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1. FitDesk Bike Desk 3 0 Built

FitDesk Bike Desk 3 0 Built

Non-SLIPPEDPED PRODUCTS: The pedals have straps and handlebars for a full body workout. ExERCISE. While working. FitDesk Bike Desk 3.0 has a high-quality gearbox, quiet twin belt drive, and high-velocity flywheel to provide reliable operation with resistance bands just underneath its seat. A storage tray and a built-in holder are included. AJUSTABLE SUPPORT: The FitDesk Table Top has arm massage rollers that help prevent arms from becoming tired. The steel frame is made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel with a strong base that can carry up to 300 pounds of weight. The bike seat has a semi-recumbent design and is designed for riders from 4'10” to over 6'. The user manual is easy to understand. An easy reading performance meter is built with an 8-level magnetic tension control system for any fitness level and includes an easy reading performance meter to track your exercise cycling mileage, calories, and distance. Non-SLIP TABLE SURFACE: It has a soft-grip surface that is safe for laptops and tablets. Also includes a cell phone holder with a storage panel that can hold small accessories.

Brand: Fitdesk

👤Thanks bezos, it's great for working at home in the bicyle, but please feed America or pay taxes.

👤If I had to put it together as an average joe, it would have taken me a long time. I put 4 stars for the ease of assembly. There is no sound. It's easy to move around my home. I gave it 4 stars because it was too tall for me, a 5' 0” woman. I didn't have to return it because my husband was messing around to find a solution, and he took out the "tall people brackets" between the adjustment rail and the seat. I can ride comfortably now that the seat has been lowered. A simple solution for short people. I can fix the seat with a small pillow, but it's still too hard for me. There is a The table is stable and I can put my laptop in front of me. The item is a great value.

👤I can't tell you how much I love this thing. I am a full time employee, doing internship hours, and have online classes. I didn't want to do a workout that was realistic with my schedule. I wanted to find a way to work out. The fit desk gave me that. I use it every day. Sometimes inside and sometimes outside, depending on the weather. I have been happy with a purchase before, but this one is better. Love it!

👤I got a bike at the beginning of COVID in order to stay active. I didn't know that biking and working bent over is a bad idea. I had the same set up as any stationary bike. I used the same settings as I would at the gym, and I know the proper height and knee-bend. I didn't know that using this bike while trying to work hurt me. After a few weeks, I noticed that the pain was back, even though I thought it was just a sore. I stopped. The pain went away. Sort of. I am thankful that I got my money back after the hassle of returning this beast. But, months later, the pain was still there. It got worse. It kept me up at night. I can't go on hikes anymore. Finally got an exam. I own a Torn Labrum from this stupid bike. Don't buy this bike. The concept is nice, but there are some real issues. I am looking at expensive therapy after months of therapy. If that doesn't work, you can have surgery for 3-6 months. I'm in pain.

👤I have been logging over 31 miles since I received my FitDesk. I am typing this review on my bike. The assembly was easy for me, as it took about 1 to 1.5 hours from receiving the box to sitting on the machine. The unit is very sturdy and the packaging was great. The desk is perfect for my laptop, mouse, and phone. I need more space to have more things around me because I work from home and am behind my computer for a lot of time. The desktop expander will be here later this week. The laptop is very stable and doesn't move at all if I want to slip off the desktop while I am cycling. There is a rubber mat on the desktop. There is a The unit is very quiet and I don't hear anything. The laptop fan is louder than the mechanism is called. I think this would work in any office or cubicle, unless they actually see you on it. The seat is large and nice, but it will take some time to get used to. I would like to have a bench seat in place of the model that comes with the unit. I ordered a gel padded seat cover to try out instead of the fluffy towel I am currently using. I am sure it takes some getting used to, but I usually walk on the treadmill or elliptical at the gym. Some of the reviews complained that the back was not able to lean back. I find that my posture is perfect on this because before I was mostly working from the couch with my laptop on my lap, I was slumping over at the neck and shoulders causing a lot of strain and stress on my neck. I have no problem reaching my laptop with perfect posture with the FitDesk. If you want a different position, you can push the desktop away from you if you want to. You just pull the desktop back towards you. I was confused that this was possible before the unit was assembled, but maybe I missed that in the description and reviews. I haven't tried this with my Charge HR because the battery was dead, so I don't know how accurate the workout meter is. The fact that the meter is behind my computer screen is a plus for me, because I find myself staring at the distance, time, calories, etc., in the gym. When I decide to look at the FitDesk, I am shocked at how long I have been cycling. If I set the tension higher and cycle faster, I get winded and sweat a bit. It's not like a class. I couldn't get my work done on my computer in class. It still beats sitting on my rear on the sofa and doing nothing for my health. There is a I am very happy with the FitDesk, except for the sore derriere. Can't wait until the gel seat cover arrives. I never post reviews for anything and I was not paid to do so. A consumer is happy with a purchased product. You most likely will not be disappointed if you give it a try.

2. Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser Stationary Bike for Seniors

Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser Stationary Bike for Seniors

The item benefits from an extended window. Premium magnetic resistance is used for an extra smooth pedal motion on their patented under desk bike. It's easier on your joints, so you won't bother anyone. The DeskCycle 2 mini exercise bike is easy to use. Drop it to 9 for the lowest max pedal height of any desk bike pedal exerciser on the market. It works with desks as small as 27" for people under the age of 10. Their 8 settings range from very easy to really hard, with more than twice the resistance range of other mini exercise bikes. It's great for using physical therapy equipment. Their desk bike is easy to use. The display tracks speed, distance, and more. Place the monitor on the table with the display stand. Looking for a thoughtful gift? The under desk bike is perfect for anyone who wants to get more active.

Brand: Deskcycle

👤I did a lot of research before buying my desk cycle 2. I ordered one because I thought it couldn't hurt more than sitting already does. After using it for a month with a lot of success, I noticed that every reviewer ignored the instructions to start at level 1 for a week, then increase gradually, and only go up to level 3 if they still want to get work done. Immediately, they all raised it to level 4 or higher. This is fantastic and I wish I'd bought it sooner. It's great to fit exercise in whenever you can, and staying at a level 3, I pedal for 3-4 hours during my workday without sweating at all. I switched my heels for flats because of this, so it's probably better for my feet. All in a great purchase. Don't hesitate to buy one, just read all the instructions, not just the ones for installation.

👤I took a gamble on this unit because I'm often sitting for long hours and I have a spin bike. I'm happy I did. Reviewers said to read the instructions. These are some of the best instructions I've read in a long time and I work in the tech field. If you read the instructions, you will be able to put it together quickly, and the resistance levels are fairly intense, which is a big reason why I like it so much. I'm challenged, not aimlessly pedaling. I will bring this to the office once we have permission to go back. It is definitely worth the money. There is a There is an update. I've been using this every day since I bought it, and it deserves 10 stars. My legs felt great after I sat at my desk all day. I never hear it. The machine is on hardwood and the intensity levels are very high. I am very impressed with this machine, I was not sure what to expect, but I am looking forward to getting some seriously buff legs sitting on my rear all day!

👤I am a website developer and 3D artist so I live a sedentary lifestyle. I have to deal with deadlines that are pretty rigid and I am always around a computer. There isn't time to work out. I bought a treadmill with an incline a while back, but I couldn't use it because I was too busy. I lost about 12 pounds on it in three months. There is a I bought this machine about 5 weeks ago. I'm not disappointed. It is quite. There was not a single annoying squeak. I went from 160 lbs to 153 lbs in 5 weeks. My diet hasn't changed much, except for limiting my take out and increasing my levels of meat. I use this machine for 4-5 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. I don't need to use the higher tension settings. I use tension 2 and 3 for the first hour and tension 2 and 3 for the second and third hour. I was surprised that I have lost weight in such a short period of time. It has helped strengthen my legs, which is always a plus. It's a good thing. There is a This desk bike is very good.

3. MagneTrainer ER Mini Exercise Bike Exerciser

MagneTrainer ER Mini Exercise Bike Exerciser

The pedal exerciser can be adjusted to meet different physical conditions. This low-impact exercise is great for beginners and ideal for people who have had surgery. It is specially designed for the elderly. CONVENIENT: Are you stuck at home? Magnetrainer is a mini exercise bike pedal exerciser that you can use to get your physical therapy leg exercise or arm workout. It'sTILE: If you want to use your arm bike or strap in your feet for leg exercise, you can use the molded pedals. The straps are more durable than the notch. Premium magnetic resistance gives this leg and arm exercise equipment a smooth pedal motion that is easy on your joints and whisper quiet. Precise control. The dial allows you to fine tune the resistance as you increase it. It's perfect for physical therapy equipment or exercise bikes for seniors. User friendly. Keep it simple with an easy to read monitor. You can keep track of calories burned and speed with this display.

Brand: Magnetrainer

👤It lifts off the floor when I try and turn up the resistance. When you put on shoes, it still hits the outer bars because your ankle hits the inner bar. I wear a normal size 8 shoe. It is not possible to get any cardio work done because it doesn't provide the work out. I haven't tried it for my arms yet, but I will update this if necessary. After re-reading more reviews and finding out there are a lot of accessories to solve the problems I had with the review, it is a piece of junk. The accessories are made by the same company. A larger pedal and a 22 inch addition are needed to address the instability. I will update this review after I trade these accessories. The hope is that it will be crossed on 11/2020. I bought the extra parts that go with this, including the larger bar and arm handles. The bar is called the XL bar. It was tipping and falling again. I have been a runner for over 25 years and since an injury I need a bike to exercise and keep my sanity. The lower the resistance, the better the problems. I wish it would work with resistance for someone who likes to feel the burn. I have to not have it tip over, I will update if I find a better solution. There is a I can't give the arm handle a fair review, I can't find the perfect table height combo. I will update when I work out the issues. I can't tell the difference between the larger petals and the sides because my feet don't hit them very much anymore. If you have the same problems, the extra $25 is worth it. I promise to update if I find any new tricks. We are past the 30 day return window once we have gone all in. I am on a mission to get it to work. I don't like when people say they will update and leave us hanging... I will update again. I hope this helps! When I saw one helpful vote, I knew this wasn't all for nothing.

👤I was looking at the MagneTrainer and other mini bikes. The Exerpeutic 500 was almost purchased by me until someone asked a question about the MagneTrainer. The MagneTrainer can be used for arm strength, as a traditional bike, and as a way to push the unit away if it is not done with an exercise bike. I can use the MagneTrainer in any chair and not be stressed if the seat hurts my tailbone. It tucks away when I'm done. It took me ten minutes to assemble, and it is very quiet. It took me more time to get in touch with the unit. It's not that heavy. It comes with a long strap, which I have to use. The unit will slide if there is any trace of dust on the floor. If it is pedaled in a downward movement, it is less likely to slide. The pedals should be on the correct side when you assemble them. The company does not warranty if the threads are stripped, according to the manual. I am very happy with my purchase and I recommend it to anyone. If you think you can't get a good workout, think again. If you can get a good workout on a Recumbent, you can get a good workout with the MagneTrainer, all from the comfort of a comfortable chair. There is a I received my order on Dec. 12. I used free shipping.

4. Portable Stationary Exercise Physical Wakeman

Portable Stationary Exercise Physical Wakeman

The package contains all the tools and instructions. It is easy to assemble within 30 minutes. A small indoor exercise bike. You can place the machine on the floor or under the desk to burn calories. Circulation and tone arm muscles can be stimulated by placing the pedaling bike on a table. Feet pads and straps add stability. Users can view time, distance, calories, count, and total count on an electronic display. This exerciser has a screen that is easy to read. The low-tension setting is perfect for rehabilitative purposes, or you can switch to a higher intensity for strength training. The resistance dial is marked with either + or - to be easily changed. The dimensions are 16.5 L x 14 W x 13 H inches. The electronic display requires a battery. There is some assembly required.

Brand: Wakeman

👤Not worth a single star. The plastic housing is cheap and stable. There is a cheap alloy wheel with a cloth strap. It would wear out and break in no time. It was not a smooth oedal action. There is a A cheap Chinese product was pawned off on America. Don't buy...

👤widening the foot pedals could be done to improve this item. I have to use bare feet or compression socks because my shoes won't fit. My review would improve if this issue is corrected. I realized this is a piece of junk after using it for a few days. The item is so poor that it can't be found on the market.

👤The product is cheap. It would not be easy to assemble as the pedal threads are stripped or off center. I can't get the pedal to go in. I'm tired of buying things that don't work. I needed it right away so I had it sent for two days. I have a product that is useless now. I don't want to have to send things back and so I won't order again. You are losing my business. The display on the computer does not work. I wouldn't buy this item again. I don't want another one. This deserves no stars because I had to put a star rating on it.

👤I wouldn't buy this product because the left pedal fell off every time I tried to use it, and I had to replace it because I missed the return date.

👤I may be jumping the gun here, but it is easy to put together. I bought this for my mom, who has talked about something similar after her cardiac rehab. She has used it 3 times and it has only been in the house for 24 hours. She can put it on the table herself and take it from her room to the living room. There is a The directions state to screw the pedals in, but you really need to screw them in via the nut. It's all over. Great product. She is very happy with it.

👤This is very useful and easy to assemble. I don't know how this timer is supposed to work. The only thing that works is that my timer doesn't work, and the tension handle doesn't really do a lot of resistance, but it fits perfectly under my desk and does the trick. I just removed the battery and put it back in, and I think I just needed to be rebooted. I think.

👤The first product I received was poorly made and the brackets didn't fit. I returned it and had them send me a new one, but the brackets still weren't right. I told them to screw it and drill the holes on the stabilizer more, but they messed up the threads and I had to make it fit again. I cut new threads on my tap and die set to make it work, because I was tired of returning the piece of s**t. I got the peddles installed after a lot of work. It works well for what my mother needs it for. I wouldn't expect it to be a Cadillac for 40 dollars. There is a I would buy a different product if I wanted to work out long term. It only needs to be used for a couple of weeks. If you want something nice, you should pay more than $40.

5. TODO Exerciser Stationary Medical Peddler

TODO Exerciser Stationary Medical Peddler

You can use this machine on a desk-level surface. As you pedal forward with your arms, make sure to strengthen your upper body. TheCompact design makes it lightweight and portable, and it has a nonslip surface with finger grips and toe loops for added comfort and safety. Anti-scuff rubber feet can be used on the floor for leg exercise and on the desk for arm exercise. The mini bike pedal exerciser is great for seniors to increase circulation and relieve tension, the pedal motion is smooth and quiet, you can do exercise while you are on phone, watching TV, working. The multi-function display of the LCD MONITOR is easy to read and displays Time, Distance, Count, and Total Counts. It's firm enough for long term use and 5 pounds of iron inside makes it good for long term use. It is easy to adjust the intension by rotating the knob, it is perfect for rehabilitation after a surgery or injury, and also great for elderly to do exercise for their legs and arms.

Brand: Todo

👤This unit is being used for rehabilitation after my shoulder surgery. The strap-type resistance is very smooth and it works very well for me. It takes about five minutes to assemble, so please don't pay for the "expert assembly" option, as it comes with the tools needed to assemble it, as well as instructions for doing so. The display works as it should, and there is a timer option for those of us who need to work a certain amount of time. The construction of the unit seems to be solid, and it looks like it will last. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to rehabilitate their shoulder at home.

👤I bought this for my mother to strengthen her legs after an illness. Works well!

👤I was told by my doctor to get a mini bike to exercise after my hip surgeries. The bike helps strengthen the leg, core muscles, and regain balance. I am starting at the lowest level because the bike has different intensity levels. It has a monitor that provides useful info such as time spent on exercising, the distance covered, and calories burned. I placed the bike under my desk so I could use it while I worked on the computer. I can work and exercise at the same time. The bike seems to do what the doctor said it would do. I hope to be off the walker and cane soon with the use of this convenient exercise bike.

👤It fits under my desk perfectly. I peddle while I work. I had knee replacement surgery and it's convenient for me to keep my mobility great.

👤A friend of mine goes to the gym. I thought he might like it to use under his desk, but he didn't find it very practical. This item is a good source of exercise for people who are watching TV and just want to get exercise.

👤Had it not been a broken mess, I wouldn't know how it would have worked.

👤It has a digital display so you can see how far you have traveled. You are staying active. It allows you to excerise your arms. It helps me get active and exercise as a senior.

👤My mom's insurance ran out so she used this for upper cardio. She uses it on her legs easy.

6. Vaunn Exerciser Electronic Assembled Exercise

Vaunn Exerciser Electronic Assembled Exercise

A new model with a heavy duty frame and wider base is safe and stable. It was designed to fit under desks and tables. Combine your favorite activities with your workout routine. You should put your pedaler under your desk. You can play an online game, read a book, watch a movie or chat with a friend while doing your workout. Exercise can be enjoyable. Not for strenuous exercise. Strengthening your shoulders, arms and legs is possible with the help of the legs and arms exercise machine. Resistance control is a knob that controls the level of resistance and workout intensity. The desk bike pedal exerciser folds quickly. It's easy to store or bring on the go. The product is assembled.

Brand: Vaunn

👤I had Osteoarthritis of both knees 7 months ago. I was able to get out of a chair after the sudden onset. I went to physical therapy after buying some books with exercises. The same exercises that I'd started doing from the book were shown to me. A reclining cycle for ten minutes at the beginning of each session is what is needed to loosen the joints. I was able to do most of the exercises at home after I finished my course. I saw this pedal and thought it would help me to build more muscles as well as loosen the joints. It arrived quickly after I ordered it. It is very sturdy and fully assembled. There are no bolts to loosen. Quiet operation. I sit in my recliner and watch TV. I have had it for almost three weeks, and it has made a huge difference in my improvement. I use it for 20-40 minutes at a time. Try to do it during the day. It started to get a little tight after a week. The foam covering the pedal arms was too long and rubbed against the pedals. It was easy to fix because a case cutter used to trim off the foam covers. To return to perfect silence. I put an ottoman on the carpet in front of the pedaler so that it stays put. The unit is small and lightweight, and I set it on the pedals when not in use. It's out of the way. I am able to walk with less pain in my knee. The pedaler is an important part of my exercise routine.

👤I am doing physical therapy for a problem in my ankle. I made a few small changes that made it perfect for me. I bought a noise maker for cycling because it made the noise. And make the tension go up. I squirted it inside the gears, on the joints to the pedals, and on the pedal arms. There is a I have wood floors, which makes the machine slip, and I also have a sheet of rubber under the machine that stays in place, because it looks like a big waffle or Swiss cheese. There is a I am very happy! I am pretty sure every machine would have the same problems, but this one is already assembled, so you don't have to worry about rickety structures along all the screws and joints.

👤I loved it, used it almost every day, but the pedal fell off. The metal broke. It's completely garbage now. The company reached out to me and offered a replacement. It's in perfect working order so far. If this one breaks again in 4 months, I'll update again. My rating went from 1 to 3 stars.

👤I need to exercise. I work 7 days a week and don't have time for anything else. I was tired of being overweight and out of shape. The pedals are worth it. They work the same as any $100 version. I use them all day long. I take them to work and bring them home. Even if you are not in shape, they are easy to use. They are light weight, quiet, and give you a workout without killing you. I would recommend it to everyone.

7. Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

An 8 level Magnetic Tension control system allows the user to adjust the tension level for an easier or more difficult workout. The work surface is 24 inches by 16 inches and can hold objects up to 44 pounds. Tabeke pedal exerciser can be used to strengthen arms and legs, improve focus, and make you more productive. The under desk bike is available in both the office and home. Watching TV and playing games while exercising can make you feel good. MULTIPLESTABILITY DESIGN The low-profile design and heavy flywheel can help prevent slippage during exercise. A mini exercise bike made of steel can hold a load of more than 400 pounds. The mat is made of a mesh cloth that is close to the ground. The chair and mini exercise bike can be fixed with the extra strap. Each pedal has a non-slip surface, molded finger grips, and a four-hole foot strap for added comfort and safety. The exercise bike has non-slip foot pads on it. The base of the design is more stable. It's easy to use and store. The design is easy to assemble. Product size is 13.6 x 16.1 x 12.2. You can place a machine under your desk or on the floor to burn calories. It's easy to store under the desk next to the sofa. It's perfect for use at home or in the office. The monitor can track time, distance, total count and calories through the buttons in use. Strength, coordination and circulation are improved by this. You can keep track of your workout progress with a large display that is easy to read. The pedal exerciser can be adjusted to meet different physical conditions. This low-impact exercise is great for beginners and ideal for people who have had surgery. It is specially designed for the elderly.

Brand: Tabeke

👤My physical therapist encouraged me to use the bike pedal exerciser he brought with him after I had surgery on my foot. The exercise was relaxing. I found the TABEKE Mini Exercise Bike for Arm/Leg exercise after researching the availability of this equipment. I have enjoyed riding the mini bike for more than 30 minutes at a time while reading a book. I found the most comfortable position was to sit near the edge of a chair and lean back, so that I am not under my knees at a 90 degree angle. I like the idea of riding a kids "Big Wheel" position instead of a tricycle position. I will use it soon to help tone my arms. I am very pleased with the quality of the mini bike and plan to use it for many days. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it to others.

👤The product is easy to use. This is a great way for me to build my lungs back up, since I am recovering from COVID and trying to get my lungs back up. It is very easy to use. You can pedal away while watching TV or working.

👤Absolutely love this machine. The booklet that came with it didn't say how to shut it off. It's nice that it's too quiet, love this!

👤The motion is not smooth but you can get something for $50. It stays put on a rug. I keep my son from getting stuff because I put it in front of the TV, so it is not bad. Up stairs and room to room can be portable.

👤I used to use the arm bike in respiratory therapy, so I bought this desk bike. I like using the arm bike because it allows me to work my legs while I eat and read at the table. It was easy to use. I found that once you break the bike in and adjust your sitting angle, it works great. I recommend this to anyone who wants to get more active or who just wants to keep their limbs conditioned.

👤I bought the mini pedal exerciser to keep my legs moving. It's simple to put together. It works as I wanted and is great for the price, though the highest tension setting isn't much different than regular setting. After I entered my order number at the site, I was told that I couldn't find the order number. Oh well.

👤This is a nice product. The pedaling in the seated position is not as smooth as it could be. The movement has a slight catch. This does not happen on the arm use at all or at some positions seated. It was easy to put together, it was packaged well, and the company is very responsive. The added benefit of being able to use for arms as well as legs is that the price is far below that of similar items.

👤The pedal exerciser was easy to build. Looking forward to using it daily for leg strengthening and exercise. My daughter has a disease that causes her arms and legs to be inactive. She can strengthen her body while sitting. Thank you for the chance to look at this product.

8. Sunny Health Fitness Magnetic Exercise

Sunny Health Fitness Magnetic Exercise

A solid pedal exerciser, all tools and user manual for easy assembling is what you get. The DIGITAL MONITOR. Stay on top of your fitness goals. The digital monitor has a number of metrics, including time, speed, distance, and calories burned. SLIP RESISTANT: The rubberized cups beneath the stabilizers provide an anti-slip feature, so you can stay focused on your workouts. Magnetic resistance varies to your exercises so you can change your workouts on demand. There is a dual function. You can pedal with your feet or hands. A full body workout is fun and effective. The carry handle makes it easy to carry something. If you want to do a quick upper body hand pedaling session, lift it onto your desk. EFFICIENCY The mini exercise bikes have shorter strides, but the 7-inch stride enables a more efficient workout. Non-SLIPPEDPED PRODUCTS: The pedals have straps and handlebars for a full body workout.

Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness

👤I bought this mini exercise bike for my wife, she works from home and sits in front computer for almost 12 hours a day. She really likes it. The bike is pre-assembled, so you don't need to put much on it. The user manual comes with the box and has instructions that are easy to understand. It only took me 15 minutes to assemble it. I was a bit nervous before that. It's quiet and smooth, and it has 8 level magnetic resistance, so you can adjust it. I use the highest level of tension and it gives me a great workout. My wife uses half of the tension for how she feels. If you pedal long enough, tension one will give you a good workout. The best part of this bike is that it's so convenient and you can use it in a variety of places, from your couch to your desk. You can use it for arm excises as well. There is a I recommend this mini cycle bike to anyone who works many hours in front of a computer because I really love it. There is a Quiet, barely has any sounds. Digital monitors show the nesscessary metrics you need like speed, calories, distance. It was very easy to assembly. You can easily move around it with the straps. There is a If you use a couch or a desk, your leg may hit the underside of the table. When you peddle hard, you need a floor mat or carpet to keep it from sliding.

👤The machine appears to be well built and will last a long time. It takes up no space unlike other machines that need dedicated space, and you can adjust it while watching your favorite shows on tv. A complete set of tools and instructions are included. I think it is worth the investment.

👤The peddler is easy to assemble. Some people think it's heavy, but if it's not, it will move all over the place. It's very quiet when peddling. I don't have a problem with the peddler, but I do have a problem with Amazon, who sent me a used one the first time. It was assembled and dusty with no instructions or original packaging. They thought they could get away with it. I knocked off a star for that fiasco. I returned it and it came in its original packaging and everything was taped up.

👤This product has been great for exercising my knees.

👤Overall, very useful. Helped my legs.

👤It is quiet and you burn calories.

👤I sat down with just one pedal to see if I liked it or not, because the pedal seemed stripped, and we never could get them assembled. I don't feel like I get the same work out with my bike. The customer service was very helpful, but I wouldn't go with a mini bike again, I would give them a one star. I had to give them a three star rating.

👤I was told by my doctor to get a home one to warm up my shoulder before doing weight training. I used it for post op rehabilitation of my shoulder. Works well. Quiet.

9. FLEXISPOT Exercise Office Standing Deskcise

FLEXISPOT Exercise Office Standing Deskcise

It's easy to store with a quick lock pin that makes folding and moving into storage easy. If you're on a business trip, the foldable feature will allow you to carry it on the go. A seat that can be moved up or down to fit users from 5'1" to 6'1" tall. The perfect position for working, studying, or reading is the full-motion desktop that adjusts up, down, forward, and backward. A quiet and compact elliptical trainer is designed to fit into your life. Their bike features a wide desktop and a high seat height. Thousands of fatigue tests make sure bike works properly. The wheel is easily mobile and will ensure your exercise safety. Premium finish matches your interior space.

Brand: Flexispot

👤I work from home and sit at a desk all day. Not very healthy. I put almost 25 Kilometers on the desk/bike I got a week ago. I start pedaling in the morning and get my e-mail cleaned up for the day. I can work up a sweat and be productive in a half-hour. I was impressed by how well packaged the unit was. The design was thought out. It took about 10 minutes to get it out of the box and set it up. It's comfortable, quiet, and adjusts very easily. The desk is large. I can get through my e-mail while pedaling, but I can't do intense typing. There is a This may be the best office purchase I've ever made.

👤I like this machine. I have a long love-hate relationship with exercise machines. COPD makes me need more exercise. I find most exercise boring. It's winter and I have foot issues that limit my walking outdoors. This is the first thing I've found that I can stick with. I can read, surf, or watch TV in the living room. I'm going to work on the desk surface to see if that's a cure. The bolt was tightened more. There is a A few criticisms after a month's use. The pedal is too small. The drink holder is a joke. The desk could be wider. I wish it would tilt, but you can't have everything. The desk surface is too far away for the display to be read. The best thing of it's type is still there.

👤This bike is what I wanted. I do a lot of work in front of a computer, but my reading sight is not very good, and I was worried I could not adjust the table high enough for my liking. The table is perfect for me. I am a female. I don't write reviews. As I write this review, I am using it. ha

👤The setup of the bike and desk is very sturdy. It was 100 dollars off at the time. You can adjust the seat height, desk height and difficulty level of pedaling from me. I like that it's locked in place when you sit on it. I'm 5' 1/2 tall and have an inch to go higher. I use 5 or 6 difficulty levels. My dual monitors were too large to be mounted to the desk, so I used the deskercise to set up my home office. It's in my living room for everyone to use, so I can watch TV, do homework, or browse the web while I'm there. I can tell the difference between my legs and core. I set my watch for 15 minutes on the bike but end up doing 1 hour or more without even planning to break a sweat. The seat is ok. My 11yo said the white color reminded her of the dentist's office. She would have preferred black. The only thing I don't like about the screen is that it's not backlit and easy to use with an app on my phone, but again, I just set my phone app and it's all good. Buy it! You will use it.

10. Hausse Portable Exercise Peddler Display

Hausse Portable Exercise Peddler Display

The Mini Leg Exercisers are used to increase circulation and relieve tension. The product has a dimensions of 13.6" x 16.1" There is an anti-skid mat. The base of the exercise pedal bike has anti-slip rubber. The foot band can be adjusted to meet different needs. The display has a variety of displays, including time, speed, distance and calories burned. Press the red button to reset. An extra strap is provided. It is easy to adjust the tension by rotating the knob. It's suitable for office workers who need sports as well as people who need exercise.

Brand: Hausse

👤I started using it with my legs after I received it. I have a disease that destroys my nerves and weakens my muscles. This machine is perfect for someone like me who can't sit on a regular exercise bike seat because of balance issues. The tension knob on my arms seems to be malfunctioning. The tension doesn't seem to change regardless of which way I turn it. The seller immediately responded to my email with a full refund because of the broken tension knob. They were helpful and kind. The machine is very helpful even though it is light. I would recommend it to people with limited mobility.

👤If you are physically inclined, you will outgrow this piece of equipment very quickly. Get something with more resistance and a heavier base. This is a good first step if you are at the beginning of your exercise career and you want to get into physical therapy.

👤I got this for my mother, who is not very mobile. She has used it a few times and says it works well. She is using it on hardwood. It was easy to assemble.

👤I bought this for my dad. He doesn't like stationary bikes because they hurt his bottom. He can use it as he is sitting on the bed. 5 stars for the easy assembly.

👤For the money, this is a great device. It went together quickly. It works well. I don't have any complaints. The reason for 4 stars is that the written instructions and picture of the device don't match. The instructions say the short foot goes on the front and long on the back.

👤The machine does not stay on the floor while peddling. It was very upsetting. There is a I don't know why it was an Amazon choice item. One screw hole was too small for the screw.

👤We are clear. This is not an exercise machine. If you have injured your knee or other joint, this is it. There is a If you want to work out. Move on! This isn't what you want. It's too light to stay on the floor. It had a fabric belt that put pressure on the spinning disk. It will catch on fire if you put on too much resistance and peddle for too long. There is a This product is for people who love the smell of melted plastic and want to save money.

11. Exerciser Desk Peddler Training Adjustable

Exerciser Desk Peddler Training Adjustable

The portable handle makes the fitness bike ready to go. The desk height should be no more than 47 inch. They support nursing homes in the US and their mission is to help lives better. Their mini bike is only 11.6'' tall and has a 5.5 pound flywheel, which is more stable and smooth for peddaling than others. It is easy to assemble, only 3 steps that anyone can figure out, their pedal motion is more friendly on body joints, and their plastic components make their bike incredibly quiet compared to other brands. The calor calculation result is very close to the watch's, and you can monitor your time, distance, count, number of turns, T-count and calories. There is a large range of recidivism adjusted. Their cycle has a larger range of resistance to match customers of different ages, and their improved feet ensure no sliding on your floor. Always online service. They will always get back to you in a timely manner, no risk for a try, and their customers can replace or return item within a year. A solid pedal exerciser, all tools and user manual for easy assembling is what you get.

Brand: Homefiter

👤I have had to spend more time at my desk. I've been looking for something to help me keep moving while I'm working. I decided to try it. It was well worth the money. There is a I was able to put it together quickly after it arrived. It was easy to assemble, it came with all the tools. I like being able to track my mileage at work. You can see mileage and cals burned on the screen. I have the ability to adjust the tension so I have the right amount of resistance. The straps on the pedal are changeable. The rubber smell was strong for the first couple of days, but I didn't like it. I put it in the garage for a couple of days and the smell was gone. There is no need to knock off points.

👤The pedal exerciser was easy to assemble. It's not complicated at all. It was very easy to use. I use it on my bed or chair. I try to use it every other day. It doesn't take up a lot of space. It's not heavy. You can use it while you watch TV, read a book, or listen to music. The choice is yours. Do use it. The pedal exerciser will help you burn calories and lose weight. My daughter and I use the pedal exerciser. This pedal exerciser is recommended by me. The price is very reasonable.

👤We were looking for something that my mom could use. You can work your upper body as well. The elastic band was used for upper body work. Who is going to use this first? I have a huge stationary bike with all the bells and whistles. I have no idea how to work. I can hardly get up on it because I am short. It's quite funny. I wish I had found this product before I spent a lot of money on my monster. These fold up and don't take a lot of space to store. Excellent craftsmanship and quality. Mom uses them all the time. Her balance is better. She is also dropping some pounds. Never too late. You don't have to work out until it hurts. Sit and pedal. Put it on your table and pedal for a while. A whole body workout. It is easy and fun.

👤The machine is reliable. The digital aspect is nice. The straps on the pedals that hold your feet secure have a terrible odor when unpackaged. We had to wash them many times before we could have the unit in the house.

👤Easy assembly, not too heavy to move around. I love it. I feel the Bike Peddler in my legs. It's great for seniors or anyone who wants to burn calories at home. Very sturdy and well made.

👤It only gives the speed in kilowatts. The foot straps need to be adjusted with a screwdriver. I would say 3 out of 5 stars.

👤This is not easy to sell, it came with a bad monitor. I expected better quality, but it is not expensive. Will be back.


What is the best product for bicycle desk chair?

Bicycle desk chair products from Fitdesk. In this article about bicycle desk chair you can see why people choose the product. Deskcycle and Magnetrainer are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle desk chair.

What are the best brands for bicycle desk chair?

Fitdesk, Deskcycle and Magnetrainer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle desk chair. Find the detail in this article. Wakeman, Todo and Vaunn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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