Best Bicycle Disc Brake Kit 180

Kit 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Shimano Universal Standard Brake Cable

Shimano Universal Standard Brake Cable

They can adjust the size at will, and the specially designed Velcro won't cover the reflective strip, so no matter you are. Universal set is for mountain bikes or road bikes. The inner wires are made of steel. Black cable housing with 5mm 2 x Steel cables with a length of 1 x 1000mm and a length of 1 x 2050mm. 4 Ferrule's and 2 cable tips.

Brand: Shimano

👤I'm surprised when I see people run cheaper cables. It makes no sense to save a few dollars and run cables cheaper than Shimano, for example, if you prefer comparable brands like Jagwire. There is a The kit includes two brake cables with compatible with mountain or road applications, one very long length of housing, 4 end caps for the housing, and two cable ends caps. I prefer 6 caps because I like to run caps into my brakes if possible, but 4 is enough, even if Campy requires it. I assure you that you'll have enough left over to run housing for your next application, if you're careful with how you cut your housing. You get a lot of housing in this kit. The kit can be installed in less than 30 minutes for anyone who is mechanically inclined. Less than 20 minutes if you work on bikes often. If you don't change out cables and housing often, you should use a good pair of cable/housing cutters. Don't use a specific cutter, just use a quality pair. If you don't, you're going to have a hard time cutting your housing and you'll end up damaging your cables. If you don't have a paid job and want something cheap, Amazon has a cheap pair of Stanley cutters as an add on that are perfectly fine for this type of application. There is a The kits are very easy to install. They are the cheapest cable and housing kits that are acceptable.

👤I didn't know how this would work with both Road bikes and off road bikes. I engaged the brain and figured it out. You have two cables, one short and one long, each with a end for a bike. You have to cut off one of the ends to use the cable. Road bike cable! You should have some cable cutting tools with you. There are a lot of cable cutter for sale on Amazon. Cut off the ends of the old cable if you don't want to throw it away. I think you will find your linesman ply to be less disreputable. You will find the housing crushed closed even with cable cutter. You should have awl on hand. The cable housing on my road bikes goes from the lever to the front of the frame. The cable goes from the back of the seat tube to the break. The kit comes with only 4 housing ends, so you need a total of 6. I checked with my local bike shop and they had a lot of loose things. I got two there. Problem 2 was found by me. The housing ends that come with the cables are too fat to work with my 105 brakes. I got two ends from the local bike shop and they worked just fine, so I decided to buy a couple of ends from the shop. There is a The housing is very smooth and seems to have a liner. There is a How complete is the kit, three stars.

2. Teyssor 140mm 160mm 180mm Mountain

Teyssor 140mm 160mm 180mm Mountain

The package includes a bicycle disc brake Rotor and 6 screws. 140mm is the outside diameter. The center distance is 44mm. The weight is 100g/pcs.

Brand: Teyssor

👤I had to set up 2 new sets of disc wheels. I had no idea what to buy in terms of rotors because I was a total novice at configuring discs. Various choices of rotors can be found at prices between $40 and $50 apiece. I thought that these were a good match for our road bikes, so I decided to give them a try for $18 a pair. After trying just one pair, the results were outstanding - they seemed very true and were completely quiet in operation, right from the very first hard stops to bed them in with my pads. I bought another pair for my wife's bike and it was the same result. After more miles of typical riding, time will tell, but early results are very encouraging!

👤It was a good bang for your buck. The 203mm was used with the Deore XT. The contact patch on the brake pads is not centered on the rotor as it should be. For comparison, see the image. There was no noticeable loss in braking force. I am not a pro racer. Overall happy with the price, but would probably buy a Shimano rotor in the future.

👤It looks good. It's pretty easy to install.

👤It was a perfect fit. It was cheaper and more convenient to buy it for my son's bike. We've had these for a while and they are holding up.

👤It will stop your bike for the low price, but it will give you a sensation in the hand. The long distance between the peaks of the wavy edge is the reason for it. I had a previous rotor that had ridges closer together and no pulse. I have ordered a more circular SRAM rotor that will eliminate the chance of that happening.

👤The metal/titanium is a little thin and harder to dissipate heat from the caliper for hard braking, but it is a good value for the price and easy to install.

👤My Espin Flow E-bike came with a bent disc, so I changed it out for a true running disc.

👤My scooter had a bent rotor and I needed to replace it. The originals were well made and fit no issues. It's true. Since getting them, I've been rocking them. I have been on my scooter for over 600 miles and it still stops like new. The value is great.

3. CYCOBYCO Avid Bicycle Brake Bleed

CYCOBYCO Avid Bicycle Brake Bleed

There is a notice. This isn't a universal accessory and isn't perfect for all bicycle frames. Some bicycle frame models need washers. Make sure the product is suitable for your bike. The bleeding kit is for the disc brakes. For example Sram Guide R,RSC,Level T TL,DB1,DB3,DB5,Bleeding Edge Tool,Guide Ultimate/Level ULT/TLM/TL RED eTap HRD. The kit is for the all avid series. Code R/Code 5,XO,XX, World Cup are examples. R1, RX, K18, K 24, ORO, THE ONE, and My10 are compatible Formulas. Bike BRAKE FLUID. Without brake fluid. Keep your bike's brakes working well.

Brand: Cycobyco

👤This is a good kit for this price point. It is complete with brake blocks, tubing, and bleed adapters. The reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there is no instructions for the bleed adapter. The bleed plug on the SRAM calipers is 4mm in diameter. You can buy a copy of the bleeding edge adapter elsewhere. The instructions for how to use it are not detailed. I have pictures for anyone else who is confused. I would recommend this kit.

👤I had everything I needed to bleed my Elixirs at a fraction of the cost. There is a Everything worked well. I liked that the kit had a lot of different options, which made me feel reassured that there would be an option for my brakes. In case you lose an o-ring, the kit had a couple of extras. There is a To loosen the clamps up, open and shut them for a few minutes at a time. I like that the clamps were strong, but it is nice to make sure they are aslampable as you want before you are in the middle of the bleed, as it is a delicate process that hinges on things going smoothly.

👤It did work, but not very well, and couldn't fit a tube over a barb without heating it. I would not buy again and suggest you look for better quality.

👤The kit was easy to use and worked well for bleeding my Guide T brakes. I only do automotive and motorcycle brake bleeding, so you can find a video on the internet.

👤It's essential for the biker to have the pads around. Who wants to have to drop their bike off at a shop for a week to have their brakes bled?

👤Product works as expected, please read up on how to flush brake oil from somewhere else. If you are familiar with the instruction, it is great.

👤Everything works well.

👤Kit perfetto per chi, come me. There is a Ho dovuto spurgare un circuito, per errore.

👤The kit is a tenere i pistoncini in posi troppo stretto quindi adatto. quindi tutto sommato un buon acquisto.

👤Acquisto fatto per eseguire, tentando la sorte visti l'abissale differenza di prezzo col kit originale. ma non difficile procurarsi O costruirsene uno adatto. A parte questo, il kit rivedere l'iniziale scetticismo. Spurgo eseguito.

👤Alla perfezione e comprende anche l'adattatore per pinze S4 istante. Consigliato.

4. BlueSunshine Mechanical Brake Front 160mm

BlueSunshine Mechanical Brake Front 160mm

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 2 years warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan. The mechanical disc brake is actuated by a cable. There are two sets of calipers and one set of rotors. There are aluminum alloy calipers, 12 bolts, and 2 steel G3 160mm rotors. It is easy to adjust power modulation. For use with brake levers.

Brand: Bluesunshine

👤The pads don't generate as much stopping power as the ones that came stock on my bike. The power is not there, so I put them up about as much as I can. I guess they are called the caliper? I'll replace the pads soon, they seem to suck, as far as I can tell.

👤I took care to clean the oil off of the braking surface after installing and adjusting this. I can pull the lever as tight as I please, but the pads don't produce much force. The V-brakes that they replaced had more stopping power than these. It was replaced with the Tektro HD-M290.

👤I had 1200 miles on my mechanical electric bike brakes before they were worn out. I replaced the front and rear brake assembly myself because it was too difficult to replace the discs and cables. Most Chinese bike manufacturers use the same size and distance bolt patterns for the front and rear brake assembly, making it easy to bolt on. The brakes work perfectly after simple adjustments. It's quite a bargain.

👤There isn't any break pads that you can order limited to one pair. I wish there was a place to order spare pads. There is a I bought a 180mm disc rotor for the back to work with the sprocket for my motorized bike but haven't tested it out on the road. I only used one set for the rear so I can use the pads from the other.

👤rotors bend up quickly because of waste of time and money. Even though I ride this bike once a week, I was constantly adjusting the brakes. I had to buy new parts for my bike at a local shop and wasted more money. I won't be shopping from Amazon's dealers until better quality items are developed.

👤I added these to my trike. They look good, have all the parts included, and install without any issues. There were a few issues from the first use. I couldn't adjust the pads to get more than 50% because of the poor contact on the rotor. After a few shakedown runs, the pads wore down so they won't last long. 3. I applied a heavy brake lever pull on my last run.

👤I didn't get the bad reviews on these breaks. $20 for a full disc break setup that works great, I have been running them for a week. I installed them in 10 minutes and adjusted them without any problems. I would buy them again.

👤The rotors are working. The one caliper works as it should. The other caliper works when I squeeze it, it doesn't stop when I squeeze it. I had to disassemble the caliper to make it work. It did it again. Crap!

5. LINGQUE Mountain Hydraulic Universal Adapter

LINGQUE Mountain Hydraulic Universal Adapter

Quality assured, you can do the job right the first time. You can stop your bike with a single finger. The brake pressure was so strong it sunk its teeth into the prey. Even when you are biking downhill in a high speed, on a muddy road, or under rainy, snowy weather, the brake set will still guarantee efficient braking. Installation can be done in 5 minutes with the mountain bike brake set. Simple maintenance is required in long term usage. The refill can be adapted with mineral oil. The left rear tube is 1400mm and the right front tube is 800mm. If you are used to the opposited left-right combination, you can exchange the tubes. They will help you with your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Lingque

👤There were no instructions with the kit. I have been working on bikes for 3 years without needing instructions. Installation on the right hand of the handlebar is not possible because the rear hose is too short. The hose doesn't need to be very long in England because Rear is on the left. The Rear hose is too short on the right side. The original hose was longer. The year 2016 Giant Stance is a mountain bike. The front brake has been installed. The old lever and the old caliper should be replaced with the original hose. The old hose is longer. I might need to bleed the rear hose. A small price to pay. The lever will be pushed in more by a small hexagonal SCREW. This will affect the travel. If you like. I like them very much.

👤I only went out for a few trips so far and I have to pump the brakes, but I love them. They don't have a big issue for me because they do squeak like someone else. Hopefully they will last longer than my stock brakes.

👤If you put them on a large 29er, they will be short. The line was not able to run through my frame because the line fittings were too tight at the factory. I could have installed longer lines if I didn't destroy the brakes. It's still a good buy for smaller bikes. I will buy a better grade later. You get what you pay for. Didn't bother with the seller since they wouldn't have replaced them.

👤The rear brake on the left side and front brake on the right side are different from the typical setting. You have to re-bleeding to switch sides.

👤The money was wasted. The rear brake line was too short to work on a medium specialized frame. There was a lot of hose on the front.

👤I bought a heavy, normal cable brakes ebike and it's barely working. The wheel will be locked if needed. They need to be bled as it brakes better when I pump it.

👤When I switched from my mechanical disc brakes to these, I felt the stopping grip, but I don't know how to tighten them, they work better, but mine definitely needs to be tighter.

👤The front handle didn't work after the first day of installation. Riding at 30 mph pulled the front brake lever to ease on brake to slow down, but the adjustment for the pull of the lever snapped and completely lost use of the brakes, and almost got run over in the intersection.

6. BlueSunshine Front Back Disk Brake

BlueSunshine Front Back Disk Brake

The package contains a mechanical bike 160mm front and back brake disc kit. The front and back of the mechanical brake kit has a 160mm diameter. The center 6 bolt pattern diameter is 48mm. You can either use the mounting adapter on your threaded hub or use the 6 bolt pattern to mount the rotor directly. The kit works best with the motorized bicycle frames. The Caliper holders are required.

Brand: Bluesunshine

👤These are often recommended by razor mx500 owners. The Bolt pattern matches the rotor. You take the piece of equipment out of the machine. Bolts up. Proper spacing is required for the Caliper. The front cable needs trimming. Better than short. I'm pleased with my application, even though thebfront had a bit more pressure on it. The kit is small for the price. I will be using these rotors soon. Most users failed to make sure the bolt pattern was correct before purchasing. It seems odd, and not sure what else they would fit.

👤These did not work for me. I installed them correctly, and they held any pressure. The lever went all the way to the handlebars. I have a very heavy bike. I go down the hill a lot. If you are doing light riding on a flat surface, these might work for you. Do not buy these if you are doing serious riding. Spend the money on a brand of brakes. They're not cheap but you won't die either. You have to decide what's important, your life of $50. I cannot stress enough that these are not even half decent brakes.

👤Like the other reviewers, I should listen. I just got back from having a mechanic break loose the 2 bolts on the 2 rotors that were Torqued on so tight, and I have all these packages unpacked, tools scattered about. They are the wrong bolt hole pattern. There is a I realize they don't speak English, but they don't speak the same language so they can match bolt hole patterns. If the bolts don't line up, why advertise the mateing parts on the same page? I'm going to spend the rest of the evening repackaging to return, cleaning up my workspace, and waiting for someone to find the right sizes for my disk brakes on my motorized bike. The 10 spoke "star" pattern "motorized bike mag wheel" assembly is not directly bolting onto the disk brakes. Someone should be sued for false advertising. I spent 100's of dollars on Amazon and they probably won't post this. I am extremely unhappy with my first review. I have better things to do than write negative reviews. I'm not sure what path I'll have to take to get A to fit to B to fit to C, but it's not rocket science. It makes me wonder who they have in their R&D dept.

7. JooFn Brake Mounting Bracket Adapter

JooFn Brake Mounting Bracket Adapter

The weight is 100g/pcs. It is compatible with:180mm front and rear. For front and rear wheels. There are 2 and 4 washers. There are 2 and 4 washers.

Brand: Joofn

👤Works as described with the SLX and SLX calipers. The person in the photo is SLX. I swapped them out with my SLX setup because they are ugly. The bolts must be used for mounting the fork. A typical bolt wouldn't work. There is a I am not happy that there is no mention of a big ugly logo on the side of the thing or that the only gold is provided. It was too much bling for me. If I didn't need them today, I would return them.

👤Bolted up perfectly to my budget air shock, and got the brakes set up to the 180mm disc with no issues. You will need bolts to attach the caliper to the brackets, but the hardware to mount to the shock was provided. I had them already, because they were included with my brakes. The finish is more of a flat sheen than a glossy one, so there is a definite difference between the caliper and the brackets. It didn't change anything for me, but it's worth noting that if your theme is flat black this will be perfect. It was close to my shock leg. It seems to do the same thing as the Shimano part, at half the cost. I will get another one if I need it.

👤The adapter is attached to the frames through the offset holes instead of using 2 longer bolts. There is a The bolt head used to attach the frame is interfering with the mount of the caliper. There is a It may work for some calipers, but not the other way around.

👤The two bolts that were provided are too long and will not seat in the recess of the hole. It protrudes out and prevents the brake caliber from being installed. If the bolts are shorter, it will work.

👤I was able to upgrade my brakes from 160mm to 180mm. The holes were lined up correctly. There is barely enough clearance between the head of the bolt and the brake caliper itself to allow for the use of the adapter. A bolt with a slightly shorter head would make this problem go away. It is working for me.

👤I threw it away after about an hour of trying to get my brakes to align on this thing. You can get something name brand if you spend a little more money.

👤The screws were a bit long but they worked.

8. Mechanical Cycling Bicycle Caliper Caplier

Mechanical Cycling Bicycle Caliper Caplier

TheBrake caliper kit will be delivered in 7 days. 99% of their products have been tested many times. If there is damage, please contact them. They will replace you with a new one. It's used for brake systems of bikes. The material is aluminum alloy. The material for the rotors is STAINLESS steel. The diameter is 160 millimetres. The position is front and rear. The R-140mm is F-160mm. R-180mm. There are two big and six small rotator mounts. If installed at the front wheel, it fits the 160mm/180mm brake disc. R140/ 160. The Rear Rotor has a motor. If installed at the rear wheel, it fits the 140/ 160mm brake disc. Before purchasing, please check the descriptions and confirm the specification of your original brake disc.

Brand: Surepromise

👤The steel plate was made cheaply. The brake has no stopping power, it has been tried every position, and still no go. I wouldn't recommend this thing to anyone.

👤I bought this to replace a cheap one. Fit perfect!

👤It didn't work out for me.

👤Didn't fit. The company stood by their product.

👤Pressure was applied to the rotor. When pressure was applied, the Caliper would stick.

9. JGbike Shimano MT200 Hydraulic 1650mm

JGbike Shimano MT200 Hydraulic 1650mm

Remember, it is SHIMANO, please measure your brake hose length first for the right choice. The front and rear set is ready to be installed out of the box. They want to offer this pair for Front 180mm, Rear 160mm rotors, so 4 brackets are included in the package, to satisfy any IS or PM mounts from the old bikes. Almost all the brakes on a bike need to be replaced, so it's in their brand package. You can give it to your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or gift for your kids' bike for Father's day, Mother's day, or Christmas. Measure your existing brake hose length for appropriate size and assemble ourstanding performance, brakes, safety, assembled as left for front,reachadjustable, including B01)S resin pads. A customer avoided a 25mph accident with their brakes, when they were still using cable mechanical disc brakes. They support business, they offer business price for bike shops, schools, rider team, just place bulk order and replace the brakes for your other family bikes, recommend to your community, they love to be your business partners and trusted vendors. Match do it yourself options, find bleeding kits for your brakes, find mtb pedals, cassette, single chainring, and even groupset to build your bike. They commit for the most affortable bicycle parts to improve your performance.

Brand: Jgbike

👤The kit comes with pre-assembled and pre-bled. It was easy to install and work well. The mechanical disc brakes have been upgraded. I bought my wife's bike 1.5 years ago and was excited to have disc brakes over the old v-brakes. They have always been less powerful and more prone to screaming. I ordered the upgrade kit when I found it. I'm very pleased with the results. This is not a high-end mountain bike brake system, but for a trail bike that already has disc brakes this is a solid upgrade that's well worth the cost and effort. Highly recommended! I just wanted to give an update. Since I installed these, my wife has put over 1,000 miles on her bike. This upgrade was great for her bike. The original cable-actuated solution was not as good as these. They have a fixed pad on one side and only moved the other to the other side. These move at the same time and are held on both sides. I paid for them, but they are less expensive now. Great value.

👤These have shot up to $150 in a few years. The price probably went up on EB too. I burped my set once and they still feel brand new. The seller's package includes a good set of installation bits. It is a steal to have that package for $50. It is not for $100. Go to that auction house and look for the brake set. Everything in this set and a pair of discs can be had for $52 shipped from China over a month or $66 shipped from the US over a week. If you can't wait then this package can be had in one day. The Ford Model T was to cars, but the bike brakes that come in this package are similar. They are not the best, but I'd bet they will fight for their money. The stopping power is good, the modulation is simple, natural and predictable, and they have not failed me once in any way over the course of a year, so I have to rate their reliability as excellent. The price is cheap. It doesn't make sense to pay a bike shop to bleed your brakes and replace them because it's so low. You could get a new set for the same amount of money. It's a bit wasteful, but it's a real winner here in that it brings affordable and reliable brakes to the rest of the world, just buy another set when you don't feel good enough anymore. If the color is black, you can have it in any color.

10. CNC Hydraulic Set,Bike Pulling Brake,Black

CNC Hydraulic Set%EF%BC%8CBike Pulling Brake%EF%BC%8CBlack

The hole is 31.8mm wide and 1.25 inch deep. The brake systems of ordinary bikes, mountain bikes,bmx,fixed gear bikes and road bikes are used. Excellent performance. The Mountain Bike Disc Brake Kit has a smooth and fast response. The cable- pull is front and rear. The discs are made of premium aluminum material with oil driven two way brake pads and are very smooth in the wet. A complete cable- pull bicycle disc brake set includes a whole Brake system with 2 Oil pressue cylinder driven Caliper, 2 of aluminum bicycle brake handle lever, and 2 sets of front and rear brake cables. The compatible Universal Disc Brake Pad is compatible with many brands.

Brand: Cnc Inc

👤The frame brackets that come with the brakes allow more of the pad to hit the rotor than the stock one, and there is a clearance issue between the back of the wheel. I used this kit.

👤There is a difference. When you pull the cable, you have the same action on the rotor. It's better than the mechanical one piston pressing the pad against the stationary brake pad. Stopping power is improved and the pads stay centered on the rotor with 1 or 2mm clearance on both sides. The cable pull is still the same as the caliper. Nice.

👤I looped cable around the post for maximum tension. A step up from the regular cable pulled the discs.

👤What a difference in stopping power between mechanical brakes and a full system, it's genius!

👤The pads could use some work, but the calipers are awesome. Maybe mechanical calipers are so bad. ... It might be like eating something bad while you're hungry. I don't know. I'm confused.

👤The mechanical disk brakes on my bike are terrible. I ordered the full ones. I hope I don't get punished as much as we will see. I have bought hundreds of things on Amazon and I want to warn you not to waste your money.

👤No le puse 5 estrellas porque no vienen con ningn tipo de indicaciones. No traen informacin, los frenos.

👤I like the feeling of control. It made a difference in my stopping distance.

11. BlueSunshine Mechanical Brake Front 160mm

BlueSunshine Mechanical Brake Front 160mm

The Rear Hub Disc Brake Ball Bearing can be used. The mechanical disc brake is actuated by a cable. There are two sets of calipers and one set of rotors. There are aluminum alloy calipers, 12 bolts, and 2 steel G3 160mm rotors. It is easy to adjust power modulation. For use with brake levers.

Brand: Bluesunshine

👤These are well built and inexpensive. If you know the secrets of setting up and maintaining a machine. You will love these discs. My own fault is the only complaint I have. My middle finger was sucked into them. I think so... If you want to slide the strips between the discs, use a business card and cut a few out. If you want to give your rotor a hair's width to breathe and not grind, tighten up the mounts on your caliper and squeeze the brake lever. If you want to clean your pads, be sure to use rubbing alcohol or acetone and sterile cotton, as the oil in your skin will corrupt the bite. Seat your pads properly by not yanking on your brakes for the first few hours. After a couple hours of babying them, your brakes will be set and they will be fine for a long time. The man is thankful for a cheaper alternative.

👤I installed this kit on my Trek bike so I can pack it for bikepacking. I have installed mechanical disc brakes before on a different bike, so I am familiar with that. The instructions were easy to install, and neither did they get a single step wrong. Not to worry, no instructions included. I just installed the front and back in 20 minutes, just like I did before. If you don't know how to install disc brakes, you should watch a video on mechanical brake installation or review the installation guide for the AvidBB7. I think it would work the same as this kit. I think mechanical disc brakes are easier to install than rim brakes. I am 215 pounds and the stopping power of my Santa Cruz Superlight seems to work for me. I can't see a difference in stopping power. There is a I am very satisfied with the price.

👤I didn't look closely when I bought these. I thought that the time was right to replace the set that I have beat to death. I like the AvidBB7. I opened the box, saw the lower quality imitations, got packing tape, and re-closed the box. I'm giving them three stars because I'm sure they'll work well for what they are, a cheap brake that is good for stopping a bike that's only ridden slowly on pavement. Did the 160mm disc brakes fail on your balloon tire beach cruiser? Buy the brakes. Is the Huffy in need of an upgrade? Give these a try. Do the kids ride on the dirt trails? They will be able to take all the sweet jumps. Do you need a paperweight or other name brand brakes? This is your ticket. I'll never know if they work because there wasn't a chance I was installing them on my bike. It's possible that your bike is cheap enough to be what you need. They aren't right for me. If you want to get a AvidBB7's, you should pay at least 3x more than these.

👤The discs were mounted on new wheels. The front had a new pair of air forks. The back of the bike is being built. I spun the wheels after installing them. The discs were rubbing on the pads for a second on every rotation. I had to bend them to get them to stop. I didn't use the cables. I'll be replacing the whole set up with better brakes and better rotors before long, but they'll work for a short time.


What is the best product for bicycle disc brake kit 180?

Bicycle disc brake kit 180 products from Shimano. In this article about bicycle disc brake kit 180 you can see why people choose the product. Teyssor and Cycobyco are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle disc brake kit 180.

What are the best brands for bicycle disc brake kit 180?

Shimano, Teyssor and Cycobyco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle disc brake kit 180. Find the detail in this article. Bluesunshine, Lingque and Bluesunshine are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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