Best Bicycle Car Racks for Nissan Rogue

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1. Retrospec Lenox Rack Mount Hitch

Retrospec Lenox Rack Mount Hitch

Also, note: The speed of the vehicle should be under 40 km/h if the Safety Strap is installed. The lenOX CAR BIKE RACK is a car. The call to adventure shouldn't be the most difficult part of your cycling journey. The convenience you need when looking to take on your next two-wheeled conquest is what they have designed their Lenox Car Rack 2–Bike Hitch to provide. Class II or IV is a two-tiered hedging scheme. The bike rack is made to fit a trailer hitch. The vehicle must have a Class II or IV hitch. Carry arm spacing is designed to be safe and sturdy. Their tie-down cradles and straps are made to protect your bicycles from damage. There is a limit to the weight. Sturdy steel construction. 2-bike - 80 lbs, 3-bike - 120 lbs, 4-bike - 140 lbs, 5-bike - 170 lbs. It is necessary for minor assembly. There is an accessory included: an Adapter. The bike is being moved and the Lenox comes with an accessory to reduce the wobble of the bike. When not in use, Lenox can be used for simple storage. There is an accessory included: an Adapter. The bike is being moved and the Lenox comes with an accessory to reduce the wobble of the bike. When not in use, Lenox can be used for simple storage.

Brand: Retrospec

👤Our bikes almost flew into someone's car after the straps broke. Both bikes are damaged permanently. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤The price point is great.

👤The product is good for the price. There is no noticeable shaking when there is weight on the rack. The rack will prevent banging on starts and stops.

👤This was easy to put together and install on my car, I'm 75. I love that I can lower it to get into the back of the SUV. I'm very happy.

👤The straps are strong and easy to use, and my bike is held strong on this rack. I began to notice rust and paint chipping very quickly. The bolts that adjust the pads on the bike have rust.

👤There is not much to assemble. The two bike rack is great.

👤It is easy to install with a component of security.

👤The mount is good, but I wish the cradles were a little bigger. The cradle handles a 1" tube frame perfectly, but mine is likely 3 and it causes the bike to roll a bit. I had to purchase more straps as my bike nearly flew off the mount on the highway, I would like to think of a way to hold the bike close to the hinges in the future.

👤Funciona perfectamente, es simple. Se mueva del tiron. Carga perfectamente con dos mtb y perfect

👤It's easy to put on and off. No need for a lock that is swivel. It can't be stolen if you Tide up the anti rattle screw.

👤Es prctico y fcil de instalar.

2. Sclvdi Receiver Bicycle Carrier Minivans

Sclvdi Receiver Bicycle Carrier Minivans

Transports up to 2 bikes. The frame of the bicycle rack is adjusted to fit different bike frames, and could prevent bikes from colliding with each other. Have a nice day with your friends. Swing arms can be folded down out of the way when not in use to bring more convenience. The bike carrier is made of heavy-duty iron with a powder coating to prevent bike scratches and is durable. If you are driving in a bumpy road, come with a no-wobble hitch tightener to prevent wobbling and banging. Easy tilt down access with saety pin. When the bike rack is on your vehicle, users can easily open the car rear gates. Easy tilt down access with saety pin. When the bike rack is on your vehicle, users can easily open the car rear gates.

Brand: Sclvdi

👤I didn't fit my haro 27inch and diamondback 29er. I returned the item for a quick refund. Thank you.

👤This is a basic bike rack. It's only good for 80 lbs, which should work for most bikes. It allows the back doors of a van or SUV to open. The left door on our Metris hit the vertical part of the swinging arm so it wouldn't open all of the way. It comes with a hitch tightner. It's a piece of metal that is attached to this mount and the trailer hitch with a U bolt, otherwise it's loose in the trailer hitch. You'll want to get the trailer hitch bolts, because there are no locks for the bikes. It's not black but dark gray.

👤I took a chance because I needed it to tilt backwards from the hatchback, but I was a little nervous when I saw the other reviews. The bar that holds the bike to tilt is the only one in this price range. I had to widen one of the holes to get the pin through. I lowered the insert pipe and drilled a hole for my wife's little short to load the bike. It came with a wobble attachment. It's super sturdy.

3. Tyger Auto TG RK2B202B Hatchbacks Minivans

Tyger Auto TG RK2B202B Hatchbacks Minivans

Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit. 100% assembled. It works on most sedans/Hatchbacks/Minivans and SUV's. This can't be done with vehicles with rearSPOILERs. It's designed to fit 2 bikes with sturdy construction. A padded lower frame keeps bikes out of the car. The safety strap is included. Soft cradles are made to protect your bike frame. The black E-Coating is used for rust resistance. Carry arms that are foldable when not in use. Installation is easy. There is a package with instructions included. Also, note: The Safety Strap must be installed to keep bikes stable. Any damage or accident that results will not be covered by warranty. The Tyger No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty is available. The Tyger No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty is available.

Brand: Tyger Auto

👤It's easy to set up and install, but once I mounted my bike on it, it didn't feel safe or sturdy. The straps that hold most of the bike's weight are supported by small metal clips with only tiny springs inside, which is a concern for me. It makes sense that they function as a quick open-close system to release the straps for easy and quick installation. The springs can give out with heavy bikes, so there is no additional tightener or closure to secure the straps. The bike rack would fall off the car if this happened. I think this is a major flaw. I bought plastic "tighteners" to add to the straps. It was very easy to add this above the metal clips, and I felt much better having this in addition to the metal clips. It's common sense that the manufacturer didn't provide something similar. There is a I like the design of the rack and it looks better than the most single bike rack I've seen, but I still think that the manufacturer should make the straps more secure and improve the design. I'm hesitant to carry my bike on this bike rack because it's heavy. The freeway is off limits. The safety of the strap clips is questionable, as if one is going to carry a bike with hands for hours, while the heavy duty rubber on the handles is questionable. The rubber protectors on the strap hooks that were supposed to protect the car paint were one of the reasons I decided to buy this rack. These are useless with my car. I had to hook them up to the bottom of the car because I couldn't slide the hooks into the thin opening on top of the car. I had to put some tape on the hooks to protect them. This modification is only for short term and short rides. The rubber protectors were useless because there was no paint to protect the car. The rubber coating is on the outside of the hooks and not inside where the paint rubbing and damage is most likely to occur. The hooks have rubber "dots" inside which are supposed to protect them. I don't think this will do any damage. There is a I don't use the rack daily so I can live with some of the issues, however if I were to use it daily I wouldn't like it. I don't think customers should buy a product and then have to look for ways to make it better or safer. It should meet the expectations right out of the box.

👤I decided to buy this bike rack after going back and forth on whether or not to buy a Thule rack that cost 3 times as much. I use it to haul two expensive bikes on freeways and winding mountain roads. The rack is very sturdy. It was easy to mount on the car, didn't slip or loosen even when the back of the car was open, and didn't scratch or damage my car at all. I was able to mount my women's bike without a cross-bar adapter because it held the bikes tight. The bike rack is better quality than the price suggests, and it's not just good quality for the price. It's a good rack.

4. Lifetime Warranty Pairs Carrier Crossbar

Lifetime Warranty Pairs Carrier Crossbar

Installation of bike and bicycle car Racks can be done in a few minutes. Allbicycle car racks come with professional consulting services. They will provide you with a solution within 24 hours if you contact them. A car is top car. A simple, low-cost solution to carrying your kayak. There is a brand new toxicity. The Kayak Carrier mounts to almost all load bars. The kayak is secured on its side by the carrier, consuming less space on the load bar. The kayak rack is on the ladder rack bar. A full size truck can hold up to 4 sets of kayak racks. You should save your space. The steel design has padding for carrying strength and kayak protection. J style carrier leaves roof space and is rust- resistant, so it is easy to install and remove. It's compatible with most load bars. The finish is powder-coated. Before purchasing, please check the authenticity of the timepiece. Before purchasing, please check the authenticity of the timepiece.

Brand: Tms

👤The part that would fit over the factory bars is only one and a half and it's not a good fit for a small roof rack. They would be very strong. Everything came on time, but they don't fit!

👤My 2003 4 door blazer works great with these. It fits. The kayaks that we have are the Ascend FS10 and Future Beach Fusion 10. It was easy to assemble. Some people think it's hard. Don't let them frighten you. If you can build a small set of Legos for kids, you can put them on your car. If you are using all four J-bars for two kayaks and only one person doing the labor, the times are as follows: -First time assembly and installation to the roof: 1 hour -Loading two kayaks first time: 30 minutes -Unloading two kayaks They don't need to be disassembled to be removed from the roof. They are strong. I loaded and strapped down my kayaks and shook them as I watched the sides of my roof bend. There was no play in the kayak or the J-bars. I didn't trust the cam straps. I loaded the kayaks, strapped them in, shook them and was able to pull the straps loose. I can't knock a star off because of how much more expensive brand name J-hooks are. You need to order better straps if you want this to be a 5/5 star product. I had a cheap tow strap in my garage. Tow straps can warp plastic kayaks, so I don't recommend them. I've used tow straps the past few outings but this season I plan on investing in a better set of cam straps. The link to replacement patches has been changed. I replaced the straps that came with the product. I was able to carry my kayak on a 4 hour trip using the J-bars and cam straps. I didn't review those. They are a good product.

👤They were great until a tree fell on my car. I bought them with a lifetime warranty. I contacted the seller and they said no one would own the warranty. I paid more money to get this and am not satisfied. I have been trying my hardest to get the replacement, but it has not worked out. There is a Do not purchase this item because it will have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. It won't happen.

👤Quality and function for a fraction of the price. These were great for my Honda Pilot. I bought aftermarket cross bars to make it easier to remove them. Also from Amazon, for $40. There is a For under $100. I have a kayak rack with J bars that can be removed in less than 5 minutes. There is a They arrived in 2 days thanks to Prime and were packaged individually and easy to assemble. There is a Do not use the tool provided, or you will be at it for hours. There is a The nuts have a rubber ring. The bolts are in the middle. Follow the instructions provided in the diagram. Installation is made easier by a helpers work.

5. Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Trunk

Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Trunk

It is possible to fit any bike with secure carrying of 20 to 29" wheels, tires up to 4.8" wide, and disc brakes. The bike carrying system is simple. It works on most sedans, minivans, and SUVs. A wide range of bicycle styles can be accommodated with 12 inch long carry arms. The carry arms are 11.5 inches wide. Installation hassles are eliminated by single configuration design. Patented individual tie down system protects ships. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit.

Brand: Allen Sports

👤It worked great for a while, but then the frame began to warp and today it did 55 on the highway. The bikes slid because of the failure of the padding, causing damage to my trunk and bumper. The frame is off center after that happened. I waited on the side of the road for a friend to come and take the bikes because I didn't trust the structural integrity. The product worked for a while and then stopped. It started failing after that. There is a If the company sees this, please reach out to me and send me a return shipping so I can inspect the product. Someone could have been killed if the bikes fell off because of a serious flaw in my frame.

👤The rack does the job. If you're not looking to spend a lot of money, get this. You can't trust the bad reviews on this product because they are handling it to the max. Really, broken straps? Or bikes falling? They are pulling hard to get broken straps. There are two bikes fallings. When you install your bikes, use your common sense. This product will work for you if you have common sense. If you want to get better grip on the trunk, put electrical tape on the two hooks that go on the trunk, and secure the straps so that the rack isn't loose or won't move up and down. The pedals don't touch my back bumper, so whoever claims this, you need to re- install the rack or your bike. I have two fixed gear single speed bikes. There wasn't a problem when I drove a short distance. I'm pretty sure this product can go further. Again, just be careful, don't manhandle this product, and use your common sense.

👤I put a couple of layers of duct tape where the clips go on to prevent scratching of the car, but otherwise, this baby worked out of the box. You need at least two tie downs to stop the pedals from spinning. There is a Also, note: There is zero security. The whole shootin' match could be taken off the car by anyone. Don't leave the car out of sight. Everything could be gone in 20 seconds with a blade and pickup. For this price, you can't go wrong with the more expensive ones.

👤This product is great. I was worried that the mount rack would not be effective or durable. I was wrong. There is a The rack is easy to install and works well. It's compatible with every car in existence. I was worried that my 2012 Ford Focus wouldn't be able to hold the weight of 2 bikes because it is a tiny vehicle. It worked out well. I drove from Ft. Wayne traveled all the way to Boston and back with this bike rack. It did a great job! I drove through a storm in the mountains and the rack was not phased. I love this rack and it's at an affordable price. I have attached some pictures of the rack to give you a better idea. I don't understand why someone would buy a rack that has so much to offer.

6. Blueshyhall Carrier Trunk Mount Heavy

Blueshyhall Carrier Trunk Mount Heavy

The Tyger No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty is available. Transports up to 2 bikes. It works on most sedans/Hatchbacks/Minivans and SUV's. Not for vehicles with a spare wheel. 100 are assembled. The rack mount is on the car. Also, note: The red cradle needs to be fixed to prevent the bicycle from moving. Also, note: The speed of the vehicle should be under 40 km/h if the Safety Strap is installed. Also, note: The speed of the vehicle should be under 40 km/h if the Safety Strap is installed.

Brand: Blueshyhall

👤Poor instructions. Once you figure out how to use it, the product isn't bad. You need to watch a video on the internet to figure it out. The official one is... I made a mistake when I saw a how-to video, I put some of the red things on backwards. Make sure they are facing the right way before putting on the caps. The video shows the right way to thread the straps through the buckles, which is very helpful. The second video shows how he counts the vehicle's weight so the lisence plate and rear window are not obstructing, this way you can open the car if you need to.

👤After watching a couple installation videos on the internet, I had to rethread the rachet-like straps so they actually hold, it went pretty quickly and smoothly. I couldn't fit my 9yr old son's Razor stunt bike and my 6yr old daughter's bike with training wheels in it. I will have to upgrade if I can't add my cruiser. Be careful how you mount bikes L, to be sure. Are the only touchable vehicles? I messed up and my son's stunt bike wheel steps scratched the paint.

👤The seller on its listing said it was compatible with Lexus RX 350. I bought it because of that representation, but it turned out to be a lie. I have to give up my beloved bike because of the incompatibility of this item, I bought it in anticipation of a cross state move. If you own a Lexus, do not buy it from the seller.

👤There are no real instructions in the video on how to install it. I tested it on short runs and the hooks wouldn't stay attached. They were knocked out by any bumps in the road. We had to put the bike in the back of the car. The structure and concept of the device seem good. The hooking mechanism on the straps is not enough.

👤No instructions given. There are very few online videos that help with the installation. It's easy to set up the box. I had trouble putting on the vehicle, getting it sturdy and where I used it for the bike to be stable. I wouldn't trust it with that much weight.

👤It's a pity that te vendan the producto. No funciona, no es para seguro. Aunque iba por la carretera mis dos bicicletas, traté de colocar lo ms firme el portabicicletas. No lo recomiendo para nada.

👤At least it didn't seem secure. When I returned the return window had closed, I didn't arrive on time. So sad.

👤Simply doesn't work. It is not helpful to have no instructions and a video for instruction on the internet. I missed the deadline and will need to trash it. Sorry.

7. Walmann Carrier Auto Mobile Hatchbacks Minivans

Walmann Carrier Auto Mobile Hatchbacks Minivans

Bike compatibility For bikes under 35 lbs each, and a maximum tire width of 3 inches. The car bike rack can be used for many vehicles and bikes. Not suitable for trucks, RV and auto-mobiles. Not for women's or children's bikes. Perfect for 2 bikes, the bike rack holds up to 3 bikes. The 6 straps design ensures stability. The individual bike tie down system on 2 arms can be used. The red clamps need to be tightened all the way to ensure stability. TheTrunk bike carrier with 16 inch long carry arms and 23.5 inch height frame can be folded to fit in a trunk with a 29 inch build. The bike rack is made with heavy-duty steel with a padded lower frame. The bikes are kept away from auto-mobiles to protect the car finish from being scratched. The bike mount rack is designed to fit 3 bikes. Extra protection is offered by thickened pads. The bicycle car carrier rack is easy to install. There are hooks to protect car paint. It is easy to set up a cradle clamps. Due to customizability, some assembly is required. The bicycle car carrier rack is easy to install. There are hooks to protect car paint. It is easy to set up a cradle clamps. Due to customizability, some assembly is required.

Brand: Walmann

👤We didn't have a trailer hitch on our vehicles so we had to carry our mountain bikes to the park. There is a The bike rack arrives in a professional decorated box, has a durable appearance, and can fit on our saturn sedan and Chrysler town and country lift. It holds 3 adult bikes with no issues, and the pads are good enough to keep it from scratching. We have used this rack on the interstate at 75 miles per hour with no shaking, rocking back and forth, or strap slippage.

👤2 bikes are put on this bike carrier. 3 bikes wouldn't fit on this rack. Anyway left for vaca. About an hour on the trip. We pulled off the road after hearing a sound. The end of the arms that hold the bikes had the rubber bike holders on it. The scew head in the stoppers looks like they are screwed in. We could see there was nothing we could do to fix it. It's a hollow pipe. The bike's back fell off, shredding the tire and wheel. The chain was wrapped around the sprockets and bent up. This was a limited edition bike that was made for one year. Not as expensive as my bike. I still liked it. It is now trashed. Don't buy thisRACK. I can't find any contact information for this man. I can't demand compensation from them. It's so sad.

👤The staps broke. I bought this bike rack a few weeks ago for a camping trip. I only traveled with 2 bikes for my teenagers because it was designed for 3 bikes. When we left, the 2 bikes were held in the correct position. We traveled an hour away from home. The bikes fell into traffic. Four cars were damaged because of this product failing to do its intended purpose. The firefighters and police agreed that the product had a poor design. There was only property damage and no one was hurt. Do not purchase this product.

👤This product is easy to install. My expectations were low for the price. What I received was worse than I had expected. The entire weight of the rack and bikes hangs on two small straps after I installed it on a car. The whole thing sagged after the first bike was hung. The posts that are over 16 inches apart are not compatible with my bike frame. The straps on the bottom came undone. The bottom straps come free no matter how tight I am. Unless your bike has a 1/3 inch top tube, the red rubber frame holders are useless. The straps for the bike are nylon and the mounting straps are plastic. It was clear from the start that there is no way you can fit 3 bikes on the rack. It won't support the weight of three bikes. The straps are loosened as you travel down the road. I mean every couple miles. I still don't trust the strap that I used as a secondary support strap. Our bikes are not heavy. All between 25-40 lbs. After trying to get bikes on the rack for testing, the rack was too marred and scratched to return, and the frames were damaged from the screws on the frame holders. There were missing nuts from the box. If you have a bike that costs more than $75, I don't trust this rack to carry it down the road. If you are trying to get your bike to a trail head, this rack is not for you. Total waste of money.

8. Allen Sports Deluxe 3 Bike Trunk

Allen Sports Deluxe 3 Bike Trunk

Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. It works on most sedans, minivans, and SUVs. headaches are eliminated during set up and installation with single configuration design. The patented individual tie down system protects bicycles. There is a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit.

Brand: Allen Sports

👤My fiancée and I paid off our bike shop loan after buying a bike rack. I was a bit scared of buying a bike rack for our sedan since it's new, and in people's reviews, they show pictures of some racks that have made marks on their vehicles. This product is notALLEN SPORTS. The bikes were being held strong. We drove in the freeway and on the streets and the bikes did not damage our vehicle. The drive took 137 miles. It can fit 3 bikes. When you load the bikes onto the rack, make sure they face the same way. There are rails for each bike in the rack.

👤Just returned from a trip to South Carolina and back. It was cheaper and quicker to have a hitch put on my car. It worked. Zero issues. I put it on the back of the van in less than two minutes. It is very easy to remove it. This product is easy to use, durable and did not leave any marks on my car. Both bikes are in good shape. We removed the two front wheels of our bikes and mounted them facing opposite directions in order to balance their weight and keep the handle bars from touching. Excellent.

👤The hitch kit and the bike rack for my 2010 Odyssey will cost at least $200 and 2 hours to install. I took the risk and bought this rack. There is a We used the rack for 2 and 4 beach chairs. It worked out fine. There is a It was assembled in 1 minute. In 2 minutes, it was installed and went 250 miles without any issues. It feels good. I was checking it a few times and it was tight. The product is great and the price is unbeatable.

👤I carried 3 kids bikes for 6 hours each way through the mountains. It's easy to put together. I stopped to check. It started tight and in place. The straps were used to tie the tires in place. It was attached to my trunk. I don't have metal underneath my bumper to hook it to.

👤There is an update. We were not happy with the original rack we received, but Allen customer service has been great. They asked for a few photos. They sent a new rack based on the photos. Allen confirmed that the new rack is a newer model. The star rating has been upgraded because of the great CS. We will do a final update based on the performance of the new rack. This product turned out to be unsafe for us. As you drive down the highway, the thin silver metal supports pop out and the rack is dangling. In a word, flimsy. It might be a viable solution if you only use it once in a while for a short drive to a park. If you need a sturdy rack that can handle long trips and bumps in the road, something more sturdy is required. We had to tape and zip tie this thing to try to hold it together, but it didn't work. We gave up after it malfunctioned. Not safe. Not strong.

9. Allen Sports Compact Folding 2 Bike

Allen Sports Compact Folding 2 Bike

Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. The bike carrier is ultra-compact. It fits inside a carrying bag or backpack. 3 padded legs rest against the vehicle. The bike is secured and separate from the vehicle. It works on sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit. A vehicle is protected from a bicycle.

Brand: Allen Sports

👤I bought this item in the year of 2013. I have used it twice since that time. The carrier malfunctioned the second time I used it because the buttons that snap into place to hold the bike rack were missing. I contacted Allen to see if he could help. They said that since the pins were there when you purchased the carrier, this wouldn't be a manufacturing or material defect. This wouldn't be covered under warranty. Allen is choosing not to honor its lifetime warranty because the pins were not installed properly in order to prevent this type of thing from happening. Thank you for the information. I will keep this in mind when I recommend products to others. There is a I am telling everyone that Allen does not stand by their lifetime warranty, and that you would be better off spending your money on equipment from a better company.

👤There are good and bad points to this bike rack. It is very easy to set up. It folds down to nothing. It was very easy for my daughter to use on her own. It isn't the most well-equipped rack. You are not buying a Thule. The tie downs for the bike are not clips, you have to thread and unthread loops to take the bike off. It is great for short trips around town. We are hoping that the bike will make it to Maine safely. It would have been helpful to see the chart on the back of the box before we bought it. My daughter's car isn't on the fit list and we had to make some modifications to her car to make it fit. We should have known that any rack of this type would have been attached to plastic. Our bad. I would recommend this rack even though it isn't perfect.

👤When I bought the bike rack, I thought it would be the perfect accessory for transporting my two bikes from Northern California to Washington. I prepared white duct tape to cover the metal clips and protect the paint on my car after reading reviews about them. The first leg of the trip took only an hour and a half. I thought I needed to tighten it even more as I noticed a small wobble during the drive but the wind was high and it was my first time putting it on the car. When I arrived at my destination, I would make the adjustments that I had been warned about. The cause of the wobble was that one of the rubber stabilizing pads fell off and the metal tube underneath chewed the paint off of my car. I have invested in a Thule and am returning it. I wish I'd made this choice the first time. I'm glad I have touch up paint to protect the car from rust since it can happen in some spots.

👤It works great on our car. I wish they had a protective coating on the metal hooks that sit on the car. I put some cloth between them and the paint.

10. Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Trunk

Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Trunk

Every order has a free Horus number. If they have room, they will usually send more than one tall number. For specific vehicle fit information, the manufacturer's website has a patented design that fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUV's. Side straps for stability. Installation hassles are eliminated by single configuration design. Individual tie downs are used to protect bicycles. A padded lower frame keeps bicycles away from a vehicle. 70 pounds max capacity is what ships in certified frustration free packaging. The fully assembled set up and installation takes seconds and can accommodate a wide range of bicycle styles and carry arms. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit.

Brand: Allen Sports

👤There are a lot of bad reviews for this product. I think a lot of people didn't do anything to have amazing results when using this bike rack. I read the directions. I know, right? Weird. I read the directions and recommendations and the rack didn't break my window, it didn't scratch my car, and it didn't fall off while I was driving. It worked. And worked well. I hope the review helps others. The rack is awesome.

👤I put this bike rack on my 2012 Prius V. Amazon says it doesn't fit, but it is verified by the Allen fit guide on their website. It's been on several trips up and down the CA coast, from 70mph freeways to stop and go city traffic, and no problem. It's not easy to put on a car, so bring a friend to help you hold it up and do the straps. I found a few quick tips from other people that worked for me: 1) Wrap the metal strap clips in electrical tape or 2) put pieces of rubbery cabinet liner between the clip and the car. Protects your paint from scratches and helps the clips hold your car. There are two more To keep the wheels from spinning, use bungee cords to strap the bike to the rack. bungee cords never hurt anyone You can put your bikes on the rack. I saw people putting their bikes on. The bikes fit into each other better and the weight is distributed evenly across the rack if they are alternating them. There are four After putting the bikes on the rack, tighten your straps. The added weight on the bikes will change the distribution and forces on the rack so you need to give the straps more tugs. You should have your friend lift the rack while you tighten it. You can tuck away the excess straps in a variety of ways. If you have paint, I wrap the excess around the straps. After a long trip, take the rack off frequently and clean in between the pads. If you keep the rack on your car for long periods of time, dirt will get up in there and scratch or stain your paint and/or bumper, which is hard in the California climate. It's visible on my car, but it isn't bad. Enjoy your bike racks with those tips. I would love to hear about any additional tips you have.

👤I agree with those that say it's easy to open the box and install the rack. Take your time the first time and it will go on quickly. It took me 20 minutes the first time, including looking at the directions thoroughly. The next time I do it, it will take me less than 5 minutes and most of that time will be used to tighten the straps. I tried to use the rack today for the first time to take my son bike riding, but got the rack on the car and put his bike on the first spot, which was great. I tried to put on my ladies bike, but it was not good. I saw some pictures of other reviews that showed ladies bikes on there but it wouldn't work because I couldn't maneuver my bike on there. I was very tired and hot when I gave up. Sorry son, no bike riding today. The directions mention the stabilizer bar for ladies bikes, but this sheet is inside the box. I would have liked to know when I bought it. It's terrible that customers don't know that it's an issue before they buy it. I have to wait for a bar so I can take my son for a ride. If you are going to use this rack for a ladies style bike, you need to buy this thing. Just include the bar and update the price for the extra money. It's called the Men's 3 Bike Rack.

11. IKURAM 4 Bike Bicycle Foldable Receiver

IKURAM 4 Bike Bicycle Foldable Receiver

Universal Fit is the type of fit. There is a patent pending. ROLL DOWN AND BROWSE THE A+ PAGES FOR MORE INFORMATION. Quick hitch pins assist in accommodating different size bike frames for safe and reliable transport. The bike hitch rack is made of all steel and has a protective powder paint finish. The dual-arm bike carrier rack is more stable and easily accommodates up to 4 bikes. Convenient access to the rear of the vehicle with tilt-down feature. The easy fold-down Arms are great for transporting and storing bikes that are not in use. IKURAM Lifetime Warranty is backed by it. IKURAM bike carrier racks are backed by professional consulting services. For more information, please visit the IKURAM web site.

Brand: Ikuram

👤We needed a bike rack to get into mountain biking. The features that I have not seen before make this rack convenient to use. There is a Most of the metal was very thick and heavy duty. Sturdy and strong. The free hitch stabilizer means very little wiggle. When not in use, folds compactly. The tailgate can be adjusted to open without bikes. There is a There are rubber latches for attaching bikes. A very good deal. There is a The rubber is a bit stiff at first, but becomes easier to work with after a few uses.

👤Assembly was easy. The product is well made. We took four bikes on a trip and drove over 600 miles. The bikes weigh 95 lbs. This is rated at 140. There is a ThePivot function to utilize tailgate is nice and works as designed, the straps are easy to use, and it came with an extra replacement strap. The arms seemed to be too short. The brackets for the last bike were very close to the end of the tubes, meaning bikes were crowded on each other. If you care about the finish of your bikes, you should probably use tape or something similar to protect them from rubbing. The loop for the pivot pin retaining wire came loose after a few uses. See the photo. This was being used in a normal way. This shows a rush in the manufacturing process. It's easy to crimp this. I am confident I can fix it with a pair of pliers in about 10 seconds, but it was a small annoyance after so little use. It doesn't make the product non-functional as a bike rack. Attaching the bike rack to the hitch receiver requires a nut and bolt. There was not enough room for the bolt head to be tightened. I don't think most people will install a bike rack to their hitch, so a hitch pin is more appropriate and should be supplied. I bought a locking hitch pin. It's harder for someone to remove the rack. I was always aware of it when we went over speed bumps and rough roads with this type of rack. It was difficult to tell if there was flex in the rack or if it was just moving with the vehicle. I checked the welds when we got home. There is a This is a good product.

👤The entire top section bent downward when I traveled 65 miles. After several weeks, the company sent me a new top section. I took a 23 mile trip and the top broke, the rubber straps broke at 65 miles an hour, and the green wheels were smashed all over the interstate. If you don't have money to spend, don't buy this company. If you have to, throw the bills out the window so the people following you don't kill the family. I will never buy anything from this brand again. I don't want a free replacement, I threw it in the scrap metal pile. Trash is dangerous. The company contacted me and gave me a full refund after reading my review. The strings were attached to the bottom line. They sent me something and I copy and pasted it. There is a Jody, I'm here. Thanks for your reply, please check it in your account, I have full refunds for you. Can you help me revise your review? This is important for our store and I need your help. We will keep improving the product quality. I am so sorry for the situation again. This was next after the revised review. There is a Jody, I'm here. Sorry to bother you. Is it possible to change the review star to 4 or 5 stars? This is very important for our store and I would like to not talk about the refund or revise the review content. There is a I need your help. Thanks in advance. They need to pay for my son's bike. Guess what no more responses from them will be. You are the judge.


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