Best Bicycle Disc Brake Pads Round

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1. SHIMANO Deore Bicycle V Brake Pads

SHIMANO Deore Bicycle V Brake Pads

V Brake pads are universal replacement for mountain bike, road bicycle, BMX, etc. V-brake pads for the M600 and M570. The pads include cartridge style. Hardware is not included. Comes with brake pads.

Brand: Shimano

👤These pads are terrible. They make a noise like the surface of sand paper. I thought this might be solved once they are broken in. This has not improved even after 200 miles of riding. I removed the pads and found metal pieces in the material. They made a horrible noise. They left ridges in my rim. I would love to have a picture uploaded. Don't buy this product. It is very unusual for the company. I wonder if they were knock-offs.

👤I would have hoped that they would last as long as possible. Someone said that they commute 10 miles a day with hills and that these pads last 6 months. That is not true. I live in Florida and commute that amount as well, but it lasts for 3 months. I wanted to get the cartridge style holder because I had the same issue with the same pads before. The bullet points at the top of the page say " Includes cartridge style pads", however, after attempting to slide the pad off, I found that these are not what was advertised. There is a There are pros. The lasts are reasonable, but not compatible with the advertised brake pads. There is a I'll post a link to an efficient system. Unless you want to change your brakes every 2 to 3 months or you only ride occasionally, don't bother with these pads.

👤I bought some good rated cheaper brakes hoping to save a little money. They don't do as well. The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten if you consider the time it takes to re-allocate your wheel and BRAKES.

👤I have to use my brakes a lot because I commute for ten miles a day in mostly urban territory with lots of small inclines and declines. I only use these pads, and they work well, and in my situation, they last about 6 months or more before I replace them. I have never had a squeal in my brakes. They're fabulous if you install them correctly.

👤A reviewer reported this. I have had these pads for a while. I'm changing them out as soon as possible. They sound like they are between the pads. The stopping power is very low. Very bad.

👤It is wonderful to replace worn out break pads. It took me several hours to install and delivery was not initially available but it was delivered in a couple of weeks. Very pleased with the results.

👤I used the penny shim to get the angle right, but I think the third party brake pads are a bit better for the Shimano V brakes. There is a problem with finding pads. They are available on line. It's hard to get quiet when you dislike brake squeal. The pads were the final solution for the front wheels. I am satisfied.

👤They were sitting on the workbench and had a chance to be installed. These are the correct pads for my bike, but they were much longer than the original ones. The installation was difficult since the pad had to be high up on the rim so it wouldn't rub the tire. These are running nice and quietly and have more stopping power than the originals.

2. Gekors Semi Metallic Bicycle Shimano Tektro

Gekors Semi Metallic Bicycle Shimano Tektro

The HD-M520, M510, M500, M701, HD-M352, M350, M351, M330, M301, M336, HD-M290, M291, HD-T520, T-E are all compatible. The back plate is semi-metallic. It's free. The feeling of smooth and powerful braking is pleasant. Adapted for daily use. It's compatible with the M515/M525/M465 and the M465/M475. The Spyre is called the TRP HY/RD. The package includes 2 pairs of pads and springs.

Brand: Gekors

👤I used the pads on my bike. After a few miles, the stopping power was amazing for non-hydraulic brakes, even though I was unimpressed immediately after installing the pads. The stock pads have been improved. I will be replacing them for about 800 miles because they are a soft compound. They are wearing clothes fast. There is a The 700-800 mile wearout estimate has proved to be dead on, as I'm on my 2nd set now. It is easy to replace the disk brake.

👤I replaced the stock pads with these. I cleaned the rotors with alcohol and then sanded them with 220 grit paper. I cleaned the rotors and installed the pads. I gently broke them in by applying the brake softly and stopping a few times. I went for a ride with my friends the next day and I was scared off of my bike for the first time. How embarrassing! There is a Just before the stop, it happens. I replaced them with the pads from the same company.

👤It's a great deal for $5 a pop. Don't expect them to last as long as the pads that came with your disc brakes. The pads are comfortable. A bit of noise is expected after a while. There is a They worked great for my TRP mechanical disc brakes, but wear out quickly. I had a lot of stopping and slamming on the brakes.

👤The brakes on my mountain bike were loud. I looked for a replacement set and found many options. I randomly selected these after trying to figure out what would work in my situation. I was very happy with my brakes. The stopping power has improved. If I get a year out of them, I will be happy with the huge improvements over the stock pads.

👤The bike was using the TRP Spyre brakes. I think these pads are better than the oem's at a better price point. I will buy these again. I was completely satisfied after I settled on the brand and brake pad composition. I gravel ride in mountainous areas where the roads are covered with stone and very fine dust. The entire bike is covered in fine dust and it has no issues with braking power. Good solid braking and no noise. Will buy again.

👤The pads are loud no matter what I do. Since I got the bike, I have replaced them at least twice. They were installed and bedded as usual. After 250 miles on mixed surfaces, it doesn't sound as good as the original.

3. Compatible Tektro Shimano Br M575 Metallic

Compatible Tektro Shimano Br M575 Metallic

If you're not happy with their products, they'll give you a return,replacement or refund. The package contains 6 pairs of bicycle brake pads for quick and convenient replacement, and they can serve you for a long time. The bike brake pads are made of quality copper semi metallic material, which can reduce the initial bite time, shorten the run-in period, and reduce the noise fast smooth road, suitable for smooth road riding. The bicycle disc brake pads are compatible with a lot of them. The cycle brake pads have passed strict inspection and are safe to use. The mountain bike disc brakes pads feature good appearance and good braking effect, which is not easy to break and crack, safe, stable, noiseless and convenient for you to apply.

Brand: Hestya

👤They fit my radrunner.

👤The name brand ones work just as well.

👤How long would they last only once?

👤It is easy to install and works. Should be.

👤Absolutely, hands down the best brake pads.

4. Compatible Mechanical Decipher Dualtron Render R

Compatible Mechanical Decipher Dualtron Render R

The organic brake pads are quieter but wear out faster than metallic. You'll get 4 pairs of bike disc brakes, a convenient and timely replacement, and a longer use time. Disc friendly, low noise, stability, good high temperature performance, and wet performance are some of the benefits of the Resin brake pads. It's suitable for most weather conditions and terrain conditions. Disc brake pads have a good braking effect and are free of harmful substances. Disc brake pads have a good braking effect and are free of harmful substances.

Brand: Boao

👤Also fit for the Jetson Pro Bolt scooter. New Clips must be used in the package. These brake pads are compatible with nee clips. Jetson brand Pro Bolt E scooters have functional clips.

👤A quiet pad for general use. I wouldn't recommend for mountainous use if it was possible to fade from high heat.

👤Product worth a lot of money. Works as advertised. The store's customer service was top notch and they were able to help with a small issue with my package. The issue was resolved and the customer was happy. Will do business again.

👤The pad set is better than the hardrock.

👤This is too large to be installed for dualtron ultra.

👤They didn't fit my bike. I grinded them smaller. They work well.

👤They seem to be doing well so far.

👤You use the pads quicker than I did. It doesn't matter if you swap out old for new.

5. Dymoece Bicycle Multi Metallic Shimano Tektro

Dymoece Bicycle Multi Metallic Shimano Tektro

The IOX Semi-Metallic brake pads have low disk wear, which makes them a good choice for protecting your disk. Less noise, multi-metallic pads for maximum initial bite. Disk wear and comfortable braking feel are some of the benefits. The replacement brake pads for Shimano offer smooth braking and progressive power. Semi-Metallic brake pads make less noise than sintered metal pads. It is compatible with the Deore M525 M525 M515 T615 T65 M500 M Dash Sport has a line of products called Dash Sport Tektro.

Brand: Dymoece

👤Unsafe product. The brake pad separated during the ride. I almost crashed during my commute. The piece is missing the brake pad. It failed with less than 100 miles.

👤After adjusting the pistons all the way back out, the disc wouldn't fit between them. I tried out two different wheels, one with a stock rotor and the other with a Shimano one. After several passes, the disc finally fit between them, because I had to sand pad material down. I haven't taken a ride yet, but based on the previous reviews they should stop and bite.

👤The front of my Sondors Step has one set of brake pads. The stock pads are not as good or better than the ones that fit in the Tektro Aries calipers. They are very quiet. I would buy them again. The original review had a 5 star rating. There is a I ordered the pads as SPARES. They were well packaged and arrived on time. There is a I don't know if the pads are the correct ones, but they look like they are. There is a The brake pads seem to be of high quality. Spring and cotter pins are included. I will update my review after I install them. I am confident that the listing on Amazon has the correct information and that they will fit my brakes.

👤The pads on my fat bike were garbage. These grab and stop my bike. I really disliked the sound of my old pads, but it was not loud and metal sounding. These work are doing well on my heavy ebike conversion. I will update this if they fall apart. I am not hard to please, but so far I am happy.

👤There is no dislike. I had a new fuel that I couldn't stop from screaching or skid the back tire. I broke the brake pads after 15 minutes and they can stop the bike and skid the tire if I have to. The pads fit perfect and are a perfect 5 star.

👤Same day shipping. Excellent brake performance. The price is unbelievably low. I've only been doing front brake endos and locking up the rear wheel for two weeks, but I've only used one finger. No noise or sqreaching brake noise, coarse pads or rotors get contaminated with brake fluid. I replaced the leaking calipers and put in the new pads. If you want a full wheel lock up, you can use an older one piston calipers. I used these with my old pads and rotors as they were contaminated with break fluid from the pistons and had no stopping power, so I used the new ones.

6. Pairs Organic Resin Bicycle Shimano

Pairs Organic Resin Bicycle Shimano

This men's bike has a limited lifetime warranty, and the wheels are 700C. Their brake pads are made up of high quality fibers and organic material that are bonding together with a substance called resin, which gives them a maximum initial bite. The disc brake pads are compatible with the M765. M776 XTR M962 M955 It's easy to install, ideal replacements for one bike's front and rear. The organic disc brake pads are comfortable and stable. Quieter performance is achieved by the use of organic brake pads. If you have any product issues, please don't hesitate to contact them, they are so confident about the quality of their products that they are willing to help.

Brand: Magitati

👤There were no problems with thelid right in place. There were cotter pins and holders. It is worth the money. Live in a mountainous area and go through brakes frequently. There have been no problems so far. Have some brakes.

👤Doesn't last long. It will last a week or so and have to be replaced with new pads.

👤Looks to be a good purchase. The break pads should be stopping the bike.

👤The discs were easy to install with the brakes pads. They were packaged well to make sure the spring is seated correctly when you take it out of the package. The pads work as expected. Great stopping power.

👤It was the perfect size for what I was looking for.

7. Gekors Semi Metallic Bicycle Brake Black

Gekors Semi Metallic Bicycle Brake Black

Buy with confidence. If you have a product issue, please don't hesitate to contact them via the Amazon message system, they will do their best to solve it. Steel back plate is the material. There's a Asbestos free/Dimensions:18.6 The feeling of smooth and powerful braking is pleasant. Adapted for daily use. It's compatible with the ZOOMDB280/DB350/DB450/DB550/DB650/Xiaomi PRO Scooters. The package includes an Installation Guide and 1 pair of pads. The package includes an Installation Guide and 1 pair of pads.

Brand: Gekors

👤The GoTrax G4 electric scooter uses the correct size pads. The material they are made of seems to be better than the originals. Make sure the brake caliper is mounted correctly if you have this scooter. GoTrax should call if they welded the mount wrong. It is a scooter issue.

👤I need a bigger size than the one I bought. I can't give a review on something I didn't use.

👤I didn't know there were two different sizes.

👤I installed them on my Gotrax G4. My scooter brakes stop on a dime because they work great.

👤Work well. Needed new brakes before riding on the Virginia Creeper trail. They did a great job.

👤The part is reliable.

8. SHIMANO Pairs Brake Spring Resin

SHIMANO Pairs Brake Spring Resin

The replacement of Y8C998050. 2 pairs of discs with a brake pad without a fin. BR-M500, BR-M It is possible to make less noise with the use of the Resin pads. The disc brake pad is of high quality.

Brand: Shimano

👤These were bought 3 months ago and appear to be either faulty or knock offs. Reason being... I have had a previous set for 3 years and they are already worn out. I only ride 2 times per week on the 10 mile trail. The trail is called the Fullerton loop. The pics of the pads were attached. I'm sticking to the website for my bike parts.

👤After one ride, the pads fell apart. The bike shop has a pad on the left. The two pads on the right are not good. The difference in color leads me to believe they are not the same pads. They fell apart after one ride. Not safe!

👤I bought this product back in March and installed it at the beginning of August because I was going to need to change my brakes in the coming months. I have been riding for 20 miles every other day since installing the brake pads and last night my brakes failed in the middle of traffic. I was able to slow down thanks to gravity. I noticed that the entire pad separated from the metal backing when I checked my brakes. I have never seen anything like this before. I am not bashing the quality of the product but I wanted to share my experience in case someone else is interested in purchasing these brake pads. The first picture shows how the metal backing on the left brake pad is still there. The other side only has metal backing.

👤The baggy that they arrived in was pretty worn and had a hole in it. There is a The correct item number and the stamped "Shimano" make the brake pads seem legit. The packaging makes it look like a knock-off part, and it came with 6 split pins, one for each set of pads. I wonder if these are actually Shimano pads. Some of the split pins are not long and would not work. I guess it was good that there were 6 in the package. I took a quick test ride after installing them and they seem to be working well. The test will be on a ride. If I have any issues, I'll post an update.

👤I bought new pads because the old ones were so noisy. I put the new pads on, cleaned my rotor, and put the wheel back on. I can't use my front brakes because it's deafening. My next bike won't have the same components. I don't know if they are real or fake, but they are just a tiny baggie of something. I don't know if the components are legit or not.

👤The springs and cotter pins come with the pads, so I like that. That makes them a complete disc brake service kit. The cheap and small washers used on the bolts for most of the Shimano mounts are easy to use and are "domed", which is why a complete kit would include them. The brakes on my new bike were so crazy that I didn't know how to break them in. It's almost impossible to clean out of the pad when you have a chain lube on the disc. It's easier to replace the pad after it's been damaged. If your pads are "glazing" frequently, you should just throw on a new set of pads. It's cheaper than having to clean a dirty pad.

9. Pairs Semi Metallic Bicycle Compatible Elixir

Pairs Semi Metallic Bicycle Compatible Elixir

Their Semi-Metallic brake pads are made up of high quality copper fibers and organic material that are bonded together with a material called resin, which is stable, durable and long working life. The Semi-Metallic bike brake pads make less noise than the sintered metal pads and offer a more comfortable braking feel. The Semi-Metallic brake pads are low in disk wear and can protect your disk. If you have any product issues, please don't hesitate to contact them via the Amazon message system, they are so confident about the quality of their products that if you have any product issues, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Magitati

👤I've had a few sets of pads on my brakes and they work as well or better than any of the others. If you clean the discs with acetone and forcefully brake on a good downhill, they will work great. They don't stop well until they're bedded in. No noise, no sound. I've never seen the need for full metallic pads. The full metallic stop can be noisy and wear out your calipers faster. I find grabby to be not good in marginal traction situations. I can easily lock my wheels with one finger, that's a lot of stopping power for me. I can't say what their wet performance is because I live in a place where it never rains. I usually get a year out of these cheap pads, riding 1-2x per week. We'll see.

👤These are good stopping force. Feel the same. The retaining pin might be long so had to bend it to keep it out of the wheel spokes.

👤It is the correct thickness of 4mm. After a little bleeding on the caliper, a new rotor was installed. It was very quiet while I did a test ride. Can't beat the price. For the future, buying three more.

👤Don't worry, it's installed easily, and you can brake well. It's too early to tell about resilience.

👤Son fciles de instalar, estoy exelente en mis frenos.

👤Good value will get them again.

10. Zonon Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575

Zonon Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575

Compared to metal pads, the brakes make less noise. You will get 4 pairs of bicycle brake pads for a quick and convenient replacement. The brake pads are made of reliable material, which have better braking performance, wear resistance, and noise reduction than others, and they are not easy to change. It's compatible with: M315, M355, M515, M525. The appearance of the oil can be applied as a plate. Their products have passed strict inspection and are free of harmful substances. The feature is fine appearance, good braking effect, noiseless, safe, stable, comfortable and convenient.

Brand: Zonon

👤It's great to have some backups on hand, but I've experienced the effects of glazing, which leads to reduced grip and very loud/screeching upon braking. I broke in these pads and they were effective for a few days, but then they glazed up quickly, and I can't stand the bone rattling noise they make. The pad is completely glazed after 5 days.

👤I bought the first pair at a bike shop and paid the same as the others on Amazon. The quality is the same. It was easy to install than expected. I was surprised they didn't need to change anything. I have never had a bike with these types of brakes. I waited too long to replace. I had to constantly adjust them towards the end of their life. 1000 miles is a good point for my type of riding. Good product.

👤A warped rotor was replaced. Wear on pads. My pads were four years old. I had to change my brake line. There is a I don't think they will last long.

👤It would be great to ride a bike that is only used to cruise the sidewalks. I found that the pads will wear out in a matter of 3-6 rides. Even if it's more expensive, the pads from the bike shop last months. I get more braking with the bike shop pads. I was hoping that having 4 sets would make this better.

👤I needed new brake pads after 1000 miles on my Wallke Ebike. I should have replaced them after 600 miles. I never replaced the brake pads on the electric bike until they started to make noise. First timer learning curve. Wallke sells the entire brake assembly for $150. The little pads are easy to take out. I think I only spent 10 minutes installing the new pads. When I come to a stop, my bike no longer shrieks. I went to an electric bike shop to see why my bike was squeaking. The mechanic was selling high end pads for $40. These were only $12 for 4 pairs. Not a bad deal at all.

👤I have had the best aftermarket pads so far. Not tested in mud, just 80F on fire trails. The pads seem to need a little more pressure than before.

👤Buy the good stuff if you save your money. There was nothing in the pads. The pads I was replacing had more than this garbage. It was almost like they were selling new pads.

👤The pads are thick and will touch the rotors when installed. You just need to sand them down and they will fit. They work well after adjusting the breaks.

👤These are not funny. "Just break them in then, they're 888-270-6611 They get hotter and hotter when they rub against the disc. I'm getting on average 2 minutes a day even though it's winter. I need to get off and let the disc cool before I can continue. I have pushed my pistols all the way in and the spring hasn't bent while fitting. The tolerances are off and I need to file the other 3 sets before they go on.

11. Tektro E10 11 Disc Brake Pad

Tektro E10 11 Disc Brake Pad

Each piece of v brake pad comes with a piece of a nut and a piece of spacers. For the following series: Auriga Series, Aquila Series, HDC 300 & 330, and Mira. There are 2 pads for sold per wheel. For use on the front or rear of the vehicle.

Brand: Tektro

👤The brake pads are not what they are advertised to be. On the Amazon listing, it says they are semi-metallic, but you can find organic compound brake pads on the website. They may or may not be good brake pads in their own right, but that is not what was advertised and paid for.

👤My Trek Marlin 5 has the HD-275 brakes. They gave good stopping power, given my weight. The front was crisp and the rear was a little softer. The performance of the pads has always been good. I rode the summit at Schweitzer ski resort this summer and the brakes never faded or made much noise, only a little squeak on the bottom of extended runs at moderately quick speed. The bar grip on rock gardens and technical sections was less sure because of the lack of stopping power on my levers. After changing the brakes on my brother's bike to the MT200's, I found his levers gave much better feel and power than my stock hydros, and as a bonus, the E10.11 pads are a direct fit in the Shimanos as well. I swapped my Marlin for the MT200s and the E10.11 pads gave me the power and feel to get me slowed down, even on the toughest and fastest hills, with just 1 finger. Are they the top-of-the-line brakes? Definitely not. They are hard to beat for value in a general-purpose all-mountain/trail brake pad.

👤I replaced front and rear pads on my e bike. The set had 2 pads in it. The other set only had a single pad, and the package looked like it had been cut open. I returned the second pack and asked for a new one. There is a The third package had only one pad. The package looked like pack #2. The fine print said "discontinued by the manufacturer". I'm returning pack #3 and asking for a refund. Don't waste your time on these because there are a lot of other pads on the market.

👤The pads I got are the E10's not the A10's, which is fine since the E's work better. The breaking performance is smooth and excellent, I was getting noise from the fronts but not with these. The material they are made from works well with my style. I was not sure if these would work with my disks since my bike came with the A's installed, but now I think they should have been installed to begin with. How long will they last? There is a They come with the springs.

👤The brakes are great, quiet, durable, and wet or dry. I ride down a lot of big hills on a heavy Class 2 electric bike. I came back to these because they were the perfect replacement for me. Highly recommended! I'm on the 3rd or 4th set.

👤The pad was ruined because there wasn't enough room to re install the wheel rotor. I lost the bolts holding the caliper in place. One time use of the brakes is what causes them to be thrown away. I will be replacing the whole system with a new one.


What is the best product for bicycle disc brake pads round?

Bicycle disc brake pads round products from Shimano. In this article about bicycle disc brake pads round you can see why people choose the product. Gekors and Hestya are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle disc brake pads round.

What are the best brands for bicycle disc brake pads round?

Shimano, Gekors and Hestya are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle disc brake pads round. Find the detail in this article. Boao, Dymoece and Magitati are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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