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1. Delta Cycle Grande Beverage Holder

Delta Cycle Grande Beverage Holder

Can hold cans from 12 to 24 ounces, cups up to 30 ounces, plastic cups, water bottles, keys, phone, speaker, wallet, snacks, or anything you want. The bicycle cup holder is designed to fit almost any size drink container. They are available in black, blue and red. Their bike coffee cup holder has rubber pads that keep drinks in place on rough terrain. The sleek design makes it easy to get hydration when you need it. The bike cup holder is easy to install with an integrated thumb screw. The mount is great for strollers and bikes. The cup holder for bikes is made with precision molded thermoplastic and STAINLESS hardware. It is highly affordable without sacrificing quality. Their bike cup holders are complete with a limited lifetime warranty, and are in a league of their own. Simply reach out with any questions, as they offer US-based customer support.

Brand: Delta Cycle & Home

👤I've tried a lot of drink holders. The heavy duty ones are too inflexible to hold different sized containers, and the more flexible ones can't stand up to large containers. I like how light and inexpensive this one is. The drink container is very flexible. Modern bikes have large diameter handle bars that can present challenges. I had to remove all of the rubber spacers because my bar is large. Without the rubber to help grip, the device tries to rotate. The plastic can break if you tighten the screw. The solution is to put a little silicone or polyurethane glue between the bar and the clamp and let it dry. The drink holder won't rotate no matter how heavy the drink is.

👤Doesn't fit my handlebars. Disappointed. I'm going to try to get a refund. I removed all the shims and still have my handlebars and stem. I ride a road bike to work. It's not intended for that kind of bike.

👤I returned this. I probably wouldn't have kept it if it weren't for the fact that the attachment clip was too small to attach to my Schwinn 3 speed. The plastic holder has a very tight fit. I'm pretty sure it would hold a drink in place, but it was hard to get cups out of the cup and it wouldn't allow you to remove the cup while biking. The rubber pieces that add grip fell off.

👤This is a great product at this price point. I decided to review this product because of the poor reviews. I bought this for my daughter. She didn't have the holes on her frame to buy a bottle holder. She had a beverage holder on her handlebars. I was a bit skeptical when I first saw it. One review stated that it wouldn't hold a bottle. That is incorrect. It holds a standard water bottle. My daughter and I have biked 10 miles each time and held a water bottle. The other day, we went to a donut shop and it held her small cold brew, no issues. My daughter has a vehicle. I'm sure that I could install this on my bikes. If it were in stock, I would order a second one.

👤The bars that have rise and angles are the only places that have free vacancies for cup holders. It doesn't have any points to get an ideal angle. This isn't horrible if you have horizontal real estate on your bars. It felt flimsy, but would hold a beer or coffee. It is limited to that specific use. I will either pass it off to someone that can use it or hold onto it for a future fit. It's a small loss since it's cheap.

👤I like the idea of a cup holder. I needed a drink holder to bring my drink home from Starbucks. It was very easy to install. It's too tight and the lid needs to be removed immediately. We can't use cups that are strong because of carbon dioxide. The rubber pieces inside the cup holder kept popping out when I tried it on my cup.

2. Cruiser Candy Coconut Bicycle Holder

Cruiser Candy Coconut Bicycle Holder

It's enough to fit a standard/large bike bottle in the Muti-Functional Stem Bag. The bottle holder bag can be used as a storage bag for holding things like energy bars, trash, phone, and small tools. You can give your ride your own flair by having a drink holder. Can hold things like wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses. As well as your favorite beverage. It is easy to install on your handlebars. Own something no one has seen before. Several varieties are available, the sizes are slightly different due to being a natural product. It was made from real coconut.

Brand: Cruiser Candy

👤My husband had to drill a hole in the wall to make it big enough to hold my Tervis tumbler. I was worried that it would crack. It didn't. If we did it more, it would. It looks cute on my bike. I like it. The first two pictures show a water bottle, but it would barely fit in the first one. Even though it was small on the bottom, my Tervis tumbler wouldn't fit inside because there was no wiggle room. It is all good now.

👤I had to widen the hole for a standard 12oz. to fit the design and concept. can. The coconut shell is very hard to cut and carve. I had to use a Dremel tool to carve it out. If you do, use a mask that protects your eyes from the dust. The attachment to the handlebars went smoothly, but beware the holder is large and may interfere with cables. Consider how it might affect bike transport on a car rack. It was made with fair trade in mind and provides employment for those who need it.

👤I bought this for my daughter. A college student would love this. She did not. She was afraid of it. It reminded her of the Brady Bunch episode. I think it's funny. This was returned. She sent me a picture that was bigger than I expected. If you wanted to put a bottle or cup in it, that's good. After sending it back, she did her room.

👤I bought this for my wife's birthday. Hopefully, the paint job will last. It seems like coconut should be sealed or coated to resist the effects of water. I applied a coat of clear urethane inside to make it weather resistant.

👤I was worried because it was rolling around in a huge empty box. There was no packaging. The price was 15 bucks cheaper than the local bike shops, and my kid loved it. Win.

👤This holds standard water bottles. It was a great conversation piece on my last bike ride along the swamp rabbit trail. If you're in the area, you can park and unload your bike at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe. They have trail access and delicious treats after a long ride.

👤Very cute! I had to run to the hardwear store to get the bolt for my bike. It was on the side. The packer should have looked at it before sending it out. Will not do it because it was not cheap.

👤I had this on a beach cruiser with a happy face coconut. I wanted another one for this bike because I loved it so much. There are coconut flowers. It's big enough to hold a water bottle or soda can. I get a lot of praise for it.

👤My husband is a big fan of this product. Thank you. I wanted to take pictures of the product tag. It reads " 100% Natural Hand Carved Hand Painted Coconuts". The person is called Pedi. He's the guy! It's a good thing. Without Pedi, you wouldn't be holding this authentic coconut. Without you and your purchase, he wouldn't be able to feed and educate his children. See the faces. This Handicraft artisan can provide a better future for his family. " There is a map of the Philippines on the back and a P.S. in Huntington Beach. This should have been included in the product information.

3. Ibera Handlebar Holder Multi Way Commuters

Ibera Handlebar Holder Multi Way Commuters

Do you want to find the right song? Do you enjoy seeing a map in landscape view? These mountain bike accessories allow you to do both without risk of injury. A range of handle less cups, like your morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate cup. The cup is securely held on your handlebars so you can ride your bike without having to hold your drink. The rim has an angle that allows it to fit cups and mugs. You can place the cup into the clamp or take your drink with you on your bike.

Brand: Ibera

👤This may be the most useless device I have ever purchased. There is a The idea of holding your drink cup on your handlebars was sound when I ordered it. It has a flaw that is absolutely and tragically fatal; the ring which holds your cup mounts onto a piece that's strapped around your handlebars, and this junction has some give. The lose connection between the cup ring and the mount acts like a trampoline to increase the force transferred to the liquid in your cup, ensuring that even the smallest of bumps will translate to hot liquid launching from your cup. I use cups with a small drinking slit. It's a Yeti mug. I was wearing a rain jacket this morning when I tried it out, and I'm glad I did because I would have been soaked by all the hot tea flying out of my cup on what felt to me like a perfectly flat road. I'm inclined to agree with some people that the thought counts on gifts. I bought this product and I don't care if it was a good idea on paper, the implementation is horrible, and I would give this zero stars.

👤My main goal was to find a cup holder that would hold at least one of my cars for neighborhood rides. The baby is holding 2 of them. When you hit bumps, make sure you have the mag-slider with you to hold your cocktail. I fell over on my bike when one of these came out of the cup holder. There were only about 10 people around to share my embarrassment, and the cup holder was undamaged.

👤Great product. I relocated the 28mm section of the handlebar as I tried to locate the things I need to hang off the front of my e-bike. I adjusted the pin to fit the 31mm portion of the handlebars. There is a It's important. I used the thin rubber spacer because the plastic is very slick when in contact with the handlebars. I use it for coffee cups and mugs. The holder vibrates a little but doesn't affect its holding ability or spillage through the breather holes. The cup ring is easy to use and the plastic attaching bracket is $ more expensive than the metal version. The metal version of the PDM has an alternate but equally functional handlebar attaching brackets. The first time I tried the Bell no Tools Cup holder, I had no luck. It is not cast well. I haven't tried to put the vise grip on the pivot point in service yet. The cost and function of the Ibera is the choice for cruising with coffee.

👤The larger handle bar of my mobility scooter is larger than the smaller one. I tried several but couldn't get any. They wouldn't work on the larger diameter of the scooters handle bar. When I opened the package, I thought it was the same as before. It will not fit in the way it ships. There is a small silver bar or tiny rod that can be removed from the hinge point. There is a second hole when you pull it out. The design is from the manufacturer. This will make the bar fit much larger. I almost missed this feature and sent it back, it is very flexible to fit small to large handle bars. I hope it helps others. I was very pleased with the fit of my scooter.

4. Dadding Co Original DaddieCaddie Holder

Dadding Co Original DaddieCaddie Holder

Set off for a day with the kids in the stroller with your cold beverage in tow. The cup holder is hands-free for busy moms and dads. With the patent-pending mounting system, it is easy to mount the DaddieCaddie cup holder and can cooler to your stroller, bike, boat, golf cart, and more. The bars are 15/16” in diameter. The best fit for bars is 1 14” in diameter. There is a handy cup holder for Beverly Hills. The cup holder that stays level and mounts to most standard stroller or bicycle handlebars can be used to carry and conceal drinks. Don't worry about your beer and wine being hidden in this DaddieCaddie getting warm. The portable solution holds 12 ounces. The beverage cans keep the temperature you want. DADDING & CO. SOLUTIONS. Dadding & Co. has happy hour where you can enjoy a beverage while taking a walk or a bike ride. Dadding & Co. solutions are designed for the busy dad. DADDING & CO. SOLUTIONS. Dadding & Co. has happy hour where you can enjoy a beverage while taking a walk or a bike ride. Dadding & Co. solutions are designed for the busy dad.

Brand: Dadding & Co

👤It was a Father's Day gift and I was excited to use it. The cupholder is useless even if I tighten the strap hard. I held my drink in my hand for the entire time. The back of the plastic clip has rubber but the strap does not. It would be fine if the inside of the strap was made of rubber. I don't have an option to mount on the frame because the cables that run along the top of my frame would hit my legs while pedaling, so the handle bars are the only option. It is a premium price product that does not deliver. It would be 5 stars if it was rubberized. Will have to come back.

👤I can only say that I wasted my money. It turns when I put a can or water bottle in it. I would love to return it.

👤I am really happy to have this cup holder. The stroller is named Vista. When our daughter uses the riding board, we can't use our other drink holder across the handle bars, which solved our problem. Doesn't tip over. It works with my coffee cup, yeti, kid water bottles, etc. It was used on our umbrella stroller. From now on, I'm going to buy baby gifts.

👤It looks great on my bike. Since the holder is attached with a strap, it slips to about a 30 degree angle, which is not ideal for a freshly opened can.

👤I bought this for my stroller and it is amazing. There is a spring loaded ball bearing on the circle mounting piece that makes a clicking sound when you attach the cup holder. It's nice to know that your cup holder is locked into place. I recommend it to everyone. It was designed in a way that you can use it to anything. Many uses have been found for DaddieCaddies.

👤The beer can is covered by the old school thick foam can koozie which is taller than normal. I use the plastic cupholder for my coffee and water bottles, and remove the koozie from it. I wish this product existed when I had my first child. I hope they design a bigger one for larger cans. Awesome!

👤I like it. The unit slides on the bike handler and the strap is not long enough to use on the bike downtube because of the beer's weight. It only works when it is mounted on a bike. The cup holder can't be held with the weight of a beer or a water bottle.

👤I couldn't get this tight on the handlebars. The frame was a little better but still slides.

5. Adjustable Bicycle Handlebar Compatible 2 3 3inch

Adjustable Bicycle Handlebar Compatible 2 3 3inch

Their goal is 100% satisfaction. If you have any issues, please reach out to them so they can solve them for you. If your bike has a bottle cage fixing screw, you can fix it to the front tube. If you don't have a bottle cage or a screw for motorcycles, you can connect the converter to fix it on the round tube. The bottle cage is made of nylon plastic and lightweight, so it won't wear the bicycle frame. It's suitable for roads, mountains, electric bicycles, adults, kids, motorcycles. It is compatible with all 2.33inch cups through the adjustment button at the bottom, and is firmly fixed so that it will not fall during riding. Professional accessories are designed to allow you to quickly access your water bottle or cup, keep adequate water when riding, and enjoy a pleasant riding trip. Installation and Disassembly can be completed in 2 minutes. Installation instructions are required for the product to work. Installation and Disassembly can be completed in 2 minutes. Installation instructions are required for the product to work.

Brand: Boxgrans

👤I've always wanted a bottle holder on my bike, but I couldn't find one that was as wide as the one on my bike, and it took a few minutes to install, but it can fit almost any bottle size with how wide the adjustment range is.

👤I was looking for a water bottle holder that was similar to this one. I was wrong. The description made it appear to be flexible. My search continues.

👤I ordered another one for my other bike because my first one was easy to install. There is a The package was incomplete. The back part is missing.

👤I wasn't sure if it would fit, but it did. Love it.

👤It seems sturdy and holds a variety of containers.

👤For a full review, please watch my video. I think the screws for attaching the device to the handlebars should have been larger. I have arthritis in my fingers so I can't use a tool until I am able to finger-tighten things. You can see what I'm talking about in my video. I'm happy because I use the tumbler daily. You might want to look at something different if you have anything larger than my tumbler. If you found my review helpful, please vote for it. Thank you!

👤The plastic used in the cage is strong and lightweight. Everything you need to attach to a tubular frame is in the kit. No matter what sport you play. Installation was easy and fast. Took me less than 5 minutes. It's suitable for any bottle. It is compatible with all 2.33 inch cups, cans, bottles and slim vestle through the adjustment button located at the bottom. I attached my bottle holder onto my golf push cart because the manufacturer talks about how well it fits on two wheeled vehicles. The holder that came with my cart was inferior to this one. The original fell off and never came back. This one is going nowhere except for golf. The highest of quality and great value.

👤I needed to put my coffee carafe in the office while I was biking to work. I ordered this because it was easy to install. I took it out of the box and put it on my bike. It was very easy to put on and have not had any issues with it.

6. Lictin Stroller Universal Adjustable Motorcycle

Lictin Stroller Universal Adjustable Motorcycle

Useful accessories. The Lictin stroller cup holder has a hook and a clip. The hook can be used to hang bags. The stroller clip can be used to hold a small blanket or towel. The longer nut of the cup holder can be fixed to avoid shaking and falling. There are four small rounds that can accommodate cups of various sizes. All kinds of beverage bottles, cups and coffee cups can be fit with most strollers and cups. The stroller rod is 2- 4.5 cm in diameter and the cup holder fits it. It is also suitable for wheelchairs, bicycles, electric scooters and more. It's convenient for you to put your phone and cup on your stroller to be able to use them. When you walk, it makes you hands-free and gives you full control of your stroller. Lictin bottle receiver is easy to install and ready to use. Lictin bottle receiver is easy to install and ready to use.

Brand: Lictin

👤The cup/cell phone holder I bought was great. The cell phone holder is perfect, it fits the case securely. The snack container and a couple hats fit in the included hook, it was a real surprise. The cup/cell phone holder and hook are perfect, but haven't found a good use for the clip.

👤I had a broken kneecap and used a walker. It is sturdy and holds its position. I was able to adjust the cup holder to perfectly vertical, even though it was not quite horizontal, because I put it on the front bar. If you try to use a cup that is larger than 2 1/2 inches in diameter, it will go in easily but be difficult to remove, which could result in a spill. The phone holder worked well for my phone.

👤The cup holder is easy to install. I took about 30 seconds to do it. I decided to install it on one of the metal legs of the Lifetime fold-able table because it was too thick and I knew I would need to install it on one of the legs all the way through. This product is tightly gripping the table leg, and it helps that the jaws of the product have a rubber lining on them for better grip. The product is not sliding despite the Monster being full. The diameter of the holder seems wide enough to hold a large coffee cup. If necessary, will probably buy another one and update this review.

👤This was used on my wife's trike. It was easy to put it on the handlebars, and it stayed in place with a heavy water bottle. It is plastic, but heavy duty. The cup has flaps that allow it to hold bottles or large cups. The bottle is stable. The cell phone holder is a plus. It costs more than most others, but is worth it.

👤The quality of the Clamp is excellent. This can be used for a variety of uses. I attached it to a hemi walker, but it would work on a regular walker, stroller, or even a bike. Anything with a pole. The cup holder has rubber tabs that hold drinks. I have a huge phone in a massive case that doesn't fit in the phone holder. The majority of phones will fit.

👤The set comes with many pieces. I got it for my wonderfold wagon. We use the hook piece on our stroller. It is great for holding things. The cup holder is strong. I can smash it in there snug enough, even though it barely fits in the case. Absolutely recommend this!

👤If I turn it any more, it will snap, so there is no way to make the plastic tight enough to fit a phone and water bottle on a bike. As you push a stroller, it tilts down, dropping your goods. It has a notch to allow for pop its, it fits perfectly. It would seat securely.

👤My son has a wheelchair. I have a place for a drink and a cell phone at my doctor's appointments. The cell phone slot is small so you can't have a big phone case. Extra items were included that I use on his wheelchair.

7. Black Holder Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Black Holder Beach Cruiser Bicycle

You can install the bike water bottle holder on either side of the bike. According to their guideline, it is easy to operate. The All Black Bike Cup holder has a black skin and a black poly prophylene cup holder. A side mount with a bolt. The tabs on the inside of the cup keep your drink tight. The bicycle cup holder can be mounted in front of the handlebars or behind them. Coffee cups, plastic cups, keys, phone, wallet and normal 12oz cans and bottles will fit nicely.

Brand: Bikecupholder

👤This is the perfect cup holder for my beach cruiser. I wanted a beach cruiser that was casual and didn't have mesh or vinyl. It is pricey for a cup holder, but I was not able to find another product that fit the look and function that I was looking for. I am happy to have a place for my Diet Coke while I ride with my kids.

👤I like mine. It works with my Huffy cruiser. You're going to splash your drink regardless of the bumps. Avoid big bumps.

👤The attachment opening is too small. Poor design.

👤This is great for my beach cruiser. It's a good size to hold drinks or my phone. I have a basket and it won't come off the bike, but it did not come with the screw.

👤It was just what I was hoping for. It's easy to install and does the job well. Very happy.

8. NipEaze Bicycle Holder Stainless Steel

NipEaze Bicycle Holder Stainless Steel

It is easy to install without tools. To complete the installation, clip it to the stroller's handle. New and improved. The stylish steel drink holder for your bicycle is guaranteed. Enjoy a beverage while riding your bike. All-metal mounting brackets are easy to install. Small cans and bottles have a foam insert. Most beverage containers are not intended for foam inserts. Get a free trial pack of NipEaze with every order.

Brand: Nipeaze

👤I used this on my beach cruiser. The water bottle is made of plastic. The cup started to slip after a few uses so that it was at a 45 angle. I tightened the cup after a few rides and adjusted it. The allen wrench bolt was stripped trying to tighten it, so it wouldn't slip. It slipped again. There is a I don't think the design or quality of this item can handle anything heavier than a 12oz can of soda. The product isn't worth the price.

👤The unit barely lasted 2 weeks. I tried to fix the device, but it didn't work. 1. The unit isn't built to hold an average bottle of water. 2. The locking system is hard to use. The unit was on my handlebars when the plastic broke. The waste of money.

👤It's really annoying. I couldn't add anything to the handlebars to make this fit because of the design. I have had other models that allowed for me to add grip tape or rubber padding to the beverage holder. This one does not allow that. Only very wide tube handlebars will work with this.

👤The cup holder is nice, but the plastic cup holder is likely to break at some point. I will probably find another metal clamp to replace it with. It works for now. It fits perfectly on my 1 inch diameter handlebars and comes with a strip of rubber to wrap around smaller ones. I didn't use it but I am not sure how well it would work. I would have expected a more robust clamp for the cost.

👤It looks great on the bike. It doesn't support the weight of a full beverage and wants to twist and spill. I drilled a small hole through the handle bar of the bike and pinned it in. All good now.

👤I decided to go for this one because it's cheap, shiny and lasts a long time in my area. I had to mount it on the'slope' of my handlebars because it can be swiveled. It's not a ring but a bottom that can fit several beverage container sizes and can be removed. I got the product. There is a * There is a drain hole in the bottom. It's nicely made but also light weight and matches the classic look of my cruiser as it was an original accessory. The handlebar has a pad on it. There is a There is only one con. The cup holder is flimsy in relation to the clamp. There is a This is a nice universal beverage holder for bikes that don't have bottle cage mounts. Its look is similar to any classic cruiser or trike. I think it's a good idea.

👤We need something that holds a standard water bottle. We are not cross country riders, just like to spin our wheels around the neighborhood or take the bikes on vacation. Read reviews of other styles that are plastic and break. These are all metal, be it thin and light, but for what we need they will last a long, long time. They don't move in any way once mounted, so make adjustments before you make your final one.

9. Cruiser Candy Diamond Bicycle Holder

Cruiser Candy Diamond Bicycle Holder

You can give your ride your own flair by having a drink holder. Can hold your wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, and your favorite beverage. It is easy to install on your handlebars. There are many varieties available. Cup is 3.5 inches deep and 3 inches wide.


👤I love the style. Adds more reflectiveness to my plan. I wish it was bigger to fit my beer can.

👤The cup holder is pretty. It looks good on the bike. I gave my daughter the cup holder because I like it. The cup holder is small. The cups are too big for most of the water bottles. It would be more useful if it was bigger.

👤I only gave this four stars because it isn't strong enough. It is heavy and will tilt over with a bottle of water. It is cute as a button.

👤It looks great, and I am excited to use it.

👤So far, holding up well. It hasn't lost any of its sparkle or gems since it was installed about 6 months ago.

👤Doesn't work with the slanted handlebars in my cruiser. I could not use the handle bar because it was in the way of my basket. My daughter has a mountain bike with straight handle bars.

👤It's not as blingy as the picture suggests. In the sun, it shines a little more. It is very easy to mount a bike. Looks great! Very happy with the product.

👤My pink and yellow beach cruiser is beautiful.

👤I love my new drink holder. A lot of bling. A bottle of wine is held up.

👤I love it! Cute and assessible.

10. Ocraho Motorcycle Stroller Scooter Wheelchair

Ocraho Motorcycle Stroller Scooter Wheelchair

The alligator is adjusted. Protect your bottles from falling off as you ride. The bike cup holder is easy to install and can be used on rough roads. The bar is 1.73 inches. Keep your drinks hot or cold with the bottle holder. The draw string is tighter. The design of cups and water bottles can be adjusted with the tightening draw string. You can hold your cans, bottles, cups. Storage pockets for holding your phone, mp3 key, sunglasses, card fishing bait, and other items. Storage the little things is something you can help with. The bottom drain. The cup hold won't accumulate water on the bottom if you have a little bottom drain. The bottom drain. The cup hold won't accumulate water on the bottom if you have a little bottom drain.

Brand: Ocraho

👤I like that it is flexible and insulated. No quality issues have been reported so far.

👤This product was not sturdy and was spilled over a lot. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

11. TOURBON Canvas Leather Bicycle Carrier

TOURBON Canvas Leather Bicycle Carrier

The cup holder is made from safe and eco-friendly materials. The cups can hold the buggy cup holder even on rough roads thanks to the slip resistant rubber and the plastic. The Tourbon bicycle water bottle holder is made of high quality canvas and leather. The loops are easy to secure over the stem and riser. Can hold coffee cup, wine bottle, water bottle, and so on. It's not included in the water bottle for most bikes. It can fit a bike frame from 1.18" to 2.36".

Brand: Tourbon

👤There is no easy place to put a bottle cage. I picked it up. The styling of most bike shops is ugly. The quality is good and it doesn't look cheap. It won't fit a large bottle. It's harder to get one of my plastic camelback bottles in and out with one hand because of my clean canteen. That is a fact and not a flaw.

👤I had a water bottle holder on my bike for the first time. And it broke! The water bottle flew across the street after the holder ripped off the straps. I'm very sad. This isn't strong enough to hold a full bottle of water. It's really sad. Don't waste your money. It's cute, but not functional.

👤I like the way this holder looks. The material inside the holder is very soft. There is nothing dramatic about it when I turn. It has a strap on the inside that can be adjusted. You cannot have a bottle with a bigger diameter than 3 inches. Anything bigger won't fit. I think a 16 ounce plastic water bottle will fit here. I like it all.

👤Looks good. It's easy to install. The feeling is long. My wife used to have a phone.

👤My men's elec bicycle has this added to it. It fit behind the neck and was easy to attach to the bars. The color matches my leather seat and handle grips so it was a bonus. It holds a bottle of gold. The depth is sufficient to rise 1/3 of the way up to the cap. Cheers.

👤It can hold a soda can. It was difficult to get my water container in it. There is a A water container is smaller than a pop can.

👤It looks like a small hydro flask, but it's not really fit for it, and you need a large frame.

👤I had to return the item because it didn't fit the cup I was told it would. It will fit a 16.9 ounce water, but not much more. It was cute and sturdy. I needed something to fit the cup.

👤Excellent quality, make sure you don't get rubber or coloured liquid on it because it will never come out.

👤The design is nice, but it won't keep up on escooters as there aren't enough strong belts. Quality product can be difficult to put inside a bag as it is not wide enough.

👤It's good for a small cup of coffee but not great for a bottle of water because it's hard to clean.

👤The product looks nice. We couldn't find any wine bottles that would fit in it. We couldn't make a standard wine bottle fit in some tall, narrow bottles.

👤Passt und perfekt in den ganzen anderen. I am insbesondere Farblich.


What is the best product for bicycle cup holder coozie?

Bicycle cup holder coozie products from Delta Cycle & Home. In this article about bicycle cup holder coozie you can see why people choose the product. Cruiser Candy and Ibera are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle cup holder coozie.

What are the best brands for bicycle cup holder coozie?

Delta Cycle & Home, Cruiser Candy and Ibera are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle cup holder coozie. Find the detail in this article. Dadding & Co, Boxgrans and Lictin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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