Best Bicycle Electric Motor Kit 49cc

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1. Ricetoo Electric Bicycle Conversion Display

Ricetoo Electric Bicycle Conversion Display

Global Warehousing and customer service. You can expect to receive your packges in 7 days. If there is a problem with the inventory, they will send you an email, please keep an eye on your Amazon inbox. All products have a one-year warranty. They have professional technicians in the US who can help you fix the problems. How to contact them on Amazon. 1. You can receive goods faster if you use Amazon's services. If you have a problem during use, please contact their store customer service first, they have experience and can provide you a solution. 2. They use the Kunteng Control System, please don't replace any of the accessories without consulting their store customer service. The Hall controller can start quickly and smoothly from the beginning. 3. Their products do not contain internal and external batteries. This product is only for snow bikes with tire sizes of 20 * 4.0. 4. The EBIKE conversion kit has a motor. The maximum speed is 45-50 km/h. If you want your rear fork to be installed, you need to make sure it is 170mm. The display provides battery percentage, speed, total and single stroke distance, power, PAS level, and potential error codes. The display package has the manual. The riding experience was pleasant. 6. You can convert ordinary bicycles to snow bikes with this product. Buying new electric bicycles is more expensive. A single person can complete the modification in 1-2 hours. If you don't install the kit, please find a bicycle store to help or a friend who will. To avoid Kit, make sure the parts are intact. If you see that the product is faulty, please do not return it. Please contact my store customer service as soon as possible, they will send you the missing accessories. If you receive the goods with loose spokes, please contact customer service.

Brand: Tbrand

👤The seller was able to fix the minor issue in a timely manner. I am very impressed with this product, it does exactly what it says.

👤It's a scam, the controller is only 48V.

👤I build custom bicycles.

👤The world wide transport problems arrived very quickly. The value kit and instructions are easy to follow. The whole set up works well.

👤The product was of great quality. I will do business with them again. The store proved to me that satisfaction is their top priority. I would recommend them to anyone. Absolutely professional.

👤Don't buy it feels like a 350 watt motor, go with Bafang 750 HD.

👤Poor workman ship. Twice they had to return. The controller's interface and spokes come off the wire.

👤I used this on a custom frame. I only used the motor because I have a 52v battery, a Grin baserunner, and other things. Installation was easy, it handles the 60 phase Amp without issue. The speed is just over 30mph. I needed a freewheel extension to get the right gear.

2. Voilamart Conversion Electric Intelligent Controller

Voilamart Conversion Electric Intelligent Controller

The item has a panel with a display that supports a number of functions, such as a riding speed display, battery status, power assist adjustment and more. The motor has a power of 500W. The speed is 16-22mph (25-35km/h). Enjoy cycling while driving an electric bike with a max load capacity of up to 150KG. Motor works under Hall effect and non-Hall effect, extend life for electric bike, and Brake levers cut off the power supply to the motor safely. Includes the components you need for a full conversion, including Rear Wheel, Motor Controller, Controller Bag, Pedal Assist Crank Sensor, Cable Ties, and Plastic Coil. The battery is not included. A 36 Volt battery with a nominal capacity not less than 10Ah is required.

Brand: Voilamart

👤The motor exceeded my expectations. There are some things that I don't know about this recommendation. The motor is quiet and smooth and can get you over the hills without the help of the rider. I built a crank forward bike that I mounted this kit on and am using a 36v battery. S.l.a. batteries. Even without the motor running, the bike doesn't peddle too bad. The twist grip throttle is what I have hooked up. It will do 15 miles with minimal help from me and will hit 25 m.p.h. On the ground. I had no idea that I would get so far on the charge. There are serious cautions to be taken on this project. The rear triangle spread of 140mm was required before I could get the wheel in place because the motor's axle is very wide. I used a small scissors jack to spread the triangle. I have done that many times. It works well on STEEL frames if you try a little and measure progress before adding more force. Before mounting a tire and a tube with longer valve stem, the rim should be covered with a good cloth rim tape. I wouldn't try to use the tire that was included. I put a lock on the spoke nipples after I noticed that they were well tensioned. I swapped the 7 speed cluster for a 5 speed as the 7th sprocket was too close to my right dropout and using a 5 speed cluster allowed a better chain line. The hole in the freewheel tool needs to be at least 15mm dia. A machine shop can drill over the fat axle. It is not hard. The rest of the installation is pretty straightforward once you get the wheel and cluster. The installation book is useless because I didn't connect the blue speed limiter wires together, but everything works once connected. I ran the 36v line to an in-line 20 Amp automobile fuse and then through a standard 110v light switch before the red wire connected to the controller. I gave this 5 stars for value and exceeding my expectation of performance, but caution because some effort is required to make it fit.

👤I was asked to rate "sheerness" and "thickness". Is that the 4 dtars I gave? There is a This is my trike before. This machine was already 65 lbs. It has gained a rear fender assembly that is all steel and can support a passenger easily, fold out baskets, headlights/mirrors/turn signals, and the motor assembly. It is now at a flat 100 lbs. There is a This is the first electric motor I have used. I thought after the first ride that I needed a stronger motor. I wasted money. I told the seller about my symptoms. He decided I had a bad motor controller after making me jump through some hoops. First symptoms Yes. I felt a push. It made me go a bit better. It would stop working after a few minutes. My battery consumption was much higher than I expected. I thought it was stressed out by the huge weight of this machine and my 200lb carcass as opposed to a standard lightweight bicycle. There is a The seller said no. I believe you have a bad motor controller. He had another person shipped out. There is a He was right. There is a I need a second set of batteries, but this unit will pull me away from a stop on level ground, and build speed to hit a cruise speed of about 15-17mph with absolutely no pedalling. There is occasional cargo on top of that. No hills are beyond my reach. If I need to, I can easily maintain 25 mph on level ground. There is a So... There is a Thanks to the seller. There is a Everyone has a lemon. There is a If you make it right, that matters. There is a He did.

3. BAFANG Chainring Electric Brushless Bicicleta

BAFANG Chainring Electric Brushless Bicicleta

The BAFANGBBS02 mid drive kit is compatible with most bikes. It can be installed on many bikes, such as mountain bike, road bike, commuter bike, folding bike, etc. They don't recommend to mount it on the bikes with carbon fiber frame or costaer brakes. If you're looking for a 750W mid motor for 100mm bottom brackets, please search B099Z8Y6QN on Amazon. The bike motor kit is very powerful. The max Torque of BAFANG is 120 Nm, which can provide you with super power to ride. You can cycle on the road or climb the mountains much faster and easier, which is great for the old, as it makes life much easier. You can choose from e-bike, pedal assist and electric bike riding modes. The eBike motor can make your cycling trip more exciting. Easy installation. If you are still confused about how to install the electric motor kit, please send them an email. Please email them if you don't know if the kit fits your bike. They will help you make sure you enjoy the conversion kit without spending time. A wrench and crank removal tool are included in the box. The packing list. A 750W motor, a battery, a display, a chainring with guard, brake levers or brake sensors, cranks, a thumb throttle, lock nuts, and a 1T4 EB-BUS cable are optional. Please don't worry about missing part when you find it in the box. They will help you figure it out if you email them. Just place an order and enjoy the ride. Global Warehousing and customer service. You can expect to receive your packges in 7 days. If there is a problem with the inventory, they will send you an email, please keep an eye on your Amazon inbox. All products have a one-year warranty. They have professional technicians in the US who can help you fix the problems. How to contact them on Amazon.

Brand: Bafang

👤I watched a lot of videos before trying to install on my mountain bike. I made sure my lower brackets were the correct size. I bought a crank arm removal tool and found out that the kit came with it. I bought a universal chain tool and a programming cable to adjust the default parameters in each pedal assist mode. There are videos on the internet. After watching several install videos I decided to purchase the "Shift Sensor", it only makes sense to have the power removed from the motor briefly when shifting to save your drive train! I found that pedal assist mode 2 or 3 works well. I can't believe how good it is to have the kick assist when going up a hill. You can't even hear the motor. There is a I'm glad I bought a Mid Drive Kit because front hub motor don't take advantage of your gear. My case was 1 - 7. The stock kick stand wouldn't hold the bike up due to the heavy 48v battery pack in the rear rack. There is a product called "B00LNLXML4?" which can be found on the website.

👤It was easy to install. The instructions and templates on the Bafang website were quite helpful, as were the numerous videos on converting a bike to an ebike using the Bafang kit. I use it daily to get to and from work and have used it for river trips. I have the 44T chainring and nine gears on the back and it has handled the steep hills well. I would have spent thousands of dollars on a new ebike, but I'm saving a lot of money now. I am quite happy so far.

👤Accolmile customer service helped me with a few issues. The product was easy to install.

👤It was easy to install. I had to buy extensions for some cables. It was installed on a trike.

👤The display was 750c. It worked well for a while. The controller was fried by interaction with wet weather. I replaced the controller at a cost of $120 and now have a code for communication error. It could be the display, the harness, or nothing at all. I don't want to spend money on this thing when the next money won't fix the problem. The idea of failing to use waterproof connections in your motor is unacceptable. There are other kits from other manufacturers. It looks like a lot of others are having this code, sometimes after only a few months of use, with no apparent reason for it. There is a It was fun, but it was only a few months.

4. Alomejor Brushless Controller Conversion Electric

Alomejor Brushless Controller Conversion Electric

You can enjoy cycling while driving an electric bike with the Pedal Assistance System. It's possible to restrain. The controller is a perfect accessory. It will make you feel more comfortable. The controller has a grooves design which provides better protection for the inner circuit. STEADY AND SENSITIVE. The controller set allows steady and sensitive speed control. The keep low function is important. The wires and interface have a low malfunction. The item has a panel with a display that supports a number of functions, such as a riding speed display, battery status, power assist adjustment and more.

Brand: Alomejor

👤I didn't like that this didn't come with instructions. The pictures on Amazon are the only instructions. If the listing goes away, you don't have any help. There is a This does work well as advertised. I bought a nice battery to make my bike look professional. After I received all I needed, I connected everything. I ordered 2 and one worked, luckily I had a cable from the wheel motor to the controller. I may not have had it lugged in all the way. There is a The controller, battery, wheel, and LCD were all connected. The power button was held by me. After holding the power button in for a short time, it turned on. The wheel did not turn. I found that the blue and green wires were switched on. There are sensors that need to be installed for the pedal assist to work on the crank. I am trying to figure out how to install a mountain bike that doesn't fit as I was converting a Specialized Rockhopper. It is designed for a lower quality bottom. After messing with it a bit, I was able to reprogram the LCD from KPH to MPH, and it went from 32 mph to 36 mph. I don't think it would add much to the cost if it included a paper and a link to a website in English, but how to program the screen.

👤I'm very happy with this unit. I've gotten it to work with minimal fuss. It took me a while to realize that the instructions for the unit were included with the item description on Amazon as a low-res photo. The only reason I'm not giving this item 5 stars is that there is a minor issue with the Max Speed pot. I took my e bike out and pushed it hard for 20 miles, and it never got warm, which was a concern for me. I have connected everything, except for the Pedal Assist Sensor, which mounts behind pedals, and I am very happy with the way everything is working. There is a The unit comes with a lot of wire length, so you should have plenty of wire if you want to mount it in a certain location. I would trim wires for a clean install. If I was going to convert another bike to an e bike, I would buy this unit again.

👤There is no instructions or a picture on the sales page.

👤It's good for the money, no instructions, but it does have a feature that you can use if you want to, but I haven't seen anything that says it has that feature, just press and hold the "C" button on the screen and it will cruise at that So neat.

👤The only thing I had to do was connect the green hub wire to the blue wire on the controller. Everything works perfectly after that adjustment. I set number 5 everywhere I go. There was no pedal assist. Since day one, it has been fantastic. The Bafang front hub drive was replaced. It goes 31 mph.

5. Electric Conversion Bicycle Controller Display

Electric Conversion Bicycle Controller Display

If you see that the product is faulty, please do not return it. Please contact my store customer service as soon as possible, they will send you the missing accessories. The front hub kit is 36v. The electric bicycle kit has a brushedless geared bike motor and front wheel. Also, note: The battery is not included. ) The Motor ebike conversion kit with headlights and button switches makes it easier for you to ride in the night. The controller box is waterproof and has front bicycle wheels. The pedal assistance system 8 is more sensitive and allows you to ride without the need for a motor. The e bike conversion kit has a G51 display and offers a number of functions. Don't replace your Twist Throttle grip with the use of thumb throttle accelerator. The power supply will be disconnected immediately if the controller senses the brake signal. The Electric Bicycle Wheel Kit is easy to assemble. The electric bike conversion kit has everything you need to convert an electric bike. The Mountain Electric Bicycle front Wheel has a 100mm dropout and includes a Motor Controller, controller box, pedal assist crank sensor, and one pair of brake handles. The battery is not included.

Brand: Kunray

👤I put the hub on the rim that matches the rear rim of my bike. The rim on my bike is larger than the one that comes with it. I installed the hub, controller and battery myself after ordering new spokes. I used a 36V battery. I didn't install everything in the package because I didn't want the bike to look like an electric bike. I only installed the screen and throttle. I have less wires on my bike. The motor makes a weird sound when I start, but it goes away when I get moving, I'm not sure what the sound is, being that I just finished and only rode it once. It was very easy to build a new wheel with the electric hub. I feel bad for people. People have a hard time doing things. If you can't install a screen protectors on your phone, you won't be able to convert your bike into an E-bike.

👤The conversion kit was delivered 2 days earlier than I expected. That part was good. I have no complaints about the components so far. Don't expect much help with the instructions. I tried the setup before mounting the components. I connected the wiring to the bike after mounting the display, brake levers, throttle and other items. It won't work now. The display is showing an error that means motor failure. The setup was redid with the "learn" wires connected. It seemed to work again at that point. After getting out of setup, I tried again, but nothing. Kunray says there is a video about the installation on Youtube. I can't find a video like that. It doesn't work so far. I'm going to contact the vendor to get more information on the instructions. There is more to come. On the day I wrote the review, I sent 3 emails to the vendor, but they have not responded. I made more attempts to get the system to work. The motor will work at the 5 levels of pedal assist if I leave the learning wires connected. The motor stops working when the brakes are applied, the pedal sensor is not functioning, and the throttle is not working. The controller is bad. There is a The motor is very weak. The maximum speed achieved at the level 5 pedal assist is 10.4 mph, with no load, if you lift the rear wheel with the bike stationary and turn on the motor. I will not purchase from this vendor again.

👤The instructions are not usable. I got my kit working after some trial and error. I would recommend this build. My build is on a TREK mtb. The 48v 13ah battery has no issues. The range is 30 miles per charge and the average speed is 20mph. Nice! Good idea to have some experience in this field. I wouldn't recommend this for a first time build.

👤I've taken it out on the road about 6 times so far and I'm happy with it. It wasn't given instructions and had to watch a video that was vague in some areas, but eventually got it figured out and worked on my bike. 2. The digital controller went blank when I took it for my longest ride because the battery had 30% left. I disconnected the battery and the controller blanked for about 1/2 mile. I don't know why. Good news 1. I was able to go up to 28 miles an hour. 2. It was quite a few. It does not restrain peddling without it. I'm happy with it so far, except for #2 which I have to figure out why it shut down.

6. Electric Conversion Brushless Gearless KT LCD8H

Electric Conversion Brushless Gearless KT LCD8H

The engine used in the kit has an automatic clutch. 1. You can receive goods faster if you use Amazon's services. If you have a problem during use, please contact their store customer service first, they have experience and can provide you a solution. 2. They use the Kunteng Control System, please don't replace any of the accessories without consulting their store customer service. The Hall controller can start quickly and smoothly from the beginning. 3. Their products do not contain batteries or inner and outer tires. Only bicycles with tire sizes 24*19.95-2.125 are suitable for this product. The display has a 4.KT-LCD8H color panel. The display battery percentage, speed, distance, power, and possible error codes can be used to find out more about the problem. There is a manual in the display package. 5. The motor has a maximum speed of 45 km/h. If you want your fork to be installed, you need to make sure the front fork is 100mm. 6. Installation: This product can be used to convert ordinary bicycles into electric bicycles. It is hundreds of pounds cheaper than buying a new electric bicycle. The modification takes 1-2 hours for one person to complete. If you don't know how to install the kit, you can ask a friend or a bicycle store for help. The kit should not fail to work if the parts are in good condition. 7. If the parts are damaged or lost due to logistical reasons or the product is found to be faulty, please do not return the goods. Please contact my store customer service as soon as possible, they will send you the missing accessories.

Brand: Ubrand

👤I bought this for my mother in law. The instructions were vague. The brakes did not work. There is a The Maker would be available in three days. I drove down for 6 hours on the weekend to assemble this. I was surprised by the reviews on this. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

👤I use this on my 3 wheel bike. I have hit speeds of 27mph but it is frightening. I think I might change the thumb throttle to a twist, but only because my handle bar is too big.

👤This was installed on an adult trike. It exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend it!

👤The electric drift trike goes 29 mph.

7. Ebuysmart Electric Conversion Controller Throttle

Ebuysmart Electric Conversion Controller Throttle

A complete conversion kit for an e-bike. The motor has a speed of 50 km/h and is non-gear. If one of the halls is damaged, you can replace it with another one. Just use one. BLDC controller 50A. The controller has a 48V-72V power and 24 Mosfets. The dual mode controller can work without the hall motor. The display of the Throttle with ignition lock and digital display can be seen in real time. Installation diameter is 22mm. The package includes: rear motor wheel, controller, electronic brake lever, and switch. Without battery.

Brand: Ebuysmart

👤I have been building e bikes from these kits for many years. The course has two sensor bundles for fault tolerance, that's part of the quality. Manufacturing quality is horrible, which is pretty standard, but I would say slightly above engineering/build quality. This isn't a bolt on, they skimped on some parts that normally come with a kit like this. You're going to have to buy some tape for the inside of the wheel, as well as a gear cassette, because the tire doesn't bulge through the holes and pop. It's a screw-on gear cassette setup, so I was unable to transfer anything. There are mounts for a disc brake, but no disc is included.

👤The seller has no idea what he is selling. Information in the listing doesn't match the photos. The seller is different from the listing photos. Don't buy this no matter what!

👤Have it all hooked up. Does the hard boot need to be plugged in? I can't get the tire to spin. I have it all working after many hours of research. It is fast and rapid, like a dirt bike.

8. ButterflyEduFields Electric Motor Kit Experiments

ButterflyEduFields Electric Motor Kit Experiments

One month free return for warranty and global inventory. If there is a quality problem within a year. Technical support and maintenance is provided by the North American after-sales service center. Fast shipping, 4-15 days on delivery. Bring out the hidden scientist in your child by using their toys. A good resource for kids up to 5 years old is to challenge them to build their own projects. Their science kit is a great way to get your kids to learn while playing. An alternative option to reduce screen time and give wings to their imagination is available. Their stem activities are fun and loving and can be used to educate and interact with your kids. The kids kits come with 50 pieces that can transform into a number of fun prototypes. You can make a tornado mixer, a static mixer, crazy bug, animation illusion, a bulge of Earth, 2D-3D shapes, and many more. The Butterfly Edufields kids engineering building kits are made from premium quality material that is safe and child friendly. The surface of the kit is very smooth and won't cut the child's hand. It's a perfect gift idea for every special occasion, whether it's a birthday, Christmas, holidays, or more. By using this motor kit, you can teach your kids basic scientific principles at a young age.

Brand: Butterfly Edufields

👤I bought this in July for my daughter's birthday. She loves stem things. We barely got to open this kit today because she had so many different things. The powder spilled out of the box when it was opened. When I received it in July, I noticed it was dirty, but I assumed it was from the shipping. But not true. There was a lot of powder in this package. The individually packaged projects had powder all over them. There was nothing in this kit that was not ruined. We are very disappointed that we can't use a single thing we paid for.

👤This toy is a good choice for an older child because of the dangerous items within. One side of the packaging says 4+. There is a safety warning on the other side. We are going to have to hold off on giving this one to our 6 year old because it is not safe.

👤I don't like leaving bad reviews. The reviews were spot on, even though I was so hopeful that this product would be amazing. The battery holder doesn't work. The kids tried to connect the battery holder to the robot, but it didn't work. My 8 year old was confused by the numbers printed on the wooden pieces which did not match the instructions. The concept is great, but the craftsmanship of the pieces is poor. We have chemistry kits from nationalgeo to do until we can find an electric and solar kit that works.

👤The kit has good intentions, but is poorly made and not very useful. The magnetic parts are weak and don't stay together like you would expect, even though they do very well in the videos instructions, which is why you would rather have a book with all the projects in it! The small fan blade is the only one that works on the vacuum because the beaker doesn't stick to the fan motor body, and the car we built kept falling apart. I think I will return it, but I am not satisfied.

👤The entire family was interested in this kit. My 5 1/2 year old child is an engineer and he has had a blast building the different machines. The thoughtfulness of how this kit was put together has impressed my husband and I. The principles and concepts behind the machines are taught to the kids by building them. There are provided videos on the website. The assembly is easy for a young child. Some kits I end up having to build for my child with an excessive amount of parts and take too much time, but not this one. It is not complicated, educational and the whole family enjoys it. I will be looking to purchase more kits from this company.

9. Bicycle 2 Stroke Motorized Upgrade Speedometer

Bicycle 2 Stroke Motorized Upgrade Speedometer

Before purchasing, please check the size of your original one. The bicycle engine kit has a speedometer. The bike engine kit fits most men's bikes with a V-frame, at least a 8.5" height clearance for the engine. The universal mount may be required for large bikes. The mixing ratio for gas and oil should be1:1 for the first 300 miles. It is important to avoid a motor lock up. The 80cc bike motor kit has a single cylinder, air-cooling, 2-stroke engine. The motorcycle has synthetic 2 stroke oil. Please use premium quality oils to prolong engine life. The air cylinder should be lubricating before it starts. 2 stroke bike engine kit has a maximum power of 2.2 kilowatts and a rated power of 1.5 kilowatts. The universal face plate is required for the larger frame size. There are notes. If a new car is leaking oil, take apart the bowl and bend the claw down a little to fix it. Remove the cap if there is no spark plug. The 80cc engine kit air cylinder might take a while to adjust to the load. Please limit the riding time to a maximum of 1 hour for the first few rides to avoid any problems with the motor. There are notes. The motor needs to be maintained after riding breaking time. Premium quality screws and bolts have been upgraded to improve performance. There are notes. The rider needs basic hardware skills, tools, and hours to install and fine tune their vehicle. If you don't have experience or the first time, please read their instructions and search "80cc bicycle engine kit" on the internet, it will give you a lot of help and help you fix the issues during installation process.

Brand: Pnkkodw

👤If you don't know what to do, just go on to the video and see how easy it is to put it together. There are lots of videos about these motors. I had a problem with my bike when I put gas to it, but I just put the tabs on the float and it solved the problem. I recommend red Lock tight and if you don't have an innertube try to find a old one, it's a lot of fun and you should buy it again.

👤Installation was simple and all parts were correct. It was easy to start up. The engine began to clunk within 1 minutes. The bike was stopped to examine the housing. The nut was loose and the tread on the shaft was stripped. The threads were fixed and the nut secured. I tried to start again, but couldn't. There was no spark being sent.

👤It's cheap and it's worth it because parts are all over the place. They all have a washer or 2. Overall 3.5

👤I was completely satisfied with this kit. It took me only a few hours to build it and it exceeded my expectations, it is one of the best things I have ever bought.

👤Good motor. It's better than the last brand I had.

👤The setup chain was too short and the clutch lever on the left side of the engine was short. The speedometer won't connect to the bike.

👤Fue un poco complicado de armar.

10. Electric Waterproof Conversion Connector Brushless

Electric Waterproof Conversion Connector Brushless

If you receive the goods with loose spokes, please contact customer service. 1. You can receive the goods faster if you use the Amazon service. If there is a problem with the product, do not return it. Contact their store customer service first. The factory has been open for 9 years. They will give you a solution that will satisfy you. 2. They use the Kunteng control system, please do not change any of the accessories at will, you can consult their store customer service if you have any questions. They use a Hall controller that can start from scratch quickly and smoothly. 3. Their products do not contain batteries or inner and outer tires. Only bicycles with tire sizes 26* 1.5-19.95 are suitable for this product. The display screen is 4.KT-LCD8H. The display includes battery level, driving time, driving speed, maximum driving speed and one-way average speed. The user manual is included with the compatible 24V / 36V / 48V. 5. Installation: This product can be used to convert ordinary bicycles into electric bicycles. It is hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying a new electric bicycle. The modification takes 1-2 hours for one person to complete. If you don't know how to install the kit, you can either go to a bicycle store or find a friend who can do it for you. Make sure that the parts are in good condition so that the kit works. If you see that the product is faulty, please do not return it. Please contact my store customer service as soon as possible, they will send you the missing accessories.

Brand: Bbrand

👤If a product exceeds my expectations, I give it a 5 star rating. I don't expect perfection and don't downgrade a rating due to comparison with more expensive or fundamentally different products that might perform better in some ways. There is a Overall, this kit exceeded my expectations. I rode my mountain bike in a very hilly area after installing it. With a smaller battery, my ebike could weigh up to 40 pounds, but with the rack and fenders it could be less. I ride a 21-mile loop on my bike, with a total elevation gain of 1700 feet per map. Without motor assist the ride wouldn't be possible for me. It is a fun ride with the kit. I get a lot of exercise, similar to the experience of a 10# lighter mid drive ebike that I also have. I really need help on long steep ascents because it provides good assist. It more than compensates for the extra weight of the motor. I don't ride at night on purpose so I don't usually have lights on my bikes. I installed the front and rear lights. The front light has a narrow spot light pattern but is extremely bright and illuminating. The controller and display are nice. More complete instructions can be found with an internet search, but the kit only includes basic instructions. I used a 12 magnet split cadence sensor purchased from ricetoo, instead of the supplied one, because it wouldn't work with the controller until settings were changed, and it would have required removal of the left crank arm. I initially put the controller in the supplied bag, but after a long time climbing the controller got very hot. The controller was removed for better cooling. The controller is compatible with both 36 and 48v. I tried a 36v battery from another bike with this kit. The kit seemed to work fine with the 36v battery, even though the controller didn't recognize the different battery voltages. I found the assist kick in to be pretty smooth, not as smooth as the mid drive bikes that I have ridden but not bad, like some report with other cadence sensor bikes. You can see in the product images that the hub spoke lacing is different than every other bike I have had. I don't know if it makes a difference. The spokes are heavy. - The bike has a new battery that is first time charged and has a 48v 15ah battery which has a charge rate of over 65%. Assist power seems to be on par with my 70nm Torque. It is difficult to make a direct comparison because the bikes are so different. It is not as refined or quiet as the mid drive, especially at high assist levels. I don't know what the long termDurability of this kit will be, but so far I'm impressed. There is a This is all that comes to mind when I type this review.

👤The product was constructed with some good features. It is one of the few that does not suffer from UNSAFE IMO. The rear axle drive side bolt didn't hold when I reassembled it. I'm reluctant to ride the bike, but may try if the Torque arm will prevent the rear wheel from failing. The controller's battery wires are thin and have bullet connections. I will try and return, but I might have waited too long.

11. Brushless Controller Throttle Motorcycle Conversion

Brushless Controller Throttle Motorcycle Conversion

The BH-Motor magneto stator is for 50cc. The Kunray MY1020 Brushless Motor has an Electric Brushless DC Motor, a Full Copper coil, and a high quality more long life. The motor has a rated power of 3000W and a current of 45A. The BLDC controller has 48V, Proctect Vol 42V, Power 3000W, 24 Mosfet, Current 50A, Phase Degree: 120. The handlebar has a twist Throttle. The Universal Accelerator Handlebar has a Throttle Twist Grips. The reverse functions and wire length are included. The material is high quality. The suit includes: Electric Scooter, Mini Electric Motorcycle, Razor Push Scooter, Ebike Bicycle, Go Karts, E-bike, E Tricycle,Mid Drive Motor Kit, Complete Set,DIY Engine System, and more. What you get is a motor, controler, and a manual.

Brand: Kunray

👤If the builder knows what they are doing, this motor is very powerful. There is a The builders who have used this motor say they are disappointed. They weren't fully aware of what it could do because of the incorrect install. This motor can produce enough performance for a 300lb rider to reach 55mph on a Razor MX500, if set up properly. It is powerful enough to do a wheelie and throw a 300lb rider off the back with no issues. Yes... FLING... A 170lb rider on a Razor RSF 650 is going to get to 66 mph on a flat road in subpar conditions. A quad to 37mph, a Pocketmod to 49mph, and an SX500 to 58mph are not stable. There is a There were 8ah batteries. The original #25 chain and rear sprocket were used for these speeds. There are some things that are CONS: The package that this seller sells seems to be the cheapest one. The motor stand on the bottom is what "foot" means. It doesn't mean foot pedal. It doesn't translate. Most things don't translate. It's easy to understand or at least figure it out. The wires in the harness can be mixed up. If your motor is not running in a straight line, you should move the hall sensor wires around. The colors are green, yellow, and blue. The 3 speed switch wires are often messed up, so you have to switch them around to find the correct one. You don't have to use all the wires. They are not very good. Cut them off and get some other things that would be better. There is a The seller gets 4 stars because they are very good with customer service. There is a It is worth it. You will have to ignore the people who say it's bad because it's in Chinese.

👤Plug and play. I've been pushing the motor hard on this 2x2 vintage Rokon trail breaker. The batteries are wired in series with a standing voltage of 82.3

👤My Razor RSF650 can go up to 45 mph on a flat surface and 40 on a slight uphill. It's a trip that keeps up with traffic. The kit has sprockets. It is ok. You could get better performance with a larger rear sprocket. I would say this kit gave me what I wanted. Installation was relatively easy and I was surprised at how compatible it is. You need to have an idea of what you're doing. I read all the reviews before I bought this and I'm pretty sure that everything negative said was either something not installed correctly, not connected, or issues with the battery not this kit. The 54 tooth rear sprocket has been swapped for a 62 tooth one and the top speed is now 35mph.

👤The product is not damaged. I got it to convert my bike. The mechanics and electronics are all working for me. I don't know what the hard boot wires are for because I tried to start it but nothing happened so I disconnected it. The motor controller doesn't do electronic breaking, so I needed to mount the motor so the sprocket was on the left side of the bike. When the motor controller is first disconnected, I'm going to have some relays in series to connect the three phase rectifier back to the battery. I haven't tested it yet. The direction of the motor's spin is important because the controller does not allow full speed in the reverse mode. You need to do the same thing to the leads of the holifex. The holifex has a lot of cords. There are two red and two black ones for power and the other three correspond with the main motor inputs. I changed the color of the motor. I tried it on the holifex and it didn't work because they didn't correlate the color of the wire in the holifex with the color of the motor, so you might have to cut a strip and try all combinations. You have to wire it to go in the other direction. The wires from the controller should be cut. The Chinese on the handle is a complaint. It's easy to remember once you try them all. If you want other people to know, you can take a Sharpe marker and Mark 123 and FR on the switches. 1 min to do all of that! When I get a battery with enough power, I'll add some statistics, but a 5p 12s battery got me to 15mph on a road with a low setting. Med and high seem to try and stop. I think my bms are controlling the controller. I'm going to test it, but someone said it could get you up to 60mph. There is a It can be hard to figure out the wires coming from the motor controller. I'm going to make a completely new battery that will be 20p by 20s, and I'm going to make it in four separate packs, each with 20 rows of nickel, to give me the maximum amount of nickel to spread out. I'm going to use 20s bms. If you want to make your own regenerative braking on top of the rectifier, you'll need a 1500w boost conversion with constant voltage control. The solar panel can be plugged into the boost conversion to charge the battery. If you want to charge the battery with a wall outlet, you can get 1100w for 30 bucks, but you need to research ahead of time how to turn it on. You might want to look into a step down from 72v to 12v to power low voltage equipment. I would suggest getting the step down to 12v and then a 12v to whatever you need because a lot of DC stuff uses 12v. A battery power output monitor is a good idea to keep track of Watts and battery voltage. If you're going to use this motor, it's probably the cheapest one for the wattage, but the in wheel motor is a lot more compact and takes up less space in the frame of the bike that could be used for battery. I just learned how to make an in wheel motor and I think I would probably make my own motor and motor controller, even though I don't know a good source of cheap coated copper wire. This is probably the best option for the average Joe, but they should buy a chain tensioner. It will save a lot of trouble if you just do it.


What is the best product for bicycle electric motor kit 49cc?

Bicycle electric motor kit 49cc products from Tbrand. In this article about bicycle electric motor kit 49cc you can see why people choose the product. Voilamart and Bafang are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle electric motor kit 49cc.

What are the best brands for bicycle electric motor kit 49cc?

Tbrand, Voilamart and Bafang are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle electric motor kit 49cc. Find the detail in this article. Alomejor, Kunray and Ubrand are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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