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1. Finish Line Bicycle Aerosol 8 Ounce

Finish Line Bicycle Aerosol 8 Ounce

Lubricates moving parts such as hinges, wheels, pulleys, rollers, chains, and gears. Their most versatile bicycle chain lubricant. Synthetic Oils with Teflon are great for long lasting performance. A dry-style lube that goes on wet but then sets up dry in a paste-like consistency resists attracting and absorbing dirt. Their choice is the best for maximum performance. Will not absorb or attract excessive dirt.

Brand: Finish Line

👤Great car. I use it all the time. It's easy to apply. There is a The picture doesn't match the description. The picture is of a spray. I contacted both the seller and Amazon. We will see what happens.

👤The valve broke after one application. The response from Amazon was very slow. I had to send a follow up email. I like the product when it works.

👤This was great when I had to lubricate my bike. I wiped it off and it was as new as new can be.

👤I am no pro after buying a typewriter. I think it did a good job.

👤The aerosol seems to have the same Drive property as the liquid type, but it is the first time I have used it to type. The number one best dry lube for bicycle enthusiasts is Finish line dry Teflon. It picks up only a small amount of dirt, and it will keep your speed play petals moving better. The green bottle wet lube is great for my customers who don't like to use a lot of lube.

👤The product worked well, but after 10 months it was no longer working. I sprayed my bike chain and it came out, but nothing else. I haven't been able to use it. I had to throw it. I would recommend the same brand of dry lube.

👤It works as expected. The price is currently $10 for an 8oz bottle.

👤It's fine in the mud for metal applications. The dry stuff is cleaner. You can spray it wherever you want, it doesn't have to be on non-metallic moving parts.

👤It's handy in spray form.

👤I bought this lube to try out on my Escape 3 and it's not great. It causes my chain to make more noise than a similar lube that uses all natural plant based substances. I wouldn't purchase this again for my specific bike combination, but that could be different for you.

2. Finish Line Bicycle Cleaner Lubricant

Finish Line Bicycle Cleaner Lubricant

No-WAX FORMULA. Chain life for your bike can be extended with the help of the All Conditions Chain Lube. The formula won't build up inside the chain links or the drivetrain. You can ride in both dry and wet conditions with chains. A squeeze bottler of a wet-style cleaner. Penetrates and cleaning out old lube and contaminants is easy. You're ready to ride when you apply the chain when it's dry or dirty. It's perfect for cyclists and bikes that are put into storage. Commuters and recreational cyclists who want a quick one-step clean and lube formula.

Brand: Finish Line

👤I have to say that this stuff works well for me. I did very little scrubbing in the before and after photos I took. When I clean my mountain bike, I don't go for showroom quality. I used a toothbrush and some cleaner to get around the cassette. I used a rag on the chain. After cleaning around the chain, I spray a light coat on it. It is easy to keep track of and only one bottle.

👤I ride about 300 miles a month. I don't believe in a 1-step system when you combine two functions that are different. I usually use a chain scrubber filled with Simple Green liquid degreaser and Rock n Roll lube to finish it off. I decided to try the 1-step cleaner to see if it works. The chain scrubber didn't pick up all the leftover dirt. It acts like a water jet that blasts away all the dirt and debris, leaving the chain like new. I don't think it can match the lubrication of Rock n Roll, but it's pretty darn good if I have to compare it to this item. I followed the instructions and applied a second coat. I'm very happy with this product. I would apply the Rock n Roll lube as a second layer every couple hundred miles if I added this to my usual cleaning routine. I don't have to use the Rock n Roll every time. This item takes care of all the work in a single step.

👤Don't buy if you're warned. The cap is proof that it is a child. The cap instructions are formed in the cap and not a sticker, so it is my fault. I have to take the chain off because I broke the spray nozzle neck. The whole purpose of this product was lost. I don't know if it's a good product yet. If you squeeze first, it's not hard to get off the cap.

👤This isn't as good as cleaning your gear. If you aren't going for perfectness, it's much simpler and saves time. Make sure to wipe off the excess lube with some small brushes. It should be mostly dry.

👤The product is good, but the nozzle sprays too much. A comparable can of WD-40 does not. If you are trying to use it on a bicycle chain, it is a waste. The chain is flooded. There is a The cap is almost impossible to remove. You can either leave it off or use a razor blade to cut down the plastic cap so it doesn't grab the can as hard. There is a The delivery system sucks because the liquid inside is great.

👤It's quick and easy to maintain your drivetrain. I spray this stuff on after I rise the grit off. The pedals are going around smoothly. There is a It can cause black sludge to accumulate on your chainrings for several hours, so be careful where you store your bike.

👤I use my bike to commute. The bike is especially hard in the winter with all the ice, water, chemicals, dirt and salt. I use White Lightning Wash & Shine to clean the bike and then follow it up with a lubricating agent. I dripped a few drops of this into the shackles and the NY Standard U-lock opened and closed like new.

3. Rock N Roll Absolute Bicycle Chain Bikes

Rock N Roll Absolute Bicycle Chain Bikes

Their products come with a lifetime guarantee. Customer experience and feelings are important to them. If you have a problem with the roller lube oil maintenance tool, please contact them. It is made for road bikes. Rock 'n' Roll's driest lube is the Absolute Dry. It goes on thin, which means it picks up the dirt the least deep in the chain. The guys from Rock 'n' Roll tell them that it can go 125 miles between lubings. Rock 'n' Roll lube cleans and lubricates at the same time. Put the bike in its biggest gear and backpedal. The chainring is covered by a spray from the top. Remove the excess. To wipe off the big ring, shift to the small ring in front. The chain will shine if you wipe it. You can ride immediately, but you should let the excess evaporate for a few hours or overnight. There are 4 oz bottles in this pack.

Brand: Rock N Roll

👤I work for a company that bikes. I trust this and their gold lube for my bike chain. Don't trust Tri-Flow, spend the extra money and get a superior product. This had been amazing in the dry and dusty desert of the Mojave as well as the humid and rainy island of Hawaii. I only trust Rock-N-Roll Gold and Rock-N-RollAbsolute Dry for my chains.

👤It does a great job of cleaning and lubricating the road bike chain. An easy process. It's formula is good for not attracting dirt and sand. The company claims that the lubrication lasts longer. If you wipe your chain after each ride, it will greatly improve the lubrication and chain performance.

👤I have used this lube for my Mountain Bikes for over five years. Excellent performance. Highly recommended.

👤It takes 25 miles to wash off in rain. It is not wet.

👤I like this stuff. I've been using it for a long time.

👤I keep my chain clean. I usually apply after 60 to 40 miles of bike trail use. Shifts are smooth and chain stays quiet.

4. Finish Line Lubricant Squeeze Bottle

Finish Line Lubricant Squeeze Bottle

The most used cycling lubrication is in the world. It was made using the highest quality ingredients. Greatly reduces bearing and drivetrain wear.

Brand: Finish Line

👤I have been using the dry lube for 20 years but decided to try the wet one. I switched because I wanted to see how he held up in the rain, and also because I have been riding in the rain a lot more. The wet lube stays on the chain better in the rain. The dry is too thin and drips onto the rim or the ground. It is easier to see where you applied the wet lube on the chain than it is to see where you started with. If you don't want a lot of dirt in your drive train, you will need to clean the chain, but I clean my chain about once per week or whenever I ride through the rain, so this is not an issue for me. There is a The chain seems to run better with the wet. I like the wet lube more than the dry because it picks up more dirt. I am happy I made the switch.

👤This is great for riding in bad conditions, but you need to be careful with how you apply it. This lube is thick and oily. It looks like gear oil. If you lay down a thick bead of this on your chain, it's very hard to remove and it will make a mess. I recommend putting a small amount of lube on each roller. Run the lube backwards for 20 revolutions to get it into the chain. You only want the lubrication in the rollers if you wipe off all visible excess. The reward is a smooth and silent chain for hundreds of miles. If you wipe the chain down with a damp rag after each ride, it will stay clean.

👤I am a daily bike commuter in the Pacific Northwest. I've used a number of methods of lube, including the dailyWD-40 method, but Finish Line wet lube is the best for a low cost. During the winter, I lubricate my car about once a week, with a chain clean monthly, and this lube does a great job of keeping the drive train in good working order. I use this lube on both my low-end bike and my carbon racer, and have no problems with either. The Dumondtech was costing me $5 a month in lube, and this should cost me $1 a month. I ride between 150 and 200 miles a week in bad weather. I think the 32 ounce bottle is more effective than the 4 and 8 ounce bottles I used in the past. It's simple to reuse an old smaller bottle for day to day use.

👤My boss gave me a bike that I've been working on restoring. The only new part on the bike is the chain, which I cleaned and used wet lube to re-lubricate. It has withstood both rain and snow and looks just as good as when I put it on. I bought dry lube from the same brand for the summers, but I don't think I'll use it much since I live in Tennessee, which gets a lot of rain and mud. I'll be writing a review on that when I use it, comparing it to the wet lube. There is a The thick oil makes applying the lube relatively clean. I wiped up the excess with a paper towel after putting a drop on every link. Would I recommend this to a friend? Most definitely! Even though I am new to the game, I wouldn't mind helping others self-service their bicycles, because I think this bottle will last me a long time.

5. Finish Line Ceramic Bicycle 4 Ounce

Finish Line Ceramic Bicycle 4 Ounce

This item is not for sale in Catalina Island. The most used cycling lubrication is in the world. It was made using the highest quality ingredients. Greatly reduces bearing and drivetrain wear. A wax-style lube that goes on wet but dries to a wax so it won't attract or absorb dirt. Smooth and quiet. It's perfect for dry climates. The ceramic coating is on the surfaces.

Brand: Finish Line

👤I've been riding a bike for about 10 years. I used to use a wet lube. My main complaint was that it is messy. You have gunk all over you after bumping into the chain. About 6 years ago, my bike shop told me about wax lubes. I was impressed by how clean they were, but they did not last long. I had to apply the lubes a few times a week. I began to look for an alternative. I saw this product featured in an article and they said great things about it. I decided to try it. I have used it for about 200 miles and it has performed very well. I got caught in the rain and decided to change the lubrication. After your chain gets wet, it is a good idea to apply a wax lube. I have to say that this is a better lube than the one I used before. The ceramic partials in this lube are supposed to extent the duration of lubrication. It appears to be true so far. I am happy with this lube. If you ride in the rain a lot, an oil based lube would be better than a wax one. If they are exposed to water frequently, wax lubes will break down. Let me know if this review was helpful.

👤I was very excited to try this product. I thought this would be an upgrade because I love their dry lube and I am obsessed with having a clean chain. The conditions are always good, because I never ride in the cold or rain. This didn't come close to the dry lube they have. I followed their instructions, degreased the chain, lubed each individual link, and turned it a couple times. I have been cleaning the chain and applying it after every ride. It has been more than 10 rides and the chain gets dirtier after every ride, but halfway through it starts squeaking. I am going back to their Dry Teflon Lube, this ceramic one is just a bad product, it does nothing and is marketed really well.

👤I used to oil my chain when I was a road rider, but I switched to mountain biking after getting hit by a van and thought oil would be ok. I was always cleaning it. teflon wax was an improvement in cleanness but I was constantly re-applying it because the chain would be squeaky and I could feel an increase in pedal resistance. There is a The ceramic wax seems to be a good balance of both. It lasts longer than teflon wax, but not as long. It's a cleaner than grease. I've ridden a lot of trails that are dusty, sandy, muddy, and clay-ee, and only re-apply once or twice a year. It seems to gunk up the pulleys quicker than other lubricating agents. There is a It's not out-of-this-world expensive, but it does leave white stains on stuff, so watch out if you're worried about your bike shorts or something.

6. Muc Off 966NP Lube 120ml

Muc Off 966NP Lube 120ml

Ultra-durable. Muc-Off Bio Dry Lube is an ultra-durable bike chain lube that is deep penetrating to provide long- lasting lubrication. There is a reduces menace. The advanced formula reduces energy consumption. It's ideal for dry weather. The Bio Dry Chain Lube is made from wax and protects against dirt and dust. It is just as friendly on the environment as it is on your ride. Muc-Off Bio Dry Lube is the perfect choice for protecting your bike's chain, whether you prefer to hit the road or shred the trails.

Brand: Muc Off

👤The instructions stated that I should shake my bottle vigorously. The consistency of the lube makes it hard for it to come out. It came out in pieces of wax. Someone held a bottle of toothpaste to my chain as I lubed it. This doesn't work into the pivot links. The directions state to wipe off access lube. The lube was so bad that it wiped off. Never again for me.

👤Dry lube is for dry conditions. After application, the next day was a ride in the rain and mud. The picture shows the lube splashing off. I may have put too much on. The chain never shifted in a smooth or quiet way.

👤This stuff works. Compared to normal oil, there is barely any grease orgrime. It doesn't pick up dirt. That is important for the dry trails in Arizona.

👤I like this stuff. You need to stay on top of it and re- apply it, but it spreads well, holds well, and keeps things quiet without glue. That is what I measure. The container is awesome. I would buy it for that, it makes other stuff look clumsy.

👤The bottle was a good design but the product dried inside the tip like glue and snapped. Make sure you seal it tight.

👤I have been using it for a couple weeks. Applying before a ride and no chain squeaks like I had before. It smells really good.

👤I bought this because I was fed up with cleaning and decreasing my chain after using wet lube. As a lubricant it doesn't seem to be effective, as it is good in as much as it doesn't pick up dust. patches of shiny metal. After 3 rides, my cassette is new and significant wear. I switched back to wet lube because I don't want to ruin my drivetrain. Not recommended.

👤As a friend raves about muc-off, I wanted this to be good. There is a It does a good job of getting rid of chain squeak. It takes a few hours for the bike to dry off, so you have to plan to apply at least 4 hours in advance. If you don't wipe it off, it will collect dust after it has dried. There is a If your chain gets wet at all, it will de-solve the lube and you will need to clean and re- apply it. I think I will try another thing.

👤The only problem I faced was knowing when to use the wet and dry lubes, you have to be a psychic to know what the weather is going to do. During a warm and dry spell, I've been running the dry version of this, and it really repels the dirt that can cause a paste to form on your chain. There is a If you're used to wiping down your chain after each ride, you can see the difference. There is a Start with a thorough clean, allow all parts to dry, apply this to each chain link, and then wipe away the excess. You are good to go.

7. WD 40 Bike All Conditions Chain Degreaser

WD 40 Bike All Conditions Chain Degreaser

Get outside and ride. It's easy to use chain lubricant to get your bike out of the garage. The perfect size will not take up much room in your tool box. Ride with confidence. Scientists, bicycle retailers, and professional mechanics tested theWD-40 BIKE. The difference of a professional grade formula is not the same as the difference of a amateur grade formula. The community approved it. At local bike events around the globe, the WD-40 BIKE sets up hands-on wash stations. They provide riders of all levels an opportunity to engage with each product for essential bike maintenance when they visit and set up shop. There are inhibs on Corinthian. A clean bike is fast. The bike is awd-40. All Conditions Chain Lube is made of corrosive agents for long-term optimal chain performance. No-WAX FORMULA. Chain life for your bike can be extended with the help of the All Conditions Chain Lube. The formula won't build up inside the chain links or the drivetrain. You can ride in both dry and wet conditions with chains.

Brand: Wd-40 Bike

👤This is a base dry lube. Ptfe powder is added to my lubes. The dry lube works well. There are a few great hacks that I am sharing with you. 1. Add a half a spoon to the powder and shake it. It makes a difference. 2. Keep your driveline clean. The more power you have to put to the wheels, the cleaner it is. 3. Put the gear range in the middle and backwards to clean with a cheap nylon brush. The brush is on the cassette. 4. Then wipe with a towel. It is easy to grab the chain below the jockey wheel. 5. Before and after each ride, wipe your chain. This makes the drive line last longer. A dirty chain costs 30 watt more than a clean one. I'm not a roady. I am a mountain biker and if you neglect it it gets dirty fast. Follow the habits for a long time. It makes a huge difference. A clean driveline is a game-changer even if you don't use ptfe powder. The ptfe prolongs the life of the lube. I hope this helps you.

👤The point is, why the hell would Amazon put all their products under one description? Sheesh. It is confusing, annoying and uncalled for, for a product line.

👤I decided to try the new bike chain lube. I cleaned the chain with a wire brush and then wiped it with a rag. I sprayed the chain with this chain lube when I changed the crank assembly on my mountain bike. I was amazed at how quiet it became when I rode it for the real test. The results are so far good, did not see any splatter from slinging off the chain, the gear selector works smoothly, and it is easier to pedal. So far, so good. I like it. That's all.

👤This is what my mechanic recommends and it's good enough for me and my bike. I think it works very well in the chain. Don't confuse the specialty bike chain lube with the ordinary bike chain lube that everyone in the shop has, which is a dust magnet.

👤I don't think of a point in my life when I don't have a can of WD-40 nearby. Is the door closing? A few squirts solved the problem. I thought I would try it on my bike chain. I cleaned the chain well before applying the lubricant. Went for a ride. It was a big disappointment. There is a The chain attracted so much dust at the end of the ride that it was completely black. It was like what happened with the regularWD-40. This never happened with my other lube, it lasted about 300 miles before I needed to clean and lube again. I won't have this on my chain again. I will probably use it to stop doors from squeaking.

👤They say "lube" in the title. Maybe it's because this page has a lot of products. The cleaner worked well on my cassette. I used a strong hose to wash it off after I left it on. I didn't need a second application or brushing, but I was expecting it. The product is great at the "add-on" price.

8. Muc Off MOX 867 Muc Off Lube

Muc Off MOX 867 Muc Off Lube

Ultra-durable. Muc-Off Bio Wet Lube is an ultra-durable bike chain lube that is deep penetrating to provide long- lasting lubrication. There is a reduces menace. The advanced formula reduces energy consumption. It's the ideal for wet weather. The Bio Wet Chain Lube repels water. It is just as friendly on the environment as it is on your ride. Muc-Off Bio Dry Lube is the perfect choice for protecting your bike's chain if you prefer to hit the road or shred the trails on your mountain bike.

Brand: Muc Off

👤I have been using Muc-Off for a while. Quality stuff.

👤I hope it will work.

👤It was used on two bikes. The first bike was clean before applying and the other was a quick application. I was impressed in both cases.

👤Good chain lube for the rides.

👤You have to start with the smell. It smells great. A fresh laundry softener is what it is. My previous oil was smelling like a chemical. It is Eco based. This is more important than you think. It works well after that. The lube stays on the chain when it rains. Quiet and smooth. I can't speak to that, but it lasts a long time and I smell it again.

👤You can't argue with trying it, it's 888-282-0465, and it's my first time buying bicycle specific chain lube. I prefer a wet lube that gets into the chain's o-rings, nooks, and crannies. As it spreads out covering the necessary components, I believe you will get more miles out of it. There is a It's nice and easy to lub the chain because it doesn't require any persuading to leave the bottle. You may want to put it on ice cream. I advised against it even though it is bio degradable.

👤I've been using GT85 on my chains and bikes for many years and only purchased this to get free delivery. I'm impressed after trying it out for pure curiosity. The chain is still running and looking great despite the terrible rain over the last week. It will never replace my GT85, but it is nice to know that I have another option when the weather gets bad.

👤The chain on my bike seemed to be Flying after I put this on it. If you love riding a lot, buy it.

👤Great for my bike chain. It seems like it lasts a long time. It has a nice scent. It was very easy to use. The small hole under the small cap is perfect for applying if you want to take off the seal.

👤I like oil, but my wife hates it. I picked up this lube for my wife.

9. Skwiki Drive Chain Extraordinary Declination Environments

Skwiki Drive Chain Extraordinary Declination Environments

A set of high-quality materials include a brush and two gear cleaners. They will give you a 30-day quality money back guarantee. All climate libertarian solutions. The lubricant is designed to protect your chain against tough challenges from the environment. Strong performance and lubrication are offered by the addition of the NANO Boron Nitride. No matter how hard you pedal, it offers lubrication to drive-train. Quiet rides and excellent smoothness are provided. It protects the community from the race. Enhance lubrication EFFICIENCY is the reduction of friction from mechanical work. You should be able to cycle longer. They love nature as much as they love cycling. The compound is free from acids, CFC's and solvents. You can also help protect their environment.

Brand: Skwi: Ki

👤The packaging allowed me to apply the lubricant quickly. I have no experience comparing my bicycle chain to others. I have worked with lube oils in other applications.

👤It stays on the chain.

10. Blaster 16 TDL Advanced Lube Teflon

Blaster 16 TDL Advanced Lube Teflon

Friction and wear are reduced. Wear and reduce Friction.

Brand: B'laster

👤You need duct tape and dry lube. It goes on wet. It goes into cracks and crevices, but then it dries up and leaves a type of grease where it is needed to reduce friction. Does that explain it? I hope so. This stuff works like a light oil, but it doesn't. This stuff can be used on car door key locks, hinges, and front door key holes. It works great. Use a rubber band around the can to keep that red straw. To hold stuff together, use duct tape and dry lube.

👤I absolutely love this product. I used to work in the car business and we had a similar product for components that we didn't want to collect dust. Works great on patio door tracks. If you apply too much product, wipe it off. The carpenter tricks are spraying this on the table saw bottom plate. You will not believe how much better you will be. I do a lot of carpentry and use this all the time.

👤Can't recommend this. Can't speak to how well it works, but as my title says, spray goes all over the place, even with the provided nozzle attached, and stays white. Imagine spending an hour detailing and cleaning your bike and then spraying it on your chain, and having it go everywhere with a white spatter? I'll keep using it, but not on my bike, or anything else, since I don't want it messed with.

👤This stuff is amazing. The drawers of the buffet were stuck and swollen. The handles were removed because I was hoping to paint it. I tried to get the drawers out for a long time, but I found this stuff in Amazon. I was able to open the drawers after squirting it in around the drawer edges with the straw attachment and using a thin blade. It is worth the money and some. I am very pleased with this and recommend it.

👤This product is amazing. I had to use two hands to open the drawers on the larger one because it was bought to be next to a bed. I tried all the old-fashioned tricks of wax paper, candle wax, and bees wax, but nothing made the drawers easier to open. I learned about B'laster when I searched online. I ordered it on Amazon. My husband thought I was crazy when it arrived, but he was funnier when I wanted to try it out. It was great! With one hand, the drawers all slide out. Don't waste time with wax, buy B'laster.

👤This stuff is off the charts. I sprayed my window track. This is a metal sliding window that sounds like you're grinding something every time you open it. I had to stop the track because I was afraid of breaking the window. I went looking for other windows and sliding doors because it worked so well. My car is next. Then my neighbors' houses... Excellent product!

👤This is a great spray for sliding patio doors. The area of the track should be cleaned thoroughly and then sprayed. Some doors have small plugs at the bottom that pop out for you to spray the adjusting screws inside, which prevents them from rusting and seizing up. In damp climates, use every month or so. To avoid dust and dirt build up, be sure to use this kind of spray.



The top 3 brands of chain lube are EFFICIENCY - SILCA. Their lube bonds to the chain to create a barrier. Any rider's bike tool kit needs this secret bike oil. Cleans and lubricates at the same time. Rock 'n' Roll's driest lube is the Absolute Dry. It goes on thin, which means it picks up the dirt the least deep in the chain. A clean chain lasts longer than a dirty chain. Rock 'n' Roll says they get 8,000 miles on a single chain when using the Absolute Dry.

Brand: Rock N Roll It!

👤I have been using this lube for a decade. It lasts quite a while before needing reapplication. It's only intended for dry conditions and road riding. I would go with the gold version for all other road applications. Blue is the best for winter. Highly recommended.

👤I've been a user of their Gold for a while and decided to try it out. It keeps the chain cleaner than the Gold, but it doesn't last as long and it's67531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 I will continue to buy and use, but I will use something else if I can't service my bike as frequently or if there is some wet weather.

👤The lube prolongs chain life. It doesn't pick up sand. Sand is the leading cause of chain wear.

👤I like how this will clean and lubricate the chain. Dirt is kept off chain and system. Will purchase again.

👤I use another product for wet winter riding. It seems to last a long time without attracting a lot of dirt. I will buy again.


What is the best product for bicycle chain lube dry?

Bicycle chain lube dry products from Finish Line. In this article about bicycle chain lube dry you can see why people choose the product. Rock N Roll and Muc Off are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle chain lube dry.

What are the best brands for bicycle chain lube dry?

Finish Line, Rock N Roll and Muc Off are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle chain lube dry. Find the detail in this article. Wd-40 Bike, Skwi: Ki and B'laster are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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