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1. Namey Protection Reflective Protective Transparent

Namey Protection Reflective Protective Transparent

It can be applied to a lot of bikes. This is a 3D mountain bike frame protection sticker that is suitable for all kinds of bicycles, such as mountain bikes, off-road vehicles, and road bikes. This film is wear-resistant, non-slip and waterproof. It is waterproof and scratch-resistant, but also practical and high-quality. The type of bicycle frame protective film is easy to stick to, it's suitable for off-road, all- mountain, endurance, free riding and DH bicycles. You don't have to leave any residual glue. The protective sticker is made of semi- soft and semi-hard 500 micron PVC material, automotive grade, and will not fade or yellow over time, and will not remain on the frame after being removed, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, Aging. The protective sticker can resist pollution, and is safe for the environment. The durability is greatly improved after the test of time. It'sReminder: It is important to clean the contact surface before you paste. After applying the protective film, heat it with a hair dryer. If you have a question when you receive the goods, please contact them, they will solve it for you.

Brand: Namey

👤It is thick and applicable. Being precut had benefits as well. I was able to put them on the frame with ease. I had to remove and restick some pieces because of my poor alignment, but I didn't have any problems taking them off and resticking them. The front triangle should be protected with at least one more of the larger pieces included. It provided a clean look and should do its job.

👤I have used the name brand "AM" frame protection a few times and love it and this product is pretty close in quality to that, but 1/2 the cost. It doesn't come with all of the colors the higher price options have, but I wanted a clear opinion as well as the AM camo. I recommend getting a cheap harbor freight heat gun to help with installation and adhesion, as well as clean your frame with alcohol before applying, no complaints so far!

👤I bought this to protect my bike frame from damage. Also used to protect the frame of the bike. It seems to work well. Take a look at the pictures and you will see a black spot on the tape but the frame is in perfect condition.

👤I was lured by the cheaper version. I got what I paid for, so take my advice, buy the real one, or just don't buy and save your money.

👤I bought a big name product. They looked the same all the way down to the packaging. Save money by buying this product instead of the more expensive name brand frame protectors.

👤The product seems to be well made, but it barely reflects light. I tried different light sources and it didn't work. The photo shows the difference between the two.

👤This product was purchased for the reflective properties. This isn't reflective tape.

2. AGPTEK Reflective Motorcycle Strollers Wheelchairs

AGPTEK Reflective Motorcycle Strollers Wheelchairs

There arecorn stickers for girls decoration for water bottle,Hydro Flask, Yeti,Tumbler,Laptop,Computer,Tablet,Phone Case,Headphones,Charger,Bluetooth Speakers,Notebook,Binders,Luggage,Skate. In the rainy days, reflective car's light is highly visible to decrease risk at night. It has 6 year long- lasting reflectivity because it is made of high quality reflective material. The reflective stickers with various shape are suitable for helmets, cars, strollers, and more. It is easy to peel and stick. They provide a one-year warranty and 30-day money back, so you don't have to worry.

Brand: Agptek

👤The stickers are stiff and bright when lights shine on them. There is a The edges of a curved surface can come off, so bending them around will be a problem. --- There is a There is an edit. The seller gave a refund without being asked for one. There is a Customer service is what I call it.

👤Overall, good reflectivity. The edges of the MBB front suspension forks and smaller seat stays refuse to adhere to the areas after a short time. The edges of the intended surface do not stay on the surface underneath even if you try to bend them with some heat or a degreaser. If you apply them to a surface with alcohol or if you clean them with alcohol, the clear outer layer should be separated from the thicker white layer underneath. There is a On the first attempt, they can only be applied to a flat surface. I haven't tested their ability to stick to the surface after being exposed to water.

👤The product exceeded expectations. I shared the high quality stickers with my friends. I put them on my bike, helmet, and shoes. They won't stick to fabric for very long. I have put them on other things. It was very reflective.

👤The bike frame is peeling off even after being applied a couple days ago. I cleaned before sticking them. The bike is falling off despite being indoors. Wouldn't recommend.

👤These work well. We put these stickers on our shoes. If you walk after dark, they are very useful. It is easier for them to see us after they see the reflection.

👤There are tons of size options. We rode a bike, helmet and scooters. I liked the star shaped option for my son's helmet.

👤I wanted to put these on my bike. The edges of the curved tubing come upon the flat surfaces. I tried heating it up with a hair dryer, but the edges of the strips were not straight.

3. Wheely Bikes Skateboards Fashionable Decorations

Wheely Bikes Skateboards Fashionable Decorations

There is a poppin sticker. This is a good choice for fans of melanin poppin, and can be used as a gift for teenagers who love the toy. Take your bike and transform it into a work of art. This sticker set is your best bet to decorate your bicycle any way you want, with 60 cool stickers. Waterproof and sunproof! The bicycle stickers were designed to stay put once pasted on the bicycle. They were made to provide you with a fun and long lasting experience. You should pass them on more than just your bike. It doesn't mean you can't put bicycle stickers on your helmet, travel suitcase, computer case, skateboard, mobile phone or pencil box. The package is a gift-ready. Their bike stickers come in a beautiful box design, which is perfect for gift-giving. This set of decals will be a great gift for a mother, grandmother, or simply for a unique present idea. Your money back or the cool bike? Hundreds of happy parents and grandparents have already purchased this sticker set and watched their children become overwhelmed by excitement, which is why they are confident your children will love it as well! Don't hesitate to get in touch with them if that's not the case, they'll make it right!

Brand: Wheely Bikes

👤The pink helmet color was a nice background because my daughter loved them and they were transparent.

👤Put them all over their bikes.

👤A fun way to dress up a bike.

👤Cute stickers! I bought it for my niece. We used some of it for the bicycle and the rest was put on notebooks and personal items in the package.

👤Put these on my child's helmet. Excellent quality!

👤The stickers arrived quickly. My kid gets a sticker on their bike when they are good. They seem to be weather resistant.

👤They are cute for a girl's bike, but they are not sticking very well. I had to glue them together.

👤The stickers look great. My kid loves them.

4. Reflective Stickers Waterproof Adhesive Bicycle,Wheelchairs,Motorbike,Helmet,Stroller,Scooter,Hard

Reflective Stickers Waterproof Adhesive Bicycle%EF%BC%8CWheelchairs%EF%BC%8CMotorbike%EF%BC%8CHelmet%EF%BC%8CStroller%EF%BC%8CScooter%EF%BC%8CHard

Click here to add to cart The package includes reflective stickers. The size of the reflective decals is 4.5 x 8.3 inches. Night safety stickers can be attached to strollers, wheelchairs, helmet, bikes and even your clothes, they come in very handy if you run or ride after dark, you have noticed cars slowing down after they see the reflection. Before applying the reflective stickers, please wipe off the surfaces so they are free of dust and oil, this will make the decals adhere well and durable even if it is exposed to water. So simple. These Stickers are so effective, they come in different sizes and shapes, and they have a bright reflection, suitable for all locations of the hard and flat surfaces.

Brand: N/b

👤These are great for visibility. The price is good. The best place to use them is on flat surfaces. I don't recommend them for bike tubes. I have a mountain bike that is too rigid and stiff to be partially wrapped around. You can see in the photos that the reflector is peeling off. It is not flexible enough to adhere to my frame. I might have to use duct tape to hold it down.

👤I used to use a product to add reflective safety to my road bike. The strips and dots can be used in many different ways.

👤When they came, we immediately had each child decorate their knapsack, but within a few days the reflectors had fallen off. They don't stick on the vinyl of a knapsack.

👤The product will work with my bike.

👤These stickers are garbage. The stickers came off when placed on two different types of surfaces.

👤It was a perfect reflective tape. I did my entire bike because in Miami drivers are blind. Great product.

👤It works well decorating my bicycle.

5. Outus Chainstay Protector Protectors Protective

Outus Chainstay Protector Protectors Protective

It's suitable for mountain bike, road bike, folding bike frame guard. A good combination includes 3 pieces chainstay covers in transparent PVC, totally 60 pieces small stickers including circle and strip shapes for various positions, as well asDIY, which decorate bikes chainstay and frame for fashionable styling. Chainstay guards can be made from different materials and can help to protect chainstay and frame from being worn, prevent nicks and scratches, and provide protection at the broken area simply by sticking the film cover onto it. The bicycle film cover is easy to operate and won't produce bubbles. The bicycle chainstay sticker is universal for most bicycles, cycles, etc. The bike film cover can protect the bicycle frame, front fork, and friction parts.

Brand: Outus

👤Doesn't stay still. I've gone through a few of the stickers because they only lasted a few days on my frame. They peel off very quickly. Not recommended.

👤The film is thick and transparent. The glue is a joke. I always use alcohol to prepare the surface with other brands that lasted multiple seasons. The results were the same on three different bikes. They were worthless within 24 hours. Don't buy these! The product needs to be pulled from the market and the sellers who sell it should not be allowed on Amazon. Maybe Amazon should spend more time vetting their sellers and less time sending TV stars into space.

👤There are a lot of shapes and sizes and they would be perfect if they stayed attached. The chain-stay of the new bike was applied with the long piece. I pressed the sticker on the chain-stay. After a few minutes, the sticker that had been folded over the chain-stay had come off and the sticker was sitting flat. It was a no-go for me if the area is flat, as I assumed it would work if the area is flat.

👤The different shapes are useful, but this tape doesn't hold up. I put it on the bike and it lifts off the next day. The Racer's Tape is cheaper.

👤The kit is perfect for my topstone 105. It comes with a lot of different cuts, but I wish there was more. It's not noticeable on a bike and the glue works well. It was perfect!

👤They are pretty thin. They will protect but maybe not for a while. The price is great but the quality is not bad.

👤The lack of adhesion was a topic that I read about. I cleaned the bike frame with rubbing alcohol and then used a hair dryer to dry it off. One edge would always peel up. They didn't leave any hard to remove and didn't cost much.

👤Stickers don't stay adheared around rounded areas such as tubes and chainstays. I placed the stickers on a bike that was dirty and all of them lost their shine in 24 hours.

6. WEI PASTER Protective Protection Scratches Contrapuntal

WEI PASTER Protective Protection Scratches Contrapuntal

It'sReminder: It is important to clean the contact surface before you paste. After applying the protective film, heat it with a hair dryer. If you have a question when you receive the goods, please contact them, they will solve it for you. The material is soft and automotive grade, which will not fade or yellow over time. The choice of glossy and matt will not destroy the decals of your bicycle, which is the choice of many of those who want to have low-key protection. They have prepared detailed and practical operating methods for you, which can be easily dealt with without the help of professionals. The PU film protects against scratches caused by small gravel, chains, cables, and shoes. Full-frame and spare protectors can be applied to different arcs and lengths, fitting for steel, aluminum, or carbon frames.

Brand: Wei-paster

👤The product arrived in excellent condition. I contacted the seller and was sent a brand new box with all the sheets inside, even though I was missing one sheet. The best product I've found for applying bike film. Take off the protective films on the sticker before applying it to your bike. Use a spray bottle with a small amount of soapy water and a squeegee to work air bubbles out of the film on the bike. Air bubbles don't work out when they are first applied, but they will work themselves out from heat within a week or so.

👤If you are looking for a temporary solution because you are riding in a bad condition, these may work for you. If you want something robust and long term, spend the money on something else. There is a They are cool and stick at first. I had to remove several of the pieces after I got a ton of bubbles. It is more expensive to be cheaper. If you want to buy these as an alternative to something else, you need to pony up the cash and get the higher end option. You should find a cool automotive vinyl and custom cutting.

👤You need good patience to apply. I gave up. They are a little thin and a thicker would be better.

👤I wouldn't buy this product again. They give instructions that are not good. The tape that goes on the bike is ripped twice when pulled/separating the backing.

👤It's perfect for protecting a bicycle. It's easy to put on and it sticks well. I am giving them to my husband for a present.

👤The glue is not strong. I applied the product to the bike. There is a It began to peel less than an hour later. It began to peel off after a day of wearing it. Not very thick. And it tears. I tried to remove part of it. It tore. The frame has torn off. I am going to try to cover it with clear 3M. Looks okay. I believe rocks and brush would tear this up. I suppose it's okay for dirt and mud protection. I will not buy again.

7. Lamin X Bicycle Frame Guard Matte

Lamin X Bicycle Frame Guard Matte

The dimensions are 4' x 60 Inches. The dimensions are 4' x 60 Inches.

Brand: Lamin-x

👤Wow. Just... Wow. I didn't know helicopter tape existed until a few days ago. It was needed for my carbon-fiber bikes to prevent bags and lights from wearing away the paint, and it works like an abrasive under the straps, which shift back and forth slightly as you ride. I didn't see any versions of Racers Edge that were glossy. I saw less reviews, but they were all positive. All my bikes have a matt finish. When I got it, I was amazed. The package includes the tape, a spray bottle, a box cutter, and a rubber squeegee. I thought the accessories were a nice touch. Wrong. I used them all, they worked perfectly, the tape went on cleanly, and the bike looked great. The spray bottle, knife and squeegee made the process simpler. I put two strips on my top tube, one on my seatpost, and one on the front of the steering tube. There are plenty of tape left over from that on two bikes. There is a The tape is thick and strong. There is a It's better to use too little than to use too much. You don't want the tape to overlap itself because it's too thick and there's room for dirt to get under it. I think it would peel away over time. It is hard to butt the ends of the tape against eachother. There is a minimal gap because I found it easier to use a shorter piece. There is a This is too long. Highly recommended.

👤I decided to buy this based on the lower price and good reviews after looking around online for a frame protection tape. If you are only trying to do a small portion of your bike frame, you should buy this. If you want to do the entire bike, I would suggest buying more than one of these, as you only get 60". I was able to do my entire down tube, top tube, both chainstays and seatstays with this application. It took me about 2 hours to complete, and each section became easier as I learned how to apply the tape. There is a The tape was wide enough for the top and down tubes. The seat stays and chain stays were cut into strips using an angle iron. The product looks great after I finished installing it. I can't tell it's there as the finish is perfect for blend with carbon. This easy to install frame protection is for $20 bucks. I am very pleased with the product.

8. RydeSafe Reflective Decals Butterflies Violet

RydeSafe Reflective Decals Butterflies Violet

Universal Fit is the type of fit. Make your ride safer. You can modify your frame, helmet, and accessories. It will last 7 years in all weather. The reflective film used on emergency vehicles was cut from the video.

Brand: Rydesafe

👤It's very expensive to get reflective stickers. Go to your local hardware store and buy reflective tape. It will cost less and work just as well.

👤Maybe it said that in the description. I was expecting more than a few butterflies. There are other types of decals that are not included. They tear when you remove them from the paper. Would not recommend or re-up.

👤These are bright when headlights hit em, and they are a pretty good deal, under $10, compared to what else is out there. Definitely recommend.

👤These butterflies are reflective. The butterfly is a favorite of mine as a cancer fighter. I wanted to change my helmet. I wanted to be seen at night. The reflective stickers work. I can't say for certain at the moment.

👤I would like to see some of her other products.

👤These light up in a beam of light and are perfect for a little lady.

9. MEGHNA Protecter Waterproof Material Transparent

MEGHNA Protecter Waterproof Material Transparent

Full-frame and spare protectors can be applied to different arcs and lengths, fitting for steel, aluminum, or carbon frames. This size is ideal for all mountain bikes. High impact and rub resistant honeycomb PVC will protect your bike. Top quality materials do not fade or yellow over time. The frame guards are easy to install and will fit all bike sizes. There are different colors and patterns that can be used to improve the look of your bike.

Brand: Meghna

👤I like that they keep their logo minimal and not take away from my bike graphics. Great material to protect my carbon frame.

👤I put the sticker guards on a black frame. I used a larger sticker guard on the bottom side of my frame to prevent my bike from being scratched at the gym. I would buy again. They should have come in yellow.

👤There is a textured feel. The look is stealthy. The application is similar to a screen saver.

👤Good graphics, just use a hair dryer to warm it up.

10. Zelerdo Protective Bicycle Chainstay Protector

Zelerdo Protective Bicycle Chainstay Protector

Click here to add to cart The package includes a bike frame chain protection pad and a bicycle chainstay protectors. The chain guard pad is made of nylon fabric and is durable and soft. Bike chainstay protectors: The sticker set includes 20 sets of shapes to apply to various positions. It can be applied to a lot of bikes.

Brand: Zelerdo

👤It was a great value, it came with 2 chainstay protectors, which I installed on two of my bicycles. It comes with 2 sets of plastic protective stickers that I can use on my bike at areas where the cable might rub the frame. There is a If you apply new protectors to the frame, they will be sticky but also replaceable. I was happy with the purchase.

👤Two sets for this price is very nice.

👤Great product! Sticks are good and look good. Gave my bike a new lease on life. I like it!

11. All Mountain Style Impact Frame

All Mountain Style Impact Frame

We provide a one-year warranty and 30-day money back, so you don't have to worry. High impact and rub resistant honeycomb PVC will protect your bike from scratches. There are different colors and patterns that can be used to improve the look of your bike. The materials are top quality and not fade or yellow over time. The frame guards are easy to install and will fit all bike sizes. This size is ideal for all mountain bikes. Universal Fit is the type of fit.

Brand: All Mountain Style

👤I recommend this very highly. I had to buy two "Total" kits to get adequate coverage for my high-end carbon frame because it's expensive. It's fine, I wish they wouldn't put their logo on it, it would make for awkward application if you already have a logo on your frame. I haven't had a big crash yet, but it's definitely thick, durable, and tough. I'm all thumbs, but took my time and the result looks good. The material is thick, so if you apply it to a surface that curves or has angles, expect the edges to pull back a bit and not adhere fully. The edges can be shaved a bit. I had several edges pull back and the dirt got under them. It's peace of mind knowing that my carbon is protected on the trail.

👤I wanted to know. This is not clear. It is not clear. I was not expecting to see it on the bike. It is more noticeable. It protects the frame. I want to see the bike not the frame. If you want something that is clear, spend the extra$15 on invisa frame or ridewrap.

👤It was installed on my bike. The film material is thick. The texture is nice. Be careful with bubbles. It is hard to adjust to the strength of the glue.

👤hay, ponerlo a la bicicleta. Mucho la bicicleta, se ve muy.

👤I feel like I got a defected pack and 90$ because the bike is very clean and the stickers tend to peel off over night. I get terrible stickers that sat for a long time.

👤I returned it. The sellers fault was not a fan of the clear. I am sure it is a great product.

👤It looked like you put tape on the frame. Didn't use it.

👤The product was late.

👤I used this product but found it hard to use on the bike with a slight curve. It's probably better to use rubberised tape for the chain stays.

👤I only received 3 strips. Someone has made off with the rest.

👤These are the best frame protection you can buy.

👤Not a big enough pack for a remedy 7 large mountain bike.


What is the best product for bicycle decals stickers frame?

Bicycle decals stickers frame products from Namey. In this article about bicycle decals stickers frame you can see why people choose the product. Agptek and Wheely Bikes are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle decals stickers frame.

What are the best brands for bicycle decals stickers frame?

Namey, Agptek and Wheely Bikes are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle decals stickers frame. Find the detail in this article. N/b, Outus and Wei-paster are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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