Best Bicycle Degreaser and Lubricant

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1. Medicine Extreme Performance Synthetic Lubricant

Medicine Extreme Performance Synthetic Lubricant

The package weight is 3.4 lbs. Award Winning premium grade industrial bicycle chain lubricant is the #1 highest quality lubricant. The best value you have ever seen in a bike chain lube is the highest mileage, cleanest running, and best friction reducing. The paradigm of what you can expect from cycling lubrication has been changed by Purple Extreme. 400+ miles of road riding between applications, even in the most extreme biking conditions, is what bike concierge provides. Mud lubrication formula was designed to run chains in salt water. The film strength of the Purple Extreme is way beyond what most chain lubrication products can offer. Film strength is the ability of a lubricant to keep two surfaces separate. Their film strength is second to none. 100% risk free purchase. The primary goal is to provide you with the friendliest customer service. They offer a money back guarantee if this premium bicycle lubricant doesn't live up to your expectations.

Brand: Bike Medicine

👤This stuff gets good reviews. I decided to give this a try because of the great reviews and the 400 mile claim. The lightning only lasted for a short time. This stuff doesn't make it past 100mi at best and is more likely 60mi under ideal dry conditions before the drive train starts to make a racket. This is the most expensive chain lube I have ever used. I've used before. Stuff is thin and drips if you put a rag under the drive train and behind the bike. Better yet, use wd40, though not technically a lubricant at all, it will probably last longer than Purple. There is a I reached out to the company because I thought I was abrupt at giving this review in light of all the positive reviews here. I believe the owner was terrible. He pontificated and blammed me for not taking the opportunity to win back a dissatisfied customer. I did everything I could in the past. I felt like a customer that should be valued was treated like a child. My sales training and politeness prevented me from hanging up on him. When I reached out, the review stood and I recommend buying from anyone else. I'm currently using a muc off product with good results and the white lightning I used previously worked fine, even though I'm incapable of cleaning a chain. I'll never get back from the worst customer support call I've ever had.

👤I ride both road and triathlon. I push 200W average. I used thiis on my chains almost every other ride and despite the fact that it causes the chain to go dry quickly, I kept using it. This product should be banned. It dries quickly. It cost me a couple of chains. I recommend using a park tool oil to remove it from your chain. There is a Terrible product, buyer beware.

👤I've tried a lot of chain lubes and they all seem to fall short. Things go south quickly when a clean well oiled chain attracts dirt. When Extreme Purple goes on wet, the carrier oil leaves behind a dry lube that resists dirt attraction. One suggestion I would make is to help mother nature. If you follow the instructions, wipe excess and sit over night for the best results. The problem I've had is if the weather is warm the carrier oil never seems to evaporate, leaving a wet chain prone to dirt attraction. This is what I do now and it works great. The chain needs to be cleaned. Roll into a tight circle and place a piece on the tile. Take an electric heat gun and warm the chain. Apply the chain oil after the chain is heated. You can see that it is being sucked into the rollers. The chain is hot if the oil smokes. Put the chain on the bike. The chain is a little damp. Take the heat gun and slowly warm the chain as the crank rotates to dry the remaining oil. Purple Extreme works great once it is dry.

2. Chemical Guys CLD_201 Signature Degreaser

Chemical Guys CLD_201 Signature Degreaser

It is just as friendly on the environment as it is on your ride. A professional strength formula. Removes grease, dirt, and debris. Works well on engines, machinery, tools, tires, and rims. It works fast to remove grease, oil, dirt and grime. It can beDiluted to desired needs. It can beDiluted to desired needs.

Brand: Chemical Guys

👤This was used on a 13 year old diesel engine that had never been cleaned. The engine had a lot of dirt on it. Everything under the hood was sprayed with half water and half degreaser. Did not allow any on painted surfaces. It was washed with water 30 minutes later. The engine is new. The product will etch aluminum. There are etch marks on both of my alternators. It had a coating of grime before. I think this stuff is my go to degreaser.

👤To make the rear look like new and cut through a year of standing stains. I tried to take pictures of the rear of the trash truck. If you've ever seen a rear of trash, you'll know it's full of all kinds of grease, Grim, and so much more. I used this product on the lift gate from top to bottom. l put the product in a 3 gallon spray and mixed it with water from a 16.9Pepsi bottle. The whole rear gate was sprayed. Then I washed my truck with a wash brush. After spraying it all over, I let it sit for about 3 minutes, then power washed it all off. This product cuts through a lot in less than 6 minutes. L would have done it again if he had more time. When you look at the pictures you see brown and white marks from the paint being scratched off while using this equipment for almost a year. This product does eat through what they say it does. It does what is advertised. People don't know what a cut ratio means and they give it 1 or 2 stars instead. This product is great. To make it look like this and cut through 1 year of standing stains. I am very happy. If l remember next time, I will post newer pictures when I can spend more time cleaning the whole truck. This product is worth spending money on. It's great, and you should be happy.

👤I don't know what this orange glowy stuff is made of, but it is awesome! It looks like orange fluid, spray on, let set for a minute and rinse off. I don't have to scrub anything. My motor was almost new. I took a few pictures of the underside of the hood. I've used it in the house and vehicles. It will stink on your motor for a day or two, but it will go away after a while.

👤I used this in the engine compartment on a 1999 Honda Civic, the whole engine, firewall, inner fender, all of the surrounding components were caked with grease, dirt and oil. There were 2 different oil leaks in the car. It had been leaking for a long time from the build up that was in there. I bought this because it would make it easier to fix the leaks since they were caked on for so long. The directions said to put the cleaner in a 6 to 1 ratio. I was blown away when I started cleaning. I have never seen anything like this before. I had to go over it about 4 times, but it was so clean that the engine compartment looks almost new, and it took less than 6 ounces of the cleaner mixed with 30 ounces of water. I've never used a cleaner like this before.

3. Muc Off Bike Care Kit

Muc Off Bike Care Kit

The anti-static agent repels dirt. The Muc-Off Wash, Protect & Lube Kit is a perfect gift for a bike fanatic. They have a selection of the best products to clean, protect and lubricate your bike. You should clean your bike. The kit includes a bottle of the pink Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, which is part of the first step of their bicycle care program. Protect your bike. Step Two is not one that you should be skipping. The all-round wonderspray is the best way to protect your ride. They have included a bottle of their Bio Dry Lube to keep your bike chain lubricated. It's the same for all types of bikes. The Muc-Off Wash, Protect & Lube kit is an essential for your post-ride clean up, whether you prefer to hit the road or shred the trails. Universal Fit is the type of fit.

Brand: Muc Off

👤When I got my first mountain bike, I bought this kit so I could get the muc off bottle and refill it with their concentrate. The original nozzle is not included in the bottle. It is a worse nozzle than a 50 cent bottle.

👤The bike wash has a random white spray nozzle that doesn't work. Amazon won't accept a return because of the aerosol can. I'm stuck with a bottle that doesn't work.

👤Bike looks like new after product cleans and lubricates it.

👤I only wash my bike.

4. Park Tool PPL 1 Polylube Grease

Park Tool PPL 1 Polylube Grease

Marksman Twist Spout makes it easy to apply a product. PolyLube 1000 has a high shear strength. PolyLube 1000 is compatible with conventional greases. A handy 4oz. tube and a 16oz. tube are available. The tub is called PPL-2. Park Tool's poly-urea lubricant is used for bicycle maintenance and repair.

Brand: Park Tool

👤This is standard grease for bikes. I use it as my all purpose grease and lather it everywhere while singing Happy Birthday. I love spreading this grease over your axles or ball bearings, it's so smooth and gentle. It would be a good idea. There is a I am an opportunist and the innuendos are not accidental.

👤This is grease. It was very greasy. Don't eat. Put the bike in the car. It works well. I thought it would be black. It's not.

👤The only grease I use on my bicycle and all of my clients bikes are Park tool PPL-1 grease. This grease works well in extreme weather, and has no stinky smell to it. This product is worth every penny.

👤Four stars is only four because of cost. You can get a tube of Lucas Grease for five bucks and it has the same properties.

👤The quality of Park Tools has fallen in the last few months. I remember the quality of the park tools and supplies back in the day. I feel like they have raised their prices and decreased their quality control. Some tools are amazing and some are garbage. Park doesn't always make the best stuff, so read your reviews.

👤This stuff is solid. I'm not a pro biker, but I will tell you that it's better to buy a bike from the factory than it is to buy a bike from someone else. I did the "pepsi" challenge with this stuff, and it was with some of the red "high temp" grease used in automotive bearings. The wheels spun better with this grease than with the red grease, and I fully tested both of them, making sure to fully clean out all of the red before applying and testing this grease.

👤This is worth it if you plan to do your own bike maintenance. I used it to repack wheel bearings on a bike which had not been maintained in a while. The wheels spun quietly after the hub and bearings were cleaned. This tube will last a long time if you're not running a bike shop.

👤I got a free stroller with a wheel that didn't have any bearings on the right side. It was very bad! The local bike shop didn't have a cage of six bearings, so he gave me a few ounces of free bearings of the same size, and I bought Park Tool PolyLube 1000 Bicycle Grease. I had room for 11 bearings per side after throwing away the left side caged bearings. Don't need steenking cages. How can I hold 22 individual bearings to the inside while keeping the outside race to the outsides? You're looking at something. The races should be clean. Spread a coat of bicycle grease on them and it will hold the bearings while you put the outside bearing races to the inside races. The stroller is easy to use.

👤I used this recently for my first bike build and it did the job. It's thick enough to apply correctly. It should last a good while because I barely used any of the tube. I'm very happy because parts move with a very satisfying smoothness. If you found my review helpful, please click the button below.

5. Pedros Juice Chain Cleaner Color

Pedros Juice Chain Cleaner Color

It is easy to clean. The Dirty Chain Cleaning Machine can be used again and again. If you have used one of their bio chain lubes, the Drivetrain Cleaner is safe to dispose of down the drain. Maintenance is recommended. The warranty is for 1 year.

Brand: Pedro's

👤Everything is a trade off. The product is the same. It's a very good degreaser. It falls short compared to a professional degreaser. I tested Pig Juice against Simple Green and Pedro's Peelz. The Pro HD Heavy Duty Cleaner is a high definition machine. Both Pro HD and Oranj Peelz did a better job of cleaning the chain. There is a problem with disposing of these products. Pig Juice can be flushed down the toilet if it is the color and consistency of used motor oil, and if you use it over and over again. You can't do the same thing with degreasers that aren't biodegradable.

👤It will take some elbow grease to get the job done. Get a good set of brushes. There is a I wear gloves because "biodegradable" is not the same as "non-toxic", so I keep my hands free of dirt. I worry a bit about what "biodegradable" means in this case, but I'll offer a pragmatic reason why I like this product. This stuff doesn't seem to cause that sort of chemical change, unlike some car products that do "melt" the grease away. This means that if there is a leak in your bottom brackets or the bushings on your frame, it won't ruin the precious grease inside. I still recommend that you tender with the application of any degreaser, and avoid getting it in or near any bearing point as best you can. Make sure you remove your rear wheel when cleaning the chain to protect the hub, and tilt your bike in a way that causes drips to roll away from the bottom brackets. After cleaning the drive train, I wash the bike. If you have to use it on the cassette, you should take the wheel out and put it in a different position. Park Tools has an instructional video on how to do this. If you're new to the cleaning game, I recommend watching it. You should practice on your kid's bike. They will grow out of it before you notice any mistakes. I have used other brands of degreaser, and while this might not be as "magical", it does get the job done in a way that makes me feel safe to use on my precious ride. It works well with water and seems to wash away beautifully. I tried some "Schwinn" degreaser, but it didn't remove the grime or the degreaser, so I needed another solvent.

👤It's hard for me to find this locally. Amazon to the rescue! I've tried a few products like this in the past, and the best one is the one that kills your grass and your brain cells. It works pretty darn, but there are tradeoffs. It works well with an on bike chain cleaner. There will be some dirt inside the plates. It's true of all bike chain cleaners, no matter what chemical you use. There is a This one does the job well and isn't harmful to the environment. It is recommended.

👤I have used Pig Juice a few times and it works well. It is the same as using distilled water and floor cleaner. It leaves behind a lot of soap bubbles. I think I should have made my own.

6. White Lightning Clean Streak Degreaser

White Lightning Clean Streak Degreaser

If you have a question about the product, please contact them. It is possible to clean chains, gears, derailleurs and disc brake rotors. Clean streak works fast to wash away dirt and grease. The streak dries in minutes with no need for rinsing. The first and most effective dry degreaser is cycling.

Brand: White Lightning

👤It be bad! Truly bad ass. Will melt grease and grime off your chain. Unless you're an addiction, use outdoors. If you are cleaning your chain in Qaryat al-Fw, Arabia, and water can only be found in camels' humps, you can use a two-edged sword. You should re-lube your bike on the second day. You're golden. This stuff is really bad. I would like it to be less expensive. It's still cheap.

👤This product does some degreasing, but I had to go back over my chain and gears with a different brand to get my chain back to the original color. There is a If you find a review from someone that uses this and similar products every day, you should trust them more than me, as I own 3 mountain bikes that I ride in the dirt and mud almost every day. It doesn't seem to get all of the grease, oil and dirt off after comparing this product to others. After using a lot of this product on my bike chain, it was mostly free of oil and dirt, however the chain was still a dingy grey color and clearly wasn't anything close to the original color. The chain went back to looking like a new chain after I used another product that I've had success with. I was surprised to see that there were so many great reviews for this product, but I have to concede that it is possible that I got a bad bottle or batches. Unless I find out that my bottle is somehow compromised, I won't use or purchase this product again. There is a If it hadn't been several months since I bought this product, I would have returned it. The degreaser is only moderately effective, it's a decent value for the money, but the cost to benefit ratio is quite high making it low value to me.

👤This product has made a huge difference for last minute cleaning when there is not much water. It does its job. There is a The stream is very directed and doesn't scatter. It is emitted with force from the can. The product is capable of a clean without touching the chain. I recommend applying a quick link to your chain so that you can remove the chain and clean it. If you don't take care, the grease can get into other parts of the bike and cause it to be dirty. I don't want the spray on the other parts of the bike. I have doubts that this stuff can degrade the carbon frame, but it still seems volatile and I don't want it on my skin. You don't want to use this in a closed environment. A garage with the door open is not much for me. There is a The can contains a lot of product. I don't think I'm halfway done after four cleanings. The chain removal has added to that. There is a It's easy to tell how strong this product is from the smell. I wish I'd tried cleaning years ago because it's very quick and effective.

7. WD 40 Multi Use Product STRAW SPRAYS 6 Pack

WD 40 Multi Use Product STRAW SPRAYS 6 Pack

The country of origin is the United States. The electrical systems are dried out quickly to eliminate short circuits. Acts as a protection against rust and other corrosive elements. It loosens rust-to-metal bonds and helps release stuck, frozen or rusted metal parts. Removes gunk, grease, gum, tar, super glue, and other sticky stuff from multiple surfaces. There are moving parts such as hinges, wheels, pulleys, rollers, chains, and gears.

Brand: Wd-40

👤It is fantastic with so many uses. I always have some on hand when I need it. The can is really useful for the product. It has a built in straw to hit those smaller areas, but if you fold the straw nozzle down, you can spray larger. The straw can be kept on a piece of tape on the can or lost if it is lost on the spray nozzle. The spray and straw options should come with this feature. There are hundreds of uses for the product. I had a wasp in my kitchen recently, and I never used it before. I did not have wasp/hornet spray. I was on the phone with a friend when the wasp came up and he said, "You've got WD-40, don't you?" I told him I did. He said that it will kill the insects. I didn't know that. I sprayed the wasp with the wasp spray. The wasp wouldn't fly and would eventually die. I was able to kill the wasp quickly. I used this can of WD-40 to stop a squeak on some exercise equipment. The product and this packaging are recommended by me.

👤My uncle used to spray it on his knees. I like it because it doesn't smell bad like other lubricants and it doesn't take long for the smell to go away. wd-40 has been a life saver as a commercial fisherman on the North Atlantic, as he is constantly repairing rusty boat parts and rusty tools.

👤No homeowner should ever have to worry about not being able to use WD-40. It is a classic. My husband was a general contractor. I was able to order a container from Amazon and receive it before the shipment slowed because I ran out of it, but I thought I had enough on hand. I have many uses for it. I remember that he told people to give it a shot of WD-40 and fix anything that was stuck. I am doing that.

👤As a construction manager and home owner, I always have a bottle of WD-40. There is a This can be used on everything. It can be used on a lot of things. Do your research before spraying. I always make sure to have a couple bottles handy because it can make a tough task much easier.

👤Writing a review for WD-40 is like writing a review for oxygen. The product is the same but packaged differently. I like it because it's very handy.

8. Finish Line Lubricant Squeeze Bottle

Finish Line Lubricant Squeeze Bottle

The most used cycling lubrication is in the world. It was made using the highest quality ingredients. Greatly reduces bearing and drivetrain wear.

Brand: Finish Line

👤I have been using the dry lube for 20 years but decided to try the wet one. I switched because I wanted to see how he held up in the rain, and also because I have been riding in the rain a lot more. The wet lube stays on the chain better in the rain. The dry is too thin and drips onto the rim or the ground. It is easier to see where you applied the wet lube on the chain than it is to see where you started with. If you don't want a lot of dirt in your drive train, you will need to clean the chain, but I clean my chain about once per week or whenever I ride through the rain, so this is not an issue for me. There is a The chain seems to run better with the wet. I like the wet lube more than the dry because it picks up more dirt. I am happy I made the switch.

👤This is great for riding in bad conditions, but you need to be careful with how you apply it. This lube is thick and oily. It looks like gear oil. If you lay down a thick bead of this on your chain, it's very hard to remove and it will make a mess. I recommend putting a small amount of lube on each roller. Run the lube backwards for 20 revolutions to get it into the chain. You only want the lubrication in the rollers if you wipe off all visible excess. The reward is a smooth and silent chain for hundreds of miles. If you wipe the chain down with a damp rag after each ride, it will stay clean.

👤I am a daily bike commuter in the Pacific Northwest. I've used a number of methods of lube, including the dailyWD-40 method, but Finish Line wet lube is the best for a low cost. During the winter, I lubricate my car about once a week, with a chain clean monthly, and this lube does a great job of keeping the drive train in good working order. I use this lube on both my low-end bike and my carbon racer, and have no problems with either. The Dumondtech was costing me $5 a month in lube, and this should cost me $1 a month. I ride between 150 and 200 miles a week in bad weather. I think the 32 ounce bottle is more effective than the 4 and 8 ounce bottles I used in the past. It's simple to reuse an old smaller bottle for day to day use.

👤My boss gave me a bike that I've been working on restoring. The only new part on the bike is the chain, which I cleaned and used wet lube to re-lubricate. It has withstood both rain and snow and looks just as good as when I put it on. I bought dry lube from the same brand for the summers, but I don't think I'll use it much since I live in Tennessee, which gets a lot of rain and mud. I'll be writing a review on that when I use it, comparing it to the wet lube. There is a The thick oil makes applying the lube relatively clean. I wiped up the excess with a paper towel after putting a drop on every link. Would I recommend this to a friend? Most definitely! Even though I am new to the game, I wouldn't mind helping others self-service their bicycles, because I think this bottle will last me a long time.

9. Bike Chain Cleaner Tool Motorcycle

Bike Chain Cleaner Tool Motorcycle

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan. Clean and protect your chain. The chain cleaner tool can help prevent premature wear of your drivetrain and maintain smooth operation when riding the motorcycle and bike. It's easy to use. The tool doesn't need to remove chain when you clean it. Three different kinds of tool will fit all type chain gears, this chain cleaning tool will help you clean chain avoid dirty hands. Use a one-sided brush to clean out the dirty gear plate corner after using a toothed cleaner. It is widely used. The multi-purpose chain cleaning brush set can be used for different bikes if there is a chain or gear, no matter mountain bike, mtb, road bike, BMX, all could get a deep cleaning. They offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, a 24-Month Replacement Warranty and a Lifetime Support Service.

Brand: Bike Chain Cleaner Tool

👤I didn't read the description carefully and didn't get what I wanted. The description says a motorcycle. It also says a bicycle. I wanted a chain cleaning kit for my bike. The product is only usable on a bicycle.

👤After cleaning my bike for the first time since I got it a year ago, I can safely say that this is an essentials pack. I used every tool that I had.

👤This is the second time I used this to clean a bike. It works well.

👤It's advertised as good for bicycles, but that's not true. I don't know what to do with the plastic pick, the U-shaped brush is too wide, and the other brush is just a brush. Use an old toothbrush.

👤I did not use the tools to take off the chain. When it takes an hour for good results, no more expensive cleaning services from the bike shop.

👤It's a great way to clean bike chain. The brush is too big for the bicycle chain, but you can still use it. It would have been better if it was adjusted.

👤The clean chain looks good to use, it has grease in the dirt out chain, and hard spots to reach.

👤The bike chain cleaner is a simple kit of tools. They are made of plastic and seem to hold up after a few cleanings. The bristles do a great job of cleaning. It's a good price for getting 3 tools. They helped me clean my chain.

10. Muc Off MOX 904 Nano Tech Cleaner

Muc Off MOX 904 Nano Tech Cleaner

China is the country of origin. The only bike cleaner that can penetrate deep into the dirt. It cuts through the dirt on your bike. It's perfect for all types of bike. All bike components are safe. No sweat, spray on and wash off. Universal Fit is the type of fit. Universal Fit is the type of fit.

Brand: Muc Off

👤I was skeptical at first, but after a few uses, I became a believer in the Muc-Off fast action bike cleaner. I buy the 5L to save money. This is a great value for me, as I ride year round. I used to use car soap to clean my bikes, but thought it was just a fad. I was surprised that Muc-Off was able to break down the trail mud and muck, allowing for almost scrub free cleaning. I almost said it, because a soft brush helps get the frame and bike components clean. You just spray Muc-Off on your bike, sit and soak for a few minutes, use a sponge or soft bristle brush to wipe off the dirt, and rinse off. It is best done in the shade if it is sunny. The cleaner will be dried out quickly by the direct sun and heat. I like that it doesn't damage the brake parts. After dry dusty rides or just maintenance cleaning, for light cleaning. Muc-Off is still strong to clean my MTB, even though I have a separate spray bottle. There is a Muc-Off bike cleaner is a bonus because it is non-biodegradable. I will use a product that won't damage the environment if I can. It's great if that product is one of the best at what it does. Thank you for reading my review, I hope you found it helpful.

👤This stuff works great. The issue is with the water. To use this product, you have to wet your bike and rinse it off. The Service Manager at the largest bike shop in my area told me that washing your bike can cause bearing issues. At least once every three months he has someone come in with their bike that has this issue and the primary reason is because they wash their bike after every use. If your bike is dirty, you may want to use this product. He suggested spraying the cleaner on and wiping it off.

👤Since the spray head is not included, you can buy a liter of concentrate for a little bit more and buy a nice spray bottle for the future. I was going to give a moderate review until Amazon admitted that the listing was misleading and fixed it for other people. I am trying to save you the headaches since they won't! You can boycott Amazon and buy at the store.

👤Triumph recommended this product to me. It ruined the brushed aluminum finish on my Triumph Speed Twin. I reached out to the company via their Facebook page, and the representative said they would send me a product that might help. They never did. This product is too acidic for some surfaces. If you care about the way your vehicle looks, I wouldn't recommend using this on anything other than the underside of the fender, skid plate, or such places that are important to you.

👤It's ideal for washing bikes that have dirt that resists washing off, and it's strong. There is a If you have cuts, you will feel it with this product. It felt like hell. When I tested this product on older finishes, it cleaned up nicely, even though it was soaking them in. Pink colored products that are cheaper tend to dull the finish. Get the real Muc Off stuff. I don't think it's necessary to use this product full strength all the time. I recommend making two spray bottles, one at full strength, ideal for scrubbing tires, and the other at a strength to use on the rest of the bike, for those of us that store bikes indoors with carpet. There is a You can use a lighter solution if you wash your bikes frequently. If you tend to wash your bike on a schedule, use more product. It will dry up faster under direct sunlight. The best way to wash it off is to spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes then wash it off with a sponge and hose.

11. Gold Products ProGold ProLink Chain

Gold Products ProGold ProLink Chain

Their treadmill lube has a 100% money back guarantee. Let them know if you're not happy with it. They will give you a full refund. There are sheds with dirt, mud and abrasives. Repels humidity and reduces oxidation. Desperses water and resists wash-off. Will not get tacky. Cleans and lubricates as you ride.

Brand: Progold

👤It's a thin lube, but it's great. You want to clean your chain and apply new lube every third or fourth ride. Me? I like to "drop on every link". You might be a Squirty McSquirt and just squeeze the bottle and piss your wife off. You should stop getting lube on your bike. Like me, be a Droppy McDropperton. You're welcome.

👤I decided to try something else after being raised on TriFlow. I was pleasantly surprised to see the bike mechanic use this stuff at the shop. The bottle is a little stiff and you have to remove the top half to put it on. The chain was wiped off after being run backwards ten turns. I wouldn't say my chain is silent, but it is very quiet. The first time I applied it, some went on the rim because it was a low viscosity oil. Be careful. There is a The rag is often dirty after applying and wiping this oil. I apply this stuff a lot. It didn't seem to fix my squeaking issue or make it worse, so I tried it inside a cable housing. 3 months is an update. This stuff is crazy. I wipe my chain down with a dry rag to get rid of dirt, and my chain still looks brand new six months after I bought the bike. It's amazing. My other bike with TriFlow has a black chain in a week despite being wiped. This is amazing. It smells good too. If you will, I would suggest you get the small bottle as an applicator and the big bottle to refill it. Who would use the sprayer nozzle?

👤I bought this and a week later, I won a race in my division and received a box of their products as a prize. I have 2 bottles of these and some other things. This oil works well for chains. The key to using this is to apply along the chain's entire length, work in by backpedal spinning, and then use a rag to wipe off the excess. Unless I run into water or excessive mud, I will use it every 2nd or 3rd ride. The product helps with chain wear. I can get a few more miles out of my chain before I hit 8 thousand of an inch stretch, which means I have time to install a new chain. The grease, bike wash, and degreaser are very nice products. I can tell you that this company has a good product line.

👤Excellent product. I used teflon 'dry lube' for a few months and had terrible rusting with any small amount of humidity. I switched back to the pro gold lube. I ran the chain through a cloth to remove the rust, then coated it again. I haven't had any rusting problems for the past few months, I re- apply a few drops every 2 weeks or so. The entire top sometimes starts to twist open when twisting to open the applicator. The solution is to use a second hand. I think it's relevant to people who want to be able to open with one hand.


What is the best product for bicycle degreaser and lubricant?

Bicycle degreaser and lubricant products from Bike Medicine. In this article about bicycle degreaser and lubricant you can see why people choose the product. Chemical Guys and Muc Off are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle degreaser and lubricant.

What are the best brands for bicycle degreaser and lubricant?

Bike Medicine, Chemical Guys and Muc Off are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle degreaser and lubricant. Find the detail in this article. Park Tool, Pedro's and White Lightning are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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