Best Bicycle Chain Oil

Chain 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. SILCA Synergetic Drivetrain Long Lasting Drivetrains

SILCA Synergetic Drivetrain Long Lasting Drivetrains

The top 3 brands of chain lube are EFFICIENCY - SILCA. Their lube bonds to the chain to create a barrier. Any rider's bike tool kit needs this secret bike oil. SILCA Synergetic bike chain oil received a perfect score from and was named a finalist for the "Tech Innovation of the Year" in 2020. Your chain will always be spinning at maximum output with SILCA bike grease and lube. The fastest oil-based bike chain lube is available today. Synergetic is the perfect choice if you want a quiet ride without the hassle of cleaning chain wax. A durable tribofilm is created by combining two materials in a formula. Synergetic acts as a lubricating surface and also as a wear surface when riding. Synergetic will reduce wear and friction by 50% while also reducing lubrication. There is a lubrication interval of 500 miles for Silva Synergetic bike oil chain lubricant. This is the perfect bike lube for riders who want to maximize the life of their bike. Invest in a bottle of synergetic which will last 12,000 miles. The Luer Lock Precision Application Tip is included in the Silva Synergetic bike chain lubricant. The instructions are easy to understand. Remove the red cap and apply one drop per chain link. You can back pedal through 12 times. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe clean.

Brand: Silca

👤I followed Silca's instructions for the initial application of the lube and it was okay. Didn't have the advertised longevity. After 200 miles, the chain needed to be changed. I put a new application in. There was some coastal rain for about an hour on our ride up the coast. It was just enough to wet the roads. All of the lube was removed from my chain. The lube is advertised as good in the wet. It's terrible! It's not worth the money.

👤It is a great lube for all conditions. I do a lot of trail, road and bike path riding. The reapplication process was inconvenient and wax lubes did not last that long. I never had much luck with dry lubes and traditional wet lubes in the mixed conditions that I was riding. Synergetic has changed my life. It is easy to apply, lasts a long time, doesn't attract a lot of dirt, and runs quietly.

👤I received the product but all of the dark Additive fell out of solution. I shook the p**p out of it, the direction said "shake well". I have small pieces on the bottom. I bought this product to try and spend less time on chain maintenance, but with all the shaking and fussing with it I'm spending more time. I'll use a cheaper light weight oil next time.

👤Silca's fake wax stuff was used before this. It was difficult to apply. The performance of the product is great, it makes it easy to apply one drop to every roller. Will buy again.

👤The best chain lube is short of waxing. It's a great option for rainy seasons. There were no complaints.

👤The product is good but probably won't be shipped with an accessory. The bottle is too fragile to be shipped. It was broken and lube all over the place.

2. Tri Flow Squeeze Bottle Lubricant Teflon

Tri Flow Squeeze Bottle Lubricant Teflon

Formulated solvents remove dirt and contaminants, while special Additives prevent rust and corrosion. The dirt is removed. Dust and abrasive particles build up.

Brand: Tri-flow

👤This is not the same oil that was used years ago. There is a drop on the left and a drop on the right in the picture. A drop of each oil was placed on the mirror and turned into 45 degrees for 2 seconds. This oil is not slick and probably won't reduce friction any better than 3in1 oil. The oil on the right is very different from the one on the left. I would not recommend it.

👤Have been using this for a long time. The non-aerosol version is easy to use. After a minute, the carrier fluid leaves behind lubricating materials. In other words, not greasy. I apply it liberally while I spin the chain, aiming for the chain plate, not the middle of the pin. I use a rag to remove the excess. I don't know how long this bottle will last, but I can guess how many lubes it will contain. At least 6 or 8? More? It goes a long way.

👤My spouse would know when I was sneaking into the kitchen to get a snack at night because of the loud squeaks in our kitchen cabinets. You wouldn't know that anyone was in the kitchen if I dropped on the hinges. The quality of being able to be used in small amounts to repair household items is what makes this a substitute for heavy oil. I put it in a door lock and on a bicycle. If you use too much kleenex it will cause it to drips, but it won't cause your shirt to oxidize as much as regular oil. It's a handy item and can be carried in your pocket and used to oil a variety of items, like the mailbox, the gym equipment, or people's car doors, which they will be grateful for.

👤The vintage sewing machine was rehabbed using the lube form of Tri-Flow. It was recommended that both types be used for this task. It was the only way to unfreeze the gears. We're using it on a lot of things.

👤I used tai-flow for the first time. It is too expensive to use for routine maintenance but it is good for the first time when gunk needs to be dissolved. The nozzle is too wide to get precise drops in small places.

👤I had a door lock that was stuck. My key wouldn't turn the lock. I put some of the product in the key hole, then kept turning my key and taking it out, because I kept putting it in the key hole. It only took five minutes for the lock to respond. I was very happy to purchase this product. Having to buy a new lock is not worth it.

👤This lubricant is absorbed quickly into the crevices and bearings. It improves locksets and reduces wear and tear on my keys. The action to the rusty padlock was restored.

👤I have used Tri-Flow for 20 years and it works great. I use it on everything except the chain. I use Prolink for my chain since it is not wax based, but my brake movement points and shifter linkages know Tri Flow. A wax based lubricant will do a great job, and will be quieter than a petroleum based lube, but will wash away in the briefest of rain showers. Tri Flow would be used on everything.

3. Finish Line Quality Bicycle Degreaser

Finish Line Quality Bicycle Degreaser

Under extreme temperatures and humidity, high-grade petroleum oils provide optimum lubrication. A heavy-duty bicycle chain cleaner with EcoTech Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrate. Cleaner clips directly to the chain. The three-brush rotating design and scrubber pads clean the chain quickly. A 30-degree exit angle eliminates mess. In just one minute, you can clean your chain.

Brand: Finish Line

👤This worked great during one use. Chain has never been clean. Was absolutely thrilled! There is a I discovered a design flaw. The plastic tabs that hold the clip on broke. I can hold it closed manually with a little extra effort, but there are now tiny little holes where the plastic tabs used to be, which is causing degreaser to leak everywhere. I was stupid to try this at midnight in my living room, but I was smart enough to put my bike on a blanket and degrease it.

👤I bought this chain cleaner to clean my bike's chain. The bike has a flip-flops hub. I own a seven speed that needs occasional cleaning. I bought the chain movement tool at the store to allow chain movement while the wheel is removed. I might use this set-up to clean my seven-speed. I might find a different way to clean it. I was warned not to use this cleaner on a bike. I should have been more careful with the reviews. I thought the Sportixx chain keeper would give me enough time to clean the chain. There is a It can be done. It's debatable whether it's worth the effort. I was able to do it, but I need to find a better way. If possible, I would like to keep my drive chain. It might be a good idea to remove the chain. I removed my back wheel, but what I did was not optimal. I attached my chain keeper to the dropout. I moved the keeper to a gap in the dropout because the chain didn't have enough slack. Not every bike has this gap. The Finish Line chain cleaner had enough slack to be attached. There are five I held the plastic jig with no handle while turning the crank. The master-link of my chain worked perfectly when it passed through the jig. Simple Green was used for my cleaning solution. Some reviewers used this, but I didn't like it. I like Simple Green for other reasons. I'll use this jig on my seven-speed and try Dawn liquid. I lubed the chain after running it through plain water. Replacing my master link with a normal link was the best answer I could come up with. The keeper was moved closer to the chain wheel with the help of a plate. It seems like a lot of work to avoid removing the chain. I will not dock stars for my mistakes. I will feel better after I use these purchases to clean my other bike's chain. I don't ride much lately.

👤The device works very well. The video and instructions don't mention how messy it can get. I made a mess of it the first time I used it. There is a Before you put the device on the chain, you need to steady your bike. If you have any oil or dirt on the cogs, remove it first. Make sure you clean outside in an area where you don't mind a little oily splatter. You should have some rags or paper towels with you when you clean the chain. Make sure you have a sink and a bar of Lava to clean your hands. The device does a great job of cleaning the chain. You need to have a place to dispose of the used degreaser solution and a place to clean the device and old rags after that. If you store your bike indoors, be sure to put a mat or rags under it. After cleaning and drying, I applied the lube and my chain works great again.

4. Finish Line Ceramic Bicycle 4 Ounce

Finish Line Ceramic Bicycle 4 Ounce

The most used cycling lubrication is in the world. It was made using the highest quality ingredients. Greatly reduces bearing and drivetrain wear. Finish Line has the most advanced, effective racing lubricant. Enhanced with small particles of boron nitride and fluoropolymer which build ceramic coating on the surfaces of the drivetrain over time. Between 20% and 60% of the product's base oils will degrade within 28 days once exposed to contact with soil-bornebacterias. When used in quantities and applications as intended, it is non-toxic and emits no Volatile Organic Compounds. A patented, fully waterproof lubricant can be used in all cycling disciplines.

Brand: Finish Line

👤I've been using overpriced Muc-Off products for years, and I've decided to try the Finish line Ceramic chain lube, and I think it's a much better lube. Even in the rainy season, it stays on the chain. The Finish line can be cleaned easily with any degrease product, since Muc-Off leaves a hard to remove mess. I use the FLWAX CERAMIC which is even better in dry conditions.

👤I have used chain lubes that are good, but they tend to wash off quickly and attract dirt. I want my bike to be silent and this is the best thing to do. It works like a charm at keeping the chain lubed and quiet, even though it washes off in the rain. Who would have thought that was-based stuff would work? I've been using it for a long time. You have to buy another bottle if the stuff turns brown after a year or more. I haven't run one out yet. I redo the chain every week.

👤I've tried many different lubes on my bike. This is my favorite. After drying it forms a sticky film that lasts a long time. I have never had a lube that doesn't pick up dirt and dust. If the lube is wet, it will absorb dirt. Dry lubes leave a waxy gunk on everything. This tacky lube seems to be less messy than an oily wet lube or a dry lube, but it lasts way longer. I can clean the side plates and outer surfaces of a chain several times, even though the inside surfaces are still sticky. The lube needs to dry in order to be at its best. I try to apply it before I go for a ride. I lightly wipe the chain off after the carrier fluid has evaporated. I wipe the excess after I am done riding if I must apply it right before. It's obvious when the lube is dry because it changes from watery to sticky. Cleaning off excess lubrication helps minimize dirt build up, while still providing very good lubrication. I've tried a lot of things. The Finish Line Ceramic is the only thing I buy anymore.

👤I'm sticking with this for my mountain bike after experimenting with different types and brands of chain lube. It maintains good lubrication in the mountains of western NC. After hours in mud and rain, my chain is quiet and shifting smooth. After a few applications, it bonds with the chain and becomes better, but it will start to turn black and look dirty, but it will return to a normal appearance after a couple cleanings and re-applications. It's not perfect for everything, but I love this stuff for mountain biking in wet conditions. It attracts a lot of dirt in dry conditions. Dust can stick to the outside of the chain, but it can be wiped off easily with a rag. I stopped using it on my road bike because it attracts so much dirt. It took many cleanings and applications to remove the Finish Line Ceramic's remnants. I recommend sticking with it for the rest of the chain. After about 3-6 rides, I run my chain through a cleaner with a degreaser and let it dry. I apply the lube, run the chain through all the gears, wipe the excess off the rings and gears, and then remove the excess from the chain. Most dirt comes off when I lightly grasp the sides of the chain.

5. Ultrafashs Lubricant Degrease Tool Bike Degreaser 10oz

Ultrafashs Lubricant Degrease Tool Bike Degreaser 10oz

It is important to swing over the area you want to spray, you should start the swing before you pull the Trigger and stop swigging. If you don't do that, there will be an oil build up anywhere you stagnated. Clean and maintain your bike chain with Wet Lubricant,Degreaser,Chain scrubber,Gear brush,cleaning Gloves. RubberDegreaser is made from non-corrosive formula and is safe to use for cleaning cassettes, Chainrings, Pulleys, or any other component that accumulates muck and grime. Dust,Rust and waterproof are included in the performance. Premium base oils are the best for lubrication. Dropper designed a way to control the flow of oil. The chain scrubber works quickly and gets your chain clean with little effort. The gear brush is a curved toothed end that reaches deep between cassette gears. Oil can be used for a lot of things. They have a registered trademark and all legal rights. If you are not happy with your purchase, they will give you a 100% money back guarantee. They will do their best to give you the most satisfactory solution if you tell them.

Brand: Ultrafashs

👤I am a competitive mountain bike racer who needs to make sure my bike is running as good as new for my events. I have used other similar kits but they always wear out after a few uses and were even corrosive to my bikes components. I purchased the Ultrafashs kit in order to have a reliable kit to take with me to my races and make sure my bike is running smooth all year round. The grease was caked onto the cogs because I hadn't cleaned my bike's drivetrain in a while. I was rewarded with a clean, smooth running drivetrain after using the product as intended and wiping it down. The kit worked well on my race bike and held up for months. This product is reliable and will keep you and your bike happy.

👤The chain was cleaned well. It seemed a little out of the box, but at first I was a bit uneasy about the purchase. The chain is clean after a few laps through the box. It took a bit of a learning curve, but it worked out. The brush it came with is soft and almost useless, but it does give some reach to the coggs. The lube is like a lube. The tip is nice. Gloves made me laugh. Unless you have stones stuck in your gears, the serrated claw is almost useless. I wish they would have sent more cleaner. Update the review if it breaks soon, it seems thick and durable. I am happy with it all. I hope dawn will do a good job, it seems like it's only enough for maybe 4 cleanings. It still seems a little odd to me. It only took a few minutes to make an hour or more job. 4 stars.

👤I'm disappointed with the price of the chain cleaner I bought, I wanted a good chain cleaner at a decent price. The tool is not very good. 1. The sponges in the box will not come off. 2. The handle is not thought of as being able to hold it in position while rotating the chain. The degreaser and oil do their job. If you're like me, you keep looking.

👤I'm a bit disappointed. I'm happy with the product, but I don't know how to use it properly. The instructions are printed on the outside of the package, but they put the shopping label over it, which would be fine if there were no instructions on the box. I can't read the directions after trying to lift the label. If they will send me the same instructions that are on the outside of the box, I will be happy to change this to a 5 star.

👤It works as advertised. The chain has built up a lot of grunge. My bikes are so clean you could eat off them. There are 2 things to note. Purchase a large bottle of degreaser. 2. Don't eat off the chain, no matter how clean it is.

6. Muc Off 871 Ceramic Lube

Muc Off 871 Ceramic Lube

Marksman Twist Spout makes it easy to apply a product. Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Dry Lube is a premium bike chain lubricant that creates a ceramic coating for the ultimate chain performance. There is a reduces menace. The advanced formula reduces energy consumption and friction to ensure silky-smooth gear shifts. It's ideal for dry weather. The C3 Ceramic Dry Lube is formulated to excel over long distances in dry and dusty conditions. The UV degradation system. The Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Dry Lube has a dye that is visible under the UV light so that you can check to make sure you have maximum coverage. C3 Ceramic Lube is the perfect choice for protecting your bicycle chain if you prefer to hit the road or shred the trails on your mountain bike. C3 Ceramic Lube is the perfect choice for protecting your bicycle chain if you prefer to hit the road or shred the trails on your mountain bike.

Brand: Muc Off

👤It wasn't at all. The stuff stinks in dry and dusty conditions. You put it on. You sound like you are a triathlon when it's gone within 30 minutes. My chain sounds like junk after 10mi. There is a What's going on with their marketing? The ad says "dry condition chain lube" on the bottle and in the title of the ad, but just below their little chart with the meter on it shows it to be in the "damp to wet" conditions zone. Did this make it past their marketing department? Your bar graph shows you 1 click past the "damp" riding conditions. Come on. The only pro I can think of is that it is easy to see when you apply it, but who cares if it doesn't work? Not sure what the reviewers got. This review is coming from a cat. I don't mean squat, but at least you know my ride history in relation to using chain lubes. I've used a lot of them and this one stinks.

👤You get caught in a rain shower when you use an excellent lube. The benefits are gone quickly. I don't start my rides expecting to get wet, but it happens on occasion. I feel strongly that this is the best lube I've ever used. Easy and reliable daily drivers have their merits. When your game has risen to the next level, when you care for and tune your equipment to suit your preferences, this is the next level of lubrication. As long as you stay dry. There is a The small light is helpful to examine the accuracy of the application. You will see how evenly you are covered, and that there are some stray drips that need to be cleaned up. There is a I'm trying to see if the Team Sky Hydrodynamic can survive rain showers. I will review it once I have time to ride it. Great lubrication for dry places.

👤I've been using the C3 lube for a while. I've tried a lot of different lubes for my bike. I clean my chain religiously once a week. My ride is in the Rockies. I don't ride in bad weather because I don't want to get hit by lightening during my riding months. My chain and cassette have always been very dirty when I clean them. The C3 lubrication has changed that. The chain and cassette are cleaner now that I clean them once a week. I like a clean bike and could probably clean it every other week or third week. This is great. It is worth every penny. Instead of using the light that's provided, I just use a marker and place a vertical line on the chain link where I start my lube, apply a drop at each link, then stop when the mark comes round. After one ride, the mark disappears.

👤The climate is dry and sandy on my daily ride along the San Diego coast. I used to use a light lube. The drive train got dirty fast, but it was smooth and durable. I've been using Muc Off C3 for a while. The drive train is very clean and the chain runs smooth. You need to keep an eye on the chain to make sure it has enough lubrication. If you run into rain, the lube will wash away. It's pretty easy to check lube coverage with a UV light. I wipe the chain to remove any dirt after each ride and apply a light coat of lube every other day. I ride a lot. I clean the chain with degreaser about twice a week. I only wash the cassette once a week because it doesn't look like it needs it.

7. ORM D Extreme Chain Lubricant 16 Ounce

ORM D Extreme Chain Lubricant 16 Ounce

The package includes: a chain hook, all steel chain cutter, professional steel needle, rocker, support rod, head, and bicycle chain magic buckle.

Brand: Rock N Roll It!

👤I have ridden and raced in all kinds of conditions, on all kinds of terrain and in all kinds of bike races. I own and operate a pedicab company. I have found the best lube. I made the mistake of using dry lube on an epic one day ride that had rain, dust, about a dozen stream crossing and a ton of hills. It wasn't long before I lost my lubrication. The dry lube was taken off by the rain. I like attracting dirt with traditional lube, but it resists water. This is a dry lube that is water proof. Second, it's also a cleaner. Really? You put it on a dirty chain and get about 4 or 5 rags to wipe it off. You can not wipe it off. The lube stays where it's needed at the pivot points on the chain, even after you wipe all the grim away. When I clean my bikes, I just apply and wipe, instead of using a chain cleaner or degreaser. I put it on my children's bikes, my mountain bikes, my road bikes, and my businesses pedicabs.

👤I ride the Pisgah NC area at least three times a week. I travel between applications. I check my chain. This is the best lube I have ever used. The Blue is for me, but the Gold is okay. When I get caught in a rain or need to ride through multiple creek crossings, I apply again. I want a product that will help make my equipment perform as it should and extend the service life of my equipment. As others have stated, apply liberally, throw the crank arm backwards a few times to help with penetration and wipe the chain continuously until dry. I usually wipe the chain down the next morning after applying it the night before.

👤I've used RnR Extreme for many years and it's worked well. I ride a lot of dirt roads and do a few miles of pavement in between. I'm not a real pro because I've never raced. I do 100 miles of dirt riding a week. It takes care of my chain all year. I wipe my chain and apply again after every ride to keep things running smooth, but have done 200 miles between applications without any issues. I found this stuff to be less messy than Finish Line Ceramic lube and Tri Flow. There are a few wet spots on the trails I ride that warrant the Extreme lube, but I have used RnR Road and Gold there and there as well. In the summer, I will use the gold. The Extreme is fine for road riding between the house and the dirt because I only ride a road bike for 20-60 miles a week. I've used both the Red road formula and the Extreme formula, and it seems the Extreme is a better substitute for it. I had a good time using the road formula on my mountain bike, but I don't have long term observations of mixing the two with their intended uses. I switched from Tri Flow to RnR about 9 years ago and only tried Finish Line's Ceramic lube because I couldn't find any RnR while bike touring. I have limited experience with any competition but I have a lot of experience with this stuff.

8. Sunenlyst Lubricator Portable Maintenance Mountain

Sunenlyst Lubricator Portable Maintenance Mountain

EcoSheep is USDA Certified Biobased and meets EPA Safe Choice Standards. They went above and beyond to get to meet these industry standards because they care about keeping dangerous chemicals out of the environment. The operation of maintenance bike chain can be done in a simple way. It will only take a few seconds for the lubricant to convey to the chain. The bicycle chain refueling tool is made from recycled materials. The bicycle chain oiler has a soft lubricating wheel. It can allow oil to penetrate the chain smoothly. Don't touch oil and avoid dirty fingers. Fuel-Efficient. The bike chain gear oiler lube will save 90 percent of the oil. The capacity of lubricant that the bicycle chain really needs will be released by the chain oiler. There were no oil leaks or oil splashes. Chain care tool has a finger mould for a secure grip, it is easy to carry and use. Bike chain gear oiler roller is suitable for all kinds of bikes, such as road bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes and folding bikes. Their products come with a lifetime guarantee. Customer experience and feelings are important to them. If you have a problem with the roller lube oil maintenance tool, please contact them.

Brand: Sunenlyst

👤I soaked it in my best chain oil and rolled it on my chain so I could ride it.

👤It saves time, is easy to use, and keeps the work area clean. The chain oil stays on the bike chain. Great invention! The tool itself is not damaged after it arrived.

👤I didn't waste the chain lube using this item. You put enough lube on the chain to store the unit in a sealed container. I'm very happy I bought this item.

👤No mess for oiler to lubricate my bike.

👤It's handy and you can use it whenever.

9. Dumonde Tech Regular Bicycle Lubricant

Dumonde Tech Regular Bicycle Lubricant

The Luer Lock Precision Application Tip is included in the Silva Synergetic bike chain lubricant. The instructions are easy to understand. Remove the red cap and apply one drop per chain link. You can back pedal through 12 times. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe clean. Not affected by riding conditions, small carbon footprint.

Brand: Dumonde Tech

👤It's not a fan of the clear color and you can't see how much you're applying. This seems thick compared to Original and lite, so it doesn't seem to penetrate as well on the chain. I feel like I end up using more. As far as performance goes, it's pretty good.

👤This product is the best on the market. It's easy to apply, it's long lasting and doesn't attract dirt on my bike chain like many other lubes do.

👤The new X formula is even better than the old one. I use the regular for trail riding and lite for road riding. You can go wrong if you follow the instructions.

👤I like chain lube. You need to wipe it off before you use it.

10. Lucas Oil 10393 Penetrant Aerosol

Lucas Oil 10393 Penetrant Aerosol

No more drilling, hammering or chiseling. Fit type: Specific. The package has dimensions of 18.796 H x 6.35 L x 6.604 W. The package weight is 0.408 kilograms. The country of origin is the United States. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Lucas Oil

👤I have a KSF 250 that I ride all the time and I put it back up until it was time to ride again because my chain would sound bad after every wash and I needed something to smooth the links so they wouldn't break. I bought this to make it smooth and ride better than it did before, because I didn't like the metal crunch on it. I don't use WD40 because it's not a good choice because it's not a good choice because it will drive all the oils that are needed most of the time with chain and it's not a good choice because it's not a good choice because it' This lucas lube adds lubrication and protects against rust, so it's good for the chain.

👤Lucas oil sells this stuff, so don't waste your money. Buy another brand. The stuff sticks to everything but the chain. A horrible product. Unless you like to degrease everything. I sprayed it on the chain and let it sit overnight before using the bike.

👤I use it on my gate opener. I apply it with a small brush and spray on a plastic cup. The little plastic straw that comes with the spray is going to go wherever you spray it. I do last for a long time under the weather conditions. I recommend this product.

👤Only use it on bicycles, ATV's and anything else that rotates slowly. This is the worst chain lube I've ever used. The back tread on the side will fling all over the place if you don't wipe the chain off after application. If you ride a street bike that gets good lean in corners, you might not want a lubricant flung all over the tire.

👤What a mess. I used the tube. It was difficult to slowly spray foam. It was like a fire hose. I got the foam on the chain and it didn't bother me. After 45 minutes, we went for a ride and found oil all over the tire, spokes, frame, and more. I can't use it on my wife's bike again. The can said it wouldn't fling off. Bull! I will wipe the chain off if I try it again. It is not what it says it is. I used to just spray it on the chain. I should have stuck to that.

👤The product came as advertised and did a good job, but mine arrived without the "straw" to get a good narrow shot on the chain. I have never seen a can of oil or lube without one.

👤If you depress the valve, it blasts out in a mess. To moderate the flow, lightly press it. The oil is thin and will cause problems. This stuff will fling contrary what the label says. The oil foams on application thoroughly cover and penetrate the chain. I think it's a good product. The misleading label made me give it 3 stars.

👤I forgot to dry my bike. Something nasty was chained up. I applied this and a chain brush, and it looked as good as new, even though I haven't ridden in a while. I use this on my multi-station exercise machine. I use a paper towel to clean and lubricate the dual chrome poles on the pulleys, because they have 20 plates on them. I would work on door hinges and other things that are not a mouse.

11. WPL Wet Chain Lube 120ml

WPL Wet Chain Lube 120ml

This item is not for sale in Catalina Island. An internal performance enhancer. This wet bicycle chain lube is made from a premium bio-based formula made only with natural ingredients and it provides efficient pedalling and long lasting performance to cyclists of all disciplines. Is it a good idea to go for a ride somewhere far and wet? Their bike chain lube and cleaner is specially formulated for wet and moderate conditions where it is needed the most. Thanks to the Emulsifite technology on their bike lube, it can provide cleaning abilities and prevent black goop build-ups. The concentration of Emulsifites in this mountain bike chain lube has been fine-tuned to resist puddle and rain, but to be activated by high water pressure from a hose. WPL has bicycle lube that can be used on bike chains, derailleurs, cables, and any part that needs lubrication and all-around protection from various unwanted elements. Bike grease, lubes, and bicycle oils are non-toxic and have a PTFE-Free formula. The components of their dirt bike and mtb chain lube are stable and have no known dangerous reaction as long as the installations comply with safety standards.

Brand: Wpl

👤It works as well as tri flow, and you will know why I stopped using the banana scented stuff that I had happily used for decades if you look at the ingredients. You don't want Teflon in your bike lube.

👤It stays on the chain well. I rode my road bike with this grease for over 1350 miles and my chain is still in excellent condition. I only cleaned the chain once. No need to have fancy products with harsh chemicals.

👤I'm not sure if I'm qualified to rate chain lubricant. It's easy to apply, and lasts a long time. There were no problems and no mess.

👤The Atala 10 speed is a 40+ year old one. I like to keep them working and not wear them out. The lube is easy to use. Works well.

👤This stuff keeps the bike quiet.

👤Tadpole trikes have lubricating chains. Not the first time that this product has been used.

👤It worked well and I was satisfied with it.

👤I found a new chain lube. It is being used on my fat bike as it gets very wet and the chain can dried out easily. This lube is strong enough to stand up to the wet and a light washing.

👤The product was delivered today. The tube was broken and oil was spilled. I had to dispose of the product due to the oil spilling. Amazon followed up with a respectful way that satisfied me.

👤It works great for cleaning and lubricating suspension fork and dropper post.

👤The cap on the bottle was almost open, but it was a good lube for your bike.

👤It made my bike sound brand new.


What is the best product for bicycle chain oil?

Bicycle chain oil products from Silca. In this article about bicycle chain oil you can see why people choose the product. Tri-flow and Finish Line are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle chain oil.

What are the best brands for bicycle chain oil?

Silca, Tri-flow and Finish Line are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle chain oil. Find the detail in this article. Ultrafashs, Muc Off and Rock N Roll It! are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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