Best Bicycle Engine Exhaust

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1. Stroke Exhaust Muffler Expansion Chamber

Stroke Exhaust Muffler Expansion Chamber

The Expansion Chamber is for a 2 stroke engine. The total length is Approx 25.4". The Bolt spacing is 1.53". Please see the photos for details. Please see the photos for details.

Brand: Weiyingsi

👤The exhaust system is great for small engines. I used this on my pocket bike, which was an engine swap for my 52cccccccccccccccccccccccccccc. The engine I used in the pictures was put there by me. This exhaust system is almost perfect after cutting the hanger off of it and the bike is very small. I am not a welder or mechanic, as you can see by the custom engine mounts. I could have made it fit with some more custom work, but it's a very small exhaust leak. The build quality has been good so far.

👤I had to cut the pipe off and make a new one because I had to put a 66cc motor kit on it. The stock engine's power and sound were affected by the expansion chamber. It was a good price for a basic mod. Don't expect 35mph without some work. It sounds like a little dirt bike.

👤The head pipe and silencer core diameters are too small. The head pipe isn't bent, meaning it's more negatively affected at bends. There is a mismatch with the smallest engines. All but useless on a 49cc head.

👤I am working on a go-kart for the grandchildren and I really like this expansion chamber. My brother's welder was able to modify as he wanted. The only issue with this product is that it comes from China. Should the USA make these?

👤The welds on this are not good. I just received one weld leak. The battery compartment was a little small, but the fit was okay. The quality was pretty disappointing. One of the welds has broken completely and there are two pin holes in other welds that leak very bad.

👤Do not buy it if you want to put it on a motor. You have been warned that it won't fit.

👤After 3 days of installing the product, the welds broke and the pipe was useless. Garbage quality exhaust systems were sold. Do not do business with you again.

👤Bolts right on, use the gasket. This muffler is only for a pocket bike style-use only, and may not be compatible with other projects. Y'all digg?

2. CNCMOTOK 415H 110L 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle

CNCMOTOK 415H 110L 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle

Fast delivery and free shipping on high quality products from the USA warehouse. The universal fit is the 415H Motorized Chain Heavy Duty. It's for many Chinese brands dirt bike, pit bike, motorcycle,ATV,Mower. It's for 49cc 60cc 66cc. The bicycle bike is for Honda dirt bikes with a 428 chain. The package includes a chain and a link. They will deal with your questions asap. They will deal with your questions asap.

Brand: Cncmotok

👤The stock chain can easily break and ruin things on a motorized bike, so the 415h chain is a must. I've cracked an engine case. The spokes are damaged as it wraps around the wheel. The 415H chain is made of superior quality and is heavy duty. I agree with another reviewer who said he had problems with the spare links. I chose this kit because of the spare links. The grooves on the pin are not strong enough to hold a spare link on. I tried using my chain break tool to push the pins out a tad further, but I couldn't get it to work. I got it mostly on, but not completely. I will be removing it as it seems that it could easily pop off mid ride opening up the chain and causing a lot of damage to myself and my bike.

👤The chain on my Chinese gas bike was stretched like cheese string. It fit on there better than the stock chain. I'm not sure if it's the chain or something else. There's nothing on it. I used wd40 to lubricate it. Maybe it was killed by that. Synthetic gear oil is better for this kind of chain. The chainline will wear out sooner if it isn't perfect. Maybe it was the problem. A number 41 chain is used to solve that problem. It's more forgiving to the sprockets not being lined up because it has wider rollers. Get a number 41 chain for a Chinese gas bike kit.

👤I bought a bike with a small engine. The bike shops in my town do not work on these bikes. I bought this chain on Amazon. I bought a compatible chain breaker. I was surprised when I was able to get the chain length I needed after watching a video on the internet. There is a It works great. I think this is a great idea. Don't forget to watch a video of the right chain breaker.

👤The chain works well with my bike. 49cc. It works with all CC sizes. I had to get a chain break because it was not sturdy enough to let me push out a link with a nail. It pulls me easy because I am 350 lbs.

👤I bought this chain for my husband's bike. He said that it fit perfectly and that it did the job. " I got nothing out of him. I can't say anything about it. I don't know anything about his toys. It's funny. Another winner!

👤I use this chain on my bike and I think it's great. It's better than the ones that come with the kit, but I haven't had to mess with it because the chain has barely stretched out. I'm pretty sure I've had this for a while. It hasn't really stretched, just a little bit. If you are using it for a motorized bike, I highly recommend this link.

👤I don't know much about chains but they are definitely stronger than the chain that came with the motor bike kit.

3. Engine Carburetor Stroke Bicycle Motorized

Engine Carburetor Stroke Bicycle Motorized

Tough heat treated steel. Bike Engine Red is a high performance Carburetor. 50cc 60cc 66cc 80cc. The bicycle motorized bike engine kit is for bikes. It's a high quality Carburetor for 49cc. 50cc 60cc 66cc. 80cc 2 stroke kick start petrol conversion kit. It's a high quality Carburetor for 49cc. 50cc 60cc 66cc. 80cc 2 stroke kick start petrol conversion kit.

Brand: Bh-motor

👤The last two had problems with the last three. The first one had an air leak and the second one had a float that would sink. This one works. Before I put it on, I tested it. It seems like it would work. The grasp on the intake manifolds is very tight. We will be on the road again. We will all be happy if you keep your business and products in good shape and keep them good quality. The 2nd to last slot is where the engines like to run a little richer and fatter. You should be able to hear a little stroking. You will get more cooling and better protection if you burn more fuel.

👤I bought this for the air cleaner. The frame needed clearance. The jet seems to be a 65. I eyeballed it and didn't pin gauge it. The ones I have had come with a 65 jet. The button for primer is different. It appears to be a pop rivet with a spring on the post. The bowl screw is interfered with by the extension of the button type. I have yet to see this in a nt type speed car. This is a big plus. The slide cap is painted red and the cable accessory is painted blue. The needle in a 5 notch is apposed to the 4 notch. This will allow for more adjustment.

👤The Seeutek PK80 kit came with a replacement carburetor, so I bought this one. The original one wouldn't fit in my frame. The air filter cover is red and thinner than the other ones. I have no issues running my PK80 so far. The functions of the choke lever and the priming button are very good.

👤I had an idea something was wrong with the car I got. After we got it out, we found that the engine was out of round. We used the original off the engine. It wouldn't stop leaking even if we did something to stop it. Trust me, I tried every trick in the book. I have been working on vehicles for 45 years and nothing I did made them sound better. While I was striping it down for parts to rebuild the old car, I found a hair line crack in the top housing. There was no way to find it unless you were striping it. I don't know who passed this car. They need to let it go. Amazon needs to test these things before they sell them.

👤Better than expected! This is the best built and plastic free little carburetors I have ever owned, it even has a brass throttle piston, and every other one I have owned had a brass one. It seems to run smooth, but I can't say for sure.

👤I bought the racing carb for this engine because it had better results for the mountains. I can change out the main jets on these. For more fuel flow.

👤The trick worked well. She was adjusting well. This was put on a bike engine to replace the factory unit.

4. HURI Intake Exhaust Motorized Bicycle

HURI Intake Exhaust Motorized Bicycle

We want to provide the best quality service. Please contact them if there is a problem with the product. Non original replacements. The package includes 4 intake gasket, 4 exhaust gasket, and 1 HURI pocket tape. If you didn't receive HURI branded pocket tape, you could apply for a full refund. If you didn't receive HURI branded pocket tape, you could apply for a full refund.

Brand: Huri

👤The exhaust gasket worked well, but the intake gasket is 40mm. The seller should include a picture of the measurements.

👤Good price and good quality. One star was subtracted for the sharp hanging of the edges where the gasket was cut, because the exhaust gasket seems to be reinforced with metal. The intake gasket does not have this problem. The thick pressed paper gasket you get with the Chinese bicycle motor is vastly inferior to the two types in this set, and you get four pairs which should last you a long time. There is a The quality of the tape measure is about the same as a gumball machine. There were no complaints about the freebie.

👤A better gasket makes a difference. There is a Perfect seal. No oil on my leg. Very happy.

👤I like the quality of the intake and exhaust gasket.

👤I bought this for the exhaust gasket and they have lasted longer than any other I have ever bought. I didn't give a 5-star review because the intake gasket is too small for the 80cc engine I have. This is the exhaust gasket you need.

👤You need to watch out for the metal that protrudes from the gasket. I only used the exhaust gasket, so I don't know if the intake gasket fits, but they look okay from a quality perspective. Don't expect these to last forever.

👤These things need to be fixed. I was cut from the plastic that was left on them. I had to remove all the stuff so I wouldn't get injured again.

👤The product arrived quickly. Met and exceeded my expectations. The price was great and will be doing business with the vendor again.

5. Viper Flexible Muffler Engine Motor

Viper Flexible Muffler Engine Motor

Email them if you have any questions. The muffler tip can reduce exhaust noise and also release exhaust gas safely. It's a fit for 80cc bike gas engine motor parts. It is a long service life. The package includes a Muffler Exhaust 1 x gasket. The package includes a Muffler Exhaust 1 x gasket.

Brand: Exgizmo

👤The cylinder head of my moped had a small flange attached to it. I cut off the flexible pipe and welded it to the original pipe. There is a The empty tube of the muffler has no sound baffles or deadening materials inside. I could hear my wife on the moped. The cannister and end cap were removed in an attempt to drown out the noise. I will test it out tomorrow. One day later. The bike is now whisper quiet because of my deadening material.

👤The items were of poor quality, there were dents and welds that looked like they were done by a blind toddler, and it was impossible to seal it, I started the return process within 5 minutes of opening the package.

👤Sounds great! Your 80cc won't sound like a weed whacker anymore. She is a little quieter and has a lower tone. There was a slight increase in power. The expansion chamber makes a difference.

👤This is great. The other side has a coin. You don't have to destroy it. I did, but it wouldn't stay there and ride fine. Anyway sounds good.

👤It fit perfectly on the take off and gave it more power. It sounds good not to loud.

6. FVRITO Exhaust Muffler Silencer Motorized

FVRITO Exhaust Muffler Silencer Motorized

There is a note. You can start your vehicle with a cable. Before ordering, please check the fitment to make sure the item is perfect. There is a feature. It is a long service life. 2. A perfect replacement. 3. It's easy to install. The total length of the hole is 423mm/16.57 inch. 1 exhaust pipe, 1 nut kits, 1 spark plug, and 1 gasket are included. Please check as much as you can to make sure the item is the one you need. Please check as much as you can to make sure the item is the one you need.

Brand: Fvrito

👤It was like big. The pedals have to be replaced not to hit the banana pipe.

7. Racing Carburetor Stroke Motorized Bicycle

Racing Carburetor Stroke Motorized Bicycle

The package includes a chain tensioner kit. The 19mm Carburetor has a red and blue color. It is a 2 stroke 49cc 66cc. 70cc 80cc engine has no adjusting Throttle. There is a screw on the side of the car. The jet does not need to be Torqued down with a great deal of force, you can start with the smallest jet. If you want to replace the NT Carburetor that comes with your 66/80cc bicycle engine, you have to wrap it with thread tape, and if you want to change the jet size, you have to do it at a higher elevation. If you want to replace the NT Carburetor that comes with your 66/80cc bicycle engine, you have to wrap it with thread tape, and if you want to change the jet size, you have to do it at a higher elevation.

Brand: Mayspare

👤The headline says it all. The overall performance of my bike engine has improved because of this. I was amazed by how much better she performs after I installed the reed valve intake. I had to swap out my old NT carb's barrel adjuster as the cable for the new one wasn't long enough. That was a very small modification to make. Modifications to a two stroke bike are just part of the game. I was looking for a bike accessory.

👤I hated it for the lack of truth in the claims of noticeable performance changes, I had to put the original nt carburetor back on after changing the needle to top slot, only thing they don't tell you is you will have to rejet it. Everyone has read the review. Oh yes. If you want to see what different Jets have to offer, try them all and see if one is the best for you, but beware, it will look high performance and waste money. Just keep it tight, every ride check list, and #1 move your c- clip up to top notch on the needle and stroke your wide open. Do you know how to get my idle on top of the car?

👤The car is nice. The cross threaded bolts are not nice. I need to take the car apart again to work on the automatic choke, which also doesn't work, because it's now stripped. This is fresh out of the box.

👤I received the new carburetor when it was raining. I have never tried it before. I didn't have time to send it back. The package smelled like cigarettes when I opened it. It was very difficult to assemble. I didn't know how it worked until I looked at it for about an hour. There is a There was a gasket that was broken between the body of the car and the engine. I tried to remove the throttle but it was stuck and I couldn't run the cable through the spring. My fault. There was too much slack in the throttle handle. I had an extra handle on it. The power was lost. Better gas mileage. The top end was slower than the bottom. Don't know if broken gasket is the reason for this too late to send it back.

👤The intake pipe that comes from the standard motor kit is too small, so I haven't been able to install it yet. I have to find an intake pipe that will fit so that I can try it out. Where can I find an intake pipe that will fit? The intake pipe is too small for the hole on the carburetor, so I'm wondering if there is a way to make it bigger. Please help me.

👤There is no change to the air fuel mix. The moped I put it on ran bad, like the one I put it on. Not a Chinese car. I put this on and it wouldn't run. It looked like someone used a pocket knife to put it together. You couldn't see the hole in the main jet because it had a burr in it. I finally got it running. It's too lean and there's no way to adjust so it's back to the drawing board.

8. Stainless Exhaust Parking Heater Diesel

Stainless Exhaust Parking Heater Diesel

Please check the pictures and specifications. You can purchase now with confidence because of quality assurance and lifetime guarantee. It is safe, durable, and resistant to wear. It's perfect for parking the air diesel heater. Replacement part length 78 inches. For Eberspacher and Propex. It's easy to replace the old one. It's easy to replace the old one.

Brand: Color Tree

👤I built a sound shed that extended exhaust out of my generator.

👤The flex tube is made of steel. I am using it to carry my generator exhaust out of the generator enclosure and up an exhaust stack on the outside of the enclosure. This flex tubing has a 25mm i.d., which is one inch. It may be necessary to file down the exhaust tube a bit. Troy is a guy who is making exhaust tubes for many models of generators and he is important to this subject. It saved me from having to make my own from brass. GenExhaust is a company owned by Troy. I ordered this model from his Amazon listings.

👤The tubing was bent at a small angle. I had to order a new one. I received a picture of the product on the website and it looked bent hot rod use of 1/3 of an inch. The production of inside diameter was created at the point of bending.

👤I like the price. I have had this installed for 3 weeks. It is hammered with rust. I was worried about tears when bending the metal. There is a Is there any exhaust leaks at week 3? Would I buy again? No.

👤I needed a bit more exhaust line in my installation than the one in my kit. If you cut the line midway you will need to flare it to fit over the exhaust port. It would have been helpful if the machining stopped for 50 cm every meter. It's stood up so far to near-continuous duty without incident and hopefully will last longer than the fuel pump.

👤I didn't expect much. There is no heavy duty pipe or anything like that. It's a wall metal and flexible. I had to force the line over the pipe. It was a tight fit and flared the connection on the flex. It did not break. The screws on the included clamps are useless. I will need a U type clamp. These are hoses. There is a The value is there. You get a piece of metal. There was no damage to my house.

👤I had better quality flex piping on my generator, so I bought a new one. The inner diameter is not stated in the description. 2.5 cm is the distance from outer to outer. The material is very thin and the openings are very easy to bend. To make it work, I had to flare one opening and secure it a better one. It is barely holding up. I don't think the piping will last long.

9. HGC Silencer Muffler 2 Stroke Motorized

HGC Silencer Muffler 2 Stroke Motorized

You can upgrade your 50cc Scooter with this upgrade. The package includes a gasket and a exhaust. Good exhaust effect, large volume. Brand new and high quality! If it fits your model, please check part comparibility. Brand new and high quality! If it fits your model, please check part comparibility.

Brand: Hgc

👤I had to modify the expansion chamber to keep my bike running, if you cut the part where, it won't deserve a single star.

👤It works and sounds good, and has a dirt bike sound to it. It fit on perfectly.

👤I had a loss of power to the motor after installing it. I'm currently boring out the bottom to see if that will help.

👤Everyone hates you, but who cares about a pedestrian on a bicycle going 45 mph?

👤Number 1 the bolt wholes weren't lined up, you could use a drill or a sander, but not since I was lazy I didn't bother with that. third It would have pointed at the from and rubbed on the frame. It won't work for you because my work wasn't good.

👤The welds are not very good, and won't make your bike quieter, but they give it a 2 stroke sound, and added a few mph to my top end.

👤The paint job was terrible.

👤Nothing special about it. Make it fit better by cutting the end off. Does it do its job?

10. JZSPORTS Performance Expansion Muffler Motorized

JZSPORTS Performance Expansion Muffler Motorized

The replacement part is the original part. If it fits your model, please check part comparibility. JZSPORTS has a chromed expansion chamber for gas motor kits. Most 2 stroke kits have 1.56inch/40mm stud spacing for the muffler. Better performance and replacement. The Outlet's outside diameter and inner diameter are 0.984 and 0.886 inch, respectively. The product has a 12 months warranty. Please contact them first if you have any questions. They can help you find a solution.

Brand: Cdh

👤It was installed on my YD 100. The stock muffler has a day and night difference.

👤Even though my tiny bike goes 7 or so miles an hour faster top end, it looks very small on the bike improvement chart because of the dimensions included with the picture.

👤I would recommend this over the stock one, it adds a lot of Torque and increased top speed. I have had it on my bike since august of 2021.

👤The performance was good but the pipe was loud and it blew exhaust on your pants or back rim, which is bad for breaking.

👤Nice fit requires modifications for the holder.

👤I thought it was smaller.

👤It makes my bike sound better. More power is highly recommended.

11. Anbull Bicycle Engine Motorized Fuel Efficient

Anbull Bicycle Engine Motorized Fuel Efficient

The center to center spacing between the pins is approximately 7/16" wide. The engine is the 100CC. They used a generic version of the user manual for 80CC/100CC because they look similar. It comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. Heavy duty metal engine body. The max.speed was 48 km/h. Fuel type : 90#; N.W: 11 kilogram; G.W: 12 kilogram. It's for most 26" and 28" bikes. The frame should have clearance between the bottom brackets and the top bar of 9-11mm, and the diameter of the frame tubes should be 25-28mm. 50mm bore single piece cylinder, an upgraded CDI, Performance Speed Carburetor and more, high performance Speed Carburetor, silver anti-corrosion coating, high performance CDI with Yamaha components, improved magneto, high end allen bolts, improved gas cap. The mixing ratio for fuel and oil is good for the first 300-500 miles, but it is not good in the summer because of the hot weather. Please limit the riding time to a maximum of 1 hour for the first few rides to avoid any problems with the motor. If you have a question or are not satisfied with the product, please contact them. You can find the order by going to your account at Amazon. Click the seller name to enter the store page. Click "Ask a question".

Brand: Anbull

👤The bt 100 engine kit is uncommon to fine one of these engines. There are a few issues with the bt 100 engine kit. The magnet seems to be weak on one side. If I am able to find a replacement, I will have to.

👤It was a great way to get back and forth from work. It was amazing to feel that kind of power on a light frame bicycle. I added a 36 tooth sprocket and it definitely increased speed. It went from 30 mph to 35. I added a air filter and rubber motor mounts to make the motor less vibrate. All in a great product. It is very easy to put together.

👤The motor kit is great and there have been no issues so far. It's worth $200, but not if the exhaust isn't able to upgrade or change, my buddy built it for me and you can contact him on his Facebook page called - New motor bike builders.

👤They changed the engines. Either that or they have a few different ones. I have no issues with the motor. The chain was changed to a two bolt because I didn't use them enough. There is a great engine with lots of power.

👤I built and bought many engines because I use them for my food delivery job for two years now. The engine and accessories are the best yet. The bigger and better design of the carb makes it non-standard. If you buy a 100cc engine from bike berry, they will send the other ones. If you tighten the studs all the way in, they are not long enough to put bolts on. The other accessories were all of the same quality, and it looked like this guy took the time to package them. One thing I like about it is that the head came assembled, everyone else started making the customer do it, which is a pain in the ass. I just connected it to the bike. I learned that you have to be careful with the journal bearings, there is only a small film for them to ride on, and 3cc of oil in the crankcase, on my last 100cc from bike berry. Don't accelerate down hills when the engine is not running. I'll never find a 2 cycle engine that will get more than 5000 dollars worth of food deliveries done, but I will update when this engine takes a bad turn. It was an edited version. The motor took a bad hit on me. It has been 3 or 4 months of hard work delivering food. This engine has made me more money than any other. It was probably my fault since I forgot to put oil in my car before I left the gas station. It can happen in a few seconds if the circumstances add up. My mind is against me, and it's been so long since my back tire or my engine had ruined my day that it had to intervine! What an ass! I watched the destruction of the engines. I bought an extra one, I will be much more cautious and get an accurate picture of how much better this engine is than the rest.


What is the best product for bicycle engine exhaust?

Bicycle engine exhaust products from Weiyingsi. In this article about bicycle engine exhaust you can see why people choose the product. Cncmotok and Bh-motor are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle engine exhaust.

What are the best brands for bicycle engine exhaust?

Weiyingsi, Cncmotok and Bh-motor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle engine exhaust. Find the detail in this article. Huri, Exgizmo and Fvrito are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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