Best Bicycle Cards Limited Edition

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1. Bicycle Standard Playing Card Pack

Bicycle Standard Playing Card Pack

All mounting hardware is included. Bicycle standard playing cards have a mix of red and blue. The Historic Rider Back is featured in Bicycle Standard playing cards. Each bicycle deck has a standard deck of playing cards. Great for all card games, including Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Blackjack, Go Fish, Baccarat and many more. Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA and have an air-cushion finish.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The standard playing cards are not the subject of this review. The front of the cards are larger so that people with vision problems can see what they are playing. The cards are regular playing cards. The recipients were very happy with the gift as there are elderly members in the family. I can't comment on whether the cards are durable or slippery. Will update if I find out from the recipients.

👤The cards were received today. The pack only has 52 cards.

👤The third box of playing cards is being worked on. Why so many? Every day of the week, my husband and I play cribbage. We play a deck of cards for three months. Bicycle is one of the two brands that I will never purchase for regular play. It's cheaper to buy them in bulk than it is to buy one deck at a time. Some decks go faster than others because we might accidentally fold a corner or get something on them that makes them impossible. We'll keep buying Bicycle as long as we can because it's a great brand.

👤The cards are great, what I expected. They arrived with a banged up red pack and a few bent cards inside. I bent them back, and I think they will be fine, but it's kind of a shame that they are on a new deck. I don't think I'll take a star away again, but I will probably get a card from a local store to make sure they're not damaged.

👤Some reviews for Bicycle Cards said that some decks were incorrect, short, double carded, etc. I matched up all the suits in all the decks. There are no problems here! They are well-made, and I needed them for playing cards with friends.

👤If you've received one pack, double check that you're in the correct one. If you click on more quantity, you'll know if you're getting one pack. If you would prefer more than one. There is a The price for 2 packs is $5.99. There is a The first option I presented was for my personal order. I received 2 packs of cards after I clicked for 2 quantities. Hope this helps anyone. Stay safe and enjoy your card games.

👤I am surprised I like the cards as much as I do. I didn't know where to buy cards at poker night. I was aware that Amazon would have some. I picked a random pack of cards that were high quality. The cards are very sturdy and the "air cushion finish" makes them float across the table. Everyone thought I had some fancy cards because I had the official Bicycle seal. It comes with a "free app" so you can learn to play alone. I would definitely recommend them for a deck of cards.

👤The packages arrived today. I ordered Jumbo index playing cards. I should see 2 packs. I only see one pack in the box. The second one is missing. I looked at 2 packages to make sure I didn't overlook anything. There was no sight of the second pack of cards. I read it. It indicated 2 packs. I think there should be 2 packs of playing cards.

2. Bicycle 1043624 Capitol Playing Cards

Bicycle 1043624 Capitol Playing Cards

Perfect travel size set for any romantic date in any environment. You can use this card pack to bring a sense of intimacy to your date, whether you are at a restaurant, picnicking on the beach, or travelling somewhere special. Only one deck is sent per order. Premium look with foil and embossed tuck. Premium Bicycle brand is printed on the card. The air-cushion finish makes it easy to shuffle.

Brand: Bicycle

👤There is only one deck of cards included. The cards are the standard bicycle cards. Only one of the two decks is included. The item description is accurate and states that this is for one deck of cards, but they should not have put up multiple pictures showing two packs as it is very misleading. Normally I wouldn't give a one star review on a good product, but I did so in hopes that more people would see that only one deck of cards is included. Please mark it as helpful so more people can see it. Thanks.

👤Bicycle cards are the foundation of any collection. The Capital deck is nice, only downside is that the numbers and letters are not as strong as a typical Bicycle deck. The gold accent on the title makes the box nice. The Capital buildings are used.

👤The quality of these cards is very good. I have bought brands that are torn in the card shuffler and that bend easily. Excellent quality and design.

👤These are the best cards I have ever purchased. You like to shuffle because of the smooth edges. Even the pickiest professional card user will not be disappointed.

👤They only send one deck of cards. You have to read the details to know that you will only get one deck. I felt like I was switched.

👤Beautiful playing cards. A new addition to my collection.

👤When the photo shows two, only one pack of cards was received. I suppose you can say that I got cheated.

👤You only get one deck of cards and no choice of color. I was expecting more than that.

👤Excellent service.

👤J'ai reu ensemble s'il vous plait. Is trois ├ętoiles?

3. Bicycle 2 Pack Canasta Standard Limited

Bicycle 2 Pack Canasta Standard Limited

The highlights on wild cards are printed on each playing card. The highlights on wild cards are printed on each playing card.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I bought a double pack ID'd as standard for 6.95) and a double pack ID'd as limited for 7. I did a quick comparison after opening up both. It's an identification. I will update this review if I find that there is no difference. Just so you know.

👤The same as standard bicycle canasta cards. The quality and color are the same. They were labeled limited edition and took longer to be delivered. I ordered them because I thought they would be blue. I'm not happy.

👤The point system on these cards is great. I've been sick for a long time.

👤The point system is easy for beginners to count with because it is printed on the cards. The cards are sturdy and have a large face. Good value.

👤Since we play at least weekly, I order two boxes for my three deck games of Hand and Foot Canasta.

👤Product was described. I bought 3 packs for my aunt. I haven't heard of any complaints. She would let me know.

👤This is a great game to play. The cards have a point value.

👤The cards are perfect for canasta.

👤The set of cards took a couple of weeks to ship.

👤Pour jouer sur carte mes malheureusement.

👤The item was ok, but the price company could have included a score pad.

👤It was perfect as advertised.

👤The cards are easy to shuffle and high quality.

4. Ellusionist Bicycle Vintage Playing Cards

Ellusionist Bicycle Vintage Playing Cards

BUY RISK-FREE: They stand behind their products with a 100% money-back guarantee. Not satisfied with the pack of mini cards? They can either send you a replacement or give you a full refund. The kids will be surprised to see the add to cart. The 1900 Vintage playing card deck is designed for card players, magicians and card enthusiasts. The Vintage deck has a lot of history. You will stay one step ahead of your spectators at all times if you dis-arm them with the unique design. A marking system that is invisible to the untrained eye is located within the wear and tear of the 1900s. Only those who have knowledge of the secret to the deck can get the markings on the back of the cards. The cards look very old, but they handle superbly. You have to keep telling yourself that this is a new deck of cards. It was manufactured by Ellusionist. It was marked. The stock was crushed by the USPCC.

Brand: Ellusionist

👤The red 1900 vintage deck was printed by Bicycle. The quality of the cards is excellent. The numbers and faces are easy to see and the aging looks cool. I gave these to my brother in law for Christmas and he has become a family favorite. There is a I recommend buying 2 of one color and one of the other colors for people who don't play cards but want to gift these to someone. It is always nice to have a different color so that one deck is shuffled and ready after another is finished with a game.

👤The 1800 series was discontinued by Ellusionist. A less aged look isn't as good as 1900. The marking system is hard to memorize. It's even harder to read at a glance. The 1900 is a good substitute for the standard handling of Bicycle, but the 1800 was still better.

👤These are the best looking cards. They used to look like they were playing poker with Doc Holiday.

👤Look like playing cards. You can't buy better made by USPCC. The marking is hard to read but you can memorize it.

👤The doctor ordered these cards for creating an old world atmosphere or setting the mood for some weird magic effects. They looked old, but handled like new.

👤The aged effect can be used to create a magical effect.

👤It is fine if he is able to read the cards on the website. I thought they would be in the package. They weren't. I couldn't figure out the marking indicators when I went by suit suit and card by card. Oh well.

👤They look like an old Bicycle deck but are actually modern high-quality cards. My nephew loves collecting cards.

5. Bicycle Stargazer Elements Playing Bundle

Bicycle Stargazer Elements Playing Bundle

Product dimensions are 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 inches. It was printed on a premium bicycle brand. The court cards are wearing fiery garments of reds and oranges as faces are reset on the classic. It is possible to use the Classic Air-Cushion Finish for ease of shuffling.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I like the one way back design of the Fire Deck. I could do without the demon theme elements. The Stargazer deck is not functional. It was hard to read the cards. The back design is very nice. There is a Two good decks by the USPCC. I would have liked to see a blank facer instead of a double backer. Product pairs. It doesn't make sense. The fire deck and ice deck should be combined.

👤They're pretty. Since they both have black edges on a white paper stock they will fade quickly if you use them for games. They can be used for cardistry and light solitaire, but not for normal play. There is a It's a good price for the 2 pack. They are worth the price.

👤The Stargazer set is a beautiful card deck. The Stargazer set requires you to take a closer look at your cards to distinguish the different suits, which is not something I like about it.

👤These cards look great. The stargazers feel durable and are more stunning than the other ones. They were playing a few games of rummy with them, and by the end they were starting to get a bit of a curve from the shuffling. I got a few cards wet and they warped, but still work. If the red cards were as complex as the stargazers, I would give them 5 stars.

👤I was hoping for more interesting designs on the face cards. I would hope for more variety.

👤I would have given it a lower rating. Each grandchild could have their own set of decks. The faces are not suited to play a card game because of their color. Shame on the bike.

👤My son loves playing cards. I ordered these because he uses our other Bicycke cards for stacking creations. These are the best cards we've ever owned. The are flexible, but still durable. I am very impressed.

👤My son got some playing cards. I was skeptical about how easy it was to read the stargazer cards. The black borders show if a corner is bent, which could be a problem if you are playing a card game. The normal bike was playing card pips, except for the jokers. This is a good deal, since he bought a playing card deck for $12 and these are $8 for two.

👤I'll be using the Stargazer cards. The fire cards work well, but the design of the cards themselves is not much different from the picture cards. I'll probably use them for card tricks, but don't think they're special like I do the Stargazer. It is nice to have these in my collection and they do have a nice feel to them, but they aren't as amazing as I had hoped they would be.

👤The setting is very pop because of the colorful cards. I use these for poker and my friends love them. You may want to wait until the cards go on sale because it's very expensive.

6. Bicycle Brosmind Gangs Playing Cards

Bicycle Brosmind Gangs Playing Cards

The Bicycle Playing Card's Classic Air-Cushion Finish is a superior glide on the card table and between playing cards for optimum performance. Bicycle playing cards are perfect for Poker, Blackjack, Rummy, Spades, and more. Brosmind created a unique playing card design that is sure to create fun conversation at the card table. The Spanish art collective, Brosmind, designed these fun playing cards, which will add a touch of art to your playing card collection. These are printed with non-toxic, plant-based ink to limit their environmental impact and ensure consumer safety.

Brand: Bicycle

👤This is a Brosmind deck. A great card deck. The art is unique. The person is a Modernist. It's something that you don't think will happen. It's very different from my other decks. Each card is a work of art. You're not expecting the 4 of Spades to be very interesting. In this deck? It grabs your attention. Can recommend a collector or a gift. It's a beautiful set.

👤The Barcelona brother keeps blowing our minds. These are the characters.

👤They are perfect for my collection.

👤If you collect cards, this is it. If you don't like the pretentiousness of regular cards, this is also it.

👤It would definitely be recommended.

👤The first series was not as clean. The backs are not good.

👤Inexpensive with great art.

👤The deck adds a lot of fun to the table. Excellent art design! There is a If you are considering buying it, you will probably not regret it.

👤High quality cards with brilliant designs. What's not to love?

👤Este baralho de cartas est uma qualidade soberba.

7. Gent Supply Mythical Creatures Playing

Gent Supply Mythical Creatures Playing

It is possible to use the Classic Air-Cushion Finish for ease of shuffling. A deck of playing cards features mythical creatures from Greek, Norse, Egyptian and East Asian traditions. Hand drawn artwork, custom face cards and custom pips. There are 52 cards and a card identifying all the creatures. The playing cards are made of 100% black plastic. A gold foiled box.

Brand: Gent Supply Co.

👤I would like to say that these cards are amazing. I like them. They are the "plastic" type, and they glide in my hands when I shuffle. I like them. There is a The only con I have is the jokers. I love playing rummy bridge and my family uses the jokers as a wildcard, but since the faces of the jokers are inversed, it's difficult to identify them in the pictures. Is there a way to have the future cards have the same flush as the rest of the deck? I love this deck and will buy it again. Still recommend.

👤I really like this deck, it has become my favorite deck now. The box shimmers and the cards are beautiful when showing off to friends. It's difficult to shuffle it, and I can't do any flourishes with it like my other decks. I am trying to break them in. Chris Ramsay told me that I should rub the deck against my jeans to smooth them out. That helped get them to shuffle better.

👤There is a limited number of "monster" cards. The custom decks tend to just fill in the royalty cards, and the number cards are pretty bland. This deck is not an exception. I was excited to get my daughter to learn about the many creatures in the Egyptian, Asian, and Greek pantheons, but I didn't want her to know about the many other creatures. Sadly, you get the barest-bones representations. I'm not sure if it's racist to pool Chinese and Japanese myths with similar creatures, but it seems like it would. If they had to come up with 13 creatures, I would be more tolerant. But when it's just 4? Pick one and stick to it. These are not Hoyles or Bicycles, and they definitely have a different feel. These are either better or worse for simple card tricks, but they feel different than most playing cards I'm used to. There is a Not really going for the theme full-bore was the reason for the 1 star. I don't see why a mythological creatures deck can't do it. People might learn something while playing spades.

👤I love these playing cards. I had thought that there were mystical creatures on the cards, but they only appeared on the face cards and jokers. There are either silver or gold accents on the cards. The face cards show creatures from many different cultures. King: Dragon, Queen: Kirin, and Qilin are Chinese-Japanese. Jack: King: Andro Sphinx, Queen: Ammit, King: Typhon, Queen: Gorgon. King: Fenrir - Wolf; Queen: Jrmungandr - Midgard Serpent. Jack: Jotnar - Giant / troll.

👤It's great. It is durable because of the plastic. It's not perfect, but it is more slippery than typical plastic cards. It is soft and flexible. Well, the Faroes. There is a The photos are a bit misleading because it has poor contrast. The box is gold and silver, but the ink is brown and grey. It doesn't stand out very well against the dark background. There is a My friends say they are the most impressive deck in my collection.

8. Bicycle 1025459 Archangels Playing Cards

Bicycle 1025459 Archangels Playing Cards

Tom Lane illustrated the piece in the United Kingdom. The patented air-cushioned finish, softly beveled edges, and sandwich construction make for an enhanced game play.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The rating is poor because of how Amazon packed the parcel. The cards are of good quality and you would expect that from a USPCC deck. The parcel arrived with 4 decks of cards and nothing else, there is nothing to stop them from moving inside and the corners are ruined. It is not ideal as a collector.

👤I didn't think I'd have to publicly review a deck of cards, but I felt Bicycle and Theory11 did a nice job with them. They're just cards at their foundation. They're very nice looking cards. The cardback design is very cool, as is the Ace of Spades. The face cards have gold colors that make them look more sophisticated than they are, and the cards are Bicycle quality. I'm certain that to a true card playing enthusiast, I've missed many positive qualities of these cards, but these were my naive impressions. I'm okay with it, but it's a bit pricey. This is a good stocking-stuffer for people who enjoy nice things and card playing.

👤The backs of the cards are nice. Good feel for using the cards. The $5.39 was worth it.

👤I have purchased several decks of cards now, and this is my absolute favorite deck, hands down. The front face of the cards is stunning and I love it. Everyone I show this deck to, falls in love with it. What's better? A good quality deck costs 5 bucks. I will buy another deck of Arch Angel when this deck gets too greasy and needs to be replaced. This is the best looking deck of cards for money.

👤They are very cheap, don't last long, buy a different deck.

👤Nice cards! It was the vibe I was going for. It feels and plays like a normal Bicycle deck of cards.

👤Nice cards were given to friends.

👤The cards are beautiful, smooth and have a great feel to them. I got a miscut 4 of clubs, but I love the design. It worked out great for me because I used it as a mark to help with some tricks.

👤Tom Lane ist die Karten in wei gehalten. Die Karten bieten die blichen sehr ntzlichen Eigenschaften wie den von Bicycle. There is a The Handlin ist top. Close Up magic is perfekt. Tom Lane verndert, die beiden Joker, die Vorderseite der Karten bieten. Kartenhandling bringst absolut tolles. Close Up Magic is perfekt.

👤Sono un novizio. E cercavo da qualche giorno un mazzo di ricambio. Un qualcosa di pi dettagliato, raffoscinato, insomma diverso dal solito, in questo fantastico mazzo di Archangels non ho esitato ad acqui. All'attivit dell'illusionismo, al suo esercizio, hanno una scorrevolezza notevole. 8 ben spesi.

👤I was quite impressed with the deck for the first week or so, but they quickly started to clump badly. I keep my hands clean when handling cards. I use these occasionally as I practice with regular Bicycle decks. These are not as good as my regular Rider Back Bicycle decks that I use for a couple months before retiring. They feel heavy in the hand and you can feel the cards rubbing against each other even though they are in excellent condition. The price was reasonable and they looked amazing. It was disappointing that my deck did not include a double backer.

9. Gent Supply Black Waterproof Playing

Gent Supply Black Waterproof Playing

This tool is perfect for professional and personal relationship growth, and is the perfect gift for someone looking to grow relationships. It helps make conversations one of the most rewarding aspects of your life, and it also helps cultivate happiness one card after another. A deck of playing cards has characters and symbols from the Day of the Dead. The playing cards are 100% waterproof. There are 52 cards with 2 villains, hand drawn artwork, unique face cards and custom pips. A custom Day of the Dead themed Tuck Box.

Brand: Gent Supply

👤My brother is a dealer. The pictures show metallic gold and silver. Definitely not metallic. The print is yellow and grey. I got them because of that. He said they are good quality paper. The design is 4 stars for quality and cool, but 1 for false representation.

👤2 stars were given to offset the 5s. The artwork gets 5 stars. I didn't like the bait and switch, showing images of gold and silver foil cards and sending cards that were more cheaply made. Why can't I pay more for shiny gold and silver foil? The artwork is deserving of this treatment. We get tan and grey. I bought the black deck after sending them back. They would be better with black foil. The grey and tan on black version is more convenient to view. I decided to wear black because I was annoyed with looking at tan instead of gold. They will be hard to see when playing a game. I plan to illuminate my room so that the players can see the images. This is a novel idea for the manufacturer to make this deck using actual gold foil for a premium experience.

👤If you are looking for something that is represented by photos, then this isn't it. The cards are grey and tan, not metallic gold and silver, as the photos show. Had I known the photos were not metallic, I wouldn't have bought them. Disappointing.

👤I was very excited about these cards. I was looking for a design that was black and gold. The photos of the product are deceptive. The gold isn't gold. Baby poop is brown. I am bad for not reading the description and seeing that it does not list foil, but the company is bad for posting crappy product photos. No me.

👤The gold and silver colors are dull. They are not gold and silver, but gray and beige. The artwork is nice, but hard to see. If you tend to eat while playing cards, the plastic is very nice. They are easy to clean. The card is novelty and not for serious playing.

👤A nice deck of cards. As described and pictured. Great addition to my collection. There is a They are hard to see in low light settings. The black deck is hard to see in the day time. I think it would be very cool. The back of the deck is black.

👤I love everything about these cards. She loved everything about them, they were part of a gift basket. Awesome artwork and nicely constructed.

👤These cards are waterproof and my main reason for buying them. If we're playing in public, the cards are a great conversation starter. They turn heads.

👤The artwork on this deck is not silver and gold, nor is it metallic, as it appears in the product images. The artwork is printed in a dull yellow/grey colour scheme with the only reflective element being the base plastic of the card itself. There is a This is not how the product has been presented. I would be interested to hear how the cards I received, could be photographed without any image manipulation. There is a If you're looking for a deck that is themed in gold and silver, this is not it. The deck design does have some interesting artwork, but it's a shame the product has been presented as something else, and sold at a price it doesn't deserve. I will avoid the 'Gent Supply' brand for future purchases because it was a poor value.

10. Bicycle Playing Webbed Design Limited

Bicycle Playing Webbed Design Limited

When shopping for playing cards in bulk with Bedwina, you can be sure that your satisfaction is their top priority. They will do everything they can to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase. There is a new deck of Bicycle playing cards. The United States Playing Card Company made it. There are 52 playing cards, 2 jokers and 2 information cards in each deck. The brand new playing card deck was made in the United States. The Premium Air Cushion Card Stock is of the highest quality. The Spider themed playing cards have a black, red, and white card back. There is more about the cards. The tuck case design was created to make the Spider design stand out. The Classic Air Cushion Finish is easy to shuffle. The printed material is non-toxic. It's perfect for game nights. Magicians, playing card lovers and hobby enthusiasts are popular with the card and collectibles alert. Specialty playing cards are a must for any collection and are only available for a limited time.

Brand: Bicycle

👤My husband is a fan of Spiderman and I had to get these cards for him. He loved them!

11. ACELION Waterproof Playing Plastic Diamond

ACELION Waterproof Playing Plastic Diamond

Made in America using the highest quality paper stock. 1. Their playing cards are made of high-grade flexible plastic material, which is very smooth, easy to hold, and very durable. 2. Don't worry about smudges and wet playing cards, they are waterproof. 3. They will look brand new after being washed. 4. There are 54 cards in the deck of poker playing cards. 5. If you're unhappy with their poker cards, you can contact them for a free exchange or refund.

Brand: Acelion

👤The gold and silver print on the face is very cool, the backs have a neat textured design, and the product looks really good. They're terrible when playing cards. You have to shuffle them because they're very slippery. The normal rules of physics don't apply because these cards are made of dark matter. The deck of cards will explode if you drop them. A fun game with these cards is to give a deck to each person at a party, with a cash prize going to whoever has all his cards at the end.

👤I met some romanians in an alley and bought these cards to play a high stakes texas hold em game. The night ended with a maxed out credit card, missing eye, and a missing kidneys.

👤Don't buy them! They are very slippery. I couldn't get a good grip on them and when I finally got them out, they went flying everywhere. The cards slip around when you hold them. Worthless. I will return them!

👤They look cool, but they are slippery. They can explode all over the place when you're shuffling, and when you're dealing they will fly off the end of the table easily. I plan to use them on our boat, but I prefer the regular paper cards around the house.

👤The reflections, contrast and small details look great. They slide too easily. I didn't pay much attention to the reviews. I thought these would play the same as the other plastic cards I have. They don't. Setting down the whole deck of cards requires extra care because there is almost no contact between the cards. They look very cool. There is a lot of small details on the cards, and the reflection is nice.

👤I use these on the water. The cards are really nice. They are waterproof and flexible for shuffling. Kids would love these since they can be wiped clean. They are very nice looking for cards. They are easy to read. I like the black cards but a world series poker player wouldn't like the fact that they are black instead of white. I like the color of them. It is worth the price.

👤My boyfriend will love them.

👤These are great for playing cards outdoors in humid conditions. They are easy to wash and shuffle, they don't have a memory like paper cards, and the corners don't peel, so they stay upright. If you play cards on an outdoor patio or other area that isn't ideal for paper products, this is a good purchase.

👤Good quality cards!

👤I loved this deck. The quality is amazing. It is waterproof and very hard to tear. The card I liked the most was the queen of diamonds. You should buy this because of the incredible value for money.

👤The box that holds the cards is a card. It looks good to ignore.

👤Exactly like the description. He is very pleased with the way they look.

👤The cards move on top of each other, which is really annoying.


What is the best product for bicycle cards limited edition?

Bicycle cards limited edition products from Bicycle. In this article about bicycle cards limited edition you can see why people choose the product. Ellusionist and Gent Supply Co. are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle cards limited edition.

What are the best brands for bicycle cards limited edition?

Bicycle, Ellusionist and Gent Supply Co. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle cards limited edition. Find the detail in this article.

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