Best Bicycle for Kids 2 Years Old

Kids 17 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Nickelodeon 12 Inch Wheels Training Included

Nickelodeon 12 Inch Wheels Training Included

5. There are more size options! The 12 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 2 and 4 years old. You can find a perfect size for your little beloved with their easy-to- follow size chart. The kids height should be taken into account. It is easy to use and maintain a single speed drivetrain. The rear coaster brake has an intuitive stopping function. The mailbox storage compartment is on the Handlebar. Your child learns to ride on the training wheels. Children 2 to 4 years old can fit on 12 inch wheels.

Brand: Nickelodeon

👤It looks like a picture and is actually very well made. My daughter and I love it.

👤Bolts are hidden in the packaging. It's hard for a 3 year old to pedal a toddler bike. When he can ride our other bike, he has some difficulty. It is cute, but not sure it is suitable for the age.

👤I got this for my grandson's birthday. He loved it. The little Blue's Clues picture that's supposed to zip tie to the handle bars is flimsy plastic and can easily be damaged, making it a cutting hazard for little hands. It's a quality little Schwinn, but left that part off the bike. Two thumbs up.

👤Great product. It was made well and sturdy. My son loves it.

👤This is a bike that my grandson will love. The pedals are useless. They have no grip. His feet are moving. I tried putting tape on them. I bought new pedals to replace the red ones.

👤The picture is the same as this one. The bike has stickers on it. I had to put air in the tires. It was bright and colorful. It is easy to assemble.

2. Eilsorrn Balance Training Bicycle Toddler

Eilsorrn Balance Training Bicycle Toddler

Please check the size. The 12'' bike is designed for children 1 - 4 years old, the 14'' bike is for children 3 - 5 years old, and the 16'' bike is for children 4 - 8 years old. The design of the 4 in 1 Kids Training Bike makes it easy to switch between bikes. The buttons on the Handlebar, pedals, and training wheels can be removed with a quick push. The saddle height can be adjusted from 13 to 15.7 inch. It's perfect for growing kids. A bike is loaded with more than 100 lbs. A great gift for a young child. The bike is made of carbon steel and puncture proof tires. It is strong and durable to fit on any surface. If you have any questions, please contact them as soon as possible, they will try their best to solve your problem and give you a satisfactory reply.

Brand: Eilsorrn

👤My 4 year old refuses to use pedals and I can't find a bike with optional pedals that also had training wheels. I found this bike. It takes 10 minutes to assemble. The wheels are not hard plastic and don't make noise. Same with training wheels. The quick release for training wheels is a great idea. I will be able to add pedals easily when my little one is ready. I would like it to come in more colors.

👤This little bike is perfect for my two year old. He has a blast in it. It is great for both indoors and outdoors. It is perfectly comfortable and convenient.

👤My boy was 3 years old. He likes this bike. He rides every day.

👤My three-year-old helped assemble the bike for me.

👤It's easy to snap on and off. Stable!

👤My son loves it.

👤The bike is not very well made. It looks like it is cheap plastic. I don't think my grandson would be able to ride outside.

👤The Eilsorrn Balance Bike for kids is pretty good, but I suggest only considering it for 3 of the configurations. There is a The balance bike is a transformer. You can use it in four different configurations. The first three are viable options, but it is difficult for young kids to use it without training wheels. There is a It's easy to assemble and reconfigure the bike. You can put pieces on and off with tension tabs. I liked the design feature. I never had to adjust the handlebar piece after it clicked in, because it was difficult to get it to snap in. You can tighten the seat with an attached clamp if you put the post into the body tube. As your child grows, it will allow you to adjust the seat. There is a The bike is light and heavy. The kids should be able to handle it, and they can move it around once they are 4. The tires are the weakest part of the bike. They are not made of rubber. They are lightweight and have some rigidity. I don't know if the long term durability of the tires is something that will last, but I think that would be the first thing to fail on the bike. After a couple weeks of use, the foamy-plastic has little micro-dents. I'm not sure what it will look like after two summers of use. The configurations work as expected. The bike becomes a tricycle when you put the pedals on it and kids have enough leg strength to pedal. If you leave the pedals on, it's hard for little kids to have enough strength to pedal and keep moving, since they can't balance a regular bike at a young age. I wouldn't buy this thing for your kid to use as a bike, even if they could pull it off. They can use it as a balance bike and occasionally pedal, but they are not going to continuously pedal around the block like that. There is a I think this is a 4-star bike. You can use it as a fake tricycle and then get a balance bike. The convenience of being able to pop pedals and training wheels on and off is appealing if you get two good summers out of it.

3. GOMO Balance Bike Training Toddlers

GOMO Balance Bike Training Toddlers

A toddler tricycle can help a baby develop balance and practice walking, and is perfect for birthday gifts. The hottest bike! Just like a big kids bike. Do you remember your first bike? It had to be light enough to drag, but strong enough to be strong when you threw it to the ground. It had to be safe, but also look cool. Your kids can remember their first bike, because they packed all that into the GOMO. The GOMO kids bicycle has a turn limit for greater control, which is the first thing to be safety first. They can place their feet safely with the custom footrest. The padded seat lets kids hit their first tiny "all terrain bumps" without feeling achy. It is necessary to grow with them. There will be spills along the way to ride like the big kids. The GOMO push bike was given a steel frame that was light and tough. The first bike that grows with kids is this one. The seat grows from 18 months to 5 years and can be used for a ride height of up to 17 feet. They made the boys and girls bikes light enough to do that. Toddlers can lift and drag it, just as easily as they can move. The heavy-duty foam wheels can be dragged over gravel without punctures, and the T-bar with its special GOMO grips is easy for little hands to grab. There is a 2-year warranty. The GOMO is made with safe plastic finishes for less damage to the bike. Choose the one that they think is the most cool. The GOMO has a 2-year manufacturing warranty.

Brand: Gomo

👤A happy toddler. There is a My son is going to be three. I didn't want to buy a bike with training wheels as I read it doesn't teach the skills required to move up to regular bike I decided to purchase the GOMO bike even though it didn't have many customer ratings because of a review I read online. He likes this bike. I can't stop him from riding it. There is a This is a great deal because most of the highest rated bikes are more expensive than this. It seems to be holding up well after a week of continuous use. If we find any issues with the bike, I will update this review.

👤The bike is nice, but it only gets 5 stars for customer service. There is a I ordered this bike because I have 3 young kids and we have a few tricycles and a balance bike. The kid who's been using the balance bike the past few weeks has amazing balance and control, the other two have control, but no balance as they rely entirely on the training wheels or the trike. The kids who use the balance bike can ride faster and over rougher terrain than the others, so I wanted to give them the same chance to learn. The bike had good reviews on several websites. The price was affordable so I tried it. The bike was light, well packaged and easy to put together, once I realized which plastic caps on the parts were protective. It wasn't hard to work out the instructions. My 3 year old twins love riding the light but solid bike. The seat is comfortable, the handles are comfortable, the colors are bright, and the footrest doesn't get in the way. There is a The customer service is what sets this apart. Our bike was damaged when it arrived. The box was wrapped in bubble wrap and there were some scratches in the paint. I took pictures and sent them to the company, since they requested that instead of returning the item to the retailer. I wasn't expecting much. An apology and partial refund is possible. I got a response within a couple hours, an apology, and an offer to send out a new bike to us for free. I'm going to look at the larger balance bike that they make, as I don't know if my 4.5 year old will fit the bike by the end of the summer, and I'm more impressed with this customer service.

👤I researched balance bikes before buying the GOMO for my son's 2nd birthday to make sure I was getting the best bike on the market. I wouldn't buy another GOMO because my son loves his new bike and his sister wants one. If it wasn't a birthday present, we would have returned it because the handle bars broke and my husband had to tape it back together. If that piece were made of metal, it would not be a problem in the future.

4. YGJT Toddler Tricycle Folding Birthday

YGJT Toddler Tricycle Folding Birthday

The XJD baby bikes have passed safety testing and are safe for kids. The first bike Christmas present choice is well packed in the gift box. It is recommended for young kids. Balance-Bike-Mode is for 24-32 months old and is for pedal or pedalless Tricycle-Mode. The seat height is adjusted to fit your child. The height for a baby is 30-38 inches. The bike is larger and more flexible than other similar bikes. The foldable design makes it convenient to play and store outdoors. The seat has a non-slip Handlebar. It's easy to ride with the durable carbon steel frame and the EVA wheels. The best teacher that introduces kids to riding is this one. You can complete the assembly in a few minutes if you refer to the accompanying instructions. Children's Day, Christmas Day, and birthdays are ideal gift days for boys and girls. Please measure your child's height before buying a tricycle, it can accompany your child for several years. The safety assurance was tested and approved by the US lab. Life-time customer service and a 30 day money back assurance are included. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Ygjt

👤This bike is very cool. It's easy to assemble, it's easy to move the wheels, buttons to move the wheels are easy to press, and it's packaged well. It was described as a bike for children. I think it's better for young children. My 5 year old daughter is too tall for a bike. Her knees hit the handlebars. It looks like it is about the right length. I didn't do the extra research to make sure the bike was small for her. She would've loved this bike when she was 2 years old. If the seller updates the description, I'll remove the review.

👤I was very impressed with the quality of the trike I purchased for my granddaughter. I was more impressed with the customer service of this company. Within 24 hours, a custom service got in touch with me after I had a small problem with one of the pieces. They were on top of the problem until it was fixed and sent me new pieces within 2 days. I have contacted many companies about problems but never had a company do what they promised in a short period of time. I would definitely deal with this company again as I think they deserve 5 stars.

👤I am a pre-k physical therapist that travels from school to school in NYC, working with kids in Pre-K. It works well for a long time. My kids are maxing it out but the seat/pedal alignment allows them to still use it. If your child is above the 50th percentile in hight and 5, you will only get a season or less out of it. The seat has a handle. The seat is supportive and can be used to explore different postures. There are three things that would make this bike great, one of which is the slop in the connection. I wish it had a tighter tolerance. The seat should have a button to either raise or lower it. There is a button that folds in half. The materials and cost would add more to the seat. The crank is not long. The short crank will probably allow the plastic crank to not break quickly because of the load on it. This is a great trike that folds to a small size and is easy to carry around. The heavy duty tricycles that weigh a ton are not a replacement for it. They are heavy and cost between $200 and $250 a piece. I stand on the back of those all the time while I teach the kids how to ride, and they are much more robust. You have to treat this item like it's light weight because it is. I have dropped it many times from a high height and the kids have abused it without a problem. Solid purchase...

5. XJD Tricycles Wheels Toddler Upgrade

XJD Tricycles Wheels Toddler Upgrade

Every Lusso Gear accessory comes with a lifetime warranty. Let them know if you have an issue with your travel tray. They will work with you to make it right. 10 month - 3 years old is recommended. The baby should use three-wheel mode. The baby is using two-wheel balance bike mode. The best balance bike for a baby. Kids requirements can be met at different ages. The tricycles are perfect for children. It's easy to understand. The baby bike needs to be installed according to the instructions in the manual. The XJD tricycle has an additional adjustment of the handlebars, lift seat function, and adjusts the handle angle and seat height, perfect for growing with a baby. STURDY AND COMFORTABLE: The trikes have a carbon steel frame and wide silent wheels that are strong enough for riding indoors or outdoors. The seat and handle grips are soft. LEARN TO STEER: The best birthday gift for a baby is to learn how to ride a bike. A good indoor baby walker toy helps kids gain balance, steering, coordination, and confidence at an early age. SAFETYGUARANTY: The wheel is fully enclosed. All the materials and design of the XJD kids bike are safe for kids. If you are not satisfied with their bike, please contact them, they will be happy to work out a replacement or a refund.

Brand: Xjd

👤The bike is for a doll. Don't waste your money. My daughter is 2 years old and the seat is small for her butt, while her knees are touching the handle bars.

👤I bought this trike for my grandson. He loved it when he woke up from his nap. He couldn't reach the pedals so we took them off and put them on the trike. He loves his trike and pushes it with his feet. He rides the tile inside the house. It is perfect for a couple of years, but I am not sure if it will last until he is 5. It is sturdy and cheap.

👤I loved the idea of this bike, but it was too small for our toddler. We returned it.

👤The bike is small enough to teach kids how to balance. It is very sturdy. The handle bars are low. They are still low after you lift the seat.

👤I bought this tricycle for my grandson. He does a good job on push toys, but is too small for regular tricycles. This is the perfect size for him to learn how to ride a tricycle. It is easy to fit a tricycle for most sizes of toddlers with the help of the seat and handlebars. It's easy to change the configuration for his growth and abilities. The trike is cute. I am very happy that I chose the XJD 3 in 1 Tricycle. It's a great trike for anyone looking for a trike that grows with a toddler. It only took my grandson a few minutes to get used to it.

👤What a pleasant surprise. I wrote a review to help buyers who relied on star rating. I gave honest feedback on the quality and price of the product. The company gave me a thank you gift. My daughter received her first set of safety gear. The quality of the gifts could cost up to $50. Thank you so much.

👤The trike is not as big as I had thought. The description says it's for 1-2 year olds, but my son will be 2 in a month. I wouldn't buy it if you plan to use it for a long time. Your child will grow faster if there is one growth spurt.

👤Birthday gift for our 2yo. She was able to get right on because she was in 30%ile. Her feet are not touching pedals, but she is moving along happily. She will be able to propel with pedals soon. My 7yo did it by himself. I purchase a lot of trikes for the preschool I work at, and I would buy this one for our smaller students in the future.

6. Little Tikes Balance Training 12 Inch

Little Tikes Balance Training 12 Inch

Adult assembly is required. The kids bike comes with 98% assembled body and the basic assembly tools, but also a limited lifetime warranty. If there are any issues with their kids bikes, please contact them and they will take action. A unique, single gear balance bike design with pedals that fold in and out will help your child learn to ride a bike faster. It is easy to switch between Balance Mode and Pedal Mode. Easy assembly with minimal tools. The My First Balance-to-Pedal Bike grows with you because of the seat and handlebars. NEVER FLAT TIRES! You don't have to worry about pumping bicycle tires anymore because of the durable tires made from EVA foam.

Brand: Little Tikes

👤When we unboxed the bike, the box was already opened and had a toothpick and instructions for the bike in it. The bike's tires were dirty and parts of it were not assembled correctly.

👤Absolutely terrible bike. Don't buy. The bike is unrideable because of the off geometry. The pedals rotation so far back that your child's foot falls off the pedal when they try to ride it. When my 2 year-old tried mountain biking without pedals, my 4 year-old gave it a try. The bike is not usable. If you look at the picture of the kid on the front, you can see that he slid his butt way back off the end of the seat to get his feet on the pedals.

👤I bought this for my child. He has to bow his legs to touch the ground because of the bulky pedals. It is too tall for a 24 month old with average height to be able to ride it yet, and he cannot touch the ground on his tip toes. I like the idea of this product, but not the actual product. I would buy a standard balance bike if I could go back. It may be better for older kids than it is for the younger ones.

👤2 in 1 bike is fairly priced. We bought this for our son. The weight of this bike is heavier than the strider bike but it works well as a balance bike. The metal connections on the balance bike could cause pain for the kid's calf, so we removed 2 paddles. He could learn how to use the paddles. A nice 2 in 1 bike at a great price.

👤My son is a big fan of this bike. A bike that grows with them. My son and his friends get together after a few months of having this bike. Every toddler wants his bike. My son is very interested in sharing his bike. I think this bike is the best on the market, we've had 4 since he was 2, and my baby is in the 98th percentile of his height, yet he still has plenty of room to grow with this bike.

👤El pedales tienen usarla de equilibrio la pantorrilla, pero tienen pegada de la base de los pedales. La devolvimos.

👤I am an old engineer and appreciate good engineering, but have to do it often as my grandson often wants to ride his little brother's bike instead of his own Solid tires. The sit poll is too small.

👤I wasted my money because I took the rear wheel off trying to fit training wheels and it wasn't possible. I don't know how it goes back together.

👤When balance mode pedals are in the way, the legs have to be wider. Sometimes a bike won't go backwards because of the wheel locks. The seat needs to be tightened to the max, and even then it will still slip. When we tried to use the pedals on him, he couldn't get his feet on them because they were too small. I would have bought a straight up balance bike for him if I had known there was going to be so many issues. He looks like a giant trying to push the pedals.

7. RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle Training Children

RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle Training Children

It takes less than 10 minutes to assemble the tent and requires no tools. If you want to protect the bicycle shed more from the elements, you can bend the frame into an arch with a little force and use a shorter frame to open the width to use. 1. It's easy to put together. The bike is assembled. The installation of the front wheel and brake is much simpler compared to 85% bikes. Assembly tools and instructions are included. 2. It was safer riding. Safe grips and handbrake, Front caliper brake and rear coaster brake offer double safer, Wide 2.4” pneumatic tires add more stability, Sturdy steel frame,Crank, Non-slip resin pedal,Chainguard. 3. It is easier to ride. Royalbaby sealed bearing has been used since the beginning of the year to give little riders a smooth ride. 4. The design and color are amazing. Bright colors, stylish and charming. Adding a bike bell and decals to the ride makes it even more fun. The handle on the seat makes it easier to grab the bike. 5. There are more size options. There are 12,14,16,18,20 inches available. You can find a perfect size for your beloved with their easy-to- follow chart. The kids height should be taken into account.

Brand: Royalbaby

👤I used to work in a bike shop that sold low-mid price bicycles. I spent a lot of time fixing them. Lower-end bikes had a lot of issues. After reading reviews, I decided to get a Royal Baby for my son. When it arrived, I gave it my usual thorough review. The parts seemed to be of good quality. The finish was perfect. The bicycle had the same things as any other bicycle: pedals, handlebars, seat, accessories. The parts were perfect on the first try. No fighting, no twisting and pulling. It comes with cheap tools to help with assembly, so you don't have to worry about finding a pedal wrench or the right size metric allen. I began to look at the mechanics. The tires were very sturdy. It was normal for bikes in the $100-150 range to have no noticeable wobble. The brakes were adjusted. They had the perfect amount of pull and were centered on the rim. There is a It seems like a quality bike for the price and I am happy with the purchase.

👤I bought two of them. My daughter will be turning 5 next week and I wanted to give her a pink bike. I did not take her measurements, but she is a size 6 in tops and pants. The bike is big for her and she can't handle it without the training wheels. I would have bought her a size down to start off with if I had known what I know now. She can ride this with the training wheels, but we will keep her smaller bike until she is used to it. There is a My 7 1/2 year old son is a size 7 for comparison, but I did not have any measurements for the 18 inch blue bike. The bike is just right for growing. It would have been too large for him. I think this is a great bike. I like the look of it and it is sturdy. We live on a farm, so no sidewalks, and the pink is still feminine, but has black tires, not the white tires that most little girls bikes have. There is dirt, gravel and grass to ride on. The bikes ride well on rough terrain. There is a The bikes came with a water bottle. There is a The white seat on the bike looks like a hand grip in the back. The black seat on the bike is similar to a normal bike seat. The kids have not mentioned that they dislike their seats. My daughter is still getting used to using the brake on her bike, but it is a nice feature. I would suggest getting the hang of that before you go down a hill. The assembly was easy. It took 15 minutes per bike to get everything ready. One bike had the tires ready to go and the other had to have the tires inflated. There is a I am very pleased with the purchase of these bikes, they have been great so far.

8. JOYSTAR Bicycle Training Streamer Toddler

JOYSTAR Bicycle Training Streamer Toddler

What Do You Get-JOYSTAR has the best gift for your kids. The Petal Girls bikes are designed to be enjoyed. They have a better fit for easy pedalling and have a low gearing. The back pedal brakes are easy to use. They have made sure that their first ride is enjoyable and safe. Theurdy Hi-Ten steel frame and fork provide awesome impact resistance when riding over rocky and bumpy terrain, easily survive the multiple bumps of learning balance. The amazing ride comes ready to rock with resilient wheels, wrapped in rubber off-road tires for outstanding grip and stability in any weather conditions. Young riders can use the safe for young rider-coaster brake to stay in full control, it's easy to provide stopping power when needed. The enclosed chain guard is for your kids. The training wheel will keep everything pointing in the right direction until she is able to balance on her own. It's easy for your children to learn and feel comfortable behind the wheel because of the smaller grip design. The bicycles come with streamers and decals that make them more fun to ride. The 12 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 2 and 4 years old, the 14 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 3 and 5 years old, and the 16 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. Adult assembly is required. The bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Joystar

👤The bike is cute. It is a great bike for a young child. I was pleasantly surprised by the strength of it. It took my husband 45 minutes to assemble. My daughter loves the bike and has not had any problems riding it. The 14inch purple was ordered by us.

👤This is not a well-made bike. The bike chain fell off several times after my child rode this. If you have to maneuver around an awkwardly placed cover, it's one thing if the chain is easy to place back, but another if you have to do it by mistake. The training wheels kept coming off even though we screwed them back on. The lack of choices during the Pandemic made us not purchase this bike, which was quite expensive for a child's bike of this size. I regret buying it, it only took me a few months to get it. When I asked if there was anything wrong with the cover, they told me there was nothing wrong with it. When I said that the bike chain kept coming off and that it was a frustrating experience, I did not hear anything back from them. We bought another child's bike from Target, and it has held up well. It's better to use a trusted bike name.

👤Our little girl loved the bike we bought for her 3rd birthday. The assembly took 30 minutes. The bike is sturdy and looks good, but it is hard to ride even after adjustments are made. It's not as smooth as it could be. She transitioned from a balance bike to a road bike without the training wheels, but uphill is almost impossible at the moment with the extra resistance. The ground is not as fast as it should be. The resistance on the training wheels wouldn't be that big of a deal because they would stay upright when stopped and at slow speeds. She likes putting her stuffed animals in the basket when she rides. I don't think she will be interested in this bike for more than a year before she buys a bigger bike. It is a nice looking bike with a basket for a little girl.

👤The product was what was advertised. Assembly was easy for those with little mechanical knowledge. There is a The only complaint I have is to get the bike to work, as I felt it should be done in a more orderly fashion, as things weren't perfect in line and over right. A person without bike knowledge would think it was terrible.

👤The little girl is riding a bike. The basket is adorable with its flowers and the colors are pretty. The bike is sturdy. It was well packed and only required minor assembly, which my husband did in 15 minutes. We did not use the training wheels. I think they are made well. My daughter is 7 years old and I got her a 16 inch wheel bike. I was worried it would be small. It is perfect. We have had no issues with her riding it. I was very pleased with the purchase.

9. Royal Kids Balance Training Bicycle

Royal Kids Balance Training Bicycle

The universal training wheels for kids bike are easy to install. Instructions and a wrench are included. The bicycle support wheels are easy to install. The best way for your child to learn to ride a bike is to join The Royal Kids Family. The lightweight design of the balance bike is strong enough to be used by children. Children are given enough security to enjoy their freedom. The Royal Kids Balance Bike uses a new premium super comfortable and durable seat, thick and soft grips, and puncture-resistant EVA tires; most parts are well assembled, and only a few assembly steps are required. The Learn To Ride - Royal Kids 12'' foam balance bike is perfect for ages 2 to 21. The premium carbon steel frame makes the bike strong enough to handle up to 55 lbs, yet it weighs just 7.6 lbs. Keep your little boy or girl safe. Every balance bike comes with a lifetime warranty. If you have a question, please contact them first, they will try their best to solve your problem in 24 hours.

Brand: Royal Kids

👤When my son was 3 years old, he wanted to have a bike that he could ride with two older sisters. I keep him busy and free out his full energy by riding around my front yard with his strong legs, because he likes blue and it is his favorite color. There is a It is easy to install the product. It is lightweight after installation but it is good to let the kids control it. The solid tires are not as safe for little ones as the big kids bikes tires with air. My son is growing taller and the seat and handlebar are good for training. There is a It is still good for my son to start learning to ride a bike. My son has 888-282-0465

👤My son is only 3 years old but is over 4 feet tall and athletic, he needed no guidance and fit him perfectly with room to grow as he grows. Good quality and light weight. Handles well.

👤My son is a big fan of this bike. He likes being pushed and has begun pushing himself. It has the option to put the seat and handle bars in a way that will allow it to grow with your child. The instructions are easy to understand and I was able to assemble the bike by myself in a few minutes. This product is definitely recommended.

👤My husband wanted to buy my son a bike with training wheels because he is three and a half years old. I think it's difficult for him. The balance car was the one I chose. A friend introduced me to this brand. It is easy to install. My son can lift it. I don't have to help. He loved the gift so much that he rode it almost every day. It has been more than a month since I bought it. He's got a good ride.

👤My 2 year old can use this with just an adjustment of the seat, and my 5 year old can use it with ease. It has helped my youngest with balance issues and helped my older 2 learn how to ride a bike. It taught my kids how to balance and brake with their feet.

👤If you follow the video, it's pretty easy to install. My boy loves it. This is his first bike. We already use it for two months and I am satisfied with the quality. It's worth the money you spent.

10. Nickelodeon Patrol Bicycle Training 12 Inch

Nickelodeon Patrol Bicycle Training 12 Inch

The choice of gift is perfECT. Your boys and girls will love the gifts you give them. It's a good choice for Children's Day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift and other festival gift. The child will be overjoyed when he sees it in the box. She will receive your present. The kids bike has 12-inch wheels and is suitable for riders ages 2 - 4 years old or 28 - 38 inches tall. Neighborhood rides on the sidewalk with your child's favorite PAW Patrol characters are great. The rear coaster brake is designed for younger riders. The seat post is tool-free and easy to use. Your child learns to ride on the training wheels. The kids bike with 12-inch wheels comes ready to be assembled and includes authentic PAW Patrol graphics.

Brand: Nickelodeon

👤I want a full refund for this bike. The issues with this bike are listed here. It was impossible to ride 2 because one of the peddles did not fit inside the screw. I couldn't find the correct size for the handle bar because I have a tool box. There is an instruction manual for a completely different bike. Completely different.

👤We were not able to use the bike because it was too small for my son, so I can't post a review about it. The box says 3-4, and the Amazon description says it can be used for kids up to 2 years old. The max height is 34 inches, according to the box. My son is two years old and will not be able to ride this bike for a long time. We had to return the item because it didn't state the height on the description, and we couldn't give it to my son. The bike is cute and fun for paw patrol fans. I wish we had kept it for my son to enjoy.

👤Quick to assemble. Son likes it. The 16” is perfect for a 54” child.

👤It is very difficult to assemble. The screws weren't there. On Christmas morning, my toddler loved seeing it in front of the tree. I don't have a lot of furniture so he's enjoying it inside.

👤I bought this bike for my 3 year old because she has been wanting a bike for a long time. I got her a paw patrol helmet to match the bike. The size is perfect for her and she loves it. This bike is awesome. The bike is easy to assemble, the tires are comfortable, and the foot brakes are good. My daughter loved it and is trying to learn how to use it, every time she sees the bike she is as happy as the first time she saw it. I'm including a video of her reaction to getting her gift.

👤I rarely write reviews, but I feel compelled to because I want to warn others after giving my daughter this piece of unsafe shit. The front wheel and handle bars come out of alignment despite being adjusted and tightened. It can't be used for more than a minute without it coming out of alignment, and as a result it can't be safely turned. We purchased it last year and used it a few times, but then had an issue with the steering. We left it alone for the winter and then brought it out again because I was concerned that it would come out of whack again. We went a few feet and one of the training wheels popped off. She could've been hurt if I wasn't right there. I don't blame my daughter for being afraid to ride a bike because of this bad experience. It was assembled and tightened many times. This junk can hurt and traumatize children.

👤It was a gift for someone. A replacement bike was ordered after the bike was lost. The box was broken up when the original order arrived. The replacement order arrived and it was a completely different bike. The original bike was assembled by me. The bead of the tires wouldn't stay on the rim even if you tried to hold them in place with your hand, because the rubber of the tires was so cheap. Returned both bikes.

11. VOKUL Detachable Tricycle Training Birthday

VOKUL Detachable Tricycle Training Birthday

5. There are more size options. The handlebars and seat height can be adjusted. You can find a perfect size for your beloved with their easy-to- follow chart. The kids height should be taken into account. The first bike for boys and girls was in their life. The baby should use pedal or pedalless with training wheel mode. A baby is using two-wheel balance bike mode. The 3 in 1 design tricycle and balance bike are suitable for kids of different ages. VOKUL toddler bike is a great birthday gift for a baby to learn how to ride a bike. A good indoor baby walker toy helps kids gain balance, steering, coordination, and confidence at an early age. 3 in 1 tricycle is when the tricycle in 2 wheels mode can be as balance bike mode for kids, 3 wheels mode can be as push bike trike mode and kids tricycle. You can switch between 3-wheel mode and 2-wheel mode in a few seconds. The Kids balance bike and tricycle made of Sturdy carbon steel frame, widen quiet ride wheels,comfortable soft seat that adjustbale features will grow with your child, suitable for children from 1 to 4 years up to 25 kilograms. 60 degree steering is limited to avoid kids falling. The 3 in 1 bike have passed the test. If you have a question, please contact them as soon as possible, they will try to solve your problem and give you a satisfactory reply.

Brand: Vokul

👤It's very easy to put together, it's perfect for my 3 year old grand daughter, but it does tip when she turns, but we love it.

👤It was a birthday gift. The parents like it. They say this will be useful for a long time. The child will have no bruised legs when they push a bike around. The back tires are pretty cool. It becomes a real bike.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter, who is almost 3 years old, because it is easy to assemble and she can put her feet on the ground when she learns balance.

👤My grand daughter bought it for Christmas. The tricycle was assembled in 15 minutes. It is reasonably priced.

👤The bike is very good quality. It can be ridden without pedals.

👤The bike was easy to assemble. I fee secure that my Grandson will be safe while learning to ride because the bike has many safety features.

👤I bought a tricycle for my son. He didn't know how to ride at first, but gradually adapted. He liked it so much that he would ride it every day. The bike is very good. The 2 wheels make this car very safe.

👤It looks like the way it was described. Excellent service by the store. It arrived on time and well packed. Our 18 month old son loves riding on it and it is very easy to assemble. There is a If you plan to give a gift, please do so because it will be an excellent value.

👤The VOKUL Balance Bike is a great device. It's easy to put together and comes with comprehensive instructions. The bike is strong and will support my little guys weight. I built the bike for them and put it away for a later date because it's too early to use it. The colour is unusual but it looks good and the value is excellent.

👤The best bike in the price range. This one was good and I was underwhelmed by the others. It's easy to assemble, it fits together. A size guide about right. They can start to play with it from around 18 months. Expect ours to enjoy it for a long time. The wheels are hard and best suited for smooth surfaces but will be perfect in a park area, which is a downside for budget. There is a We were glad to get this one to replace the others.


What is the best product for bicycle for kids 2 years old?

Bicycle for kids 2 years old products from Nickelodeon. In this article about bicycle for kids 2 years old you can see why people choose the product. Eilsorrn and Gomo are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle for kids 2 years old.

What are the best brands for bicycle for kids 2 years old?

Nickelodeon, Eilsorrn and Gomo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle for kids 2 years old. Find the detail in this article. Ygjt, Xjd and Little Tikes are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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