Best Bicycle Cards Purple

Cards 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Bicycle Denim Playing Custom Limited

Bicycle Denim Playing Custom Limited

A gold foiled box. The bicycle rider back has faded markings.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Can't read red on denim front of cards.

👤These were never seen at the store. The deck is very cool.

👤Came in with smashed corners.

👤Another set from the USPCC.

2. Bicycle Clear Playing Cards

Bicycle Clear Playing Cards

The plastic has an air-cushioned finish. The deck of Hoyle brand waterproof playing cards will be sent to you. Being clear makes any game more fun. These cards are perfect for the beach, pool or camping, and are well-suited for almost any wet or humid situation. It's easy to shuffle and it's packaged in a clear plastic case.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The card says these are bicycle cards. I got Hoyle instead. The cards I received are not what the picture shows, and I could have purchased them from a different buyer for less money. There is a If you purchase these, you will receive a different product.

👤These cards are wonderful. The kids love family card night. They have ruined many decks with drink condensation or greasy popcorn hands. Kids in wet suits can play these cards next to the pool because they are wipeable. There is a My dad is color blind and he had a hard time seeing the black ink on the dark red background. He played with the kids and we needed to pull out another deck. There is a Kids love the clear cards because they are easy to shuffle.

👤If you are like me and my friends, you will love these cards because you will always have beverages nearby when playing cards. The group spiller will not be a threat to your cards. These cards are hard to shuffle and handle because they are razor thin. I had to count the deck to make sure I didn't miss any cards. If you drop the stack to the floor, one or two of them can easily get away from you.

👤I got this deck for my son for Christmas and I wanted to see how it worked. The deck is in a plastic case. The cards are made of plastic and very durable. They're slippery, but they look neat when you play with them. He loved playing with this deck. It's a great stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys playing card games and would appreciate something different.

👤I initially purchased these cards to use in a number of card games that involve drunk players. They were perfect for this use alone. They turned out to be perfect for camping and beach trips. If I'm rating solely on the quality of the product, I would recommend it to a friend, even though Amazon doesn't always have the best price.

👤Clear playing cards need to be roughed up a bit. You have to flex the cards a few times. The clear ones are the same thing. The Bicycle playing card design is clear but I liked it because it has a classic design. I have a deck in my purse. You never know when you'll need playing cards. That's right.

👤The cards are thin and have a nice look. They don't bridge well at first but after some use they break in and work well. They are great for use at a bar or around drinks. The only issue I have with them is that they collect fingerprints, which is a pain to clean off every card, but that is a minor issue to me.

👤Playing card or board games is something we like to do when we travel. The texture takes a bit of getting used to. They are plastic and can easily be dried off. These are perfect when at the beach or bar table. When compared to standard cards, the printing on a card can take a lot of abuse.

3. Bicycle Mini Decks Playing Cards

Bicycle Mini Decks Playing Cards

Bright colors can increase your riding fun. There are 2 mini playing cards. X 1. It's small enough to fit. These playing cards are great for gift baskets, car rides, and everyday play. Only one deck per order. The back design of the rider. It's perfect for traveling, birthday party favors, stocking-stuffers, Easter baskets, and many more.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The listing has been changed to show that this is a single deck. The previous statement was that there were two decks - one red, one blue. I ordered the item multiple times, expecting to get one red and one blue. All I got was blue. One blue at a time was very frustrating. The cards are cheap novelty items. Plain paper is not intended for serious use. I expected better quality since the price I paid was comparable to standard-size cards.

👤We can play a game of poker while the world is a hissy fit, because these cards are for my Bug- Out-Bag. Maybe I should get a small fiddle as well. There is a There are hints. The box is too tight and tears easily when opened, so do yourself a favor and use a sharp implement. 2. If you want to add a gift receipt to your Amazon account, you can write a note to the store stating your preference for red or blue. 3. Throw in with your basic car supplies, a softcover dictionary, first aid kit, survival gear, hardtack and other nonperishables would be useful.

👤People complain about seeing two decks of cards. A bullet says one deck for the price. I asked them why they didn't have a button. They told me to send an email. I will receive my deck today. It will work for me on the plane. I suggest that they change the pics on the page to either a pic or a pack only, and that they put in a button to select a color. It works for me.

👤They only sent me the blue deck, not a pair. Amazon said they would sort out the problem with the seller. These are a novelty or collectible. Two of them are side by side and fit on top of a full size rider back card with a small white border still visible. The cards are not noticeably thinner. They look like they have a patterned finish, but it's scaled down so you can barely see it, and it doesn't offer much in the way of air cushion. There are two cards, one in color, but no ad cards. The wording on the ace of spades is the only difference between the core cards and scaled ones. The United States playing card company is on two lines instead of one. There is no code under it. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to shuffle or spring these because they're as thick as normal cards. Half a pack won't bend enough. They could have done plastic prestige cards at half the thickness. They'd handle it well and little kid hands wouldn't destroy them. I fear these are mostly used for variations on that joke. There is a The tuck case is very nice. It's the same as a small box of raisins. It's a tuck bottom and you can blow in it and make noise the same way. The normal deck says "Poker" on the top. The flap has a trademark. The bottom of the card has a recycled symbol and the sides say "". The bottom quarter of the deck is used for coyright information and the back only shows 1/3 of the card back. There is no seal sticker for the USPCC. It came in a bag. You can get them cheaper from Bicycle's website. Prime shipping made this work out better for me.

4. Orange Rider Bicycle Playing Cards

Orange Rider Bicycle Playing Cards

The preferred brand of millions. There are 52 cards plus 1 and 3 Gaff cards.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I have a deck of cards. I have a card with both sides orange and red. I'm not sure how to contact the seller. I can't find a way to do it. Can someone help me? My son wants two cards.

👤I bought this for my dad. The school colors are orange and black. There is a It was a little pricey, but my dad is hard to buy for so that made it worth it.

👤I love these cards. You will not regret buying them.

👤The cards were in excellent condition when they were delivered. They were for a friend who enjoys playing with them.

👤Not sure why but only one of the two double back cards has a red back, and only one of the two completely blank cards has a blank card. What? I'm not sure why. I don't need 1 or 2.

👤Great addition to my collection.

👤Product arrived quickly. Good quality.

5. Bicycle Autocycle Purple Playing Cards

Bicycle Autocycle Purple Playing Cards

The card back is a reproduction of original art from 1901. A touch of luxury is provided by the foil accents on the packaging. Bicycle playing cards are perfect for a game night, whether it's poker, blackjack, rummy, Euchre, or more, these cards will help create an epic game! Quality You Can Trust is printed on premium Bicycle brand cardstock for the flexability andDurability you expect from Bicycle Playing Cards. The Classic Air-Cushion Finish is used for superior Shuffling.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I am not sure if this is a collectible deck. I bought a nice bicycle deck. I guess they are not supposed to be played with because they wore down very quickly. The edges of the cribbage and hearts I played with my family in town started to wear, and the back started to wear as well. It was disappointing to say the least.

👤The Dark Mode deck looked great. The pictures in the listing made them seem bright, to me they looked like some of the text was not written correctly. The cards are not bright and the box is not foiling. They look nice, but not what I wanted. The cards are still good quality.

👤I bought an architecture set for my daughter while we were playing Solitaire. I wanted my own deck. The quality and feel of the Bicycle cards are what you would expect. I love the designs. The red and black are not as stark as in a traditional set. The architecture set has prominent suit markings, but the red is a bit more faded burgandy than the classic. I highly recommend them.

👤These cards are gorgeous. The design is captivating and the feel is premium, but the foil accent is not on the cards. I hope they make a deck with metallic foil. I'm glad I bought 2 sets. Hit the buy button.

👤These cards are not good. The smell is very strong. These off gas fumes are likely to be dangerous to use. The cards are very stiff and need a lot of breaking in and pre-bending in order to be handled well. Bicycle's choice of the ace of spades is a poor one, it is green, not black. Larger actual images on each face of the card is what I prefer.

👤I wish the reds were a little brighter, but I like everything else about these cards. The faces are stylized. The backs have a vintage look. The reds are dark. The purple backs would be better if they were the same color. They are too close to purple. I'm going to get the greens too because they still read as red. I would like to see Blues and Reds as well.

👤The Bicycle Sea King is playing cards in the sea. Bicycle makes many different colorful playing cards. The cards in this set are of the highest quality and last a long time. It is recommended.

👤I ordered 10 decks for a memorial gift and all of them are missing the 9.

👤Bicycle use grade A materials to produce playing cards. There is a The cards are manufactured to a high standard. There is a I would recommend these cards. The value is great. The delivery was quick and easy.

👤A great pack of cards. Fast delivery as well.

👤I was worried about buying this deck of cards for my son because he likes card tricks. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the brand. My son is still going strong even after using the cards for a couple of months and they look as good as new. Every time he shows me a card trick, I am happy to see the cards that I purchased look the same. Sometimes, it is just a leap of faith that the price is daunting.

6. Synthesis Cyberpunk Themed Bicycle Playing

Synthesis Cyberpunk Themed Bicycle Playing

The classic air crumb finish provides unparalleled performance in your hands and on the table. The cyberpunk genre has themes that are found in playing cards. There is a court card with characters based on cyberpunk. Bicycle brand playing cards are produced by the same company. The magic finish allows cards to last longer than cheaper decks. Completely custom illustrations are not found anywhere else.

Brand: Albino Dragon

👤The artwork on this deck is amazing. Beautifully designed. The face cards are not ornate. Many of the unique card decks fail to do any artistic work for the lesser cards. Not this one. The deck is amazing.

👤I enjoy playing these cards. They're from the science-fiction era. I am going to add the blue deck to my collection. I saw it on another website.

👤The deck is pretty good quality. It works in any sci-fi game. The GM had to shuffle the cards a lot and they felt a little too unweildy. I had to drop a star because it was too much of an annoyance.

👤The print quality on these is not good. The design is interesting, but the pattern is obvious. It doesn't affect using the deck for playing cards.

👤Excellent addition to any collection. Beautiful cards!

👤A friend received these as a gift. The card sets are very unique and I love them. If you're a fan, you should go for it, as the average card set is less than half the price.

👤It's difficult to tell diamonds from hearts. It is easy to shuffle and deal without having to play 52 card pick up.

👤The graphics on the cards are great, but the cards seem a bit thin compared to a standard deck of Bicycle cards I just bought. The cards are not flimsy, but I wonder if they are durable.

7. Cyberpunk Playing Cards Premium Standard

Cyberpunk Playing Cards Premium Standard

The next hand in style is with showstopping Cyberpunk-themed playing cards. The artwork shows a combination of the high tech and the dystopic industrial through street scenes and dark futuristic characters. The presentation box has brilliant foil highlights. Say goodbye to flimsy and boring standard playing cards in the casino grade. They finish their cards with a smooth, luxurious embossing so they feel and handle just as good as they look, beginning with A-grade card stock and world-class printing techniques. It is durably made to resist humidity and hold up through intense game nights. If you're going to perform your craziest tricks, you need a deck of cards that can keep up. The elephant playing card is made from a 310 GSM paper cut with laser-sharp precision for superior flourishing, shuffling, handling, and dealing. It was made in a standard poker card size. The Game Night E-Book covers 10 classic, fun card games with step by step text and video instructions. Rummy, Crazy 8's, and more can be learned. There are fun card games that both adults and kids can enjoy. The great gift deck. Their unique playing cards are a great gift for the players and collectors in your life. They are great for all cardistry and magic tricks. A great addition to someone's Cyberpunk collection.

Brand: Elephant Playing Cards

👤There is a warning about the offbeat review. I will do a card trick and discuss how the black and purple deck of cards can be shuffled and dealt to make a point about how we view the world. There are 4 suits of cards in this deck. There are two colors in this deck of cards. This deck can be described as a 4 run of 13 cards each, 13 card sets in 4 suits, or a deck of 52 individual cards. All of these descriptions are true, they are all accurate, and yet they all describe the same reality. There is no sense in arguing that only one of them is true, or that only one description is true, or that only one description is real. The essential nature of the deck is mirrored by the concepts of deck of cards. The answer is no and we insist that one of our notions, which are only alternative descriptions, must correspond to or mirror the essential nature of the deck. The descriptions of the same deck of cards with none of them any closer than the other to the essential nature of the deck is just tiresome. The deck of cards is a series of relations. The relations change when different games are played with the same deck of cards. Our everyday lives are the same as our empirical reality. We live in a world of beings and relations.

👤These are perfect for stocking stuffers. The material of the cards made the husband excited. The box is metallic but the cards are not. The foil metallic look would have been great. That's what matters because he loved them.

👤Love them. There is a Just as advertised, it's beautiful and durable. I love purple, blue and 888-349-8884

👤She says they're great for cardistry.

👤These are great stocking stuffers. I want my sister to open them. Thank you, GWB.

👤My boyfriend is a card collector. He has a lot of cards. I bought him this for Christmas and he said it was one of his new favorites. It is beautiful. Definitely recommend.

👤They are brand new, but after a while they start to feel easy to deal with, and shuffle. The box and color were great, as well as the design.

👤I am always looking for unique gifts. I love these.

👤There are either UV light or another product in the pictures. This makes me angry. It was a blatant misrepresentation. You can see the box is glossy, but the cards are not. The cards blend in with the dark grey table.

👤Good cards that feel good in the hand. The colour isn't quite as vivid as it is in the pictures on the cards, but they're nice.

8. Bicycle 1044948 Architecture Amazon Exclusive

Bicycle 1044948 Architecture Amazon Exclusive

Embossed details and foil add to the beauty of the deck. 54 hand illustrated architectural marvels from across the globe. The package is Premium Embossed and Foil. The Classic Air-Cushion Finish is used for ease of Shuffling.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The location of Frank Lloyd Wright's Robi House is incorrect. Robi House is located on the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park, which is a neighborhood in Chicago. In the past, it housed the Theology Dept. I think so. There is a The community of #2 Oak Park has a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. There is a One hopes this is the last mistake. I haven't looked at the other cards. I know the neighborhood and the building.

👤The most beautiful and creative playing card has ever been made. As a Brazilian born and a true "carioca", opening the box and getting the card with Rio de Janeiro Central Station noted on it was a great thing. Way to go bycicle! You have to make a second edition with more architectural wonders. There is a lot around.

👤The faces are not symmetrical. This is obvious from the pictures, but something to keep in mind. The backs are average, but the bevels are too large. There is a The box was disappointing to me. The box has too much extra space, it has a cheap finish, and it is very basic, so maybe my expectations were too high. I want to set expectations for people since the card designs are so unique.

👤I was appalled when I opened the deck. My niece is seven years old and I ordered them for her. I probably didn't read very carefully. These are not typical playing cards. I can't tell the 4 suits. There are no icons to show the number on the cards. The deck of playing cards should not be called this. They would be very difficult to use for traditional games. Solitaire is next to impossible. This purchase was disappointing. My niece is three years old and she found the pictures fascinating so we will keep the cards.

👤I have enjoyed playing with this set. There is a They include international architecture, not just the US, as well as cultural treasures. The FLW Robie House is in Oak Park, not Hyde Park. There is a It's as good as normal quality playing cards. After a couple months of casual play, mine are showing wear. Enjoying them thoroughly.

👤The deck looks great, but I haven't opened it. The first deck Amazon sent was Asteroid, and I had to order this again. I had to wait for the 2nd attempt to get the correct deck to arrive to get my Christmas package together. It's Amazon. Get it together! The deck of cards has 3 stars for it.

👤The pack shows just about every important landmark. There is a The quality of the cards is excellent. I will most likely buy more of them as they are an excellent gift for anyone.

👤The history of key architectural landmarks around the world. There is a The cards were sturdy. They held up well and were used for many games.

👤The deck of cards is very smooth and easy to shuffle, and they retain their shape even though I beat them. The different architecture on each card is a great show piece and they are also great for playing cards. No complaints yet, definitely worth the money.

9. Bicycle 1039021 Playing Cards

Bicycle 1039021 Playing Cards

The evolution of different Dragon species inspired the illustrated card back and faces. Premium Bicycle brand is printed on the paper. The air-cushion finish makes it easy to shuffle.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Good Bicycle quality is the first card quality. But... I was buying it for the dragon art. It doesn't show you that there are 12 cards with nothing but Egg Drawings and 12 baby Dragons that could pass for Pokemon. Side view of adult dragons. The 4 Jacks, Queens, and Kings have Full art, but the 4 aces only have a Dragon Emblem. Art on face cards is the only real art worth anything, other than basic Drawn dragons that look like they were colored with color pencils.

👤There are lots of dragons in this deck. There are a total of 12 dragons for each suit, with three different dragons featured. You can see the dragons for each suit during their life cycle. You can see each dragon's egg in cards 2, 3, and 4 and in cards 5, 7, and 8 you can see the baby dragons. The face cards are very detailed.

👤The artwork and quality of the cards are excellent, but the large white squares in the item description make them seem like a sore thumb. It doesn't work for me because it detracts from any appreciation of the artwork. This would be a 5 star item if they could replace the white squares with something more natural, or no squares at all, but they could still use the same artwork. I can only give it 3 until then because I was leaning towards 2.

👤The cards are of bicycle's usual quality and finish, but what really sells this deck for me is that each and every card has it's own unique art, and the style is charming and cute. I collect playing card decks with unique looks, and one of the issues I have with the amount of decks is that they only have a limited amount of back art, and the rest of the deck is the same color. Not this deck! There are different ages of the dragons on the numbered cards. The deck has a dragon size chart, artist credit, and a single card. If you're debating getting this deck or bicycle's "dragon tome" deck, choose this one.

👤I like dragons. The cards look great. The picture doesn't cover the number so you can still use them for card games. The dragons are cute and the pics start from a dragon egg and the dragon will get bigger each number. It feels like playing cards. I like them but wish they were cheaper. They can get ruined from playing games.

👤I would give this deck 10 stars for the quality and artwork. The box was crushed when it arrived. I'm stuck with damaged cards since the seller doesn't abide by the return policy of Amazon. This could easily be my favorite deck.

👤Excellent cards, better than I expected. The cards are very colorful. This is my first deck. I gave my grandson a deck and he loved it. He has been collecting dinosaurs since he was small. He and his parents were very impressed with the cards. My son's dad collects different decks of cards and he was impressed with the quality of the cards. If you want cards that look nice, we all recommend these cards, they are good quality. Thank you so much, Lynne.

10. Bicycle Standard Rider Back Black

Bicycle Standard Rider Back Black

The famous rider design is on the standard playing cards. The air-cushion finish makes it easy to shuffle. The deck is perfect for Poker and other games.

Brand: Bicycle

👤One star was deducted due to "rider" and "standard" confusion. I think they don't know what's different. The label says "Rider". It's the same card. The black version is more expensive than the standard version, but I love it. I think this is as good as it gets. Delivery was fast and well packaged.

👤I ordered Rider Backed cards and was expecting Rider Backs. I got the standard backs. The cards are mostly the same, but there are subtle differences. I will have to look for another pack that is what is advertised. Very disappointed.

👤I wanted Rider Back cards, not Standard. The description said "Standard Rider Back". I assumed the Rider Back pack was shown in the photo. I did not get what I wanted.

👤The deck of cards that I got were standard and not black that I was hoping for. I didn't get what I paid for.

👤They are playing cards. If they are like the ones I have now, I will use them. I like playing cards on the bicycle.

👤The title is Bicycle Standard Rider Back Black. The standard was what was received. I can get the standards at my local Target. Returned.

👤The USPCC Bicycle is playing cards in black. They shipped fast from Japan. The deck has a sticker in Japanese that can be removed. There is a You can find a better price on Amazon.

👤Great cards to add to my collection.

👤I have used regular bicycle cards for a few years but bought these for poker because they are so durable and easy to shuffle and slide across the table, and I will buy another pack.

👤The cards were of good quality. They were slippery at first, but wore out quickly. I have an issue that these are not the cards shown in the picture. These are a standard size, standard type, and standard pack of cards, not the rider back poker size cards mentioned. It is a very good brand. I didn't get what I wanted. You will see what I mean if you compare the picture of the product box and the picture I have attached.

👤They. Are. Not. A rider. There are backs. There is a Why are you advertising them? There is a That is false advertising. They are not a pure black bicycle, they are just blue standard bicycle cards that have been put through a black and white filter. Don't buy this.

👤I received a black bicycle "standards" and thought they wererider backs. I prefer the rider back tuck case. I have never been a fan of the standard tuck. There is a These cards are fine if you don't mind.

👤I will buy again. I'm new to it. I know a few decks won't last long for me.

11. Hesslers Rider Back Playing Cards

Hesslers Rider Back Playing Cards

Completely custom illustrations are not found anywhere else. Bicycle poker cards are genuine. The United States Playing Card Company made the cards. The deck has red hearts, blue spades, green clubs and yellow diamonds. The classic standard look is maintained by custom card faces. Blue and Red Standard Bicycle Rider Backs are available. A list of Texas Hold'em Poker Hands is included in dual purpose Joker cards.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Bicycle (USPCC) branded decks are the ones I collect playing cards from. The Hesslers deck is part of my collection. The tuck box design is the only one that many card designers work on. The faces of the cards are being looked at. This helps set their cards apart.

👤If that makes sense, this is a unique deck. The design is the same as the original blue deck. This deck is for people who want to increase their card game. The traditional 2 colors are red diamond and hearts-black spades, but it has 4 different colors. This makes game play more enjoyable. These cards have been used for spades and Rummy. It always makes a conversation. There is a It's a shade lighter than the regular blue bicycle deck, but it's pretty much the same. You have to add this to your list if you're a playing card collector. You never know when they will run out.

👤I picked my cards first on looks. The design is classic suits, and pips, but what makes it so delightful is a full-color courts, and suits in green, yellow, red, blue, shades of grey to compliment the black and white. The spades are blue, hearts are red, diamonds are yellow, and the clovers are green. The colored suits are within a black spade with a kneeling skeleton. There is an extra card with a quote on the side of the bike backs. There is a I want a good deck. These are air-cushioned and play very well. There is a I want a good price. This deck is the only one that can meet all three.

👤These cards are very nice. Nice colors, don't feel flimsy or rigid. It is visually interesting.

👤I like the different colors. It's a great addition to my collection.

👤The cards look better than the pictures.

👤I have recently gotten into playing cards and card games as a hobby. I picked up copag and desjgn plastic cards and realized I don't like them all. Good Bicycle paper cards are what I prefer. Some brands were tried. These are my favorite cards. The colors are striking. Absolutely gorgeous. The goodies are nice. It's the same bicycle you expect. I wish they had it in the bridge size. What are you going to do? The ace of hearts is ugly but that's my only complaint.


What is the best product for bicycle cards purple?

Bicycle cards purple products from Bicycle. In this article about bicycle cards purple you can see why people choose the product. Albino Dragon and Elephant Playing Cards are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle cards purple.

What are the best brands for bicycle cards purple?

Bicycle, Albino Dragon and Elephant Playing Cards are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle cards purple. Find the detail in this article.

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