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1. YAKIMA ForkChop Mount Carrier Capacity

YAKIMA ForkChop Mount Carrier Capacity

The nuts and bolts are for suspension-fork bikes only. It's almost any bike. There are interchangeable inserts that work with most axle configurations. STREAMLINED AND SECURE: A split design for minimalist look and increased function when combined with cargo baskets. There is a roof rack required. Crossbar spread must be at least 10" of your bike's length. Fat bikes are good for you. The fat bikes are in a box and 9mm x 135mm with a fat bike locking Skewer. You should protect your gear. Add SKS. The included 9mm QR Locking Skewer can be used to secure your bike to the rack and the vehicle.

Brand: Yakima

👤The design of this rack is amazing. The rack seemed appealing to me at first. The vehicle is being installed on a car. The mounting on the car was perfect. When it came to mounting my mountain bike, it was different. I own a Cannondale F-Si Trail 5 with a 15mm front fork. The 15x100 mounting spacers were used and there was a small amount of play on either side. The mount spacing wouldn't be clear if the fork was bigger. I decided to tighten everything down and see what happened. I was not able to take the bike around the block mounted to the car because of the amount of play in the fork mount. I'm pretty sure the fit would have been perfect if my bike had a 9mm skewer fork. Again, this is an amazing idea and a rack concept, they just need to fine tune it a bit more. I will have to return it and think of a different route.

👤The fork chop is easy to use. Depending on how you install them, they can fit a variety of bike sizes from small to large. I only use the lock cores when towing the camper and the fact that all of our bikes have thru-axles means that lock core wouldn't work. You can always use a cable lock. When using multiple Fork Chops, you can set the rear component forwards or backwards to maximize the number of bike sizes you want to install. For situations where you are towing something and the roof is your only option, these are great, as it is a bit of a pain loading and unloading bikes from the roof.

👤The Forkchop arrived on time and was in good condition, but it was a previously returned item that had been completely opened and not re-packaged. I didn't return it because the product was in good shape. There is a The Forkchop works well. The security features are not as good as other products. The rear part of the rack is vulnerable when a bike is mounted, so it would be easy to steal it. The lock on the front part of the rack makes it more secure. There is a It works and is a great concept. It would be great if they made the design more secure.

👤We installed them on a car. We had to remove the back wheels from my husband's car because the back brackets were attached to his down tube, but it worked great. It was a normal install on my M. The trip from Albuquerque to Oklahoma City was trouble-free and secure. It's not possible to lock your bike to the roof, but we make it work so that someone can always see the car. They leave nicely and into a small place. We like these little guys for certain situations.

2. Yakima FullSwing Hitch Mount Capacity

Yakima FullSwing Hitch Mount Capacity

Their Lifetime Warranty is covered by your back guarantee. It's possible to carry up to four bikes, but some mountain, women's and kids' bikes require the TubeTop accessory. The maximum weight for a bike. Swing away design allows you to access your car's trunk or hatch with the bikes loaded, and ZipStrips secure the bikes to the rack. Protect your bike with fully padded arms that fold down when not in use. Easy to install and use: quick and easy assembly; tool-free installation with locking SpeedKnob; AutoPin automatically positions and secures the rack to the hitch and receiver. The locks on your bikes and rack are secured with the same key system.

Brand: Yakima

👤I chose the FullSwing Premium Hitch-Mast Bike Rack because it was new and improved, a quick replacement for last year's model, which was called the Swing Daddy, and was offered for $100 less. The 2008 Swing Daddy received a low rating because they removed the bike lock and charged $49 as an add-on. If you need proof, see reviews. I was debating over the 2008 Swing Daddy and the new one which came out a few weeks ago, and the main reason for my hesitation in buying the new one was the price. I had to prove to myself that the extra $100-150 over previous models was worth it. I am sharing my experience because at the time of purchase there were no reviews or videos for this model. The improvements proved to be worthwhile and I went with the new model. It performs incredibly well and is designed better. One day after a 750 mile road trip, I'm writing a review. I'm convinced that I made the right decision and I'm happy with my purchase. As you decide what's best for you, I hope my feedback is helpful. There is a My research was based on online reviews, videos and a visit to my local bike shop, which carried both the 2008 and 2013 models. I will start with the improvements over prior models. Installation is easy. The 2008 model requires a nut and bold installation, which is something most of us are used to. The models in question have a slide and click autopin and knob, and a push button release to remove the rack. The twist knob is red and easy to use. The built in key lock allows you to prevent removal by disengaging the twist to tighten/loosen handle control. It works well and is convenient. Unlike most people who leave their bike rack attached because it's inconvenient to remove, I have a quick and easy way to remove it. It's one of the top advantages over the 2008 model. It's the main reason to upgrade or go for the newer model. 2. The bike is secured to the rack with the ratchet style binding. The 2008 model has a locking system that is more convenient than the older model's rubber straps, which need to be tugged and stretched on. You can watch the videos for both the model and the swing daddy. The video was not out yet, so I decided it was worth the convenience of the design. The new design is worth the upgrade. It's very easy and quick. The bike lock is integrated. There is a wire that can be pulled out of the mast and locked in the far end of the rack. Push and click to lock and a simple key turn to release. I can't believe they didn't include this in last year's model since the prior 2008 model included an integrated lock. 4. The design is all black with red accents. I'm more interested in function and less in form. I almost bought the 2008 model because it matches my SUV and had good reviews. I don't need a hitch to look good and the 2008 model looks the same as most bike racks. The new design hides the hinges and welds and looks good. It's very attractive and sharp. It was not a requirement for me to get this bonus. There are other benefits to this rack. 1. The user interaction points are clearly marked by the red plastic parts. They can either lock or open the hitch. 2. The swing away design allows you to get to the back of your vehicle. It's a life saver. Our last trip left me opening and closing the back hitch about 20 times a day, and that's no exaggeration, I have a family. 3. I didn't notice that the full swing has two pivot points, and as a result, I was unable to clear the back gate of my SUV. You can get your bikes out of the way and lock them in place with the help of the mast and hinge. The fact that it locks is a huge benefit when parked on a hill, and I had plenty of clearance. 4. It was a blessing to ship. Delivery is nothing beats it. The rack is strong and big. The unit inside was in perfect condition, even though my box was damaged. 5. Assembly is easy. The unit arrives in two parts. The base and mast. The mast is secured with a nut and bolt. I attached it to the car so I had to screw it in. If I were to do it again, I would try to attach the mast to the car before attaching it to the hitch. 6. The bike rack is strong. We drove 750 miles and the bikes did not move or sway. I am very impressed. 7. I have not used the bottle opener, but it is there. The FullSwing only works with two hitches. There are 9. The "swing away" feature of the trunk allows us to access it without removing the bikes. If I had not purchased anything else, I would have lost it. 10. It was built to last. I bought this rack for a lifetime of use. I look forward to using it a lot. 11. Purchase is protected by a lifetime warranty. I did not like it. The mast's label had some wrinkling in it. It didn't look right. I removed the decals. 2. I don't like the idea of random people using my bike rack to open a beer bottle, but I suppose they would have to be Yakima hitch owners to know about it. 3. The lock is short. It's long enough to lock the bike frames to the rack. 4. The warranty does not cover oxidation. Woman's bikes. I knew I needed the tube top frame adapter when I bought this rack. It's important that a woman's bike or child's bike has an accessory to use this rack. It's an additional item and it's required. Add on items. The bikes can be secured with hook and loop straps. I use a pack of 4 to reduce the movement of bike pedals. I'm happy I bought them. There are 3 suggestions. The bike lock has a key. I use a bike lock. It's not required, but it's good to know that the wheels are locked to the frame. If the bike is left on the rack overnight, I remove valuables from it. There is a In conclusion. The rest is below the model. I haven't seen any other bike rack with the same function and form as the one from Yakima. There are three reasons to consider this model, the easiest to install hitch, easy to use system for "strapping" bikes and superior design. We are very happy with our purchase. The price difference was justified because we wanted something that would last a lifetime. We are excited to be able to ride our bikes wherever we go.

3. KAC Platform Standard Electric Bicycles

KAC Platform Standard Electric Bicycles

IKURAM Lifetime Warranty is backed by it. IKURAM bike carrier racks are backed by professional consulting services. For more information, please visit the IKURAM web site. The patented Anti-Wobble System keeps bikes safe. The hitch pin and locking knob add security. The rear reflector makes it easier to see. CONVENIENT: The tilt design makes it easy to access the rear hatch when not in use. It'sTILE: 2 bikes up to 60 lbs each with durable powder coated steel tubing. Heavy duty 5” wide trays can be adjusted to fit most bikes. A KAC Bike Frame Adapter may be required for low Y-frame bikes. Only 2” hitches are allowed. Most parts are easy to use. The hitch pin lock, instruction manual, and all installation hardware are included. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel.

Brand: Kac

👤I like this back rack. It came in a big box with well written instructions and assembly went with a hitch. That's right. There are three locks on this rack, one on each bike center tube hook and one on the hitch pin. If you don't have any bikes, it can be folded up on the car. I use a regular hitch pin that doesn't need to be screwed in and the rack feels really solid going down the road. Highly recommended.

👤It had everything I was looking for, and it didn't cost me more than $400, which was great. I wanted a rack for my bike. My E-bike is 60 lbs. and most rack couldn't carry it over 35 lbs. You would have to buy a tray just for 4 tires to get the $400 that the racks had. The price is unbeatable for what you get and everything about this carrier is exactly what I was looking for. Also works well. I'm confident that I'll be able to carring my bikes anywhere.

👤I needed a bike rack since the better trails and roads are an hour or so away from home. I was initially shocked by the high prices of bike Racks on the market such as the $750 Thule aluminum & plastic carrier. There is a All load bearing parts are steel and heavy duty. The bike is hanging from the top tube rather than sitting securely on the bike wheels. The bike frame is secured with a hook. There is a Lift gate access and easy loading are possible with the tilt feature. There is a The construction is well designed. There is a If you only have one bike, you don't need to use a lot of wheel carriers. There are pros and cons. There are straps on the wheel that are designed to prevent any bounce and the hook that holds the bike down. I already had better and heavier duty motorcycle wheel tie-down straps that would hold on to the bike in the event of a catastrophic failure of the hook, which is why they were a bit short for 4 tires. There is a This rack was very pleased with itself. I think it's the best for the price and features.

👤This is a let down. Everyone likes this rack. The issue I had with the stand was that it sits at a 100-115 degree angle towards the back of the car not allowing a second bike to fit without the handle bar edging the back window of my van. It's crazy. I was going to buy a 7 inch hitch extension to seat the bikes further out from the window. There is a But... On my second local outing with my bike, the turn knob broke free and I didn't turn the screw because I was spinning freely. I had to disassemble my bike to get it out from under the arm which held it. Why was it lucky? The second bike is locked into a lower point of contact because the knob that broke is on the upper arm. The lower arm is trapped by the upper arm. I would have to cut the metal to get the second bike out. There is a There is a problem with PLASTIC. It's never a good idea to make anything that requires tightening and securing plastic. The plastic being so open to the environment and in a vital point of usage will cause the racks to be stripped out or rotted within 2 years. Everyone will have an incident like this, and it will happen to them later on. The rack is smart and people are giving great reviews. They will not be happy later. There is a It was disappointing to say the least. The rack is poorly constructed and designed.

4. Yakima HoldUp Tray Style Hitch

Yakima HoldUp Tray Style Hitch

Load your bike in seconds regardless of the wheel size, StrongArm design secures bike at wheels, protecting paint and carbon frames. Accommodates disc brakes, thru-axles and full suspension bikes and is smart design. There is an unrivaled spacing of 2 bikes out of the box or 4 bikes with optional HoldUp +2. Side-to-side adjustment to adjust space between bikes is possible. Easy install: SKS Locks are included for added security. Hitch Receivers of either 1-inch or 2-inch are required. Their Lifetime Warranty is covered by your back guarantee.

Brand: Yakima

👤The Hold Up bike rack is strong. It's a bit heavy to take off and put it back on. You know it's well made. It works exactly as it is described, but there is a newer version that I think should only be sold as an upgrade to the Hold Up Evo version. There is a Many of the quirks and little things that this rack should of had been addressed by the Evo. I will be returning the regular Hold Up and keeping the Hold Up Evo. For example. 1. The Hold Up uses a bolt into the hitch receiver that has a anti rattle screwed on it. It works well but takes a long time to put on and off and the included wrench won't work on some vehicles. You won't have to buy a hitch receiver lock if it includes the lock. The Evo is easy to attach to the hitch, it's as simple as sliding into it, crank the knob and wiggle to take out the slack and lock with the key and boom! You are done. 2. A tilt feature. The hold up uses a red pinch and pull bolt that is hard to use and it is difficult to get to with bikes loaded. The large pull handle of the Evo is more accessible than the other version. 3. The arm was designed to fit. The hold up has a button that you can use to release the clamps on the inside of the bike fork. There is a button on the outside of the car that will make it impossible to make contact. 4. There are more Fat Bike friendly wheel trays. It was better to have it and not need it. The locks are the same and easy to use. There is a The Hold Up is a great rack, but with a new version of the Hold Up, it makes more sense to get the Hold Up Evo that addresses all the quicks of the Hold Up and does it the right way.

👤I was going to return the Holdup 2. I tried out my second consideration, the Kuat NV. There is a The Kuat NV and the Holdup 2: Hitch connection are both well-built and fit securely without any movement. I like how the Kuat doesn't require a wrench to attach it to the hitch receiver, you just slip in and lock the pin, and then hand-tighten the ball with a knob to secure the mount to the hitch and keep it from moving around. The hitch pin is free to rattle around, even though it slips in and locks. I put some tape on it to make it more snug. The hitch pin is put in place with a wrench. It's very safe. It's not very convenient to put on or remove it, and I don't like to leave the rack on when I'm not using it. Both tray designs can carry a wide range of bike sizes and styles. They can carry up to four bikes. It's just a one-time thing that Yakima's is easier to assemble. The individual trays can be adjusted left and right to avoid conflicts between handlebars and seats, which is an advantage for Yakima. If you don't add on the extra rack for two more bikes, Kuat will only advertise that you get 13 spacing between your bikes. To fit the two bike add-on, you have to disassemble one set of arms and attach them to the other. You're not going to want to switch this back and forth because it isn't something you can do easily. I find that our two mountain bikes make hard contact with each other between the seats and handlebars, even without the squeeze down to 9. This doesn't happen on the river. The bikes are offset from each other and the seats and bars don't touch, even in the tray's center positions. If you need to, you can move the trays on the Yakima. There is a Lock cables have built-in cable locks and a locking hitch pin. I can't get Kuat's cables to pass through the frames of two mtn bikes because they are so short. The frame and front wheel can be included with the cable locks, but not the backs. There is a door clearance. You can't open the rear swing door of the RAV4 without hitting the rear wheel basket. If you lift up on the swing door while you open it, you can squeeze over it and get it open. Not all the way. It's enough to allow easy access to the back of the vehicle. The Kuat design has a low profile when fully lowered, which means that the door of the RAV4 will only barely touch the rack, but allow it to open fully. There is a The Kuat NV has a repair stand that you can use to lift your bike up. The add-on comes with a warning flag and two warning blinkers. There is a Aesthetics. I think the Kuat looks better than the Yakima, but it doesn't look bad. I'm going to stay with the Holdup 2 because of how easy it is to fit in and not rub or cut into each other and how the trays are adjusted to avoid conflicts with other people's bikes. I usually put my bikes inside my vehicle, even though the need to use a wrench to screw on and off the hitch pin might get annoying over time. It's much safer back there. I just want the rack for when there are more than two of us and I need to fill the vehicle with other gear.

5. Yakima Hangover Vertical Hitch Bike

Yakima Hangover Vertical Hitch Bike

It is required that youITCH Only compatible with hitch receivers. Transports 4 to 6 bikes with suspension forks using minimal space, no multiple racks or trailers required, and is made of heavy-duty steel with a vertical orientation. Convenient carrying: Foot-operated tilt mechanism changes rack position for easy loading and unloading; tilts down and out of the way for easy rear-of-vehicle access with bikes unloaded Accommodates bikes with various wheelbases with a rotating wheel cup and soft padding. 3 mast height positions for improved ground clearance and ease of loading, and 3 mast angles to avoid bike-tire contact with your vehicle. The nuts and bolts are for suspension-fork bikes only. The nuts and bolts are for suspension-fork bikes only.

Brand: Yakima

👤This thing is amazing. If you need a large bike rack, just buy it. Is it hard to install? Yes. Is it difficult to hang the bikes the first couple of times? Yes. It is a breeze after that. I feel very safe driving with this. A great way to move bikes. It's worth the money.

👤Being able to transport 6 bikes is something that I like. There is a There are lots of things to complement the vertical mount style. I can open the back of the SUV. The door doesn't go all the way up, but it's enough to get me my stuff. There is a It's difficult to lift bikes on and off the rack. It was much harder than my previous platform rack. There were a lot of complaints from my passengers. My wife can't use it, but she could use the thule. There are two more It has to be in the second position to avoid having the tires hit my roof. It bounces around when I hit bumps in the road, and it doesn't look very strong. I took four bikes on a 5 hour trip and then shuttled 6 bikes to the destination, and I was pretty uncomfortable watching it move around. I'm thinking of adding an anti-sway clamp to see if it helps. There are 3 more The lock cores of the SKS are more expensive than the ones of Thule. The price could be a lot lower. The local shop has two cores with keys. I think they'd make a tidy profit at half that price. There are four The hitch pin bolt is not included with it. Have or buy your own.

👤Please don't trust the built in straps if you use this. Use back up straps. I have had this thing for a year and I have had to deal with constantly requesting replacement straps from their company because I have had to worry about losing my bikes to failed straps and not wanting to pawn this extremely poorly designed product on to some poor sucker second hand. The convenience of a compact rack that moved the weight of my bikes closer to my vehicle allowed me to fit into shorter vertical spaces. After a few months, I regretted buying this instead of Lolo Rack. The strap that holds the crown of the bike is weak and prone to failure. If you lose your bike on the freeway and cause a massive pile up with a bicycle, you could be liable for causing an unexpected road block. Fast forward to this year. The strap design is flawed and snaps where you can see in the photo. There is a The straps break too easy and have an inherent design flaw. If you're buying this rack for the price, you shouldn't have to worry about the straps breaking on you and the risk of losing your bike off of the rack. The carrier design should be changed to make it more reliable and safe. This is not acceptable. If you want a vertical rack, consider Lolo or Velocirax.

6. Yakima TubeTop Hitch Mounted Bike

Yakima TubeTop Hitch Mounted Bike

The signature bottle opener from the company lets you enjoy a cold one after a ride. Put your bike in a rack. The TubeTop makes your bike compatible with most mast-style hitch racks, and it works with bikes with sloped top tubes. Simple and effective: Attaches quickly and securely to your seat post and stem to adapt a wide range of bikes for transport. It's highly secure and keeps your bike mounted on single and dual arm mounts. Use it with one bike weighing up to 45 lbs and large molded collars to keep it safe. Their Lifetime Warranty is covered by your back guarantee.

Brand: Yakima

👤The product was described as a way to fit children's bikes, women's bikes and bikes with sloping down tubes. If the bikes have a large distance between the seat post and the handlebars, it will be great. Unless the woman is very tall. I purchased a medium-sized hybrid bike that was too short to use the TubeTop adapter, because I have a long torso. The distance that the large size bike could travel was too short. It's a common make of bike. If you are on a women's hybrid, you might find it too long. The product looked good but the description was not accurate.

👤I love everything about the Racks of Yakima, they are solid and reliable. The top tube almost spilled my bike onto the highway. I use it three days a week. The bike was barely hanging by a thread as I got to my destination. It twisted out of the front brackets and was hanging by the handlebars. They need to redesign these to make it impossible for the locking bars to come loose. My did.

👤The logical choice would be to use the Yakima Bike Tube. I was surprised it didn't have spring. I was wondering if it was faulty. After watching a few videos on how to put it on, my conclusion was that it doesn't fit in the design. Unlike the other tube I own, where there is a spring to give tension of the two ends, the one I own has only a spring at the latch. There is a The spring tension might not be important because it has carried my bike without issue.

👤I bought this for my daughter's bike so it would fit our new bike which was given to me as a gift. I'm in love with the rack, but it's for a different review. We were loading bikes for the first time. I think the new one is better than the old ones we had when the kids were young. The seat stem and handlebars were surprised by the good fit and the rubber ends. There is a The opening mechanism is too difficult for me. It is impossible, in fact. You have to press the little buttons into the little holes to open the ends. It requires strength and steel thumbs. I can't do it. It hurts my hands. It wasn't easy for my daughter to do it. But she was able to. I need something that works for me. There is a While we were loading the bikes onto the rack, it became obvious that my bike also needs an accessory. I went back to Amazon to get another one. I thought the opening mechanism was the same across the board. You know what? It isn't. Other companies have come up with better designs. There is a I ordered a Swagman Bar Adapter for my bike. I'm thinking about returning the one from Yakima. The bike rack from Yakima has changed so many things recently, that they are incredibly outstanding. The adapters are stuck in time. Everyone complains about how difficult they are to open, but it's the same as always. Hopefully they will make this device better than their competitors. I am going with the competition.

7. Yakima RidgeBack Hitch Rack Capacity

Yakima RidgeBack Hitch Rack Capacity

Simple inference. It can be quickly installed, rubber-coated hooks can protect vehicle coating, and protective clamps with straps can be set up. The Upper Hand lever tilts the rack down to access the back of the vehicle. ZipStrips are secure, stable, and fully replaceable; Anti-sway cradle design reduces bike-to-bike contact. The SpeedKnob is easy to install, it is tool-free, and it is fully assembled. Simple to store: folds flat for easy storage. The signature bottle opener from the company lets you enjoy a cold one after a ride.

Brand: Yakima

👤I bought this rack after reading the reviews. On the first extended trip, there was 112 lbs of the 150 lbs limit. The vertical tube and arms failed when the bikes separated from the lower section. There are 3 lanes of traffic on the interstate. The cable lock I wrapped through the bikes and to the hitch was the only thing that saved the bikes. I wouldn't buy again and I think they should be recalled. The big vertical tube is welded to the lower portion with 2 narrow strips of iron. They simply cracked off what failed.

👤There is an update. I don't write reviews. This one is very important to me. Less than a year after purchase, the rack broke while driving down the freeway. It broke in two. Look at the pictures. The bikes were damaged and thrown up by the ground. It was just seconds from becoming detached and causing a serious car accident. I only had a few bikes. RV's bounce too much, so I asked for a refund, but they told me it wasn't meant to be used on them. Where does it say that when you purchase on Amazon? If an RV bounces too much, would you trust it on your vehicle? I was driving slowly down the freeway. This product is a serious liability to the safety of your bikes and other drivers because it is poorly made. After a couple uses, the rack has bent downward. I'm worried that it will continue to bend. It can't handle the weight of 5 bikes. There were no heavy bikes.

👤I don't know who is writing these reviews, but there is no way you're going to fit 4 bikes on this rack. There is no flexibility for different sized frames because the pads do not move. This is the size for 3 bikes, and the rack is solid. I paid a lot of money for a rack that doesn't fit 4 bikes, and I'm really annoyed. I would have bought a 5 bike rack if I had known.

👤I got the cable lock after purchasing this product 3 years ago. The rack is awesome! It works well. The tilt lever broke last week when I was trying to tilt the rack to get to the hatch. I called to inquire about buying a part to fix it. The rep immediately got on the phone and offered to replace the entire rack. I offered to look into my records to confirm the purchase date, but they said they would replace it on my receipt. I got my replacement rack by express shipping. There is a The product is great. Service was beyond my expectations. Incredible.

👤The second time I used it, it failed and could have killed someone. I was driving on the highway when the clips broke. Half of the bike fell off. Someone could have been killed by this. I will return this and buy something else. If you're looking for a bike rack, look elsewhere. You or someone else could be killed by these racks.

8. Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Rooftop

Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Rooftop

2 SKS locks can be added to lock your bike to the mount and the base rack. Most DISC BRAKES are compatible with this. It's for bikes that use a standard 100mm x 9mm quick release front hub. A wide range of bike lengths is possible with the sliding wheel tray. There is a roof rack required. It's necessary to have a crossbar spread minimum of 16 and maximum of 42. No frame contact means your bike's paint doesn't get scratched, and ForkLift holds the bike by the front and rear wheel. You should protect your gear. Add SKS. The locks on the bike and the vehicle are sold separately.

Brand: Yakima

👤I purchased this based on the claim that it fits almost any bar. It fit the factory bars on my car. Here's the thing... It's too long for the Venza as it has a factory installed roof spoiler that moves with the trunk lid and the end of the rack that protrudes just far enough back to prevent the hatch from opening fully. Since it takes too long to provide support, I made it my own. I cut 3 inches off the ends and tapped new holes for the retainers. Primed it and painted it. It was installed again. It fits perfectly now, the only thing that happens is the back of my rear bike tire touches the spoiler when I open the hatch, but it won't cause damage and it doesn't prevent it from opening all the way so there's no pressure on the roof rack or roof The rack is easy to use. The fork retainer was locked by installing the lock cores from the SKS. If you have a flat roof vehicle and the bars are further forward, this rack will work for you.

👤I have used this rack many times over the course of a year after I bought it from REI. The rack is a good solution for my Mazda 5 roof bars, though it's difficult to get my heavy Electra Townie on and off the car. I bought a second rack in December. The old rack had a "skewer" design. The locking/folding head screws on and off were on the old skewer. The locking/folding head is fixed to the bolt, and the cap on the opposite side screws on. The new design isn't as secure as the old one. The old locking head can't be removed when a bike is locked in, even if someone is able to remove it with a hacksaw or something. The lock is irrelevant because the new skewer has a screw-off cap that can be removed. There is a The old skewer and the new one are shown in the attached photo. I heard back from the support team. The mechanism in the new end cap on the skewer is similar to the locking mechanism on the old skewer. The cap cannot be removed easily if it is tight against the fork. Two stars are back.

👤Mountain bikers ride their bikes. I needed access to my back window, so I purchased this rack. The opening of the rear window and door was hindered by the Tow Hitch Racks. A roof rack was the next best solution. You have to have strength in your upper body to load and unload bikes. The weight of your bike and the load you can handle are major issues. My truck's two bike roof rack would exceed the rack's weight bearing load, so keep that in mind. The height of the vehicle is several feet taller with bike onboard, so garage doors, drive-thrus, and low branched trees are all new dangers. If you're like me, the whole rack and bike can be removed without unlocking the rack, ie theft, if you have a car/truck cross beam that's removed without tools. I think it looks cool. I like it, but it is new so I hope it works out. There is a When loading or unloading, put a tarp or thick towel on the roof to keep it from being scratched.

9. YAKIMA HighRoad Wheel Upright Capacity

YAKIMA HighRoad Wheel Upright Capacity

It'sTILE: The design is versatile and fits most vehicles. Carry almost any bike, it's simple to use, and it's compatible with 26 to 29" wheels and 23mm to 4" tires. The low profile tray is an ideal option for carbon fiber bikes and custom paint jobs. T-Slot compatible with SmarT-Slot conversion kit is required for most roof rack. The Torque Right tightening knob is easy to use and secures your bike with precision. 2 SKS locks can be added to lock your bike to the mount and the base rack.

Brand: Yakima

👤It was exactly as advertised. On a 600 mile drive to Lassen, I took 2 bikes. All was made to order. bungee cord them It was used on a Model 3. No issues! There were no cracking noises. Two thumbs up.

👤I'm sure the rack is okay, but the max bar height is 36in. My 2016 Tucson has a min install of 38 inches. Oh my gosh.

👤The HighRoad mount was the one that I settled on after a lot of research. It was easy to install, and when I put my road bike up into it, it was secure. It would hold up on the road. I was hoping that this would be a rack I could easily take off, as I don't want to leave as a rack like this attached all the time, and I use my car for work purposes. The rack is attached to my roof rails in about 5 minutes. I didn't want to have to remount whenever I wanted to go somewhere for a ride. I had to use a stepstool to get up tall enough to mount the rack and secure my bike. There is a After discussing it with my wife, I returned the rack for a hitch mount, so we both can load and unload our bike. I chose the Sagman Chinook rack for my hitch because it fits my Forester. If you are going with a roof mount, I would suggest considering your hitch options. I thought the roof mount was going to be cheaper than a hitch mount, but it turned out that non-Yakima or Thule brands were cheaper than I thought. Going to do the hitch installation on the car and not having to worry about getting bikes up on the roof. There is a Best to you!

👤Since I had it, it did what it was supposed to do. There were no issues. I've probably had to take it off about 3 or 4 times. It may have been too many times. I can't use the front right rivet because it doesn't tighten. I got this in December of last year. It is May of 2020. I will contact them and see what they have to say. It will cost $50 to ship it to them, so I am responsible for that. I shouldn't have to do that because I paid for it. Hope this helps.

👤I had a Honda bike rack on my Element that I needed to replace. I needed a new rack that would fit my larger tire width after I purchased my wife and myself a 27.5plus bike. The Yakima Highroads are very easy to install, and it's much easier to load bikes into without having to deal with the downtube grabber. The sleek styling makes up for the fact that they are a little bulky, but they are low to the rack. Don't forget to grab the locks for the integrated bike lock.

👤I didn't want to put on an existing hitch mount because it was awkward and I was concerned about damaging the frame. The rack arrived in 2 days. It was mounted in less than 30 minutes. It was nice to see a shadow the whole way after my first drive, but I was skeptical at first. Used 4 times and no issues. Get the locks with these rock. I am 6' and right at the level to mount the bike, so I only have to note the fact that I am stepping up in the door jam. I hold the crank arm and the retaining bar in place while I screw the bike in, because I lift the bike by the crank arm and the front shock and it goes right in. The mechanism is easy to secure.

10. Yakima FrontLoader Rooftop Bike Rack

Yakima FrontLoader Rooftop Bike Rack

There is free security. With tie down straps for wheels and locking feature included you will have peace of mind knowing your bike is secured to the rack whether on the road or parked. Carry any bike, including disc brakes, thru axles, and full suspension bikes, with or without wheels and tires up to three inches. Load your bike on this wheel-on mount and Front Loader will hold it upright as you secure it. The crossbar spread must be between 16 and 48 inches and be assembled out of the box. It's a great option for carbon fiber and custom paint jobs if you have no frame contact. 2 SKS locks can be added to lock your bike to the mount and the base rack.

Brand: Yakima

👤I was very excited to get my rack. I had to put my bike in the back of my car. The biggest problem I have with it is that they don't include locks, which is why I'm only giving it three stars. I paid over $200 for this rack and now you want me to pay an additional$40 for a pair of locks? That's ridiculous. The unit can be taken off of the bars in about a minute. Put a locking core in there and stop being cheap. There is a It can fit down to 26" tires and up to 29ers for those still interested. I have a set of mine that fits the front tire very securely. I drove the bike for 50 miles after I got it and it didn't budge. If you have a VW, the rack is compatible with the bars.

👤This is a good rack. It will work with all kinds of bikes, you can adjust it if you have the right tire size. There is a You don't have to remove the front wheel from the bike to load it. The rack is perfect for a bike with a carbon fiber fork because it doesn't attach to the fork. There is a The cable lock on the rack will keep your bike out of your car. The lock won't stop a master thief, it's there to prevent an amateur from grabbing your bike. There is a The lock's core is not included in the rack and you need to make it work. You can buy the core on Amazon. . The cores are numbered. If you already own a couple, you want to make sure to order one with a serial number that matches all the others, so that one key will fit all your locks. The key has the number stamped on it. If the locks on your car are all A1234, you want to order the same number again. There is a Is it clear as mud? You bet!

👤There is something going on here. I recently bought a mountain bike that was above average. For the past few weeks, I've been researching bike racks for my vehicle. Dropping my back and rear seats down, removing the bike tire, and popping the bike in the trunk was not a viable long term solution. I thought I would buy a rear loading exterior mount to solve the problem. Many people complained of paint wear, scratches, and rust from where the rubber coated hooks touch the vehicle paint. I removed the rear mount from my list. I looked into getting a tow bar for my vehicle, but it doesn't have one. I could not justify spending $600 plus on installation and another $200 on a bike rack that was attached to a hitch for a bike that was not very expensive. There is a I looked into roof mounts. Most of them required you to remove the wheel. The bike was barely a step up from being put in the trunk. I kept looking. There is a I was looking for a bike carrier for roof Racks. The reviews were good and the locking mechanism was interesting. There is a The package arrived on time and in good shape. You can use it out of the box, but I recommend buying the YAKIMA - SKS Lock Cores Car Rack System Components. There are two lock slots on this rack. There is a You can use one key for both locks, and the locks are easy to install. Installation of a roof is easy. It is difficult to align it with your vehicle's cross bar locations. There is a The rack is strong. I own a larger mountain bike. The frame is 19 inches and the tires are 29 inches. The rack was snug as I drove to the bike path. The locks are nice, but they are not heavy duty security. The main lock will deter people from stealing your YAKIMA roof bike rack, but the second cable lock is thin and can easily be cut with wire snips. If you're going to leave your bike on the roof, you should get a more expensive bike lock. Your bike is in the rack. There is a I drive an SUV. I can easily lift my bike over my head because I am 6 feet tall. It takes a little practice lifting the bike up onto the rack. If you are vertically challenged, you might need a step stool to load your bike. I need to open my rear door and step on the door sill to load my bike, even though I have a size advantage. I drive an SUV again. There is a clearance! There is a bike on the roof. I have to make sure I remember I have an extra few feet on top of my car. This might not be the rack for you if you are forgetting. I can see people on their phones trying to pull into their garage with a bike on their roof. Oof! There is a I am happy with my purchase. I will update my review if things change. Happy driving!

11. Yakima BlockHead Locking Bike Mount

Yakima BlockHead Locking Bike Mount

Need to carry a third bike? Add the extension to carry 3 bikes. A bike mount that bolts to the truck bed is a safe way to transport bikes. The open design works with bikes with disk brakes. The construction is built to last. The lock is locked with a single-sided adjustment skewer that can be used for bike loading. Basic assembly takes 5 minutes and requires 2 bolts.

Brand: Yakima

👤I like this bike mount. I mounted it to the bed of my truck in a few minutes after I purchased it several years ago. I've used it to carry my bike over 100 miles without any other straps. I bought this mount for my wife's bike or for when a friend wants to go out of town with me. This "BlockHead fork mount" is a 4 star because it doesn't come with any mounting hardware, unlike my first mount. The instructions don't specify to use the bins for carriage bolts, so what should have taken a few minutes to drill 2 holes and tighten nuts turned into a trip to the hardware store. I highly recommend that one, as it does a great job of keeping thieves from removing the locked bike while I'm at the diner. The lights were turned off. The lock was not installed. It went in a snap, but it wasn't covered in the instructions, so it could have been confusing for a lesser man. I was really disappointed that it took over an hour to do the job. Time will tell if the product is the same as my old one.

👤This item works perfectly with the Nissan Utilitrack bed system. It's heavy duty and keeps your bike safe. I was hesitant about how the blockhead would attach to the track system, but after installing, it looks like an accessory. The locking bike attachment is easy to install on the truck if you pick up the cone nuts, bolts and washers pictured.

👤The design is a little difficult. I was going to put self-tapping screws through the holes to install the unit. I couldn't do that because of the way the brackets look. The place where I intended to install it wouldn't allow bolts. I tried to tighten the unit onto the bike after I installed it. The fork mount works well, but it's not intuitive because it's reverse threaded and you have to hold the inner portion still while turning the outer portion clockwise. There isn't much information online, and the instructions weren't very helpful. It worked just fine once I figured it out. There is a The materials seem solid and well put together, and they do the job that they're supposed to. I think the Thule version is a better product in terms of use and installation.

👤It doesn't come with bolts to mount it to my truck's toolbox, so a quick trip to an auto parts store and drilling 2 holes into my toolbox is what it takes. I tried to unbolt the blockhead after installing it. A thief would have to work really hard to steal my bike because I have the front end locked into the blockhead and the rear tire locked onto the truck rack. There is a I'm ready for a family road trip up the coast of California with 3 blockheads installed on my car.


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Yakima, Yakima and Kac are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle car racks yakima. Find the detail in this article. Yakima, Yakima and Yakima are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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