Best Bicycle Disc Brake Kit Conversion

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1. BlueSunshine Front Back Disk Brake

BlueSunshine Front Back Disk Brake

The brakes now fit the XTR. It's used for brake systems of bikes. The inner diameter of the freewheel threaded hub is 34mm. The position is front or rear. The R-140mm is F-160mm. R-180mm. There are Buffers included. F160 Front Brake is also known as F140. If it is installed at the front wheel, it will fit a 160mm rotor. R160 Rear Brake is also called F180/R160. If it is installed at the front wheel, it will fit a 180mm rotor. The package contains a mechanical bike 160mm front and back brake disc kit.

Brand: Bluesunshine

👤I read the reviews and thought that some people didn't know how to install them or that they got a bad one. The pictures of the product were accurate. Half of the hub holes make it useless. The holes in the screw on rear hubs are the same as the ones in the adapters. I didn't check the calipers to see if they fit. I ordered a kit from another company so I wouldn't have issues again.

👤The buyer should beware. You get what you pay for. The 6 bolt hubs won't fit the rotors. They don't pay attention to the international standard. I have been a mechanic, bike shop owner, and cyclist for 20 years and have never bought inferior product. The pull on the levers is similar to dentistry. The action on the calipers is terrible. There is no stopping power. I've set up hundreds of different brake systems and never had any problems.

👤I needed to replace my problematic So1e brakes. They worked just as well once adjusted, and without worry of brake fluid issues. . There is a The package arrived without instructions. I was mechanically inclined and was able to figure out the install and adjustments. . There is a Gary Fisher Tassajara is the owner of my bike. The brake units were mounted to the frame with some spacers. The brackets would be rubbed by the discs. . There is a The brake levers are basic and won't last long. They were pulled apart to add lubrication. The levers felt better once they were added. They added some locktite to make sure they wouldn't fall apart on the trail. These modifications made me more confident that the levers will last a long time. . There is a The cable housings are not good. They're soft and flexible. The quality of the cable sets I found was not up to par. Like the levers, I expect them to last a few years.

👤I was very excited when I got the disc brakes for the first time, but I realized they wouldn't work when I tried to put them on. The holes wouldn't line up on the hub, no matter what I did, it just wasn't happening. I went back out to watch the video again and see how it was done again, and I didn't do anything wrong. I went back to my order page on Amazon and looked at the reviews and found that many of the people who had bought these had found out that the holes wouldn't line up on the hubs.

2. BlueSunshine Mechanical Brake Front 160mm

BlueSunshine Mechanical Brake Front 160mm

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 2 years warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan. The mechanical disc brake is actuated by a cable. There are two sets of calipers and one set of rotors. There are aluminum alloy calipers, 12 bolts, and 2 steel G3 160mm rotors. It is easy to adjust power modulation. For use with brake levers.

Brand: Bluesunshine

👤The pads don't generate as much stopping power as the ones that came stock on my bike. The power is not there, so I put them up about as much as I can. I guess they are called the caliper? I'll replace the pads soon, they seem to suck, as far as I can tell.

👤I took care to clean the oil off of the braking surface after installing and adjusting this. I can pull the lever as tight as I please, but the pads don't produce much force. The V-brakes that they replaced had more stopping power than these. It was replaced with the Tektro HD-M290.

👤I had 1200 miles on my mechanical electric bike brakes before they were worn out. I replaced the front and rear brake assembly myself because it was too difficult to replace the discs and cables. Most Chinese bike manufacturers use the same size and distance bolt patterns for the front and rear brake assembly, making it easy to bolt on. The brakes work perfectly after simple adjustments. It's quite a bargain.

👤There isn't any break pads that you can order limited to one pair. I wish there was a place to order spare pads. There is a I bought a 180mm disc rotor for the back to work with the sprocket for my motorized bike but haven't tested it out on the road. I only used one set for the rear so I can use the pads from the other.

👤rotors bend up quickly because of waste of time and money. Even though I ride this bike once a week, I was constantly adjusting the brakes. I had to buy new parts for my bike at a local shop and wasted more money. I won't be shopping from Amazon's dealers until better quality items are developed.

👤I added these to my trike. They look good, have all the parts included, and install without any issues. There were a few issues from the first use. I couldn't adjust the pads to get more than 50% because of the poor contact on the rotor. After a few shakedown runs, the pads wore down so they won't last long. 3. I applied a heavy brake lever pull on my last run.

👤I didn't get the bad reviews on these breaks. $20 for a full disc break setup that works great, I have been running them for a week. I installed them in 10 minutes and adjusted them without any problems. I would buy them again.

👤The rotors are working. The one caliper works as it should. The other caliper works when I squeeze it, it doesn't stop when I squeeze it. I had to disassemble the caliper to make it work. It did it again. Crap!

3. TOUHIA 0 87in Bicycle Brake Bracket

TOUHIA 0 87in Bicycle Brake Bracket

The package includes: 2 x 160mm Disc Brake Rotor and 12 x screws. The bike disc brake brackets are necessary for frames with no disc brake. It is easy to install a bicycle disc brake bracket. You can operate it easily. It's suitable for many types of transportation. The Dic Bak Adapter is made of premium metal. They offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied, you can contact them. They will do their best to give you a solution.

Brand: Touhia

👤I tried to convert my bike to disc brakes and thought that this device would do the trick. It took a bit of effort to get it to fit. It now works well. The quick connect feature is no longer available and the brackets need to be adjusted from time to time. Don't recommend it.

👤I have a mountain bike that is not disc brake friendly, but I have a disc brake on my bike. There is a big difference between rim brakes and disc brakes. I recommend this disc brake accessory for old bikes.

👤I really don't like this one with a passion. Constantly slips off the axle even when you tighten it. The extra play causes the wheel to fall off. Every time. Single. Time.

👤The add on will prevent the upgrade to disc brakes. It is not very versatile. I had to make a separate frame clamp on my bike because of the angle that it sat at on my ebike.

👤They are only made for limited application and hard to install. I have a full suspension bike. No, it will work without any changes.

👤If you have to brake hard to avoid something at high speed, you won't trust an adult bike. It should work for a small project for a child. They're cheap and hard to complain about. I knew what I was buying.

👤I've never tried this on fit. There is a newer style of accessory that works better on Amazon.

👤Buen artculo, solo, tuve ms abajo. The balata is recomendable.

👤No me gusto, pero el articulo se mira usado. No, no, no

4. 160mm Stainless Bicycle Rotors Mountain

160mm Stainless Bicycle Rotors Mountain

Match do it yourself options, find bleeding kits for your brakes, find mtb pedals, cassette, single chainring, and even groupset to build your bike. They commit for the most affortable bicycle parts to improve your performance. The outside diameter is 160mm. The center distance is 44mm. The thickness is 1.9mm. The pattern is standard, 6 bolts. The material is STAINLESS STEEL. It's easy to put on your Disc Brake Ready Frame and Fork. It's ideal for the Alivio/Deore Disc Brake Systems. The package includes: 2 x 160mm Disc Brake Rotor and 12 x screws.

Brand: Litetop

👤I think these are actually a knock off of the Avid brand. The branding logo is lightly laser etched onto the surface, while the real Avid ones are stamped deep into the disc. My bag was warped right out of it. I bought some genuine discs which confirmed that these are fakes. The steel is much harder and thicker than the real ones, so it has almost no flex. The real ones are stamped with branding and size information. The pads on the real ones have a larger surface area where they can try to contact where there is no disc. This is not new. I have purchased sets from 5 different sellers. Everyone has been a lie. If you have a cheap bike, get these. If you want discs that will not warp and will be genuine, avoid these and most of what is being sold here on Amazon.

👤I found no reason to doubt the authenticity of these discs, having compared them to other brakes. Excellent design and quality. The design is the same as the one in the background, but without the slots of questionable effectiveness. The small drilled holes don't clear out mud as quickly as the larger ones, which is one of my criticisms. These are an excellent choice for any application and are an amazing value for the money.

👤My wife has an e-fatbike. The 160mm rotors were not enough for the riding we do. The mountains of the Pacific Northwest are steep and the 160mm rotors got cooked. The kit is two rotors and they were right. The only thing that could be done was to get the right adapters for the brakes. The contact path on the 200mm rotors is wide, and the wavy edge means I wasn't able to get the calipers as far inboard as I wanted. The wavy edge of the rotor would hit the caliper. I used a grinder to cut the thickness of the rear adapter. I wanted to get it as close as possible. The pads should be used with the rotors. The bike is stopped like a boss by the Truckerco pad that works with the two calipers.

👤The 203mm Avid 39A rings are a generic version. They give you two disks with mounting. After adjusting the pad tolerances to 2mm, there was no more duality. The stopping power was reduced by 10.75NM per force. The 165mm rings were not efficient to reduce my applied mass of bike, body, and backpack by the required amount. 15' with 0-25mph.

5. Geesatis Bracket Modification Bicycle Converter

Geesatis Bracket Modification Bicycle Converter

The package contains a mechanical bike 160mm front and back brake disc kit. Bike Disc Brake Conversion Bracket is a product. It is a necessity for cyclists who can operate it easily. The material is iron. Solid metal that can be used. It can be adapted into a disc brake bicycle. The hole is 31.8mm wide and 1.25 inch deep.

Brand: Geesatis

👤I was going to give this 5 stars because it saved me from a hospital day. If you need to stop quickly, a part like this should hold up better. Thankfully, it saved me. It should have enough strength to save me 50 times before bending apart. I have another disk break kit that I will replace asap. If you want to get sales, you have to have better quality items. This part saved me again. Purchase at your own risk.

👤I was able to install the replacement rim and function as expected. It was helpful to watch the You Tube video about stalling to fully understand how it works and how to position during installation. The installation was easy once understood.

👤I put it on my motorized bike and when I hit the brakes, the whole thing bent into my rim, and I had to replace my break caliper.

👤It worked well to add disc brakes to my chopper forks. The fork tube is about 1 12 inches forward of the dropouts, so I had to get a bit creative with how I mounted it. I made a small steel plate bracket to lend a bit of support and after a little tweaking, it works great. The price was correct. It's a cool part and helps out a lot, but I don't think anything more than what it costs is worth it. It's a bracket, it needed a little modification in my case, but for most it works great. If you want to convert your old bike to disc brakes, you need to get this before you have to figure it out. If you don't have a place to mount a caliper, you need one of these. The place I got the forks that lied about the diameter of the tubes was the place I ordered the clamp from, not the manufacturer. That is a stock non-disc rim. It's impossible, and even if one could figure it out it would be dangerous. I don't lock my front brake up since it's not a smart thing to do regardless of the system. I'll be buying another of these when I do, as it seems to me that this one would work on the back as well.

👤These only work in one direction. It was different and I had to make a new one.

6. JGbike Compatible Hydraulic Shimano 1450mm

JGbike Compatible Hydraulic Shimano 1450mm

Remember, it is SHIMANO, please measure your brake hose length first for the right choice. The front and rear set is ready to be installed out of the box. They want to offer this pair for Front 180mm, Rear 160mm rotors, so 4 brackets are included in the package, to satisfy any IS or PM mounts from the old bikes. Almost all the brakes on a bike need to be replaced, so it's in their brand package. You can give it to your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or gift for your kids' bike for Father's day, Mother's day, or Christmas. Measure your existing brake hose length for appropriate size and assemble ourstanding performance, brakes, safety, assembled as left for front,reachadjustable, including B01)S resin pads. A customer avoided a 25mph accident with their brakes, when they were still using cable mechanical disc brakes. They support business, they offer business price for bike shops, schools, rider team, just place bulk order and replace the brakes for your other family bikes, recommend to your community, they love to be your business partners and trusted vendors. Match do it yourself options, find bleeding kits for your brakes, find mtb pedals, cassette, single chainring, and even groupset to build your bike. They commit for the most affortable bicycle parts to improve your performance.

Brand: Jgbike

👤The kit comes with pre-assembled and pre-bled. It was easy to install and work well. The mechanical disc brakes have been upgraded. I bought my wife's bike 1.5 years ago and was excited to have disc brakes over the old v-brakes. They have always been less powerful and more prone to screaming. I ordered the upgrade kit when I found it. I'm very pleased with the results. This is not a high-end mountain bike brake system, but for a trail bike that already has disc brakes this is a solid upgrade that's well worth the cost and effort. Highly recommended! I just wanted to give an update. Since I installed these, my wife has put over 1,000 miles on her bike. This upgrade was great for her bike. The original cable-actuated solution was not as good as these. They have a fixed pad on one side and only moved the other to the other side. These move at the same time and are held on both sides. I paid for them, but they are less expensive now. Great value.

👤These have shot up to $150 in a few years. The price probably went up on EB too. I burped my set once and they still feel brand new. The seller's package includes a good set of installation bits. It is a steal to have that package for $50. It is not for $100. Go to that auction house and look for the brake set. Everything in this set and a pair of discs can be had for $52 shipped from China over a month or $66 shipped from the US over a week. If you can't wait then this package can be had in one day. The Ford Model T was to cars, but the bike brakes that come in this package are similar. They are not the best, but I'd bet they will fight for their money. The stopping power is good, the modulation is simple, natural and predictable, and they have not failed me once in any way over the course of a year, so I have to rate their reliability as excellent. The price is cheap. It doesn't make sense to pay a bike shop to bleed your brakes and replace them because it's so low. You could get a new set for the same amount of money. It's a bit wasteful, but it's a real winner here in that it brings affordable and reliable brakes to the rest of the world, just buy another set when you don't feel good enough anymore. If the color is black, you can have it in any color.

7. Star Art Front Back Disc Brake

Star Art Front Back Disc Brake

Cyclists designed the tools that are built to last. The bike wrench set comes with a lifetime warranty. It's used for brake systems of bikes. The inner diameter of the freewheel threaded hub is 34mm. The position is front or rear. The R-140mm is F-160mm. R-180mm. There are Buffers included. F160 Front Brake is also known as F140. If it is installed at the front wheel, it will fit a 160mm rotor. R160 Rear Brake is also called F180/R160. If it is installed at the front wheel, it will fit a 180mm rotor. The package contains a mechanical bike 160mm front and back brake disc kit.

Brand: Star-art

👤This is for a weird application. The levers are real clunky, the rotors are not compatible with my wheels, and the calipers have the smallest pads I've ever seen. You get what you pay for.

👤I thought the descripton of 48mm disc bcd was a mistake as I couldn't find a bike wheel with that geometry. They will not mount on the international standard of 44mm because they measured 46mm. My review ends there. Send them back.

👤Garbage is what the cables for where I am are. The wind out here is salty, but so far it has not damaged the cables. Walmart sells heavier replacement cables that work better here.

👤The brakes don't work well. The wheels didn't fit the rotors. I had to order all new brakes because the stopping power on my old rim brakes was not as good as the new ones. I will be getting a better set of brakes and removing these from my trail bike.

👤Everything works well. The quality of workmanship is the only turn off, it looks like it was just taken out of the mold and assembled right away.

👤Gave up on bike shops after a lot of bad experiences, installed these brakes in an hour and 30 minutes of riding.

👤The only good thing about package was the calapers.

8. RUJOI Aluminum Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

RUJOI Aluminum Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

The fitments are: Cadillac Escalade, Escalade EXT, Chevrolet Avalanche, Suburban 1500, and Yukon. The mechanical brake has 1 aluminum rear caliper, 1 ofstainless steel 160mm Rotors, and a set of 6 bolts. IMD international dimensions, rear caliper for 160 rotor. The easy assembly includes a tool-free pad adjuster, no need for a plum six angle screwdriver, and no need to disassemble the caliper. High quality repair or upgrade part is ideal replacement. Just for you, an out of box experience. The compatible models are the M515/M525/M475, M355/M395/M415/M446/M465/M487, and the M487/M486. The Spyre is called the TRP HY/RD.

Brand: Rujoi

👤The pads that came with the brake set worked out after 50 miles, so I ordered a new set, and the new pads are much nicer. The brakes were bent when they came with the set. Yes. I put the new one on the spare one and it seems to work. I will probably change the caliper as well.

👤I'm 100% satisfied with the price. I have never used disc brakes on a bike, but this kit looks great. It doesn't seem like it's as expensive as a much more expensive caliper would look like. It appears to work well and will get the job done for my conversion of a cruise with rim brakes to disc brakes. I believe it is made of steel and should hold up.

👤The brake was perfect. I liked the instructions to mount the brake. The price was unbeatable.

👤The bike was installed in a few minutes. The construction and quality seem good. I only had it installed for a few days. I don't know how good it will be in the long run. There is a The material for the brake is the same as the one that came on the bike.

👤It was easy to install and it was great help for my Schneider 29ER.

👤The brake was installed. The instruction was clear and understandable.

👤It works very well to stop the bike.

👤I have ordered quite a few items from your company and they are excellent. I recommend your products to my friends and other people who are looking for good deals. Thank you from a customer.

👤I put it on the front wheel of my mountain bike. Installation is easy and it comes with pads.

👤I was worried that I wouldn't be able to install it myself, but it worked out well. I agree with others that the break pads are small, so if you can, order more just to have on hand. I have done about 120 km so far without having to change them. I am happy with this product and the price is great.

👤The front disc brake in my Kona MTB needed to be replaced. It's easy to install, great braking pressure, 1 for 1 swap and didn't need to rerun the cabling. Recommended!

👤I thought they were the same. My bike has no disc brake mounts, so I bought an accessory. I had to flatten it to get it to work. The brakes are easy to install but I'm not sure if I have a rear brake on my front wheel. I gave it 4 stars and not 5.

9. Star Art Front Back Disk Brake

Star Art Front Back Disk Brake

The left-rear brake is 1350mm and the right-front brake is 750mm. If you're used to opposing left and right, you should check their replacement video to make sure it's good. Or you can install them upside down. Please contact them if you have any questions. It's used for brake systems of bikes. The inner diameter of the Freewheel Threaded Hubs is 34mm. The position is front or rear. The R-140mm is F-160mm. R-180mm. There are Buffers included. F160 Front Brake is also known as F140. If it is installed at the front wheel, it will fit a 160mm rotor. R160 Rear Brake is also called F180/R160. If it is installed at the front wheel, it will fit a 180mm rotor. The package contains a mechanical bike 160mm front and back brake disc kit.

Brand: Star-art

👤You get a lot for the price. You will not have great stopping power once you install these brakes, and tune them as much as possible. A test for me on a good set of brakes would be to go from a 3-4 mph roll and fully engage the brakes with the expectation of the wheels locking up in a skid. The front brake should stop hard enough for the rear wheel to come off the ground. This might be an option if you ride around the neighborhood. I don't recommend these brakes for offroad use.

👤The first shipment was scratched up and the second was bent. The cables and levers looked nice and new but the calipers were scratched up because they couldn't fit all the packing material in a small box. All parts must bounce around in shipping after being thrown into a box. I want to take my bike and would not buy these again.

👤The origional parts have more adjustment available. The rotors function well and look nice. The cables were long enough to be trimmed to legnth. I used the kit on my bike. Good grab on the pads.

👤We bought a set for what we thought would be a cheap experimental build that became much more, so I returned and bought legit brakes. Upon inspection, they seem to be as advertised. Everything was in working order and the necessary hardware was included. The extra money should be spent on the brakes.

👤I understand that for the money you get a lot which all of us who bought this product will agree on. The bolts that came in a bag were the only ones that were rubbing against the parts that were falling out of the package. The bolts on the brakes were scratched, and the brake levers looked poorly made. I'm not going to bother with the process of putting these on my bike. I hope no one buys it. Pictures will be posted.

👤The kit I bought was for the rear brake. I own a carbon frame with internal cable routes. I wanted to use those for my brakes. That was a mistake. I tried to adjust the cable slack, but these brakes never worked for me.

👤Absolutely junk. Parts are cheap and thrown in a box.

👤The parts need to be installed. The price is a great value. The poor quality brakes were replaced in 15 minutes. There are no necessary modifications. Remove old bolts and install new ones.

10. JFOYH 4 Piston Hydraulic Left Rear Right Front

JFOYH 4 Piston Hydraulic Left Rear Right Front

High. Performance: 4-Piston and dual drive. The length of the Brake Oil Hose is 31.5inch. 2 The installation method is kind of Finger Lever. One-piece brake lever cylinder can be used to avoid the dangers of brake lever leak and air intake. Please rest assured to buy, Amazon provides fast delivery service.

Brand: Jfoyh

👤I kept losing compression after trying to bleed. After taking the bleeder block out, the piston looked loose and came out with ease. No effort is made to remove it like a Shimano or SRAM product. Junk. I think the source of their air was the failure of their seals. The metal on the bleeder screw is soft and can be used one time. The lever is soft so plan on one time use. The stock mineral oil is murky. I would save the cash and buy the Magura S's if I had the chance, I have ridden every brand. Soon, I will have a video of me removing them and trashing them.

👤I decided enough was enough and pulled the plug on these 4 pots because I was getting issues with my brakes on my spare mountain bike. The install was very easy. It is not rocket science. I had to swap out the front carrier for my old one as I have 180mm front rotors but it was easy to install. I did a short test ride and they worked. Let's see how they do when the pads are on. I am initially pleased. I gave them 4 stars because the brakes are heavy and the pistons are small compared to the 2 pots I took off. Not sure if the surface area is more with the 4 pots.

👤Awesome when I broke them in. I have handled everything I have thrown at these breaks and been brutal on them. They take a bit of tweaking and patience but they get the job done. Also work with 203 and adapters rotors.

👤A disk and an alignment tool are missing. Not cool...

👤The set is pretty good. They stop better than the cable driven brake systems. If you like to stop quickly, I would recommend them. The price was good.

👤You need to know how to zero them.

👤Installation was easy, all looked good.

11. RUJOI Aluminum Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

RUJOI Aluminum Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

Comes with brake pads. The mechanical disc brake system has 2 aluminum front and back caliper, 2 sets of 160mm Rotors, and 6 bolts. The front and rear of the IMD international dimensions are 160/180mm and 160mm disc. The easy assembly includes a tool-free pad adjuster, no need for a plum six angle screwdriver, and no need to disassemble the caliper. High quality repair or upgrade part is ideal replacement. Just for you, an out of box experience. The model of the Universal Brake Pad is compliant. The Spyre is called the TRP HY/RD.

Brand: Rujoi

👤What a change. The electric bike brakes were not stopping. I was going to replace the pads but found this product. I might as well get a fresh start by replacing the rotors and calipers. There is a I took it out for a test after the install. The brakes would lock the wheel if I wanted. The bike did not do that with the original brakes. I can't believe how well they do. I feel safe riding my bike again. I would have bought these sooner.

👤I can't recommend people buy these when the brakes function as intended. I've seen these calipers have issues with caliper migration, which is when the mounts are filed down to the brackets using a file. As soon as I get my new fork, I will throw these things in the trash. I made sure they were there. I made sure they were on the same page. Stay away if you feel like adjusting your brake caliper every time you ride your bike.

👤I have Phil Wood hubs. No way this brake system will fit, it includes any other threaded hub system that I know of. I tried this with a drop-out accessory for the hubs. You will need a fork on the front. Finding a fork that also allows for the rack and fenders will be a challenge. I don't know of a system that allows the use of a disk on the rear of a road bike. There are mounts for flat plates. The smallest of these mounts is too big for a road bike and precluded the use of fender and/or rack. Without using fender/rack, the flat plate adaptor can interfere with wheel removal.

👤I bought these to upgrade the brakes on my Cannondale MTB as part of the conversion to electric. The kit came with a couple of arms. It was not difficult to get a good feel for the levers. The stock v-brakes are not as good at stopping power. Pull the arm just before the point of engagement and tighten the cable if you want to pre-load the brake. They aren't the most powerful brakes out there, but you get a lot for the money. If you decide you need more power later, your investment is not lost because they can be used with larger rotors. It is not possible to say that it is. No brake is not a substitute for situational awareness, ride smart, and pay attention to what is down the road.

👤These two stars were given to them because they were well packaged and had good instructions. The performance and stopping power of the V-brakes I wanted to replace were not as good after installation. I might try disk brakes again, probably with a known brand, since I would expect better performance. The disks seem to be okay, so I can probably use them.

👤When I upgraded the wheels on my mountain bike, I installed these. You don't have to study the instructions or pay attention to mounting the calipers correctly to install them. I think they perform a bit better than my old V-brakes, and there is no more grinding noise from the pads and wheel. I think the high pitched sound from the rear brake is temporary and caused by dust getting onto the pads.


What is the best product for bicycle disc brake kit conversion?

Bicycle disc brake kit conversion products from Bluesunshine. In this article about bicycle disc brake kit conversion you can see why people choose the product. Bluesunshine and Touhia are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle disc brake kit conversion.

What are the best brands for bicycle disc brake kit conversion?

Bluesunshine, Bluesunshine and Touhia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle disc brake kit conversion. Find the detail in this article. Litetop, Geesatis and Jgbike are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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