Best Bicycle Dog Basket Rear

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1. Topeak Trolley Tote Folding Basket

Topeak Trolley Tote Folding Basket

The 12 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 2 and 4 years old, the 14 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 3 and 5 years old, and the 16 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. Adult assembly is required. The bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty. A telescopic handle and trolley wheels are required. The main compartment has 25 L and 1525 ci. The MTX QuickTrack System has been attached. Load: 9 kilograms / 19.8 lbs. The weight of the foldable frame is 2200 g / 4.85 lbs.

Brand: Topeak

👤A crate to carry my dog. I put a harness on the dog to keep him safe. It only works with the Topeak rack. We put a rack on my husband's bike so he can easily use the crate. We put a stick on the back of the reflectors. I don't use the folding feature.

👤Unless you plan to fold it flat, I would advise everyone to tape the parts down. The side is collapsing after the black clip disappeared on my first ride. It's useless without the clips, and the clip fell off my ride. This is going to have to be returned if Topeak can't send me a new clip. The clips will be taped down with gaffers tape if I exchange them.

👤The basket is one of the most expensive single accessories I've bought for my bike, and it took some hemming and hawing with my budget to justify it. I've ridden without it since I've gotten it rare. There is a The design and construction are top notch. The way it slides on and locks into my Topeak Explorer Rack is fantastic, and the plastic it is made of is durable. The mount to the rack for my rear light is a little tall, but I can't fault the basket for that, it's a personal setup issue. I have to close the basket or open it if I want the seat to catch the trolley handle. This shouldn't be a problem once I fix the light mount. There is a The extendable arm and wheels don't show any signs of warping, even though the basket is heavier. I don't think it impedes by sitting, and only a little more height is needed to swing my leg over the bike. If you don't have the tail light brackets issue, you can open it from its closed position. There are some minor quibbles. The locks are easy to use. The top supports are next. Pull them off the side panel of the basket and put them in the top of the basket sides to hold their shape. They do the latter well, but I find it hard to secure them to the inside walls of the basket. To help keep it straight, there are 2 latches at the front, one of which often doesn't stay locked in. This has not caused structural failure, but it does cause the basket to shift left and right more and is a little disappointing. There is a I don't like that there isn't a lock for the trolley arm, though it doesn't appear to be needed. There is a small hook on the back of it that can hurt, and there is a small latch on the back of it that doesn't seem to be for stability. It's unnecessary and annoying if it's for another connection point for a bungie/bungie net, something I feel could've been for the price. There is a Minor complaints are worth 1 star off to me. This piece of my bike kit is incredibly durable and has held tons of weight. My bag full of computers, a lighter pack of toilet paper, and even beer on a beer run, has handled it all. After months of use, on dozens of miles of road and bumpy trails. Even with it getting out of shape, I haven't felt off balance. I don't feel like taking it off because of the limited weight and not being able to feel it when seated or closed. If you have a Topeak rack that this works with, it is the most stable and worthwhile peripheral you can get for it, and a necessity for the bike commuter.

2. ANZOME Removable Bicycle Opening Breathable

ANZOME Removable Bicycle Opening Breathable

The pet bike basket is great for small dogs, but not for large dogs. If you have a question about this product, please contact them and they will solve it for you. The bike basket cover is designed for pets and fits perfectly. After attaching it to the basket, you no longer have to worry about your pet jumping out of the basket and getting hurt on the ride. You can take a road trip with your friend. The mesh dome cover is made of high-quality materials. The cover is strong and stable. The cover is attached tightly to the basket and not easily damaged. It is safer to ride at night because the basket cover is surrounded by reflective strips. The design of the pet cover makes it easy to put in and take out your small pet at any time without having to remove the basket. The basket cover is very light and can be folded, so it doesn't take up a lot of space. The mesh design makes your dog feel safe and secure while still enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views. The pet cover is great for carrying groceries or other items on your ride and can be used not only when you want to ride with your pet. The capacity of the basket is increased with this car basket cover, and you can put more stuff in and keep it from falling out. The Pet cover for bike basket is easy to install, it is convenient to disassemble at any time and attached to the bike basket securely. It uses nine straps to attach the basket to the basket cover, and a spring-loaded cord at the end to connect the basket adapter, to minimize gaps between the basket and the basket cover, which prevent pets from getting out of gaps. Pets are safer if you use more assured.

Brand: Anzome

3. Disconano Waterproof Function Excursion Rainproof

Disconano Waterproof Function Excursion Rainproof

The size L is 18.6 x 9 x H and has 3 straps. The bicycle rack bag is made of high quality waterproof nylon and is tough for a bicycle riding tour. The trunk bag is large enough to hold enough essentials for a short ride and long ride. A multi compartment design with one main compartment and two side pockets. There is an extra bag hidden inside the two side bag. The product appears to be relatively large because the photo was taken at close range. The marked size and capacity should be referred to.

Brand: Disconano

👤The bag is made of decent quality material and seems to be well made, but it has some fatal design flaws which make it unsuitable for regular cyclists. There is a The biggest problem is that the side pouches are only held on by one horizontal line of stitches. After only a few uses, both sides of the pouch ripped at the stich. There is a If the side pouch was to catch or get brushed by something, this could be the worst part. The side pouches are attached to the bag. The entire pouch would get ripped off the bag and onto the street by those stitches. A design flaw has been mentioned. The bag is held onto the rear rack by two straps. It is a pain to put on and take off if you don't have rear fender. One other design flaw for me. The top handle is attached to the bag itself. If you use the handle to carry the bag, the weight is being carried by the zip. It is difficult to open the bag without putting it down. This is not a fatal flaw because the bag comes with a strap which is attached to the sides. I wouldn't recommend this bag for cyclists unless the side pouches were changed to eliminate the structural weakness. There are two problems that can be worked on.

👤I don't want to give a good feedback. I like the concept and the design. I used the side saddles for the first time. I received a second bag. I pulled out the side saddles that were in the box and it was obvious the material was flawed and would eventually rip. I decided to get this trunk bag based on the fact that the material issue had been fixed. It hasn't been fixed. Really disappointing.

👤Too small. It is almost useless. The side/pannier pouch should have a dual zip so the contents can be secured from falling out of a single zip pouch. It was more difficult to attach the bag to the rack than to take it off. Panniers were flimsy and small with no strap to hold them in place. There was a problem with the Zippers. It was very difficult to use the zips. I sent it back the next day. I bought a bag that blew it away. The DXP bag is probably twice the storage capacity. The side pannier pouch has dual zipper pulls so you don't have to worry about items slipping out the bottom side of the pouch. I put the Topeak MTX DXP Bag on the Topeak MTX Rear Rack which has a mounting track and clip which makes it easy to put the bag on the rack and take it off. If there is anything valuable in the rear rack bag, the rider will carry it with them. If it is empty, you don't need to carry it on your rack.

👤I removed a star for build quality. I almost lost my taillight because of the undone stitching on the back of the bag. I hung a small taillight on it that probably doesn't weigh much. I suppose it's not a bad deal, but they could make the stitching strong and secure. The original review was original. The side bags don't have a hook to keep them from flopping around and there are no small pockets inside the main compartment for storing small items.

4. ProSource Wicker Front Handlebar Basket

ProSource Wicker Front Handlebar Basket

Storage bag included The bicycle cover can be folded into a portable size and put into the storage bag when not in use. The hassle of cleaning will be reduced. The dimensions are Length-13"(side to side on the top) x Width-10.5"(front to back) x Depth-9" Natural wicker has a color. Water-proof treatment.

Brand: Prosource

👤It's great to take water, fruit, sunscreen, beach towels. It looks pretty.

👤It worked well for 2 years. I carried my heavy duty lock, water bottles, phone, and other items in here during long distance rides. I purchased this in July of 2013). There is a I broke the strap in August of 2015. I was able to poke a new hole in the cheap straps to get me through the rest of the ride. I'm still keeping the basket, but I'll probably find better straps, which is a good thing. There is a The basket has held up well. It can be a bit bristly and some pieces break, but I don't think it's bad. It is a basket. There is a The bottom is large enough to hold a lot of stuff and tall enough to not let things fly out.

👤The basket is a good size. I used black zip ties under the straps after reading reviews about weak straps. I have been using it for a couple months and it looks great. There is room for my water bottle and recorder, and when I get overheated there is room to stuff my jacket in. I'm completely satisfied.

👤These baskets are for my granddaughters. I bought a triple bunk bed for them. I wanted it to be convenient and personal. The baskets will hold everything they need. Books, paper, pens, dolls, and of course their headlamps are against the rules for late night reading. There is a These will not see the rougher treatment of those on a bike, but they are very well made. The strap leather is a bit thin but can be slipped out to replace simple dog collar. The baskets are made of wicker. They are a great buy and will last a long time in college.

👤It's adorable! I'm looking forward to it. I'm not expecting to put a lot of stuff in it, but a few things can fit in the basket, like a bottle of water and lunch. The belt/harness looks flimsy so I added cable zip ties. I would recommend it. Just for light stuff. I would like to see cable zip ties used to make it stronger.

👤I bought this for my bicycle. I used it to plant flowers in the basket. It adds charm to any bicycle. The leather straps are nice.

👤The basket is smaller if you don't mind. If you're expecting the measurement described, it won't be, at least not the one they sent to me. The actual is 12x10x9. Returned. The basket I replaced was the same size as the one I had. If you don't mind the smaller size, it's not a problem. The basket is thin and sturdy, with some pieces poking out on the outside, but it doesn't have leather straps. In a town built with endless bike paths, I need something to hold my water bottle, purse, and sometimes light jacket, so I use something to hold it often. This is a good budget buy if you don't use as much as this.

5. Electric Bicycle Baskets Rust Proof Accessories

Electric Bicycle Baskets Rust Proof Accessories

Light weight and resilience. The bag is all about convenience. A sturdy metal frame with a solid Oxford fabric and a modern quick release handlebar accessory. The bike basket is of the highest quality. A fixed holder is suitable for installing on bike head tude. The bicycle basket is forged from high-quality metal wire and comes with a bicycle basket fixed holder which is not easy to change, with a stable bearing. The bicycle basket has a rust-proof coating that makes it better weather-resistant, anti-rust and corrosion resistant. The Rust-Proof coating on the bike basket is easy to clean and maintain. Rest assured that you will use. It's for most of the bike and electric bike. The bike basket is easy to install and compatible with most models of bike, such as cruisers, Knee scooter, children's bikes, adult women's bikes or men's bike. The bicycle basket capacity is large enough for carrying a lot of things, and it has a cover that your items will not fall from the basket. The basket for bikes can hold a lot of things. The maximum load is 20lb. The package includes a bike basket, disposable raincoat, bicycle disposable seat cover, and disposable screwdriver. The new brackets are lightweight and can not be fixed to the front of the bicycle like the other bicycle baskets. The basket is very light when you are riding, which makes it more comfortable, and it's fixed on the head tube, which makes it easier to use.

Brand: Roetelo

👤It's great to have but I feel like it rattles on my bike.

6. Hoobbii Waterproof Bike Basket Liner

Hoobbii Waterproof Bike Basket Liner

Quality control is a priority. All bike basket baskets are tested and sold by them. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution. There are various uses for the basket products, such as daily use as a bicycle basket lining, rainy days can be used as a basket waterproof rain cover, and hot sun can be used to block the sun. The bicycle basket liner is suitable for all front bicycle baskets. The rear bicycle basket cannot be larger than 42x33x25CM. The bike basket liner can be easily inserted or removed from the basket and held in place by the rubber band on the lining. It is waterproof and fade-resistant. The bike basket liner is made of nylon and PU, which is waterproof. It can be used as a basket cover in the rain. Strict quality control. All realistic bike basket liners are tested and sold by them. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution.

Brand: Hoobbii

👤We ride our bikes to school everyday, so we needed something to protect our books. We have bike baskets that we attach to the back of our bikes. The shiny side is out so that you can see it better. There is a We bought a second one because we have one in the basket to protect our stuff from puddles and mud that flies up, and one that fits over the basket to protect our stuff from rain. It is stretchy enough to cover the basket and the bike seat, so we don't have to worry about it raining while we are in school.

👤I finally got my trike together and I have to put the liners on for the first time, but so far it seems like it will work, I bought 2 liners to line the bottom of the basket and one for the top so I can cover them while riding. I don't know how durable they are yet, but they will repel water just fine. I will post if something happens. It's a good thing that fingers crossed.

👤This is very easy to use and it's waterproof. I would recommend it. My only challenge is that we ride our bikes on the beach a lot and when the wind hits it, nothing stops it from blowing closed, like if I only have my phone and water in it. That is not a defect. The more full it is, it stays put.

👤I got it because it doesn't fall out. I wanted something a little nicer looking, but other ones were a little more expensive. I got this on a budget. Does the job.

👤I didn't know if it would work for a Mobility Scooter rear basket. The picture shows it works perfectly. In rainy weather, it is a liner. The product looks like it was made for my scooter basket. I would buy it again.

👤The front basket was too large and things kept falling out, so I began the search to replace it. I couldn't keep my phone in the basket. In the event that I need something to be protected from rain, this liner is there. Love it.

👤Excellent product!

👤It was a perfect cover for my basket. It is definitely waterproof. Everything is protected and kept dry.

7. Lixada Capacity Bicycle Waterproof Rainproof

Lixada Capacity Bicycle Waterproof Rainproof

Approx 14.76" x 7.28" x 8.07" is the weight. The bicycle basket frame is forged from iron metal which is strong and resistant to wear and tear. It is a metal bicycle basket that can support a weight of 11LB. It is suitable for your daily use. The bicycle basket on the rear of the bicycle has an additional waterproof cover to prevent rust and wear. It is located on the inner wall of the bicycle basket, so you don't need to worry about small items falling. Installation methods include using a tension tie to fix the rear of the bicycle storage basket and using screws to install it on the riding device. Both methods are reliable. Both are easy to install. The bicycle rear seat basket is compatible with all types of bicycles. A bicycle basket is used for mountain bikes, children's bicycles, adult female bicycles or male bicycles. The range of applications. It can be used to carry pets, wicker picnic baskets, or to store small items at home.

Brand: Lixada

👤55$? The sewing of the inner liner is terrible, it doesn't line up and tears at the inner part that sticks out. Even though the dimensions are larger than others, it is still smaller than I thought it would be. The sides bend and give, and the holes don't look like the screws will go through it. I ended a basket by this evening, so I have to decide if I should return it or keep it.

👤This purchase was really disappointing. After looking at many rear baskets, this one was settled on. The basket's bottom is not flat, has many bumps and bends, and looks cheap. The basket does not match the mounting hardware that is included. The screws are too large to fit through the holes. Zip ties are white rather than black to match the basket, and the metal mounting brackets are silver.

👤I could have done better if I had gone to ikea and bought a 'Pleja' and zip tied it to the bike. It's 40 dollars less and better. That should tell you everything you need to know. Be well, Y'all.

👤The basket is great, but forget the metal mounting. You'll be better off if you get 4 medium zip ties. There is a The inner bag is a big plus.

👤A flimsy open-top basket and pouch. There is no rack to attach to the bicycle.

👤My bike rack is too small for this basket. I would have loved it.

👤Should have used different hardware.

👤My grandson bought it for me and I think it's perfect.

👤It seems very well built.

8. ERRLANER Insulated Waterproof Capacity Reflective

ERRLANER Insulated Waterproof Capacity Reflective

Good protection. The elastic band on the top of the bag can be used to keep your items safe. Your items are protected with a high quality construction made of polyester and PE cotton. It's convenient to take out your items. This bike trunk bag is made of water-resistant PU material and waterproof zippers, it can be waterproof during cycling, and also practical. A main compartment has an 11L capacity and is closed. It has elastic cords that can be used to put water cup or cycling gloves on it. It's safe to say. The rack bike bag has reflective straps around it, which makes it safer to ride at night. It's easy to attach the straps on the bike and thin protective PE foam for the interior. Also, note: Please protect valuables. Rain cover protects you from dirt, water,rain and snow.

Brand: Errlaner

👤It is a great bike bag to put on the rear bike rack, but it needs more support. I found a way to cut out a rectangular pattern of the bike bag using the box it was mailed with, and then put it in the actual bike bag for more room and strength.

👤The bag is not waterproof. It is water resistant. If you want to test yourself, put a couple cups of water in the bag. Within minutes the bag will be empty because the water will leak out immediately. Water gets in if the water gets out. The bag is still nice. It holds its shape well, has padding on it, and has striping reflecting on the side. The bungee cord on the top is a nice touch. I used this as a small cooler for a day trip on the bikes. It will work if you understand that once the ice is gone the water will just soak through and you will have no ice or cold water to drink or eat.

👤It is easy to install and remove with straps. Large enough to carry essential items for long rides. It makes my bike look better. Definitely impressed.

👤This is for my electric bike. The other bags were too big, but this one fits perfectly. The large compartment has elastic cord on top and I like it. I put a small box inside to hold my stuff. The right size for my gloves, cable lock, and bottle of water. I secured my bike helmet with the elastic cord and was able to fit it on top. I have only had it for a month so I can't speak to it's longevity. It looks like it will last. I was looking for everything.

👤I liked the price of the bag. It is a little soft but doesn't flatten when empty and is a bit less rigid than some of the higher end bags. The inner liner gives it an acceptable strength. I put bottles of water in it with ice packs to keep it cold. I don't like that it only has 2 straps. I put the straps under the rack and then flip the Velcro over to attach them to it. The problem is that the rack is usually in the wrong place, which prevents me from pulling the strap tight to the rack, so there is a bit of play when it is mounted. Sometimes the bag will fall sideways as if to slide off the rack, but most of the time the rack will stay in play. It takes a bit of effort to remove the bag and loosen the straps, you have to weave your fingers under the rack and try to loosen the strap an inch at a time. It can be difficult to loosen the straps for removal if the space between the rack and the wheels is too small. I was in a hurry to get a bag and it was delivered quickly and for the price, I can't complain. The bag is empty in the picture.

9. ONWAY Basket Folding Handlebar Bicycle

ONWAY Basket Folding Handlebar Bicycle

It is very light for easy lift and is suitable for long-term recycling. Hang it upside down to dry if it's dirty. It's not feasible for every bike. If you want to purchase the bike basket, you need to watch the video and the photos. The basket cannot be mounted on a bicycle. The pack includes a bicycle basket, 2 bolts and nuts, a bike liner bag, and an installation manual. Installation and disassemble are easy. The bicycle basket can be folded up to make it easy to store and open. It fits most bikes. They give you a large capacity canvas bag, so you don't have to find a matching bike basket liner bag. The liner can be removed and used as a tote bag. The dimensions of the basket are 13.4" x 7.9" x 7.9". The bag's dimensions are 13 x 7.6 x 7.6. Storage vegetables and fruits, daily cargo, Go shopping, daily Commute, place files and jobs, carry a dog pet, and so on.

Brand: Onway

👤It's decent. I like how it can unfold quickly on its own with the spring loaded system and the included tote is nice, but not as big as a shopping bag, so be prepared for that when using it for shopping. I had to go to the hardware store to upgrade the mounting hardware. I replaced the cheap screws and cheap nuts with better quality ones to make it harder for thieves to remove the bike. I had to move my front brake cable because it interfered with the operation of the brake. The zip ties were cheap. One of them tried to get a corner of the back of the basket to my fork. I used the hardware store ones because they were better. There is a They should redesign the mounting hardware. I would have preferred the brackets where the hooks are mounted to the basket so we can adjust them as needed but they welded them on to the basket so they wouldn't have been a problem with the screws. Dollar store quality would probably be an insult to dollar store hardware. The motorized bike kits come with crappy Chinese stuff. The basket seems decent. All the included mounting hardware should be replaced by you.

👤I was very excited for this to happen. I was cautious about the spring because it didn't smell. I think they are being overstated. I attached the bike to the back end because it couldn't fit on the front. I used zip ties for extra security. I brought some groceries with me. We put our speaker in the rack while we were on the bike. We all enjoyed the ride. I will use this rack daily to hold my drinks and food as I cycle to work and home. I might order a second rack for my bike. This will change the way I commute.

👤It was easy to unfold, I was careful, but it was easy, no sudden pop. Just use your brain. There is a The lining is thick enough to provide padding for my small dog, and it's little handles make it easy to clean. It's not big, but it's enough to fit a couple items in and my dog is about 8 pounds. She didn't move at all while I rode the scooter around at a very slow speed. First, safety. I had to bend the metal hooks a little to fit the scooter better, but it is stable after you strap it around the neck. The only complaint I have is that it seems thin and fragile, so I am not sure if it will last, and will be very gentle with it when I use the basket wide open. I am happy with this purchase and recommend it, but please be aware that scootering with a pet is not recommended, it might hurt your pet. If you want to put a pet in it, I would recommend using a bicycle.

👤The ONWAY Bike Basket for Women arrived the same day as the COVID-19 virus. I haven't had a chance to ride a bike. This basket is the perfect size for my bike. It is easy to install, and though mine is anchored permanently, it can be taken off as well. Not big enough for a pet carrier and openings that are too wide for feet. It's great for phone, purse, books, bottled water, etc. The seller was very responsive to questions. I was kept informed of shipping, tracking and other things. It was a nice touch from the seller, though Amazon provides as well. Positive purchase.

10. RuffLyfe CrateMate Basket Retrofit Carrier

RuffLyfe CrateMate Basket Retrofit Carrier

When not in use, take out the bottom plate, open the Velcro inside, and fold the side panels, and put it in the individually wrapped Oxford cloth outer bag. SAFELY SUPPORTS PETS UP TO 45LBS. Because not every dog or pet can be thrown into a flimsy bike basket or backpack, they made sure that all furry shapes and sizes can be included in the fun from 15 lbs to 45 lbs. There are two sizes in one front or rear. There is amounting. The front or rear bike rack can be used for more options. Make sure to check the max load for the rack and make sure your pet doesn't exceed the max load limits. A heavier pet moving its weight in the front can cause an unsafe riding experience. Pets over 20 lbs are recommended by the owners for a rear mounted system. Cleanup is easy with the water-resistant soft cushion and design from CrateMates. Simply use soap and water on a damp cloth or paper towel to clean the air. All standard 12x12x12 or 12x12x18 crates can be fit with their seat cushion. The crate and bike rack are not included. 4 Point Universal. First, safety! Their custom made one size fits all safety harness will make sure your pet is safe and secure on your adventures. Also, note: This harness is not intended to strap down your pet but to eliminate the possibility of an accident. The harness was designed to give your pet the ability to move about and be curious without being restricted but with no chance of falling out. The CrateMate Pet Carrier Package comes with an easy to follow instruction manual and no tools are required to assemble it. Also, note: The bike dog basket, bike dog cart, and safe bike dog basket are not included. The CrateMate Pet Carrier Package comes with an easy to follow instruction manual and no tools are required to assemble it. Also, note: The bike dog basket, bike dog cart, and safe bike dog basket are not included.

Brand: Rufflyfe

👤The bad review made me second guess my purchase. I am very happy that I took a chance on this one. The thought that went into designing this product is what makes the price so high. This review will be divided into 3 parts, covering the 3 parts that you will be receiving. There is a The mat is about a quarter inch thick and has plenty of cushion on the bottom and sides. The mat is neutral gray in color to go with any bike you may have, and there are two different fabrics to choose from. There is a The nylon harness is similar to a leash. You can adjust this according to your pet's needs. The collar part is adjusted to fit, so it won't slip from place. The double collar buckle is the most genius part of this harness. You don't have to adjust the collar again, just un-click the buckles and move the harness off to each side, your pet can be lifted straight in/out. There is a The nylon zip ties are about 10 inches in length. I only needed a few of them. It is nice to have some extra just in case I have to remove the crate for some reason. These ties are very heavy-duty and are attached to my little man's crate and he feels secure once attached. There is a You need to give the crate as this is a product that can fit into two different sized crates, so pick the right size for your pet to be comfy. I knew I had to match my bike with the different colors of the crates. I found a royal blue crate that makes this look amazing because I have accents of royal blue in my bike frame. This product is probably not for you if you are looking for a lot of bells and whistles. If you are looking for a safe and secure way to bike ride with your pet then look no further.

👤The dog basket combo is the best for my bike. My dog is about 30 lbs, and sits comfortably in the basket with the neck harness that is very comfortable to wear. The seller is helpful. The harness was too tight for my dog. Nicholas offered to send me the extender after he messaged me through Facebook. My dog will be able to use it soon after he sent it to me. We love this product and can't thank Nicholas enough for his invention and service. There is a You can message me here if you have a question about this product.

11. Bushwhacker Omaha Bicycle Grocery Accessories

Bushwhacker Omaha Bicycle Grocery Accessories

The main compartment has a dimensions of 12 L x 6 W x 7 H. The top of the rack with two metal hooks and the bottom of the bike frame with a bungee and S Hook can be attached with two grocery panniers. Each pannier has a full sized grocery bag. When not in use the folds are flat. The dimensions are 14" Length x 9" width and 11.5" height. The pannier supports can carry up to 15 lbs of goods.

Brand: Bushwhacker Usa

👤When they're full of groceries, they work great, but they're not secure when empty, because there isn't enough down force to keep the hooks attached. On my second trip with them, one of them bounced out at a well paved road, tangling in my rear spokes and causing me to stop in the middle of traffic. The basket is mangled, but the bike wasn't badly damaged. I was fortunate to have extra bungees with me. There is a They are sturdy and fold nicely, but I wouldn't recommend using them without rigging extra attachment to keep them in place. If you're going to modify them, there are many cheaper options out there. I spent a lot of money on these because the reviews said they wouldn't get caught in your spokes and become a hazard. If you want something that can be removed easily and stay on securely, find something with a decent clip mechanism.

👤Let's get this out of the way first, how big are they? One of them should have six and two liter beverage bottles. That is big and it also weighs 30 pounds. My Travoy trailer has a bag mounted to it. Some of the bow problems can be alleviated by placing two bottles side by side in the bottom of the bags. There is a lot of room left on top. I like these, but they have a few problems. There is no way to keep things from bouncing out of the tops and the top bows out and the bottom bows in. The bags are fitted to a rack that has a flat vertical plane. These are more of a good starting point than a ready to use solution. I own an Ebike with a battery. There were tubes that were bent around other tubes that made for a very even mounting surface. The only way to get rid of the problem was to cut away the tubing. I had to mount the Bushwhacker panniers with the standard mounting hooks. I reworked the Bushwhacker bags to resolve most of the other problems. Each quarter I installed three.

👤I have had these for over 3 years and they have held up well. They've been used for everything from groceries to sports equipment. They're light, mount firmly, fold very thin, and are well sized. I tend to leave them on my bike at all times because they don't mount very quickly.

👤It works nicely for my bike's rack. A grocery bag that fits perfectly in each side handles weight with no problem. A gallon of milk on the other side of a 12 pack of beer works well. The bike can become wobbly while using the kickstand, so be careful with the weight when loading and unloading. They make my trip to the grocery much easier. I like this product.


What is the best product for bicycle dog basket rear?

Bicycle dog basket rear products from Topeak. In this article about bicycle dog basket rear you can see why people choose the product. Anzome and Disconano are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle dog basket rear.

What are the best brands for bicycle dog basket rear?

Topeak, Anzome and Disconano are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle dog basket rear. Find the detail in this article. Prosource, Roetelo and Hoobbii are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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