled

The 12 inch toddler bike is suitable for boys and girls of all ages, while the 14 inch bike is 888-739-5110 Adult assembly is required. The kid bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty. The best gift for kids 3-6 years old is a girls bike with bright colors. They have a better fit for easy pedalling and have a low gearing. The seat is soft and comfortable in riding. The best fit, comfort, and quality will make your child love the ride. The frame and fork of the kids bike are sturdy and easy to use. The amazing ride comes ready to rock with resilient wheels, wrapped in rubber off-road tires for outstanding grip and stability in any weather conditions. Your child will learn to balance and pedal with the starter bike. It's easy to provide stopping power when needed, so it's a great option for young riders. The enclosed chain guard is for your kids. The training wheel will keep everything pointing in the right direction until she is able to balance on her own. It's easy for your children to learn and feel comfortable behind the wheel because of the singlespeed drivetrain and smaller grip design. The bicycles come with a basket and decals that add more fun for your little thrill-seeker to get pedaling up to speed. They promise safety over everything. If there are any issues with their kids bikes, please contact them and they will take action. Safety is their priority. The bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Joystar

👤This little bike is great. It was packaged well and put together. It was easy to assemble and the seat and handle bars can be adjusted so it can grow with your child. Our grand daughter loves it. We liked it because it's not too large. She was not intimidated by it at all. The fatter tires allow her to ride with ease on our dirt road as well as the pavement of our driveway. The product is great for the price.

👤The first bike was great. Our 4 year old is really enjoying riding and is riding with the training wheels on. There is a I only needed aPhillips screwdriver and a uni-wrench-thingamajig for the assembly to be done. You can adjust the seat with your hand by flipping it open. There is a You need a pump for the tires to stay on the rim. It wasn't a big deal because we ordered a pump with the bike and figured we'd need one eventually. There is a You don't have to hunt for a set of sockets when you remove the training wheels because they are secured with bolts. There is a We bought a bell for five dollars, and we recommend some additional lighting, as well as a battery headlight. There is a We are really pleased with the bike, it far exceeded our expectations. Our youngest will have it for a year or two, and she loves it.

👤The bike is cute. I put the basket and baby seat in my three year old. One of the foot pedal screws is too large for the hole it goes into, so it is not screwed all the way in. The website for the bike that the instruction manual for is for does not exist, so it took me a long time to assemble it. I had to wing the bike. We will see how durable it is after receiving it today. I was surprised with the stickers it came with. Despite the assembly issues, I'm satisfied with the alternative...this is an excellent alternative.

👤Our daughter's 5th birthday is when we bought this bike. She has been riding a balance bike since she was small. The training wheels were not included when we assembled the bike. She was riding like a pro within 4 days. She likes the colors. We added a bell to the handlebars. The bike is a bit heavy. She almost always drops the bike when she loses her balance, and needs a hand to get it back. I'm not sure why it's so heavy. Our daughter is just 5 years old and she is about 39 inches tall. I think we bought the 14-in model. It's the right size with the seat all the way down. We can raise the seat and handlebars to give her room to grow. We're really happy.

👤My daughter loves this bike. I thought it was too heavy to return. She loved it. We stuck with it and I am happy about it. We came from using a bike. There is a It is very sturdy and cute. Her old basket is larger and more colorful. There is a The seat has a place for adults to hold on so you can train your child. The feature is great. The customer service was great. This bike is very good.

10. JOYSTAR Toddler Training Wheels Purple

JOYSTAR Toddler Training Wheels Purple

Design for kids. The bike has a training wheel. The quick release seat makes the height adjustment simpler. When the training wheel is off, it's a good idea to ride with a holder. The front handbrake is suitable for young riders. The steel frame is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, made of premium steel to survive the bumps of learning. The bike is simple to maintain and comes with a black tire. A do it yourself dart for safety. A child can make a unique bike with the decals by sticking their name on the frame or chain guard. The chain guard will last longer than other bikes, and your child will not get hurt if they try to touch the chain. It is easy to install. A novice can assemble a children's bike in about 20 minutes with the basic assembly tools. Please contact them if you have a problem with the bike. There is a size chart for bikes for boys and girls of varying ages. The child's height may be different even at the same age.

Brand: Joystar

👤I would offer some criticisms on the design changes I would recommend. For the price, it seems to be better than the name brand stuff. The plastic chain guard on this one is very good. There is a The pad is not an important thing. Either do it right or not. There is a The training wheels seem fine, but the index point should be better to keep them from twisting. There is a There is a front reflector that mounts oddly. The seat is good, the tires are good, and the color is great. We will see how it holds up. There is a My little girl learned how to ride the bike and is happy with the color. The 14” was perfect because she is big for her age. My girl can ride a bike.

👤My daughter loves the bike, but it does not hold up. There are two holes in one tire after 17 days of riding it. We have to try to find a new tire for our bike because we are past our return window.

👤I had a worse experience buying this kid bike on Amazon. If I could, I would give 0 stars. There is a The bike was very difficult to assemble and when we put it together after a lot of sweat, the saddle and handle bar were loose and unsafe for a kid to ride. The bike was difficult to disassemble and I got injured in the process. We needed more tools to put it back in the box. The return experience was a nightmare. The return agents will not show up until the return date is passed. There is a We are reconsidering any purchase we make with Amazon and this particular vendor after a horrible experience.

👤We have had the worst experience with this bike and this company, but I never write negative reviews. We got this bike for our little girl as a gift, and the mechanism holding the pedals on the bike just fell apart. The parts that are needed for a bike to go round and round don't work. We tried to fix it, but we can't. The company referred us to a video on the internet. It was not helpful. We never heard back from them after my husband wrote them back and asked what else they could do to make it right. Just a mess. We will not buy from this company again. This is not the first incident. My son's bike, which we bought from this company at the same time we bought a bike for my daughter, is very poor quality. Not as bad as the girl bike, but definitely wouldn't buy it again.

👤Cute. It's functional. Good price. There is a I would have been frustrated with the lack of instructions if I had known what I was doing. I think there's a video online. I didn't watch it because it wasn't something I wanted to see. The printed instructions are not for the bike I got. There is a When I opened the package, the decals on the training wheels were peeling off. We don't need them, but it looks cheap. There is a There is no information on attaching the reflectors. I left them out. The seat that I swapped out for her balance bike was made with bolts and brackets that wouldn't lower enough. The original seat will be fine once she grows another half inch. The center bolts of the handlebars were covered with a cheap flap. It would be nice if it was padded. It's kind of weird.

11. JOYSTAR Training Children Cruiser Bicycle

JOYSTAR Training Children Cruiser Bicycle

Safety is the top priority for Alway on Your Side. If there are any issues with their kids bikes, please contact them and they will take action. Safety is their priority. The bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty. JOYSTAR Cruiser Kids Bike is a bike for kids that is simple to use. With a light steel frame and rims, the children can cruise up to speed with ease, but be aware that when it's time to pull up fast the combined backpedal rear brake will be there. The kids bike is easy to pedal and fun to ride. The structure of the kids bike is inspired by the Beach Cruiser Bike. The Hi-Ten steel frame and fork have great impact resistance. A cute frame design with fires or flowers. They have a better fit for easy pedalling and have a low gearing. It's easy to provide stopping power when needed, so it's a great option for young riders. The enclosed chain guard is for your kids. The training wheel will keep everything pointing in the right direction until she is able to balance on her own. It's easy for your children to learn and feel comfortable behind the wheel because of the singlespeed drivetrain and smaller grip design. The dual spring kid's cruiser seat has added comfort. The children can make their own bike with the help of decals on the frame or chain guard. The 12 inch toddler bike is suitable for boys and girls of all ages, while the 14 inch bike is 888-739-5110 Adult assembly is required. The kid bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Joystar

👤We loved the bike. Our daughter was in love as soon as my husband put it together. It is her 5th birthday present. It is perfect for her. The pedal was the problem. We contacted Amazon and were displeased because we told them we don't want to return but need the pedal as it's not working and they said they can't help unless I return. I was wondering if I could contact the seller. Within an hour, I responded to the message I had sent. My problem was solved. This is the problem. The left and right pedals should be screwed in the same way. The way we were doing it was the wrong way. Did they suggest how to do it? Done. It is easy to assemble with the tools provided, but a screw driver is needed to put the lights on the bike.

👤My son's 4th birthday is this bike. We got him a seat with training wheels that fits him perfectly. He is just shy of 41" tall. There is a The directions that came with the bike were confusing but assembly was easy. It took 45 minutes to assemble. Keeping the alignment with the front tire was the most difficult part of getting the handbags tightened down. That is a two person job. The rest can be done on their own. There is a The frame, seat, and tires are strong but the front reflectors are not. My son falls and the fender bends out of place. They are easy to push back into place, but I am not happy with how quickly they move. The first spill my son took, the front reflector snapped off, leaving a sharp piece of plastic. I need a new, stronger, reflector after removing it. There is a I think this is a great first bike and well worth the price.

👤We bought this for our 5 year old little girl. It was easy to put together, it was a really cute little bike. The instructions didn't explain everything, but I looked at the pictures and figured it out. The hub doesn't spin very long but she hopes it will help her when she rides it around. Great purchase!

👤We got a blue bike with a different design than the one we bought, but it was light blue. I can't find the bike color that I ordered. My daughter loves her bike, but she would probably love any bike. It's a heavy bike for a young child to hold up and maneuver, and it doesn't come with a kickstand, despite what I read online. I find it very heavy when I have to pick it up. The weight of the bike doesn't matter when my daughter is on it. The handlebars don't adjust up and down, but you can adjust it forward and back, and the pedals don't have any grip so her foot slips from them every now and then. The color I ordered was greenish. I got the blue one with flowers that look exactly like the photo I ordered, but I didn't get the color I ordered. We have already put the seat up as high as it can go, so maybe we should have ordered the next size up for her. When she transitioned from her balance bike to a big girl bike, we had it lower. We never put the training wheels on the bike because she only took 2 days to learn to balance. There is a I wouldn't recommend this bike because of its heavy weight, lack of kickstand, and lack of grip on the pedals.


What is the best product for bicycle for kids 3-5 blazer?

Bicycle for kids 3-5 blazer products from Radio Flyer. In this article about bicycle for kids 3-5 blazer you can see why people choose the product. Pacific and Bixe are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle for kids 3-5 blazer.

What are the best brands for bicycle for kids 3-5 blazer?

Radio Flyer, Pacific and Bixe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle for kids 3-5 blazer. Find the detail in this article. Joystar, Peradix and Activ Life are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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