Best Bicycle Degreaser Spray

Degreaser 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Oil Eater Original Cleaner Degreaser

Oil Eater Original Cleaner Degreaser

The product is free of any defect in workmanship and material and the company offers a 24 month warranty on all products. Grease and oils can be safely dissolved on most things, product is water based and safe for all uses. Call the toll free help line if you need professional cleaning advice. The dilution chart on each bottle is used to achieve maximum product performance and value. Laundry pre-wash, floors, carpets, tub/tile, grills, decks, asphalt and concrete driveway, stoves, boat hull, white wall tires, siding and more are household uses. Industrial uses include engines, machinery, floor scrubbers, tools, pressure washers, parts washing, exhaust hoods, and more. Industrial uses include engines, machinery, floor scrubbers, tools, pressure washers, parts washing, exhaust hoods, and more.

Brand: Oil Eater

👤I am the daughter of a car guy who married a sort of car guy. The garage and tools of car guys look as good as their cars. My husband thinks the oil stain in the driveway is not clean enough to cause a divorce and he won't even try to clean it. I gave up on my husband and took care of the driveway stains. I started with kitty liter for 24 hours and added more if it looked wet. I wet the surface with the hose and then applied Oil Eater using a nylon scrub brush to get it in, without even scrubbing. I let it sit for 15 minutes and it was amazing. The results were amazing, I wish I had taken before pictures. There were some areas that needed a second application because the stain was so old. The second time I let it sit a little longer, I hosed it down and it looked like it had never had an oil stain. I can't wait til the hubs gets home, he's going to get a round of I-told-you-so's. It is better. It comes from his father-in-law.

👤The engine in my 12 year old car is in excellent shape. I keep it clean and presentable. I bought this stuff because the reviews said it was good, and I usually use a degreaser that leaves a strong smell behind. I make sure to degrease my engine every now and then. After working on it. I sprayed the engine with this product before rinsing it off. It ate the paint from my water pump and alternator. I expected it to oxidize everything under the hood, but it didn't. I'm not sure how to fix my engine because it looks terrible now, and I'm not sure how to change it. The before and after pictures should be seen. The valve cover, water pump, and alternator are important. I made the same mistake. If you have a car that you just want relatively clean and don't care about oxidation, this product is for you. Please don't use this if you care about your car. There is a The after pics are not used with Oil Eaters.

👤After 650 people have submitted their own reviews, I rarely write reviews. This is an outstanding product and it exceeded my expectations. I had amish while changing the oil in my truck, and ended up with 2 quarts of dirty oil all over my nice stone driveway. I was angry first and powerless second. Most of the products that I have tried in the past have all been labeled as 5 stars, and all of them did not do anything. I washed it off with power after using it full strength with a brush. The oils stains are gone after 3 applications. Truly impressed. If you have an oil spill on concrete, this is the solution.

👤I've used this product for many years. My children spilled a bottle of India ink on the white carpet of the apartment I was renting. I panicked. I couldn't tell where the ink was or where it wasn't because I had just purchased this product for the first time. I've taken any berry juice out of clothing and other stains without harming the fabric. It works well for the original use of grease on the driveway. You can use it to get grease off stove fans. It's an important part of my home.

2. WD 40 BIKE Chain Cleaner Degreaser 10

WD 40 BIKE Chain Cleaner Degreaser 10

Get outside and ride. It's easy to use chain lubricant to get your bike out of the garage. The perfect size will not take up much room in your tool box. Ride with confidence. Scientists, bicycle retailers, and professional mechanics tested theWD-40 BIKE. The difference of a professional grade formula is not the same as the difference of a amateur grade formula. The community approved it. At local bike events around the globe, the WD-40 BIKE sets up hands-on wash stations. They provide riders of all levels an opportunity to engage with each product for essential bike maintenance when they visit and set up shop. There are inhibs on Corinthian. A clean bike is fast. The bike is awd-40. All Conditions Chain Lube is made of corrosive agents for long-term optimal chain performance. No-WAX FORMULA. Chain life for your bike can be extended with the help of the All Conditions Chain Lube. The formula won't build up inside the chain links or the drivetrain. You can ride in both dry and wet conditions with chains.

Brand: Wd-40 Bike

👤This is a base dry lube. Ptfe powder is added to my lubes. The dry lube works well. There are a few great hacks that I am sharing with you. 1. Add a half a spoon to the powder and shake it. It makes a difference. 2. Keep your driveline clean. The more power you have to put to the wheels, the cleaner it is. 3. Put the gear range in the middle and backwards to clean with a cheap nylon brush. The brush is on the cassette. 4. Then wipe with a towel. It is easy to grab the chain below the jockey wheel. 5. Before and after each ride, wipe your chain. This makes the drive line last longer. A dirty chain costs 30 watt more than a clean one. I'm not a roady. I am a mountain biker and if you neglect it it gets dirty fast. Follow the habits for a long time. It makes a huge difference. A clean driveline is a game-changer even if you don't use ptfe powder. The ptfe prolongs the life of the lube. I hope this helps you.

👤The point is, why the hell would Amazon put all their products under one description? Sheesh. It is confusing, annoying and uncalled for, for a product line.

👤I decided to try the new bike chain lube. I cleaned the chain with a wire brush and then wiped it with a rag. I sprayed the chain with this chain lube when I changed the crank assembly on my mountain bike. I was amazed at how quiet it became when I rode it for the real test. The results are so far good, did not see any splatter from slinging off the chain, the gear selector works smoothly, and it is easier to pedal. So far, so good. I like it. That's all.

👤This is what my mechanic recommends and it's good enough for me and my bike. I think it works very well in the chain. Don't confuse the specialty bike chain lube with the ordinary bike chain lube that everyone in the shop has, which is a dust magnet.

👤I don't think of a point in my life when I don't have a can of WD-40 nearby. Is the door closing? A few squirts solved the problem. I thought I would try it on my bike chain. I cleaned the chain well before applying the lubricant. Went for a ride. It was a big disappointment. There is a The chain attracted so much dust at the end of the ride that it was completely black. It was like what happened with the regularWD-40. This never happened with my other lube, it lasted about 300 miles before I needed to clean and lube again. I won't have this on my chain again. I will probably use it to stop doors from squeaking.

👤They say "lube" in the title. Maybe it's because this page has a lot of products. The cleaner worked well on my cassette. I used a strong hose to wash it off after I left it on. I didn't need a second application or brushing, but I was expecting it. The product is great at the "add-on" price.

3. Ultrafashs Cleaner Cleaning Motorcycle Surfaces

Ultrafashs Cleaner Cleaning Motorcycle Surfaces

This versatile cleaning brush can be used for many things, including the cleaning of bicycle components and household items. It's easy to take, it's easy to receive, and it's easy to carry. Ultrafashs bike cleaner concentrate contains 100 bottles and water to make up to 800 liters of bike wash. Bike wash can be sprayed on and wiped off with a brush or sponge. Cleans and polishes to a brilliant shine in one step. Your bike should look the same as it did the day you bought it. The cleaner is easy to use and powerful enough to clean dirt,Clay,Road grime,Chain soils,Nutritional residues and winter storage grime off all surfaces of your bike. Safe on all parts and surfaces. Will not hurt seals,Cables,Brake pads or rotors. The bike cleaner kit includes a bike cleaner, cleaning brush, tire brush,coral gloves,detail brush and more.

Brand: Ultrafashs

4. Muc Off Drying Degreaser Milliliters

Muc Off Drying Degreaser Milliliters

You will get a bicycle chain clean tool. A high-pressure spray that quickly gets to work will allow you to return to riding before you say "Oh wow!". It was difficult on grossEASE. You can easily cut through the most stubborn of dirt, including waterproof grease and chain wax, to make your bike chain and cassette run smooth. Zero-residue form. Their unique formula will leave no sticky mess so that you can clean up and saddle up again in no time at all. Quick-drying: The Muc-Off Quick Drying Chain Degreaser is formulated to dry super efficiently and is suitable for use on chains, gears, Mechs and individual components. Muc-Off Quick Drying Chain Degreaser is an essential for your post-ride clean up.

Brand: Muc Off

👤I tried to remove factory grease from my chain. It left 100% of the grease on the chain, but it emptied in a minute. This is a big waste, but I love other muc-off products.

👤The can goes quickly, but it is easy to clean the cassette. Only short bursts.

5. Oil Eater Original Cleaner Degreaser

Oil Eater Original Cleaner Degreaser

Food prep areas are safe for use on tile, ceramic and sealed stone. The package has a dimensions of 7.112 centimeters L x 11.684 centimeters W x 27.94 centimeters H.

Brand: Oil Eater

👤I tried this product on my car that was leaking oil on the driveway. I sprayed and scrubbed with a spray and then dried, but I was not impressed. I came out on another day and sprayed it on the pavers and was distracted by something else, so I stepped away from doing anything again. After I didn't get back to it, there was a rain shower and I looked at the driveway and there was no sign of grease. There is a I'm all set, I just have to spray before the rain shower. I think the tap water in S. FL is hard and the ph of the rain is good for this product.

👤I don't need heating oil. You can't avoid spilling oil if I start pumping it into containers. This worked out. If you need a spray bottle of water first, read the directions. Wait, then keep moist and brush it around. The final clean up was like a day and a night. No trace! Some comments that it didn't work were probably not aware of the directions. It needs to be prepared and followed up.

👤I am very impressed with this product. The dirt road in front of our house was recently chip sealed. The black oily substance used to chip seal the roads ended up with a puddle at the end of our driveway from a low spot in the road and a recent rain. We had a long black tire mark after someone drove into our driveway. I cleaned the product up after it was stained, and it was ugly with oily splash marks and tire marks. The stains were removed. I have never seen a product like this before. I would buy again.

👤The massage sheets are very hard to get out of, and the oil we use is very hard to get out of. I've tried many products to get oil which turns rancid when denied. The Oil Eater does the trick. I'm happy to say that even massage oil can be removed. I add a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the sheets when I spray them as soon as possible. After turning the washer off, soak the machine for a few hours, then rinse with a cap of sanitizer. The sheets are new. Thank you to the people who use it for automotive work. I am glad I tried it. It's fantastic.

6. Muc Nano Concentrate Cleaner Quarts

Muc Nano Concentrate Cleaner Quarts

The non-acid, PH controlled and anti-corrosive qualities help prevent water spots. ECO-FRIENDLY: The 500ml of Bike Cleaner Concentrate uses less packaging than the equivalent two bottles of bike or motorcycle cleaner, which is why it's called a refill. 500ml of Concentrate will give you 2 liters of their award-winning pink bike wash. The technology is called NANO TECHNOLOGY. It is their state-of-the-art formula in concentrated form, so you get the same deep cleaning power that attacks dirt on a tiny level. You can clean guilt-free if you use a fully biodegradable formula that is free from acids, solvents and CFCs. The Bike Cleaner Concentrate is safe to use on all bikes and can be used with a little more oomph. The Bike Cleaner Concentrate is safe to use on all bikes and can be used with a little more oomph.

Brand: Muc Off

👤Extra amount of my favourite cleaner. I use it for motorcycles and cars. It is the best cleaner to keep the paint shining. Work on Matt surfaces.

👤Bisogna diluirlo di almeno 4 volte perche. Non comprate piu' quello da 25 litri perche'. Controllate il prezzo perche'. Per monitor, consiglia di usare keepa.

👤il fatto di risparmiare spazio e allungarlo in dose corretta...consiglio...

👤The solution for the muddy clean was good.

7. Finish Line Citrus Degreaser Bicycle

Finish Line Citrus Degreaser Bicycle

Keep your bike running smoothly by keeping it clean while you ride. It is safe for use with all plastic and rubber parts. Made using orange peal and soy-based extracts. Strong enough that you can use water for less difficult jobs. The surface tension is low for penetration.

Brand: Finish Line

👤The deep cleaning power of this product makes it easy to use and thus waste too much, but I can't say enough good things about it. It works like magic when I use citrine to deep clean my bicycle chains. I think it works best if you gradually diminish it, rather than going for a single pass and then rinsing. I like to fill the chain pig and use it until the degreaser is well-degreased and then replace it with water. It is potent enough to work even when it isDiluted, and I just find that it produces a cleaner chain.

👤I tried a few. I can't rely on anything else because this hurts the pocket book a bit. Do they make a bigger size? I use this with the power tool cleaning thing and they make a lovely pair. I don't like bike things. I think I will keep buying it until it is out of production.

👤I don't know if it's better than any other degreaser, but it does work and it works better than I thought it would. I use Finish Line's chain cleaner, but I also use a rag to wipe down some components that had built up a bit of dirt after a summer of riding. I was surprised at how easy it was to clean. I expected this to be a watered down product so as to be more friendly to bike parts should someone use too much and degreased things. Not true. It's a very strong degreaser. Use caution around the parts that are Greased on a bike. It will clean things up nicely.

👤I bought my first can of this a year ago. I put this in my chain enclosure and pedal a few times. I like the smell of it and it cleans quickly. If the cap falls, the liquid and scent can be kept out. I'm about to buy my second can.

👤This will clean your cassette and chain very quickly. You can keep the degreaser in a jar and let it settle, all the muck filters down to the bottom, and the clear solvent can be used again. I don't use it very often. If you want the lubricant to stick to the rollers, you need to remove it from your chain with soap and water.

👤This was the best investment I could have made for my bike. It cleans the gears and chain on my bike. I am able to use this product in my garage with the garage door closed because there is no harmful fumes. I don't have fancy tools, but it cleans perfectly. You will enjoy the investment in a smooth ride if you try it.

👤After sitting in a garage for two years, my bike needed some serious work. My chain is new again. The picture may not show it well after I tried cleaning with rags. It was still full of gunk, particularly inside the links, which are difficult to clean by hand. I used two rounds of this degreaser in the Finish Line chain cleaning tool and it worked in less than five minutes. This combo is a must have if you own a grungy chain.

8. Chemical Guys CLD_201_16 Signature Degreaser

Chemical Guys CLD_201_16 Signature Degreaser

Tools, tires, vinyl, STAINLESS steel, plastic, rubber, walls and ceilings, concrete, sinks, showers and bathtubs are some of the suggested applications. A professional strength formula. Removes grease, dirt, and debris. Works well on engines, machinery, tools, tires, and rims. It works fast to remove grease, oil, dirt and grime. It can beDiluted to desired needs. It can beDiluted to desired needs.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤Don't use this product on anything you care about. On a cool day in a garage, I used this product on my car's wheels and it was etched in about 30 seconds. Even though they look to be dripping with grease, the chemical etching is dry and smooth to the touch. They will need to be replaced at a cost of about $7,000. Really? I don't know what they put in this stuff, but I wouldn't use it on a rusty wagon.

👤It works well for detailing engine bays. I put 4 ounces of the degreaser in a 32 ounce bottle and filled it with water, but I still had some left over after cleaning my engine. I forgot to take a picture of the dirty engine before I took the partial dirty pictures of the engine. I used brushes to scrub the gunk off, then a 32 ounce bottle filled with water and a microfiber towel to wipe the gunk off. I didn't use a waterhose because I didn't want to damage any electrical parts. I used a steamer for part of the process, but it stopped working on me. I used meguiars ultimate waterless wash and wax to wipe down and shine the paint, metal, and plastic. I couldn't reach that area safely so I didn't clean the way back.

👤I was looking for a cleaner with orange oil in it. Thanks to sponsorship dollars, this is what came up in my search. My uncle had a very old tool box that was sprayed on. It smelled like a pain factory in my garage. I decided to wipe it off immediately. The rag came back red when I did it. It was the paint. The label says you must have at least 6 parts water to 1 part degreaser for extreme cleaning. 25-40 parts water for light duty. You. Don't allow it to dry on the surface. There is a It's not true that they call it orange formula and put it in a bottle with a spray top. If you buy this, don't use the spray bottle. This is a strong chemical.

👤I bought my old car back from my dad, who lives in the unkind to cars climate of upstate New York. The thing was covered in northeast grime for 4 years. I was scared to spray the engine bay for fear of an electrical short, but I found an internet thread that said I could safely spray and rinse without fear if I started the car and got the engine warm. I sprayed the engine after starting the car. The chemical began to wash the surfaces. I used a hose head with one of the lighter settings to shower. I did a second round after seeing immediate results. I regret not taking before and after photos because the engine bay looks clean if not clean. I was amazed by the dirty water that ran down my driveway. The heat from the engine made the water evaporate in a few minutes. Highly recommended.

9. Muc Off 227US Silicon Shine

Muc Off 227US Silicon Shine

The community was approved. At local bike events around the globe, the WD-40 BIKE sets up hands-on wash stations. They provide riders of all levels an opportunity to engage with each product for essential bike maintenance when they visit and set up shop. Silicon Shine makes your bike look brand new. It leaves a sparkling shine on metal, plastic and rubber parts. The formula prevents build-up on treated surfaces. Fights on fork stanchions and shocks. Future cleaning and maintenance are cut down. Future cleaning and maintenance are cut down.

Brand: Muc Off

👤Cleaning mud was no easier than my auto products. It gets everywhere. It floats in the air and makes the walking surface slippery. If you're going to ride your first ride, you need to have a taping up or a different room for the braking surfuce. The fine must that hangs in the air hit my other bikes on the ceiling. The results don't justify the negative aspects of everything in the visual range getting contaminated. It wasn't part of the original plan to have to clean the entire garage.

👤It's great for under the ATV or SxS. I don't use spray on hands or feet. This makes those surfaces slippery. It makes it easier to clean the mud off. After you have cleaned your vehicle, apply it.

👤It smells like urinal cakes, but it works for many applications. Maybe it is just here, but the bathroom at the brewery is not my bike shop. It is not cherry scent. It works great as an arrow lube and bow protectant. I love this stuff!

👤The product is exceptional. It made my Can Am ATV shine. Just wipe it off. It leaves very little residual substance. It was worth every penny.

👤Mud can't stick to your bike with the spray. That doesn't mean your bike won't get dirty, just that it's easier to clean next time.

👤The product will make your bike look great.

👤It smells great and keeps dirt out of the air.

👤I like the product but the box was not packed well for shipping.

10. Spray Nine 22732 Grez Off Degreaser

Spray Nine 22732 Grez Off Degreaser

Bailey and Parker. A Maine tradition. Powerful degreaser that blasts through grease and gunk. The formula is non-flammable, non-acidic, and non-toxic. All 50 states have been approved by the USDA. Provides a solution to restore function and appearance. Suggested applications include engines, machinery, tools, work benches, garage floors/walls, exhaust hoods, conveyors, vent ovens, grills, trunks, trailers, RV's, industrial and farm equipment, mowers, chrome, concrete, asphalt, vinyl. May come with a black or white nozzle. May come with a black or white nozzle.

Brand: Spray Nine

👤My brother recommended this product to me. I was horrified by the state of my laundry room floor after the oil boiler was removed. You can see from the pic that this spray worked like magic. I used a flat scrubber pad and brush to get in the concrete. I had to change the rinse bucket water 1000 times, but it came off easily with the spray and tools. It is a bit strong and I didn't have a great amount of air flow, but it was still okay. I would highly recommend it for greasy garage floors.

👤I was amazed that this stuff works. I used it on a 14 year old engine. Since I'm going to be doing all of the maintenance work on it, I wanted to get it clean. I had to give it 2 treatments, between spraying it off, but it got my engine looking new. There is a It was so worth it for the cost, my hand got a little tired but I kept using the spray pump. The nozzle will change to either a stream or mist like spray. It did not stain my driveway like other products have. Don't get me wrong... It does stain my driveway, but gunk does work well. There is a I ordered another 6 pack of this De-Greaser after using it, because I was impressed with how well this works. This stuff works great on dirty engines. There is a It's non toxic and bio-degradable. There is a There was no noxious vapor left to inhale. I really like this stuff and will continue to use it. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

👤If you want to use heavy duty grease on your stove top, you have to use it more than once and put a lot of elbow grease in it to get some of the grease off.

👤I bought this from the US to the Danes because of the good reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. I was not impressed with the performance. It was sprayed liberally and left to soak in a paper towel for an hour to prevent it from drying out. It only removed a small amount of stains after a lot of scrubbing. It's not a bad product, but other products are at least as effective.

👤I had to do some work on my boat lift and wanted to get rid of the grease that was left over from the previous work. I sprayed it and it ate through it and took a few sprays and rags to make it as clean as it was when it was installed.

11. Anndason Precision Cleaning Including Scrubber

Anndason Precision Cleaning Including Scrubber

The bicycle cleaning brush tool has 8 pieces. Attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn it. The bicycle has to be elevated or flipped over in order to work. Different brush fits for different parts of the bike, it can remove dirt from hard to reach areas. The chain cleaning process is very simple. Put the chain scrubber under the bike chain, hold the chain scrubber with the left hand, and turn the pedal in the counterclockwise direction for cleaning. The cleaning kit can be used as a daily household cleaning tool.

Brand: Anndason

👤The bicycle chain cleaner is the only item I don't like. The internal parts fell out when I opened it. It worked when I reassembled it, but I would probably buy one from a park tool store.

👤The tools in this kit are pretty good, but they are hit or miss. I can get my tires looking brand new with some soapy water and the tire brush is excellent. The chain cleaner is very small compared to the Park Tool model, but it seems to be doing a good job. The cassette cleaners work well, but the Park Tool or Muc Off cleaners seem to be better for the body. The microfiber mitt, brushes, and pipe cleaner are what you can expect from the price. They are good, but over time they lose their structure, and the mitt has begun to fall from the inside out. Many of the items are great and exceed my expectations. If you are looking for a decent cleaning kit for your bike, I would recommend it to you.

👤The kit contains a lot of tools to clean your bike. The bike chain cleaning tool was the main reason I got it. It did not have instructions on how to assemble. I was able to figure it out but it kept falling apart and I didn't get the chain clean I wanted it to. There is a tool to clean every part of your bike.

👤I wanted to get a new set of brushes, but thought it would be better to get the kit instead of the one with only brushes, since it was only a couple bucks more. I'm happy I did because it works so well so far. The tire brush is something I like to use, I spin my bike on my maintenance stand and hold the brush against it. There is a The other brushes seem to last at this price point. There is a The thin tool used to clean leaves and debris from the cassette is very helpful for me to get stuck in there. I might try to thin it out by rubbing it on a sheet of sand paper. There is a The chain washer doesn't retain the inner mechanisms when you open it. If you need to clean gunk out of it, it's good, but it would have been nicer if they had some sort of deterrent to keep them. I wish the arrow pointing to which way the top sides off was larger and more prominent, but now that I know it is there, I know to look for it and see which way it slides off. There is a If a few simple gears that are easy to put back in don't scare you off from the gear washer, this kit is a great value. I'll report back if my views change, but I think I'll get my money's worth out of these tools before I break them.

👤I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the tools I bought, even though I was hoping the chain cleaner would be effective. The nylon brushes in the kit proved to be effective, as the tools in the kit are made of hard plastic. The microfiber hand cloth is nice. The chain cleaner worked well. There is a If you bought these pieces separately, you will find them three times the cost. A kit to clean your bike. I don't usually write reviews, but this kit needed to be applauded.


What is the best product for bicycle degreaser spray?

Bicycle degreaser spray products from Oil Eater. In this article about bicycle degreaser spray you can see why people choose the product. Wd-40 Bike and Ultrafashs are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle degreaser spray.

What are the best brands for bicycle degreaser spray?

Oil Eater, Wd-40 Bike and Ultrafashs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle degreaser spray. Find the detail in this article. Muc Off, Finish Line and Chemical Guys are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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