Best Bicycle Cards 12 Pack

Cards 28 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. LotFancy Playing Standard Blackjack Euchre

LotFancy Playing Standard Blackjack Euchre

Garden cats can be used to scare animals out of your yard or garden, they can also be used as yard outdoor and Halloween decorations. There are 12 decks of playing cards in this pack. There are 52 cards in each deck. Playing cards are great for many card games, including bridge, go fish, poker, euchre, hearts, blackjack, canasta, texas, pinochle, baccarat, casino night and more. The cards measure 2.5 x 3.5. Plastic-coated decks of cards are made from paper stock with blue core construction and are nearly Casino Grade.

Brand: Lotfancy

👤These cards seem to be made of teflon. They are so stiff it is impossible to do a bridge shuffle, even with the cards split in 2 stacks of 26 cards. They seem to be coated with something similar to nylon or teflon. If you put the deck down on an even surface, the cards will slide off the stack. The face of the cards has a knitted pattern. I have tried to make the cards softer by taking them and flexing them. They should be waterproof with the slick plastic coating. There is a Do not do shuffle tricks if you want to do card tricks. They aren't far to be manipulated. You can't fan them out because the cards have to be held by hands and the surface will slip and slide. The thick nylon/plastic coating on these cards seems to make them waterproof, they would be great for grade school kids. Some kids will be disappointed that they can't play 52 card pick up with these because they can't flip them all out.

👤God gave his only Son because he loved the world. Anyone who believes in him will live. God didn't send his Son to judge the world. His Son was sent to save the world. John was in NIRV 18. Whoever believes and has decided to trust in Him is not judged for that, but for the one who does not believe in Him and has decided to reject him as personal Savior and Lord. John 3:18 was a part of the bible. He was thrown into the lake of fire if his name was not in the Book of Life. The only way to escape condemnation is to have one's name in the "Book of fire", since everyone who goes before the great white throne is to be tried and sentenced for his actions. God bless you!

👤The cards are nice, but not standard. The standard cards are 3.5" x 2.5" while the 3 7/16" x 2 7/16" cards are not. It doesn't seem like much but it makes a difference. I haven't played with them yet. I don't have an opinion on the subject at the moment. There is a The cards fall apart after a few days of playing. Some of them don't make it that long. I played at a weekly poker game.

👤I bought these cards to play with my kids. I bought some for my camper because the cards are good quality and have held up well, so we would have them while we travel. I will buy again when these are no longer needed.

👤We play poker about 4 times a year. We go through packs of cards quickly because of the drinking and smoking. There is an alcoholic spillage and a cigar or cigarette burn there. Oh well. The cards are easy to read and have a standard style. We had to make emergency trips to the liquor store to pick up a deck of cards and have come back with some weird looking cards. Block numbers and K-J's were illustrations of past Presidents. It's funny. The 12 decks are a great price for the cards that slide easily on the table. Quality cards are perfect if you go through a deck quickly.

2. Bicycle Muralis Playing Cards White

Bicycle Muralis Playing Cards White

The classic air crumb finish provides unparalleled performance in your hands and on the table. Bicycle playing cards have a touch of luxury. A beautiful card back and specially designed court cards were utilized. The design of the deck of Bicycle Playing cards is fun and premium. It's suitable for any card game or as a decorative piece in your home. Bicycle Playing Cards has been trusted for 135 years for an exceptional playing card experience. Bicycle playing cards are perfect for many card games. The classic air crumb finish provides unparalleled performance in your hands and on the table.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The cards work well, but they didn't look like I expected them to.

👤I received a deck of playing cards, but they were purple, not teal. I ordered it.

👤Excellent quality and a good price. I was looking for a gift for my daughter's game collection.

👤It is very difficult to deal with. They flew across the table.

👤Touched a small drop of water and caused cards to warp.

3. Bicycle Playing Card Bundle Archangels

Bicycle Playing Card Bundle Archangels

Bicycle Playing Cards has been trusted for 135 years for an exceptional playing card experience. The classic air-cruchion finish provides unparalleled performance in your hands and on the table. The bundle includes two decks: the Archangel deck and the Guardians deck.

Brand: Bicycle

👤One of the best decks out there. If you enjoy playing cards as a hobby or with friends, these are a plus.

👤Good quality. I prefer a bicycle for playing cards.

👤Very nice cards. It arrived quickly.

👤It was on time. Exactly what I wanted. It was a great gift for my grandparents.

👤These cards are very good. I like that design.

4. Bicycle Six Handed Card Deck

Bicycle Six Handed Card Deck

The highlights on wild cards are printed on each playing card. You will receive all in one box. A complete 63 card deck has a regular 52 card deck. 4 - 11's, 4 -12's one each suit and 2 - 13's in Hearts and Diamonds. The directions for 6 handed play are included.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The deck arrived with an instruction page in a clear box. The sellers should include black 13 spot cards in their deck, even though they are matching the standard instructions and deck from circa 1904. It would be great to have Five Hundred with a five-card blind, not three, as a six-player option, as it was for generations played by my maternal and paternal ancestors. I'm a satisfied buyer.

👤The 11 and 12 of each suit were added to the deck. The deck was supposed to have 13 cards for each suit. The 13 hearts and diamonds are all contained in it. There are no 13 clubs or spades. The inclusion of these would have made a very useful deck. The 13 cards will be useless for most games. I can only give 3 stars. I would expect the cards to be closer in quality to the other cards if I took one off for the missing 13s. I am spoiled. The quality of the card is similar to other Bicycle style paper cards but at a higher price. The plastic sleeve on the cards is not sure how well it will hold up. A nice box would have been appropriate for the price.

👤My husband is a card collector. These are great additions.

👤This was disappointing. A standard deck of cards was what arrived. No additional cards were expected. The deck should have had cards for each suit. What are you trying to do?

👤There were only a few places you could buy this game. Before my aunt's memorial service, I had never heard of it. It was her favorite game to play. It's a blast! Thanks to Amazon.

👤The cards are all great quality and come with this brand. There is a The cardboard pack the basic pack came in did not have all the extra cards that were needed to make it a 6-handed pack. I had to find a way to keep the pack together after the cellophane was opened. The supplier could have provided a plastic case large enough for all the cards to fit in, and charged another few cents, which would have still been great value, and been more sensible.

👤The cards are nice. I can't return them because the deck is short, so I'm giving it 2*s. The cards are nice.

👤I was not happy with the purchase. The expansion cards are add-ons to a standard deck of Bicycle cards and I thought I was buying from a trusted company. The cards stand out from the rest of the deck because they don't match the ink and card stock. The new cards don't fit in the box because it's a standard deck. The standard pack has 2 Jokers and the expansion deck has an extra one. The play of the game doesn't change because the cards don't all match, but the printing of the expansion cards has a different style than the rest of the deck. I ordered 2 sets of cards and neither deck had any instructions, as stated in the product description. They charged double what a standard deck costs, and you only get 10 cards for the extra money, the cards are not an exact match to the rest of the deck and don't fit in the box provided. I didn't like my purchase.

5. Bicycle Standard Rider Back Black

Bicycle Standard Rider Back Black

The famous rider design is on the standard playing cards. The air-cushion finish makes it easy to shuffle. The deck is perfect for Poker and other games.

Brand: Bicycle

👤One star was deducted due to "rider" and "standard" confusion. I think they don't know what's different. The label says "Rider". It's the same card. The black version is more expensive than the standard version, but I love it. I think this is as good as it gets. Delivery was fast and well packaged.

👤I ordered Rider Backed cards and was expecting Rider Backs. I got the standard backs. The cards are mostly the same, but there are subtle differences. I will have to look for another pack that is what is advertised. Very disappointed.

👤I wanted Rider Back cards, not Standard. The description said "Standard Rider Back". I assumed the Rider Back pack was shown in the photo. I did not get what I wanted.

👤The deck of cards that I got were standard and not black that I was hoping for. I didn't get what I paid for.

👤They are playing cards. If they are like the ones I have now, I will use them. I like playing cards on the bicycle.

👤The title is Bicycle Standard Rider Back Black. The standard was what was received. I can get the standards at my local Target. Returned.

👤The USPCC Bicycle is playing cards in black. They shipped fast from Japan. The deck has a sticker in Japanese that can be removed. There is a You can find a better price on Amazon.

👤Great cards to add to my collection.

👤I have used regular bicycle cards for a few years but bought these for poker because they are so durable and easy to shuffle and slide across the table, and I will buy another pack.

👤The cards were of good quality. They were slippery at first, but wore out quickly. I have an issue that these are not the cards shown in the picture. These are a standard size, standard type, and standard pack of cards, not the rider back poker size cards mentioned. It is a very good brand. I didn't get what I wanted. You will see what I mean if you compare the picture of the product box and the picture I have attached.

👤They. Are. Not. A rider. There are backs. There is a Why are you advertising them? There is a That is false advertising. They are not a pure black bicycle, they are just blue standard bicycle cards that have been put through a black and white filter. Don't buy this.

👤I received a black bicycle "standards" and thought they wererider backs. I prefer the rider back tuck case. I have never been a fan of the standard tuck. There is a These cards are fine if you don't mind.

👤I will buy again. I'm new to it. I know a few decks won't last long for me.

6. Bicycle Pinochle Jumbo Playing Cards

Bicycle Pinochle Jumbo Playing Cards

The most efficient and quality customer service is provided by them. If you are not satisfied with the cards, they will give you the most satisfactory solution. There are 12 decks of red and blue. Each deck has 48 cards in four suits, with two of each card in a suit. The pinochle game was created for enjoyment. Pinochle is similar to bridge or chess in that it rewards the player who takes chances and isn't afraid of risk. It's easier to see your matched sets when there is extra pips across the top.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I run a pinochle club for seniors in Sun City Center and I think bicycle cards are not as durable as they used to be. Some of the cards looked a little worn after three weeks. Over the past 15 years, I have bought other brands as well, but the quality of playing cards has deteriorated. Our players enjoy coming together and having a good time, no matter the brand.

👤I didn't get the order from the local authorized US playing card dealer, but I did get the cards I ordered. They took my information and charged my credit card, but they refused to send me the information until the website was up and running. There was no website restored for five weeks. I was offered the same 12 decks for $8 more via phone order. The company was 10 miles from me. I joined this company because of that. The jumbo index on the blue decks was not shown in the image. I'm going to give this information to another pinochle group that I play cards with and I'm going to order 12 more decks in a few months. I got my order from Texas to Ohio in 96 hours. Thanks.

👤I play a lot of pinochle. The cards in my pinochle kit needed to be replaced. I will have 12 decks of new cards for a couple of years. The ladies I play with like the size of the numbers. We aren't spring chickens anymore.

👤It's perfect for playing euchre. We get two decks out of each box, but we have to give other markers to keep score. Bicycle cards are easy to shuffle and don't stick together while dealing. It's easier to see the suit with the jumbo print.

👤It's hard to find a jumbo register at a good price when we buy cards at local outlets. Some of us have eye problems, so these are easier to use.

👤The texture of these cards is perfect, not so slick that you can't deal with them. The large print is easy to read but placed so that you can still see what they are at the same time. The white border on the backs makes it easy to deal 4 or 5 at a time. The product is super! If they came with a guarantee of the same number of cards.

👤These cards are great for people with aging vision, I live in a 55+ community.

👤It's perfect for people who can't see fine print. There is a senior center. Have not become sticky like some other playing cards do!

7. Bicycle 1044948 Architecture Amazon Exclusive

Bicycle 1044948 Architecture Amazon Exclusive

Embossed details and foil add to the beauty of the deck. 54 hand illustrated architectural marvels from across the globe. The package is Premium Embossed and Foil. The Classic Air-Cushion Finish is used for ease of Shuffling.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The location of Frank Lloyd Wright's Robi House is incorrect. Robi House is located on the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park, which is a neighborhood in Chicago. In the past, it housed the Theology Dept. I think so. There is a The community of #2 Oak Park has a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. There is a One hopes this is the last mistake. I haven't looked at the other cards. I know the neighborhood and the building.

👤The most beautiful and creative playing card has ever been made. As a Brazilian born and a true "carioca", opening the box and getting the card with Rio de Janeiro Central Station noted on it was a great thing. Way to go bycicle! You have to make a second edition with more architectural wonders. There is a lot around.

👤The faces are not symmetrical. This is obvious from the pictures, but something to keep in mind. The backs are average, but the bevels are too large. There is a The box was disappointing to me. The box has too much extra space, it has a cheap finish, and it is very basic, so maybe my expectations were too high. I want to set expectations for people since the card designs are so unique.

👤I was appalled when I opened the deck. My niece is seven years old and I ordered them for her. I probably didn't read very carefully. These are not typical playing cards. I can't tell the 4 suits. There are no icons to show the number on the cards. The deck of playing cards should not be called this. They would be very difficult to use for traditional games. Solitaire is next to impossible. This purchase was disappointing. My niece is three years old and she found the pictures fascinating so we will keep the cards.

👤I have enjoyed playing with this set. There is a They include international architecture, not just the US, as well as cultural treasures. The FLW Robie House is in Oak Park, not Hyde Park. There is a It's as good as normal quality playing cards. After a couple months of casual play, mine are showing wear. Enjoying them thoroughly.

👤The deck looks great, but I haven't opened it. The first deck Amazon sent was Asteroid, and I had to order this again. I had to wait for the 2nd attempt to get the correct deck to arrive to get my Christmas package together. It's Amazon. Get it together! The deck of cards has 3 stars for it.

👤The pack shows just about every important landmark. There is a The quality of the cards is excellent. I will most likely buy more of them as they are an excellent gift for anyone.

👤The history of key architectural landmarks around the world. There is a The cards were sturdy. They held up well and were used for many games.

👤The deck of cards is very smooth and easy to shuffle, and they retain their shape even though I beat them. The different architecture on each card is a great show piece and they are also great for playing cards. No complaints yet, definitely worth the money.

8. Bicycle Jumbo Index Playing Cards

Bicycle Jumbo Index Playing Cards

There are 6 decks, 3 red and 3 blue. It's perfect for other casino games.

Brand: Las Vegas Poker Chips

👤The website says that the cards are Jumbo item dimensions LxWxH 10.9 x 5.4 x 1 inches but they are 3.5 x 2.5 x 5 inches in dimensions. These are not Jumbo cards. Jumbo playing cards have dimensions of about 11X5 inches and are much larger. I was able to return them and get a full price back, but others should be aware that these are not larger size playing cards.

👤I bought these cards for my husband, who has Alzheimer's. A deck of cards will last him for 2 months. There is a lot of shuffling. I have purchased them before and will do so again. The jumbo index makes it easy for someone with poor vision to see the cards. These cards are easy to shuffle and slide.

👤The cards were the same as presented - three decks of red, three of blue. They have a linen texture finish. The cards are good. Each deck's box is sealed at the top and bottom with glue, after it was sealed in a plastic bag. The face is not the standard face I grew up with. These are "jumbo index playing cards", meaning that there is a large icon on the face, and the number/letter on each card is a full half inch tall, and the number of suit icons are in a 2.25 x 1.5 box in the center. I would buy from this seller again.

👤It is easy to read large letters. It was very slippery. The back sides of the cards were lightly sanded. Sand papering worked well. The cards might be a little thicker. There is lots of fun with the cards.

👤My Aunt and Uncle are both in their 80s. Both love these cards. Are playing card games all the time.

👤We have been using Bicycle Jumbo playing cards. They are easy to read and last a long time.

👤I play Hand and Foot with someone who has sight problems. She was able to continue playing the game with us because of these cards.

👤It was not easy to shuffle. It became much easier after using for a while. The cards are top of the line.

9. Bicycle Standard Playing Cards Piece

Bicycle Standard Playing Cards Piece

It is possible to use the Classic Air-Cushion Finish for ease of shuffling. The bicycle standard face is in this pack. The cards are being played. The material is double-weive. The country of origin is the United States. The package has dimensions of 5.43" L x 2.83" W x 1.54" H.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Ok. I was excited because I had watched some strategy videos on the internet and was looking forward to using my new skills when I played go fish with my friend. Especially card games. I was pretty sure I was going to kick his ass, but I'm not going to lie, this guy is good, I know a pair of hands when I see them, but seriously. I asked if he made a bunch of videos for go fish strategy. He said that. "No." Yeah, right. When I see a liar, I like to notice it. He wanted to use his deck, but I just got a new bicycle from Amazon, so I pulled rank on that argument. I admit, his deck was pretty good, but I get really triggered by him. He's amazing. It makes me sad. You know... I don't want to ruin it, but he dies. We're in the thick of it, asking for cards. I asked if he had any sixes. I was nice about it. Hostility doesn't get you far in a competition. Then he said no. I needed sixes. Bad times. That is life. I lost that round. I was going for sixes. I should have known. Get this. jared casually mentioned to me that my deck was missing the six of hearts after he won that round. I don't know where to start. How did he know that? He must be the guy on the video sharing website. I would not notice if it was a joke. I thought he was pulling a wizard on me. I realized that the six hearts were missing. I've been a loyal customer of both Amazon and Bounty cards for almost three months. Am I upset that I lost? Yes. Is it upset that I lost my trust in the full, complete decks of cards? Yes. I am not upset that he is dead. Yes, and a warning. He's dead. I hope you didn't read about him dying. If you are a potter fan and also didn't know that the wizard is dead, it's a big deal. That is why I said that. It's sad. I wouldn't buy this deck of bicycle cards if I were you, because you would be playing someone who is as good as Jared at go fish. You get it. Three stars. The blue pack was clean. I've never laid my hands on a better deck of cards. Three stars. I am sad. There is a There is aSpoiler alert.

👤So disappointed! I used to play w/Bicycle brand cards. The quality, weight, texture, and material were all things that I loved. Our home was destroyed by toxic mold and I missed my cards so my husband ordered this brand. I'm assuming that it's an attempt to make them slippery, but it doesn't help because the material is thin and feels like plastic. Old decks used to be more slippery than new ones. It's hard to shuffle them. Bicycle followed the same path as many other companies and chose cheaper materials. It makes me sad when people play with real cards for the feel and texture of them in their hands. I understand that it's cheaper materials that make more money. It's unfortunate with some where the feel is so important. I'm not happy with the bike.

10. Bicycle 1041133 Unicorn Playing Cards

Bicycle 1041133 Unicorn Playing Cards

The package width is 6.6 centimeters. Poker deck is standard. The card back is inspired by a vintage design. There is a custom ACE of spades and bright colored faces. It was printed on a bicycle brand.

Brand: Bicycle

👤These cards are excellent and a great value. My wife and I both like purple, and we both think Unicorns are cute. It was a no-brainer to buy her a deck. There is a The back design has a rainbow of colors, with a purple background and white four-leaf clovers. Very stylish! There is a The clubs are a dark purple. The colors of the hearts and diamonds are hot. There is a The court cards are indistinguishable from their suit colors. There is a The standard joker is a purple outline with splashes of other color, the same as the court cards. There is no guarantee of text on either one. The ace of spades has the same thing as the tuck case. A double-backed card is included that can be used as a spare joker. There is a The 56th card is used as a cheap marketing ploy. I think these will sell well once word gets around. There is a The United States Playing Card Company has the brains to keep printing these. I would like to see a version of these that is not for the international market. There is a The appearance of the design is taken away by the extra lettering required for French. There is a What are you waiting for? Today is the day to get yourself a deck. It's funny. This is not a recommendation. I don't get any compensation for posting this. All comments in this review are mine. I don't have an affiliation with the manufacturer or their distributors.

👤My child recently discovered the fun of playing card tricks on people, she had a sad deck that had gotten wet and warped. There is a You can't really believe that Bicycle made a deck like this. They are made with the same level of quality you would expect from Bicycle. There is a The entire deck is not themed with the Unicorn, but the back of the cards has the design. There is a The classic royal family are in all suits. The ace of spades has something on it. There is a The color deviation they decided to use for our classic spade/club, diamond/heart is something that is perfect for those Unicorn lovers out there. There is a The spades and clubs come in a deep purple color. I thought they were dark until I had them under proper lighting. There is a The dimaonds and hearts are almost neon pink, but still maintain a bit of red to keep them from being too pink. I look forward to seeing her future card tricks, a great deck for the little one.

👤These are good cards. Brand name, standard quality. It might be a little more expensive than I want. The box and the backs of the cards are pretty and mostly purple. The suit colors are pink and purple. There are no animals on the cards. The ace of spades is the only one with a unicorn on it. The face cards have no royalty images. Why not replace the royalty characters with something else? They could be made in Royal garb. Put the royal characters in clothing. A herald on the Jack or a pendant worn by the Queens. I was a little disappointed that there weren't more of them. It seems like a missed opportunity.

11. Maverick Standard Playing Blackjack Pinochle

Maverick Standard Playing Blackjack Pinochle

Plastic-coated decks of cards are made from paper stock with blue core construction and are nearly Casino Grade. The standard deck of playing cards for each maverick is 52 traditional suited playing cards, two jewlery and two additional ad cards. Great for all card games, including Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Blackjack, Go Fish, Baccarat and many more. Plastic-coated playing cards are more durable.

Brand: Maverick

👤I haven't bought a card in a while. I have a blue pack from the 90s. Earlier. There is a I was told once that those are made in the USA. I suppose it's like Bicycle's Aviators. There is a I should have known that these new ones are made in China. There is a They do appear to have been made well. There is a I think it's a little bit thicker than my older Mavericks, but that's not based on science. There is a The older pack has a "linen' feeling now from use", compared to the new cards being slick. There is a The red and blue that I opened had clear printing. There is a They are worth it for the money. There is a The price is basically the same for Leaps and bounds above $1 store cards quality. I always thought these were designed well and had nice western "mustang" jokers. There is a If you play poker with both of them in the deck, you can establish a high-wild card. There is a It's nice to have finished cards in the case. There is a You need slick finishes sometimes. There is a These and the Aviators have that finish. I think these are a bit thicker than the Aviators. There is a These cards stink, so it is worth mentioning. axle grease or something. I've smelled something like this in the garage, but I can't put my finger on it. The new pack of cards smell clean. There is a The average joe is playing cards in the camper. A1 is what these are. These are quiet and behaving in a similar way to the Bees Aviators Hoyle Bicycles and Tally's.

👤These are a good purchase. I bought them on impulse and thought I could find them cheaper in a local dollar store. I'm a shooter. There is a Playing cards make excellent targets to zero my guns and bows. Given how bad I shoot, I'm not sure. I think that 624+ cards will give me a good idea of how to adjust my sights. The best I can do is tape these cards to my board. There is a Some of my "shooter" friends were taken aback by the target I showed them. The price point is great.

👤These cards are terrible. I buy the bicycle ones because of that. When I placed the order, I didn't notice the brands. The box that these came in was destroyed. I don't know who thinks it's okay to ship a product this way. Returning.

👤I remember these cards when I was in high school. The quality of these cards used to be comparable to the Bicycle and Bee cards. They feel much cheaper now. These cards look like cheap glossy laminate and are kind of oily when you look through them. I used to use these for magic tricks when I was a kid. They don't think you can do magic well with these cards. If you want to play simple card games like Rummy or Euchre, that's fine, but if you're used to Bicycle cards, it will take some getting used to. I won't be using them. I can't use these for magic, but I may give them away to some homeless people. The older man was playing cards. Quality was much better in the 90s.


What is the best product for bicycle cards 12 pack?

Bicycle cards 12 pack products from Lotfancy. In this article about bicycle cards 12 pack you can see why people choose the product. Bicycle and Las Vegas Poker Chips are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle cards 12 pack.

What are the best brands for bicycle cards 12 pack?

Lotfancy, Bicycle and Las Vegas Poker Chips are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle cards 12 pack. Find the detail in this article.

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