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1. Sunny Health Fitness Elliptical Frictionless

Sunny Health Fitness Elliptical Frictionless

LIFETIME WARRANTY for all accessory parts and one-year warranty for main parts. If you have a question, please leave a question and they will reply immediately. The low impact. The under desk bike is a great way to incorporate lower body movement. You can enjoy a 7-inch stride at work. SMOOth operation. Each stride is made simple by the belt-drive mechanism. It's easy to store. The mini exercise bike is easy to store and use under a desk. The integrated hand grip is needed to pick up the machine. You'll be able to move it anywhere, it's just over 19 lbs. Magnetic resistance is a function of magnetism. You can increase the intensity of your exercise in a matter of seconds. The harder the level is, the more calories you can burn. You can use this machine on a desk-level surface. As you pedal forward with your arms, make sure to strengthen your upper body.

Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness

👤I am stupid. I couldn't believe the pedal bolts were falling off for so many people with a 4 1/2 star rating. Guess what? The right bolt backed off after 10 minutes. I knew more. Couldn't belive that Amazon would leave a product with a known design flaw. A group of people should look into a class action suit. Now what? Shame on you? There is a I put locktight on the bolt and it didn't back off. There is a design flaw that needs to be fixed.

👤I gave this to my wife in January as a gift. I am not able to return the peddle because the company has a specific return time frame. I am not happy with the product and customer service.

👤The bike is great, except that it started less than a month after buying, and the right pedal detaches while pedaling. It happens after 5 minutes or less.

👤The assembly of this unit was easy. There is a tool to tighten bolts. The unit is heavy, which is great because it would slide around easily if it were light. I spent so much time in front of the computer that it affected my health because I didn't exercise. There is no excuse for this device. It fits under my desk, so make sure to compare the dimensions of the item to your desk. I have a clearance of 23 1/2 and it has been enough for me to use it comfortably. Buying something like that was essential for securing my chair in place while using the exercise bike under my table because I have roller chairs. There is a The tension resistances are nice. I can easily cycle if I'm pedaling slowly and the resistance doesn't seem too bad. If I pedal quickly at the highest tension setting, I'll start to build up a sweat after not too long, but if you're in the workplace, you probably don't want to go all out and smell like you just got out of the gym. I can get in my workout at home while I work on the computer and then just shower before I head to work. It's perfect for my needs. The non-slip feet seem to hold it in place on my chairmat with the edge of the unit against the wall. If I didn't have it against the wall, it might slide a little more than I wanted. A simple solution would be to place some strong double-sided tape along the bottom of the rubber feet. The digital display is powered by 2 batteries and is not replaceable. You will have to remove your batteries when the display isn't in use to save on battery life, and there isn't an on/off switch for the display. If you leave the batteries in, it will turn off on its own after 5 minutes. If you leave the batteries in and the unit is off, the digital reader will turn on by itself and start measuring activity if you start cycling. I leave the digital display alone with the batteries out if I'm just cycling and don't care about the statistics. The straps hold your feet in place. There are many benefits to this and there are some design drawbacks. This is one of the best investments I've made. There is a The tension easily clicks into place, easy to assembly, and feet are held securely. If not secured with tape or backed against the wall, slide around if batteries are removed to turn off digital device. If my review helped in any way. If my review didn't answer a question, you can leave a feedback comment. Thank you!

2. TODO Exerciser Stationary Medical Peddler

TODO Exerciser Stationary Medical Peddler

You can use this machine on a desk-level surface. As you pedal forward with your arms, make sure to strengthen your upper body. TheCompact design makes it lightweight and portable, and it has a nonslip surface with finger grips and toe loops for added comfort and safety. Anti-scuff rubber feet can be used on the floor for leg exercise and on the desk for arm exercise. The mini bike pedal exerciser is great for seniors to increase circulation and relieve tension, the pedal motion is smooth and quiet, you can do exercise while you are on phone, watching TV, working. The multi-function display of the LCD MONITOR is easy to read and displays Time, Distance, Count, and Total Counts. It's firm enough for long term use and 5 pounds of iron inside makes it good for long term use. It is easy to adjust the intension by rotating the knob, it is perfect for rehabilitation after a surgery or injury, and also great for elderly to do exercise for their legs and arms.

Brand: Todo

👤This unit is being used for rehabilitation after my shoulder surgery. The strap-type resistance is very smooth and it works very well for me. It takes about five minutes to assemble, so please don't pay for the "expert assembly" option, as it comes with the tools needed to assemble it, as well as instructions for doing so. The display works as it should, and there is a timer option for those of us who need to work a certain amount of time. The construction of the unit seems to be solid, and it looks like it will last. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to rehabilitate their shoulder at home.

👤I bought this for my mother to strengthen her legs after an illness. Works well!

👤I was told by my doctor to get a mini bike to exercise after my hip surgeries. The bike helps strengthen the leg, core muscles, and regain balance. I am starting at the lowest level because the bike has different intensity levels. It has a monitor that provides useful info such as time spent on exercising, the distance covered, and calories burned. I placed the bike under my desk so I could use it while I worked on the computer. I can work and exercise at the same time. The bike seems to do what the doctor said it would do. I hope to be off the walker and cane soon with the use of this convenient exercise bike.

👤It fits under my desk perfectly. I peddle while I work. I had knee replacement surgery and it's convenient for me to keep my mobility great.

👤A friend of mine goes to the gym. I thought he might like it to use under his desk, but he didn't find it very practical. This item is a good source of exercise for people who are watching TV and just want to get exercise.

👤Had it not been a broken mess, I wouldn't know how it would have worked.

👤It has a digital display so you can see how far you have traveled. You are staying active. It allows you to excerise your arms. It helps me get active and exercise as a senior.

👤My mom's insurance ran out so she used this for upper cardio. She uses it on her legs easy.

3. Bicycle Standard Playing Cards Piece

Bicycle Standard Playing Cards Piece

It is possible to use the Classic Air-Cushion Finish for ease of shuffling. The bicycle standard face is in this pack. The cards are being played. The material is double-weive. The country of origin is the United States. The package has dimensions of 5.43" L x 2.83" W x 1.54" H.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Ok. I was excited because I had watched some strategy videos on the internet and was looking forward to using my new skills when I played go fish with my friend. Especially card games. I was pretty sure I was going to kick his ass, but I'm not going to lie, this guy is good, I know a pair of hands when I see them, but seriously. I asked if he made a bunch of videos for go fish strategy. He said that. "No." Yeah, right. When I see a liar, I like to notice it. He wanted to use his deck, but I just got a new bicycle from Amazon, so I pulled rank on that argument. I admit, his deck was pretty good, but I get really triggered by him. He's amazing. It makes me sad. You know... I don't want to ruin it, but he dies. We're in the thick of it, asking for cards. I asked if he had any sixes. I was nice about it. Hostility doesn't get you far in a competition. Then he said no. I needed sixes. Bad times. That is life. I lost that round. I was going for sixes. I should have known. Get this. jared casually mentioned to me that my deck was missing the six of hearts after he won that round. I don't know where to start. How did he know that? He must be the guy on the video sharing website. I would not notice if it was a joke. I thought he was pulling a wizard on me. I realized that the six hearts were missing. I've been a loyal customer of both Amazon and Bounty cards for almost three months. Am I upset that I lost? Yes. Is it upset that I lost my trust in the full, complete decks of cards? Yes. I am not upset that he is dead. Yes, and a warning. He's dead. I hope you didn't read about him dying. If you are a potter fan and also didn't know that the wizard is dead, it's a big deal. That is why I said that. It's sad. I wouldn't buy this deck of bicycle cards if I were you, because you would be playing someone who is as good as Jared at go fish. You get it. Three stars. The blue pack was clean. I've never laid my hands on a better deck of cards. Three stars. I am sad. There is a There is aSpoiler alert.

👤So disappointed! I used to play w/Bicycle brand cards. The quality, weight, texture, and material were all things that I loved. Our home was destroyed by toxic mold and I missed my cards so my husband ordered this brand. I'm assuming that it's an attempt to make them slippery, but it doesn't help because the material is thin and feels like plastic. Old decks used to be more slippery than new ones. It's hard to shuffle them. Bicycle followed the same path as many other companies and chose cheaper materials. It makes me sad when people play with real cards for the feel and texture of them in their hands. I understand that it's cheaper materials that make more money. It's unfortunate with some where the feel is so important. I'm not happy with the bike.

4. Ornaments Ironwork Figurines Miniature Decoration

Ornaments Ironwork Figurines Miniature Decoration

Brand new and high quality. It is nice to decorate a home office desk. World famous antique monuments are worth art. A fashion craft is used to decorate a garden. A great gift for a birthday.

Brand: Rinodirect

👤My husband was a daily bike rider, riding his bike through our neighborhoods twice a day. There is a He was happy after he had ridden. He was young.

👤I needed to add this item to my Curio. I was amazed to see the shape of the bicycle. The bicycle is sturdy despite the box being badly damaged. It's a great value for my money.

👤I bought this for a bike themed gift. It was perfect! It is small, but not too small and has nice details. The front wheel is the one that stands. The wheel stays up even though it does not have a stand.

👤I bought this for an adult son who wanted to ride a bike for his birthday. I put the cash in a box and tied it to the back of the bike. If he chooses, he can use the bike in his home office. It was perfect for this purpose. The stands look great.

👤I like the bike knick knack. It is larger than most figurines on your desk. The handlebars are moving. The wheels are rotating. I have a medium sized bookshelf.

👤A man and a woman bought bicycles. On my bed. If you move the table, they can fall over. Very cute.

👤I thought it might be flimsy but it's sturdy and good quality. It was well made. Cute. I'm a picky person and I love this bicycle.

5. Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser Stationary Bike for Seniors

Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser Stationary Bike for Seniors

The item benefits from an extended window. Premium magnetic resistance is used for an extra smooth pedal motion on their patented under desk bike. It's easier on your joints, so you won't bother anyone. The DeskCycle 2 mini exercise bike is easy to use. Drop it to 9 for the lowest max pedal height of any desk bike pedal exerciser on the market. It works with desks as small as 27" for people under the age of 10. Their 8 settings range from very easy to really hard, with more than twice the resistance range of other mini exercise bikes. It's great for using physical therapy equipment. Their desk bike is easy to use. The display tracks speed, distance, and more. Place the monitor on the table with the display stand. Looking for a thoughtful gift? The under desk bike is perfect for anyone who wants to get more active.

Brand: Deskcycle

👤I did a lot of research before buying my desk cycle 2. I ordered one because I thought it couldn't hurt more than sitting already does. After using it for a month with a lot of success, I noticed that every reviewer ignored the instructions to start at level 1 for a week, then increase gradually, and only go up to level 3 if they still want to get work done. Immediately, they all raised it to level 4 or higher. This is fantastic and I wish I'd bought it sooner. It's great to fit exercise in whenever you can, and staying at a level 3, I pedal for 3-4 hours during my workday without sweating at all. I switched my heels for flats because of this, so it's probably better for my feet. All in a great purchase. Don't hesitate to buy one, just read all the instructions, not just the ones for installation.

👤I took a gamble on this unit because I'm often sitting for long hours and I have a spin bike. I'm happy I did. Reviewers said to read the instructions. These are some of the best instructions I've read in a long time and I work in the tech field. If you read the instructions, you will be able to put it together quickly, and the resistance levels are fairly intense, which is a big reason why I like it so much. I'm challenged, not aimlessly pedaling. I will bring this to the office once we have permission to go back. It is definitely worth the money. There is a There is an update. I've been using this every day since I bought it, and it deserves 10 stars. My legs felt great after I sat at my desk all day. I never hear it. The machine is on hardwood and the intensity levels are very high. I am very impressed with this machine, I was not sure what to expect, but I am looking forward to getting some seriously buff legs sitting on my rear all day!

👤I am a website developer and 3D artist so I live a sedentary lifestyle. I have to deal with deadlines that are pretty rigid and I am always around a computer. There isn't time to work out. I bought a treadmill with an incline a while back, but I couldn't use it because I was too busy. I lost about 12 pounds on it in three months. There is a I bought this machine about 5 weeks ago. I'm not disappointed. It is quite. There was not a single annoying squeak. I went from 160 lbs to 153 lbs in 5 weeks. My diet hasn't changed much, except for limiting my take out and increasing my levels of meat. I use this machine for 4-5 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. I don't need to use the higher tension settings. I use tension 2 and 3 for the first hour and tension 2 and 3 for the second and third hour. I was surprised that I have lost weight in such a short period of time. It has helped strengthen my legs, which is always a plus. It's a good thing. There is a This desk bike is very good.

6. Finger Bikes Mountain Model Ornaments

Finger Bikes Mountain Model Ornaments

It is made of high quality material. It can become a decoration at home if your child is not playing. It's good to have a good relationship between parents and children. Very popular with bicycle fans. Excellent collection and a great gift.

Brand: Fayle

👤My wife and I hid the bike for our son so he wouldn't be able to get it until the new year. We bought this as a joke to make him think he wasn't getting the bike until after the holiday. The surprise went well, but he kept on with this replica. All the kids got a kick out of it. One of the kids said it looked like a real bike that had been hit by a shrink-ray.

👤I live the details of this product.

👤I used this bike as a cake decoration.

👤On the second day, the front wheel broke.

👤My brother is an ultra cyclist. The bike pulled it all together. My brother is going to cycle 25,000 miles in 2020.

👤The bike is really cool. Pedels work is displayed on my bookshelf.

👤La calidad es excelente. Para regalo es perfecto. El volvera a comprar en los otros colores para coleccin.

👤Me encanto. es justo.

7. Alishomtll Bicycle Placemats Romantic Waterproof

Alishomtll Bicycle Placemats Romantic Waterproof

The table runner is made of high quality cotton and is more durable, it is also suitable for daily life and also for decoration, dinner parties and daily life. For your table. The table runner is 14” x 70”/30 x 180 cm and the red love heart tree bicycle placemats is 18” x 30”/30 x 45 cm. Their love you most table runner is printed with love heart and multiple red hearts. It improve your life quality by creating a romantic but elegant dining environment. It is also a classic gift idea. Special moments should be more memorable. Simple care and maintenance. Machine wash gently under cold water. It's on a low heat. Do not fade, can be repeated use. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. It's perfect for daily decoration. Excellent for daily use, enhance your room, also suitable for any occasion you want.

Brand: Alishomtll

👤I bought the table runner and mats in honor of my wife, who passed away last spring, we were so close. Although she couldn't be here, her spirit and love is still here in our home. I'm pretty sure she was smiling when she saw the table.

👤I can't remember how much I paid for this item. The material is thin and small, and the place mats are tiny. Junk.

👤If you just got your first apartment, it's great. This is a 3 star overall.

👤One of the tassels is missing after I pulled it out of the bag. Which is not a big deal. I was a little disappointed. I like the set either way.

👤This is similar to poster paper. It was rolled like a poster. It was hard to get them to stay flat. I got a refund.

👤It's a shame that the photos look great, but they are very poor quality and the threads are still hanging in the corners. The design is amazing. Not even for an informal pantry.

👤The table runner was returned by me. It was cheap and not as long as advertised.

8. Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

The hand-pulse sensors on the handlebars help you stay in your target heart rate. Small and smart. Their quality under desk exercise machine burns more calories than a standing desk and keeps you focused. Home exercise equipment can fit under desks. The desk elliptical has 8 resistance settings so that you can control them, and it has more than twice the resistance range of other foot pedal exercisers. The pedals have straps that are adjusted to keep feet secure. Quiet and sound. Premium magnetic resistance is used for the desk bike. The desk cycle is great for your joints and quiet on the floor. Your coworkers won't notice if you're patched into a zoom meeting or working on site. The mini exercise bike is easy to use. Everything you need to know about your speed, time, distance, and calories can be found on the 6 functionremovableLCD display. The stationary bikes for seniors and adults are essential to help build strength as well as increasing mobility in occupational or physical therapy, and are great for getting in a cardio work out while you dig into office projects.

Brand: Deskcycle

👤I have lost 30 lbs in 7 months and feel great! This helped me lose weight after a long illness. I couldn't do a lot of exercises. I got one for work and one for home. I make sure I use it when I am at home or working. I convinced many coworkers to buy these and now our gym is selling them on campus. If I can't have this at my desk, I will not accept any future jobs. I can't believe how different I feel. I have been able to increase the resistance. I notice that my quads are in great shape. I feel my hamstrings are developing more and more as I have switched to pedaling backwards. I have never liked my thighs, even when I was thinner and a dancer, but this thing has helped greatly. I am so happy! Everyone needs one. I know that I am getting paid to improve my health, even if it is awful work. There is a There is an edit. It has been almost 4 years. I own 3 of these because I have them in my office, home office and tv room. I still cycle 40-50 miles a day despite being down 60 lbs. I convinced many people to get one of these.

👤Life saver! A type 2 diabetes patient is a new best friend. I have had terrible A1C for several years. I went on a low-fat diet and lost 83 pounds, and dropped my injections from 200 units per day to 24. I was able to get off my diabetes with this deskcycle. A 20 minute session of interval cardio drops my blood sugar by 30 percent. I start at 105 and end up at 78. I only do 15 second all out burts to where I get to breathing hard, then cycle slowly for 45 seconds to recuperate. You must repeat. I can use the sofa with this desk cycle. There is no buttock, tailbone, hip pain when I lay back in it. My back is supported by the sofa. There is no impact to the joints. Sometimes it's hard to walk because I have bad joints. Hips, knees, back, etc. It's saved me with this deskcycle and sofa. No pain at all. I feel better after exercising. I have better mental clarity and I feel more calm. There is a I really liked this deskcycle and my low fat diet.

👤I bought these for my own good because I no longer have excuses for not moving. I bought this and the other one. The first two that came up were when I searched for "desk cycle". I did a lot of research to see if this was worth it. The price difference between a walking treadmill desk and an under desk bike is huge and each setup has its own pros and cons. The under desk cycle is great if you can't afford a treadmill desk. There is a I work full time and I use the deskcycle for home and the exercise bike at work. There is a Things to think about. If you're setting up a bike for the first time, it's important to make sure you have a comfortable desk and chair because your back can get strained over long periods of time. The instructions in the DeskCycle give good recommendations and tips, and they have a support website that has great information. There is a I'm 5 feet tall. I compared it to my husband and he didn't like it. He likes the way his desk is currently setup, but he's picky about his desk setup. He had to raise the desk because his knees kept hitting it. If you can make desk adjustments to accommodate for this desk bike device, you can imagine how tall I would be. There is a The desk cycle. It took me less than 30 minutes to assemble. Sturdy pedal straps, straps are permanently attached to the pedal and can be adjusted via velcro, and the monitor can be extended to be placed on top of a desk for display. If I'm reading this correctly, my knees don't hit the desk when I use this, at least I did. The bike has a weird smell out of the box, but after a day or two, you get used to it. The DeskCycle has a handle for easy transportation, an easy setup, and a quiet place to sit. Walking into Harbor Freight was similar. The screen is not replaceable. - The pedal straps don't look as strong as the DeskCycle straps. Over time, they can detach from the pedal. It is a rubbery material. Similar to putting a watch tab in different holes, the straps adjust. There is a The desk cycle has a lower ground than the exercise bike, but the exercise bike pedals are higher off the ground. The DeskCycle has a more rigid construction than the Sunny does. The Sunny Bike has more detailed instructions. You should take a break after a long period of cycling nonstop every once in a while unless you want some slight lower back pain and sweat. I've had about a 1lb or two so far. Results will be different. Extra bonus stuff for fun.

9. Sunny Health Fitness Assembled Elliptical

Sunny Health Fitness Assembled Elliptical

The trainer stand is compatible with any road or mountain bike with a 26-28" or 700C wheel. The DIGITAL MONITOR. Track time, speed, calories, and distance using a centrally located digital monitor. Scan the function to scroll through the variable while you work out. BELT DRIVE MAGNETIC RESISTANCE. This elliptical pair has a belt drive mechanism that gives you a smooth quiet exercise experience. There are 8 levels of resistance. The tension knob can be used to choose between 8 levels of magnetic resistance, which will give you increased levels of intensity for your workout. COMPACT size is small. The elliptical will fit under most desks and around your favorite chairs giving you the freedom to exercise while you sit in many different environments. You can move your elliptical with ease if you have a centrally located transportation handles. The user manual was included.

Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness

👤I spend a lot of time at my computer. I saw a commercial for a seated elliptical exercising machine and thought it was a good idea. I looked for similar products that cost less because of the high price. I thought I would give the elliptical a try based on its ratings and cost. The price was $114 the day I bought it. There is a The elliptical is supposed to let you pedal your feet as you sit. The tension can be adjusted to fit any pedal. Sounds good, right? The problem is that this elliptical can't be used just anywhere, it takes more space than you think. There are obstacles in my computer desk that prevent easy use. The underside of the desk has a keyboard tray attached to it. My knees hit it when I used this elliptical. The elliptical can only be pushed in so far if the shelf is on the back of the desk. My knees hit the table edge when I was pedaling. I found the elliptical works best on a chair with no desk or table. Your legs have to be able to reach the elliptical while your back is pressed against the chair. If your legs are too short, that can be a problem. There is a The unit is fairly heavy, weighing about 24 pounds. It's not easy to move from place to place, and it's even harder to move it aside if you need to. There is a The elliptical will work for those seated in a chair with enough space around the elliptical. I would not have ordered it if I had known how difficult it would be to use it at my desk. I am using a folding chair instead of my usual desk chair to make it work.

👤I did not spend more than $300 on the more expensive version of the machine because I was so happy with it. I would not have gotten the great product I received today if I had paid for their advertising and glossy box. There was nothing to put together in the large box that was delivered in 2 days. Yes! I just got rid of the packaging and put it on a mat on the floor because I have tile floors and everything slips on them. There is a strip of plastic on the side of the digital meter that you need to pull out to start working. I didn't notice at first. The setup was not the full one. It was wonderful. There is a My experience using it. I put my feet into my new health and fitness unit after sitting on my couch in front of my tv. I didn't bother to adjust the dial or meter, I just started peddling and went. I peddled again after turning the resistance dial down because it was harder than I wanted. I watched tv on my couch and exercised. No problems at all. The pros are listed. The price is $100 as opposed to $350. The unit is a savings. There is a The setup is done. Don't forget the plastic strip, there is nothing to set up. There is a I have had the chance to use my friends more expensive exercise machine but it was not a better product. I'm very impressed that it's built very solidly. Any machine like this needs something to keep it from slipping, so put a rug under it. There is a It has a company warranty of 1 year frame and 6 months parts warranty. Other companies have 90 day warranties. If you need a few dollars, you can buy an additional warranty. This company stands up for its product better than other companies. There are some things that are CONS: No yet. I had it for a short time after researching it for months. I will have to update this review in 3 and 6 months and let you know how this product does. In the summit: I highly recommend this product to everyone.

10. Mind Reader XBIKED BLK Exercise Workstation

Mind Reader XBIKED BLK Exercise Workstation

The Yellow Protective Film should be torn off before use. If you have an issue with the cup holder, please contact them. If you would like to contact them, you can send a message through the Seller Central, their friend polite customer service is more than happy to help you out. Helping with multi-tasking. The Mind Reader stationary bike with work station allows you to exercise while you work on your laptop, work on your tablets, or study using the built-in work desk. ProductIVITY increases. This item helps you to increase your productivity by allowing you to work while you exercise. Its design allows you to exercise and work in comfort. A padded seat that can be adjusted allows you to stay comfortable while working out. DIMENSIONS The item is 28 in. L x 20.75 in. W x 50 in. H. You can use the work desk to watch the news or watch your favorite shows on your laptop or tablets while you exercise on the stationary bike. It's possible to modify work rays. You can adjust the height of the work tray to your liking. You can securely store a beverage at your fingertips with the cup holder.

Brand: Mind Reader

11. Portable Stationary Exercise Physical Wakeman

Portable Stationary Exercise Physical Wakeman

The package contains all the tools and instructions. It is easy to assemble within 30 minutes. A small indoor exercise bike. You can place the machine on the floor or under the desk to burn calories. Circulation and tone arm muscles can be stimulated by placing the pedaling bike on a table. Feet pads and straps add stability. Users can view time, distance, calories, count, and total count on an electronic display. This exerciser has a screen that is easy to read. The low-tension setting is perfect for rehabilitative purposes, or you can switch to a higher intensity for strength training. The resistance dial is marked with either + or - to be easily changed. The dimensions are 16.5 L x 14 W x 13 H inches. The electronic display requires a battery. There is some assembly required.

Brand: Wakeman

👤Not worth a single star. The plastic housing is cheap and stable. There is a cheap alloy wheel with a cloth strap. It would wear out and break in no time. It was not a smooth oedal action. There is a A cheap Chinese product was pawned off on America. Don't buy...

👤widening the foot pedals could be done to improve this item. I have to use bare feet or compression socks because my shoes won't fit. My review would improve if this issue is corrected. I realized this is a piece of junk after using it for a few days. The item is so poor that it can't be found on the market.

👤The product is cheap. It would not be easy to assemble as the pedal threads are stripped or off center. I can't get the pedal to go in. I'm tired of buying things that don't work. I needed it right away so I had it sent for two days. I have a product that is useless now. I don't want to have to send things back and so I won't order again. You are losing my business. The display on the computer does not work. I wouldn't buy this item again. I don't want another one. This deserves no stars because I had to put a star rating on it.

👤I wouldn't buy this product because the left pedal fell off every time I tried to use it, and I had to replace it because I missed the return date.

👤I may be jumping the gun here, but it is easy to put together. I bought this for my mom, who has talked about something similar after her cardiac rehab. She has used it 3 times and it has only been in the house for 24 hours. She can put it on the table herself and take it from her room to the living room. There is a The directions state to screw the pedals in, but you really need to screw them in via the nut. It's all over. Great product. She is very happy with it.

👤This is very useful and easy to assemble. I don't know how this timer is supposed to work. The only thing that works is that my timer doesn't work, and the tension handle doesn't really do a lot of resistance, but it fits perfectly under my desk and does the trick. I just removed the battery and put it back in, and I think I just needed to be rebooted. I think.

👤The first product I received was poorly made and the brackets didn't fit. I returned it and had them send me a new one, but the brackets still weren't right. I told them to screw it and drill the holes on the stabilizer more, but they messed up the threads and I had to make it fit again. I cut new threads on my tap and die set to make it work, because I was tired of returning the piece of s**t. I got the peddles installed after a lot of work. It works well for what my mother needs it for. I wouldn't expect it to be a Cadillac for 40 dollars. There is a I would buy a different product if I wanted to work out long term. It only needs to be used for a couple of weeks. If you want something nice, you should pay more than $40.


What is the best product for bicycle desk rad?

Bicycle desk rad products from Sunny Health & Fitness. In this article about bicycle desk rad you can see why people choose the product. Todo and Bicycle are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle desk rad.

What are the best brands for bicycle desk rad?

Sunny Health & Fitness, Todo and Bicycle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle desk rad. Find the detail in this article. Rinodirect, Deskcycle and Fayle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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