Best Bicycle Earrings Men

Earrings 11 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. JOERICA Pairs Stainless Earrings Inlaid

JOERICA Pairs Stainless Earrings Inlaid

One order includes 4 pairs of earring with 4 different styles. You can win more Compliments for you because of the stylish Outward Appearance Design. 316L Stainless Steel Posts, healthy material, good for your skin, classic butterfly clasp design,Tight and secure, The process is Strict, keeping colors for a long time. The service guarantee is there. Money back or exchange is guaranteed within 90 days if you aren't Satified.

Brand: Joerica

👤I love these earrings! For our anniversary, I gave my boyfriend the two square pairs and I kept the two circular pairs for myself. My boyfriend loved them and they looked great on him. They are pretty and not gaudy. They have the right amount of shine. I love them on me as well. The backs of the earrings have a notch that must be slid over to make sure they are secure. It is nice that you don't have to worry about your earring backs getting lost. I ordered a 7 and I think these earrings are great.

👤My husband always loses his earrings, so I bought these for him. The price is great and they are very nice. He likes them a lot.

👤The best price I could find online was for these quality studs. I don't know how the polish will hold up in the long run. I hope I don't have issues with polish.

👤Everything I expected! They came in a small pouch.

👤My son loves these earrings and would buy them again.

👤The largest size is good for men.

2. NEWITIN Stainless Earrings Hinged Dangle

NEWITIN Stainless Earrings Hinged Dangle

You will get 15 pairs of earrings for men, three colors and 5 different styles, which is great for everyday dress up demands. Different earrings have different looks. The material is made of 316L STAINLESS STEEL. The earrings look shinny and smooth because of the polished surface. It is not easy to break titanium steel. The design of the earring is simply designed, including long bar pendant, star pendant, cross pendant cut-out leaf pendant, long chain pendant and etc. It's suitable for both men and women. Their earrings are beautiful and can win more praise. It's beautiful, fashionable and retro. You can wear these men earring sets with different styles so you can attend many occasions, such as daily wearing, wedding, holiday, date, prom, beach party and more. These cross hoop earrings can be a great gift for your family and friends on any day. You will love them.

Brand: Newitin

👤I'm not the most experienced guy when it comes to using jewelry. I am happy that this comes with a lot of options and colors. Within 5 minutes of opening the package, I broke one. I had no idea that the backing of the earrings was actually rotating, until I snapped one in half and realized that it was. I would have liked to see a simple paper showing each earring type. If you're like me, it's difficult to put the stud earrings on/off. I would recommend them if you know how to use them. Don't make the same mistake as me.

👤All of them are. It's so cute. I'm in love. The gold ones are pretty. I was worried that the gold would look cheap, but it wasn't. The gold tone is not brassy. The loops are larger than I was expecting, but I love them. The crosses are very well-made. The posts were a little bigger than the standard earring, so I couldn't put one in my cartilage without it hurting, so I was disappointed with that. I'm not sure if it's the plating over the rod that made it thicker, but it didn't fit that hole. Cute and worth what you pay!

👤Receive the set C bunch. I only gave 4 stars because I'm an idiot. Unless I use the backs of the other pairs to pin them in my earlobe, there is no way of putting 3 pairs of these earrings on. There is a The black pairs look a little discolored, which isn't too noticeable to be honest. Besides that! I would probably buy a different set again.

👤My favorites are the earrings. You get your money's worth. The person arrived on time and had a clean Finn. None of them have turned green yet. I am happy about that.

👤Great earrings, no complaints. There are so many options for a cheap price. I wear them everyday and they don't bother my ears. Would you recommend it?

👤I was looking forward to having the black studs in the earring set, but the package was missing them. I'm glad I bought them because they'll be fun to play with.

👤Alrighty. I like that you have a lot of options and that everything looks nice. The reason for a 4 star is because most of the golden earrings are fading and you can't even use them anymore because of the embarrassment. The needles are the other one. The ones where you put it in your ear. If you have the tools, you can fix them if they are bend/crooked. Other than that. Just have fun with the rest and use all the options available.

3. FIBO STEEL Stainless Earrings Piercing

FIBO STEEL Stainless Earrings Piercing

Order equal to 4 and get the most economical set for you. Made of high quality 304L STAINLESS STEEL, harmless to huamn body, great electroplating workmanship, lasting color retention. It's a great gift to the one you love, and it's made of diamond. The same style 4 pairs of earrings in different colors make your outfit more colorful. There is a 90-day products exchange or money back guarantee. There is a black velvet pouch.

Brand: Fibo Steel

👤2 blacks, 1 bronze, and 1 silver were taken. The seller fixed the issue for me after I messaged them. The earrings fit on nicely and are cheap. I didn't have an issue with allergic reactions and have received praise for it. Thank you to the seller for fixing the mixup with the order, I was very satisfied with this purchase.

👤I thought 4mm was small. I got lost for words when I saw them. They packaged it well.

👤My brother is fond of them. They were a present. He only has one ear pierced, so he has 6 earrings that he can change out. Will be.

👤These earrings are great and true to the colors promised. I use them in the second earring hole on each ear and they're perfectly sized and you can clearly see them. I'm thinking about buying one of the larger sets. They seem to be very good.

👤I loved the earrings. I was worried that they would turn my ears green. They haven't. I went in the shower with them and slept with them. They haven't bothered me yet. The pictures don't do them justice because they are shiny. Definitely worth the money.

👤I bought these for my husband. I wanted gold and rose gold earrings and he wanted silver and black so when I found this set it was perfect.

👤My son loves them. He will be styling and profiling until he is old enough to work for the real thing.

👤I had my ears pierced for 30 years before it was fashionable. I had no reaction to these posts. They look good, but they are only CZ. I'm happy with the variation of colors. I need to use large silicone backs when I wear them to bed. The jewelry's appearance and quality is good.

👤If you don't treat them with care, the colour will eventually rub off and you will need to be careful with these.

👤One can buy pure SS earrings.

4. FIFATA Dangle Earrings Pieces Stainless

FIFATA Dangle Earrings Pieces Stainless

Black cross earrings for men are full of personality and cool, popular nowadays, provides dangling and eye-catching look with you. It's suitable for both men and women. It's perfect for any occasion like a party, anniversary, prom, gift, casual, date. Highly polished smooth and shiny surface, safe and light weight, made of shir steel, is durable and tarnish resistant. The All Bar 18 gauge is perfect for your ears. The quality of earrings and environmental protection are ensured by the process of processing them in a vacuum furnace. You can wear them on the beach. If you touch bleach or strong acidic liquid, the black will fall off. 3 Pairs stud small Earrings, 3 Pieces of Cross dangle earrings, 6 Pieces of chain feather earrings, 5 Pieces of hoop earrings, and a jewelry collection box for gift giving are what you get. Meet different needs. Best gifts for your friends. There are Universal Gifts. Different styles of dangle hoop earrings symbolize grace, elegance, faith, beauty, confidence, delicacy, loveliness. A modern choice of women's and men's jewelry is so rich, you can easily find earrings to any style and occasion. Feel free to look stylish and enjoy! The warranty is for a year. The kpop earrings have365-Day money back or exchange guarantee. If you don't like their product, please contact them and they will give you a replacement or full refund.

Brand: Fifata

👤I bought these earrings because they would be a great addition to my collection. I didn't know that their color would affect their flexibility. I don't have a problem with silver, but when I purchase something in a specific color, I expect them to stay that color. I tried to let it go and be optimistic, but I also turned silver after I scrubbed another earring. There is a I feel deceived and that's what makes me angry. I would buy silver if I wanted it.

👤The photo of the product is correct. You get the pieces you see. I have sensitive ears and sleeping in them doesn't affect them.

👤It's cute, stylish and durable. I have a lot of piercings. I change some daily and others permanently. There was no green skin, no irritation, and no broken pieces. Fantastic for the price.

👤The item photo has two pairs missing. There are 2 pairs of the same color. Some of the earrings have a lock on them. I was very excited for this pack, but I'm not happy about it.

👤Didn't arrive. The seller replaced it. The second came after I contacted Amazon. My grandson was happy.

👤A great value pack. You can combine the hanging pieces onto one earring. Will be buying more.

👤Great purchase. I have a lot of choices to wear. Excellent quality as well.

👤The hooped ones were hard to get in and they were thinker than I expected so it was harder to get through my ear. I lost them because I missed placing them. I wanted to try other ones.

5. MDFUN Plated Princess Zirconia Earring

MDFUN Plated Princess Zirconia Earring

There are 5 pairs in one packges. The earrings are suitable for both women and men. A nice pouch will be included in the delivery, it is a good option to purchase as a gift. They offer a 12 month money back guarantee.

Brand: Mdfun

👤It looks great.

👤I usually buy earrings from the store that don't make my ears itch or turn red. I ordered these earrings hoping for the same result. I was disappointed. I had to remove them after a few hours. They have the same quality as cheap metal and will cause a reaction.

👤I was impressed by the quality and variety. My ears are not colored or irritated. The clarity of the rose gold color is amazing. I will purchase again.

👤I have ordered for gifts on multiple occasions and both sets of self white gold and yellow gold were perfect and I will continue to order for other gifts in the future.

👤Stays Gold is cheaper than buying a single pair at a jewelry store.

👤Everyone who saw the stud thought they were real. My sister loved them as a gift. I will buy again.

👤I love these things! haven't turned yet! It does not bother my ears.

👤I can not use the picture you have on here because it is too large, and I can not get my money back because I can not use it as a huge picture. Yes. I looked at things where it said how big they were. The picture is not right. I think you should just give me my money back and let me talk about anything I want, even Venable like a break in an instant, it's just junk like costume jewelry almost like not please not happy, where is my name please help me figure out your next steps on how When I got the earrings, they looked nothing like the picture I was shown, and the price was not worth it. I need to know where I need to go to get my refund for both of these.

👤The little pouch was cute. Individual plastic bags are used to separate the pairs. At first glance they are pretty and high quality. In a traditional setting, they look like diamonds. I bought them because they were gold plated. I have severe allergies to alloy metals and wanted something that was not attached to a budget. The first pair I put in had burrs on the posts that cut my ear. That was disappointing. They caused an allergic reaction. Also disappointing. There is a After removing them and treating for the allergic reaction, I decided to try another pair. I was very careful to inspect this pair for any defects. I wore them for the second day and so far they have not caused an allergic reaction. The first pair I tried were the ones that should not have passed the checks. The others seem to be fine.

6. SHINY U Sterling Premium Zirconia Earrings

SHINY U Sterling Premium Zirconia Earrings

We use safety and eco-friendly materials and strictly control in quality, unsure if the earrings do not rust. The diamond is inlaid with a AAA+ sparkling cubic zirconia. It is strong and Hypoallergenic, but only needs wiping for sanitary. DIMENSION: The earrings are 15mm in diameter. The nut backs are made of sterling silver and are suitable for men and women. The dazzling design reveals brilliant shine and a cautious cut like a real diamond, but also lightens up the stud earrings. It is a wonderful gift for your husband, mother, boyfriend, and the special person in your life. Quality control is important. Their quality control team will inspect the chains before shipping to make sure they have the best products for their customers. They are devoted to guaranteeing a new replacement for free if the chain fades. They always try to get your satisfaction, but there may be force majeure which will let you have a bad shopping experience. If there is anything wrong with their items, please leave them a message and they will be able to solve the problem for you with high satisfaction.


👤These earrings are small. I don't think they're actually silver. Most likely brass. The title and description make it hard to understand. They look good. The backs fit on the posts perfectly, but it's a lot of twisting because of the thickness of the earlobe. Remove them a few hours with no irration. One of the posts was slightly bent. I bent it back. They look like real diamond earrings for $13. I knocked off a star cause of the bent, but I don't know if it's silver or plated silver. There is an update. They are plated. It's not good for everyday wear. After a month, it started to fade.

👤It was magnificent! Fire and brilliance is a type of diamond. Excellent quality.

👤I was surprised and picky. I wont wear em if earnings look fake. The gold is not obvious. It is noticeable. U don't want the gold to be too thick. It is not real. I usually wear big diamondish studs. They can hang, but they can't see the brackets. These have small diamonds all around that you can see from any angle. That is great. They can pass for custom real earrings since they have their specifications. I hope all of you put your earrings on. The look is new. Take alchol and clean them. Think about it, you're going to risk it? Or worse, trust that anyone who handles these was sterile. I let them sit and do this often. Please do the same. Do I wish they were threaded? I can not attest to longevity. I will save you from destruction. If you screw back end, you'll destroy em. This goes for 5,000 earrings, but especially these, you want to brace the front earring while gently, and hold it straight, make sure it's started, and then it spins if you feel something is wrong. Patients should use rubbing alchol instead of just soap and water. If you have a good style and look good with shiny things, you will like these. I hate the size and they are for me. It's small. I don't like big and perfect. The diff company opened and said wdf. I thought they were smaller. I thought they looked better on me than they did. It looks legit, I was told.

👤Here is my honest review. I just opened the box and thought about buying the earrings for a few days. I don't buy REALMONDS or studs without screw on backs because they fall out. The small size is perfect for everyday wear. They look like the photo, but they don't give off a cheap appearance. I bought the silver ones. As soon as I opened them, I did. The post of one was late. I can not stand in lines to return anything anymore and I am going to ruin my life. I bend it back gently and hope it works. I hope the problems I have yet to wear are not anymore because it seems like it is aligned with the screw on the back. I'm very excited to put them on. I did my research and they seem trustworthy. I wanted to purchase more from them, but now that I have received a defected item, I am not sure I will. That is the reason it got three stars.

7. White Plated Round Zirconia Earring

White Plated Round Zirconia Earring

There are 6 pairs in one packges. The earrings are suitable for both women and men. The package is a good option to purchase as a gift. They offer a 12 month money back guarantee.

Brand: Mdfun

👤So far, so good. These are pretty and shine well. This whole pack is for less than 10 bucks. Will purchase again when I lose them. I can't bring myself to buy real diamond earrings.

👤I have sensitive ears and they are great. I cannot wear earrings that are more expensive because they do not bother sensitive ears. I was surprised by how pretty these are. I'm very happy with them. I have had them for over a month. I wear almost every day and have not had any problems. They look pretty. The large ones are a little big for me, but the other 3 sizes are great. If you are looking for a tiny earring, these are not the ones.

👤I can't tell the difference between my Certified diamonds and these. These look good for people with multiple ear piercings.

👤I began to have a reaction to them after 6 months. The original review said these did not fail. I am surprised I can wear these. I have an allergy to silver and even "Nickel free" makes me break out in a lot of allergic reactions on my ears. I've had them in for almost two weeks now and they haven't caused me any problems. Would definitely recommend. I can choose between sizes. Awesome value.

👤I have silver studs for a long time. I needed a new pair of shoes. I found this set for the same price as a pair I would normally buy. The quality is excellent. My daughter and I ended up splitting these up because I like the many choices in sizes. The value is great. Would recommend. * I put them in a plastic bowl with Hydorgen Peroxide to clean them before I wear them. I let them sit for a while and then threw them out on to a paper towl to dry. This had never happened to me before. I dried them but they didn't come off the paper towel. The same thing happened after I cleaned them again. I'm not sure what to think, but be careful and clean them well before use.

👤I have had two ear piercings that have gotten infections. I was hesitant to buy these since they are not a fancy protective earring. These feel better and do not bother my piercings. There is one thing. Sometimes the jewelry can come from the actual post, so be careful when you take them out.

8. PAVOI Plated Zirconia Earring Huggie

PAVOI Plated Zirconia Earring Huggie

Hugs are one of the biggest jewelry trends right now. Their earrings are just under 1/2 in diameter and can be worn in a second hole. The earrings are plated in Rhodium and have a STAINLESS steel post to ensure a long lasting finish. It was made with love. The product is beautifully packaged and ready to be given. It's a sentimental surprise for any awesome lady. Mother's Day, anniversary, birthday, or wedding celebration are great times to give a gift. There is a 90 day guarantee. They offer a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee. All of the metals they use are free of lead, nickel, and allergens. Excellent customer service. 100% of the time, PAVOI guarantees your satisfaction. PROUDLY American OWNED. They are an American company. You can find more of their designs on Amazon.

Brand: Pavoi

👤I have sensitive ears. Very sensitive. These don't bother me. I can wear them all day and night. I had to get another pair after I started with one.

👤It took over an hour, pain, blood, and my husband to get off the earring, which looked nice but was locked on the ear. It was too small to have a good grip on to open. I had a sore ear and almost a torn lobe. They said they would replace the latch after I contacted them. That was three weeks ago. No apology, no replacement.

👤After the pavoi huggies failed, I started itching. 6 mos ago I bought very similar huggies. Jewlpire is a company that sells white gold and rhodium silver. I think the Jewlpire is better than the pavoi hoops in terms of construction and quality. I heaped the same abuse on these as I did on the pavoi hoops. The hoops don't itch. I have worn them for a long time. I only clean them every few days. They have held up well. The Jewlpire should be over these hands. They don't itch! The price is the same. There is a The rhodium plate has started to wear on the posts of the earrings after being abused. It is expected after months of wear. This tells me that the plate was thick and nice to begin with, which is great at this price point. This is a problem for me, in and of itself. My ears began to itch after the rhodium coating on the posts failed. I can wear silver jewelry and surgical steel with no problem, but costume jewelry made with pot/base metal makes me itch like the dickens. In the listing, pavoi says they use sterling as a base metal, but in the product information, it's listed as base. It's a bit confusing. I am going to try to find a new favorite earring with silver or surgical steel base at this price, but I could just buy a new pair every month. My original 5 star will be revised to 3 because they are still good little earrings, and if you don't have sensitive ears, they are great little earrings. There is a I waited to write a review because I wanted to see how they held up. There is a They are very delicate and beautiful out of the box. What I wanted. The finish is holding up well with daily wear for the last two months. They are small and do not have exposed posts that make them uncomfortable to sleep in. The bottom of my ear was grazed by the bottom of the hoop. I lost one of my 9mm solid gold huggie hoops after buying these. My old hoops had a rounded earwire, and these have a straight one. I think they are 10mm but because of the straight earwire they fit just a little smaller than my 9mm hoops. The clasp on these hoops is very good. I have never had them open suddenly. The straight earwire makes it easy to put them in your ear. They have held up to all of the abuse heaped upon them, even though I have worn them awake, asleep, in the shower, and at the gym. No peeling finish, no itchy ears, and no missing CZs. I will be buying all the colors. These little suckers are beautifully finished, and are solidly made. If you don't like the way they look, you can flip them around and wear them in a different way. I like them better than the earrings they are replacing.

9. Sterling Silver Vertical Dangle Earrings

Sterling Silver Vertical Dangle Earrings

The earrings are made of high polished sterling silver. A gift that will expand a woman's fashion wardrobe with a modern, on trend style is perfect. Fashionable design. The leverback closure is secure. It was hand-crafted in pure.925. Rhodium plated sterling silver enhances shine and is more durable. The silver pieces are built to last. This piece can wear off with long-term or heavy use, but it has metal or flashing for a more lustrous appearance. Store your jewelry in a dark, cool, dry place, such as a pouch or air tight box, so that you don't rub plated items together. Exposure to cleaning products and perfume can affect your items. If you would like your jewelry to be re plated, your local jeweler can help.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤These earrings are gorgeous. I see people complaining that they were smaller than expected. I agree that the fake model is not real, but I think this pair is perfect because I purchased the "PMANY Thin Line 925 sterling silver Women's Dangle Earrings (white)" which are the same basic style but much larger. The PMANY were too heavy and started to hurt my ears after an hour. I prefer lever backs to the French hooks on the PMANY pair because they are comfortable and you don't notice them in your ears. They go well with the Amazon Collection necklace and get praised every time I wear them.

👤These are great, they have a nice feel but are not too heavy. The lever back is very sturdy. It's comfortable to wear all the time.

👤I received them on time. They are exactly what I expected. I will update this review after wearing them for a while. I payed 19.38+ 1.16(tax) and they are one of my favorites. I bought them again after I lost one.

👤The earrings are very comfortable. They broke after a few weeks. It is not made for every day wear. Very sad. I have to return them. Will try to find a pair that is more durable.

👤I prefer the fish hook type, and this dangle silver bar is nice. The bar has some weight, just enough to know they are not pulling on your earlobe. The reviewers were disappointed with the length. The length from the top of the lever to the tip of the bar is under 2 feet. It is over 4 in length according to the project dimensions. The box is not that long. If you hold the earring to the image, the size on the model image is accurate. The model's head is smaller than a normal human head, so the proportion is off. They dangle just to my jaw angle, which works for me, but on the model they appear to fall below the jaw line. I'll be interested to see if Rhodium prevents tarnishing and holds the shiny appearance. I made sure the ring that held the bar to the closure was shut tight because a reviewer said a bar fell off of hers. I really like that kind of information. It might have saved me from losing my earring. Before you wear, make sure to inspect yours.

👤I love them. It's a perfect size for everyday wear. The secure leverback closure is my favorite type of earing. They don't fall off. You can sleep in them and know they'll be there when you wake up.

10. ONESING Pairs Black Earrings Stainless

ONESING Pairs Black Earrings Stainless

15 pairs of mens earrings come with a box. There are 9 pairs of different shapes black stud earrings. There are more wearing options. The earrings for men are in three different shapes. The mens earring look very shinny and smooth because of the polished surface. These stud earrings for men are very cool. They can be matched with different clothes. The hoop dangle earrings are made of high quality 304L steel. It's important to use nickel-free and lead-free for a long time. You will be more attractive and charming if you wear these dangly earrings. The earrings are safe and comfortable. The cross earrings for men stud earrings set is a wonderful gift to friends, lovers, friends and family members. They will be happy to receive this gift. These earrings are used for business occasion, office, wedding ceremony, ball and other important events. You will be the most attractive person in the crowd with these earrings on. Match with any outfit for men and women.

Brand: Onesing

👤These earrings are a great gift and you can barely notice them when they are on. They are made from a medical grade material which is great for starter piercings. The locking mechanisms on the earrings look like they might wear down over time, but this hasn't been an issue so far. Would buy again. If this review helped you, please press the button below.

👤My son loves them and I bought them for him.

👤I bought these for my daughter. She liked a few of them. She doesn't wear religious symbols but says that if a person did they would like that they were lightweight. She has worn 4 different pairs and is happy with them. She's too soft hearted to complain. If I see a problem, I will complain. Here it is. My daughter had her ears pierced five months ago. She took care of them as they healed. She had only worn earrings made of silver and gold. She wore the first pair for 4 days. The 2nd pair were not included. The smallest pair in the item picture is the post with a little dot. She woke up in the middle of the night. I asked what was going on. She was pacing and holding her ear as she cried. She already knew she was bleeding, so I had to grab her to get her out of her fear. She had fallen asleep with a pair of earrings in and one of them hit her piercing and the sharp post worked its way to the other side. You couldn't see the earring from the front or back. You could see it under her skin. I have seen a lot of it and it startled me. We had to stretch the earlobe apart so I could grab the head of the post that was attached to the little ball and pull it backwards, because I had to get a set of toothed forceps. It pushed the other end of the post into her ear. It was the only way. Don't sleep in these and be wary of them. She hasn't worn them since.

👤I wanted to get a fresh piercing and bought this set of earrings. I bought a second set because I lost some and the value was hard to beat. The new piercing did not cause any unpleasant reactions. They look amazing. The black coloring comes from a kind of black coating that rubs off in high wear areas, like where the backings rub on the stud posts. There was no irritation to the new piercing. The backings are not very tight. If you don't already have some, I would recommend buying a pack of generic plastic backings. The dangly chain earrings came undone after a couple of days of sitting in the bag. I think they won't hold up to a lot of stress. There is a The chain breaking issue caused me to deduct a star from my rating. This is a five star purchase if you just want the posts and huggie hoops.

11. Jstyle Stainless Earrings Huggie Piercing

Jstyle Stainless Earrings Huggie Piercing

Quality control is important for high quality material. Ensure it doesn't Rust. Irritation; Well polished inlaid; very smooth. It should be shiny and good plated to keep color retention. There is available set which includes 6 pairs of different style Earring, which are 2 Pairs Hoop Earrings and 2 Pairs CZ Stud Earring. Hoop earrings have a gauge of 18g. The earrings have a gauge of 20g and a grooves on the Friction Post for secure fastening. There are different kinds of earrings. Don't worry, there is not enough earrings jewelry for attend parties, weddings or something important. They are engaged in providing the best shopping experience.pack with Jstyle brand velvet bag. It was perfect as a gift.

Brand: Jstyle

👤This is nice. It looks great on my left ear. Satified here. Fast shipping and delivery as well!

👤If you're an Emo, Gothic, Rebel, or a typical white girl. Just get them. They are cute. I need something small that I can keep in and not think about changing them. A typical white girl. I don't have enough earrings and I have too many outfits. Anyhow. She said that the round black one screws in. Really. I like them a lot. These haven't made my ears ache at all, they are usually picky with earrings.

👤These are perfect! I got them quickly, but I wanted flatter earrings, but I am happy with the others. Are cute! Before putting on, just be careful. Excellent quality, cute assortment.

👤I wanted the large circle posts and the circle hops. It seemed like a good deal. The large circle posts that screw in are amazing and I would give those a five star as I have all good things to stay about that pair. The hoops can't be put in the ear and clicked together. I am not sure if my pair are defects or not. There is a I don't use the other two posts that it came with. The hoops were nice heavy material and I wish they would have worked.

👤I usually get my plugs and ear rings at the mall, but the vendor at the mall seem to be overcharging as time goes by, which makes sense since they are competing against all other expensive stores. I turned to Amazon to find a cheaper option but still something that doesn't burn my ears and can cause infections. These were perfect. We all have gone to H&M or a similar store to get a variety pack, but this one I like most of the ear rings. I got mine for the fake plug, but I like the hoop. So far, they have been good. I have been wearing mine all the time and even to bed, it gets harder to twist it back up so I don't like taking mine off often. I will let you know how the rest of the weeks are going. Even if I get a good month out of each ear ring, I am good.

👤The earrings were given to my boyfriend as a gift several months before I wrote this review. He says they're almost perfect, but sometimes they make his ears itch. I don't wear earrings myself and he does not, but they look great on him. If you're looking for a small accent piece, they're a perfect earring.


What is the best product for bicycle earrings men?

Bicycle earrings men products from Joerica. In this article about bicycle earrings men you can see why people choose the product. Newitin and Fibo Steel are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle earrings men.

What are the best brands for bicycle earrings men?

Joerica, Newitin and Fibo Steel are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle earrings men. Find the detail in this article.

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