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1. Hense Creative Nightlight Electronic Adjustable

Hense Creative Nightlight Electronic Adjustable

In the event of a power outage or the clock being unplugged, the clock will maintain the correct time internally. After the power is restored, the accurate time will be displayed. The clock requires an A/C accessory to operate. Does not use batteries. The one year US warranty is void when used outside the USA. The dimensions are 8.25 wide x 6.75" high x 1 inch deep with the Kickstand. The small clock has a large display of time and alarm status. The smart night light digital alarm clock has a measurement of 3.8 (L) * 0.9 (W) * 2.4(H) inches. Perfect gifts for him and his family. There is a large display and bold numbers. Time is easy to read. 2 AA Carbon batteries are not included. Gradually enlarge the alarm, Ascending "beeping" alarm for gentle wake, and then repeating the snooze every 3-6 minutes. The light can become bright or dim with the help of the key. QuietCare is energy-saving and user-friendly. It is important to ensure a good sleep and a good working environment. If you don't like the quality of their smart night light digital alarm clock, you can contact them and they will give you a full refund or a new alarm clock.

Brand: Hense

👤I needed a simple bedside clock that I didn't have to touch to see the time, and which could serve as an alarm if I needed it. This product fills a need. It does not charge a phone, play soothing sounds, emit perfumed fog or stomp its feet like other clocks do. The time is simply told. The clock has a large digital display that is easy to see at night, and the backlight is dimmable so the room is not lit up at night. The product arrived quickly and works well. If I had to, I would buy it again. I expect it to last for the rest of my life, so I am not planning on it.

👤I was looking for a small, minimalist clock that I could put in the corner of the bathroom counter and around the house so that we could always know the time. I wanted something that wasn't complicated and without special features. The Japanese store, Muji, has the exact clock I want, but it's between 40 and 100 dollars. I wanted a battery operated clock that I could set the time on. The clock is very close to perfect. It's on the smaller side, easy to operate, quiet, and just shows the time. I love it! I've bought a few of these.

👤A simple clock that is battery powered is perfect for the bedside. This one glows all the time and even has a button that you can push to read it in the dark. There is no need to light it up if you push a button. Exactly what I was looking for. We don't know what the battery life is.

👤I have had many different clocks over the years, and finally found one that is perfect, and I have always had an alarm clock on my night table. The dimming feature provides the right amount of light at night while being easy to read during the day. The small size and easy to use features of the alarm and snooze feature make it a good choice for a table. I bought one for my wife, and she shares my enthusiasm, because I was so impressed. FG

👤The clock works on my nightstand. It has a very dim back light that will illuminate a dark room without you having to click any buttons. The light isn't bright enough to wake you up. There is a It's what I was looking for. A small unit with a lot of numbers.

2. NIKKY HOME Baroque Pewter Quartz

NIKKY HOME Baroque Pewter Quartz

Measures 3.12 by 1.35 by 3.87 inches. Only one battery is required. The Distressed green finish gives a old look. There is a floral cover on the back. The body is made of pewter. The style is inspired by Baroque. It's perfect for decorating your desk.

Brand: Nikky Home

👤I would like to clarify some things that other reviewers have said. The clock is easy to read. You will need to buy regular AA batteries. The size N battery is fine. The back is made of plastic. The clock is ideal for small spaces. It works well and looks good. I am happy I ordered it.

👤I thought the clock was bigger. I couldn't use it for the purpose that was intended, but it got lost in the shuffle after I moved in. I put a battery in it and used it somewhere else. The battery compartment is too small. It's ridiculous. The clock is junky and small. The plastic face and back are cheap. It costs $5.99 to return a clock. Don't buy this clock, save your money.

👤The clock is heavier than I expected, which is a good thing. The location is perfect for it's purpose. It runs silently. I'm very happy with my new clock, and I'm happy to see that it has a second life. There is confusion about what type of battery it requires. The clock requires oneAAA battery, as per the instructions on the box. The description of the required battery size has been changed by Amazon. One must not pay attention to the info below the product that says people buy additional products, including a type "N" battery. Hopefully Amazon will correct that soon. If you are looking for a cute little clock with a large face, this clock may be the one for you.

👤I read the reviews on the clock. Some people said their clock needed an N battery, while others said it needed aAAA battery. I bet on an N battery and lost. The clock uses a battery. The small clock is perfect for my office. I don't need an N battery, so I'm a little frustrated. I can ask someone I know if they can use the batteries because they were only $3 on Amazon. I already own a good quality clock with long battery life and I still recommend buying this one. We'll see about this one. If you buy this clock, you can either purchase an N and aAAA battery or wait until it arrives to purchase the correct battery. They don't say in the description, but this clock does. Some people don't like a clock.

👤I bought two of these cute clocks, but didn't know they were supposed to have a back piece. They are cute. I don't want to have to return the white one to get the missing piece. It works well without it. I will change my review to five stars if the vendor sees this comment and sends me the back of the white clock.

3. NIKKY HOME Shabby Pewter Quartz

NIKKY HOME Shabby Pewter Quartz

Always be on time. The clock requires a single AA battery and is battery operated. The body is made of both pewter and resin. The collection is from the shabby chic cottage. One AA battery is required. It's about 6 inches wide and about 4 inches deep. NIKKY HOME was founded in 2009, and is dedicated to become a leading fashion home and decoration brand all over the world. Every piece of furniture, home decor, and art is matched perfectly together in the form of art, fully expressing its founder's fashion ideas. They are working hard to create a lifestyle for you.

Brand: Nikky Home

👤I was looking for a bigger clock and this is it. It is made mostly of metal. I believe the back cover is plastic. The numbers are easy to read and the face is attractive. I took off one star. The domed glass cover causes a glare. The bottom is very rough and does not have any protective covering. It will scratch furniture.

👤A light green base is a light lime green, not a hint of turquiose or aqua. I wanted a soft pastel light aqua blue base green. It is not. There is a It looks very old and vintage. It is very shabby chic. I used the carbon zinc AA battery recommended in the description and so far it is working great. If you give the clock as a gift, it comes in a brown cardboard box and is very safe. It doesn't look good until you get to the clock. I think the outer box is a little over priced, but it is very cute. Update several days now and keeping time very quiet. I upgraded it to 5 stars from 4 because I like it very much.

👤I wasn't expecting much for the price, but it was made of pewter and with so many things made of plastic, I figured what-the-hell. The overall body is pewter, and the distress-look is good, but can't really tell if the glass face is glass, but after tapping it... It seems like it. The plastic back cover matches the color of the pewter. If you didn't know, the battery operated clock mechanism is a simple one you can buy from Ben Franklin's for clock projects. The clock face is clean and sharp. Is it worth the money? Get the look for a fraction of the price. I bought this for my kitchen table, so that it would look like an old country kitchen.

👤Exactly what was looking for, it was cute.

👤This is the epitome of shabby chic. They have done a nice job of making this look like it's old and worn. If you're looking for the aesthetic rather than the heirloom aspect of the grill, this fact will not affect you. The plastic seems to be fairly fragile, and the clips that keep it in place could easily break, so just be careful when removing the back. To see how much this piece dresses up a table, look at the photo I've attached.

4. NIKKY HOME Operated Fireplace Countertop

NIKKY HOME Operated Fireplace Countertop

The Antique clock is the perfect size for a shelf or table top. Vintage table top clock operates on a battery and has environmental and energy saving benefits. Not included is the 1 AA battery. Their desk shelf clocks are made with real pewter with front cover and hollow out back cover, full with French Country accent, and are vintage and delicate. This clock is a wonderful addition to any workspace, bookshelf, living room, office, kitchen, or bedroom. Birthdays, housewarmings, graduations, college, and back-to-school are some of the reasons why this is an excellent gift idea. For the past ten years, their brand has been dedicated to offer their clients trendy and cute home decor. They are working hard to create a dream lifestyle for you. Home decoration is an essential part of life these days, let's follow your heart and decorate your home together.

Brand: Nikky Home

👤The clock works perfectly and is definitely a cheaper clock. It looks like pictures, and keeps time well. The back is plastic, but it's on my mantle, and it looks pretty cool. If this is the style you're after, you'll be happy with this purchase.

👤It is easy to read from across the room and stylish. The back of the clock is beautiful with filigree holes. It would look great on a nightstand, end table, or any other location. The size is perfect. I am so grateful to have it in our home, I can't believe how well thought out it was. Everyone is happy.

👤I was looking for a wall clock for my living room, but I found a wall clock that I liked. Nothing seemed right. I thought I would give a desk top clock a try since I have some decorative shelves. This was perfect. It doesn't look like it's on a desk. It doesn't look like an office.

👤I use this in my home office. It's very quiet and unique.

👤This is a good clock. The front and back are made of plastic. I will keep it, but I think it's overpriced for the cheap materials used.

👤Don't let reviews discourage you because the back of this click is plastic. It looks and feels like a clock. I'm picky and I like it.

👤This clock is beautiful. It is small, well made, beautifully designed, modestly priced, and visible from across the room which is surprising due to the size. It is absolutely lovely.

👤The clock is perfect for my mantle. It's easy to read.

👤The back of the clock is plastic and it's a bit pricey.

5. MiCar Digital Displays Temperature Dormitory

MiCar Digital Displays Temperature Dormitory

The snooze button on top of the clock can be used to illuminate the whole display for 5 seconds. When the alarm sounds, the backlight will illuminate. The design of the wood alarm clock is modern. It is a great decoration for your bedroom and also a clock with large display. It can be a good way to start a conversation. It's not too bright at night and bright enough for the daytime with theAdjustable brightness levels. It's easy to choose a good brightness for your eyes. It is a small desk clock, perfect for bedside table, office, or a portable battery operated travel clock. Also, note: Double pressing the "down" button will get the clock into standard mode. To turn off the sound control mode, set the value to "--:sd". It is recommended that you use theusb outlet for daily use. The batteries are used for travel or back-up. The digital clock uses more power and can drain batteries quickly. The led alarm clock can be used to set 3 groups of alarm time, wake you up in the morning, or remind you of important dates or appointments. If you have doubts about the wood digital alarm clock, feel free to contact them. They offer a 1-year warranty for replacement or refunds. It's a perfect gift for friends or family.

Brand: Micar

👤When I don't have my phone around me or when I don't want to look at my phone for checking the time, I purchased this clock to know what time it is. My phone is my alarm clock, so I don't use the 3 alarms on this clock. It has three different light settings, I always have it on the lowest setting as it still brings enough light that you can tell the time. I put a clear cover on the room at night as the light can still be bright. It is very small and not very popular. I have been using it for over five months and it has not given me any problems. There is a You have to use a phone or a wall plug to turn on the clock because it doesn't come with a wall plug. After reading some reviews, it seems the clock uses up batteries pretty quickly. You have to place theusb cord in a specific location in your room in order to tell time from a certain place because it isn't long enough. The clock is great and does what it is supposed to do.

👤It is so cool. I need a nice clock for my nightstand. A block of wood shows time, temperature, and date. It seems small at first, but it shows the numbers big and I like the size once I have it. You will need the manual to figure it out, it only has 3 or 4 buttons on the back to set everything.

👤The alarm clock is great. Well priced and works well. Make sure you read the instructions on how to set up the times. It's amazing. There is no bright light shining in your face when the lighted numbers are turned off. If the clock is on, the motion sensor will show the time back up. It has a mode that can change from time to date. It's super cool. There are 3 more You can set different alarms. It looks cool. So small and curious. It's like how is that working? How are the numbers showing up? Like magic. If you want, I can be battery operated. You can use a battery or plug it in. There is a The only negative is that it only has a portable power source. I connected it to a wall charging device. I wish the cord was longer. The other benefits outweigh this small annoyance. I would like to buy everyone one of these.

6. Wise Hedgehog Teaching Classrooms Playrooms

Wise Hedgehog Teaching Classrooms Playrooms

If you have doubts about the wood digital alarm clock, feel free to contact them. They offer a 1-year warranty for replacement or refunds. It's a perfect gift for friends or family. It's easy to teach for all ages. They made the wall clock easy to understand for children, bright and engaging, but not distraction, so that your child will learn faster and easier than traditional methods of teaching. Perfect size for classrooms, playrooms and kids bedrooms! The silver frame learning clock has a white face and large numbers and fingers. It won't keep anyone up. Their telling time teaching clock is a quiet clock with a stylish continuous sweep movement that is great for kids rooms, nursery or homeschool classrooms. It is a great gift for kids, parents and teachers. There are great school supplies. 1 AA battery is required. It is easy to read and mark. Their clock comes with a free ebook that teaches kids how to tell the time faster and easier. 10 inch is the size. The guide is great for parents and teachers.

Brand: Wise Hedgehog

👤I bought this for the kindergartener to help him learn. The clock has enough information so that he understands it. The minute hand is long enough to tell what number it is pointing at with ease and the hands are labeled well. Would buy it again.

👤It was perfect! I purchased for my high school students. They can't tell time on a clock. They need to sign in with time to use the facilities. They were driving teachers crazy because they couldn't read the clock on the wall. I purchased this and it was perfect.

👤The clock is great for teaching time. Every morning he comes out of his room and tells us when it is. It's very easy to read and we like that it says'minute' and 'hour'. The only thing I wish it did differently was tick for each second instead of one continuous motion, that way the kids can see how fast a second is. It would stop on each number on the face and they would know how long a second it was.

👤Love it. It's a great way to teach my child to tell time. The hands are pointing at the numbers. The learning clock tool I ordered on Amazon matches the colors of the hour and minute hands. The second hand seems to be accurate so far. The face of the clock isn't too busy or distracted, unlike other options. I would not have a problem using it in my kitchen when my child outgrew it. Thanks!

👤Quiet and accurate. I put it low so the kids could see it. The hour and minute hand are marked. It is easier for the little ones to identify when the minute is noted in numeral. The guess work is over with the help of O'clock, Quarter Past, Half Past, and Quarter To. Nice colors work well with our playroom. It makes learning about time a bit more enjoyable.

👤The clock is easy to read. The clock is made out of inferior materials and the silver part around the edge is black plastic painted silver. The clock is a great idea, but I would prefer a better product. If you find my review helpful, please mark it. Thank you so much!

👤The clock is beautiful. My kindergartener is learning to read the clock. The minute and hour hands are clearly marked with a minute hand reaching far enough for easy reading. The hand is silent. The clock is minimalist. Some of the others were very busy and took away from the ease of reading it. I would recommend this to my friends.

7. FLOITTUY Sleepers Backlight Bedroom Decoration

FLOITTUY Sleepers Backlight Bedroom Decoration

The device has a mode called "night mode", which allows for a disturbed free mode from 10:00pm to 7am. Loud alarm and metal ears. It will wake you up every day if you put it on the bed. Green, Black, Blue, Pink, Mint Green, and Red-Brown are all types of color. The color atmosphere is warm. It is easy to recognize time. A soft backlight is convenient to watch the time late at night. Save electricity eye if you loosen it and go out. The movement of the pointer will only make a sound similar to the opening of flowers, and they prepared a small gift, hope to bring you more enjoyment in life. You don't need an AA battery to use their Alarm Clock, it protects you from radiation.

Brand: Floittuy

👤I played all the sounds on my phones and tablets. They did not move a muscle. I have used them for 3 weeks. Kids are dressed up so they don't hear the noise. It is amazing! I was able to get each child a different color. Get them for your best friend. You can't turn the alarm on until about an hour past the time. If you want to turn it on for 7:30 am, you have to wait until 8:30 pm because it doesn't differentiate between am and pm. It is worth the wait.

👤It is cute and loud, which I was looking for. I didn't give it a higher star ratin because you can't set it for a.m. or p.m. There is a If I wanted it to be set for 6:30, I would hit the off button and it would still set, but it wouldn't know the difference between day and night. It is only battery operated, and cannot plug on to an outlet.

👤I didn't realize it stopped working in less than 12 hours. The batteries were changed a few times, but still not working. I dropped it. It worked perfectly since.

👤This is the best lock I have ever owned. I accidentally dropped it A. I love it and recommend it, it's a perfect cracked glass and it's loud. I had to post this review after buying it in 2019. It isERVES. It was wrapped quickly and nicely.

👤People like me who are easily distracted will love it. I used to check my social media when I was checking time with phone. I ordered the traditional alarm to improve my work effectiveness. I put it on my desk. It was perfect size. Not too big, not too small. My eyes are easy to see. I was surprised that the product included a sleeping Eye Cover. Wow. Thank you. I'm thinking of ordering another alarm for my dad. I love it.

👤The box was opened already. I was satisfied with its price.

👤This clock is cute. When I set the alarm it was loud and scared my cat off the chair. I don't think you can set it for anything other than the hour, and there is no am/pm setting, that wasn't an issue for me, as I am retired, but wake up at 5 a.m. most mornings. I got up for work an hour before. Go figure! I am satisfied with my purchase because it is keeping good time and there is no loud noise.

👤The clock is easy to read. I like the colors that it comes in so you can match the decor that best suits you. If you're a college student, junior or high school student, or moving out on your own for the first time, this clock/alarm clock is a must have. Maybe you're tired of having to wake someone up again and again. There is a The alarm clock is nice looking and loud.

👤I need to wake up in the morning for work. There is a I don't want the alarm to go off because my body naturally wakes up a few minutes before 6AM, but my phone wasn't cutting it for me. It's so loud, it's great. Great clock!

8. Konigswerk Vintage Bedside Battery Operated

Konigswerk Vintage Bedside Battery Operated

Vintage housing calls to mind 1940s-era designs. It's suitable for the bedside bedroom kitchen table office shelf. People who are heavy sleepers have a unique loud alarm clock. A good wake up clock for people who have trouble waking up. A good sleep and best working environment are ensured by quiet and smooth sweeping of the quartz movement and second hand. It's perfect for kids or seniors, it's easy to use and read. Operates on a accurate movement of the quartz stone. Not included is the 1 AA battery.

Brand: Konigswerk

👤I received this clock and was very pleased with the look. The clock doesn't work so I wasn't excited about that. It was interesting that the instructions call for aAAA battery when it is just a AA battery. I bought another clock with the hope that it will work, because I like the one I have. I will review the second one as an update. The second one worked just fine. The piece on the top of the clock does not stand up straight like the picture shows. It's not a big deal to me, but it may be to others.

👤The Carbon Zinc battery was hard to find. I ordered them on line. There is a The clock is made of plastic. There is a I should have bought a clock that has an easy to find alkaline battery. There is a If you buy the clock, you should order the Carbon Zinc Batteries at the same time.

👤I needed an alarm clock that was reliable. I chose the clock. When it arrived, I noticed that it was flimsy and rattled, and that was the start of the disappointment. I knocked it off the nightstand. I shouldn't have done that. I didn't mean to. I was reaching for the phone. Can't miss those now? The clock fell onto the carpet. The clock I had before this one was always knocked off the nightstand and it lasted for years, but then it was a cheapo. Do not buy this clock if you are looking for a reliable, well-built clock.

👤I like the clock. The clock hands were loose when I received it. I had to disassemble it to fix it. I am a handy person. It shouldn't have been that way.

👤The clock only worked for a few days before the second hand got stuck. I would wake up in the middle of the night because of the blocked mechanics. If I bang it on the table a few times, it will come unstuck. I don't see how to fix it so it keeps time. A bad day!

👤I didn't read all the way down because it seemed like a lot of selling for a simple clock, however I missed the important point that the clock uses carbon zinc battery only. When I put it in, nothing happened. I was one day past the return window, so I was glad I came back and read through more. I wanted to make the clock work so I made it. I found Panasonic carbon zinc batteries on Amazon and they arrived today. It seems to be working well. It's a lovely and quaint clock that will remind me not to relax on my sun porch. I'll come back here if it stops working or doesn't keep correct time. It's a good thing.

👤The clock stopped working after two months. Very cheap.

👤The clock is advertised as a "non-ticking" clock. As the second hand moves, it makes consecration noISE. If you're looking for a quiet clock, this isn't it. This would be a good choice if you just want functional and don't mind the noise.

9. SHARPER Electronic Display Adapter Contemporary

SHARPER Electronic Display Adapter Contemporary

Tell time in style. This unique clock is a stylish accent piece, with a sleek black finish and generous yet compact size that is perfect for your desktop, nightstand or drawer. The consecration design. It looks like a word search puzzle at first glance, but when the display lights up, it becomes clear that it is a functional clock. It's easy to set up a power cable and power accessory. The clock tells time in five-minute intervals, with easy-to-use advance and reverse buttons. There are great gifts for everyone. Whether it's for yourself or a holiday or Christmas gift for someone special, check out their latest innovative products, from air purifiers to toys and games to luxury items for home or office! They offer the latest in home electronics, high tech gadgets, grooming items, travel accessories and innovative lifestyle products, designed and built with the latest styles and technology.

Brand: Sharper Image

👤1. It seems well made 2. It is easy to set 3. Non Dimmable 4. It is not a consistent output because of the light variance between each letter. It's difficult on the eyes. The cord is not long. An extension cord is likely to be required. 6. It needs to be reset each time it is unplugged or without power.

👤I am very disappointed. My word clock will continue to blink all the words. There is no manual to fix this. It doesn't look like the photos either. I am disappointed.

👤We wanted to like this, but after getting a replacement clock after the first one had a warped face, we decided it was too cheap to work for us. The clock needs to be plugged into an outlet. The clock does not have a battery or charging feature, but we thought it would charge. The clock on the side makes the cable even more prominent. If we mounted the clock to the wall, we couldn't hide the cord. - The clock has to be reset to the current time if the cable goes off, and the settings have to be returned to the original settings. There is a We should have known better to expect a high-end product for $25. We could have fixed the slight warping of the face of the replacement clock, but we couldn't get over the cord on the wall. The clock might work better for people who want to sit it down.

👤You have to accept that it only tells time in 5 minutes. Don't use this as a clock to keep you on time for meetings, it looks great and is a great conversation piece, but that's not the point. I think it would be better if it had been designed to run on batteries, but I found a way to have an ugly black cord on the wall. There is a I used a rechargeable power bank to power the clock since the cord that powers it ends with ausb port. To hide the power bank, I put it in a shadowbox picture frame. The power bank usually lasts 2 days before needing to be plugged in. The power bank needs to have at least 10,000 mAh if you do this. I tried to power the clock with a 5,000 mAh bank.

👤The style of this clock is very nice. I had an interest in one of these. I ordered this one after I found it in the Rose-gold copper. I really wanted it for my bedroom, but it's not bright with the lights off. I put it in the living room. I was looking for a white 5V adapter so it wouldn't be noticed while hanging on the wall. I would like the lighting to have a dimmer option. No complaints. The clock is great for this price. It would be a cool gift idea.

10. JCHORNOR Digital Temperature Brightness Humidity

JCHORNOR Digital Temperature Brightness Humidity

It is easy to read and mark. Their clock comes with a free ebook that teaches kids how to tell the time faster and easier. 10 inch is the size. The guide is great for parents and teachers. The wood alarm clock is nice. The wooden clock can display the date, time, temperature and day of the week on the same screen, but also can bring you a beautiful experience and decoration, can be placed in the TV cabinet, bedside, desk. The day of the week is displayed. A wooden digital alarm clock will display time in 12 hours or 24 hours, temperature, year, months, days and the day of the week. The wooden clock is located in a room with a temperature reading. 3 alarm clock settings You can set any alarm time, but the default time is 6:30. The weekday alarm mode can only be used from Monday to Friday. The wood grain alarm clock can be opened in the power saving mode, the screen will go off, but the wooden alarm clock will still be displayed, which can save power and avoid the screen being too bright to sleep. The clock can't be charged and needs to be plugged in with the power cord. The wooden alarm clock cannot use the battery. If you have any other questions, please contact them.

Brand: Jchornor

👤I like the clock a lot. The design looks good. The brown color of it makes me happy. It works in two different ways. If you don't have a battery, you can charge it via the internet. You don't have to worry about the alarm clock not telling you the time. It takes some time to set up. It took me a few minutes to adjust the instructions. You can set two alarm clocks, and one can be switched on during the workday. I like the light of the clock, it is not too bright, it is not too dark, and it looks very comfortable. I put it next to my nightstand. I would pat it with my hand when the alarm clock rang. My previous alarm clock was similar to this one.

👤I was happy with the clock. It was difficult to set up but it was bright and easy to read. After sitting on my TV stand for less than three months, it froze for two days and then went crazy for an hour before finally blacking out. Attached is a video.

👤I'm not happy with this clock. The wood finish is not good. You have to go through the entire menu to change the alarm settings. It's really annoying when you try to change the alarm while another person is sleeping in the room because every push of a button makes a sound. The power cord is very short and you have to use your own plug. I would return the packaging if I hadn't thrown it away.

👤There is no snooze function. We are sending it back already. There are two more There is a cheap, flimsy cord that powers it. There is no wall adapter. The cord is so short that it doesn't go over the edge of my nightstand. There are 3 more It comes with a backup battery, but it doesn't say so. There are four The clock does not work without the cord. The backup battery is only used to keep your settings. The alarm will not go off if your electricity goes out. We tested it. If you live out in the country or in an odd area where the power is intermittent, you can't rely on this clock to wake you in the morning. There are five The instructions are not up to date. The instructions state that it has a charging port. Nope. Incoming power is needed to power up the clock. 6) For the money spent on this clock, you can get a less kitschy but more useful clock. Don't.

11. DayClox Digital Calendar 5 Cycle Section

DayClox Digital Calendar 5 Cycle Section

NIKKY HOME was founded in 2009, and is dedicated to become a leading fashion home and decoration brand all over the world. Every piece of furniture, home decor, and art is matched perfectly together in the form of art, fully expressing its founder's fashion ideas. They are working hard to create a lifestyle for you. The DayClox brand Digital Calendar Day Clocks has two new display options which can be selected through the menu, either black and white or red, white and blue. The new display sections make it easier to understand the displayed information. This format helps the eyes focus on a single section of the screen, which may be difficult for some people. Only English is available. It's perfect for those struggling to differentiate between the AM & PM notations because each day is divided into 5 cycles. The cycle start times are preset. The problem of seniors getting up and out of bed in the morning is minimized by displaying before dawn. The day of the week, cycle and date are all spelled out. No doctor visits! Many seniors with memory loss due to dementia, stroke, Alzheimer's or just advanced years have difficulty processing abbreviated words. It's an In- Home- Care necessity and makes a perfect Senior Care Gift. Nighttime use can be achieved with auto swimming. The clock display will dim down. 50% every night at 9:00 p.m and then reverting back to full brightness at 6 am the next morning. Great for people with Macular Degeneration. The display can be seen from across the room. The Dementia, Alzheimer's or Memory Loss words are not printed on the clock itself so it is a great gift for those special loved ones. In the event of a power outage or the clock being unplugged, the clock will maintain the correct time internally. After the power is restored, the accurate time will be displayed. The clock requires an A/C accessory to operate. Does not use batteries. The one year US warranty is void when used outside the USA. The dimensions are 8.25 wide x 6.75" high x 1 inch deep with the Kickstand.

Brand: Dayclox

👤I received a clock yesterday. It was easy to set up. My husband loves the clock. He can read with the different colors of information. He got up this morning and told me that it was Wednesday. I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 because I want to see a dimmer switch that I can regulate. The cast of light in the room is brighter than what we prefer, so it's hard to tell if the clock did dim. The clock is great. There is an update. The clock only worked for a week. It began to blink. It blinked to the logo screen on the time/ info screen, but then it did the same thing again a few minutes later. It kept blinking between screens. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. After a few minutes, it kept blinking between the info screen and the logo screen, but it had all of the information settings. We wanted this clock to work and not fail. I am requesting a refund because I was too afraid to get a replacement because of others that have had trouble with the clock.

👤My father uses this clock to keep track of his day. As he goes into his bedroom to check for himself, he no longer asks me what day it is. He complains that the screen is too bright when he sleeps. If there was a way to dim the screen, please let me know so I can add it to the next model. The screen is too cluttered and compressed with information, and the width of the screen could be narrowed to allow it to be bigger. A second clock in a larger size would be a great addition to the kitchen or dining room. * My 84-year-old father is having trouble admitting he has memory issues. He first complained that he didn't need anything like this, and then he said the screen's brightness was perfect, and the clock worked as a nightlight. He was thanking me a lot by the third day and he said that he sometimes has trouble remembering things. There was no setup for this device. The date and time were set automatically. The packaging is great for the environment. I chose the red, white, and blue background to break the information into smaller pieces. The display is large enough to be seen from a variety of distances and angles, but I wish there was a way to hide some of the information on the screen. One option would be to change the screen image to show the day and time of day on a single screen for a short time, then the screen could transition to the actual date. It would make it easier for a person with dementia to comprehend the information without feeling overwhelmed. The clock has stopped my father from questioning the time of day and it has allowed him to remain independent. I will be purchasing a second one for another area of his home because it was an incredibly valuable and reliable purchase. ************* On a side note... I wish that the DayClox company could include an add-on that would display appointment information such as time, location, or med schedule for the day. The patient or caregivers could enter the information from a computer or a phone. The person would not be overwhelmed by seeing too much information at one time if they received visual or audible reminders throughout the day. Please let me know if anyone knows of a program or device that is similar to this. I would appreciate it.


What is the best product for bicycle desk clock?

Bicycle desk clock products from Hense. In this article about bicycle desk clock you can see why people choose the product. Nikky Home and Nikky Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle desk clock.

What are the best brands for bicycle desk clock?

Hense, Nikky Home and Nikky Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle desk clock. Find the detail in this article. Nikky Home, Micar and Wise Hedgehog are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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