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1. Finish Line Bicycle Cleaner Lubricant

Finish Line Bicycle Cleaner Lubricant

No-WAX FORMULA. Chain life for your bike can be extended with the help of the All Conditions Chain Lube. The formula won't build up inside the chain links or the drivetrain. You can ride in both dry and wet conditions with chains. A squeeze bottler of a wet-style cleaner. Penetrates and cleaning out old lube and contaminants is easy. You're ready to ride when you apply the chain when it's dry or dirty. It's perfect for cyclists and bikes that are put into storage. Commuters and recreational cyclists who want a quick one-step clean and lube formula.

Brand: Finish Line

👤I have to say that this stuff works well for me. I did very little scrubbing in the before and after photos I took. When I clean my mountain bike, I don't go for showroom quality. I used a toothbrush and some cleaner to get around the cassette. I used a rag on the chain. After cleaning around the chain, I spray a light coat on it. It is easy to keep track of and only one bottle.

👤I ride about 300 miles a month. I don't believe in a 1-step system when you combine two functions that are different. I usually use a chain scrubber filled with Simple Green liquid degreaser and Rock n Roll lube to finish it off. I decided to try the 1-step cleaner to see if it works. The chain scrubber didn't pick up all the leftover dirt. It acts like a water jet that blasts away all the dirt and debris, leaving the chain like new. I don't think it can match the lubrication of Rock n Roll, but it's pretty darn good if I have to compare it to this item. I followed the instructions and applied a second coat. I'm very happy with this product. I would apply the Rock n Roll lube as a second layer every couple hundred miles if I added this to my usual cleaning routine. I don't have to use the Rock n Roll every time. This item takes care of all the work in a single step.

👤Don't buy if you're warned. The cap is proof that it is a child. The cap instructions are formed in the cap and not a sticker, so it is my fault. I have to take the chain off because I broke the spray nozzle neck. The whole purpose of this product was lost. I don't know if it's a good product yet. If you squeeze first, it's not hard to get off the cap.

👤This isn't as good as cleaning your gear. If you aren't going for perfectness, it's much simpler and saves time. Make sure to wipe off the excess lube with some small brushes. It should be mostly dry.

👤The product is good, but the nozzle sprays too much. A comparable can of WD-40 does not. If you are trying to use it on a bicycle chain, it is a waste. The chain is flooded. There is a The cap is almost impossible to remove. You can either leave it off or use a razor blade to cut down the plastic cap so it doesn't grab the can as hard. There is a The delivery system sucks because the liquid inside is great.

👤It's quick and easy to maintain your drivetrain. I spray this stuff on after I rise the grit off. The pedals are going around smoothly. There is a It can cause black sludge to accumulate on your chainrings for several hours, so be careful where you store your bike.

👤I use my bike to commute. The bike is especially hard in the winter with all the ice, water, chemicals, dirt and salt. I use White Lightning Wash & Shine to clean the bike and then follow it up with a lubricating agent. I dripped a few drops of this into the shackles and the NY Standard U-lock opened and closed like new.

2. Finish Line Premium Grease Fluoropolymer

Finish Line Premium Grease Fluoropolymer

Park Tool's poly-urea lubricant is used for bicycle maintenance and repair. Formulated with Teflon fluoropolymer, rust, and extreme pressure enhancers. Even in brutal downhill racing and Grand Tours, it's possible to prevent wear and distortion in headsets, hubs, and bottom brackets. Even in saltwater, the functional thickener prevents rust and corrosion. Water emulification and washout can be prevented by the use of polymers. Without sheering, the higher pressures are withstood. Leading bike and bearing manufacturers have tested, approved, and used it.

Brand: Finish Line

👤I have used this on bearings, screws and seatpost stems to keep them from seizing together. I don't think it's a good idea to use it on the girlfriend, it won't loosen her up or stop the squeaking.

👤You can buy grease in bulk, but it is a good quality grease in a squeeze tube. I don't have a grease gun and I'm not a professional mechanic, so this does the job. It will last me for a long time at the rate I work. The cheapest price for grease is more valuable than the convenience of giving small amounts. There is a The grease is not black.

👤I think this grease was excellent. I've used it in several skate and bike bearings and it seems to do it's job well, though it's difficult to compare it to cheaper alternatives. I can't compare it's function to other options since they are reasonable. It seems to work well, but I'll talk about it's user experience. There is a It is very sticky. This sword has two edges. Handling it is difficult but it also means that one can more easily ensure that a surface is fully coated with a thin layer. This is different to packing and spinning to push out excess of placingblobs and relying on motion of the part to spread the grease. There is a It has a smooth texture. If you apply it thinly, there is very little chance of "break in period". This means that if you apply the right amount of lubrication, your bearings will be rolling quickly. Resistance to dirt is the third thing. It doesn't seem to be any worse than any other grease I've tried, despite the sticky surface. Dirt touching lubricant away from the surface shouldn't be a problem because it will eventually cause problems. There is a The container comes with it. This is the only real problem. I bought this grease with it.

👤I bought this after reading about the issues with the Schwinn IC4 and the issues with the pedals stripping. Someone online suggested putting Polylube 1000 on the thread to keep the pedals from being removed from the crank arm. I followed the advice and bought this bike lube, and so far I've had no pedal issues. This stuff seems to have done the job so hopefully that remains the case.

👤I use this grease for bike maintenance. It looks and applies like general purpose grease. There is a It's made with Teflon fluoropolymer, advanced corrosive agents and extreme pressure enhancers. A tube of Finish Line Premium Grease is on my workbench.

👤This grease is expensive compared to what you can buy for your car or boat. I thought I'd get it for my bike because I don't grease the bearings often and wanted something of high quality. I used it and had some left over in the tube, but when I tried to use it, it went bad. It was separated from the yellow oil and put in a peanut butter jar. I can't imagine how bad it is in the bearings.

3. Finish Line KryTech Bike Lube

Finish Line KryTech Bike Lube

The Slick Wax Premium Wax Lube is made of Slick Wax. Cleaning before relubing isn't usually necessary. It's perfect for keeping your car clean. It lasts up to 50 miles.

Brand: Finish Line

👤Excellent product! Excellent customer service.

4. Finish Line Drip Chain Luber

Finish Line Drip Chain Luber

The package has dimensions of 15 x 20 and 15 x 15. The most used cycling lubrication is in the world. It was made using the highest quality ingredients. Greatly reduces bearing and drivetrain wear. Applies the oil evenly. No Mess Less Waste is equal to no drips. 2 replacement pads and a travel cap are included. Professional results on the whole chain Every time.

Brand: Finish Line

👤I was led to believe that I'd get 2oz of lube with the little bottle. There was no lube. I paid ten bucks for a cute plastic bottle with a flip-lid. The flip-lid leaks when it is supposed to shut the flow of oil when in down position. I am not saying that the product will not lubricate the chain. I paid ten bucks for an item that was worth two bucks. It should state that this is not a loaf, but a beer that leads you to believe that it is. Oh, also, it dies! I would never buy a plastic bottle with no lube for ten bucks. It's just really tacky.

👤I bought this because it was an empty bottle and I would need to fill it myself. I bought Finish Line's 1-Step Cleaner and Lubricant. I followed the instructions and filled the bottle with about 9ml, which was what the marks on the bottle said. This was more than what was needed. I would only suggest a small amount for each application. I applied it twice. A light coat on the chain, then kept rotating the cranks to let any excess fluid get where it needed to go. I did another coat on the chain that contacts the cranks, cassettes, and pulley wheels after finishing the coating. It was much easier to do it this way. There is a The package has an empty bottle and cap. There is a second cap for travel. Definitely recommend.

👤I decided to buy it despite the mixed reviews. It worked well for me for most of the time, but the third time I used it, there was a torrent of lubricant coming out, and it must have been a problem with the pump. I would never lubricate my bike chain on a floor because I didn't want to spill lubricant on the carpet. If you are expecting this to eliminate spills completely, you will be disappointed.

👤The invention is great for chain lubrication. Just where you need it is where you apply the right amount. Before applying, clean your chain thoroughly. If you squeeze the bottle too hard, it will discharge too much lube and make a mess. As you go, you'll see the lubrication on the chain. It's not hard to figure out how much to apply. Let it dry and wipe it off. The rollers need the most lubrication. The chain can get stuck to the chain if it is not removed. The rollers have the necessary lubrication. Depending on how the roads are, a bottle lasts me about a season of riding. Ymmv.

👤If you don't want to throw lubricant away, it is an interesting product. After the first use, my chain was noisy and I had to apply more lubricant. I found out that applying lube in the outside of the chain may be the best way to use this dispensers. You won't miss a drop of lubricant if you have a new pad. It has two additional pads as spare. I feel that the Finish Line Dry Teflon is a very good one, and you can use it with any brand of lube.

5. Finish Line Citrus Degreaser Bicycle

Finish Line Citrus Degreaser Bicycle

Keep your bike running smoothly by keeping it clean while you ride. It is safe for use with all plastic and rubber parts. Made using orange peal and soy-based extracts. Strong enough that you can use water for less difficult jobs. The surface tension is low for penetration.

Brand: Finish Line

👤The deep cleaning power of this product makes it easy to use and thus waste too much, but I can't say enough good things about it. It works like magic when I use citrine to deep clean my bicycle chains. I think it works best if you gradually diminish it, rather than going for a single pass and then rinsing. I like to fill the chain pig and use it until the degreaser is well-degreased and then replace it with water. It is potent enough to work even when it isDiluted, and I just find that it produces a cleaner chain.

👤I tried a few. I can't rely on anything else because this hurts the pocket book a bit. Do they make a bigger size? I use this with the power tool cleaning thing and they make a lovely pair. I don't like bike things. I think I will keep buying it until it is out of production.

👤I don't know if it's better than any other degreaser, but it does work and it works better than I thought it would. I use Finish Line's chain cleaner, but I also use a rag to wipe down some components that had built up a bit of dirt after a summer of riding. I was surprised at how easy it was to clean. I expected this to be a watered down product so as to be more friendly to bike parts should someone use too much and degreased things. Not true. It's a very strong degreaser. Use caution around the parts that are Greased on a bike. It will clean things up nicely.

👤I bought my first can of this a year ago. I put this in my chain enclosure and pedal a few times. I like the smell of it and it cleans quickly. If the cap falls, the liquid and scent can be kept out. I'm about to buy my second can.

👤This will clean your cassette and chain very quickly. You can keep the degreaser in a jar and let it settle, all the muck filters down to the bottom, and the clear solvent can be used again. I don't use it very often. If you want the lubricant to stick to the rollers, you need to remove it from your chain with soap and water.

👤This was the best investment I could have made for my bike. It cleans the gears and chain on my bike. I am able to use this product in my garage with the garage door closed because there is no harmful fumes. I don't have fancy tools, but it cleans perfectly. You will enjoy the investment in a smooth ride if you try it.

👤After sitting in a garage for two years, my bike needed some serious work. My chain is new again. The picture may not show it well after I tried cleaning with rags. It was still full of gunk, particularly inside the links, which are difficult to clean by hand. I used two rounds of this degreaser in the Finish Line chain cleaning tool and it worked in less than five minutes. This combo is a must have if you own a grungy chain.

6. Finish Line Showroom Protectant 12 Ounce

Finish Line Showroom Protectant 12 Ounce

It can be used on cable wires, derailleur pivots, stanchions, gasket, pedal springs, and as a clean alternative to conventional anti-seize compounds. There is no need for a prewash. Repels water to keep it clean. It protects against water and perspiration. Restores and polishes all types of surfaces. Teflon fluorospolymers repel dirt and dirt.

Brand: Finish Line

👤The quality and value of your bike is great. It leaves a sheen. Not for the finish of the building. There is a product for that.

👤Oh my gosh. This stuff is amazing. I don't like the fact that this product works so well, I anticipate needing to buy more soon. That's a good problem. It makes your tires look brand new. It's really good.

👤My bike picks up a lot of mud and dirt from the road after a rain in Hawaii, which is why I commute in an urban area. I use an old rag and some polish to wipe it down. The carbon fiber frame and major components are still new after a year.

👤The results of this cleaner/protector/polish leave a great shine and Teflon coating. I've never used any other polish like that.

👤It is easy to apply a low sheen finish to carbon bike frames. My carbon bike was made to look new, and it works on painted aluminum and metal parts as well. Exactly what I needed to keep my bikes in tip top shape.

👤I use this on my bikes to shine them up and to protect the finish from corrosive salts and debris.

👤It works well on carbon finishes. It shines like a jewel. The aerosol version was much easier to apply than the regular version. That is the only quibbble I have.

👤I've kept my bike clean. I decided to try out Finish Line polish. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then wipe it down with a rag. I bought it the day before and it looks as good as it did when I first saw it.

👤I risultato eccellente, sono uso sulla bDC.

👤Ne pas briller, terne dommage.



7. White Lightning Clean Streak Degreaser

White Lightning Clean Streak Degreaser

The country of origin is the United States. It is possible to clean chains, gears, derailleurs and disc brake rotors. Clean streak works fast to wash away dirt and grease. The streak dries in a few minutes. The first and most effective dry degreaser is cycling.

Brand: White Lightning

👤It be bad! Truly bad ass. Will melt grease and grime off your chain. Unless you're an addiction, use outdoors. If you are cleaning your chain in Qaryat al-Fw, Arabia, and water can only be found in camels' humps, you can use a two-edged sword. You should re-lube your bike on the second day. You're golden. This stuff is really bad. I would like it to be less expensive. It's still cheap.

👤This product does some degreasing, but I had to go back over my chain and gears with a different brand to get my chain back to the original color. There is a If you find a review from someone that uses this and similar products every day, you should trust them more than me, as I own 3 mountain bikes that I ride in the dirt and mud almost every day. It doesn't seem to get all of the grease, oil and dirt off after comparing this product to others. After using a lot of this product on my bike chain, it was mostly free of oil and dirt, however the chain was still a dingy grey color and clearly wasn't anything close to the original color. The chain went back to looking like a new chain after I used another product that I've had success with. I was surprised to see that there were so many great reviews for this product, but I have to concede that it is possible that I got a bad bottle or batches. Unless I find out that my bottle is somehow compromised, I won't use or purchase this product again. There is a If it hadn't been several months since I bought this product, I would have returned it. The degreaser is only moderately effective, it's a decent value for the money, but the cost to benefit ratio is quite high making it low value to me.

👤This product has made a huge difference for last minute cleaning when there is not much water. It does its job. There is a The stream is very directed and doesn't scatter. It is emitted with force from the can. The product is capable of a clean without touching the chain. I recommend applying a quick link to your chain so that you can remove the chain and clean it. If you don't take care, the grease can get into other parts of the bike and cause it to be dirty. I don't want the spray on the other parts of the bike. I have doubts that this stuff can degrade the carbon frame, but it still seems volatile and I don't want it on my skin. You don't want to use this in a closed environment. A garage with the door open is not much for me. There is a The can contains a lot of product. I don't think I'm halfway done after four cleanings. The chain removal has added to that. There is a It's easy to tell how strong this product is from the smell. I wish I'd tried cleaning years ago because it's very quick and effective.

8. White Lightning E00196602 Easy Wash

White Lightning E00196602 Easy Wash

There is a blue brush and a red brush in the package. Cleans your bike by safely removing road and trail gunk. Can be used on a variety of surfaces. Also works on outdoor gear, including kayaks, paddleboards, hiking equipment, fitness equipment and surf boards. The conjugate-foam formula allows you to spot clean.

Brand: White Lightning

👤No worries, it works on everything. A car. A boat. There is a motorcycle. A bicycle. Plastic, vinyl, metal, glass, whatever. I love not having to wash it. I liked the spray bottle version more than the new "aerosol" version which you need to shake as you use it. I'll be happy camper if I get the old "Windex" pump spray bottle again. When you have a perfect product, stop trying to innovate.

👤I didn't think it would work without water. I was happy to be proven wrong. I wiped it off with a rag after spraying it all over the bike. The bike was cleaned and given a shine. When I use water, it was cleaned better. This product is a testament to me because I don't write reviews often. It didn't come out very strong from the can, that's the only complaint I have. I had to hold it very hard to coat the bike. It would have been better if it were like a comet.

👤I bought this product last year, but finally used it. Through the snowy and wet Ohio winter, I commute to work on my bike every day. My bike was filthy. I used this product on every part of my bike to cut through the salt on the roads. My bike is shining in the sunlight after twenty minutes and a few rags. I love this stuff.

👤I don't like this aerosol at all. The old pump bottle was easier to use.

👤Does a great job cleaning my bike.

👤Excellent product, tried many others. This one made my S-Works shine like new.

9. Finish Line Ecotech Bicycle Degreaser

Finish Line Ecotech Bicycle Degreaser

It can beDiluted to desired needs. A new degreaser that cleans without damaging rubber or plastic components. It's safe to clean metal parts with rubber o-rings and seals, but it's not strong enough for the grimiest parts. Chains and gears can be cleaned without a need for a water rinse. Powerful soy-extracted solvents break down grease, grime, and stubborn soils.

Brand: Finish Line

👤The plastic scrub brushes fell apart when I used them with this spray.

👤The value of this big jug is great, and it's my go-to degreaser.

👤I love this stuff. Not as strong as the Citrus one. The chain cleaner works as well.

👤It is hard to control spray, but it is great for removing grime. I stopped spraying it directly in chain because it splashed everywhere. I used my park tool to file up my chain cleaner.

👤There is a escribo in Venezuela. No lo he recibido. Is it possible that Ustedes podrn verificar? Gracias.

👤The lid takes a long time to get used to.

👤After using this product to remove the gunk off of the chain and their dry chain oil product, I was able to get my chain back to normal.

👤Cleaned my cassette and chain.

👤The best chain degreaser on the market. I have tried many, but this one works best. Buy the liquid instead of the spray for the best value. Simply fit a link to your chain and then soak it in a container and use an old toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt. If you want a great product at a good price, keep the degreaser in the container and reuse it several times.

👤Very fast delivery from Adventure Northumberland. I keep some degreaser in the house as it is very useful for removing sticky and greasy marks. The last bottle lasted over ten years.

👤I have been using Finish Line Eco-tech for many years and it is the best de-greaser I have ever used.

👤A devolver aunque sea pagando merece, en el pedido sale. La pena is a product. No lo. He probado, pero es un poco algn amigo buscaré la lata por algn lado.

👤Compre desengrasante en formato lquido. La foto estaba mal. y devolviera. pagando yo los gastos. There is a The producto en onzas is a poner. lleva a confusin. There is a No me ha correcto.

10. Finish Line Suspension Shock Botle

Finish Line Suspension Shock Botle

No water rinsing is required. The most used cycling lubrication is in the world. It was made using the highest quality ingredients. Greatly reduces bearing and drivetrain wear. Premium suspension fluid for oil damped bicycle forks. All suspension designs and seals are compatible. A semi-synthetic oil is the top choice of professionals. Will not be thick or thin due to temperature changes. In all riding conditions, low foam technology delivers consistent and predictable damping. The race has been proven to deliver superior performance. It combines the reliability of mineral oils with the resilience of synthetic oils. Race proven, good for all suspension systems. Consistency and predictable damping is provided by Won't foam.

Brand: Finish Line

👤The 200 hour service was performed on my RockShox Judy. Very pleased with the performance. Smooth action.

👤I serviced my Rockshox fork with this and it works just as well as Rockshox oil...

👤Couldn't find it in any location. This is what I needed.

👤It's the only brand that I use.

👤Productos de 5WT and 15WT llegaron. The cantidad and the calidad were comparative.

👤Comme tout le produits finish line. De plus le prix is comptitif. La mise en uvre is simple. vous Utilisé.

👤Perfecto para Horquillas. There is a Producto segn descripcin. Embalado con bolsa de plstico. There is a Un saludo.

👤I am so happy that I am able to tell you that I am décidé démonter ma fourche. J'ai retrouvé, qui absorbe beaucoup de confort tout en améliorant ma trajectoire. Une huile 5Wt recommandée.

👤En la foto dice 15, te envian 5.

11. Finish Line Ceramic Grease 1lb

Finish Line Ceramic Grease 1lb

Fit type: Specific. Their most advanced grease has the latest ceramic technology. Ceramic particles and Teflon fluoropolymers are used in coats and smooth Frictional Surfaces. There is clear and non-Staining. The package has dimensions of 15 x 20 and 15 x 15.

Brand: Finish Line

👤Greases that are cheaper will work in your bikes. Do you really need a ceramic Additive? It is slippery, and if you buy a small grease gun, a 1 lbs can will probably last you a long time. Bikes don't take a lot of grease. There is a I'm a satisfied customer because extra slippery grease makes my bike that much happier. If you don't care about your bikes, I promise that the cheaper automotive grease at your local car parts store will still lubricate your bike, even if you don't get the same type of grease with some bike materials. If this is too much trouble, try a jar of petroleum jelly. There is a I'm not sure if bike greases are a little thinner than automotive grease. The parts are smaller, the weight on bearings is less, and the main concern is not load bearing. The ceramic grease is a high end product designed for high end bikes. There is a Greases are different colors, but they have no impact on function. This one has no blue tint, green tint, or whitish tint.

👤I spent a lot of time reading about grease and learned a lot. Industrial and automotive greases are the best. They have been refined and improved for a long time. There are a lot of specialty greases, but are they any better? There is a I have an old set of hubs from my Kona Process that are noisy and have seen better days, so I decided to experiment with three greases that I have available. I have used Phil's exclusively for 25 years on everything and it has been great. There is a Dynalife GC-LB I use this on RC helicopter bearings because it holds up very well and stays inside the bearings with little to no fly-out. Just purchased Finish Line Ceramic. I cleaned the hubs and packed them with grease. Your results may be different. There is a Phil is still very noisy. I can hear and feel the noise of the bearings. Dynalife is a little more resistance that the Phil. The grease on the bearings is still noisy and rough. The Finish Line Ceramic has more resistance than the other two greases. They are almost like new. Put them under load and spin them. The seals loosened up a bit after a small amount of seeped through them. Quiet and smooth. The Phil and Dynalife would be a good option with new or unworn bearings. The Finish Line Ceramic is very good with new or worn bearings. This grease is what they claim. I rebuilt the pedals on my Kona using Phil's grease. I will rebuild the ones on my Finish Line. Since the last rebuild, they have many, many thousands of miles on them.

👤I researched and came up with this because I have no idea what grease is for bikes. I was able to apply a small tube that was easy to apply and I was able to get my hands greasy. I'm glad I could buy a smaller quantity because a small tube seems to go a long way. I was worried that it would separate from the heat, but it didn't. I don't know much about other alternatives, but this seems to be a very good product. I didn't have to worry about it getting all over the place, so that's a win in my book, and reapplication if needed will be easy.


What is the best product for bicycle chain cleaner finish line?

Bicycle chain cleaner finish line products from Finish Line. In this article about bicycle chain cleaner finish line you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle chain cleaner finish line.

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