Best Bicycle Decals for Walls

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1. Decalmile Butterfly Beautiful Inspirational Stickers

Decalmile Butterfly Beautiful Inspirational Stickers

The decals can be applied on all smooth surfaces. It can be stuck onto any smooth surface, including walls, windows, tiles, furniture, mirrors, and even your fridge. The decalsmile wall stickers are waterproof and easy to peel and stick. There are butterfly wall stickers that are perfect to decorate girls room. There are 8 sheets, sheet size is 21 cm x 30 cm, and the wall stickers are pasted freely. If you're not happy with your purchase or installation, please contact them and they will help you out within 24 hours.

Brand: Decalmile

👤The words are separate so you have to line them up. I had to apply, pull, and reapply before I got them straight, because I was short of drawing a line on my wall. The "B" in Beautiful is different from the rest of the word. It was a royal pain to put this up. No one else talked about this in the reviews. The gorgeous butterfly decals are saving grace. I really like them. I would've kept this for the butterflies even if I'd given up on the words. Good luck if you're up to the challenge.

👤I used some butterflies and flowers to surround the sticker. The stick is very nice and stays good. I don't know what to do with it because I want it to stay in the wall.

👤This is great for my bedroom. It makes me happy when I look at it. I like it for my snap videos background.

👤I love the size and it hasn't peeled off yet. It makes my daughter's room look great. Would purchase again.

👤It was a beautiful piece and made me love it.

👤My daughter is a fan of this product. It was easy for us to put up and I have not had any peeling. It has been up for a month.

👤I loved it for my 10 year old, but had trouble lining it up. No regrets at all!

👤I loved it. My wall was boring so I decorated it. I had to redo it 3 times because it wasn't aligned right, and it's easy to remove and stick again. Highly recommend these!

👤This is amazing... To me, any way... My house is in a state of disrepair. I didn't want anything above my couch. .... Don't see pictures over my head. I have had one fall on me. It was once funny. It took me two months to make a decision, but I picked it as my final choice. It's beautiful, eloquent and the main reason? I just love it. Would highly recommend this. The way this company has grown is something I want to add. These Decaturs are pretty emotional too. I didn't have to use it, but they pack the letters in a very stinky way. It was nice to see one there if I had to. Like I said, it was very intense.

👤I have this quote on my vehicle back window. Couldn't resist when I saw it. I think it's more appropriate for a young girls room. I love it. It fills in a blank wall I had that has temperature controls and it's a nice camouflage for them.

2. Ufengke Bicycle Stickers Flowers Bedroom

Ufengke Bicycle Stickers Flowers Bedroom

No tools, no paint, and no hassle to peel and stick. Made of eco-friendly vinyl, ink and glue, it's odor free and keeps your kids out of harms way. Adding fun for kids with a fairy girl riding a bike, flowers, butterflies, Eiffel tower, street lamp, and "Parisian love" will add more fun for kids. It works on almost any smooth surface including doors, walls, windows, furniture, cupboard of babys girls boys kids' bedrooms, nursery and living room. Peel and stick easily. If you want to remove the decals, you should not leave any damage on the surface. The sheet size is 30 cm x 90 cm. It's only for reference and you can adjust it according to your preferences. The sheet size is 30 cm x 90 cm. It's only for reference and you can adjust it according to your preferences.

Brand: Ufengke

👤It looks like it is pictured. Within a few days, it started peeling. We have applied wall decals before and never had an issue with peeling. I guess you should get what you pay for.

👤It is similar to the seller's picture. It comes in cut pieces so you don't have to worry about sticking it. No one needs to cut anything. It took 20 minutes to install. I stuck the parts that I removed to the new design. They stuck together. I did not need a credit card to smoothen large parts. The wall paint was not affected by the peeling, except for a few white dust-like particles on the back of the stickers. I will wait to see how long it stays intact after installing it.

👤Es fcil de poner. El Cuarto de la nia is noticable. Y le encant a la nia.

👤I hope my granddaughter enjoys it, it's a Christmas gift for her room.

👤The Eiffel towel had a slice in it that looked like a knife. I had to use some of the flower stickers.

👤Excellent product, thanks for the quality and delivery time.

👤They fell off after a week on the walls. I cleaned the walls and let them dry, but they fell off and into the garbage. Very disappointed with the cheap glue.

👤It is easy to apply and looks effective. Excellent value for the quality.

👤Im Halten ist das Wnden, das ist es. Sogar ist das Maler hat. Fr den Preis wollte. The recht gut is tschlich. Die Eiffelturm war beispielsweise bei der ffentlichkeit, beispielsweise aber seit dem zweiten kleben gut. Ich ist an normal” verputzten Wnden. Rnder ist uns hlt.

👤La consegna avvenuta entro le 24 ore. In mattinata, ordinato sabato e consegnato di domenica. A perfetto e di buonissima qualit. Aderisce alla parete perfettamente ma attenzione al tipo di pittura alla parete perché. Insieme un bel colpo d'occhio.

👤A parti piccole non ci sono problemi, staccano da foglio principale ma per quelle grandi.

👤La compré para la habitacin. Y mucho, de echo, tiene una tengo puesta y una palabra love. la recomiendo

3. DEKOSH Multiple Beautiful Butterflies Decorative

DEKOSH Multiple Beautiful Butterflies Decorative

Use the small labels for accessories. The vinyl can be used on bottles. Girl Wall Decals with Butterflies are 2 sheets of flower fairy murals. There are decorative stickers for girl nursery. Can be applied to many different surfaces. The baby wall decals are of top quality. Just peel off and stick.

Brand: Dekosh

👤It was a fun activity for mom and the girls to do. It adds some color to the room, but not much else. Our walls are painted. And they latched on. They stay even better when we put it on a smooth surface closet door.

👤I am a seasoned putter-upper. The design is precious. The material is similar to wrapping tape. It's really bad. It's done when one folds onto itself. Do not recommend it, even for the price. Not worth the hassle.

👤When my granddaughter stays with them, it is a perfect touch for her little room. I love it. It's easy to apply and delivery is quick.

👤The girl with the umbrellas and heart rain is next to this wall. Pulls it all together with the word. I bought decals for each one.

👤It takes time to install and stick all those tiny butterflies. If kids are involved, it is a great activity.

👤It is a challenge to pull all the butterflies.

👤Love the design. Be careful with the bicycle. Go slow or get help. Lots of butterflies were included.

👤It is a great quality and we all love it.

4. Aesthetic Stickers Waterproof Envelopes Scrapbooking

Aesthetic Stickers Waterproof Envelopes Scrapbooking

The best gift for you is an assortment of car decals stickers. The rainbow stickers pack are made of waterproof and sun protection material and range from 1.57 inch to 3.14 inch. Some of the rainbow stickers and decals come with rainbow sticker be kind, be happy, be positive, stay positive, hello, love wins, etc. There are rainbow stickers. A rainbow sticker pack is a rainbow themed gift for boys, men, kids, girls, women, teen boys, dad, mom, teens, adults, friends, classmates, family, teenagers, teachers, children, preschool, toddler. etc There are rainbow themed decorations for baby shower, gender reveal, kids birthday, wedding, etc. Party decorations, rainbow theme party favors for summer supplies are great to personalize. It is easy to stick and remove rainbow stickers.

Brand: Zedeen

👤We got these for our child's birthday party gifts. The kids loved them.

5. Wall Decal Sticker Motocross Bedroom

Wall Decal Sticker Motocross Bedroom

100% money back guarantee. 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase or receive your money back. The materials are made of polyvinylchloride. Simply peel and stick, no transfer film needed. The sticker is easy to remove. It is possible to facilitate easier, richer color pattern. Give your home and office wall a change by peeling and sticking it. The decals can be applied on all smooth surfaces.

Brand: Yttbuy

👤The picture on the product page is very deceiving. The size is not what the photos show. Very small.

👤After searching for it, it says the actual size. They use a fake photo example to advertise it going over a bed as if it's real. When I ordered it, I looked at the pick and thought it was 16 feet tall. Not 16 inches. Even though they have large or medium, the discription never changed. For the price, it's very small. Look around more and you will find the same bargains. This will seem good if you know good vinyl, but there is better stuff out there.

👤The first impression was not good. I received a dirtbike decals that was 1/3 the size as pictured. I didn't give a lot of effort in putting it up because I was gone. I have to report that I did not follow the mounting instructions. I can tell you that the decals did not stick to the wall. If I followed directions, it may have. If I had received what I had expected, this product would be ok.

👤The sticker is fine. They lied with the picture posted. You get only 16 inches of something. Not happy... There are multiple sizes and this is the small one.

👤You should look at the dimensions for the sticker. The photo depicts much larger than it really is. It was put over Grandson's lightswitch, not the bed.

👤I ordered a medium and the picture they post to advertise it in is not good. I knew what I was getting when I read the measurements. I expected the printing of this item to be sharp if it was small. The quality of the sticker was fuzzy. Very disappointed. The quality I got cost almost $18. It was possible to find one at Walmart with the same quality, bigger size and price of $5. Would not recommend it.

👤My son was excited to get this and we both thought it was going to be bigger than it is. It's nice, but much smaller than we thought.

6. Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Stickers Snowboard Motorcycle

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Stickers Snowboard Motorcycle

There are LILY FLOWERS WALL STEICKERS that are just Peel and Stick. The sheet size is 30. The finish size is 100. The size of the stickers is 1-2inch. All the Stickers are made with high quality material and have a waterproof function. It is possible to personalize Laptops, Macbook, Skateboards, Luggage, Cars, Bumpers, Bikes, Bicycles, Bedroom, Travel Case, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Snowboard, PS4, XBOX ONE. It's great for luggage, skateboard, laptop, keyboard, car stickers and bedroom desk graffiti. If you don't like it, you will get 100%refund.

Brand: Lhst

👤You can get a huge variety of these cute stickers. They are all the same size, just a little bigger or a little smaller. I was expecting more of a plastic sticker as it stated they were vinyl, but they seem to feel more like a slick paper sticker which works great on anything. I am not sure how they will hold up if you put them on a water bottle where they will get exposed to water from condensation, and just filling and washing the bottle! I don't think they would peel off, but for the amount of stickers you pay for they are awesome.

👤I love Stitch but they don't stick to my cup. I am slightly triggered. I will have to put them on poorly parked vehicles now.

👤I put together a basket for my daughter. These were a great addition. She used them to decorate a poster frame for her bedroom.

👤My daughter loves them. She puts it on her water bottle. They have been on for over a month. She put them on her computer.

👤My sister loves the selection and all are very cute.

👤I got these for my daughter. They are large and cute.

👤These stickers are great. There are many different designs and a great value.

👤The stickers were great. All sizes and shapes. My girls love them and put them everywhere. It's a good value for what you get.

7. LiveGallery Beautiful Removable Background Decoration

LiveGallery Beautiful Removable Background Decoration

Function: The sticker is fun to look at. The original bare space is full of energy thanks to creative design. It's very easy to apply and it's suitable for any smooth surface. It's a special room for you. Excellent decoration for kid room, nursery rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, offices, dining dooms, etc., is ideal for applying. It's easy to remove without leaving any trace on the walls, and the decals can be used again. There are LILY FLOWERS WALL STEICKERS that are just Peel and Stick. The sheet size is 30. The finish size is 100.

Brand: Livegallery

👤Very nice. My husband's bathroom was a very drab one. I had to clean it up and make it mine, but it ended up being a tribute to him. I like the way the quote is written. It was easy to put on. They are peel and stick, not messing around with transfer paper headaches. I put some butterfly stickers on them. I just love it, even though it's an adolescent result.

👤This is with two sets. I didn't know what to do with the large area of wall. You can place the stems, flowers, and petals according to your wishes. The words in the saying are different. They are sticking to the wall so far. There were a few times when I wanted to change something. It came off the wall and stuck to the original time.

👤Went on easy and it looks great. If you wanted to take it off, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem. I put a clear coat spray paint over it to make sure it wouldn't come off. I laughed and said it was just a cheap sticker that made all the diffrence, after people told me that I should do this part time.

👤It looks beautiful once it is up. If you don't get them in the right position the first time, you can't move them. These are peel-and-stick, not transfer sheets. There is a There was no guidance on how to install the stickers, and every word, stem, leaf, butterfly, and flower was a separate sticker spread across 4 pages. The flower parts might need to be adjusted to a person's wall space, but the words were so out of order that they were really frustrating. The stickers were able to be moved when they weren't right the first time, and I am not good at eyeballing things. I had to draw lines all over my wall. The only semblance of a guide is a tiny picture in the corner of one of the pages. The stems are numbered on the pages. The leaves and flowers are not known. I was able to get it looking nice, but I would say that unless you really like the image, go with something else.

👤I bought this for my daughter's nursery and I absolutely adore it. It ties the room together. It was easy to install. It came with an image of what it should look like, with numbers next to each sticker. You just match the numbers to the images and you are good to go. All of the stickers are separated and only a few of the words are connected to one another, so you can take creative liberty with it. The air bubbles that form when you stick wall decals on the wall is my number one problem, and I was able to control that. Overall very happy.

8. BBTO Silver Combination Stickers Decoration

BBTO Silver Combination Stickers Decoration

It is easy to stick and remove rainbow stickers. There is 1 set of sticker with 10 pack of heart mirror stickers and 3 words. The wall stickers are made of plastic and are easy to use. The decorative silver mirror heart and letter design makes your home look different and more attractive by sticking the glue on the clean and smooth surface. It could be applied to any smooth and clean surface, such as walls, doors, windows, closet, and so on, for example, for the living room, children's playroom, dining room, kitchen, gymnasiums, home office, hallway, porch and many more. A good gift for any special occasion is a token of love.

Brand: Bbto

👤Remember to take the protective sticker off the mirror.

👤I painted my wall grey to get ready for this and when they showed up it was a complete joke. I thought the two different kinds were big for my wall. This was false propaganda and it was so small. You make it look big on the photos. I went to HomeGoods to get a better deal. Thank you for wasting my money. Thank you again for missing an L.

👤I read about the pieces falling off. I painted the room and put it up a week later. I think the wall needs to be clean. Not a single piece has fallen off the wall in a month. It looks great and I am very happy with it.

👤I liked it because I was looking. I want to finish my wall behind my TV. This worked out perfectly. I didn't like that it came in a plain box with no instructions and all the letters were mixed in. The wall needs to be clean and dry after reading the reviews. If you want to see how the letters look and where you want them to go, try placing them with a piece of tape on the wall. Once the letters are up, make sure you take off the protective layer. Nothing has fallen off the wall yet, just put mines up. So far, so good. I only gave it 4 stars because there was no directions. I don't know how to take them off. If I ever need to. P.S... I didn't put the hearts on the wall. It made the wall look busy. I gave them to my daughter.

👤It is nice. My scratch came up. It is dull and scratches instead of looking nice. The packaging wasn't great. They pile them all in a small plastic bag and that is what made them scratch. From touching one another.

👤I like how my wall turned out. It was easy to do.

👤I will talk about the things I found difficult with this product. The plastic on the front of the letters was very difficult to remove, and I couldn't take the plastic off the letters. It would have been much easier to do if it was a tab attached to the plastic. Not doing that and trying to pill it. I broke some of the letters because they were so fragile. I like the look. I was disappointed that no instructions came with the product. The plastic was on the product when I looked at it.

9. Amaonm Cartoon Removable Livingroom Background

Amaonm Cartoon Removable Livingroom Background

There are 12 sheets of stickers in the scroll pack. The right size to decorate any home is the assembled size of 360 cm wide x 200 cm tall. It's easy to apply, it's durable, and it's shock resistance. Beautiful decorative stickers with bright character. A cheap way to add colors. Adhere well and don't damage your wall. It's the best for apartment and rental property. It's easy to remove and restick when you move. Great ideas are gifts. No tools, no paint, and no hassle to peel and stick.

Brand: Amaonm

👤There are some serious flaws in this. It's in my daughter's room and it's beautiful. The first sheet went up quickly. There are no 6 or 9 pieces. The second sheet is on the way. The first sheet was easy to follow. The second sheet wasn't much. The numbers no longer matter in the grand scheme of things so I'm trying to use the picture as a guide. You can't start at 1. You need to start a 7. 7 isn't in the puzzle. The only way to make it fit and reflect the picture is to overlap the other pieces. It would have been nice if the instructions were written in the package. It would have been nice if the pieces fit together. After reading some of the reviews, I am now worried that it will fall. I would send it back if it wasn't a big deal and perfect for the room. It would have been simpler for me to have drawn and painted the thing on the wall, then painted it over when we moved. If you plan on buying this, be sure you have more than just a step ladder.

👤Nooo stars! My 5 year old daughter picked out a theme and decals for her new room. I painted the walls and waited for 6 days before putting up the decals. I was very careful and methodical. I pressed over and over on everyone's decals. When I opened the door today to move her bed and furniture, I found a pile of stickers on the floor and a giant stuck together pile. Sooo angry! They didn't stick the wall, but they were rolled up and stuck together in a pile. I don't care how much I pay. It's a complete rip off. Don't be fooled and don't waste your time and money. These stickers are garbage. I'm almost 7 months pregnant and I have to find wall decals that match the color I picked to match the details. A full refund isn't enough to cover the paint I bought.

👤This was adorable on the wall for about 8 hours. The first night it was applied, it got stuck in my daughter's hair and fell off the wall. It's not a problem for an 8 year old girl with long hair to stick to the wall.

👤Pieces are trying to fall down. I had to use packaging tape to keep them up. The directions for putting it up are difficult to follow and I was not sure how tall it was until I got it up, but it is about 2 feet shy of the ceiling, which looks a little funny considering the straight line at the top of the sticker. It livens up the room and the kids love it. I wish it went full length to a regular ceiling height, or it would have a nicer top to the tree than that straight line.

10. Stickers Classic Computer Skateboard Motorcycle

Stickers Classic Computer Skateboard Motorcycle

Just peel off and stick. There are 54 unique funny skewers. There are 54 stickers in each pack. Good mood and Compliments are guaranteed! 100% vinyl is extra durable. They are waterproof and resistant to UV rays. The stick is easy to stick on the surface. You can use your imagination to make your own decoration. It's perfect for: a mug, laptop, Pad, skateboard, cellphone, Travel Case, PS4 and XBOX, etc. 100% money back guarantee. 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase or receive your money back.

Brand: Xyll

👤There were a lot of duplicate movies, but these stickers are nice looking. There are different stickers. There are 2 other good Indian Jones movies, but I got 3 Raiders of the Lost Arc stickers. We will not mention the 4th movie. Leon the professional stickers were given to me. One Lost World and 3 dinosaurs. There are 3 Black Mirrors. There are 3 films called "pulp fiction". There are a few other copies. I only gave 3 stars because of that. I would have rated higher if there was more variety.

👤They were amazing for the price. The integrity of the stickers was not affected since the packaging was clean, and two of them came not completely attached to the backing. There were a few movie repeats, but each sticker had a completely different design so I wasn't too bent out of shape about it. I cut to size the three Landscape stickers that came in the pack. I'm pretty happy. There is a I'm happy with the purchase, as a movie-lover who wanted to put some of my favorite movie posters on a water bottle, I'm happy with it. I liked about half of them. I haven't seen the last fourth yet, but it fits the vibe. There were some retro things in there, like Black Mirror and Shameless stickers, but they weren't all retro.

👤The seller included a lot of nice movie stickers, but about half of them were screen grabs of scenes from a movie or old advertisement shots for things related to the movie, such as a Disney themed ride. Which is not a movie. Very disappointing.

👤The set I received was compromised of at least five major titles and some random titles. I didn't expect so many Leon the Professional stickers.

👤There were a lot of repeat titles. A lot of good options are missing.

👤I looked great at first and then started curling up.

👤The designs are awesome and the stickers are perfect. Some movies repeat a lot. Leon the Professional and Barry Lyndon are two movies that are missing in other movies like Goodfellas and Forrest Gump, which is why there are 5 stickers for them. Some movies are more important than others.

👤There are a lot of repeat films here. There are different versions of posters for A Clockwork Orange and Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was odd.

11. Flowers Butterflies Decorative Stickers Birthday

Flowers Butterflies Decorative Stickers Birthday

The package contains two different styles of girl themed wall stickers for you to choose from, one is a girl in a floral dress and carrying a bird cage with many butterflies flying around her, the other is a girl in pink dress and a basket of the bike. These girl butterfly wall decals are filled with flowers and butterflies, which are romantic and dreamy decorative decors for girl bedrooms, baby girl nursery rooms, party background decorations and so on. These girl flower wall murals are made of quality material which are waterproof, durable and not easy to fade or degrade, they are easy to apply, remove and reuse, and they are not harmful to your wall. You can apply these butterfly and flower wall decals on walls, doors, windows, mirrors, closet, wardrobe, and so on. There are hand-painted effects. The girl is wearing a floral dress. The girl on the bicycle is about 142 x 73 cm and they are large enough to decorate your space and make your home filled with romantic warmth and innocent sense. There are hand-painted effects. The girl is wearing a floral dress. The girl on the bicycle is about 142 x 73 cm and they are large enough to decorate your space and make your home filled with romantic warmth and innocent sense.

Brand: Zonon

👤The murals are perfect for my room. They stick well and although there is a lot of applying with smaller portions it was well worth the time put into it.

👤This is the second order that I bought and it was just as bad. They do not stay on. After a week, the butterflies start to fall off. It's pretty. But a waste.

👤When I realized the girls have to be out together, I was a little intimidated, but I have to say it's so easy. Everything was lined up perfectly. They stick to the wall. It takes a little time to put on all the butterflies. I would have had my girls help me, but I would have been on hyper drive. It's funny.

👤I teach K-5th. The black angels were easy to install and add so much beauty to my classroom display.

👤It is easy to install and remove. It turned out to be very cute.

👤It is amazing. My daughter likes it.

👤The design is simple and large enough for the wall. Even though the wall was cleaned and I have done decals for years, they keep peeling back. My daughter put tape on the wall to keep them from peeling.

👤There is a good amount of stickers.

👤It won't stick. The whole thing fell and my husband picked it up. It is a waste of money.


What is the best product for bicycle decals for walls?

Bicycle decals for walls products from Decalmile. In this article about bicycle decals for walls you can see why people choose the product. Ufengke and Dekosh are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle decals for walls.

What are the best brands for bicycle decals for walls?

Decalmile, Ufengke and Dekosh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle decals for walls. Find the detail in this article. Zedeen, Yttbuy and Lhst are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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