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1. Chain L High Mileage Bicycle Chain Lube

Chain L High Mileage Bicycle Chain Lube

The world's leading security manufacturer offers a wide range of products including padlocks and hasps, chains and cables, key storage and safety devices. Bike chain lubrication. lubrication, lubrication The life of your chain and bike can be extended.

Brand: Chain-l

👤There are a lot of reviews about bike chain oil. I just recently tried the ceramic one from finish line, and have also used their teflon lube. I think this one ruined them both out of the water. It is thick and has some dirt in it. Don't care, just clean your chain and jockey wheels every now and then. You should. I like to work on bikes. Most people bring their old bikes back to life. I enjoy doing that and it's what I do. I was finding an older, slightly rustier bike that I was working on wasn't running as smoothly as I wanted it to be. I used teflon on the chain. I didn't change anything else except add the Chain L, and it became like butter, smooth and silent. It always does that. I'll get different oils just to try them out, not because I'm dissatisfied. I tried the ceramic one on my mountain bike and it wasn't for me. I switched back after one ride. 10 years ago, this was the top review for chain oils. Now it's never been mentioned. For me, it's still my favorite.

👤I've only been on it for about 100 miles. I'm riding a bike on a path by the beach after a very clean lube Rock and Roll red. It attracts more sand than dry lube, but it's not as noticeable when you get up to 15 MPH. You don't have to apply dry lube every week and a half, it's way better in sand. I'm getting used to not having my chain so clean and it's not bad. If you were riding on cement with no dirt or sand, this would be the best lube there is. There is a change to the edit. I tried this with a brand new chain and wiped the oil off before I reinstalled it. When you do it this way, it doesn't attract much sand, and doesn't have the same feel as other methods. If you don't clean the chain first, the dirt will get into your rollers. If you use a new chain or clean it before applying, I have updated my review to 5 stars.

👤Quiet and long lasting chain lube. No more than any other oil based chain lube can be used in anything other than very dry and very clean conditions. It has to be applied with the chain off the bike or with a drop on each link. One of my favorites. This is a good option if you want serious performance. If you want a more casual application, you might want to go another direction. There is a I have been trying different lubes. This is the quietest lube around, it has some well thought out Additives in it. I love hearing my tires roar on the tarmac, even though wax lubes are marginally more efficient. Smooth, bumped up a star.

👤This lube is great for long-term use. Fatbiking in the snow can really take a toll on lube and I live in New England. I can get multiple rides in the worst of conditions with this stuff. It is completely user error to complain that it attracts dirt. The oil should be in a cup of hot water. Step 2 is to apply a small drop to each link. Do not try to work it in at high speeds. Over night is even better if you let it sit for at least 10 min. Step 4 is to wipe the chain down. You can't wipe the chain all. Go for a normal ride and wipe down after every ride. You can't feel it on the outside of the chain, but it is on the inside. Don't be tempted to keep applying this lube because it really lasts.

2. Finish Line Ceramic Bicycle Squeeze

Finish Line Ceramic Bicycle Squeeze

The most used cycling lubrication is in the world. It was made using the highest quality ingredients. Greatly reduces bearing and drivetrain wear. A wet-style lube that stays wet for maximum performance in wet weather and long distances. For pedaling over long distances. Quiet and smooth, great for racing. The chemistry is patented.

Brand: Finish Line

👤I think it works. I don't see much difference between wet chain lubes and dry chain lubes. I've used every one of them. There is a property that tends to vary product to product. It drips off your chain. Too thick. It doesn't sink into the links. Finish Line's product excelled here. It is in the right spot. It soaks in nicely but doesn't leak. My chains always look great after a quick wash. Would buy again. * The product works exactly as advertised, the fit/finish is what you'd expect from a good value product, and it ships in retail packaging. The product works exactly as advertised, fit/finish are what you'd expect, it might have a minor flaw, or it ships in undisclosed non-retail packaging. Product works great but differs from description, so I would change a few things. It's barely works but can be useful if you try 1 STAR. It is a waste of money if it is useless and does not perform its intended function.

👤This stuff is amazing. My ebike has a day and night difference. I use an Ultrasonic cleaner first. You will have a clean and smooth drivetrain when you apply this lube. After the initial application, it stays clean and you can keep applying lube until you feel the chain needs another deep clean.

👤I haven't received my ceramic wet jug yet. It is being delivered at the end of the review. Here is my opinion on this product. I am familiar with "Ceramic Technology" because I use ceramic cartridge bearings in all of my wheel hubs, rear derailleur pulley wheels and any component that I use on my "Custom Built" black 2012 Catrike 700 Racing Recumbent. When I saw that there was a lube with "Ceramic" properties added in it, it was a "NO BRAINER" for me. My regular wet lube does the same thing on my Wipperman 10-speed "Gold/Brass" colored chains as it does on my (3) Wipper, and I am waiting on my Wipper. The Catrike 700 Racing Recumbent is a "Black" color and I called it "The Black Widow" so I decided to set it up with the Wipperman Connex. Since the last review of this product, the Catrike 700 Racing Recumbent requires at least three 114 link chains for the "Drivetrain". My personal evaluation is here. This is the best lube for the Chaina and Drive system. My experience with my drive system was that it was more Quartier/less noisier and did not need a lot of lubrication. I use a Syringe that is designed for filling printer ink cartridges, and I also use a drop of lube on the chain and on my other component on my Trike. The Finish Line Wet Ceramic was easy to clean off of my hands and Trike/Recumbent components. After every ride, I wash and lubricate my Catrike 700 Racing Recumbent, so that it is ready for the next ride. I get comments from other Cyclists on how clean my rig is. The Finish Line Wet Ceramic Lube is light and not heavy like other lubes on the market and it does exactly what it is advertised to do. I highly recommend this lacing for any cyclist who likes to keep their bikes in tip top shape.

3. White Lightning Conditions Bicycle 8 Ounce

White Lightning Conditions Bicycle 8 Ounce

The perfect choice for riders who want the performance of a wet-style lubricant. The non-petroleum based synthetic oils are formulated to provide long haul durability without the excessive grime build-up. It works great on chains and on a lot of things. Even in coastal salt-air conditions, it protects your bike's drive train.

Brand: White Lightning

👤My bike chain is easy to maintain with the White Lightning ride all conditions spray lube. I drive a Trek dual sport 3 on and off the road and like all bikes, the chain accumulates dirt. I degrease and lubricate the chain about once a week. I use mineral spirits on a paper towel as a degreaser to get the heavy junk off the chain and it shines. The rollers need to be cleaned. This is the most important part of maintaining a bike chain and what I really like about this product is the spray version of White Epic Lightning Ride lube. I use it to loosen and wash away the dirt that gets under the rollers and the outside of the chain, so that the chain is very clean and lubricated. I let the lube go for about an hour and then wiped the excess with a paper towel. After the ride, I want the excess lube to be set up. It's about 24 hours before my next ride. This product loosens, and washes away the dirt that I can't access. We all know our bikes need lubrication. If you spray across the chain horizontally, it will blow lube all over the place. Instead, I hold the tip over the chain and use the thin plastic straw in the nozzle to gently squirt the lube downward over the rollers as I slowly crank the pedals backwards. I can see that the rollers are being washed and the dirt is being lifted. I need to make a single pass and let it set. My bike has a disc brake and if oil gets on the brakes, I can hose them up. I don't blast this stuff on my bike because I want to make sure it doesn't get on the disc brakes. I place a sheet of thin cardboard between the chain and the wheel to keep it from being sprayed. I hold paper towels under the chain to catch drips. I put some rags under the bike. I wanted to give you some ideas on how to use this product. I don't recommend blasting the stuff all over the cassette because of the danger of spatter and over spray. I recommend it to anyone interested in good bike chain maintenance because it is a great product, does a great job for me, and is a great gift. Enjoy and be safe.

👤I have tried a lot of different lubes. Clean Ride, Rock n' Roll, ProGold, Finish Line, Dumond Tech, Squirt, and White Lightning are all on top of my head. They are all good in one aspect but not in others. The ride seems to have a good balance. I have done a few double centuries after applying this product, and no one sings of chain noise at the end of each ride. I usually just apply fresh lube and wipe off the excess, no special cleaning like some other lubes require, and clean my chain once every few hundred miles. I don't see a lot of heavy rain in Northern California, but I had no problem riding 100 miles in light but constant rain with this product.

4. Rock N Roll Holy Bicycle Cleaning Lube

Rock N Roll Holy Bicycle Cleaning Lube

Universal Fit is the type of fit. The Holy Cow Bike Chain Lube. Being a little bit of a wet style chain lube, what little dirt can get on the chain, can be wiped away quickly and easily. Cleans and lubricates at the same time.

Brand: Rock N Roll

👤Holy Cow only has a competition from Rock N Roll's 'Gold' lube. It's difficult to say which is more effective. I would have to give the Holy Cow a slight edge in terms of longevity, but Gold would have a slight edge in terms of cleanliness. Holy cow is a little more slippery after it sets up. The gold seems to run a little cleaner and get a little more mileage before the drivetrain starts asking for more lube. It's difficult to go wrong with either.

👤I have tried every kind of bike chain lube out there, with the exception of wax or paraffin. This stuff works. Holy Cow is the only lube I can pack with me when I travel on airplanes because Rock'n'Roll gold is not safe. The lube is clean and odorless, and it doesn't attract dirt. After every ride, I wipe down my chain, cogs, and chainrings, and put some on according to the instructions. My chains last me on average 8 months until they start to show wear, at which point I put on a new chain, clean it, and lubricate it with Holy Cow. This stuff is so good that I can't remember when I last had to replace rear cogs. You won't regret it if you use it per the instructions.

👤I bought this for the chain on my bike. The mechanic recommended it when I bought my bike. Happy with the purchase. The item arrived quickly.

👤It seems to ride better than Rock-n-Roll gold.

👤This is a great chain line. I tried other products, but I am sticking with Rock n Roll.

👤Any Rock n Roll chain product is my favorite. After I clean my bike, I like the white. The gold and blue are very versatile.

👤I can get 3 10 mile rides in the rain with it. The only complaint is that the chain needs to be warm.

👤I saw the Rock and Roll extreme and thought I would give it a try. It works.

5. Park Tool CG 2 4 Bicycle Cleaning

Park Tool CG 2 4 Bicycle Cleaning

Sturdy triangle base with rubber feet will hold bikes steady and won't scratch the floor. Bike chains, rear cogs, and chainrings can be cleaned with a complete cleaning solution. Includes degreaser, gear brush, and chain scrubber. The chain scrubber cleans chains quickly and effectively. Dirt collects between gears and other places where the brush reaches deep. ChainBrite Chain and Component Cleaning fluid is plant-based and will not harm plastic, rubber or carbon fiber.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I ordered extra bottles of the cleaning solution because the one that comes with the kit will only last about 3 cleanings. I was able to hold the cleaning tool in my left hand while spinning my pedal backwards to run the chain through it. I use the brush to scrub my cassette. It cleans everything. Thanks to this tool, I will be obsessed with having a clean chain. I wear medical exam gloves to keep my hands clean, wipe the chain with a microfiber rag, and then apply a little lube to the chain, and let it air dry over night. It is easy to rinse out the cleaning tool with clean water. All of them were very pleased with this kit.

👤I bought this to clean the chain and gears after 3 years of use. My review is here. There is a The chain and gears are much cleaner than before. It works! The liquid degreaser works well. The tool works, but there are some things to be aware of. The supplied brush works well for the gears. There is a If you are going to use the tool you need, you should use a bike stand, a place to hang your bike or another person to help you do the cleaning. Lift the bike so the wheel isn't on the ground and hold the cleaning tool, that's what it's called. I think that works if you have 3 hands. Some of the bad reviews are due to this. It can get messy if you don't have rags and towels handy. The degreaser turned black when I had 3 years of dirt on my chain. The black degreaser was spilling out of the tool onto my floor when my bike wasn't level. The degreaser would flick out of the back of the tool if I was pedaling backwards or forwards. I had to put towels on the bike. I wish I knew that before the end of the world. The black greasy mess that was on your bike chain needs to be cleaned. Taking the tool apart wasn't that bad. There is a It's a good tool if you keep the caveat mentioned above in mind.

👤The cleaning solution that comes with the chain tool seems to be overpriced if purchased separately. Simple Green and dish washing detergent are recommended. There are alternate cleaning suggestions in the videos. Hopefully Park Tool will look at their reviews and lower the price and come out with larger containers that will bring a better value to their chain cleaning chemical. There is a Park Tool has excellent products, excellent videos, and an excellent customer service team.

👤The chain cleaner works well, but the solvent runs out quickly. You should buy a can of the bike degreaser for $7 instead of buying a new bottle of solvent. Since it sprays foam, it will last you longer and save you money. You can spray the degreaser on your chain. In my tests, the same amount of grease was removed with the WD-40 and it was much more cost-effective.



The top 3 brands of chain lube are EFFICIENCY - SILCA. Their lube bonds to the chain to create a barrier. Any rider's bike tool kit needs this secret bike oil. Cleans and lubricates at the same time. Rock 'n' Roll's driest lube is the Absolute Dry. It goes on thin, which means it picks up the dirt the least deep in the chain. A clean chain lasts longer than a dirty chain. Rock 'n' Roll says they get 8,000 miles on a single chain when using the Absolute Dry.

Brand: Rock N Roll It!

👤I have been using this lube for a decade. It lasts quite a while before needing reapplication. It's only intended for dry conditions and road riding. I would go with the gold version for all other road applications. Blue is the best for winter. Highly recommended.

👤I've been a user of their Gold for a while and decided to try it out. It keeps the chain cleaner than the Gold, but it doesn't last as long and it's67531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 I will continue to buy and use, but I will use something else if I can't service my bike as frequently or if there is some wet weather.

👤The lube prolongs chain life. It doesn't pick up sand. Sand is the leading cause of chain wear.

👤I like how this will clean and lubricate the chain. Dirt is kept off chain and system. Will purchase again.

👤I use another product for wet winter riding. It seems to last a long time without attracting a lot of dirt. I will buy again.

7. Finish Line Quality Bicycle Degreaser

Finish Line Quality Bicycle Degreaser

Under extreme temperatures and humidity, high-grade petroleum oils provide optimum lubrication. A heavy-duty bicycle chain cleaner with EcoTech Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrate. Cleaner clips directly to the chain. The three-brush rotating design and scrubber pads clean the chain quickly. A 30-degree exit angle eliminates mess. In just one minute, you can clean your chain.

Brand: Finish Line

👤This worked great during one use. Chain has never been clean. Was absolutely thrilled! There is a I discovered a design flaw. The plastic tabs that hold the clip on broke. I can hold it closed manually with a little extra effort, but there are now tiny little holes where the plastic tabs used to be, which is causing degreaser to leak everywhere. I was stupid to try this at midnight in my living room, but I was smart enough to put my bike on a blanket and degrease it.

👤I bought this chain cleaner to clean my bike's chain. The bike has a flip-flops hub. I own a seven speed that needs occasional cleaning. I bought the chain movement tool at the store to allow chain movement while the wheel is removed. I might use this set-up to clean my seven-speed. I might find a different way to clean it. I was warned not to use this cleaner on a bike. I should have been more careful with the reviews. I thought the Sportixx chain keeper would give me enough time to clean the chain. There is a It can be done. It's debatable whether it's worth the effort. I was able to do it, but I need to find a better way. If possible, I would like to keep my drive chain. It might be a good idea to remove the chain. I removed my back wheel, but what I did was not optimal. I attached my chain keeper to the dropout. I moved the keeper to a gap in the dropout because the chain didn't have enough slack. Not every bike has this gap. The Finish Line chain cleaner had enough slack to be attached. There are five I held the plastic jig with no handle while turning the crank. The master-link of my chain worked perfectly when it passed through the jig. Simple Green was used for my cleaning solution. Some reviewers used this, but I didn't like it. I like Simple Green for other reasons. I'll use this jig on my seven-speed and try Dawn liquid. I lubed the chain after running it through plain water. Replacing my master link with a normal link was the best answer I could come up with. The keeper was moved closer to the chain wheel with the help of a plate. It seems like a lot of work to avoid removing the chain. I will not dock stars for my mistakes. I will feel better after I use these purchases to clean my other bike's chain. I don't ride much lately.

👤The device works very well. The video and instructions don't mention how messy it can get. I made a mess of it the first time I used it. There is a Before you put the device on the chain, you need to steady your bike. If you have any oil or dirt on the cogs, remove it first. Make sure you clean outside in an area where you don't mind a little oily splatter. You should have some rags or paper towels with you when you clean the chain. Make sure you have a sink and a bar of Lava to clean your hands. The device does a great job of cleaning the chain. You need to have a place to dispose of the used degreaser solution and a place to clean the device and old rags after that. If you store your bike indoors, be sure to put a mat or rags under it. After cleaning and drying, I applied the lube and my chain works great again.

8. WD 40 BIKE Chain Cleaner Degreaser 10

WD 40 BIKE Chain Cleaner Degreaser 10

Get outside and ride. It's easy to use chain lubricant to get your bike out of the garage. The perfect size will not take up much room in your tool box. Ride with confidence. Scientists, bicycle retailers, and professional mechanics tested theWD-40 BIKE. The difference of a professional grade formula is not the same as the difference of a amateur grade formula. The community approved it. At local bike events around the globe, the WD-40 BIKE sets up hands-on wash stations. They provide riders of all levels an opportunity to engage with each product for essential bike maintenance when they visit and set up shop. There are inhibs on Corinthian. A clean bike is fast. The bike is awd-40. All Conditions Chain Lube is made of corrosive agents for long-term optimal chain performance. No-WAX FORMULA. Chain life for your bike can be extended with the help of the All Conditions Chain Lube. The formula won't build up inside the chain links or the drivetrain. You can ride in both dry and wet conditions with chains.

Brand: Wd-40 Bike

👤This is a base dry lube. Ptfe powder is added to my lubes. The dry lube works well. There are a few great hacks that I am sharing with you. 1. Add a half a spoon to the powder and shake it. It makes a difference. 2. Keep your driveline clean. The more power you have to put to the wheels, the cleaner it is. 3. Put the gear range in the middle and backwards to clean with a cheap nylon brush. The brush is on the cassette. 4. Then wipe with a towel. It is easy to grab the chain below the jockey wheel. 5. Before and after each ride, wipe your chain. This makes the drive line last longer. A dirty chain costs 30 watt more than a clean one. I'm not a roady. I am a mountain biker and if you neglect it it gets dirty fast. Follow the habits for a long time. It makes a huge difference. A clean driveline is a game-changer even if you don't use ptfe powder. The ptfe prolongs the life of the lube. I hope this helps you.

👤The point is, why the hell would Amazon put all their products under one description? Sheesh. It is confusing, annoying and uncalled for, for a product line.

👤I decided to try the new bike chain lube. I cleaned the chain with a wire brush and then wiped it with a rag. I sprayed the chain with this chain lube when I changed the crank assembly on my mountain bike. I was amazed at how quiet it became when I rode it for the real test. The results are so far good, did not see any splatter from slinging off the chain, the gear selector works smoothly, and it is easier to pedal. So far, so good. I like it. That's all.

👤This is what my mechanic recommends and it's good enough for me and my bike. I think it works very well in the chain. Don't confuse the specialty bike chain lube with the ordinary bike chain lube that everyone in the shop has, which is a dust magnet.

👤I don't think of a point in my life when I don't have a can of WD-40 nearby. Is the door closing? A few squirts solved the problem. I thought I would try it on my bike chain. I cleaned the chain well before applying the lubricant. Went for a ride. It was a big disappointment. There is a The chain attracted so much dust at the end of the ride that it was completely black. It was like what happened with the regularWD-40. This never happened with my other lube, it lasted about 300 miles before I needed to clean and lube again. I won't have this on my chain again. I will probably use it to stop doors from squeaking.

👤They say "lube" in the title. Maybe it's because this page has a lot of products. The cleaner worked well on my cassette. I used a strong hose to wash it off after I left it on. I didn't need a second application or brushing, but I was expecting it. The product is great at the "add-on" price.

9. ORM D Extreme Chain Lubricant 16 Ounce

ORM D Extreme Chain Lubricant 16 Ounce

The package includes: a chain hook, all steel chain cutter, professional steel needle, rocker, support rod, head, and bicycle chain magic buckle.

Brand: Rock N Roll It!

👤I have ridden and raced in all kinds of conditions, on all kinds of terrain and in all kinds of bike races. I own and operate a pedicab company. I have found the best lube. I made the mistake of using dry lube on an epic one day ride that had rain, dust, about a dozen stream crossing and a ton of hills. It wasn't long before I lost my lubrication. The dry lube was taken off by the rain. I like attracting dirt with traditional lube, but it resists water. This is a dry lube that is water proof. Second, it's also a cleaner. Really? You put it on a dirty chain and get about 4 or 5 rags to wipe it off. You can not wipe it off. The lube stays where it's needed at the pivot points on the chain, even after you wipe all the grim away. When I clean my bikes, I just apply and wipe, instead of using a chain cleaner or degreaser. I put it on my children's bikes, my mountain bikes, my road bikes, and my businesses pedicabs.

👤I ride the Pisgah NC area at least three times a week. I travel between applications. I check my chain. This is the best lube I have ever used. The Blue is for me, but the Gold is okay. When I get caught in a rain or need to ride through multiple creek crossings, I apply again. I want a product that will help make my equipment perform as it should and extend the service life of my equipment. As others have stated, apply liberally, throw the crank arm backwards a few times to help with penetration and wipe the chain continuously until dry. I usually wipe the chain down the next morning after applying it the night before.

👤I've used RnR Extreme for many years and it's worked well. I ride a lot of dirt roads and do a few miles of pavement in between. I'm not a real pro because I've never raced. I do 100 miles of dirt riding a week. It takes care of my chain all year. I wipe my chain and apply again after every ride to keep things running smooth, but have done 200 miles between applications without any issues. I found this stuff to be less messy than Finish Line Ceramic lube and Tri Flow. There are a few wet spots on the trails I ride that warrant the Extreme lube, but I have used RnR Road and Gold there and there as well. In the summer, I will use the gold. The Extreme is fine for road riding between the house and the dirt because I only ride a road bike for 20-60 miles a week. I've used both the Red road formula and the Extreme formula, and it seems the Extreme is a better substitute for it. I had a good time using the road formula on my mountain bike, but I don't have long term observations of mixing the two with their intended uses. I switched from Tri Flow to RnR about 9 years ago and only tried Finish Line's Ceramic lube because I couldn't find any RnR while bike touring. I have limited experience with any competition but I have a lot of experience with this stuff.

10. Finish Line Ceramic Bicycle 4 Ounce

Finish Line Ceramic Bicycle 4 Ounce

This item is not for sale in Catalina Island. The most used cycling lubrication is in the world. It was made using the highest quality ingredients. Greatly reduces bearing and drivetrain wear. A wax-style lube that goes on wet but dries to a wax so it won't attract or absorb dirt. Smooth and quiet. It's perfect for dry climates. The ceramic coating is on the surfaces.

Brand: Finish Line

👤I've been riding a bike for about 10 years. I used to use a wet lube. My main complaint was that it is messy. You have gunk all over you after bumping into the chain. About 6 years ago, my bike shop told me about wax lubes. I was impressed by how clean they were, but they did not last long. I had to apply the lubes a few times a week. I began to look for an alternative. I saw this product featured in an article and they said great things about it. I decided to try it. I have used it for about 200 miles and it has performed very well. I got caught in the rain and decided to change the lubrication. After your chain gets wet, it is a good idea to apply a wax lube. I have to say that this is a better lube than the one I used before. The ceramic partials in this lube are supposed to extent the duration of lubrication. It appears to be true so far. I am happy with this lube. If you ride in the rain a lot, an oil based lube would be better than a wax one. If they are exposed to water frequently, wax lubes will break down. Let me know if this review was helpful.

👤I was very excited to try this product. I thought this would be an upgrade because I love their dry lube and I am obsessed with having a clean chain. The conditions are always good, because I never ride in the cold or rain. This didn't come close to the dry lube they have. I followed their instructions, degreased the chain, lubed each individual link, and turned it a couple times. I have been cleaning the chain and applying it after every ride. It has been more than 10 rides and the chain gets dirtier after every ride, but halfway through it starts squeaking. I am going back to their Dry Teflon Lube, this ceramic one is just a bad product, it does nothing and is marketed really well.

👤I used to oil my chain when I was a road rider, but I switched to mountain biking after getting hit by a van and thought oil would be ok. I was always cleaning it. teflon wax was an improvement in cleanness but I was constantly re-applying it because the chain would be squeaky and I could feel an increase in pedal resistance. There is a The ceramic wax seems to be a good balance of both. It lasts longer than teflon wax, but not as long. It's a cleaner than grease. I've ridden a lot of trails that are dusty, sandy, muddy, and clay-ee, and only re-apply once or twice a year. It seems to gunk up the pulleys quicker than other lubricating agents. There is a It's not out-of-this-world expensive, but it does leave white stains on stuff, so watch out if you're worried about your bike shorts or something.

11. SILCA Super Secret Liquid Bicycle

SILCA Super Secret Liquid Bicycle

Rock 'n' Roll lube cleans and lubricates at the same time. Put the bike in its biggest gear and backpedal. The chainring is covered by a spray from the top. Remove the excess. To wipe off the big ring, shift to the small ring in front. The chain will shine if you wipe it. You can ride immediately, but you should let the excess evaporate for a few hours or overnight. The benefits of hot wax performance with the convenience of a liquid bottle is what SILCA bike chain lube brings to its customers. The most lubricious Additive in nan-scale Tungsten Di-sulfide leaves your bike chain cleaner, smoother, and silent. The SILCA bike chain oil is a great addition to the bike cleaning kit. A bicycle grease that can endure the torment of the road is all condition. SILCA chain lube helps your bike chain ride on without the need for constant application. Bike grease and lube is a necessity for cyclists. If you are going out for a casual ride or a competition, you will want to use SILCA bike lube. The top 3 brands of chain lube are EFFICIENCY - SILCA. Their lube bonds to the chain to create a barrier. Any rider's bike tool kit needs this secret bike oil.

Brand: Silca

👤The good news is that the lube is really good. It works well and is clean. It's the perfect lube for road riding where you use waxing as a primary lube and then supplement it to increase your intervals between baths. I've been able to push out my waxing routine to 500 miles using this method, because I've been able to pull the chain to clean and re-wax at roughly 250-300 mile intervals. This stuff is perfect for that role. There is a The not so good is that it picks up dirt off the road, which makes re-application an issue. For gravel or mountain bike use, a full chain clean, rinse, dry, and reapplication every 3-6 hours is what you're looking for, as opposed to a standard wet lube that you can wipe clean. There is a It does a great job of lubrication, but adds a bit of extra work for off-road use. I use a wet lube like Rock-n-Roll Gold for off road applications and use it as a supplemental lube between re-applications of wax on the road bike.

👤It is an impressive lubricant. It has been a long time since I completely discarded the oils they are crap, when you take the chain after using it, it is incredibly silky.

👤The performance of this lube was so poor that I felt obligated to temper the hype of this product. I used an air compressor and an Ultrasonic cleaner to dry the chain after stripping it of lube. Silca's on-line instructions dried the chain and installed it on my gravel bike. Two rides of less than 20 miles and the chain was screaming worse than I have ever heard before. I had to turn around and go home. I appled my previous favorite lubricant and the noise was gone in a second. Fire road dust was a problem for my rides. I can't speak to other conditions, but I'm not impressed with the performance in these conditions. I usually use Squirt lube and have used it in all conditions with perfect perfomance and always clean chain, I'm going to stick with that product. I don't work for Squirt.

👤My chain was the only thing that survived the Rule of 3 gravel race. There is a Everyone's bike sounded like it wanted to fall apart. Around mile 75, I could not hear my chain. There is a After the race, I washed my bike, cleaned my chain and re-lubed it, and it still has no wear.


What is the best product for bicycle chain lube rock and roll?

Bicycle chain lube rock and roll products from Chain-l. In this article about bicycle chain lube rock and roll you can see why people choose the product. Finish Line and White Lightning are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle chain lube rock and roll.

What are the best brands for bicycle chain lube rock and roll?

Chain-l, Finish Line and White Lightning are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle chain lube rock and roll. Find the detail in this article. Rock N Roll, Park Tool and Rock N Roll It! are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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