Best Bicycle Cup Holder with Cell Phone Holder

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1. Universal Stroller Adjustable Wheelchair Motorcycle

Universal Stroller Adjustable Wheelchair Motorcycle

Easy to install or remove without tools. It is compatible with most baby strollers and can also be used on bikes, bicycles, wheelchairs, trolleys, walkers, tricycles, scooters on the market. The cup holder can be mounted on the handle bar, under the seat, down tube, fork, and front pipe. A large caliber fits most baby bottles, coffee cups, mugs, beverage cans and water bottles. It is made from high-quality plastic and is stable enough to keep the cup safe from spills. It is made from high-quality plastic and is stable enough to keep the cup safe from spills.

Brand: Eucredy

👤I use it on the rear grab rail of my Vespa. It holds most of my travel cups, but some metal ones may slip out when leaning. It's not bad to get off and grab your dropped bottle, but if you have the Yeti Rambler Tumbler, be prepared to have coffee all over the street. It seems that the "wings" that hold onto the bottle are too flimsy to hold a full 30 Oz cup of weight. It was designed to fit bottles in different sizes, but it may be too flexible.

👤I like this for my bike. I'm not sure if I would like it on a regular bike. It can take 2 hands to put the bottle back in. It is easy to put on. It comes with a foam strip that istatched to the handles of the bike to keep it from moving. It was a great price for what I needed.

👤The cup holders are nice. Work on my homemade cornhole board.

👤It's perfect for my walker. thermos cups fit perfectly

👤I use this on my wheelchair. It mounts quickly and easily. The cup holder is made of plastic and can accommodate a wide variety of cup/bottle sizes. The product was great for the price.

👤The only unit that would work with my wheelchair was this one. The armrests are large. This is attached to my right frame. I could use it to carry my cup at Six Flags. You have to play with the location a bit so it doesn't hit the front wheel, but when you find the perfect spot it's perfect.

👤I wanted to put a drink in the egg chair I bought for outside. This worked well. They are not just for strollers.

👤I bought this for a roller bag. I travel a lot and usually have a drink in my hand. I would like to have a cup holder when I pay for something. It holds my bottle well. Tightens nicely. It will do the job well.

2. TOURBON Canvas Leather Bicycle Carrier

TOURBON Canvas Leather Bicycle Carrier

The cup holder is made from safe and eco-friendly materials. The cups can hold the buggy cup holder even on rough roads thanks to the slip resistant rubber and the plastic. The Tourbon bicycle water bottle holder is made of high quality canvas and leather. The loops are easy to secure over the stem and riser. Can hold coffee cup, wine bottle, water bottle, and so on. It's not included in the water bottle for most bikes. It can fit a bike frame from 1.18" to 2.36".

Brand: Tourbon

👤There is no easy place to put a bottle cage. I picked it up. The styling of most bike shops is ugly. The quality is good and it doesn't look cheap. It won't fit a large bottle. It's harder to get one of my plastic camelback bottles in and out with one hand because of my clean canteen. That is a fact and not a flaw.

👤I had a water bottle holder on my bike for the first time. And it broke! The water bottle flew across the street after the holder ripped off the straps. I'm very sad. This isn't strong enough to hold a full bottle of water. It's really sad. Don't waste your money. It's cute, but not functional.

👤I like the way this holder looks. The material inside the holder is very soft. There is nothing dramatic about it when I turn. It has a strap on the inside that can be adjusted. You cannot have a bottle with a bigger diameter than 3 inches. Anything bigger won't fit. I think a 16 ounce plastic water bottle will fit here. I like it all.

👤Looks good. It's easy to install. The feeling is long. My wife used to have a phone.

👤My men's elec bicycle has this added to it. It fit behind the neck and was easy to attach to the bars. The color matches my leather seat and handle grips so it was a bonus. It holds a bottle of gold. The depth is sufficient to rise 1/3 of the way up to the cap. Cheers.

👤It can hold a soda can. It was difficult to get my water container in it. There is a A water container is smaller than a pop can.

👤It looks like a small hydro flask, but it's not really fit for it, and you need a large frame.

👤I had to return the item because it didn't fit the cup I was told it would. It will fit a 16.9 ounce water, but not much more. It was cute and sturdy. I needed something to fit the cup.

👤Excellent quality, make sure you don't get rubber or coloured liquid on it because it will never come out.

👤The design is nice, but it won't keep up on escooters as there aren't enough strong belts. Quality product can be difficult to put inside a bag as it is not wide enough.

👤It's good for a small cup of coffee but not great for a bottle of water because it's hard to clean.

👤The product looks nice. We couldn't find any wine bottles that would fit in it. We couldn't make a standard wine bottle fit in some tall, narrow bottles.

👤Passt und perfekt in den ganzen anderen. I am insbesondere Farblich.

3. Universal Stroller Adjustable Motorcycle Wheelchair

Universal Stroller Adjustable Motorcycle Wheelchair

Their bottle holder bag can be used as a storage bag for holding energy bars, trash, and is large enough to fit 32oz water bottles. The Bike Water Bottle holder is suitable for stroller rods within 4.5 cm/1.77 inch, and mobile phones within 6.0 inches. The TPR anti-slip pad is featured in the Universal cup holder. The soft silicone pad will not scratch your cup or bottle, and the cup holder will help hold the cup firmly and prevent it from shaking and falling on the road. The universal bike cup holder is made of a safe and durable material. The drink holder is designed to fit most strollers. Installation is easy, just use the nut lock and go without any tools or assembly. It's convenient to put it on the stroller when you're in the park with your baby. The wheelchair cup holder is suitable for most baby strollers and can be installed on the round rods and flat rods. It is also suitable for people with disabilities. The wheelchair cup holder is suitable for most baby strollers and can be installed on the round rods and flat rods. It is also suitable for people with disabilities.

Brand: Houssem

👤It was very easy to attach this to my stroller. My current stroller has a cup holder but doesn't offer any kind of accessories package to go along with it. I have had to keep sippy cups or water bottles in the bottom basket, and then struggle to find them, now that is over. The phone holder is important. It doesn't require 2 hands to take off, so you can hold your child while you take your phone off. My only complaint is that I didn't get this sooner.

👤The cup part is very good. I need this to hold my suitcase. The phone holder is very good. I'm trying to remove the cup part so I can use it. Great delivery.

👤If you are looking for a helping hand, this is it. Attaching to a walker, wheel chair, or any other chair takes a few minutes.

4. Huffy 00022BH Beverage Holder Black

Huffy 00022BH Beverage Holder Black

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will provide you with satisfactory solutions within 24 hours. You can put this beverage holder on your handlebars. The bike cup holder has a chrome top and wrap. The beverage holder is mounted to the handlebars.

Brand: Huffy

👤The screw heads are inside the cup, so you need a short screwdriver to tighten them up. There is a I put a small store-bought water bottle in it and it made a loud rattling noise. There is a I use it to hold my lighter and a cigarette once it's gone out, I don't want to re-light it.

👤I would give it 5 stars if they included a wrench/screwdriver that you could fit inside holder to tighten screw without stripping head and it wouldn't loosen from the vibration.

👤It was bought as a cup holder and put on the handles we were looking for.

👤I've been using them for a long time. I have only had to buy 4 of these cup holders in the last 10 years. They are easy to install. You can change your mind.

👤It's great for my beach cruiser bike.

5. Caudblor Insulated Handlebar Beverage Container

Caudblor Insulated Handlebar Beverage Container

A ring of aluminum is light and durable. The surface is not easy to scratch and paint. The edges are round and won't scratch. It's easy to install, tool free. The bottle holder is easy to assemble. It is mounted to a bike. If you needed to, you could quickly put on the bike. There are no screws required. There are a lot of options for attaching it. Keep your drink cold. They make the insulation thicker. Their bicycle cupholder keeps your beverages cold and hot. It's great for daily ride to class, home, road bike rides, bikepacking, off-road riding, etc. 2 in 1 bike cup and phone holder is flexible, allowing to holds a variety of bottle sizes. It is large and deep enough for a bottle of water. The Capacity is up to 32 ounces and can accommodate many sizes of bottles and cans. One hand gets a bottle. In and out. Their water bottle cages are easy to reach. You could slip bottle in and out with one hand. You don't need to reach down to grab your water bottle anymore. 5 secure three-point stationary design The attachment keeps the bike cup holder in place. This is very strong once it's on your handlebars. No flopping in the wind. The bottle doesn't bounce out on bumps even though you went over rugged terrain, it has a drawstring closure to tighten the opening.

Brand: Caudblor

👤My bike doesn't have a place to put a water bottle or bike pump. I like to have a water bottle with me on my bike. It's insulated and easy to use, unlike most bottle holders that are open and help to expose a bottle to the sun. There is a The bag I'm using to hold my bike pump is in the attached picture. I didn't intend for that to happen, but it is a nice bonus since I don't have a place to put the bikebump. There is a The straps were not long enough for my use. The straps on my ebike could not be securely fastened. I tried many different angles and couldn't find a solution that worked. I had another strap that I wasn't using, so it did the trick. I would have given this 5 stars if it wasn't for the short straps. There is a I fear that the keys will eventually tear the net, which is a minor critique. A pocket using durable fabric would be nice.

👤There was no place for the water bottle cage to be attached to the mountain bike. The water bag is secured to the inside of the handlebars. A 1 liter water bottle does not move. Happy with the purchase.

👤I don't take my back pack with me on my mountain bike so I needed a solution for short rides when I don't have a place for a water bottle. I put my phone, water bottle, and tissues in a convenient place. You need more for a 2 hour ride. Highly recommend.

👤I put the pair on both sides of my long stem in front of my handlebars. They are very safe. I haven't ridden with a full water bottle yet, that might be heavy and cause some shaking, but for granola bars, a couple bike tools, sunglasses, a phone, etc, these are perfect. I don't see why they won't last a decade. They are easy to install. The straps come with a soft lining. The bag has multiple attachment points which make it easy to modify. I'm very happy.

👤I bought a similar holder 888-739-5110 Well no. The difference is apparent when I compare them side by side. This holder is made out of cheap pleather material while the other has a backpack-like fabric. After a few months of use, the PVC one will crack and peel on you. There is a The attachment is different, it has 3 straps, one on a handlebar, one on the middle post and one on the front wheel fender. This cheap wonder of Chinese mass production only has 2 handlebar straps and a flimsy center post strap, there is no way to stable it, it rocks from side to side, especially with a heavier bottle, and my Revelate holder stays rock solid even on off-road rides. This one has a bad design and cheap material.

6. TOURBON Handlebar Bicycle Bottle Holder

TOURBON Handlebar Bicycle Bottle Holder

It's easy to get your bike water bottle. It's great for road, mountain, hybrid, touring and electric bicycles. The Tourbon bicycle water bottle holder is made of high quality canvas and leather. It is convenient to carry your cup on a daily basis. The bike cup holder has a rotating degree to meet your angle demands. Can hold coffee cup, wine bottle, water bottle, and so on. It is possible to fit most bikes. It can fit a bike frame from 1.18" to 2.36".

Brand: Tourbon

👤Have tried it with different bottles. It was perfect on the handlebars. The step-through frame does not allow for a bottle cage.

👤It looks nice, but it feels a bit flimsy. It is too small. The 16oz Kleen Kanteen only fits halfway. Anything bigger than a soda can will not fit. I think it would take 2 hands to remove a bottle from it because of floppiness. Sending back...

👤Will fit most bottles. It doesn't take up a lot of space. The vintage bike is cute.

👤The tall design is great for water bottles. When you reach your destination, snap on/off allows you to easily take your drink with you.

👤It took one month for it to break. I just ride suburban roads for pleasure a few times a week and the entire plastic component broke, rendering it useless and I am unable to repair it. Very disappointed.

👤The ring is too small to fit on the handle bars.

7. Kroozie Kroozercups Bicycle Holder White

Kroozie Kroozercups Bicycle Holder White

The bike bottle cage is easy to install and comes with 2 screws per bottle cage that will give it a firm hold against the threaded holes on your bike. The new base is designed to fit bars from 1 to 8 inches and has a tight grip to keep your drink upright. The one-piece, no-weld construction cup is powder-coated for maximum durability and is available in many different colors. The foam insert keeps drink hot or cold. All mounting tools are included for horizontal bars with a diameter between 1 3/8" and 5/8". Can hold cans from 12 to 24 ounces, cups up to 30 ounces, plastic cups, water bottles, keys, phone, speaker, wallet, snacks, or anything you want.

Brand: Kroozie

👤I admit, I'm 49 and the college mountain bike isn't cutting it anymore. My wife and kids bought me a beach cruiser for Father's Day. What was missing after admitting that the cruiser was now more my speed? There is a beer holder. I liked the color and bought it after reading the reviews. Sometimes the condensation from the can sticks to the insulation and pulls the holder out. You're good to go if you have a little Gorilla Glue. It doesn't loosen if you install it correctly. What else can you ask for?

👤It was bought for my knee scooter to use during my injury. It was difficult to install the gripper pad because it didn't like to stay upright if force was put on it. The mechanic installed it not me. Will it hold a drink? Don't put any weight against it. It is an awkward size. The koozie in the center is too small to hold most drinks, and I forget about cans, coffee mugs, or regular drink bottles. It is too big to hold anything sturdy and makes an awful racket if you take it out. I can't use this on anything that experienced turbulence. It is a bit shorter than ideal. For something different, switch it out.

👤It holds a disposable plastic bottle of water or a regular can, but don't put anything else in it. A hard can is too loose and will spill on the first bumps. It won't fit at all, or it's too snug for most of the bottles. Installation is difficult because it won't tighten. There is a Images of biking around my neighborhood with my hard seltzer flowed through my mind when I first ordered 2 of this product. I tried to attach it to my bike, but it failed. And failed again. I was questioning my abilities as I couldn't get the bolt to catch and the attachment system kept failing me, as I've installed tech equipment and blinds/curtain hardware with no problems. The husband gets home. He was tasked with the project. My husband, my hero, the builder of sheds, cabinets, and additions to my home, my kitchen renovation guru, and my new faucet installation took an hour and a half to attach 2 of these to our bikes. We excitedly grabbed our beverages of choice and realized how foolish our hopes were when we thought the worst was over. He wouldn't fit in the cup holder. Hey! That's okay! Anxious laugh. We went open and drank hard seltzer optimistically ensconced in our brand new fun time toy after he chose another. There is a foam cushion around the outside of the can, but no at the bottom, so the first hit is a big one. Did you know that they finish with a sticky finish? I do. There is a This is only used to hold a disposable bottle of water if it's used at all. My typical go to is my bike basket with a regular coozy around my water bottle. The monument to our lost hopes and dreams and the foolish expenditure of $40 for 2 harbingers of sticky disappointment are what the Kroozies are.

8. Cruiser Candy Coconut Bicycle Holder

Cruiser Candy Coconut Bicycle Holder

It's enough to fit a standard/large bike bottle in the Muti-Functional Stem Bag. The bottle holder bag can be used as a storage bag for holding things like energy bars, trash, phone, and small tools. You can give your ride your own flair by having a drink holder. Can hold things like wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses. As well as your favorite beverage. It is easy to install on your handlebars. Own something no one has seen before. Several varieties are available, the sizes are slightly different due to being a natural product. It was made from real coconut.

Brand: Cruiser Candy

👤My husband had to drill a hole in the wall to make it big enough to hold my Tervis tumbler. I was worried that it would crack. It didn't. If we did it more, it would. It looks cute on my bike. I like it. The first two pictures show a water bottle, but it would barely fit in the first one. Even though it was small on the bottom, my Tervis tumbler wouldn't fit inside because there was no wiggle room. It is all good now.

👤I had to widen the hole for a standard 12oz. to fit the design and concept. can. The coconut shell is very hard to cut and carve. I had to use a Dremel tool to carve it out. If you do, use a mask that protects your eyes from the dust. The attachment to the handlebars went smoothly, but beware the holder is large and may interfere with cables. Consider how it might affect bike transport on a car rack. It was made with fair trade in mind and provides employment for those who need it.

👤I bought this for my daughter. A college student would love this. She did not. She was afraid of it. It reminded her of the Brady Bunch episode. I think it's funny. This was returned. She sent me a picture that was bigger than I expected. If you wanted to put a bottle or cup in it, that's good. After sending it back, she did her room.

👤I bought this for my wife's birthday. Hopefully, the paint job will last. It seems like coconut should be sealed or coated to resist the effects of water. I applied a coat of clear urethane inside to make it weather resistant.

👤I was worried because it was rolling around in a huge empty box. There was no packaging. The price was 15 bucks cheaper than the local bike shops, and my kid loved it. Win.

👤This holds standard water bottles. It was a great conversation piece on my last bike ride along the swamp rabbit trail. If you're in the area, you can park and unload your bike at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe. They have trail access and delicious treats after a long ride.

👤Very cute! I had to run to the hardwear store to get the bolt for my bike. It was on the side. The packer should have looked at it before sending it out. Will not do it because it was not cheap.

👤I had this on a beach cruiser with a happy face coconut. I wanted another one for this bike because I loved it so much. There are coconut flowers. It's big enough to hold a water bottle or soda can. I get a lot of praise for it.

👤My husband is a big fan of this product. Thank you. I wanted to take pictures of the product tag. It reads " 100% Natural Hand Carved Hand Painted Coconuts". The person is called Pedi. He's the guy! It's a good thing. Without Pedi, you wouldn't be holding this authentic coconut. Without you and your purchase, he wouldn't be able to feed and educate his children. See the faces. This Handicraft artisan can provide a better future for his family. " There is a map of the Philippines on the back and a P.S. in Huntington Beach. This should have been included in the product information.

9. MIZATTO Bike Cup Holder Wheelchair

MIZATTO Bike Cup Holder Wheelchair

TILE andFUNCTIONAL: The cup holder for bike can be used to hold a variety of small items. You can put a big phone in the pocket on the side. There are many loops and mounting positions that can be used to hang decorations. It has a shoulder loop that can be taken to trip. The bicycle cup holder isElaborate product. Protect your bottles from falling off as you ride with the bike bottle holder, which can be easily installed with just three straps, keeping the water bottle safe and stable even on rough roads. Easy installation. The MIZATTO cup holder can hold up to 2'' bar. Installation video on the listing is all you need. The design for cups and water bottles has a drawstring. Perfectly hold your 12-32 ounce cans of beer, large cups, coffee mug, soft drinks, and a bottle. A multi-functional design is not just a cup holder. It's also great to hold bottle, cell phone, wall charging and more. Keep your drinks cold in hot weather and warm in cold weather with their water bottle holder. This cup holder is made of premium Oxford cloth and 20CC PEVA, it is durable and can be used as your faithful bicycle companion.

Brand: Mizatto

👤I love this bottle holder. They can fit a variety of different bottles. There are cans and ounces. The holder is slightly insulated to keep your drink cold. The mesh pockets were easy to install and hold small items. Before you buy, I would suggest you look at how you would mount it. If you don't have a solid cross bar on your handle bars, your drink will "lean". You can keep your bottle in it and use it as a coozie if you detach it from your bike. It's not great for road bikes as it's a little bulky, but it's perfect for cruising around the neighborhood.

👤I got tired of carrying their water bottle for them so I bought these for my daughters to use on their scooters. They fit our water bottles easily.

👤It is a nice place to keep a water bottle. It is easy to pull something out of it. I can put my keys in there as well. It works well for the child. I wish they had a better explanation for the triangle installation. I figured it out by myself. Do not need a scientist to do it. I think that's correct.

👤I like this cup holder. It keeps my drinks from spilling. I can put things in my cup. It is lightweight and insulated. I was disappointed that they didn't show a cell phone holder. You have to have a small phone for it to work. I would give it 5 stars if they sewed the part down the middle.

👤I wanted to attach it to my electric scooter. The inner lining is not heat sealed as some lunch bags are and it is not good. If there is a spill in your container, it will leak out of this holder as well. I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I had to ride home with liquid dripping all down the front of me, the scooter, and everything else because the holder acted like a slow sprinkler head that absorbed some of the liquid and then steadily leaked the whole way home. I am trying to dry it off as much as possible after tipping it out. The liquid got trapped between the two walls because the seams puncture through both layers and provide entry and exit for liquid, so it didn't really work. When I got home, I had to spray the scooter down.

👤I bought two e- bikes and thought they would be a nice addition. The quality is good and I like the way they fit into the crevices of the stem and handlebars, but unfortunately for me they can only attach to the left side of my bikes, which is odd since both of my bikes have the electric control box on the left. They are perfect for holding sports bottles.

👤It's easy to get the bottle in and out because it's right there by your hand. I was drinking more. The side pockets are pretty tight, so I'm pretty happy with that. They're good for keeping things in there that you don't need immediately. I had to use two hands to remove them. If you're more co-ordinated than I am. You can't fit a lot in the side pockets. I wish they were bigger but not large enough to take off a star. I didn't know what I was doing so it was difficult to put on. Instructions might have been helpful. I figured it out. I am very happy with the bottle holders. It is easy to use and convenient. I like them a lot.

10. Yoyoapple Holder Handlebar Phone Bicycle

Yoyoapple Holder Handlebar Phone Bicycle

The Cruzy is a great gift to give to friends. The sleek, chic and minimalist look is perfect for a fixie bike or vintage bike. It is a sure fire winner. 3-in-1 design The bicycle cup holder can be used to hold a number of things. You can see incoming calls for the first time when you have your favorite beverage on board. Most cell phones are under 6.5 inches. The cup holder is made of eco-friendlyABS material and hand made leather skin, which is more durable and safer than other materials. The cup holder and cell phone holder liner have flexible TPR non-slip petals, it secures the cup in place to prevent the beverage from spilling and the cell phone from shaking. The bottle holder can hold different sizes of bottles, like water bottle, coffee mug, baby bottle, etc. It's a convenient way to hold the cup and phone. The drink holder can be used on bike, wheelchair, walker, and desk to meet your needs. The key and phone are not included in the cup holder. The drink holder can be used on bike, wheelchair, walker, and desk to meet your needs. The key and phone are not included in the cup holder.

Brand: Yoyoapple

👤Only fits a small OD handlebar. Will not carry a heavy duty phone case. I should have returned it. I secured it to my basket with a bungee cord. It was only 20 dollars, so I was waiting for a better one. Even if it fits your handlebars, it will be big.

👤What are they thinking? The unit went on without a problem, it looks great, holds my phone securely, and I'll likely always have a plastic bottle or can in the holder. There was no problem opening the clip and sliding it over the standard handlebars, the screw tightens nicely and the holder is in position. There is a I am pleased with the purchase.

👤The product works as advertised. Some of the issues are not good. The cup holder is very strong. The screws on the inside ripped a to go cup open and scratched my cup. Put your cup in and out with the screws, choose wisely and exercise care. My newer phone does not fit with a case, but my old one does. I am not taking it out of the case just so it will fit, so that feature does not work for me, but it does work if your phone is not in a case. I don't trust the keyholder because my bike path is bumpy, so I use my pocket. It's great for a townie.

👤It made my commute easier. It's grip is slippery if full, so I had to use two-sided tape to keep it from flipping. The size of the ring doesn't attach to mid or wide bars.

👤It was difficult to install on my bike. I used a variety of tools to get this installed. I would recommend using disposable cups or an old water bottle if you have a cup that has screws on it. I like having my keys, phone, and water all in one place, but I would probably buy something else next time.

👤It fits my water bottle and my phone. I was a little concerned about how snug it was. I figured it was a good thing after seeing how my phone wasn't being banged around the whole time.

👤It seemed clever, but all of the negative design features were true, so I thought it was worth a try. I tried to fix it for 15 minutes, but decided to return it quickly because my phone and bike are very common dimensions. -The I can't imagine what handlebars this would fit on. The lighting, angles, and width of the handlebars make it difficult to picture. The phone case is too small for most phones, and the cupholder is not designed to hold drinks cups.

👤It works well. My daughter is able to put her phone and drink in it. It is very sturdy on her bike rides. Ours has a key hook that holds mace if it comes with it.

👤I loved this cup and phone holder. It's made for standard bikes and it doesn't fit a piece of equipment that I wanted it for.

11. Bicycle Universal Handlebar Mountain 12oz 32oz

Bicycle Universal Handlebar Mountain 12oz 32oz

The bag is attached to the handlebars with leather straps. There is a wide application. The left or right side of the handlebars could be easily adjusted with the 4 hook&loop straps. Like road bike, mountain bike, electric bike, folding bike, kid's bike, cruiser, wheelchair, scooter, etc. Free your hands. The bike drink cup holder has two mesh pockets that can hold small items. Fit most size of bottle. The bike water bottle holder has a design that can shrink to fit a bottle of water. It's perfect for holding soft drinks and coffee. Hold your water bottle. Even on rough mountain roads, the bike coffee cup holder will be firmly fixed on your bicycle. The design of sponge inside could provide some protection for your bottle or small items in the mesh pocket. The bicycle cup holder made of high-quality Oxford fabric is durable and can be washed. Don't worry about rusty and broken after a few months. The water bottle holder is a great present for anyone who loves bikes. The bicycle cup holder made of high-quality Oxford fabric is durable and can be washed. Don't worry about rusty and broken after a few months. The water bottle holder is a great present for anyone who loves bikes.

Brand: Kemimoto

👤The cup holder was used for the first time. The holder fit perfectly on the handlebars and stem, and the straps worked as they should. I was able to get a container. Klean Kanteen is a test. There was room for a couple of energy bars in my Klean Kanteen. I only have four stars because I only have one ride, and I can't attest to its longevity. This cup holder held the cup without falling, unlike my previous purchase of a plastic cup holder. This was much better. I ordered two more on Sunday and they were delivered to me on Monday. How fast are these guys?

👤My son rides his bike to school and I bought this for him. It fits all of the thermal cups so he can drink water when thirsty. The material is strong and easy to install. My son suggests wrapping smaller bottles with a small towel to keep them from jumping out while biking.

👤This is larger so it takes up more space, but it is easy to fit in all size canteens. The pouch on the outside is large enough to hold my phone and keys. Very happy.

👤It's easy to hold my bottle. There is a Great purchase.

👤The product looked like it was built. The straps needed to connect it to the handlebars were not present.

👤I have a John Deere Gator. Holds water thermos. It is very easy to secure and remove.

👤This allows me to have some water. It's possible to fit on my trike with lots of attachments.

👤The product is sturdy and great.


What is the best product for bicycle cup holder with cell phone holder?

Bicycle cup holder with cell phone holder products from Eucredy. In this article about bicycle cup holder with cell phone holder you can see why people choose the product. Tourbon and Houssem are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle cup holder with cell phone holder.

What are the best brands for bicycle cup holder with cell phone holder?

Eucredy, Tourbon and Houssem are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle cup holder with cell phone holder. Find the detail in this article. Huffy, Caudblor and Tourbon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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