Best Bicycle Disc Brake Pads A10.11

Pads 28 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. DiscoBrakes Auriga Aquila Gemini Tektro

DiscoBrakes Auriga Aquila Gemini Tektro

Installation is easy and fast. Medium Density Pads with Spring. One pair of pads. It is a compound suitable for all weather conditions.

Brand: Discobrakes

👤This review is about the product "Tektro Auriga A10.11 Disc Brake Pads P20.11" The pads are made by Discobrakes. The Semi-metallic medium density pads are manufactured by "DISCOBRAKES". The pads work well after a short period of time, and the A10.11 is a harder pad that will wear longer. The A10.11 is an original equipment pad, but the E10-11 is a Semi-metallic pad, and the harder A10.11 was not available from "TEKTRO" for some reason. The "TEKTRO" E10.11 and the "DISCOBRAKES" product are Semi-metallic pads according to their manufactures. The thickness of the "Tektro" pads, the wear material and the steel backing plate are all shown in the examples pictured. Time will tell if the DISCOBRAKES hold up to mountain bike use. I will keep you updated.

👤The local bike shop wanted $100 to do the job. I did it in less than 10 minutes. I just watched a video.

👤The disc pads are very good value. It was correct that they arrived quickly as some stuff from other online stores is taking a while. They only took a short time to bed in. I will be bold to say that they provided better performance than the ones from the big S company. The job was done.

👤The pads were ordered on Thursday. I spent the weekend riding. The brakes were good. Quiet, powerful and efficient in the rain. The experience was great.

2. SHIMANO Resin Brake Spring Version

SHIMANO Resin Brake Spring Version

It is compatible with the Deore M525 M525 M515 T615 T65 M500 M Dash Sport has a line of products called Dash Sport Tektro. The stopping power is above average. The focus should be on controllable performance. It was designed for wet and dry conditions. BR-M465, BR-M486, BR-M547, BR-M552, BR-M555, BR-M BR-T614.

Brand: Shimano

👤The plastic bag will hold these instead of the standard shelf pack. The parts include the pads, spring, and sizes of cotter pins. I was worried that they might be Chinese knock-offs, but I compared them to regular ones and they were exactly the same. These are not metal. There are shiny inclusions that look like metal. If you are a serious mountain biker like me, you will burn through these pads on steep downhills, but they stop well, are quiet and grab smoothly. Measure the thickness of your rotor when you change pads. The minimum thickness is stamped. Don't let it fall below that value. The attached photo shows what happened to me. I am very good at crashing, and walked away with only scratches.

👤I sent the seller feedback questioning if the pads were real. They were different from the B01)S pads I had on hand to install. The information and photos I received were very helpful. I have complete confidence that these are original pads. There is a Hello, Paul. Thank you for your feedback. There is a The product you receive is original. We welcome your doubts. There is a The refurbished and better performing B03S is the only B01S still in the market. The B03S model pads have not been released yet. There are boxes of 25 used in service centers. The B03S pads are packaged in boxes of 25 used at the Shimano Service Center because of our faster and better price policy. I am going to show you the photo of the original box to clear your doubts. If you want, we can give you the purchase invoice of our products. It will help you understand that the products you buy from the original site are genuine. The rating you gave will affect our business very badly. There is a We hope we helped clear your doubts. You should review your comment. We can assist you further if you write to us. Stay healthy. Have a great ride.

👤There is some confusion if these are "The Real Deal" or knock-off disc brake pads. I can tell you that my order was genuine. It's only one set. It's most likely knock-off pads if you see others selling a pair for the same price. Don't buy if you're warned. A quick update. These are the genuine pads from the vendor "Trail This". They have bought a second set. The power of the brakes has improved. I'm disappointed in the longevity of the disc brake systems that I use. Shame on them. I thought you'd make better brakes.

3. Compatible Tektro Shimano Brakes Metallic

Compatible Tektro Shimano Brakes Metallic

Love it or your money back. They want to make the best choice for you. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If their product doesn't live up to your expectations, you can return it for a replacement or a full refund. The choice will be yours. This package comes with 8 pairs of bicycle brake pads, rich content and enough quantity for you to use and replace, you also can share these brake pads with your family or friends. The bike brake pads are made of quality copper semi metallic material, which is safe, sturdy and not easy to fade, which can reduce the initial bite time, shorten the run-in period, and reduce the noise fast smooth road, you can use them for a long time. The bike disc brake pads are compatible with many bikes. The bike brake pads are made with nice workmanship, strict inspection and control, safe and reliable for you to use, you don't have to worry about security. These mountain bike disc brakes pads are designed with exquisite appearance, classic color, and quality braking effect, not easy to break and crack, and convenient for you to use, practical items in your daily life.

Brand: Bbto

4. Magitati Bicycle Tektro Shimano Br M575

Magitati Bicycle Tektro Shimano Br M575

The contents are in a 2 pack. Their brake pads are made up of high quality fibers and organic material that are bonding together with a substance called resin, which gives them a maximum initial bite. Their brake pads are made of resin and have low disk wear and a comfortable braking feel. Less noise can be achieved by using organic brake pads. The brake pads are compatible with the Shimano M575 M525 M515 T615LX. M 465, M 465, M 465, M 465, M 465, M 465, M 465, M 465, M 465, M 465, M 465, M 465, M 465, M 465, M Dash Sport has a box called the Dash Sport Tektro OrionSL. Buy with confidence. If you have a product issue, please don't hesitate to contact them via the Amazon message system, they will do their best to solve it.

Brand: Magitati

👤I don't usually leave a review, but these have blown me out of the water. I ride an E bike and use a lot of breaks. Quieter than the brand! Not sure about longevity. I would like to change them again very easily.

👤I haven't ridden with these pads long enough to really review them. But! There is a They don't make noise. They stopped my bike. I'm happy with them.

👤Pros: Aggressive grip, cheap Cons: wore out very quickly. They stopped my ebike quickly, but they also wore out quickly. I'm hoping to find ones that will last longer, as these lasted a month on moderate use.

👤I just replace my bike about once a year. They are just as good as the more expensive ones.

👤It matched my original breaks. It was easy to install. Good grip. Good price. I have two sets of hope. Highly recommended, will do it again.

👤The brakes seem to be the same brand and type as the factory ones, and they work great.

👤It was like a cheap price. It's easy to install. The power of the brakes. Put the thick pads on the disc and slide them over. Thick pads highlight warped discs and cause rubbing. I installed so I don't know how long. I bought new discs to improve my performance. I need a tool to pull discs. It's time to get some tools.

👤The pads are great. My sons and I have the same brakes on our Trek Marlin.

👤They haven't been installed yet to determine use. There is a They fit my brakes well. Will review after they are used.

👤All worked well and at a good price.

5. Best Tek Shimano Replacement Bicycle

Best Tek Shimano Replacement Bicycle

Kickstand not included with the bicycle, and a limited lifetime warranty on the steel frame. Perfect Bike Brake Pads can be used to upgrade your Mountain Bike brands. The same Desgin bike brake pads are used. Disc Brake Pads. It's good stopping power and durable are what the Brake Pads are made of. The bicycle disc brake pads are high quality with low noise and excellent power modulation. Mountain Bike Brake Pads are used on front or rear brakes. Smooth and Reliable Powerful Braking. The bike disc brake pads set includes 2 pairs of pads, spring and retaining clips.

Brand: Best Tek

👤The first replacement for original equipment. I couldn't tell them apart if they were new. Excellent value. Work well in both dry and wet.

👤It was easy to install. I thought the title of the ad meant two sets of discs, but I was wrong. This is a single pair for a bike. Otherwise very happy. The Diamond Back Calico had a marking of M300W.

👤This is what I received. The photo doesn't fit in the description. I didn't discover this until after the return window.

👤I had never tried to install new disc brake pads on my bike. It is easy to install.

👤Not as advertised. They're not the right size for the M315. Beware of buyers.

👤I thought these would be cheap and nasty. I was wrong about how much. It's easy to fit once you remove the cable tie. I just released the cable and fitted it, then adjusted it. I took a bike for a test ride and thought it was better than the original brake pads.

👤I have a converted electric bike that ate away at the pads from 30mph+ and I didn't realise my cables were knackered, but I popped these in and it was perfect. New pads in squeeze lever, loosened bolts, and took pads out. Done.

👤It's not very good to be honest. Would not be able to stop. The difference between a pair of genuine shiman pads and a pair of imitations is astounding. There is a Don't buy these if you want to stop.

👤I bought these instead of the original ones. They work just as well and were half the price.

👤Taking the wheel out makes it easier to replace the worn out pads on my bike.

6. AHL 4pairs Bicycle Shimano Tektro

AHL 4pairs Bicycle Shimano Tektro

The bicycle brake rod is easy to use and portable, and it is suitable for most mountain bikes and road bikes with brakes. Quiet and excellent braking in wet and dry conditions. The performance is long lasting. The brake disc can be protected with the best semi-metal material. Smooth and compact braking. If you're not happy with their products, they'll give you a return,replacement or refund. If you're not happy with their products, they'll give you a return,replacement or refund.

Brand: Ahl

👤Junk. After the noise went away, I had very little braking power. I should be able to come to a stop after a few rides and noise subsiding because these are metallic pads.

👤The stopping power goes away when they heat up. It isn't safe. They work if you don't push them, which is fine for a beginner mountain biker. These are dangerous and I used them on a road bike.

👤The quality of these pads is excellent and the price is unbeatable. These are semi-metallic pads. Most of the others are made of plastic. The compound is far superior.

👤It's easy to fit, hopefully after a few miles they will quiet down.

👤Well put together, looks good. I just installed the last set. Keep spare on hand.

👤It's easy to install. So far, it has worked well.

👤So far, so good... Like them better than the original pads. Brakes are better than touchy.

👤The new Ebike had bad disc pads. It was terrible water gushing sounds. The bike shop recommended a pair of Kool Pads. They were terrible. The water noise continued and the front brakes sounded high pitched. The bike shop sanded my rotors. I replaced the faulty pads I bought as a last resort. Detergent was used to clean the rotors. No noise! Lesson learned: don't trust bike shops for installation. Do it yourself!

👤I needed new pads for my bike in a hurry and my local supplier was out of stock. I ordered these to avoid being chased all over town. There is a So far, so good. I can't tell if they perform any differently from the original pads. The originals screamed like banshees when wet, but they are quiet when dry. I would be happy if the pads were quieter when wet. I don't know how fast they wear. There is a The backing plate is painted metal, which is my only reservation. This suggests to me that it may be ordinary steel which will rust as the paint inevitably is stripped from the piston and other contact areas. The backing plates on my original pads are "silver" and did not rust, suggesting either a good quality plate or a more expensive one.

👤I bought those inexpensive pads as a sort of experiment. 1500 km on a heavy, electric fat bike with those pads and I will probably do another 1000 km before they need replacement; this is just as good as the original, brand name pads.

👤The pair of these were installed on my mountain bike because of oil on my brake pads. The bike looks great, no sound, and it has great brakes. They were the same size as the original tcktro pads. I don't understand why some are complaining about thickness.

👤I replaced the recently installed pads with more expensive ones. The pads were very loud. I have never experienced that with any other pads. I bought these because I took a chance. The fit was perfect and there was no noise. I put some mileage on these and pad wear is nominal. I was very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend it.

7. ODIER Elixir Kevlar Stronger Braking

ODIER Elixir Kevlar Stronger Braking

Semi-Metallic brake pads have less noise than sintered metal pads. There is a warning This is for the brakes of the Avid E1/E3/E5/E7/E9/ CR/ER/XO/XX/DB1/DB3/DB5 A compound for long-term performance. Good heat dispersal, perfect adaptation. SMOOTH and Powerful BRAKING. A steel backing plate has more protection for the rotor. There is a must have item for build a mountain bike. Before placing the order, please compare the shape with your original pads.

Brand: Odier

👤I found a wide variety of choices and prices when I was shopping for replacement pads for my AvidDB3's. I ordered a set after reading some positive reviews of the set. The front/rear set is less expensive than a pair of original pads, and it provides some really fantastic performance. I bed the new rotors in and found them to be great. It was a very smooth and predictable performance. Good pads, no weird noises, no whining, just good pads. I'll be more than happy if they get a season out of them. I can replace them for the price if they wear quickly. I will still be in for less than the original equipment manufacturers.

👤There is a sound coming from the front wheel. I cleaned the rotors with alcohol. They were quiet after the initial bedding. There is a I cleaned the rotor and re-bedded them on the front wheel after sanding them. They still squeal during moderate pressure on the brake lever, but not during light or heavy pressure. I didn't hear a sound from them on my wheel.

👤Do not buy these pads if you are serious about mountain biking. I replaced the lower end brake pads on my db 3 because they have been dead reliable for the last three years. My front brake got soft fast and they smelled hot, they were the first real ride with a steep downhill. I'll be going with a name brand pad because of the good brake feel.

👤It was a perfect fit. I got about 250 out of the expensive pads and they were easy to install and hold up well. I got a great price for what I got. It was hard to find pads labeled for these brakes, so I assumed they would fit, and it worked out well. I will definitely buy again.

👤At first, it worked well. They were quiet and stopped. I had a rear brake but one of the pads came off of the backing and plate on my last ride. I have a scored up rear disc because the backing plate went metal to metal with the disc. I wouldn't buy them again. Purchase a higher quality pad and save money.

👤I had to sand them down after I compressed the calipers to get them to fit. The material was thick. They don't fit in the brakes that are advertised. I was able to get them to work, but it was a challenge.

8. Gekors Ceramic Bicycle Shimano Tektro

Gekors Ceramic Bicycle Shimano Tektro

Older style road/ mountain/ BMX bikes are compatible. The back plate is made of ceramic or steel. It's free. The service life is very long. Adapted to different road surfaces. Smooth and powerful braking. It is designed for professional trainings. It was a perfect performance. It's compatible with the M515/M525/M465 and the M465/M475. The Spyre is called the TRP HY/RD. The package includes 1 pair of pads and an installation guide.

Brand: Gekors

👤The bike forum member recommended these. It is a bargain compared to brands like Swiss Stop or Jagwire. They were a bit thicker in appearance than other pads I've purchased before, but I thought they would work out. The fit and finish were a bit rough, but the pads were still expected to work. I don't worry about overheating because I don't overwork my brakes. Installation was easy and included the usual spring, and I adjusted them by removing the brake body and using some gap tools to fine tune it, then Torque the screws to their required setting. tweaking the cable is fun. The thickness of the pads made that even more annoying. They installed with more effort than before. I expected the usual bedding to be not great in the beginning. They were so soft after the initial bedding. The discs were never grabbed with the normal power of the brakes. When I got home from my final commute on these pads, I swapped them out for a new pair of Swiss Stop pads because I didn't want to experience bad brakes. These were thrown in the trash. Safety is not worth the savings.

👤I bomb downhills. There is a road and a mountain. Biker too. 40 years of riding experience The pads are the best I've found. Stick better than metallics. The stopping power is huge. The spring clip holes don't line up correctly, so I would give them 5 stars. It's easier to get the old spring clip than it is to fit the calipers. These are the sticksiest brake pads I've found. The clips would be perfect if they fit. They're the best price for ultimate stopping power. I change my pads every two months. It is possible to burn out road grime oils with a torch. They will stop like new. I keep a pair in my bag.

👤I use a 203mm rear disc with custom mounts on a heavy electric bike that is capable of speeds that are slightly north of legal. I only run these pads. The braking behavior is very similar to the original pads. The pads take heat without losing their cool. They like extreme heat better. Don't buy the green "ceramic" pads, they're terrible. I tried. Get the real deal. The pads are the winner.

👤The pads take a lot of heat and bedding cycles to grip properly. They work best with some heat in them. I have to use more pressure to get that pop in my brakes since I don't have any hills in Texas. They grip well when they're warm. I have some low-tier brakes that may be worth it on more powerful brakes.

👤I installed ceramic pads on my bike because I chewed through a set in 2 weeks. These are holding up just as well. I don't feel like I need more stopping power when I go between 20 and 30 mph with these pads because they feel good. My bike has 160mm rotors and TRP Spyke brakes.

9. Dymoece Organic Bicycle Shimano Alfine

Dymoece Organic Bicycle Shimano Alfine

It's compatible with the XTR M965 M966, Saint M800, and other brands. The compound brake pads are made from organic and non-Asbestos materials. A short break-in period,durable disk wear, and comfortable braking feel are some of the things that make SALVAGEDATA Disc brake pads provide a smooth and good braking experience. It's a perfect replacement for the shimano XT XTRLX SLX Hone Alfine Saint brake pads. It's compatible with the XTR M965 M966, Saint M800, and other brands.

Brand: Dymoece

👤It takes a big brake pad to hold my bike in place. It takes a good brake pad to slow my beast down. My bike can go over 50 miles per hour. It can travel 40 miles on a single charge. There is a The good thing was that it worked great on my bike. It was a perfect fit. Both front and rear. There is a Why wouldn't you wear clean gloves when installing these? There is a The brakes stop nice and smooth after you eat off the coating on them. There is a They were the same color as my frames and rim decals. Awesome! There is a It was easy to install the pads. The pads start to smoke at 47 miles an hour. There was smoke coming from the top of these when I was sending it down the hill and riding the front brake. The brake pads are not made for E bikes like I do. Just to quickly! There is a I can't think of any bad things. They work well. I need to buy another set for my trike. I will be ordering another set soon. There is a The shipping was very fast. There is a These work great if you need brakes for your bike.

👤The Dymoece pads were purchased. My son's bike has a pair of brakes on it. The existing pads weren't gripping well and it was becoming a safety issue on single-track descents. The new ones are working well. We ride in dry conditions, he doesn't weigh much, and we don't do a lot of extended descents. These are a good match for his riding style. There is a If there is an issue with the new pads or your replacement procedure, you should have at least one brake that is known to be working. We removed the rotors and then used Cubitron's Pro Grade to remove any existing pad material and then wiped them down with alcohol. We used blue LocTite and a Torque wrench. The results have been great, so I'm ordering 4 more pairs so that I don't have to worry about which ones to get in the future. The local bike shop didn't have pads in stock because the brakes are getting old. Spending a lot of money to replace the brakes is not a good idea.

👤I replaced my brake pads with these. The bigger bike I have, with the weight of cargo, is great for these kinds of bikes. There is a They make a sound. It's not terrible. Reducing oil on the pads and disks is a way to do that. Adding alcohol helps. It's worth it for the safety and being able to stop on a dime even with extra weight. The product was well made.

👤The metallic and semi-metallic brake pads weren't good with braking power. I didn't want to get the pads because they wear down quickly, but they have amazing braking power. They still provide awesome braking power. The metallic pads are useless.

10. Tektro P20 11 Ceramic Compound STB1762

Tektro P20 11 Ceramic Compound STB1762

Disc brake pads have a good braking effect and are free of harmful substances. The Brake Pads for the Disc Brakes are in need of replacement. Excellent traction properties result in excellent wet braking performance. The P20.11 Disc Brake Pads have features. The Airfinn is not compatible with the Radiator Airfinn. The contents are in a 2 pack.

Brand: Tektro

👤A10.11 pads have a superior performance replacement. No need to replace the rotors unless they are warped or damaged, simply clean them with greaseless solvent and dry them with soft cloth before installing new pads. You can squeeze the brake lever while you tighten the bolts. Make sure your brake lever is blocked so that it isn't accidentally actuated, or that it isn't causing a leak.

👤My pads werebedded to a different compound. There were deposits on the rotors and brake thumping when these metal ceramic pads were installed. I got the same thumping after a lot of cleaning. Tech service from the manufacture needs to be changed if a different compound is installed.

👤When I first got it, my brakes were the same as they are now. I was using a computer. It is still thick. I thought I should bleed my brakes, but it didn't solve the problem. There is a After installing the P20.11, cleaning my rotors with rubbing alcohol, and bedding the new brake pads, my brakes are working again as if they were brand new. The pads don't make noise. The brakes would fall apart from the fork because of the stopping power of the pads. I fell in love with my old bike again after being impressed. I bought a bleed kit as well, so I could use it in the future, but I wish I had these pads sooner.

👤I had new brakes on the Himiway bike, but they didn't sound good. The back was grinding and there was squeaking. I tried to clean them. It didn't work. The breaks are almost silent now that I put these on. If I hit it hard enough, I can still hear a tiny squeaking, but it's nothing that will break the squeak spray for cars. I think they are as good as it gets for breaking. The feel is also included.

👤If the outer shoe slips down too low, it can be difficult to remove the old brake shoes, so try to keep a good grip on both shoes. You will need to push the two pistons back into their cylinders in order to make room for the thicker shoes. If you have a large flat-blade screwdriver, this isn't hard. Just slip it down between the pistons and you will get a couple of twists. They are tough. It is important to not jiggle the BRAKE LEVER until the shoes are replaced. If you do, you will need to push those pistons back into place. It's a thing to do. I think it will take a few rides to get these shoes to grab. Before I replaced the shoes, I cleaned the brakes with alcohol. It works well too.

👤I own a Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent S2. It came with the organic compound brakes. Even though they were new, they were noisy with both types of sounds. The bike brakes are even better now that I have swapped them for the P20.11 pads, and they are no longer making strange noises. The upgrade to everyone is highly recommended.

11. Pairs Bicycle Compatible Shimano Alfine

Pairs Bicycle Compatible Shimano Alfine

It's compatible with the XTR M965 M966, Saint M800, and other brands. You will get 4 pairs of brake pads for easy and timely replacement and extended service time. The bicycle brake pads are made of a material that can reduce the initial bite time, shorten the run-in period, and reduce the noise. The quality cycle brake pads have good heat resistance, are easy to install, and are free of harmful substances. The bike brake pads have a fine appearance, good braking effect, noiseless, wear-resistant, stable, comfortable and convenient. These brake pads are compatible with other brands. T605

Brand: Boao

👤For the price expectations, my replacement cable pull hydraulics only lasted about 7 months on flat terrane. These have barely made it two. The performance was good, but terrible. The front and rear were only used for full stops. The rear is useless and the front is fast. Time to order something better for the witch.

👤It's fine for regular riding on the level streets. There is a I ride it down Chestnut Street in San Francisco from the top of Russian Hil. The blocks are steep. The pads expand after the third block. The tire is locked up by the brake. The space between the brake's pads and the disc was provided by the loosened adjustment screw.

👤The title implies that these are compatible with the Deore XT brakes. They don't. The listing needs to be edited.

👤They are doing well if I put them on my bike. This type of pad is vastly superior to S0-1 type pads and brakes, even high end ones.

👤These have been the best break's I've tried out and they work great.

👤These pads work great. I tried a lot of different companies and types. They will stop you.

👤The quality of the building is bad, but they are affordable and the stopping power is good.

👤They work well, use them to replace the brakes on my bike, and they did the job.

👤I bought these for my friend. The brakes were useless and incredibly noisey after the accident. The pads are an ideal replacement for the originals. If you're replacing due to contamination, make sure you clean the rotors before you start.

👤I swapped out the old for the new and am still going strong.

👤Really loud. Have tried cleaning with alcohol. There is water. There is sandpaper. Nothing works.

👤Does the job well.


What is the best product for bicycle disc brake pads a10.11?

Bicycle disc brake pads a10.11 products from Discobrakes. In this article about bicycle disc brake pads a10.11 you can see why people choose the product. Shimano and Bbto are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle disc brake pads a10.11.

What are the best brands for bicycle disc brake pads a10.11?

Discobrakes, Shimano and Bbto are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle disc brake pads a10.11. Find the detail in this article. Magitati, Best Tek and Ahl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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