Best Bicycle Disc Brake Kit Shimano

Kit 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Farbetter Including Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

Farbetter Including Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan. The mechanical disc brake system has 2 x 160mm Rotor, 1 x Front Brake Caliper, 1x Rear Brake Caliper, 1x Rear Brake Cable, 1x Disc Rotor Adjuster, and 12 X Disc Brake Rotor Screws. High-quality materials include the XTR Disc Brake Pads. A high strength and anti-breaking disc brake base. IMD international dimensions include front and rear caliper for 160/180mm and 140/ 160mm discs. You can adjust the gap between the two parts easily with the Extra Gadgets-Disc Rotor Adjuster. The ideal replacement is your bicycle ideal upgrade parts and packed in a box to present in the original for you. It is widely compatible. It's suitable for most Mountain Bike, Road Bike mechanical Disc Brake System.

Brand: Farbetter

👤I own a few bikes with disc brakes. I buy a mail order. The bike was damaged and I replaced a few things to make it go away. I had to adjust the brakes so they wouldn't drag on each revolution. I tried everything. I gave up. I bought these on the spot. There are pictures of the old front and rear brakes. They measure the same. The padding on the FBs is more swept. There is a I adjusted the front brake set after replacing it so they won't drag but will still stop effectively. I haven't been able to do both. I lose stopping power when I adjust to avoid drag. There is a I raised the stars to 3 and posted a picture of the front brake. Adjusting these types of brakes is an art. I can spin the tires without rubbing, and I can compress the brakes to stop the bike, if I have these installed. Is they great brakes? Probably not. Is they a good value for money? I think that's a subjective question. I'm using them and they're as good or better than the Tekros. I wouldn't praise myself too much. It's worth what they cost.

👤They look nice. Very decent design, decent construction. It's much better than I thought. Also, very strong piece. There is a They are essentially useless. The adjustment parameters call for having one pad against the disc at all times, because the calipers only compress from one side. The appearance of nice disc brakes are given by these functions. These don't cut it when it comes to converting to disc brakes.

👤The rear wouldn't work on my get pro comp, the seller never responded to my emails, and these are not good.

👤The kit can be retrofit onto a dirt bike. The ability to run 160mm front and rear is amazing. So far they are doing a great job. No noise and a great look.

👤I bought this product to have a set of the same set of brakes. The bike had a springer front end and disc brake accessory. It looks pretty good, no problems during install, and no screaming brake sounds. Did not have a problem with using the "4 finger" brake levers. A good product to buy.

👤The brakes on my bike wouldn't stop the bike at all. It's a cheap product, but it should work. I don't think anyone should buy this.

2. Shimano R451 Reach Caliper Black

Shimano R451 Reach Caliper Black

The aluminum construction has a finish.

Brand: Shimano

👤I would have given it a 5 stars if the rear mounting bolt was longer and the pads that came with it weren't garbage. Each of these problems has a star off for it. The front and rear set should be replaced with 2x front calipers. They are the same in every other way.

👤The brakes were purchased to replace the old ones. They consistently brake on aluminum alloy rims. The frame had to be modified to allow the bolts to pass through the fork. The nuts need an 8mm hole. The front and rear brake sets had different sized cylinder nuts to allow for a variety of fitting options.

👤Absolutely awesome! It works on my fixie. Not at all comfortable with a single front brake. Needed a pair that matched too. Excellent quality. Highly recommended.

👤I like the style image, the color looks great on my bike, and I replaced my original brake pads because they were worn out, I am all about detail and style, and the most modern of items on my Cadillac bike!

👤Make sure you have a bike. It only has a little bit of a shank for attachment.

👤It's not fancy, but it seems sturdy and gives a decent breaking performance. My pads are almost all the way to the top, but I knew this when I ordered them. If you were wondering, they are still within acceptable range.

👤I upgraded the stock brakes on my bike. They are better than the BR-5800s, but they are not as good. The trash has the brake pads in it. The center adjustment screw is difficult to turn and I am concerned that it will eventually strip out. The mounting bolt on the front of the caliper was not long enough for my fork. It's not a big deal for me since I had the stock brakes, but it might be a problem for some people. I might look for other options, but I don't like them enough to remove them, ship them back and find replacements. I replaced the pads with the new ones from the store and the brakes work just as well as I need them to. They do the job well once they are installed and set up.

👤I think it was a pointless upgrade to replace a pair of Dia-compe BRS 101. There is a They have terrible pads, so buy a set of them. They didn't play nice with a pair of Sora brifters, felt like not enough leverage to stop, and they were supposed to be compatable with the new super SLR thing. They work with a pair of generic road levers, but they are terrible pads.

3. SHIMANO BR T4000 Front V Brake Black

SHIMANO BR T4000 Front V Brake Black

The brand is Shimano. The design has low operating forces. Smooth and quiet stopping power is what it is designed for. Excess mud can be prevented with the Mudguard.

Brand: Shimano

👤The tolerances on the integrated-bushing V-brakes and the T4000's are no exception, as was mentioned by JRP. The locating pin on the V-brake stud doesn't sit deep, and the brakes don't sit flush on the V-brake stud. There is a The biggest concern I have is that the bolts are only 15mm long, which is not long enough for most V-brakes. The edge of the brake post is buried under the body of the V-brake. There is a You're barely getting thread engagement on one of the most critical parts on your bicycle now that you have a deeper set mounting boss with a shorter bolt. This combination helped snap a stud off a bike I was working on, and I had a spare fork. There is a The jury is still out on whether the stud was faulty or if the short length of the bolt helped to tear the front half of the stud off, but I'd wager that a combination of the two contributed to this failure. This is not how to engineer a product. As nice as a V-brake sounds, it's all wrong. Would I buy a new V-brake if I knew what I know now? No. As a few others observed, the brake pads were almost used on these. The edge of the rubber looks a bit odd at first glance.

👤I didn't want to do a review until I found out what was wrong with the brake. Everything works out as it should. The brakes are beautiful and work well, but they don't flush properly, as everyone has said. The issue is not due to bolt size. The bolt size is 20mm. The depth of the inside of the brakes doesn't match the depth that comes standard with every bike I measured to be roughlY 0.25 in. I hope you read this because it is an easy fix and can provide a lot of happy customers. If they fix the issue on the brakes, I would buy again from them.

👤I'm replacing my Trek 7200 hybrid with a new one. I was in need of new brake pads and wanted to try the hybrid pads, but I decided to upgrade my brakes after seeing the new pads. For only a few bucks more, they can offer better stopping power. I can only imagine what these can do when the pads wear out. There is a The installation was very easy. There is a The cane with bike is better for stopping power and comes with a new rubber boot. There is a The brake pad adjustment doesn't come with allen head or a nut. Resolved by taking my Allen head nut. There is a If you're looking to replace brake pads on a subpar set of V-Brakes or for replacement V-Brakes in general, this is a great deal.

👤I bought these for the old bike that needed new cables and pads. I upgraded to the entire sets for the price. levers and cables are not included. I assumed they would work because I read in the reviews that someone had used them on the exact model of my bike. Since the rear set was on backorder, I ordered 2 front sets. They work well enough. The spring is not as strong as it used to be, so I had to fiddle with them to see how they would do on the rear. I used the top because the rear mounts have no resistance in the center. The front mounts only have one hole. It took a long time to mount, mainly because of trying to align and toe in the pads. Thank goodness for Park Tools. They have videos on how to install V brakes. It would be helpful for the seller to explain the differences between the front and rear sets on their Amazon sales page.

4. Shimano T Type Bicycle Lever Set

Shimano T Type Bicycle Lever Set

V-brakes and mechanical disc brakes are compatible. The brake lever is used with a pair. The brake lever is long Pull.

Brand: Shimano

👤One of the TekPro levers broke when the bike tipped over inside my garage, so I installed these onto my Diamondback MTB. I swapped the old cables for the new ones because the levers have brake cables. The new levers were easy to use, and the cables were perfect. Make sure the levers have the right amount of travel so that the brakes are effective. If you're looking for new brake levers and cables, you'll find them in the components section of the store.

👤The brake levers are very high quality. They are finished and don't feel loose or rattly. They are very sturdy and do not click when released because they have a plastic or rubber pad inside the lever to cushion the rebound. There is a problem I am using these on a 29er mountain bike with a 180mm rear rotor and two m-355 calipers on a Universal to post mount. The brake levers are from the T-Type. The setup comes up to less than $50 a wheel.

👤It's a good combo. The lever length prevents you from using four fingers on the brake. This way, one or two fingers remain on the grip when baking, which will cause a better control of the bike.

👤My Schwinn Boundary has a solid upgrade from stock handles. I wanted to buy the Shimano MT200, but they are hard to find, and have gone up to $100 since this time last year. These are lighter and have thicker cables than the factory no names.

👤Very happy. The cables and housing arrived in a nice box. The Recoil 29er came with the Tektro levers. I got what I wanted and they work well on my computer. Two fingers on a disc brake set.

👤The product is new and nice, but it is in a sandwich bag. I should give 4 stars to the seller, not the product.

👤I used these on my mountain bikes. The stock replacement was better than the cheaper levers.

👤A nice set of levers. They are better quality than the ones they are replacing and look great, but took a bit of time to arrive.

👤I used this to upgrade my bike. There is a It is a kit with cables.

5. TOUHIA 0 87in Bicycle Brake Bracket

TOUHIA 0 87in Bicycle Brake Bracket

The package includes: 2 x 160mm Disc Brake Rotor and 12 x screws. The bike disc brake brackets are necessary for frames with no disc brake. It is easy to install a bicycle disc brake bracket. You can operate it easily. It's suitable for many types of transportation. The Dic Bak Adapter is made of premium metal. They offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied, you can contact them. They will do their best to give you a solution.

Brand: Touhia

👤I tried to convert my bike to disc brakes and thought that this device would do the trick. It took a bit of effort to get it to fit. It now works well. The quick connect feature is no longer available and the brackets need to be adjusted from time to time. Don't recommend it.

👤I have a mountain bike that is not disc brake friendly, but I have a disc brake on my bike. There is a big difference between rim brakes and disc brakes. I recommend this disc brake accessory for old bikes.

👤I really don't like this one with a passion. Constantly slips off the axle even when you tighten it. The extra play causes the wheel to fall off. Every time. Single. Time.

👤The add on will prevent the upgrade to disc brakes. It is not very versatile. I had to make a separate frame clamp on my bike because of the angle that it sat at on my ebike.

👤They are only made for limited application and hard to install. I have a full suspension bike. No, it will work without any changes.

👤If you have to brake hard to avoid something at high speed, you won't trust an adult bike. It should work for a small project for a child. They're cheap and hard to complain about. I knew what I was buying.

👤I've never tried this on fit. There is a newer style of accessory that works better on Amazon.

👤Buen artculo, solo, tuve ms abajo. The balata is recomendable.

👤No me gusto, pero el articulo se mira usado. No, no, no

6. SHIMANO Stainless Steel Universal 1 6x2050 Mm

SHIMANO Stainless Steel Universal 1 6x2050 Mm

The actual rotors, the actual cables, and the front brake cable are included. Road and MTB are compatible. The cable resists rusting.

Brand: Shimano

👤The description is for STAINLESS STEEL. This isn't a piece of steel. It is magnetic, but not STAINLESS. The package describes the product as Steel Brake Inner Cable. The package does not say "stainless steel" I had to use this POS because I removed the old cable. There is a scam alert. There is a Thestainless steel cable is here after a couple months. The car does not rust. This is not magnetic. Don't go there and beware and avoid.

👤I needed to replace the rear brake cable on my bike. I threaded the new cable in after removing the old one. After watching an online video on how to do it, it was easy to install. The brakes work well. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new brake cable.

👤I needed to change the brake cable on my bicycle because I didn't have a bike shop in my area. It was very easy to install with the help of videos. The cable has nothing to do with adjusting the brake.

👤They work as expected. Installation went well for a new bike mechanic. Is there any installation video links in the product info? If I missed them, add them.

👤The item is the same as pictured.

👤Light gauge cable for brakes. A generic set of cables are less expensive than a different brand.

👤I needed this for a seat mechanism. It was a perfect fit, length and size.

👤Replacement parts are the best. You can't trust other parts on the road.




7. RUJOI Aluminum Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

RUJOI Aluminum Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

Comes with brake pads. The mechanical disc brake system has 2 aluminum front and back caliper, 2 sets of 160mm Rotors, and 6 bolts. The front and rear of the IMD international dimensions are 160/180mm and 160mm disc. The easy assembly includes a tool-free pad adjuster, no need for a plum six angle screwdriver, and no need to disassemble the caliper. High quality repair or upgrade part is ideal replacement. Just for you, an out of box experience. The model of the Universal Brake Pad is compliant. The Spyre is called the TRP HY/RD.

Brand: Rujoi

👤What a change. The electric bike brakes were not stopping. I was going to replace the pads but found this product. I might as well get a fresh start by replacing the rotors and calipers. There is a I took it out for a test after the install. The brakes would lock the wheel if I wanted. The bike did not do that with the original brakes. I can't believe how well they do. I feel safe riding my bike again. I would have bought these sooner.

👤I can't recommend people buy these when the brakes function as intended. I've seen these calipers have issues with caliper migration, which is when the mounts are filed down to the brackets using a file. As soon as I get my new fork, I will throw these things in the trash. I made sure they were there. I made sure they were on the same page. Stay away if you feel like adjusting your brake caliper every time you ride your bike.

👤I have Phil Wood hubs. No way this brake system will fit, it includes any other threaded hub system that I know of. I tried this with a drop-out accessory for the hubs. You will need a fork on the front. Finding a fork that also allows for the rack and fenders will be a challenge. I don't know of a system that allows the use of a disk on the rear of a road bike. There are mounts for flat plates. The smallest of these mounts is too big for a road bike and precluded the use of fender and/or rack. Without using fender/rack, the flat plate adaptor can interfere with wheel removal.

👤I bought these to upgrade the brakes on my Cannondale MTB as part of the conversion to electric. The kit came with a couple of arms. It was not difficult to get a good feel for the levers. The stock v-brakes are not as good at stopping power. Pull the arm just before the point of engagement and tighten the cable if you want to pre-load the brake. They aren't the most powerful brakes out there, but you get a lot for the money. If you decide you need more power later, your investment is not lost because they can be used with larger rotors. It is not possible to say that it is. No brake is not a substitute for situational awareness, ride smart, and pay attention to what is down the road.

👤These two stars were given to them because they were well packaged and had good instructions. The performance and stopping power of the V-brakes I wanted to replace were not as good after installation. I might try disk brakes again, probably with a known brand, since I would expect better performance. The disks seem to be okay, so I can probably use them.

👤When I upgraded the wheels on my mountain bike, I installed these. You don't have to study the instructions or pay attention to mounting the calipers correctly to install them. I think they perform a bit better than my old V-brakes, and there is no more grinding noise from the pads and wheel. I think the high pitched sound from the rear brake is temporary and caused by dust getting onto the pads.

8. Star Art Front Back Disc Brake

Star Art Front Back Disc Brake

Cyclists designed the tools that are built to last. The bike wrench set comes with a lifetime warranty. It's used for brake systems of bikes. The inner diameter of the freewheel threaded hub is 34mm. The position is front or rear. The R-140mm is F-160mm. R-180mm. There are Buffers included. F160 Front Brake is also known as F140. If it is installed at the front wheel, it will fit a 160mm rotor. R160 Rear Brake is also called F180/R160. If it is installed at the front wheel, it will fit a 180mm rotor. The package contains a mechanical bike 160mm front and back brake disc kit.

Brand: Star-art

👤This is for a weird application. The levers are real clunky, the rotors are not compatible with my wheels, and the calipers have the smallest pads I've ever seen. You get what you pay for.

👤I thought the descripton of 48mm disc bcd was a mistake as I couldn't find a bike wheel with that geometry. They will not mount on the international standard of 44mm because they measured 46mm. My review ends there. Send them back.

👤Garbage is what the cables for where I am are. The wind out here is salty, but so far it has not damaged the cables. Walmart sells heavier replacement cables that work better here.

👤The brakes don't work well. The wheels didn't fit the rotors. I had to order all new brakes because the stopping power on my old rim brakes was not as good as the new ones. I will be getting a better set of brakes and removing these from my trail bike.

👤Everything works well. The quality of workmanship is the only turn off, it looks like it was just taken out of the mold and assembled right away.

👤Gave up on bike shops after a lot of bad experiences, installed these brakes in an hour and 30 minutes of riding.

👤The only good thing about package was the calapers.

9. RUJOI Aluminum Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

RUJOI Aluminum Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

This bike brakes set is suitable for most bicycles, road bikes, MTB, BMX, and you need to confirm that the rear wheel of your car has a mounting hole for this type of brake, please be careful to purchase. A complete solution includes a whole brake system with 2 aluminum front and back caliper, 2 aluminum bicycle brake handle, 2 sets of 6 bolts, and cable. The front and rear of the IMD international dimensions are 160/180mm and 160mm disc. The handlebars have bike brake levers installed. The easy assembly includes a tool-free pad adjuster, no need for a plum six angle screwdriver, and no need to disassemble the caliper. Quick recovery from a crash is provided by automatic lever position restoration. High quality repair or upgrade part is ideal replacement. Just for you, an out of box experience. The model of the Universal Brake Pad is compliant. The Spyre is called the TRP HY/RD.

Brand: Rujoi

👤Don't waste your time and money on this product. They won't stop you from walking on the ground and sound like a dying cat. The brakes get jammed and keep you engaged for the rest of the ride, which feels like going up a 15% incline but on flat ground. It is very difficult to squeeze hard after an hour ride. If you value your time, it is best not to spend 2 hours installing, removing, driving to the nearest bridge, and throwing them off. There is a They are garbage and it is a shame you can't rely on the overall review. You won't need a bicycle bell to warn people you are coming as they will already be looking for the cat.

👤The cables were perfect for my mountain bike. It was easy to install. It took a few tries to get the brakes aligned. I got them dialed in quickly. The brakes are progressive. I am happy with the set. Can't beat the price. There is a I bought a second set for an old bike that I wanted to upgrade. If I wasn't happy with the first, I wouldn't have done that.

👤I decided to add disc brakes to my Jamis mountain bike while I was at it because I wanted to upgrade it with a suspension fork. I found a good deal on a Rockshox Judy Silver fork and purchased a 180mm brake set, along with all the parts needed to convert from a threaded to a threadless headset. I had to adjust the alignment of the brakes after everything went smoothly. The brake pads only covered a small portion of the disc, leaving the rest of the disc exposed. I ground the 180mm disc post mount to the post mount to try to align the pads over the disc better. This did help, but it needs to be lowered more than grinding will allow. I wondered if the pads were too small when I did this mod, as the brake pad did not fully cover the calipers. I just received two new pads, one from Shimano and the other from Tektro. The mounting stem/finger that secures the pads in place is too short, which is the biggest problem, because the pads are somewhat smaller, 2mm shorter and 1.5mm narrower. This is the main reason the pad doesn't fully cover the disc. Also, the pads are more rectangular, which leads to a larger surface area. There is a The brakes are built to last. The installation went well until I noticed the brake pads were malfunctioning. The V-brakes I had before are the same as the ones I have now. The V-brakes worked well and that is a compliment to the disc brakes. Just installed the pads and there is an immediate improvement in the performance of the brakes, which should improve even more as they continue to bed-in. The biggest reason for the improvement is that the new pads cover the entire braking area of the discs. I had to put a washer between the mounts in order to raise them after grinding too much. I think these are better than my old V-brakes. The total cost of the fully functional 180mm disc brakes is $50, with the new pads only costing $13. The old V-brakes are an improvement over the old hydraulics.

10. SHIMANO M8000 Brake Caliper Black

SHIMANO M8000 Brake Caliper Black

The mountain bike disc brakes pads feature good appearance and good braking effect, which is not easy to break and crack, safe, stable, noiseless and convenient for you to apply.

Brand: Shimano

👤I've never had a brake that didn't need pads. It's too bad that once in over 40 years of cycling, it's bad.

👤The box was labeled correctly but the item inside was different. Had to come back. I received bike pedals instead of disc brake calipers.

👤The product is easy to deal with.

👤Can't beat the quality of work done by shimano.

👤The original isn't made anymore.

👤It was installed on my MTB. The noise of a lesser grade brake does not affect the stopping force.

👤The M8000 caliper was ordered. It comes complete with all hardware and brake pads. Surprise! The machine screw was where the fitting was supposed to be. Completely worthless! A wheel missing half the spokes is the same as a wheel missing half the spokes. Finned brake pads are not pictured. It took 9 days for the order to arrive. The email response was not helpful.

11. BlueSunshine Mechanical Brake Front 160mm

BlueSunshine Mechanical Brake Front 160mm

The Rear Hub Disc Brake Ball Bearing can be used. The mechanical disc brake is actuated by a cable. There are two sets of calipers and one set of rotors. There are aluminum alloy calipers, 12 bolts, and 2 steel G3 160mm rotors. It is easy to adjust power modulation. For use with brake levers.

Brand: Bluesunshine

👤These are well built and inexpensive. If you know the secrets of setting up and maintaining a machine. You will love these discs. My own fault is the only complaint I have. My middle finger was sucked into them. I think so... If you want to slide the strips between the discs, use a business card and cut a few out. If you want to give your rotor a hair's width to breathe and not grind, tighten up the mounts on your caliper and squeeze the brake lever. If you want to clean your pads, be sure to use rubbing alcohol or acetone and sterile cotton, as the oil in your skin will corrupt the bite. Seat your pads properly by not yanking on your brakes for the first few hours. After a couple hours of babying them, your brakes will be set and they will be fine for a long time. The man is thankful for a cheaper alternative.

👤I installed this kit on my Trek bike so I can pack it for bikepacking. I have installed mechanical disc brakes before on a different bike, so I am familiar with that. The instructions were easy to install, and neither did they get a single step wrong. Not to worry, no instructions included. I just installed the front and back in 20 minutes, just like I did before. If you don't know how to install disc brakes, you should watch a video on mechanical brake installation or review the installation guide for the AvidBB7. I think it would work the same as this kit. I think mechanical disc brakes are easier to install than rim brakes. I am 215 pounds and the stopping power of my Santa Cruz Superlight seems to work for me. I can't see a difference in stopping power. There is a I am very satisfied with the price.

👤I didn't look closely when I bought these. I thought that the time was right to replace the set that I have beat to death. I like the AvidBB7. I opened the box, saw the lower quality imitations, got packing tape, and re-closed the box. I'm giving them three stars because I'm sure they'll work well for what they are, a cheap brake that is good for stopping a bike that's only ridden slowly on pavement. Did the 160mm disc brakes fail on your balloon tire beach cruiser? Buy the brakes. Is the Huffy in need of an upgrade? Give these a try. Do the kids ride on the dirt trails? They will be able to take all the sweet jumps. Do you need a paperweight or other name brand brakes? This is your ticket. I'll never know if they work because there wasn't a chance I was installing them on my bike. It's possible that your bike is cheap enough to be what you need. They aren't right for me. If you want to get a AvidBB7's, you should pay at least 3x more than these.

👤The discs were mounted on new wheels. The front had a new pair of air forks. The back of the bike is being built. I spun the wheels after installing them. The discs were rubbing on the pads for a second on every rotation. I had to bend them to get them to stop. I didn't use the cables. I'll be replacing the whole set up with better brakes and better rotors before long, but they'll work for a short time.


What is the best product for bicycle disc brake kit shimano?

Bicycle disc brake kit shimano products from Farbetter. In this article about bicycle disc brake kit shimano you can see why people choose the product. Shimano and Shimano are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle disc brake kit shimano.

What are the best brands for bicycle disc brake kit shimano?

Farbetter, Shimano and Shimano are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle disc brake kit shimano. Find the detail in this article. Shimano, Touhia and Shimano are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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