Best Bicycle Disc Brake Pads L02

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1. Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575 DP B01S

Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575 DP B01S

If you want to read the text on the brake pads, leave the left and right ones. The pads are for the initial bite. The short break-in period isdurable. Disk wear is low and the feel is comfortable. Smooth braking offers power. Compared to metal pads, the brakes make less noise.

Brand: Corki

👤I hit the boys with a slap and then hit the trail to hit me. A big wet rock. The brake pads were locked up and I was able to slide even more out of control, into a bush. I found several hundred ripe blackberries. After picking my self out of that mess, I kept riding and the salty tears stinging my lacerations. The brake pads worked well for the rest of the trail and are a good buy for the price and depression. Thanks!

👤The material for the brakes is much thicker than stock pads or any other compatible brand. The pad surface rubs continuously on the rotor even with the pistons on my TRP Spyres dialed all the way out. There is not enough adjustment at the mount. It's odd that the TRP units are a bit thinner. I think the fit would be non-functional if you have the same type of rotors. If you're riding and racing in muddy winter conditions, the Swiss Stop 15 is the best Spyres I've found so far. The Swiss Stop units are expensive and hard to find, but they perform beautifully and last longer than any pads I've tried. Don't use these generic pieces of crap. They seem to have been made in a factory run by people who don't know how bicycle disc brakes work.

👤I ordered the pads because they work well on the downhill stretch of my commute. The pads have a lot of material so right from the start, the pad was dragging on the rotor even though my calipers were pressing all the way back in. I was going to belt sand off but ended up using my old brake rotors to clear the pads. After the pads stopped dragging, I put on my new floating rotors and bedded the brakes in again. The bike is 70 lbs. The pads have to stop a lot of mass for me to be able to play. The ability to change the brake lever was traded. The new pads and rotors meshed well after 2 days of commute and I am happy with my braking power. If the pads had. I would have given them a 5 star rating. The brakes on my e-bike are the HD-E350s.

👤The factory brakes on my Specialized st are not impressive. It was not a good idea to single finger brake. I was going to throw a new set of pads instead of spending 100s on new brakes. Wow! The pads do exactly as advertised, with lots of initial bite and dirt not phase them. I can now brake with one finger. I have put 500 miles on these brake pads and they perform the same as they did when I installed them. I have 100s more rough miles to put on these due to the extra material that others complain about. If you're thinking of buying these pads, just buy them. At 15 bucks, you can't go wrong.

👤I bought these for a Fuji Absolute 1.9 bike that uses a low end mechanical disk brakes. The pads immediately gave a better feel with less noise than the original pads. After removing the old pads, I noticed they still had a good amount of material left, and I probably could have adjusted them before replacing them. The pads had a new cotter pin, spring shim and a longer one that was not needed for my bike. If I have any issues with these, I'll update this review.

2. Tektro E10 11 Disc Brake Pad

Tektro E10 11 Disc Brake Pad

Each piece of v brake pad comes with a piece of a nut and a piece of spacers. For the following series: Auriga Series, Aquila Series, HDC 300 & 330, and Mira. There are 2 pads for sold per wheel. For use on the front or rear of the vehicle.

Brand: Tektro

👤The brake pads are not what they are advertised to be. On the Amazon listing, it says they are semi-metallic, but you can find organic compound brake pads on the website. They may or may not be good brake pads in their own right, but that is not what was advertised and paid for.

👤My Trek Marlin 5 has the HD-275 brakes. They gave good stopping power, given my weight. The front was crisp and the rear was a little softer. The performance of the pads has always been good. I rode the summit at Schweitzer ski resort this summer and the brakes never faded or made much noise, only a little squeak on the bottom of extended runs at moderately quick speed. The bar grip on rock gardens and technical sections was less sure because of the lack of stopping power on my levers. After changing the brakes on my brother's bike to the MT200's, I found his levers gave much better feel and power than my stock hydros, and as a bonus, the E10.11 pads are a direct fit in the Shimanos as well. I swapped my Marlin for the MT200s and the E10.11 pads gave me the power and feel to get me slowed down, even on the toughest and fastest hills, with just 1 finger. Are they the top-of-the-line brakes? Definitely not. They are hard to beat for value in a general-purpose all-mountain/trail brake pad.

👤I replaced front and rear pads on my e bike. The set had 2 pads in it. The other set only had a single pad, and the package looked like it had been cut open. I returned the second pack and asked for a new one. There is a The third package had only one pad. The package looked like pack #2. The fine print said "discontinued by the manufacturer". I'm returning pack #3 and asking for a refund. Don't waste your time on these because there are a lot of other pads on the market.

👤The pads I got are the E10's not the A10's, which is fine since the E's work better. The breaking performance is smooth and excellent, I was getting noise from the fronts but not with these. The material they are made from works well with my style. I was not sure if these would work with my disks since my bike came with the A's installed, but now I think they should have been installed to begin with. How long will they last? There is a They come with the springs.

👤The brakes are great, quiet, durable, and wet or dry. I ride down a lot of big hills on a heavy Class 2 electric bike. I came back to these because they were the perfect replacement for me. Highly recommended! I'm on the 3rd or 4th set.

👤The pad was ruined because there wasn't enough room to re install the wheel rotor. I lost the bolts holding the caliper in place. One time use of the brakes is what causes them to be thrown away. I will be replacing the whole system with a new one.

3. AIISAR Bike Brake Pads Pairs

AIISAR Bike Brake Pads Pairs

The package height is 1.524 cm. All kinds of brake system are compatible with their brakes pads. Their brakes are very precise. They are tailored to the system. It is an easy installation. The design is modern. The V-shaped tank design of the mountain bike brake pads is what they come with. Sand or stone damage to the wheel rim is prevented by this tank design. The design will help in offering significant performance advantages over other brakes. Two pairs of bicycle brake pads are included in the package. 50mm is the size of the brakes. They have left and right markings on their brakes for convenience. 50 MM length of brake pads gives greater stopping surface without harsh noise. Their rubber suits are suitable for all weather conditions. The brakes perform well in long term tests. High-quality material has been utilized for their mountain bike pads. Their brakes are made of long aluminum alloy and hard-wearing rubber. You can contact their dedicated customer service if you have an issue.

Brand: Aiisar

👤I bought a few pairs of these pads for my two road bikes. I replaced old time-hardened pads in both cases. Both installations were easy to install and the brakes were easy to adjust. The toe in was hard to adjust to, but there was no sound, so it was fine. The soft pads made a big difference in smoothing the action on the bikes. At higher speeds, braking was more gradual and a lot more power and lever compression was needed for enough stopping power. These are still softer than some of the soft pads made by Shimano. I ride on semi-rural roads where I rarely have to brake suddenly, but doing so would require my hands in the drops getting the most leverage possible. It is difficult to apply maximum force in the hoods. If you ride in areas where sudden stops are a necessity, these pads are not for you. If you would like smooth soft pads that are expected to wear your rims slower and most of your stops to be controlled, these should do the job. I don't think these will last long because they are so soft to begin with. The price to utility ratio is still pretty good.

👤I put off replacing my pads for too long. What a difference these made. It was easy to install and I was prepared for the change. I did not hurl myself over the handlebars. I will probably get another set to have on hand when I'm able to replace these.

👤They are fine for a non professional rider or kids bike.

👤Working well so far! Easy to install.

👤My daughter was unable to use the brake since it took a lot of force to stop the bike.

👤The wrench was included, it was good that they didn't have a standard screw connection.

👤The price and value is what I like. They are quiet so far. They are easy to install onto a Murray Ultra Terrain bicycle. I would buy them again.

4. Hardheaded Ram Organic Shimano Br M575 M525 M515 T615 T675 M505 M495 M486 M485 M475 M465 M447 M446 M445 M416 M415 M395 M375 M315 M355 C601 C501

Hardheaded Ram Organic Shimano Br M575 M525 M515 T615 T675 M505 M495 M486 M485 M475 M465 M447 M446 M445 M416 M415 M395 M375 M315 M355 C601 C501

There is a notice! Please confirm your brake brand model first because there are too many vehicle models of the brand. If you don't know how to confirm, you can use the same shape. Contact them anytime! Will fit the M05 and M525. M465 The Dash Sport Tektro Orion is a box. Their pads are made from a blend of different materials. The softer compound made by these components provides high power, consistent performance, fast bedding, and strong bite. Before ordering, please compare the shape of your pads. Before you install or check the alignment of the caliper, you should clean your disc and caliper. Hardheaded Ram brake pads are constructed with high standards that give a better riding experience. Will fit rim size 20, 26, 27.5, 29 inch wheels, as well as 140, 160, 180 and 203mm. It was fast to bed in. It can be made for all weather conditions. The brakes on the rear, front, mechanical, and/or hydraulic cars should be replaced. Their sintered/metallic brake pads are designed for high temperatures and a long life span. There is bulk available. Distribution and wholesale welcome. Love it or your money back. They want to make the best choice for you. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If their product doesn't live up to your expectations, you can return it for a replacement or a full refund. The choice will be yours.

Brand: Hardheaded Ram

👤Son buenos, pero los estn subiendo de precio constantemente creo los reemplazar pronto.

5. TOBWOLF Aluminum Caliper Stainless Mountain

TOBWOLF Aluminum Caliper Stainless Mountain

The bleed block tool is included in the pad set. Pack of 1 pair of mechanical disc brake (0mm for Front, 20mm for Rear), 2PCS 160mm 6-bolt Disc Rotors, 4PCS 16.8mm fixing bolts, 12PCS titanium bolts. Please check the specifications in the image to make sure it matches your requirements. The mounting bolt spacing is 74mm and the weight is 180g. Each Disc Rotor weights 126g and has a inner diameter of 44mm and an outer diamerter of 160mm. Excellent stopping power is provided by mechanical disc brake calipers, which are easy to service. The dual piston design improves the performance of the brake pads. Ultra-light discs that shed weight and shred trail, while still achieving superior braking power and modulation, are theStainless Steel 6-Bolt Disc Rotors. Vent holes throughout the spider and drilled holes through your contact patch to help with weight shaving and heat vetting at the same time. The shaping of the sawtooth on the outside decreases the chance of brake squeal. It comes with steel bolts that will work with any 6 Bolt compatible hubs.

Brand: Tobwolf

👤The production cost is low because the product arrived in a bad packaging. They work just as well as any 1 sided brake at $22. Time will tell if the quality will last, there are no defects or damaged parts. The term "dual piston brake pad actuation" is not true, as they use it in the description of the product. I should have known that kind of brake is more expensive. They feel good and smooth. The reason dual action is better is that it helps prevent the rotor from getting warped.

👤Simple installation. Works well! It is definitely worth the time. I used the same kit on 3 bikes and everyone loves them. There is a I would recommend getting a kit on Amazon that includes cutters and crimpers, you will want to replace your brake cables. It makes the conversion much better.

👤The calipers didn't stop very well. These are great. If you want it locked up, they will.

👤Disk brakes have never been used before. It was very variable. You need to play with them to learn. They work better after they stop. You have to check how you are going to mount it. Plastic brake levers are not strong enough.

👤This is the new V- Brake. The pads are not enough to stop me quickly. You need to replace the pads with a better brand because the pads are thin. The original brake was better. The disk pad is dangerous. If you buy this product, it's up to you.

👤They will stop the bike. One of the rotors was bent. I had to make it up. I'm trying to figure out what's going on. The calipers might ping when there is no tension. You get what you pay for with them.

👤The bike had single piston brakes, but these dual piston brakes were installed on it. What a difference in performance! You could easily lock up the wheels if you wanted to. Highly recommended.

👤The front of the e-bike was replaced but the quality was excellent and the price was good.

👤The set is easy to install and ideal for my daily commute.

👤100% happy value for money.

👤It took about an hour and a half to fit them and the new discs. The discs are thrown into the deal with these callipers. It is not to like.

6. AHL 4pairs Bicycle Shimano Tektro

AHL 4pairs Bicycle Shimano Tektro

The bicycle brake rod is easy to use and portable, and it is suitable for most mountain bikes and road bikes with brakes. Quiet and excellent braking in wet and dry conditions. The performance is long lasting. The brake disc can be protected with the best semi-metal material. Smooth and compact braking. If you're not happy with their products, they'll give you a return,replacement or refund. If you're not happy with their products, they'll give you a return,replacement or refund.

Brand: Ahl

👤Junk. After the noise went away, I had very little braking power. I should be able to come to a stop after a few rides and noise subsiding because these are metallic pads.

👤The stopping power goes away when they heat up. It isn't safe. They work if you don't push them, which is fine for a beginner mountain biker. These are dangerous and I used them on a road bike.

👤The quality of these pads is excellent and the price is unbeatable. These are semi-metallic pads. Most of the others are made of plastic. The compound is far superior.

👤It's easy to fit, hopefully after a few miles they will quiet down.

👤Well put together, looks good. I just installed the last set. Keep spare on hand.

👤It's easy to install. So far, it has worked well.

👤So far, so good... Like them better than the original pads. Brakes are better than touchy.

👤The new Ebike had bad disc pads. It was terrible water gushing sounds. The bike shop recommended a pair of Kool Pads. They were terrible. The water noise continued and the front brakes sounded high pitched. The bike shop sanded my rotors. I replaced the faulty pads I bought as a last resort. Detergent was used to clean the rotors. No noise! Lesson learned: don't trust bike shops for installation. Do it yourself!

👤I needed new pads for my bike in a hurry and my local supplier was out of stock. I ordered these to avoid being chased all over town. There is a So far, so good. I can't tell if they perform any differently from the original pads. The originals screamed like banshees when wet, but they are quiet when dry. I would be happy if the pads were quieter when wet. I don't know how fast they wear. There is a The backing plate is painted metal, which is my only reservation. This suggests to me that it may be ordinary steel which will rust as the paint inevitably is stripped from the piston and other contact areas. The backing plates on my original pads are "silver" and did not rust, suggesting either a good quality plate or a more expensive one.

👤I bought those inexpensive pads as a sort of experiment. 1500 km on a heavy, electric fat bike with those pads and I will probably do another 1000 km before they need replacement; this is just as good as the original, brand name pads.

👤The pair of these were installed on my mountain bike because of oil on my brake pads. The bike looks great, no sound, and it has great brakes. They were the same size as the original tcktro pads. I don't understand why some are complaining about thickness.

👤I replaced the recently installed pads with more expensive ones. The pads were very loud. I have never experienced that with any other pads. I bought these because I took a chance. The fit was perfect and there was no noise. I put some mileage on these and pad wear is nominal. I was very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend it.

7. Dymoece Pairs Organic Bicycle Mechanical

Dymoece Pairs Organic Bicycle Mechanical

The package includes 2 pairs of pads and springs. The pads are made of organic resin and have powerful braking. Disc-friendly, organic less noise, and high- safety. The performance was exceptional at high temperature and wet. The brake pads aredurable and excellent power modulation. The sram avidBB5 mechanical disc brakes are compatible with the perfectBB5 brake pads.

Brand: Dymoece

👤It is very easy. There is a The last time I paid for a bike, it was $94. I decided to become self-sufficient. There are a lot of good videos on the topic. The brake tensioning nuts should be adjusted by the brake levers. The bike should be turned upside down. Remove the wheel. The brake caliper is held to the bike frame or fork by two nuts. Push the silver clip and two brake pads out of the big slot side of the caliper with a screwdriver. Place the silver spring tension clip between the brake pads. There is a If you want to slide them into the large slot side of the brake caliper, lightly compress them. Make sure the clip is still engaged in the two depressions on the disc brake pads and seated up in the small opening where the old clip was. There is a The disc brake pads are pulled away from the rotor by the spring. There is a As you tighten the bolts on the front fork or the rear frame, lightly squeeze the brake handle to pinch the rotor. There is a The discs need to be in the right place so that the pads don't pinch on the rotor. Stand the bike upright, tighten the brake tensioning nuts up by the brake handle, and then back them off just a little to where you don't hear the rotor rubbing on the new disc pads. There is a You are done. There is a You are free from the mechanic for the disc brake pads. There is a When you notice that your brakes are not stopping you as quickly as you would like, you can adjust the wheel on the spoke side of the caliper to bring the inside brake pad closer to the rotor.

👤"You get what you pay for." I know why these pads were cheap. They were made to low standards. Most of the metal is paint and not metal. The edges are jagged. I had to tighten my cables and close the gaps like I would half-worn pads because the pads material is half as thick. The clips are weak. I used my old clips because they held the pads tighter. These pads give me a good grip on my brake disks. Despite the quality issues, they do work. I don't think they will last very long. I haven't used my brakes yet. I don't know if they'll work in the rain or mud.

8. BlueSunshine Mechanical Brake Front 160mm

BlueSunshine Mechanical Brake Front 160mm

The Rear Hub Disc Brake Ball Bearing can be used. The mechanical disc brake is actuated by a cable. There are two sets of calipers and one set of rotors. There are aluminum alloy calipers, 12 bolts, and 2 steel G3 160mm rotors. It is easy to adjust power modulation. For use with brake levers.

Brand: Bluesunshine

👤These are well built and inexpensive. If you know the secrets of setting up and maintaining a machine. You will love these discs. My own fault is the only complaint I have. My middle finger was sucked into them. I think so... If you want to slide the strips between the discs, use a business card and cut a few out. If you want to give your rotor a hair's width to breathe and not grind, tighten up the mounts on your caliper and squeeze the brake lever. If you want to clean your pads, be sure to use rubbing alcohol or acetone and sterile cotton, as the oil in your skin will corrupt the bite. Seat your pads properly by not yanking on your brakes for the first few hours. After a couple hours of babying them, your brakes will be set and they will be fine for a long time. The man is thankful for a cheaper alternative.

👤I installed this kit on my Trek bike so I can pack it for bikepacking. I have installed mechanical disc brakes before on a different bike, so I am familiar with that. The instructions were easy to install, and neither did they get a single step wrong. Not to worry, no instructions included. I just installed the front and back in 20 minutes, just like I did before. If you don't know how to install disc brakes, you should watch a video on mechanical brake installation or review the installation guide for the AvidBB7. I think it would work the same as this kit. I think mechanical disc brakes are easier to install than rim brakes. I am 215 pounds and the stopping power of my Santa Cruz Superlight seems to work for me. I can't see a difference in stopping power. There is a I am very satisfied with the price.

👤I didn't look closely when I bought these. I thought that the time was right to replace the set that I have beat to death. I like the AvidBB7. I opened the box, saw the lower quality imitations, got packing tape, and re-closed the box. I'm giving them three stars because I'm sure they'll work well for what they are, a cheap brake that is good for stopping a bike that's only ridden slowly on pavement. Did the 160mm disc brakes fail on your balloon tire beach cruiser? Buy the brakes. Is the Huffy in need of an upgrade? Give these a try. Do the kids ride on the dirt trails? They will be able to take all the sweet jumps. Do you need a paperweight or other name brand brakes? This is your ticket. I'll never know if they work because there wasn't a chance I was installing them on my bike. It's possible that your bike is cheap enough to be what you need. They aren't right for me. If you want to get a AvidBB7's, you should pay at least 3x more than these.

👤The discs were mounted on new wheels. The front had a new pair of air forks. The back of the bike is being built. I spun the wheels after installing them. The discs were rubbing on the pads for a second on every rotation. I had to bend them to get them to stop. I didn't use the cables. I'll be replacing the whole set up with better brakes and better rotors before long, but they'll work for a short time.

9. BlueSunshine Front Back Disk Brake

BlueSunshine Front Back Disk Brake

The brakes now fit the XTR. It's used for brake systems of bikes. The inner diameter of the freewheel threaded hub is 34mm. The position is front or rear. The R-140mm is F-160mm. R-180mm. There are Buffers included. F160 Front Brake is also known as F140. If it is installed at the front wheel, it will fit a 160mm rotor. R160 Rear Brake is also called F180/R160. If it is installed at the front wheel, it will fit a 180mm rotor. The package contains a mechanical bike 160mm front and back brake disc kit.

Brand: Bluesunshine

👤I read the reviews and thought that some people didn't know how to install them or that they got a bad one. The pictures of the product were accurate. Half of the hub holes make it useless. The holes in the screw on rear hubs are the same as the ones in the adapters. I didn't check the calipers to see if they fit. I ordered a kit from another company so I wouldn't have issues again.

👤The buyer should beware. You get what you pay for. The 6 bolt hubs won't fit the rotors. They don't pay attention to the international standard. I have been a mechanic, bike shop owner, and cyclist for 20 years and have never bought inferior product. The pull on the levers is similar to dentistry. The action on the calipers is terrible. There is no stopping power. I've set up hundreds of different brake systems and never had any problems.

👤I needed to replace my problematic So1e brakes. They worked just as well once adjusted, and without worry of brake fluid issues. . There is a The package arrived without instructions. I was mechanically inclined and was able to figure out the install and adjustments. . There is a Gary Fisher Tassajara is the owner of my bike. The brake units were mounted to the frame with some spacers. The brackets would be rubbed by the discs. . There is a The brake levers are basic and won't last long. They were pulled apart to add lubrication. The levers felt better once they were added. They added some locktite to make sure they wouldn't fall apart on the trail. These modifications made me more confident that the levers will last a long time. . There is a The cable housings are not good. They're soft and flexible. The quality of the cable sets I found was not up to par. Like the levers, I expect them to last a few years.

👤I was very excited when I got the disc brakes for the first time, but I realized they wouldn't work when I tried to put them on. The holes wouldn't line up on the hub, no matter what I did, it just wasn't happening. I went back out to watch the video again and see how it was done again, and I didn't do anything wrong. I went back to my order page on Amazon and looked at the reviews and found that many of the people who had bought these had found out that the holes wouldn't line up on the hubs.

10. SRAM Road Brake Organic Aluminum

SRAM Road Brake Organic Aluminum

It is widely compatible. It's suitable for most Mountain Bike, Road Bike mechanical Disc Brake System. The road disc brake pads are designed for use. The organic pad is made of aluminum backer plate. The bleed block tool is included in the pad set.

Brand: Sram

👤Many reviews will point out that the pads don't include a bleed block, despite the fact that the description and picture indicates that one is included. It's not clear why Amazon doesn't fix this inaccuracy, it dates back a long time. In dry weather, the organic version of the brake is okay, but once it gets wet, you should get ready for a lot of noise from the pads rubbing the rotor. It's normal from brake pads in general, but these seem to break down much worse than the average pad. You should use the pull downs to order the type you want.

👤The description said it had a bleed block.

👤I assumed they did. They were opened so they can't come back. There is a warning for others.

👤These work well on my cross bike in the winter. Did not include a spreader.

👤Good pads. My second set was the semi-metallic variant, because Organic only lasted 1000 miles.

👤Not what I received. No blocker bleeding.

👤The tool was described and pictured. There was no tool included.

👤The disk brake lever was not present.

👤The sellers photo is misleading as it shows a brake pad spreader, and as you can see in my photo, it wasn't contained in the packaging.

👤You have to pay to return the item that is not as described.

👤Pastiglie originali per freni Sram Level TLM/Ultimate, un po' costosette ma comunque. There is a Ho provato diversi modelli aftermarket sulla mia bici, ma le uniche bene in tutte le condizioni. There is a In alluminio, queste in particolare con backplate.

👤The Produkt is in Ordnung. Leider ist der Abstandhalter, der in den Produktbildern. Die Beschreibung enthlt kein Hinweis. There is a Leider ist, wie sonst blich, die Mglichkeit den Verkufer. There is a I am the Bremsen dringend brauche. Is das Rcksendung fr me?

👤The formato del paquete is a pequeo. THe solo trae las pastillas. There is a No trae el separador. He pagado. There is a A una estrella al caso, ami comentario. No trae, Mnimo deberan devolvrnla diferencia de haber pagado.

11. Corki Bicycle Brake Alignment Regulator

Corki Bicycle Brake Alignment Regulator

The European standard for mountain bicycle safety was approved in 2005. The mount has a disc brake caliper on it. The disc brake alignment tool can be clipped anywhere on the edge of the disc. Press the brake lever repeatedly if the screw on the caliper is not tight. Press the brake lever tight and lock the screw on the caliper. Remove the disc brake gap alignment tool.

Brand: Corki

👤Quality construction and looks to be precise. I used these to try to line up my brakes better than I have done in the past, and it definitely helped. It probably doesn't matter as I used them on Magura brakes with the SRAM centerline rotors. Is it something you need? Probably not. Even if you're running a self-centering system. They might be more useful for mechanical disc brakes as they were a pain to get straight. These might be worth $6 in time andfrustration savings if you're not confident setting up your own brakes.

👤The disc brake calipers are aligned with these.

👤Simple yet innovative! Put some pressure on your brake lever.

👤It's good to have a tool bag to easily adjust my calipers.

👤What else can I say? These will help you adjust your disc brakes.

👤You can adjust your pads first pass yield.

👤The metal is too soft. You could wrap your rotor with some bent paper. This would be a great idea if the metal was strong.

👤The narrowness and the thinness made me dislike them.


What is the best product for bicycle disc brake pads l02?

Bicycle disc brake pads l02 products from Corki. In this article about bicycle disc brake pads l02 you can see why people choose the product. Tektro and Aiisar are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle disc brake pads l02.

What are the best brands for bicycle disc brake pads l02?

Corki, Tektro and Aiisar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle disc brake pads l02. Find the detail in this article. Hardheaded Ram, Tobwolf and Ahl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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