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1. Outus Chainstay Protector Protectors Protective

Outus Chainstay Protector Protectors Protective

It's suitable for mountain bike, road bike, folding bike frame guard. A good combination includes 3 pieces chainstay covers in transparent PVC, totally 60 pieces small stickers including circle and strip shapes for various positions, as well asDIY, which decorate bikes chainstay and frame for fashionable styling. Chainstay guards can be made from different materials and can help to protect chainstay and frame from being worn, prevent nicks and scratches, and provide protection at the broken area simply by sticking the film cover onto it. The bicycle film cover is easy to operate and won't produce bubbles. The bicycle chainstay sticker is universal for most bicycles, cycles, etc. The bike film cover can protect the bicycle frame, front fork, and friction parts.

Brand: Outus

👤Doesn't stay still. I've gone through a few of the stickers because they only lasted a few days on my frame. They peel off very quickly. Not recommended.

👤The film is thick and transparent. The glue is a joke. I always use alcohol to prepare the surface with other brands that lasted multiple seasons. The results were the same on three different bikes. They were worthless within 24 hours. Don't buy these! The product needs to be pulled from the market and the sellers who sell it should not be allowed on Amazon. Maybe Amazon should spend more time vetting their sellers and less time sending TV stars into space.

👤There are a lot of shapes and sizes and they would be perfect if they stayed attached. The chain-stay of the new bike was applied with the long piece. I pressed the sticker on the chain-stay. After a few minutes, the sticker that had been folded over the chain-stay had come off and the sticker was sitting flat. It was a no-go for me if the area is flat, as I assumed it would work if the area is flat.

👤The different shapes are useful, but this tape doesn't hold up. I put it on the bike and it lifts off the next day. The Racer's Tape is cheaper.

👤The kit is perfect for my topstone 105. It comes with a lot of different cuts, but I wish there was more. It's not noticeable on a bike and the glue works well. It was perfect!

👤They are pretty thin. They will protect but maybe not for a while. The price is great but the quality is not bad.

👤The lack of adhesion was a topic that I read about. I cleaned the bike frame with rubbing alcohol and then used a hair dryer to dry it off. One edge would always peel up. They didn't leave any hard to remove and didn't cost much.

👤Stickers don't stay adheared around rounded areas such as tubes and chainstays. I placed the stickers on a bike that was dirty and all of them lost their shine in 24 hours.

2. Reflective Reflector Motorbike Motorcycle Tailgate

Reflective Reflector Motorbike Motorcycle Tailgate

Apply for most bicycle. The torches are made from good quality vinyl stickers. Perfect for hard hat, helmets, cars, trucks, laptops, rear or side windows, tailgates, bikes, motorcycles, windscreens, cane. The white reflective color is perfect reflecting the flash at night, that make you become more safety at night. It comes with clear transfer tape and is easy to use. Click here to add to cart

Brand: Cushystore

👤Alcohol decals are applied to clean surfaces. They came off after a few days.

👤We love the flames. It's easy to apply. It had a little butterfly as an extra.

👤It was easy to install.

👤These work well on snowmobile helmets.

3. All Mountain Style Impact Frame

All Mountain Style Impact Frame

We provide a one-year warranty and 30-day money back, so you don't have to worry. High impact and rub resistant honeycomb PVC will protect your bike from scratches. There are different colors and patterns that can be used to improve the look of your bike. The materials are top quality and not fade or yellow over time. The frame guards are easy to install and will fit all bike sizes. This size is ideal for all mountain bikes. Universal Fit is the type of fit.

Brand: All Mountain Style

👤I recommend this very highly. I had to buy two "Total" kits to get adequate coverage for my high-end carbon frame because it's expensive. It's fine, I wish they wouldn't put their logo on it, it would make for awkward application if you already have a logo on your frame. I haven't had a big crash yet, but it's definitely thick, durable, and tough. I'm all thumbs, but took my time and the result looks good. The material is thick, so if you apply it to a surface that curves or has angles, expect the edges to pull back a bit and not adhere fully. The edges can be shaved a bit. I had several edges pull back and the dirt got under them. It's peace of mind knowing that my carbon is protected on the trail.

👤I wanted to know. This is not clear. It is not clear. I was not expecting to see it on the bike. It is more noticeable. It protects the frame. I want to see the bike not the frame. If you want something that is clear, spend the extra$15 on invisa frame or ridewrap.

👤It was installed on my bike. The film material is thick. The texture is nice. Be careful with bubbles. It is hard to adjust to the strength of the glue.

👤hay, ponerlo a la bicicleta. Mucho la bicicleta, se ve muy.

👤I feel like I got a defected pack and 90$ because the bike is very clean and the stickers tend to peel off over night. I get terrible stickers that sat for a long time.

👤I returned it. The sellers fault was not a fan of the clear. I am sure it is a great product.

👤It looked like you put tape on the frame. Didn't use it.

👤The product was late.

👤I used this product but found it hard to use on the bike with a slight curve. It's probably better to use rubberised tape for the chain stays.

👤I only received 3 strips. Someone has made off with the rest.

👤These are the best frame protection you can buy.

👤Not a big enough pack for a remedy 7 large mountain bike.

4. RydeSafe Reflective Decals Hexagon Large

RydeSafe Reflective Decals Hexagon Large

It was easy to use. The surface area needs to be clean and dry. If you are not completely satisfied with your safety reflective tape, please contact them for a return or a full refund. They can solve it for you. You have no worries. Make your ride safer. You can modify your frame, helmet, and accessories. It will last 7 years in all weather. The reflective film used on emergency vehicles was cut from the video.

Brand: Rydesafe

👤This is one of the best safety moves you can make. It's easy to wrap thick stickers. It was very reflective. The sheet of stickers makes it easy to throw hits from all angles. People notice you more. I've been in Denver for a long time and have found that the lights and reflective gear are absolutely necessary. It is a good location for biking. You can put these on helmets, bike locks, hard shells, all sorts of stuff. Make sure to wash and dry the surface before applying the stickers so they don't peel away in a month or two. I washed my bike surfaces and dried them well, and these stickers have been on there forever, no issues, no peeling or anything, after riding in rain and washing and wiping the surfaces a whole bunch too. This is a genuine 5-star product.

👤I have included pictures with and without flash. These increase nighttime visibility without ruining the look of my helmet. I thought there might be multiple sheets, but you only get one. I had to add a lot of visibility to my new helmet, which didn't come with reflective striping as I had hoped. Some of the stickers are cut into triangles and trapezoids to make borders and straight edges. They are similar to vinyl, but you can rip them easily, and I ripped a few trying to get the right placement. I was able to re-stick a few times, just be careful not to touch the sticky part for the best results.

👤The stickers are great. I used these to increase the visibility of my bike during the waining months and I am very pleased with their performance. I was able to use the half stickers from the left. There is a To make a straight line, use painters tape to mask your face, and use tweezers to remove and place very sticky glue. If they re- stock these colors, I will be a repeat customer. There is a Only one sleeve comes within a package.

👤Over the past year, I've purchased thee sets. I use them in combination with reflective patches that I put on at night. The reflective stickers can be put on metal or plastic. I also have them on my helmet. Disc brakes are great on the rim. The front wheel has a slightly rougher finish than the back wheel. I replace them as needed. Don't clean your bike if it will mar them. They are almost invisible during the day.

👤The black reflective decals on my motorcycle helmet are great. The decals look white in the photos that were taken indoors. They are dark under normal daylight conditions. My helmet is black. You wouldn't see the decals if my helmet was black. Love the product.

👤These were easy to put on my helmet. I ordered the same color helmet, but they are not noticeable in full daylight. They light up a lot at night. Safety-wise, they are great. The hexagonal shapes are easy to arrange in a neat pattern. I ordered more for my bike because it's a bit expensive for just one sheet. It's a small price to pay for the additional safety. I will update if something changes.

5. Zelerdo Protective Bicycle Chainstay Protector

Zelerdo Protective Bicycle Chainstay Protector

Click here to add to cart The package includes a bike frame chain protection pad and a bicycle chainstay protectors. The chain guard pad is made of nylon fabric and is durable and soft. Bike chainstay protectors: The sticker set includes 20 sets of shapes to apply to various positions. It can be applied to a lot of bikes.

Brand: Zelerdo

👤It was a great value, it came with 2 chainstay protectors, which I installed on two of my bicycles. It comes with 2 sets of plastic protective stickers that I can use on my bike at areas where the cable might rub the frame. There is a If you apply new protectors to the frame, they will be sticky but also replaceable. I was happy with the purchase.

👤Two sets for this price is very nice.

👤Great product! Sticks are good and look good. Gave my bike a new lease on life. I like it!

6. Mountain Stickers Waterproof Refrigerator Skateboard

Mountain Stickers Waterproof Refrigerator Skateboard

100% satisfaction service They will try their best to solve the problem if you contact them, but they believe these stickers will make you satisfied. Wide applications. The Mountain Bike Stickers can be attached to a laptop, suitcase, computer, skateboard, refrigerator, wardrobe, wall, guitar, car, motorcycle, bike, etc. There are 50 different patterns to choose from. All of their Stickers are made of superior vinyl. It is waterproof and sun-proof, can ensure the brightness of the material for a long time. This sticker uses non-marking glue, has excellent tackiness, leaves no trace after peeling, and can be used again. It's easy to use. Get your stickers, clean the surface of the object, tear off the bottom paper of the stickers, and firmly stick the sticker on the object, leaving no gaps. Make your personality shine by changing your belongings. Please be aware. These Stickers are not applicable to rough surfaces. 50 Mountain Bike Stickers are included in the package, each measuring about 4 cm - 8 cm/1.57- 3.15 inch. The Stickers are made with high quality vinyl. Various patterns sticker pack is a great gift for children, kids, youth, friends, family and other. 100% satisfaction service They will try their best to solve the problem if you contact them, but if you need help, they will accept replacement and refunds.

Brand: Funwing

👤A teen who is into biking got these as a gift. I looked through them before I gave them and there are a few that were not edited for proper spelling. I left the ones that make sense.

👤These aren't all mountain bike stickers. Bmx, road bike, and even a few motorcross can be found. The wording on some of them is off. It says make instead of riding. There are enough good stickers in the pack to pull them out.

👤You can get some cool stickers for $6. It's worth it! Most of the stickers have no errors. 2 out of 50. I find those even funnier. I may run into a problem because I end up stickering my whole house. Buy this already, my bike, notebooks, backpacks, the walls... It's exciting to see all the cool stickers you get.

👤The stickers are a bit thin. Students liked them. I would probably buy again.

👤Some of the stickers are not good because they have some issues with the English language. It would be cool if they made sense. There are great choices to make.

👤The stickers are a good size. My daughter's trip to Florida was a great experience. Happy to have fast shipping.

👤I used the decals to make a pink bike for my son.

👤I bought these for a gift but I have been able to keep half of them for future gifts.

7. All Mountain Style AMSFG5CLSV Honeycomb

All Mountain Style AMSFG5CLSV Honeycomb

It fits all leading manufacturers fork designs to help keep your fork safe from damage. High impact and rub resistant honeycomb PVC will protect your bike from scratches. The materials are top quality and not fade or yellow over time. There are different colors and patterns that can be used to improve the look of your bike. The frame guards are easy to install and will fit all bike sizes. This size is ideal for all mountain bikes. Universal Fit is the type of fit.

Brand: All Mountain Style

👤I got cheated. The item that was delivered does not match the product. I bought an AMS honeycomb frame guard that cost me over $50 bucks and they gave me a cheap sticker frame guard that is worth less than $5 bucks. I need these immediately as I am a frequent traveller and people keep throwing their bikes on my bike. I have a scratch on my bike. I have to send back the order again. I am really disappointed. There is a The AMS Fork guard was good, but this one is speechless. Not interested in putting in a star. I just have to.

👤It's IMPOSSIBLE to get a perfect installation. BUBBLES will always be there regardless of how clean your environment is and how flawed your installation method is. If you touch it to your forehead, you need to remove it to get a better affinity. This mess up the asparagus looks terrible through the clear film. I'm not flexible enough for two curves. The same direction, but 90 degrees from other. If you wrap the tube around the bottom of your braket, you can see it on the left and right sides of the tube. It needs to be made more flexible or it needs to be cut into the side. It can make the curves. It's impossible to install a bike like this without getting massive rubble which looks terrible and will allow Dirt to get under the fence. Terrible design.

👤It's easy to apply. It's not possible to get rid of bubbles according to the reviewer above. Even where I touched the sticky side with my fingers, mine applied just fine. Make sure your hands are clean. The dirt will be picked up by the glue. It looks like it will do a good job of protection. If All Mountain Style didn't put the logo on the smaller pieces, I would have given it 5 stars. That is too much. There is only one logo on the largest piece. I wanted the clear to be clear. That's the only gripe I have.

👤I bought this to protect my bike. I was happy that it went off without a hitch. Unless you look closely, you can't really see it. It was easy to install but a bit time consuming. I have only ridden my bike once with it on the bike, I can't speak on how well it works. It looks like a good product. I'm happy with it so far.

8. Lamin X Bicycle Frame Guard Matte

Lamin X Bicycle Frame Guard Matte

The dimensions are 4' x 60 Inches. The dimensions are 4' x 60 Inches.

Brand: Lamin-x

👤Wow. Just... Wow. I didn't know helicopter tape existed until a few days ago. It was needed for my carbon-fiber bikes to prevent bags and lights from wearing away the paint, and it works like an abrasive under the straps, which shift back and forth slightly as you ride. I didn't see any versions of Racers Edge that were glossy. I saw less reviews, but they were all positive. All my bikes have a matt finish. When I got it, I was amazed. The package includes the tape, a spray bottle, a box cutter, and a rubber squeegee. I thought the accessories were a nice touch. Wrong. I used them all, they worked perfectly, the tape went on cleanly, and the bike looked great. The spray bottle, knife and squeegee made the process simpler. I put two strips on my top tube, one on my seatpost, and one on the front of the steering tube. There are plenty of tape left over from that on two bikes. There is a The tape is thick and strong. There is a It's better to use too little than to use too much. You don't want the tape to overlap itself because it's too thick and there's room for dirt to get under it. I think it would peel away over time. It is hard to butt the ends of the tape against eachother. There is a minimal gap because I found it easier to use a shorter piece. There is a This is too long. Highly recommended.

👤I decided to buy this based on the lower price and good reviews after looking around online for a frame protection tape. If you are only trying to do a small portion of your bike frame, you should buy this. If you want to do the entire bike, I would suggest buying more than one of these, as you only get 60". I was able to do my entire down tube, top tube, both chainstays and seatstays with this application. It took me about 2 hours to complete, and each section became easier as I learned how to apply the tape. There is a The tape was wide enough for the top and down tubes. The seat stays and chain stays were cut into strips using an angle iron. The product looks great after I finished installing it. I can't tell it's there as the finish is perfect for blend with carbon. This easy to install frame protection is for $20 bucks. I am very pleased with the product.

9. Bicycle Reflector Handlebar Mount Warning

Bicycle Reflector Handlebar Mount Warning

Fresh custom designs are created by mountain bikers. Cut your frame protection according to your imagination and stick with your own style. The box has their preferred stencils to use for guidance. The material is plastic. Red (rear) and white (front) are the colors. Approx. The L*W measurement is 5.5x4 cm. The rear reflector is fitted to the handlebars. The front reflectors are fitted to the handlebars. Apply for most bicycle.

Brand: Wasaga

👤They mounted easily, but not as big as I 888-276-5932

👤It's good for visual appearance outside.

👤The calidad de los materiales is baja.

👤Improves safety for bike riding.

👤Illegaron, pero al instalarlo, note the calidad de los soportes.

10. Bikes Vinyl Stickers Cycling Bicycle

Bikes Vinyl Stickers Cycling Bicycle

The quality construction and satisfactory was manufactured in South Korea. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it or exchange it. The decals are made from high quality vinyl. The decals are easy to apply and remove. All decals are made using top quality materials.

Brand: Tstz

👤I don't know why these would be packed on top of bubblewrap. The most important large ones were the only ones that were creased when I opened the package. They were separated from their backings for a lot of the decals. They were wrapped around bubblewrap, which is not firm enough, and not secure enough, when shipping across continents. If I can make one suggestion, I would like to see the decals sandwiched in between 2 pieces of cardboard.

👤The sheet was rolled up and shipped. I am not sure how my sheet avoided creasing, but the decals were okay. I have read other reviews about this sender and they were not so lucky.

👤Absolutely not usable. was promptly paid back

👤There were bubbles in the packaging.

👤I have a white bike and it wasn't black and white. I guess it's alright. No joy. I'll guess I have to read the fine print on the picture.

👤I waited 3 months for decals that were not worth it.

👤These stickers were creased and useless.

11. All Mountain Style Honeycomb Impact

All Mountain Style Honeycomb Impact

We design, print and package all their products in-house. It means lots of work for them but no skimping on quality. You can trust the bumper stickers. High impact and rub resistant honeycomb PVC will protect your bike from scratches. The materials are top quality and not fade or yellow over time. There are different colors and patterns that can be used to improve the look of your bike. The frame guards are easy to install and will fit all bike sizes. This size is ideal for all mountain bikes.

Brand: All Mountain Style

👤My friends bought cheaper frame protection and complained about the installation. This is not the case with the AMS stuff. It is easy to position. The black version doesn't bubble easily, but you can't tell if it's bubbles, so I suggest getting the clear version. Installation tip: Rub your thumb down the center of the long downtube if you want to. Work your way to the edge. Then use a blow dryer to work the edges again. This will ensure a long lasting seal. I did not do that for the seat tube. As soon as I washed the bike, I saw a cpl of spots.

👤It looks good, and hopefully I won't have to remove it. This should come with more for the price. I bought two kits to get enough for optimal coverage.

👤It protects your bike frame. Material is hard to work with and not very flexible, but bike frames are not flat. It tends to lift over time on the enges, then dirt and water get under the corners, and it looks terrible on a high end bike. Not happy with it.

👤I like these for bike frame protection. They can be cut/peeled easily and attached to the frame, but can be moved if necessary. The second reason is long-term. I waited a long time to post this review because I wanted to throw rocks and mud against them and wash them multiple times. They have held up well through hard use and have not shown signs of peeling or tearing from a rock shot. I use them in a variety of sizes, and they all have performed well. I highly recommend these and will update them again down the road.

👤I wouldn't buy these again. None of the shapes were right for my bike. I bought them to protect the chain stay, and there isn't one shape on the whole sheet that fits well. I picked the one that fit the best, but I'm not happy with how it looks. They stick well but not perfect. If you're trying to wrap them around a small part of the frame, they will pop off. I would never pay more than $5 for these.

👤I liked the material. It's thick and sticks well if you clean it. The shapes of the bits and pieces are useless. The bottom tube guard is a good shape. I have a smaller frame and it's a bit short. I'm not sure what the rest of the pieces are used for. There is no guard for behind the wheel, or where the bars might hit the frame. I used three of the pieces and threw the rest. It was overpriced.


What is the best product for bicycle decals for frame?

Bicycle decals for frame products from Outus. In this article about bicycle decals for frame you can see why people choose the product. Cushystore and All Mountain Style are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle decals for frame.

What are the best brands for bicycle decals for frame?

Outus, Cushystore and All Mountain Style are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle decals for frame. Find the detail in this article. Rydesafe, Zelerdo and Funwing are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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