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1. Spring Loaded Tensioner Engine Motorized

Spring Loaded Tensioner Engine Motorized

The length of the cable is 47 inches. The ATV chopper has a handle bar. The package includes a chain tensioner kit. The package includes a chain tensioner kit.

Brand: Sthus

👤I recommend the stock tensioner chain that comes with your motorized engine bike kit, because it is a great product. I wish the screws/bolts weren't made of aluminum because I have had one snap on me, and I wish the spring had more tension to it. There is a Make sure your chain is tight before you install it because when you engage your clutch slowly at high speeds the bottom of the chain pulls on the tension wheel and if the chain is not tight enough it will cause slack in the upper part of chain. The installation process is very easy even though it doesn't have any instructions. The first step is step 1. The set up process is very easy to follow, I have found it easier to connect one side of the spring to the curved side of the mounting plate where the 2 small holes are. Only the small screw/bolt and locking nut are used to attach the tensioner arm to the mounting plate. There is a The spring from the plate to the arm needs to be connected.

👤It's one of the best upgrades for a motorized bike. It was better than the stock. You won't believe the difference it makes if you don't have one. This is the only upgrade you can do if you don't do any others.

👤Is it an upgrade from the cheap ones that come with the moped building kits? Yes. Did the arm bend on me while driving my moped, causing the chain to jam in the engine and send me flying? Also, yes. My chain tension was perfect, but I can't trust this one after that. The fact that the arm that holds the wheel is black is a good reason to not recommend this.

👤You can bend them by hand, they are thin and flimsy. It doesn't seem to provide enough tension on the chain so I drilled extra holes above the pre-drilled ones for a bit more chain tension. I have had to adjust the tensioner every time I ride. The roller bearings are better than the white/yellow ones. There should be a bearing on the pivot so there is not play in the tensioner arm, and the lock nut should be replaced with a nylon nut. I wouldn't recommend it due to the thin metal used.

👤I've been using this for 2 months. It still works like it should. I drilled a hole higher up to provide more tension. The product is great. There is a So far, so good. Just got it installed a few hours ago. The kit comes with a tensioner that I was using. The chain started jumping when it kept moving. Threw this on and took her around the block. I don't have any issues with the pedals hitting the bolts. It seems well made and solid in the first test run.

👤I would buy this again for the system I have going, but it is not a good design. There is a The pulley wheel and bearing don't spin with the chain. The purpose of having a bearing was defeated. It gets the job done at keeping the chain good. There is a The stock pulley is still an improvement, but it will wear out a little quicker because the pulley does not spin.

2. JRL Throttle Clutch Motorized Bicycle

JRL Throttle Clutch Motorized Bicycle

If you have a problem, you can contact them by email. The package includesclutch cable. The left clutch lever is made of alloy. The lock handlebar has Throttle grips. You can kill switch. Please check for the details and make sure it's the right one. It is easy to match original equipment. They provide clear pictures. Make sure that it can fit your machine by comparing its appearance, shape and size with your original unit. They provide clear pictures. Make sure that it can fit your machine by comparing its appearance, shape and size with your original unit.

Brand: Jrl

👤I had to use a 1/2 inch drill bit to ream it out because it was too small to fit on a normal handlebar and I had to paint it with silver metallic nail polish. I guess.

👤The kit is correct this time, thank you.

👤Didn't like that they didn't include the throttle cable or the clutch cable, will let Amazon know about it, you don't get what you pay for.

👤It is a good backup for a bike. The plastic throttle on these bikes can be broken easily.

👤Well made for the bike and engine. It worked very well. Thank you.

👤The lever gauge was the best upgrade part of the part kit, it was easier to use the recommended spark kit. I like the grips at eagle's Auto.

👤A motorized bicycle works great.

👤All is good for a new installation on a new build with an old motor.

3. YUEWO Motorized 2 Stroke Conversion Speedometer

YUEWO Motorized 2 Stroke Conversion Speedometer

The ring is 2mm, the pin is 10mm, and the hole is 10mm. Everything needed in order to assemble a motor bicycle is included in the 80cc 2-stroke bicycle motor kit. It's for most bikes with V-frame, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, choppers. The electric motorbike kit has a single cylinder, air-cooling, 2-stroke 80cc single cylinder gasoline engine. It is made of first-rate steel material and has great strength and endurance, which can provide you with a long service life. The Capacitor discharge ignition method is safer and more stable than other methods. This type of ignition will not cause the wear and tear on the contact points when the bike engine is spinning at high speed. The design makes it easy to put together a bike, riders just need to fit the motor to the frame, connect the cables, and fill up the gas tank in order to be ready for their first ride. It can speed up to 50 km/h. It is almost as fast as a motorcycle or scooter. Your motorcycle can have better endurance with a 2L fuel tank and a single cylinder gas engine. It can speed up to 50 km/h. It is almost as fast as a motorcycle or scooter. Your motorcycle can have better endurance with a 2L fuel tank and a single cylinder gas engine.

Brand: Yuewo

👤The quality of these little engines is poor, but they are fun if you have mechanical skill. There was a bad seal on the crankshaft and a bad bearing in the clutch gear. If you want to learn how to port/polish and mod your engine on a 2 stroke, then this is the engine for you, it's cheap and you can get 35-40 mph out of it. The hardware is cheap and will round out if you breathe in the wrong way. It takes a couple days to build this, so do not expect it to be built in 4 hours.

👤I received my package and waited until I bought a bike to put it on, now I'm ready, but I need to send the metal pieces to the rubber rings so I can use the product I paid for.

👤The mounting studs were twisted off on the 1st motor. It doesn't look like the pictures. There were no stickers. It is not an upgraded version. When I took the clutch plate, the wheels were rusty and the motor was half spray painted black. The small 6mm screws are easy to strip. Too much money for a low grade motor. It can either be used or refurbished.

👤The engine runs well but the parts themselves are cheap, the speedometer parts didn't match up, and a lot of the bolts broke.

👤The engine does not work well. It is not as powerful as other 88cc engines. The kit is the same as the other engines. Something is not right with it. I'm going to try and get something from other suppliers.

👤I was very happy with the product, everything was there, nothing was scratched or damaged, black paint was very nice, and I recommend anyone who gets this project to watch a lot of videos and pay attention, you will have a great running bike. According to the speedo app, mine goes around 25.

👤wont start. There was no compression. The motor is faulty. I had it in a box for a month before I had a mechanic put it on and give me the bad news, so they won't take it back and give me a refund.

👤I didn't like that Amazon lied to me about the bike conversion kit I purchased, and that they liked three different customer care representatives. I had to buy a bike. The motor is still under the bed.

4. BSHWKP High Performance Ignition Compatible

BSHWKP High Performance Ignition Compatible

Applicable models This product is used for certain objects. It is suitable for electric bicycles of 49cc, 60cc, 66cc and 80cc. The new and high performance CDI ignition coil is 100 percent brand new. The package includes: 1 x CDI ignition coil. Your bike will have a powerful spark if you have a high-energy ignition engine. Also, note: If you have a question, please let them know. They will reply soon. Universal Fit is the type of fit. AMSHMZ0162 is part number. AMSHMZ0162 is part number.

Brand: Bshwkp

👤I would recommend this coil to anyone that has a bike. A rubber boot is needed to fit over a spark plug. I had trouble with the one that came on the bike.

👤The 49cc motorized bicycle kit came with this.

5. KIPA Carburetor 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle

KIPA Carburetor 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle

The 44T sprocket and 2L gas tank are standard. The KIPA Carburetor is a top quality replacement. 50cc 60cc 66cc. 70cc. 80cc 2-stroke Engine Motorized Bicycle Bike Pocket bike Scooter Quad ATV helps to keep your bikes and Scooter running at top performance. Specificaiton has a Manifold intake bore diameter of 19mm. The mounting diameter is 58mm. Important tip. The choke Manual requires you to push and twist your thumb to open it. You could find the information in the description. If you are confused, please message them. If you use this kit to replace For Centain pocket bike/ATVs/Scooters old carburetors, please make sure you match the structure, because there might not be enough space to install it. The package includes: 1 X New Carburetor, 1 X New Fuel Filter, 1 X Mounting Gasket, and 1 X Intake. You may need to tune it a little after installation even though it's well-tested and well-adjusted in the factory already. The Performance Carburetor is Durable and Stable. It is easy to install a perfect Carburetor for Powerful Bikes and ATVs. The Performance Carburetor is Durable and Stable. It is easy to install a perfect Carburetor for Powerful Bikes and ATVs.

Brand: Kipa

👤If you don't tighten it, it will break at the neck. If you don't tighten good enough, it slips off the neck from the compression inside the motor. I've had three of them. They all did the same thing, it's not high performance, but there isn't anything special about this carburetor.

👤Put this on a dirt bike. The only problem was the length of the cable coming out of the end of the throttle cable was too short, had to rig it up by removing the chrome cable guide and putting the cable into the top of the plastic housing to make it long enough to reach the throttle slide. The jet that was already installed ran great and it started up on the first pull. I need a different cable for the x pro 50cc bike, but not sure which one would work.

👤Great little car! My son's 50cc pit bike was upgraded to a factory one. I put a boost bottle with it and it started pulling right away. It didn't take long to tune or install.

👤The vacuum honda autochoke doesn't work. I bought this because I was tired of fiddling with it and getting stranded, and boy does it work! Open it and check it for Ray MachINING. Can't stress that enough. When I want it to start on a 1984 honda aero 50, I never got stranded.

👤I added a lot of power to my 50cc pit bike and it all worked out.

6. HIAORS Filter Chinese Scooter Motorcycle

HIAORS Filter Chinese Scooter Motorcycle

All helmet makes and models are compatible with Universal Fitment. The Cardo Half Kit Helmet is required for use with a half helmet. The package includes a Blue Hose Tube Line, Fuel Filter, and Spring Clips. The package includes a Blue Hose Tube Line, Fuel Filter, and Spring Clips.

Brand: Hiaors

👤I thought this would be a good fuel line and flexible color, but it wasn't impressed with the clamps after three and a half weeks. If you purchased it, you'll be sorry because the hose became stiff and 888-282-0465, which is 888-282-0465, and it lost its color.

👤It's dangerous. This material is not meant for products that are made from fossil fuels. Fuel was sprayed everywhere while riding and turned into plastic. Is the engine hot? Not a good idea. If you don't want your child getting burned, this shouldn't be sold as a fuel line.

👤This helped diagnose my petcock issue. The stock lines were black. I could see the fuel leaking into the vacuum side of the petcock. The vacuum was not interrupted when I swapped the petcock for a new one. I need a new filter and more of the clamps. Thanks for including all this.

👤The tubes in the video and photo are not new. This is after only very light use, idling while I work on other things. There is a The tubes look like they are 30 years old after two months of being covered outside. I'm not sure if it's because of the modern gasoline that has the bio-diesel, but they're not good at all and won't last.

👤The fuel hose in this kit got hard as a rock after I installed this on my 2004 Yamaha warrior. The inside diameter of the 4 wheeler was very small, which made it difficult to get enough gas over the 14 throttle. I decided to give it another try and ended up with the same conclusion.

👤The fuel line and one of the filters can be used to replace what came with my new scooter. It's always run better. I used the existing clamps on the scooter and they worked just fine, I did not use the flimsy and loose ones that came with it.

👤Absolutely junk. There is a The hose cannot be sealed because of the flashing on the nipples. The flashing will cut the line if you're not careful. I'm not sure if I would trust the line for fuel in a hot environment. Don't buy.

👤I only used a small piece of the gas line from the tank to the filter and the next day it was swollen and leaking, so that went in the garbage along with the to big clamps, the three stars are for the filters only.

7. Engine Carburetor Stroke Bicycle Motorized

Engine Carburetor Stroke Bicycle Motorized

We provide clear pictures. Make sure that it can fit your machine by comparing its appearance, shape and size with your original unit. The bike has a motorized engine. The bike has a motorized engine.

Brand: Bh-motor

👤An older model was replaced by it. There is a The float valve keeps the gas inside the bulb from leaking when not in use. It doesn't do a good job at that out of the box. If you want to apply more pressure on the pin and seal it better, you should bend the part that holds the pin. If you know what you are doing, the problem will be solved in a minute. If this is your first, it could take you all of 5 minutes.

👤The leaking bowl float was the reason I bought this. The 80cc motor wouldn't run after it was installed. It ran with the old car, but was flooded by the float. I put the new float back in the old one and the bike fired up and ran well. By the process of elimination, the new car did not work. Why? I don't care. I got a working float for that price.

👤There are images in the listing that show the covered primer plunger. I received a rivet style one instead of the one pictured and it's not okay as I ordered the covered primer plunger.

👤Money was wasted on a valve. It's in the junk drawer because it can't be adjusted. There are no instructions anywhere. This one works out of the box and only has the idle screw. The idle should be turned up a bit.

👤On delivery, choke loose. Problem solved with duct tape. Running for a second, tape loose choke. To keep in position, tape down the head. You should replace tape frequently. It almost works.

👤It's hard to rave over an oem product, but it works the same as the normal product.

👤My husband bought a motorized bicycle at a lawn sale, but it needed a carburetor. I ordered this one. It works great! I ordered one day and had a couple of days later. My husband is outside in the wind.

👤Stock does not have any issues as compared to high performance crap. There are proper cable length problems. Needed adjustments.

8. Racing Carburetor Stroke Motorized Bicycle

Racing Carburetor Stroke Motorized Bicycle

The package includes a chain tensioner kit. The 19mm Carburetor has a red and blue color. It is a 2 stroke 49cc 66cc. 70cc 80cc engine has no adjusting Throttle. There is a screw on the side of the car. The jet does not need to be Torqued down with a great deal of force, you can start with the smallest jet. If you want to replace the NT Carburetor that comes with your 66/80cc bicycle engine, you have to wrap it with thread tape, and if you want to change the jet size, you have to do it at a higher elevation. If you want to replace the NT Carburetor that comes with your 66/80cc bicycle engine, you have to wrap it with thread tape, and if you want to change the jet size, you have to do it at a higher elevation.

Brand: Mayspare

👤The headline says it all. The overall performance of my bike engine has improved because of this. I was amazed by how much better she performs after I installed the reed valve intake. I had to swap out my old NT carb's barrel adjuster as the cable for the new one wasn't long enough. That was a very small modification to make. Modifications to a two stroke bike are just part of the game. I was looking for a bike accessory.

👤I hated it for the lack of truth in the claims of noticeable performance changes, I had to put the original nt carburetor back on after changing the needle to top slot, only thing they don't tell you is you will have to rejet it. Everyone has read the review. Oh yes. If you want to see what different Jets have to offer, try them all and see if one is the best for you, but beware, it will look high performance and waste money. Just keep it tight, every ride check list, and #1 move your c- clip up to top notch on the needle and stroke your wide open. Do you know how to get my idle on top of the car?

👤The car is nice. The cross threaded bolts are not nice. I need to take the car apart again to work on the automatic choke, which also doesn't work, because it's now stripped. This is fresh out of the box.

👤I received the new carburetor when it was raining. I have never tried it before. I didn't have time to send it back. The package smelled like cigarettes when I opened it. It was very difficult to assemble. I didn't know how it worked until I looked at it for about an hour. There is a There was a gasket that was broken between the body of the car and the engine. I tried to remove the throttle but it was stuck and I couldn't run the cable through the spring. My fault. There was too much slack in the throttle handle. I had an extra handle on it. The power was lost. Better gas mileage. The top end was slower than the bottom. Don't know if broken gasket is the reason for this too late to send it back.

👤The intake pipe that comes from the standard motor kit is too small, so I haven't been able to install it yet. I have to find an intake pipe that will fit so that I can try it out. Where can I find an intake pipe that will fit? The intake pipe is too small for the hole on the carburetor, so I'm wondering if there is a way to make it bigger. Please help me.

👤There is no change to the air fuel mix. The moped I put it on ran bad, like the one I put it on. Not a Chinese car. I put this on and it wouldn't run. It looked like someone used a pocket knife to put it together. You couldn't see the hole in the main jet because it had a burr in it. I finally got it running. It's too lean and there's no way to adjust so it's back to the drawing board.

9. RUNMIND Racing Intake Motorized Bicycle

RUNMIND Racing Intake Motorized Bicycle

This is a replacement part. Make sure that it can fit your machine by comparing its appearance, shape and size with your original unit. The Racing Reed Valve Kit is suitable for 40mm and 32mm Intakes. 66cc/80cc gas motorized bicycle. The inner and out dia of the neck is Carbon Fiber. It works well on normal Piston and Cylinder. There is no need for a special cylinder. The package includes small washers. The package includes small washers.

Brand: Runmind

👤It works great, at almost half the price of competing products, and I have been using it for close to 100 miles. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on something that would have to be changed anyways, so I fabricated my own. I'll be buying more of these in the future. I have at least 2 engines that would be much better with one of these on them. I'm at 350 miles on it and it still works great. There are a lot of people on a few forums who say that carbon fiber or something similar would be better for the petals because they wear fast. I am starting to see how accurate that could be. Sometimes I can see a bit of air being pushed out of the stack when I push her. I think it will get worse over time and I'll need new petals. The rest has been more than satisfactory and still looks like it did when installed. It still looks brand new. I take full responsibility for the fact that 2 of the 4 intake screw threads on the front were stripped and needed a little attention. The metal is weak, but it's aluminum, and it's not as easy to use as steel. Before I replaced the screws with longer ones, I tried the ones that came with and they weren't deep enough and I was cranking too hard on them. I plan to buy another one since the one I have works great. I use it daily.

👤I ordered this because it claimed carbon fiber. They are made of fiberglass. There is a huge hole in the main intake tube. It's useless unless I fix it. Advertising and quality control are ridiculous. I only wanted the Reed petals. And already had a g2 Reed block. The fiberglass petals blew in half.

👤It works well. I ran 48 mph with it.

👤It's easy to install, and you can get 1hp.

👤My new GT6 looks like it... I didn't have the strength to pull a 28 tooth rear sprocket. I ordered expansion valve and other upgrds and they were pulling out 36mph. ... I should go more. The windowed piston has a crank. After a lot of videos and advice, a second dump...burp dead? There is a need for a rebirth. The bike is going 42mph. Yesss 3 years!

👤I've got aftermarket heads and expansion chamber exhaust on both of the bikes I tried, they both run like shit.

10. NAVARME Cylinder Motorized Bicycle Engine

NAVARME Cylinder Motorized Bicycle Engine

The package includes a Muffler Exhaust 1 x gasket. 80cc bicycle package The package includes a Cylinder Head and a Gasket. The replacement part is the original part. If it fits your model, please check part comparibility. Shipping from China will take about 10 days. Shipping from China will take about 10 days.

Brand: Navarme

👤The spark plug's threads should not be powder coated.

👤The package arrived without a gasket. I will change my review if the gasket is replaced.

👤The head on my motor was replaced.

👤Right on. The Bolt hole specifications are the same as shown in the pictures. One of the corners from one angle wasn't sprayed in paint. Refer to the picture. The fifth was kept from being hit.

👤Waiting for mine my seeutek motor came in with the threads striped and I like the product easy to work with.

👤Part was rebuilt, cracked in half, and welded back together in a horrible way that made it look like a cheap part.

11. NORTHTIGER Clutch 10Tooth Sprocket Motorized

NORTHTIGER Clutch 10Tooth Sprocket Motorized

The service after the sale. It is possible to get a unique service that can make you feel reassured. Professional sellers and professional guidance. Provide professional use instructions. If you need any of the above services, please contact them. 49cc 60cc 66cc. 80cc 2 stroke engine motorized bicycle bike The package includes:1x clutch lever, 1x pin rod, 1x rod ball, and 1x gear. There could be some scratches on the surface of the item. Please understand. The measurement of the actual items may be slightly different from the listing images due to manual measurement. Thanks for understanding. The measurement of the actual items may be slightly different from the listing images due to manual measurement. Thanks for understanding.

Brand: Northtiger

👤I gave this product a four star review because I thought the little screw for the cable retainer would be excluded. I'm at fault for not knowing that it's not part of the package. I was still disappointed that it didn't come with it. Because we don't always have access to those types of screws and who wants to drive all the way to a hard ware store for one little screw? It's still a great deal.

👤A good deal on a few pieces that wear out the most and a few extra pieces is always a bonus. I will definitely be back next time, my bike is way over built and a daily driver to work and back, so these parts are a must have on reserve.

👤I tried everything I could to make them fit together, but it wouldn't do the job if I gave it negative stars.

👤Someone was paid to delt with bicycle engines. He rode cross country with the same engines. He was amazed by the engines. So far it works. If you want to stretch out, you have to shorten it, but a better quality one is better.

👤Product came in tact and usable after a long time. There were no issues connecting the clutch and still using it.

👤I can make it work if you take off the motor's parts. There's a lot of people out there. This will be a big problem.

👤Everything was needed to replace my clutch arm and cover. 15 minuets and done.

👤A lot of people have the same problem getting the wrong parts.


What is the best product for bicycle engine parts?

Bicycle engine parts products from Sthus. In this article about bicycle engine parts you can see why people choose the product. Jrl and Yuewo are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle engine parts.

What are the best brands for bicycle engine parts?

Sthus, Jrl and Yuewo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle engine parts. Find the detail in this article. Bshwkp, Kipa and Hiaors are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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