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1. IQ Labs Mountain Tensioner Custom

IQ Labs Mountain Tensioner Custom

Multi Speed 1 By Chain Rings can be used for 2 by and 3 by. The new improved model 2 allows you to install a chain guide without removing the chain. It's easy to get rid of Chain Slap, it's compatible with most bikes, and it's open so you don't have to remove Chain. Remove the red backing of the tape to help prevent the chain guide from moving. You get what you get. The chain guide has a weight of 1.2 ounces with zipties and is 2.3 inches wide and 1.2 inches thick.

Brand: Iq Labs

👤I was bouncing off the first or third chain rings. The links were pulled off the chain. I started looking for a solution. I needed a piece of the puzzle. I saw a lot of high tech options in the $25 to $40 range. The lowest I saw was $22. Many only allowed single ring drive trains. I had three. I saw the IQ labs model and it was a great price. It was thought to be perfect on paper. I was skeptical about the material being attached by zip ties. I put it in the blink of an eye and it ran through the gears. I was sold. The cheapest option was exactly what it said it would do. I think it's a good idea. If you are a more serious rider, you may want the fancier once. It is perfect for the weekend Warriors and daily riders. There is a My only suggestion would be to develop a model that doesn't use zip ties. More colors would be great.

👤Someone 3d printed this. It works very well. It is light and made of rubber. The little thing caught my chain and prevented a drop that would have happened without it. Awesome product!

👤It makes my bike look dumb because it serves its function well. I didn't notice a change in shifting, but it days stop your chain from staying. When hitting jumps, it reduces sound.

👤It looks 3D printed. This product isn't for you if that bothered you. There is a It is very well made. I was expecting more rubber but it was still ridgid. It comes with zip ties. I used a little thicker zip ties.

👤Tie wraps broke on a hardtail 2x setup. There are two problems. The guide is too heavy to accommodate the chain. 2. The shorter height from the chain stay creates excessive tension. The guide is weakened by this vertical tension.

👤It's easy to install and do the job. Does it look good? It is perfect, and if you use your bike properly it should be muddy, but who cares about the price? Nobody would notice.

👤The install time is about 5 minutes. It is a little noisy. I only notice it when I am servicing my bike. I can't tell on the road or trail. It's pretty secure and does exactly what it says. You might want to carry some extra zip-ties with you. It is likely to fall off a hard bash.

👤It works. I used to use a 2X and a 1X, but it really stopped chain drops. I didn't notice drag or resistance. There is a It was easy to put on. It takes a minute. You do not need to break the chain. You could either put it on or take it off. It's helpful for those of us with lower end derailleurs that don't have a clutch.

2. CDHPOWER Tensioner Bearing Motorized Bicycle

CDHPOWER Tensioner Bearing Motorized Bicycle

Arrival within 15 days. The chain tensioner works for both 66cc and 48cc gas motor engines. The product has a 12 months warranty. Please contact them first if you have any questions. They can help you solve the problem.

Brand: Cdhpower

👤The extra bolts are a good investment.

👤The upgrade from the original was great. Will definitely buy again.

👤threads on pulley bolt are weak and easy to strip out.

3. Silver Spring Loaded Tensioner Motorized

Silver Spring Loaded Tensioner Motorized

Top quality. It was made in Taiwan. One year warranty. The package has a chain tensioner kit. The package has a chain tensioner kit.

Brand: Sthus

👤It's a bad thing to keep your chain on your 66/80cc bike. I had a cheap stock tensioner bend and break a lower frame member, and also had the chain jump off once on another motorized bike before I bought this tensioner. I have had no problems since. I moved out of state for college and had to leave my motorbike behind, but I'm building a new one and so I just ordered another one of these tensioners. I wouldn't feel safe on a 66/80cc 2 stroke motorbike without one of these. If you have a cruiser frame, the pedals should clear the allen bolts that hold this tensioner on, but if you have a mountain bike, you might or might not have to install wider pedal cranks.

👤I was very pleased to use this to tension my chain. It seemed like a better solution to the stock. The pulley melted into a ball of plastic after only 3 rides because it nearly fell off twice.

👤Returned immediately after receiving. I am not willing to make modifications that would not fit. The pedals can't clear because the bolts stick out too far. Cheap materials and rough edges. Amazon is starting to sell a lot of junk. The quality of the products sold on Amazon was better when I first started buying them. I don't recommend this kit.

👤It's easy to install. The nice side was against the casing and the rough side was against the pulley wheel, so they stamped the parts out the wrong way.

👤There is a false advertisement. They are not Allen bolts. It's rude to have a sudden change in product and not say anything about it when you're sending them with Allen bolts, because the hardware still works, but it does not look as good. When I opened the package I received, I found that one of the main plates was bent and that I had to cancel my order. It looks terrible. I will give that 5 stars because the one I am using is awesome. It looks good, but not the last two I ordered.

👤The product was delivered on time. If I had measured b4 ordering that would not have been necessary. Thank you...

👤Excellent tensioner. The spring is good and tight, but could be improved with a metal wheel. The plastic wheel is wearing out fast so I'm going to have a metal one made to improve it.

👤The one that comes with the motor kit has a replacement tensioner. Get this and throw that junk away. It makes sense that I won't get into the spokes.

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4. Engine Motorized Bicycle Pulley Tensioner

Engine Motorized Bicycle Pulley Tensioner

Please check for the details and size to make sure this part will fit. A chain tensioner roller for a bike. A chain tensioner roller for a bike.

Brand: Bh-motor

👤A few weeks ago the chain on my bike fell off. I ordered this one thinking it was a bolt from the roller. The roller was held on by a flathead bolt. It is more difficult to tighten a flat head than it is to tighten a hex head. There is a I might add that this one is no better than the stock because of the fall off from my last one. It was difficult to install the part because the holes were not straight. If you want to get better quality or performance out of this part, you should purchase a cheaper version.

👤Thank you for your kind words, I was working excellent, arrived early, exactly what the seller said.

👤The bolt in the middle is what I like the most.

👤I don't like these things. The pulley falls off. This one lasted two weeks.

👤The wheel didn't fit the chain.

👤Not as advertised. The only reason I purchased this was because the bolt that holds the pulley is round with a flat head slot and not a hexagonal head.

5. SE Bikes Chain Tensioner RED

SE Bikes Chain Tensioner RED

SE Bikes have a chain tensioner that is black. T6 aluminum It fits the 10mm axle. A single bolt design with a dual hole.

Brand: Se Bikes

👤I have several single-speeds. Being able to match the tension on both sides is great. I won't run a bike without these. It looks good and allows for fine-tuned tension. Can't ask for anything else.

👤I bought these after bending the ones I had. I was looking for a sturdy solution and the SE fit that description. They lock into the frame and can be adjusted. They were shipped without a ring on the screws which is annoying when doing maintenance, and the aluminum part keeps falling off. I kept them because I need to keep riding.

👤I have a disc brake and a rear dropouts. The bike is great but the idea of a disc brake is terrible. I set the pull back and forgot. It was perfect.

👤My bike didn't allow for both sides to be installed because of the different length of the rear wheel on the left and right side. Amazon was great and you can return it.

👤I thought I'd have to drill them out just a little. It's a perfect fit for the Backtrail x2. It's easy to install. Good quality.

👤Never have a crooked wheel with these.

👤They look great and are easy to install.

👤I had to remove the holes to fit the axle.

6. VideoPUP Tensioner Bracket Motorized Bicycle

VideoPUP Tensioner Bracket Motorized Bicycle

Also, note: This is not the original part. Before ordering it, please make sure it can fit on your bike. The Pulley Chain Tensioner Bracket is made of high quality material and is very sturdy. The Pulley Chain Tensioner is ideal for Dirt Bike ATV bicycles. Good working condition and easy to use. To install. After installation, the pulley chain tensioner brackets don't make noise and don't need to be adjusted after the chain stretches. It is a high performance, reasonable price bicycle Tensioner Bracket, which is perfect for bicycle lovers. This is not the original part. Before ordering it, please make sure it can fit on your chainsaw. This is not the original part. Before ordering it, please make sure it can fit on your chainsaw.

Brand: Videopup

👤That is possible. The bolt sticks in the adjustment grooves. It's a mostly functional replacement part.

👤The bolts on the ride went bad. The brackets are designed to be 3 pieces instead of 2. The bolt that holds the puller is stuck in the slot.

👤It has been used for 6 months for an 8cc bicycle engine chain.

👤Excellent upgrade. The two bolt version is garbage and should be replaced with the 4 bolt chain guide.

👤Standard idler pulleys have only 2 bolts, but they seem to have better bearings as well. I would recommend this product to anyone who builds or repairs a bike.

👤Will purchase again soon, it was very good.

👤I recommend it. This is for anyone who is looking for this product.

👤I used it for a while now and it works.

7. JRL Motorised Bicycle Motorized Tensioner

JRL Motorised Bicycle Motorized Tensioner

You get what you get. The chain guide has a weight of 1.2 ounces with zipties and is 2.3 inches wide and 1.2 inches thick. Fit:49cc 60cc 80cc. The bike is motorized. The package includes a pulley chain tensioner. Also, note: This is not the original part. Before ordering it, please make sure it can fit on your bike.

Brand: Jrl

👤Fit and works as it should.

👤The original mongoose bike chain is the only one that hits the frame before ordering a different one.

👤The bearing makes a noise when used. Still working for the money. This is for a gas bike.

👤I sold a unit that had been broken and returned it. It was written on with a sharpie. Also missing was muonting hardware. Immediate return.

8. Sthus Tensioner 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle

Sthus Tensioner 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle

This product comes with a 12 months warranty. Please contact them first if you have any questions. They can help you solve the problem. The spring Idler chain tensioner has 2 bolts. The package includes a chain tensioner kit. It is easy to adjust heavy duty metal. Stress on the chain is reduced. Stress on the chain is reduced.

Brand: Sthus

👤I have been unable to find a type of tensioner that is safe for the 4 stroke kits. The parts don't fit perfectly and need adjusting. The plastic wheel used to have a wide spacer and screw that was widened to keep the plastic closer to the arch. This pulled my chain out of alignment. I had to file down the widening of the screw to make sure it was in alignment. There is a The washers were the same size, but the screw for the plastic wheel was larger than the others. The center had to be enlarged. There is a The quality of the arch was better than I anticipated. Once the chain has broken in and the correct amount of links are removed, I still recommend removing it.

👤The tension wheel assembly is fixed. There is a It needs to be made so that it can be adjusted. I had to add a wing nut to the longer bolt to make it work.

👤I'll try a longer bolt before I come back, the quality of the part is not good. I tried grinding down bolt's with washers, but the chain wheel guide was small, making it impossible to line chain.

👤The chain needs to be in line with the bolt. I needed 3 washers to make up for the difference. There is a The stock 4 bolt tensioners are better than the ones I cut the excess off of.

👤It looks like a great product, but it didn't work for me.

👤It was perfect for the project my husband was working on. Did the job. No one needs to pay an outrageous amount for another company.

👤It doesn't work right after I installed it. It does not line up with the sprockets. A bad buy.

👤The quality was better than the one that came with my bike. I used pieces of it to reinforce the stock one.

9. HGC Spring Tensioner Motorized Bicycle

HGC Spring Tensioner Motorized Bicycle

Purchase with confidence because they stand behind their products and know it's a perfect fit. The package includes a black chain tensioner. Good quality. Your trust is deserved with safe transportation. Your trust is deserved with safe transportation.

Brand: Hgc

👤It's better than the tentioner that comes with the motor kits. I got 2 of them, which was more expensive than one of them. I build every bike with these.

👤I took both of them with all the hardware. There were no complaints. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤It works great, bit less fibration. It's easy to bolt on.

👤I bought the two pack for my motorized bike. I am still on my first one. The springs are strong.

10. Coherny Tensioner Lightweight Replacement Accessories

Coherny Tensioner Lightweight Replacement Accessories

This is not the original part. Before ordering it, please make sure it can fit on your chainsaw. The bicycle that suits mountainous terrain can use this single speed conversion. Perfect chain tension can be achieved with the floating pulley and spring adjustment. The bike chain is easy to install. The bicycle chain is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. It's suitable for people who like cycling.

Brand: Coherny

👤If someone had made a few small changes that would allow it to work on a standard bicycle, it would have been a very helpful device to have on your team. There is no bolt to connect it to the bike and even if you have a spare that will fit, there is no pin or other structure on the device to hold it in place on the hangar. I found a way to keep it in place, but it didn't apply enough force to keep the chain taut. There is no way to change the tension. There are no instructions on how to install and maintain the tensioner. They have to make adjustments to their product before you bother with this one.

👤It's funny. It was a joke, so glad it was cheap. There was no hardware, instructions or pictures of its intended use. I was not sure how they expected to attach this to a bike. I rearranged the parts to try to get it to work, but it doesn't reach the chain. Don't throw away this trash and buy the 4 Jerry SS Chain. It was installed in seconds.

👤There is no acutal bearing surface for the sprocket spur, as the cheap screw that holds it into place will back itself off and fall out, or the sprocket will fall off. There are provisions for many positioning options. I never got it aligned with my chain. Not a very good item.

👤I mounted this and it worked. I decided to buy a chain guide instead of a chain because I worry about going over pot holes and curbs. It can't be beat for the price and ease of installation.

👤It was a perfect fit on the beach cruiser. The tensioner has an allen wrench. The set screw was stripped and replaced with a bike bottle screw.

👤I think there are better chain tensioners out there. The screw has to be tightened a lot to hold the spring. This one is ok if you get a better one.

👤I installed this on my ebike and it made pedaling much easier.

👤It took a lot of work to get this to work.

11. Spring Loaded Tensioner Engine Motorized

Spring Loaded Tensioner Engine Motorized

The length of the cable is 47 inches. The ATV chopper has a handle bar. The package includes a chain tensioner kit. The package includes a chain tensioner kit.

Brand: Sthus

👤I recommend the stock tensioner chain that comes with your motorized engine bike kit, because it is a great product. I wish the screws/bolts weren't made of aluminum because I have had one snap on me, and I wish the spring had more tension to it. There is a Make sure your chain is tight before you install it because when you engage your clutch slowly at high speeds the bottom of the chain pulls on the tension wheel and if the chain is not tight enough it will cause slack in the upper part of chain. The installation process is very easy even though it doesn't have any instructions. The first step is step 1. The set up process is very easy to follow, I have found it easier to connect one side of the spring to the curved side of the mounting plate where the 2 small holes are. Only the small screw/bolt and locking nut are used to attach the tensioner arm to the mounting plate. There is a The spring from the plate to the arm needs to be connected.

👤It's one of the best upgrades for a motorized bike. It was better than the stock. You won't believe the difference it makes if you don't have one. This is the only upgrade you can do if you don't do any others.

👤Is it an upgrade from the cheap ones that come with the moped building kits? Yes. Did the arm bend on me while driving my moped, causing the chain to jam in the engine and send me flying? Also, yes. My chain tension was perfect, but I can't trust this one after that. The fact that the arm that holds the wheel is black is a good reason to not recommend this.

👤You can bend them by hand, they are thin and flimsy. It doesn't seem to provide enough tension on the chain so I drilled extra holes above the pre-drilled ones for a bit more chain tension. I have had to adjust the tensioner every time I ride. The roller bearings are better than the white/yellow ones. There should be a bearing on the pivot so there is not play in the tensioner arm, and the lock nut should be replaced with a nylon nut. I wouldn't recommend it due to the thin metal used.

👤I've been using this for 2 months. It still works like it should. I drilled a hole higher up to provide more tension. The product is great. There is a So far, so good. Just got it installed a few hours ago. The kit comes with a tensioner that I was using. The chain started jumping when it kept moving. Threw this on and took her around the block. I don't have any issues with the pedals hitting the bolts. It seems well made and solid in the first test run.

👤I would buy this again for the system I have going, but it is not a good design. There is a The pulley wheel and bearing don't spin with the chain. The purpose of having a bearing was defeated. It gets the job done at keeping the chain good. There is a The stock pulley is still an improvement, but it will wear out a little quicker because the pulley does not spin.


What is the best product for bicycle chain tensioner?

Bicycle chain tensioner products from Iq Labs. In this article about bicycle chain tensioner you can see why people choose the product. Cdhpower and Sthus are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle chain tensioner.

What are the best brands for bicycle chain tensioner?

Iq Labs, Cdhpower and Sthus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle chain tensioner. Find the detail in this article. Bh-motor, Se Bikes and Videopup are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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