Best Bicycle Exercise Stand Trainer Tire

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1. KOM Cycling Indoor Trainer Front

KOM Cycling Indoor Trainer Front

The Unisky indoor riding bicycle training stand can fit most road or mountain bikes. If you have a road or mountain bike of normal size, you don't need to buy a new one. Bring your bike to the gym. Take the bike off the trainer and put it at any corner. The front wheel trainer block is designed to fit every bicycle on the market by offering 3 different heights to level your front wheel. There is a valley. The front wheel leveling riser block has a valley that allows maximum stability for a variety of wheel sizes. There are bed grips. Three waffle webbed grips are featured on the bottom of the front wheel block to ensure maximum security while throwing down mega watt on your indoor trainer. HEIGHT INDICATORS. On each side of the block there are arrows for the three height differences. It is hard to deny the benefits of indoor training. The goal was to build the most functional front wheel block to maximize your indoor training. They are proud to say that the KOM Cycling indoor trainer block is the best on the market, because of its 700c - 29er tires, three heights to fit every trainer, and a webbed grip bottom.

Brand: Kom Cycling

👤I take my indoor training very seriously since I moved to downtown Chicago and there were no places to ride. The wheel riser is the only one on the market that can do that. I have tried a lot of risers that are made of flimsy plastic, they slide around on the floor, or they just feel awkward to balance on, and they are the only risers I have tried. The rubber floor grips, secure feel, and weight of this riser give the front wheel a bonus. I can't think of a better option at the price point. This is the last riser you will ever want to buy.

👤I bought a trainer for my trike so I can ride it indoors during the winter. I bought the bike block/risers after feeling like I was riding in a downhill position. I needed 2 of them for my front tires. There is a It took a bit of trial and error to find the right product. The blocks did not fit my tires well. Some did not seem stable. I tried the blocks and they were very stable. They are a bit larger and wider, but having 2 heights is great. It's a bit expensive, but it's worth it when you need 2 of them. These blocks are worth the cost if you have a trainer for your bike.

👤Very strong. My trainer sits high and the block that came with it still had me at a "going downhill" angle, I had to put books under it to get the bike level, this allows me to get it perfect and no matter how hard I pedal and am rocking back and forth peddling it feels I've never felt like it was going to give up.

👤A block that moves is a nuisance. This block hugs the front tire and gives you a stable ride. It is wide enough that you can choose from several heights. If you are going to replace the phone book underneath your tire, you should definitely use this product.

👤If you are like me, you think about the workout schedule, kit, shoes and cleats, and the fact that you have to wear them. The trainer is the one you've been dreaming of. You forgot a block! This is a great addition to the pain cave. It is a great size, it holds multiple sized wheels with no problems, and it is three levels to get the perfect angle. Some blocks are too small and you don't want to deal with them, but this is a happy place. The little feet keep it where it is put. This is the block to get if you are going to be a trainer.

2. Fixed Riser Ring Black Kinetic

Fixed Riser Ring Black Kinetic

The portable bike exercise stand is portable. They designed the bicycle training rack to be a folding style in order to make it easier to carry. It only takes a minute to set it up and adjust the contact between the wheel and roller. You can put up or unfold the stand to complete the installation and disassemble it. China is the country of origin. The package is 15 inches in height. The package is 20 inches in length. The package is 15 inches in width.

Brand: Kinetic By Kurt

👤This item works as described. Don't be an idiot like me and not buy this riser because it is a little less expensive than similar ones, because it is one thing. There is a The rotating carousel is not built in this one. It is not moving. I accidentally ordered the less expensive version as I thought it was the rotating version. There is a I liked it when I started using it, and I don't want the other kind for now.

👤Also, note: The trainer and the ring are covered. There is a ring near the end. The machine is a bike trainer. The bike trainer I purchased was smart. I only get to ride in the mountains once a week. I wanted to work on my strength and endurance by adding something to my usual workouts. I was looking at cycles that were called spin. They take up a lot of space and are hard to move around in. My home gym has machines, free weights, a treadmill, and an elliptical. Adding a spin cycle would have meant losing something. There is a I thought the Kinetic might work. I use an older Trek 950 hardtail mountain bike. It hooks up in seconds, and I am able to ride a similar bike to what I normally do. I changed out the off-road back tire. This works well with the Kinetic. The TV is easy to watch while riding. If my wife is using the gym, I can move the setup to another room. It takes a few seconds to move a bike out of a gym when you're not using it. The floor space of the Kinetic is very small. There is a There is one more benefit. The cost is much less than a spin cycle. KINETIC APP: I was prepared to be disappointed after reading some of the reviews. There is a I have only had the app drop the program once in the several months I have been using it. There is a The app has a lot of different programs that I have been enjoying. I can see how I stack up against the program in real time. When I forget to turn on my phone, it is the only problem I have. The ring is fixed. I use it to even up the height of the wheels. Is it worth $26? Probably not. You could make something for a small amount of money. If your time is valuable, you might consider using this. It works. It's too expensive. There is a The frame of the bike flexes a little when I tighten it. I am not willing to tighten my full carbon MB within the frame on my 27 year old Trek. It might be okay. I am not willing to try it. Over all. I'm very pleased with it. My wife is a biker and she is very pleased with the Kinetic.

3. Cycleinn Reduction Portable Stationary Resistance

Cycleinn Reduction Portable Stationary Resistance

The Alpcour Indoor Training Block is compatible with most road and mountain bike wheels. The diameters of 650b, 700c, 27.5” and 29” are included. It is ideal for bike enthusiasts that have multiple bikes. The handle at the stationary bike trainer can release the bike off the trainer quickly by lifting up, and also can lock the bike with the trainer by pressing down. Universal quick release fitting is great for indoor cycling training. QUIET. Trainers with fluid resistance wheel are quieter than magnetic trainers. When you listen to music or watch TV, you can keep the volume the same. The materials and tread of bike tires have a lot to do with noise. You should use road bikes. SAFE & STABLE STRUCTURE The bike trainer has a dual-support structure. The wide base and front wheel riser block can be reached. Antislip rubber feets will prevent movement on any surface. The real cycling is depicted. The fluid trainer has a fluid flywheel that spins inside the wheel's liquid to increase resistance as you pedal faster. It can mimic different road environments. The portable bike trainer stand is easy to carry and store. Mountain bikes with a 700c wheel are not suitable for the indoor bike trainer stand. The max load is 265 lbs.

Brand: Cycleinn

👤Assembly went well. It wasn't long enough to replace the rear wheel pin. The threaded end came out of the other end. After you tighten the nut, all the end threads are gone. The nut is not properly seated in the rear wheel because it is not flush inside. The pictures tell the story. If the seller doesn't give a longer piece, I will return it. Not sure where to go next. I bought a new Giant bike a few months ago.

👤The one we received had a slight wobble, but you can adjust the height with the black rubber knobs at the end of each leg. We had to take one off completely to get it to sit upright. It is nice to have a large handle to close the trainer. There is no cutout on the non-drive side to accommodate the quick release arm. Some trainers have a cutout. It's great for those days when you can't get it out, it's raining or it's cold, and you don't feel like riding outside. It is recommended.

👤If you own a bike that was manufactured after 2010, it probably has a 9mm thru axle, which this trainer does not include. You have to buy an additional piece to use it. It's crazy that CycleInn wouldn't include a 9mm option either at purchase or included.

👤I needed to maintain my cycling strength during the winter. I was impressed with the strength of the bike. It works as advertised. I had no trouble setting it up despite the instructions not being as clear as I would have liked. There is a The roller might have to be adjusted a little tighter against the tire than the instructions suggest. The device didn't give me much pedaling resistance until I adjusted the roller tighter against the tire. It worked out fine after that.

👤I am very satisfied with the indoor bike trainer. It took me 20 minutes to unpack and install. I put it next to the wall when I don't use it because it occupies very little space. It is important to me not to disturb my family at night because of its fluid resistance design. If a holder for the separated front wheel block can be added to the trainer, you won't need to look for it while riding the trainer. I will make one myself. It's perfect for my Cannondale wheel.

👤I pedal as fast as I can on my street bike, and it has no resistance.

4. Bike Trainer Stand Sportneer Reduction

Bike Trainer Stand Sportneer Reduction

A wide base and low stance for unshakable balance is what stability on any surface is built with. 5 rubber feet that can be adjusted to even out any flooring. Spin In Silence: Smooth, seamless design and noise reduction resistance wheel mean you don't need to increase the volume when you build up the burn. If you use a road bike, the noise will be louder. Train to your standards with a bar-mounted remote and wide range resistance curve. Ready to head outside? You can easily release and remove your ride by hitting the press-down lever. Installation of the front wheel riser block and rear quick release lever can be done quickly. The stand is great for road and mountain bikes with a 26-28" or 700c wheel.

Brand: Sportneer

👤This thing has been very difficult. It's loud and shakes the walls in the room I have it set up in. I'm sure there are better options out there, but it's too loud to use as intended. I've tried to make it work for months and it's a huge disappointment that the time has passed. The company saw the review and sent me a new one. The replacement is in good working order. Customer support is great. Buy with confidence.

👤The setup for this bike stand is easy, it is pre-assembled and ready to go, the entire setup to attach the bike took only a few minutes. The unit works as advertised, the quality was better than I expected, and setting up was easy. This unit is easy to set up and affordable for those who want to ride but can't during winter. Resistance can be adjusted with a switch mounted on the handlebars and by going through the bike's gears. To remove the bike, you need to remove the handlebar switch, then move the red handle to release the rear of the bike. I would recommend this unit to others.

👤My wife and I love the trainer, it's easy to setup, it's a good price, and it's a great accessory for the #Suffes Fest App in the IOS. Can not go wrong with this, used along with an app or alone, will do the work, Lets see it in a year after of 4 - 5 hours weekly use.

👤This is a good purchase. I swapped out the dh specific tire for a road tire to reduce the noise and not chew up the tread on a maxxis minion tire, it fits a downhill bike just fine. The setup is excellent and should be used for pre and post surgery.

👤I bought another trainer and couldn't figure out how to set it up. It looked like it wasn't compatible with my bike. I gave up on bike trainers after running out of patience. I find this product. I read reviews that said "set up in 5 minutes" and other good things. If it takes 5, it will take me 20. I thought it was connected with magnets. Silly me. At this point, I don't know what part are magnets. I had trouble hooking up my bike because the directions were not clear for someone who needs everything spelled out clearly. The images were small and not showing what I needed to see. I finally figured it out! I had to replace my release bar for the rear tire with theirs, which they have in the box for you, and it worked. The quick release is so cool. I use my iMac in my front of my bike to watch training videos or scenic routes while I work out. Why do people buy the Peloton when it is just as good for a fraction of the price? I have a phone. I can watch the videos on my iMac, if I use the right software. I would have gone the route of air displaying my bike from phone to Apple TV if the TV was in another room that I didn't want my bike in. This will help you, so the 8 of you in the world. I don't think so. The resistance thing on my handle works well. It doesn't fit on my handle, so I put it around my front gear wire and it stays-ish. I think her knob was installed upside down, because a reviewer said hers was working in the opposite direction. It works great, but mine was just fine. It took me 20 minutes. I love it! I wish I hadn't given up on trainers the first time around, and just got this one after the first one didn't work out. I have an exercise outlet during the winter. No gaining 15 lbs over the holiday. It was quite obvious.

5. BalanceFrom Trainer Bicycle Exercise Magnetic

BalanceFrom Trainer Bicycle Exercise Magnetic

Fit with a bike that's less than 95 percent of its size. When working with rough tires there will be load noise. Quite when working with road bike tires. rubber feet prevent scratching wood floor, works on any surface. A wide base and low stance for unshakable balance was built. The max load is 330 lbs. It is easy to install and release. The quick release is used to tightly hold the rear wheel. It's easier to take the bike down than other bike trainers. Handle bar mounted resistance controller makes it easy to adjust resistance. Balance from bike trainer stand is compatible with any road or mountain bike with a 26-28" wheel.

Brand: Balancefrom

👤It works for now.

👤I was hesitant about purchasing a stationary bike stand, but after purchasing the BalanceFrom Bike Trainer Stand I became a believer. There is a The stand was easy to set up, the only issue I found was the need for ties to secure the cable used to adjust the tension of the roller. After my first ride I was a little concerned that it wasn't enough tension on the wheel, but after a while I was over that concern. There is a My only complaint is that it's a little noisy. If you want to mount your bike on a step stool, make sure to secure the lock ring since it sits higher than normal. Nice product!

👤I have a mountain bike in an apartment on a higher floor. I returned the noise because I hate noise above me, and I feared it would disturb neighbors. The quality is decent, but my bike slipped off on my first use, it did not hold my tire well. I returned it because of the noise. There is a If you live above people, I would not recommend this, as they will be mad by the sound. I wouldn't subject another person to that. If you are using on the ground floor, please be respectful.

👤It looks like it was well made. I inspected it after setting it up and found it to be safe. The resistance wheel is useful. I used it on a bike and it worked well. I can tell it is the same as the other, but it is the lowest price supplier.

👤I bought a great product for my wife. She is short and once her bike was on the stand it was difficult for her to get on and off. May have to give it away.

👤I bought this because I have a condition that makes walking difficult. I didn't want to buy an exercise bike. I gave it a try. My husband put it together quickly. It makes a noise. It's not a big deal, as I use headphones while riding it. The regular bike functions still work and you can adjust the rear wheel's friction. It's a great way to exercise.

👤The stand is made of strong steel and plastic. The ride has a good range of resistance levels. The resistance knob is numbered from 1 to 8 with 8 being the least resistance and 1 the highest. It gets boring like all exercise equipment. While you get fit, grab a book or TV and a fan to keep you entertained.

6. Cycle Products Resistance Portable Bicycle

Cycle Products Resistance Portable Bicycle

It has a lifetime warranty from cycleOps. Designed for bikes with quick release rear axle, 7 powerful magnetic resistance levels are specifically engineered for fitness/endurance/indoor training. You can train safely away from traffic areas, modify your workout with resistance levels and gear changes, and have a trainer folds for easy storage. There is a riser block, resistance adjuster and quick release axle. A wide base design for extra stability and a smooth, quiet ride is what you'll get with the ez Change resistance controller. Shipping weight is 15 lbs. and the maximum weight capacity is 275 pounds. H 18 X L15 X.

Brand: Rad Cycle Products

👤This is a good trainer. It is easy to set up. I was worried about the resistance being too minimal, but you can adjust the magnetic wheel tighter against your back tire to produce a lot of resistance, and you have 8 levels of resistance on the dial. If you just play around with everything, you can get any watt output you want, even if you have the gears on your bike. The louder the resistance, the more it got. It is not loud. You can still hear music. If you are looking for a good cardio burn at a fraction of the price for smart trainers, this is the one for you. The spin bikes at the gym weren't giving me the level of cardio burn as this little trainer is giving me now. I use this every week for over a month and I get a great workout. I think it's a good idea.

👤I was on it last night. It was easy to set up. I had to adjust my pin on the fly wheel because the bike wheel was barely touching it. That stopped the tire from rubbing the floor. I could listen to music and not find it loud. I don't know how it works because I'm still testing the resistance.

👤The internet video has an instruction for assembly. A simple diagram would have been helpful.

👤A good trainer. It was quiet as expected. It was easy to assemble out of the box.

👤I wanted this to work for me, but it isn't. The magnetic tension adjuster doesn't work. At all. After just 4-5 light uses, my rear tire is going to be bald. The noise level is good if you are using a road bike, but my daughter's tire makes it loud. It was very easy to assemble and it felt very sturdy. The main selling point for me was the ability to adjust the tension while riding.

👤I've put on 50 miles on this, and the only thing I've found is that it doesn't need oil or something, it just whistles when you're going 9 mph. I usually go faster than that. It's not a problem for me. The front tire holder holds the bike in place. The dial from 0-10 is nice. I go about 3-4 times a week.

👤I returned the product because it was damaging the tire on the bicycle. Don't buy.

7. Flexzion Stationary Exercise Resistance Compatible

Flexzion Stationary Exercise Resistance Compatible

The front adjustment holes with measuring cylinder can adapt different bicycles wheel. It's ideal for beginners and pros. If you want to experience a hill climb with savage gradients training, turn the resistance up and spin up the legs. The bike trainer stand is simple and effective. Attach your bike to the training bike stand via the quick release and adjust the resistance unit. That is it. There were no apps or syncs. This trainer is the perfect choice for riders who already own power meters or have a way to connect with training apps, and only need a reliable workout machine. Universal bicycle stands for exercising are compatible with industry standard road, mountain, gravel, and cross bike wheel sizes. The tire width is all the way up to 50c. The portable bike exercise stand has all the features. It's a great option for traveling and setting up in a hotel room or guest room when traveling for events because of its weight and foldable capabilities. The front-wheel stand pad and rubber padded feet help reduce the noise of the stand and prevent it from scratching or damaging your flooring. The stand and bike can be stable for safe exercise, sprint, climb, or cruise with confidence if they have a better grip. The heavy-duty aluminum alloy construct is portable.

Brand: Flexzion

👤It gets 5 because it is sturdy and well made. Instructions and difficulty to put together make it a 1*. Your engineer friend should be invited to help.

👤They accepted my return of the broken gear shift I bought. Overall, it was okay. It's hard to find a box to fit it if you have to return it.

👤I bought the indoor stationary exerciser to use when it rains or it's too hot to ride outside.

👤The tensioner didn't work right. There is a The item was returned.

👤There was no back knob in the packaging. The entire thing is rendered useless.

👤It was easy to assemble and fit together. I had to disassemble the resistance part to remove a screw that was jamming and I had to source an extra nut to complete the assembly. There is a It is a value for money product.

👤No es armarlo, no manual no bueno, lo pude armar mas por. The final producto.

👤Ajustes ami bicicleta y para ejercicio, lo uso de dos maneras. The problema is bastante ruidoso. Eso le quita.

👤The material se ve bastante slido. Un embargo con un defecto de fabricacin. No estaba alineada con el barreno para ajustar el rodillo.

👤I would give it a start. The box was damaged and the stand is useless. Don't put your money on it.

8. Feedback Sports Over Drive Portable Trainer

Feedback Sports Over Drive Portable Trainer

The color is black, the materials are steel, iron, PE plastic, and a magnet. It is suitable for 26'' to 28'' and 700C wheel. StandardQR, 15_100, and 15_110 are accepted. There is a fork-mount height for various bicycles. The bearings are sealed and have no need for maintenance. The tote bag is heavy-duty.

Brand: Feedback Sports

👤Remember the good old days of ROLLERS if you're an avid cyclist. I thought rollers were a great workout but as I've aged, stability and the fear of falling has come into play. There are still some grass roots options for those that don't want to spend a lot of money on trainers. This trainer is amazing. It takes a minute to setup and folds into it's own carrying case. It is very light and quiet compared to the other trainers out there. Aaaah! The harder you push, the more you will burn calories. It looks cool.

👤I needed a trainer. I don't like taking off my rear wheel and using a cassette ran trainer, I don't like magnetic trainers wearing my rear tire down, and I don't like falling off of rollers. So... I bought this. One word: amazing. It feels like a resistant roller, secure up front with no chance of falling off. You can pack it and take it with you. It was worth the money.

👤I bought this trainer for use when travelling. I have been staying in a hotel for the last three weeks and have been training on the Omnium. The trainer takes a few minutes to assemble and is well packed in my luggage. The noise level is very low and it develops good progressive resistance. I use it with a power meter or speed sensor. I sprinted at 600w at times and did extended sessions at 250-300w.

👤The bike trainer has saved lives during the Quarantine and the smoky summer we are having here in Northern California. We decided to buy a trainer and use it until my husband could get back on the bike after he had surgery. We didn't know how useful this device would be. It's easy to use and it's pricey, but it's sturdy. Each of us use our bikes almost every day so it's not a problem to switch. The real bike has a down hill to rest and the wind doesn't blow the sweat off of you. I highly recommend this trainer. It keeps us in shape when we can't ride. No excuses!

👤The trainer exceeded my expectations. I use it on alternate days when I can't ride outside because of the weather. It was easy to set up. The front stand can be adjusted using the screw bolts. The resistance levels will make you sweat and burn calories. I use a small step stool to get on and off the bike. Extra rubber matting was added to my apartment to absorb any noise that might disturb my downstairs neighbor.

9. Bike Lane Trainer Bicycle Exercise

Bike Lane Trainer Bicycle Exercise

The features include wheel on, foldable frame, leveling block, and cooling system that moves air through trainer to keep it cool. State of the art technology: As soon as you begin to pedal, the ultra quiet internal magnet creates resistance. Shifting the gears on your bike can increase resistance. The MAG Trainer is very light and can be folded down to make it more portable. Take it anywhere and train indoors. There is maximal susceptibility. The trainer is one of the strongest on the market. The trainer has extra wide legs and a sturdy frame. This trainer has the finest materials and is reliable. These are perfect for the beginner or professional who wants to stay in shape all year long. It is possible to turn your bike into an indoor exercise bike. Accommodates 700cc and 26-28" tires. It is designed for bikes with quick release rearaxle. Mountain bike type. Hand wash.

Brand: Rad Cycle Products

👤I tried a brand bike stand that required assembling the wheel, but it was impossible to put together. This one is almost complete. If you have a plastic back wheel, you need to replace the choke for it. It works well. It is stable enough for hands free riding. It's a bit noisy but it's due to the rear wheel rubbing against the friction wheel and any stand will do this. I converted an old racing bike into an indoor exercise spin bike and it's working out well, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new bike.

👤I spent a lot of time trying to remove the tire part. The bike trainer's axle is recommended but not required. Someone finally told me that the trainer wouldn't work with my tires. I found this out before I ripped it apart. If you're having trouble getting your bike apart, use the axle on your bike. I love this thing. I don't have to worry about bugs, car exhaust, dogs, cars, rain, or anything else when I'm indoors. I bought this because I wanted to ride my bike and watch a movie, but I can't. The thing is loud. I can listen to podcasts through my headphones, which I can't do when riding on the road because it isn't safe, so that turned out okay. I live in a large house. It's not a problem. If you live in an apartment or a small house, this thing would be very annoying to the people who live next to you.

👤I bought it for my son. I am very glad I chose this one after reviewing all the similar products. In every respect, he does it perfectly. I was concerned about the ease of assembly, the noise, and the lack of resistance from the reviews. He called me up and suggested I review this product as it fulfilled his needs and was excellent. There is a He advised that he assembled the bike without using a single tool. The only adjustment needed was the tension knob. He was able to back off on the tension because he found the correct tension that would allow shifting of gears to provide the complete range of tension desired. There is a The noise issue is insignificant. He said it is the same as riding the bike down the street. One factor that may have aided in this regard is that in some reviews it was reported that knobby tires made more noise than smooth tires. He has special tires that are smooth on the middle of the tread but have a knobby pattern around the edges. The purpose is to get a smooth road ride but when you turn or sink into soft earth the knobs dig in and it is the best of both worlds. Once the tension is set on the device, you can easily go from free wheeling to hard resistance pedaling. The bike gears give the same tension as on the street. He can't recommend this product more highly. He can't care less if I make a favorable review because it speaks volumes.

10. 1113 RAD Cycle Products Racer

1113 RAD Cycle Products Racer

The Unisky indoor riding bicycle training stand can fit most road or mountain bikes. If you have a road or mountain bike of normal size, you don't need to buy a new one. Bring your bike to the gym. Take the bike off the trainer and put it at any corner. As soon as you start pedaling, the internal magnet creates resistance. Seven levels of resistance are used. The MAG Trainer is extremely light and can be folded down to make it more portable. maximum susceptibility The trainer is one of the strongest on the market. The trainer has extra wide legs and a sturdy frame. EXTRA DURABLE - is made from the finest materials. They back every product they sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is possible to turn your bike into an indoor exercise bike, with easy set-up and quiet operation.

Brand: Rad Cycle Products

👤I am a casual bike rider who is looking to add some more exercise options to my home since my gym closed. My knowledge of bikes begins with the tires. This was fully assembled. All I had to do was replace my bike's quick release skewer with the one included with the trainer, tighten everything down, and go. Finding my bike pump and fighting off the barn spiders was the hardest part of the process. It makes a loud noise when you get going, but it will be nice to drown them out for a while since I am locked down in my tiny house with my spouse. I find cycling to be a cruel form of torture, so the fact that I can have the bike set up in my home gym and break up the monotony with some other movements is fantastic. If you're closed out of your gym for a while, have a bike that you don't use, or just want to keep up the cycling in bad weather, this is a good idea. I am not an expert at cycling. I'm stuck at home and someone who hates cycling needs something to do. This fits the bill at a great price. If you want to get the digital credit to watch a movie while you're stuck at home, be nice to your local couriers and order this on no-rush shipping.

👤I bought this trainer to help me stay in shape after I broke my hand mountain biking. Its function as a trainer is great if you understand a few of the drawbacks of this particular unit. There is a The magnetic resistance is enough for me to run on a 27.5 tire with a 30 front chainring. When doing intervals, I usually have 13 or 15 teeth depending on how fast I'm spinning, with the magnetic resistance set to the hardest setting. The resistance I experienced on some of the more steep grades on the ride is similar to what I experienced on the two thousand vertical feet ride. This will fit an older mountain bike with a 135mm rear dropout spacing. This won't fit through the axles. I have an older mountain bike that uses the 135mm standard and it worked great for me, but be aware that a newer bike may not fit. There is a This is quite loud when running a hard pack tire with a loud whine from the tire's contact with the resistance roller. If you're using a mountain bike like I am, I would recommend putting on a semi slick or hard pack tire to reduce the noise and also the vibration through the pedals that you will experience. I've been training with headphones on and the noise is acceptable when I'm listening to music or watching a show. I think this is hard to beat for the price and is a good choice for those who are looking for a cheap trainer to use on and off. I use this during the winter when the ground is covered with snow.

11. Unisky Exercise Training Mountain Flywheel

Unisky Exercise Training Mountain Flywheel

It is easy to release. The front wheel riser and quick release skewer can be folded for travel and storage. A double lock system. The two knobs on the left and right of the stationary bike trainer make it easy to lock your bike in place. One bigger knob outside and one smaller knob inside reinforce the locking mechanism for each part. The indoor exercise fluid bike trainer is designed with a U-shape structure which keeps it away from wobbling and reach unshakable balance. No noise is produced by fluid design. Road bike is recommended because of the noise generated by the bicycle. There is outdoor racquetball. The riding provided by fluid trainer feels more like a road because of the fluid-impelled flywheel mechanism. The temperature of the internal fluid can be affected by the speed of riding. You can ride indoors after quick installation. You can fold the bike trainer after you exercise. You can put it at any corner of your home or take it to another place. The Unisky fluid bike trainer stand is compatible with most road and mountain bikes. If you have a road or mountain bike of normal size, you don't need to buy a new one. Bring your bike to the gym.

Brand: Unisky

👤We got this a few days ago. It is stable for my mountain bike and my 200 lbs., and it fits our 26" bikes well. My son and I have used it with heart rate monitors. Getting into reasonable workout heart rate zones is not a problem. It isn't easy to ride up a steep hill or a high end spin bike, even if you could stand up, because I need higher resistance to stand up comfortably. If you are in good shape, you don't need to get a lot of intensity for something like tabata or other interval work. It's for low impact, low and moderate aerobic training.

👤The trainer arrived early. There was no need for an assembly of the trainer. The legs were extended when it was taken out of the box. I switched out my road bike's quick release and was peddling in a matter of minutes. I was worried that it would be loud. The road bike is not louder than a stationary bike in a gym. I put it in the loft of my house to protect the carpet. I could not hear it at all. It provides enough resistance for a good workout. I did a lot of research and comparison shopping for this on Amazon and am very pleased with my purchase, it's either more or less resistance if you shift gears. If you're shopping for a trainer, I suggest you look at the fluid trainer over the magnetic unit. You will not be sorry.

👤After searching for a bike trainer that would fit my bikes, I decided to buy this one. There is a Overall thought is good so far. It has enough resistance that it can ride a slight grade. The design of the bike is strong and does not let it fall off. It does not seem like you will tip over once you're on it. It fits my bikes. There is a The bad is nothing really to take a star from, but I wish the manufacturers of these would make or include the accessory for the bike. I want to be able to get my son on his bmx and practice sprints in the house. I'll have to check to see if this brand has the accessory. The product is good and the price is good. It feels like a solid product that will last, and I've been on it for a few days now. It's easy to fold up for storage.


What is the best product for bicycle exercise stand trainer tire?

Bicycle exercise stand trainer tire products from Kom Cycling. In this article about bicycle exercise stand trainer tire you can see why people choose the product. Kinetic By Kurt and Cycleinn are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle exercise stand trainer tire.

What are the best brands for bicycle exercise stand trainer tire?

Kom Cycling, Kinetic By Kurt and Cycleinn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle exercise stand trainer tire. Find the detail in this article. Sportneer, Balancefrom and Rad Cycle Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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