Best Bicycle Cell Phone Holder Stem Mount

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1. Lamicall Bike Phone Holder Mount

Lamicall Bike Phone Holder Mount

Easy installation. The upgrade mountain bike phone mount is easy to install. There are various types of bicycles, motorcycles, stroller, shopping cart, electric scooter, indoor treadmill, indoor bike. The handlebar diameter is 1.57" (15-40mm). Wide Compatibility Universal bike cell phone stand with thickness up to 15mm, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro Max Mini Xs. The Plus 7 6s, the S10e S9 S8, the Note 9 8 and the Oneplus are some of the cell phones. The protection is shockproof. Silicone pads keep your phone from being scratched and vibrating, and this one hand operation bike phone mount comes with them. The motorcycle phone mount holds your phone. The cellphone can be adjusted to a horizontal or vertical screen. It's convenient to answer the phone, play music, and use the gps. Sturdy and safe. The motorcycle phone holder has a special shape. It keeps your cellphone out of harms way even on a bumpy road.

Brand: Lamicall

👤Works well! I trust my phone to be on my motorcycle. Doesn't move or shake. It is made with strong materials. I would suggest riding a Harley. I was worried that it would be too heavy, but it was built to fit in your phone and be safe. I hope this helps.

👤Over the years, I've used these holders to mount my phones to motorcycle handlebars. Security is important. I've owned several styles, the last one being a RAM X mount. The rubber bands were secured, but the clamps interfered with my volume buttons. Let's face it, the rubber bands are a pain. The Lamicall phone holder is similar to others I've owned but is more elegant. The mount is easy to slip the phone into. There is no need for rubber bands. It is possible to vary from protrait to landscape depending on one's direction of travel. It tilts so that the camera lens are protected from bugs if you are on a naked bike. I like the thing. I bought a second motorcycle so I don't have to swap. It's big enough for an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

👤Stay away from this model. There were two pieces out of the box. The unit is not designed correctly. The ball must be tightened to hold it together. I would not have gotten the ball into the sockets with the tightened nut if I had not owned a vice. The lock nut could not be threaded once the sockets were seated because the threads were not aligned. I use this model on my motorcycle. The phone can slip in the top lock even when it's locked. The Lifeproof case cracked when the unit shook so much. I'm still looking for a phone holder. Don't buy it.

👤It was thrown on a rally. It didn't shake on me once after an hour trip. I can still see the dash if I put a 12 PlusMax in this thing.

👤I dropped my phone while on the trails because I had wasted money on cheaper products. Other products are made of plastic and I have found replacements that don't last. The Lamicall holder is flexible and sturdy. I can switch between my motorcycle and mountain bike. The metal bolt on the clamp creates grip on the handlebars. The springs hold the phone in place and the holder rotates to allow for flexibility. It has padding on the edges of the phone to protect it from debris. Overall very satisfied with the product and price.

👤I used this for my 09 super glide needles and I love it! Even with the sound of a motorcycle. The design is very sturdy. If I need another down the road, I will definitely buy again. I have an otter box with an Apple device. It is easy to get it out. It is my otter box. I have no complaints.

👤The build quality here would never hold up to a motorcycle. The mounting system for a motorbike is made with plastic and steel that feels brittle, and it would break if it were damaged by the speed, bumps, and vibrations of a motorbike. The mounts are bound to wear out over time. The lock doesn't seem to do much to keep your phone in place when you're off-roading. If you want to use this on a street bicycle, then hell. Yes! It will do.

2. RAM Tough Claw Universal X Grip Cradle

RAM Tough Claw Universal X Grip Cradle

The small version of the Tough-Claw base is designed to fit in the palm of your hand, and has rubber pads to protect the mounting surface. The 'X' design for large phones with rubber caps has a spring-loaded design that has great holding power without hiding your phone, and an optional tether for peace of mind during rugged use. The hardware is made of high- strength materials for reliability and resilience in the most demanding environments. The dimensions of the phone holder are 1.75 inch 4.5 inch and 0.875 inch Max. The rail/tube range is 0.625 inch 1.5 inch. It was 1.10 inch. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Ram Mounts

👤I am a wine and cheese guy and sometimes on my commute home I want to eat some cheese. It's hard to travel with block O cheese. I used to strap it down. It's difficult to keep a good eye on her as I travel on the freeway. I stumbled upon this beauty and it is beautiful. Haven't had a problem transporting my cheese. Would definitely recommend.

👤It worked well before it broke. I noticed that the X clamp was flopping around. It came off when I adjusted it because of a large crack in the housing that fits over the knob. My phone fell into the street while I was riding. I would expect this to be under warranty, so I'm going to contact Amazon.

👤The tether is too small for larger phones, which is why this is the best phone mount for my bike. I have a phone. The tether is small. It broke 2 weeks after I bought it. If you don't have a wind shield, don't use this without a tether because my phone flew out of it and landed in my lap. They should test these tethers with different phones. I guess not. I used a tether from a mount that I didn't trust but it was the same design and slightly larger and I am using it again.

👤It might be more expensive than other mounts, but you will understand why when you see it in person. I was not happy with the way the finish looked, but I believe it's just how the material looks. I have no complaints. It's easy to mount your phone onto the mount and it's also easy to mount your bars. Attach the mount to your bars and twist the wing nut. Even with gloves on, it's easy to put your phone in the holder. The tether is not really necessary. I have a mount on my car. I've gone over 120 mph with my phone mounted vertically with no tether, and without the protection of a fairing. It's never fallen out. I bought a mount for my dirt bike. The claw mount 1000x's is tougher than the U-bolt mount I have. I bought a second one to replace the one I bought before. The mount is not compatible with accessory compatible accessories like arms and extensions. I don't need to angle it in any particular way since I just want it to be in the center of my bars. If you have the extension arm, you can adjust the angle, but not as much. I was worried that the locking wing nut behind the Xgrip wouldn't lock into position, but after using it on my dirt bike and riding through trails, stairs and some small jumps, the Xgrip hasn't moved out of place. My Note 20 Ultra has a thick beetle case. There is a If you need the ability to angle your phone in a certain way due to the shape or lack of real estate of your bars, you can buy the tough claw separately. I bought a camera mount with a thread of at least one inch and an arm extension so I could use my bars to hold my camera. It's so easy to put on and take off that I decided not to buy a second one for my other motorcycle since it takes so little time to remove and install from one bike to another. There is a I don't think I'll ever buy a different mount again. I'm sticking with ram mounts for my future bikes.

3. Shaking Breaking LISEN Motorcycle Compatible

Shaking Breaking LISEN Motorcycle Compatible

We greatly improved their phone mount based on feedback from over 100,000 customers. The plastic parts that are easy to break and the parts that are prone to shaking are all upgraded by LISEN. Their bike/motorcycle phone mount is easy to install and use. This bicycle Phone holder is able to grasp the 4 corners of your phone. The side of the clip has a locking button. The mountain bike cell phone holder is able to protect your phone no matter how rugged the road conditions are. The heavy case has a lock on it. Their dirt bike accessories are compatible with larger bikes. The range is 0.6"-1.3" , compatible with phones of the same size. The phone holder for the motorcycle/bike of the handlebar clip screw is firmly locked to ensure that it won't loosen. AJUSTABLE PART NEVER DISCONNECT: The new phone holder for bike electric motorcycle accessories has a metal screw fixed rotating ball structure, which is exclusive in the market. It's easy to adjust the cellphone to a horizontal or vertical screen, then lock it to any angle, so you don't have to worry about it shaking while riding. military-GRADE anti-bacteria: Military-grade double-thickening and reinforcement design is used in the handlebar phone mount for motorcycle. It has upgraded the 3-layer structure and metal screw connection to fix the rotating ball, which is a problem for other bicycle iPhone mounts. 15000+ times of drop resistance tests are still intact after 1M height.

Brand: Lisen

👤Skyforce95 has a video review in HD on my YT channel, it's easy to install, extra gasket for narrower handle bars, and it's accessible to charging port.

👤The phone holder was in perfect condition. There were issues with the part that held the handlebars. I am near the center of the riser bar. The bar diameter is a very typical size of modern bars. The screw travels towards the opening as it is tightened. Attached is a pic. I tried with a thin rubber piece. The thick rubber spacer was also tried. Nothing helped. It looks like it may break because it keeps spreading apart. Will return it. I wish they used a simple mount like this one, it would be perfect.

👤I was trapped on my mountain bike. Working well so far! They give you a strip of rubber to make it fit most handlebars, so don't lose or discard it. I almost returned it, but I found that strip. It's important. I think some tape could do the job. It holds my phone and stays put. There is a small rattling sound while riding. The rattle on my friend's phone was a small complaint, but he was on the phone with me. It could be solved by using headphones. Or use it for something other than riding. It's an ACE product for viewing gps, navigation, and calories while riding. 4.5 stars!

👤It was very sturdy! It was kind thick and bulky. I like it more because it is thick and bulky. I think it will take a fall more than the phone will. It came with an accessory to help it fit any bike. It took me a while to install 4. If I needed one for my other bikes, I would buy this again.

👤The design was intuitive. There is an on/off switch to prevent the case from opening accidentally. This will do the job I need it to do.

👤It is easy to install and sturdy. The locking feature is great and the phone is held perfectly. ... But! The tabs that lock against the washer and wing nut aren't stiff enough to be tightened onto the handlebars. I had to add a larger washer to keep the mount tightly attached, and I'm worried that the tab will break off at some point. I'm not sure if it's due to me installing the mount on the bend of the handlebars or not. This issue could be avoided if the tabs were more stiff.

👤I bought this for my husband so he could use it while riding. My husband had to stop and take out his phone to look at the trail map because we are also avid ATV riders. I bought this right away to make it easier to see where we were on the map. If you want to explore different trails in different locations and different states, this is a must have.

👤I needed a new phone mount. It held my phone securely. I had to uninstall it from the phone and put it back in. There is a This mount is better than that. Since it has a small handle to twist, it's not a hex tool. It comes with pads that stick between the grip and bar for different sized handlebars. I didn't think my handlebar is that thin, but I had to use the thickest one for mine. The rotation is fine. The only problem I might have with this is that when biking the bumps cause my phone to look downward no matter how tight it is. I would. If you don't want your phone to move, maybe you should pay a little more. My phone barely fits in this.

4. Sincetop Mountain Universal Handlebar Compatible

Sincetop Mountain Universal Handlebar Compatible

The cellphone bike stem mount can be easily installed on any standard bicycle with the built standard M6 assemble screw hole and attached screw driver. The base is made from aluminum. It is more sturdy. You can use this smart phone mount to ride your bicycle. This adult bike phone holder is built with a "Connect Quickly" system to offer more security through an additional locking of the case during extreme sport journeys. You can attach the phone holder to the stem mount cap with a simple press, and then detach your phone in a second through a 90 degree rotation by one hand. Don't miss a call or message while cycling. The bike stem cap phone mount provides a perfect view angle. The cellphone can be adjusted to a horizontal or vertical screen. It's a great mount device to use for navigation, fitness, and to play music while riding. The universal adapter has a large paste area ( L 66mm x W51mm)( 2.6" x 2"). You can mount almost any electronic device to your bike. You can use your phone or speaker to listen to music. The universal adapter is strong for electronic devices, with a large paste area. It is compatible with most of the phone models and devices.

Brand: Fastand

5. Mountain Universal Ultra Lock Stand,MTB Handlebar

Mountain Universal Ultra Lock Stand%EF%BC%8CMTB Handlebar

The holder base is made from premium aluminum. It is strong. An additional locking of the case during extreme journeys is what the adult bike phone holder built to offer more security. Installation of the bicycle phone mount is easy. Attach/detach your phone with one hand. Don't miss calls or messages while cycling. The bike stem phone mount allows you to get a good view. The cellphone can be adjusted to a horizontal or vertical screen. It's a great solution for using a fitness app, playing music while you ride, and being visible to navigate. Their bike phone mount comes with 1 universal accessory. You can mount almost anything you want to your bike with the adapter. You can use your phone or speaker to listen to music. Universal Compatibility Perfectly fits for all of the following phones.

Brand: Sincetop

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I took a chance on buying something that hadn't been thoroughly reviewed. I tried this because I used to use a top tube bag with a clear top for my phone, but I had a few problems with it. I had to take my eyes off the road to look at my phone because the bag was too close to me. The bag doesn't look good, it's hard to access the power or volume buttons, and it's hard to find the power or volume buttons. The mount solved all of the problems. This is a really sleek and secure way to have access to your phone while biking. Your phone is mounted parallel to the wind. It is easier to access your phone from your hands. The mount fits perfectly under the headset cap. The phone clips into the mount, then you flip the lever to lock it. To dismount, flip the locking lever back and forth. This system is brilliant. There is a I would recommend this mount for most types of riding. It's pretty secure, and I think it would work out in the end. I wouldn't recommend it for any kind of serious riding with a risk of dumping the bike. Even if your phone doesn't come off the mount, it could still get damaged if your bike flips or crashes. The mount can be bent up or down to adjust the preferred angle of the phone. There is a small amount of rotation when the phone is locked to the mount. It seems very secure. Before installing the mount, it is important to note the Torque value of the headset bolt. If you don't have a driver, your local bike shop can install one for you. Attaching the mounting plate to a dedicated phone case is recommended by me. Make sure the back is smooth so the plate can adhere.

👤This is a rock solid phone mount. I've tried other mounts that hold the phone from the sides or the corners, but all of them restrict touch access to the edges of the screen. This is what I was looking for. There is a Since I didn't want the bike mount sticker on my case at all times, I stuck the phone mount sticker on my old case, which was yellow as it aged. I now swap phone cases when I want to ride, but this now works better than any phone mount that does not fit the phone.

👤It's easy to install the mount. None of the mounts I have tried last more than 2 days of riding. I crashed four times that day, one of which was pretty bad. My phone was always on. I cracked my screen when my bike landed upside-down. There is no damage to the mount. I have had it for 6 days now and can't be happier. My style of riding is usually 10 miles with small jumps and technical obstacles.

👤The roads are rough out where I like. I was worried about how this mount would work. It has not let me down. I opened the box and saw that it was a quality product. I have a stem mount that I use to raise my straightish style mountain bike bars up a bit. I mounted this mount to the star nut because I have a stem mount that holds the stem at almost a 90 degree angle straight up from the stem, and it has enough clearance to hold my phone. When my phone is mounted, it looks like it was made to be set up like that. I run an extended handle bar mounted for mounting addition items because it has a rise styled slightly bent bar that makes it less room for mounting options on the bars themselves. The less bar space for mounting things sucks because they point in akward directions, but this riser bend to the bar also helps with that putting weight on your arms issue. If you want to mount a display to the middle section of the bar, you have to find a head light that mounts to the bars but will point straight, because the only place you can mount the head light to this can be difficult. I give all the information I can to show you why I need this phone mount option and why it's perfect for my case because it might be a similar situation with many people.

6. Lonnishop Universal Premium Phone Motorcycle

Lonnishop Universal Premium Phone Motorcycle

The bike phone is flexible. The bike phone mount will fit your phone. Holds the 13 Pro, 13Mini, 12 Pro, 12Mini, 11 Xs, X, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, and 6 Plus. The S7 Edge, the S9 and the S9 Plus are all from the same company. Refer to SIZING GUIDE in the description for more. The handlebar's diameter is 0.8 - 1.7". Some mobile phones larger than 7 inches are not compatible. The bicycle phone holder can be attached and detached in a matter of seconds. It is easy to install and remove a tool. 100 to be safe! Soft-touch silicone material absorbs bumps and protects your devices and accessories. Even on fast descents and bumpy roads, you don't need to worry about scratching your phone or falling off. Handlebar Compatibility Quick release mounting strap fits various types of bicycle handlebars, baby strollers, pushchairs, treadmills and shopping trolleys. The Lonnishop phone holder for bike is ideal for mountain biking and many other activities. Satisfaction guarantee against material or manufacture defects is part of the pre-sales and after-sales service. Shop with confidence.

Brand: Lommishop

👤The item says it will fit any phone up to 3.5 inches wide. I don't use a case for my phone, it's 2 7/8" wide by 6 1/8" tall. I couldn't get my phone in the first place. The second time I tried to get my phone in, one of the straps snapped. If you use a case, your phone needs to be even smaller than the one in this picture. There is a The product picture made me believe I could mount it to my stem. The mounting strap is too short for my mountain bike stem. I had to mount it on my handlebars because the phone was sideways. Maybe a less powerful road bike stem would work. There is a The description and picture didn't give the necessary information to make it clear that this product wouldn't work with my phone or stem. This would be a good product if your phone is small.

👤I have to come back. Advertising that is deceptive.

👤Have had my phone fall off the holder a couple of times, luckily I had a protective case to protect my phone from the ground, make sure to check frequently that your phone won't fall off.

👤I'll make this easy. Don't waste time or money on this product. The mounting is not secure.

👤It holds the phone over the gravel roads. It's easy to install. The rubber strap had to be stretched a bit to wrap around the bike stem. It will stay 5 stars.

👤The phone holders I bought were not as good as the ones I have now. The reasons for this purchase are that Face ID works and the scroll bar is not blocked. I feel like my phone is more secure because the bands are thicker. It doesn't swivel, that's the only con for me. I can live with that.

👤This is a very sturdy device that holds my phone in place on my bike. It is easy to see but does not interfere with my bike ride. It fits both my phone and the cover on it. The bike is secure and does not move. It's very easy to remove my phone when I want to take a picture.

👤Would have given it five stars. It is a little heavy for it's size and it does not wrap around the corners of my phone. Does work well.

7. IMESTOU Aluminium Motorcycle Adjustable Handlebars

IMESTOU Aluminium Motorcycle Adjustable Handlebars

The iMESTOU newest phone holder with cool and heavy design is the Iron Hero Design Special for Motorbikes. The mobile phone screen/button is not being obscured to make it easier to use. The main structure of the bicycle phone holder comes to be super firm by screws locking, which eliminates your worries about phone safty wherever you're riding. TheStem Mount for Free Adjustment is a motorcycle phone holder with a double ball that provides 180 degrees of rotation. This phone mount is suitable for large phones. Even with phone cases, length 7.6", width 3.8", thickness 0.7" is enough to suit most cellphones. eg. It's possible to get an iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 5, iPad mini 6, iPad mini 7, iPad mini 8, iPad mini 9, iPad mini 10, iPad mini 11, iPad mini 12, iPad mini 13, iPad mini 14, iPad mini 15, iPad mini The U-bolt base accommodates rails from.9 to.13 in and the other U-bolt comes with a package to fit the stem double sockets arm.

Brand: Imestou

👤This product is great for the price, but lacks a more professional term. My wife wanted her phone to be mounted to the yoke of the airplane, so I mounted this in our Cessna. Not that I'm trying to pinch pennies, but I thought the cost to mount your phone with a couple of ball joints, clamps, and plastic pieces was ridiculous. It took me a while to find it on Amazon, but it is what I wanted. There are a lot of adjustment options for the ball joints. I expected the device that holds your phone to be less sturdy than it is. The hardware and clamps are working. They don't feel cheap like other hardware. A spring loaded arm/claw gently grasps your phone from the top. The quality of the action is better than I expected. Not as smooth as butter or ball bearings. We'll be within the range of being a nice, effective piece of gear, but definitely better than I expected. It is worth every penny.

👤Wow! There are two written reviews and 5 global ratings. Both written reviews are 5 stars. There is a Is it possible to only have 70% 5 star? I have been rigging stuff for over 50 years, and I was the Production Manager for the Duesenburg SSJ Roadster for a short time. I'm not sure how this could get less than 5 stars. There is a Alright, take off a star. > If you are going to launch it to the moon. Yes, it is heavy. Take off more than a Star B. Don't carry your cell phone if you are competing in a bicycle race. I have an iPhone 12 mini in a wallet case. The combo is bigger than the phone and has a good hold on the wallet and phone. The single knob locking both ball's is a bit tricky, but that is a good thing, it allows ease of rotation of the lock knob and double sockets arm for perfect positioning of phone. There is a It is difficult if you are rotating the phone from vertical to horizontal. There is a You wind up playing with the double sockets arm assembly adjustment, and I wonder if there is an add on hardware option that gives 90+ lockable spin of the phone. There is a This would need to be a replacement ball hardware that mounts on the back of the phone carrier. There is a This would increase the cost of the product, so perhaps make it an option. There is a I may be dreaming, given that this product is vastly stronger built than others at the current price point. It might get 4 stars, but I still don't know why. Here is a place where I might consider replacing the Kit's double sockets arm with a Two Socket Arm with Center Rotation and double Knobs. spin Still at 5 stars. The side stays are very close to the buttons, and my phone fits just slightly loose. No way it would fall out. It snugs right up if you add any case at all. > Your experience may change. F)? There is a My utilization is one. My motorcycle is the best I have found for this use. There are two more I will be dead if I crash my mountain bike and damage my phone. There are 3 more My car is more than I need. The right cost is still there. There are four I am thinking about weight, but it is solid. There are five The main terminal of my home computer system was built out of drum rack parts. The computer station is called a transformer because of the drum rack parts. I mounted my first phone carrier here. There is a The computer systems rack is made with a 1.5” OD tube, but the motorcycle handlebar mount hardware wouldn't fit over it. > If you are a 4 wheeler, you may want to mount to a 1.5” OD Tube. If it works, so be it. Likely will end up with 5 stars in my rigging world.

8. AONKEY Bike Phone Mount Motorcycle

AONKEY Bike Phone Mount Motorcycle

The ball joint design can adjust the bicycle phone mount in different direction to provide optimal viewing angle even on bright day. Shrinkable arms and a rubber belt make it easy to take a phone off on the mountain road. It can fix the handlebar with an upgrade mount with an aluminum alloy bolt and soft rubber pad, it is suitable for bike, motorcycle, electric bike, shopping chart, scooter, stroller, treadmill. Simply screw the aluminum bolt to fix the handlebars, and press the button on the side to open the arms. The Aonkey motorcycle phone holder can give you full access to the phone screen. Their universal cell phone holder for bike is compatible with all sizes of phones.

Brand: Aonkey

👤I bought one because my phone was blocking the treadmill display. I could easily transfer the mount to my bike after my run. I ordered a second one because the cost was so reasonable. The mount for weight lifting is being relocated because of the adjustability for viewing angle. Someday it will leave the house for use in an environment where it is not a problem. It works great indoors. The lower flap works well as a backup to the side grips but it will interfere with the phone jack on the bottom center. Charge before or after the workout. One hand release button. This phone mount is very good.

👤The thing is very durable and awesome. I haven't purchased anything like this in a long time and I can't say enough about the quality of this phone holder. It is very easy to hold my phone in an otter box defender case. The tuff material is very strong. If you are looking for a phone holder for your motorcycle, bike or anything similar, I highly recommend this holder.

👤The mount is made from sturdy material. I have only used it inside to mount my phone, but I would use it outside if I needed to. For increased security, you can use the elastic bands to mount the phone in the arms. I use a rubber case for my phone.

👤The IC Life Fitness bikes that my gym uses for the Spin classes are perfect for this product. I have used it twice now and wondered how I had not had this mount before. I don't use the gel holder part since the bike is stationary, but it makes teaching spin class easier.

👤I use my upright bike to watch training and entertainment videos on my cellphone. There is a The fit and quality of the device are great. I am very satisfied.

👤It is easy to install and keep my phone in place. It's attached to my exercise machine and it makes it so much more fun to listen to music, watch my TV show, or check out websites on it.

👤It keeps my phone stable when I use it on my rides. Climbing and decending 3000+ feet on my local mountains has posed no problem for this phone holder. The claw grasp system is better than other options.

👤I have a pop sockets on my phone that I use every day, so my options were to find an open-backed phone mount. I was able to find a spot on the left handle bar that made it easy to use.

9. Metal Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount

Metal Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount

You can mount a cell phone to any bike, motorcycle or ATV with tubular handlebars. There are no tools required for installation. The extra secure clip has silicone belts that grip the phone firmly. The phone will not fall if you make the most extreme ride. AJUSTABLE GRIP. Simply adjust and secure your phone to any angle and position that suits you, and enjoy the comfort of your ride! Full phone access includes screen, buttons and mic jack. You don't need to unmount your device. You should keep your hands on the handlebars. 100 to be safe! If you don't like your new bike phone mount, just contact them and they will make it right.

Brand: Accessories

👤So far, so good. I was worried about phone holders after the last one broke and I had to catch my phone. I am starting to trust this one because it is metal. I am attaching a note to the holder. I can mount the phone in many different places. I mount it horizontally to be able to take video while riding at slow speeds, but feel confident in saying that video at higher speeds could be taken with the right phone case. It's at least good enough to get a liscence plate of a vehicle. The holder has an issue with the bottom clamp hitting the button on the note 8. I have a headset in my helmet. A short video of my first trip out with this holder was included. I need a new phone case and I need to change the holder. The plastic water proof cover is moving. The video would be shaky if the holder wasn't good.

👤The product is wonderful. It was exactly what I needed and it was better than I thought it would be. I don't want it to be any better. I always appreciate a good product, and this is one of them. The unit that holds my phone and the one that holds my handlebars are both made to hold my phone and handlebars securely. I use it for navigation on and off the road. Thanks again for the great product.

👤Great mount! Sturdy is made from steel and other rugged materials. It doesn't loosen itself even under continuous vibration. I replaced my shoddy McGuyver mount with my new Claw because it takes me about 90 minutes to cut my lawn. There is a safety warning. Do not do this. It is unsafe to use a power tool without proper training and your full attention, so obviously this is just for your rest breaks. There is a The elastic loops around the corners of the phone are holding it together, and the spring-loaded tension claws seem to hold well by themselves. If it works well on a dusty machine, it will be even better on a bike. There is a It has a simple, secure design and feels solid. I hate plastic from overseas markets, but burley is still sleek and functional.

👤I've had phone mounts for my vehicle. The mount pivot snapped because of 7 hours of constant vibration, but my last one remained attached. I came up with three criteria that needed to be met by my new phone mount, one of which was strong enough to not snap or break while holding a large phone. For 8 hours a day, stay fixed in position for navigation. It had to be able to mount onto a 1.7" roll bar to remain attached. I am happy to say that this mount accomplished all three with flying. There are colors. I spent 7 hours on a trail yesterday and we felt like we had spent the day riding a jack-hammer. The phone did not move. Any. Not the least bit. This is amazing, considering the large size of my Note 9. There is a The mount is sturdy. It has an extra pair of mounting bands. I was initially concerned about the stretch for my phone, but they worked well. Cawcar provides an extra pair that is stretchy and durable. I intend to use this mount for a long time, so I will add a few more sets.

10. RAM MOUNTS RAM B 176 Double Universal

RAM MOUNTS RAM B 176 Double Universal

Simply rad. Why don't they let their phones help change their cycling experience? They can use the data from the training apps to improve their training and racing. Give your fellow Zwift mate a ride on, smash that TrainerRoad interval, and then take your localKOM. The 'X' design with rubber caps has great holding power without hiding your phone, and it has an optional tether for peace of mind. The motorcycle fork stem base works with stems 12mm to 38mm in length and short length, B size RAM double sockets arm, and ball and sockets technology allows for near-infinite adjustability. Backed by a lifetime warranty. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Ram Mounts

👤I had to cut away at the rubber and shave it to fit into the center stem before I was able to install this unit. I used glue to glue the nut and plastic washer to the rubber to prevent it from slipping. After a few days the unit became loose and was not stable as the phone was sliding and not solid. I tried adjusting with a wrench. It became loose again after initially being stable. The rubber inside my center stem was destroyed by continuous Tighetning. The rest of the unit came out after the unit fell. There is a This must be done with people with better skills than mine. It didn't work for me and my bike. I am very disappointed. The rubber compound is not strong enough to maintain it's shape and the look is clean. The product could be better. I think I've thrown money at something that didn't work for me. The product didn't do its job. I didn't get to fire the product on my own, but the product quit on me.

👤The X-Grip is great. Excellent quality, sturdy, smart design. The stem mount can be difficult to install. I learned a few things from my 2002 Ninja ZX-12R, which is why I put the nut down and back it off a bit. The rubber plug on the pocket washer is a problem if the nut is hard to screw on. Don't choose the smallest nut pocket washer, the biggest one that will fit inside your stem will give you more "gripping" surface on the rubber plug, trust me. The hardware kit had super glue in it. Don't try to get the pocket washer to the rubber PLUG, it will get away. Hope that helps. The product looks great.

👤The stem mount is trash. You can't tighten it enough to keep the phone from rotating. The whole thing is useless if the rubber stem insert is tightened to much. This is a great idea in theory. Terrible execution! I don't think you should waste your money on this mount. At least the stem mount part. Everyone who has spent money on one should get their money back. The people who are saying this mount is awesome are probably RAM mount employees. Maybe they have enough money to buy a $1100+ phone. There is a We've installed three of these on three different bikes and not one of them works as described and all three do the same thing - rotate no matter how tight you tighten the screw and destroy the rubber insert. We found a way to keep the mounts from rotating. If you remove the metal washer from the system and let the bottom of the ball mount make contact with the rubber insert, you can keep the ball mount from rotating. Great idea, terrible execution on the mounts.

👤My motorcycle is called a hyosung. The steering stem nut is not a hollow nut. It had to be removed. The hollow replacement nut was a fine thread and Torqued to 74 foot pounds. If you get superglue in the package, be careful. The assembly order says to clean out the grease in the top 1 inch of the steering stem and the bottom pocket nut that holds the nylon locking nut won't hold the rubber shaft. The blue nylon on the locking nut needs to be removed to tighten it. I cut the bottom of the rubber shaft to make sure the pocket nut wouldn't move. The lock nut was tightened and the rubber shaft was expanded for a tight fit. There was no need for superglue. Totally removed.

11. Motorcycle Bike Phone Mount Holder

Motorcycle Bike Phone Mount Holder

The bike phone mount is the ultimate in bicycle accessories, it is compatible with smart phones and navigation devices up to 3.7′′ wide, with a rubber grip for handles up to 1.3′′ in diameter. Their cell phone holder for bike is safe for both bikes and phones. Two metal bolts hold your phone bike mount in place. The bike phone holder is made of premium quality metal and plastic and has elastic silicone bands to hold your phone. Total control. The bicycle phone mount has no bad angles. Their phone mount allows for easy access to buttons and the whole screen. The mount is easy to install. It comes with a set of brightly colored butterfly bands.

Brand: Mongoora

👤It took me one ride to realize I needed a phone mount for my mountain bike. I got online and found this one. I am very happy. It is high quality and cheap. You can get a piece of junk at a sporting goods store. I provided pictures of how it fits on my bike. The colored rubber thing is a must to keep the phone out of the cradle. Sometimes the short end is fastened first. I am ordering a second one for my riding buddy because he saw mine and wanted one. If you need a bike phone mount, this is the one for you. My phone fits in there nicely, it's a phone called a Pixel 2 XL.

👤I like the color of the bike mount that I got, and it's ranked highly in the rankings. It's very strong. It is very simple to mount, just your fingers. There's infinite adjustability after the 3 preset settings, which is why there's a adjustability that's so high. It should fit most handlebars. I tried it on my car's mirror. I might be using it there. Assembly is easy, there's an instruction sheet with pictures, and you can't make a mistake. You can do it with just one hand, but it's really tight, which is good because your phone doesn't fall out. Pull the colored elastic bands over the corners. At this point, it's very safe. The phone stayed on after a ride around the block.

👤It's not nice to be biking and have to stop to check your phone. It's much more of a commitment to bike than it is to walk, but you can just pull your phone out of your pocket. You have to stop, get off your bike, and then look at your navigation app. I couldn't be happier that this bike cradle solved this problem. You can use turn-by-turn navigation and put your phone on your handle bars if you want. I wouldn't go too fast with my phone mounted to my handlebars, but for just cruising around, this is great. There is a I was worried about my phone's security, one of the main things I was worried about. If you're on a bike in a busy city and you lose your phone, there's a good chance it's gone forever. The mount is very secure and mounts to your bike and phone. There is a heavy-duty rubber band that holds your phone, but the two clamps on the side do most of the work. This secures the phone from all four corners, and with the lock on the side of the phone, it's not going anywhere unless you want it to.

👤At this point, the mount seems to be strong. I was a bit skeptical because it seemed too lightweight of plastic and the band didn't seem sturdy, but I was wrong. I bought this to hold my phone on my motorcycle so I could use navigation and see who was calling me over my phone system. My motorcycle sits outside so this mount was exposed to the elements since I have had it. I ended up sliding my motorcycle down the road at 45 mph due to another driver error. I could still hear the song I was listening to when I pulled my helmet off. The phone was still attached to the mount. I would highly recommend this mount to anyone who rides motorcycles, especially for the quality at a very good price.


What is the best product for bicycle cell phone holder stem mount?

Bicycle cell phone holder stem mount products from Lamicall. In this article about bicycle cell phone holder stem mount you can see why people choose the product. Ram Mounts and Lisen are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle cell phone holder stem mount.

What are the best brands for bicycle cell phone holder stem mount?

Lamicall, Ram Mounts and Lisen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle cell phone holder stem mount. Find the detail in this article. Fastand, Sincetop and Lommishop are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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