Best Bicycle Car Racks for 2 Bikes

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1. KAC Platform Standard Electric Bicycles

KAC Platform Standard Electric Bicycles

IKURAM Lifetime Warranty is backed by it. IKURAM bike carrier racks are backed by professional consulting services. For more information, please visit the IKURAM web site. The patented Anti-Wobble System keeps bikes safe. The hitch pin and locking knob add security. The rear reflector makes it easier to see. CONVENIENT: The tilt design makes it easy to access the rear hatch when not in use. It'sTILE: 2 bikes up to 60 lbs each with durable powder coated steel tubing. Heavy duty 5” wide trays can be adjusted to fit most bikes. A KAC Bike Frame Adapter may be required for low Y-frame bikes. Only 2” hitches are allowed. Most parts are easy to use. The hitch pin lock, instruction manual, and all installation hardware are included. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel.

Brand: Kac

👤I like this back rack. It came in a big box with well written instructions and assembly went with a hitch. That's right. There are three locks on this rack, one on each bike center tube hook and one on the hitch pin. If you don't have any bikes, it can be folded up on the car. I use a regular hitch pin that doesn't need to be screwed in and the rack feels really solid going down the road. Highly recommended.

👤It had everything I was looking for, and it didn't cost me more than $400, which was great. I wanted a rack for my bike. My E-bike is 60 lbs. and most rack couldn't carry it over 35 lbs. You would have to buy a tray just for 4 tires to get the $400 that the racks had. The price is unbeatable for what you get and everything about this carrier is exactly what I was looking for. Also works well. I'm confident that I'll be able to carring my bikes anywhere.

👤I needed a bike rack since the better trails and roads are an hour or so away from home. I was initially shocked by the high prices of bike Racks on the market such as the $750 Thule aluminum & plastic carrier. There is a All load bearing parts are steel and heavy duty. The bike is hanging from the top tube rather than sitting securely on the bike wheels. The bike frame is secured with a hook. There is a Lift gate access and easy loading are possible with the tilt feature. There is a The construction is well designed. There is a If you only have one bike, you don't need to use a lot of wheel carriers. There are pros and cons. There are straps on the wheel that are designed to prevent any bounce and the hook that holds the bike down. I already had better and heavier duty motorcycle wheel tie-down straps that would hold on to the bike in the event of a catastrophic failure of the hook, which is why they were a bit short for 4 tires. There is a This rack was very pleased with itself. I think it's the best for the price and features.

👤This is a let down. Everyone likes this rack. The issue I had with the stand was that it sits at a 100-115 degree angle towards the back of the car not allowing a second bike to fit without the handle bar edging the back window of my van. It's crazy. I was going to buy a 7 inch hitch extension to seat the bikes further out from the window. There is a But... On my second local outing with my bike, the turn knob broke free and I didn't turn the screw because I was spinning freely. I had to disassemble my bike to get it out from under the arm which held it. Why was it lucky? The second bike is locked into a lower point of contact because the knob that broke is on the upper arm. The lower arm is trapped by the upper arm. I would have to cut the metal to get the second bike out. There is a There is a problem with PLASTIC. It's never a good idea to make anything that requires tightening and securing plastic. The plastic being so open to the environment and in a vital point of usage will cause the racks to be stripped out or rotted within 2 years. Everyone will have an incident like this, and it will happen to them later on. The rack is smart and people are giving great reviews. They will not be happy later. There is a It was disappointing to say the least. The rack is poorly constructed and designed.

2. Allen Sports Premier 2 Bike Trunk

Allen Sports Premier 2 Bike Trunk

Made in the USA is built with 100% recycled materials. The patent pending design fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and SUV's. Patented quick snap set up design allows for quick set up right out of the box. The carry arms are 12 inches long and can hold up to 2 bicycles. Two patented sure strap lower straps keep bottom hooks in place during use of individual dual compound tie down cradles. Extra-large car pads help to distribute bicycles load. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. The lower frame is padded and there are straps on the left and right sides. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit.

Brand: Allen Sports

👤It was installed onto a 2011 Kia Soul and traveled 1,350 miles from New York to South Florida. We were 800-273-3217 I checked the straps after the first 200 miles. I was happy. Drove 940 miles the first day and had to retighten most of the straps before leaving. The bikes and rack were intact when they arrived in Florida. Most people had issues with the clips and pads scratching or damaging the paint on the car after reading a number of reviews. I secured the straps with rubber bands and covered the clips on them with a rubber glove. I wrapped the pads in rags and used rubber bands to secure them to the surfaces I cleaned. For reference, see the photo's. I would give this bike rack a perfect score. I would have given a 10 out of 10 if the clips were rubber coated and felt padding was provided.

👤I needed a way to move across the country with my bike. This thing works great. There are some minor hiccups here and there. If you're looking for a cheap solution for relocation or an every day road trip carrier, look no further. There is a This actually surprised me because it was well made and Sturdy. I was expecting cheap hollow metal tubing and the like but everything is made to last and appears to be built to last. It can be installed in under 2 minutes after a small learning curve. The quick lock rubber straps are great. Locks are well and rock about. There is a The clips that hold the rig in place are bare metal and will make quick work of your car's paint. Before installing, take an extra 5 minutes to cover the clips. On long road trips, the nylon straps can loosen. Re tighten every 100-150 miles to be safe. This will make it hard for you to see your license plate. I made it across the country without incident, but there is a small chance that a cop will ding you for it. If you want to avoid the problem completely, you can get a temp copy of your plate made and have it in your window or attached to the rig.

👤It failed on the interstate after being taken out for its first road trip. I didn't lose my bikes completely because some kind people waved me down. The quick release latch that is supposed to make it simple to store also made it easy to collapse during transport, as shown in the photos. There is a gash in the hole where the metal peg is supposed to stay. My wife's rear tire was destroyed when the upper support bar popped out of the housing while I was driving, dropping the bikes several feet. The extra weight of the bikes made the rubber straps rip. There is a Since I am back in town, there is no way for me to contact customer service here, because my trip occurred more than 30 days after purchase. There is a Customer Service decided to keep my money despite the manufacturer's defect because my van was not on the approved vehicle list. Avoid Allen sports. I wouldn't purchase again.

3. Saris Bones Bike Trunk Black

Saris Bones Bike Trunk Black

The best fit is for most of the top vehicles sold. The largest vehicle compatibility of any trunk rack on the market is 2 bikes, 35 lbs each. The treatment is called a VIP treatment. Premium bike hold downs are easy to use. Integrated strap management eliminates flapping straps. It was built with 100% recycled materials. Injection-molded arms and legs keep the rack strong for a long time. The best-in-class straps quickly attach the bike to the rack, the strongest frame on the market, and the Arc–based design separates bikes on different levels. Made in the USA is built with 100% recycled materials.

Brand: Saris

👤I have a new BMW X3 and had trouble finding a two bike rack that would fit in my car; finally found this one. There is a The folding is easy to install and holds the bikes well with minimum movement of the bikes in transit. There is a The wide, upper hooks that are placed on top of the tailgate leave dents in the car, but you can see them. If you're alone, there's a "technique" to install these six different straps and hooks. I got it done, but it was a challenge. There is a The internal surfaces of the hooks should be pad. To customers, I would suggest placing a thin piece of plastic or other material under the hooks that attach to the top of the tail gate in order to prevent damage to the car.

👤When it comes to assembling mechanical objects, I am a grade-A dolt. I was looking at the instructions printed at a plant in China. I am looking at the diagram and wondering why the assembly objects don't look the same. I damaged my new purchase because I assembled it wrong. I posted on Facebook about why nothing comes with decent instructions. I have never before transported bikes by rack, so I am not really an experienced bicyclist. I got this because I wanted to go somewhere I wouldn't have to cross traffic every few pedals and I was tired of biking with my daughter on the same old streets. There is a If there was a way to mess up the installation of this bike rack, I would have found it. I would have written a review about it. Even I was able to do it because it was so easy to do. I am a top-of-the-line fool, so I mean foolproof. There is a The rack consists of three legs that mount against the bumper and trunk of the car, which are easy to adjust and lock in place. The clips are attached to the trunk's top, side and bottom. There are three points for attaching each bicycle. I was able to put the rack in place. The rack was bouncing around too much on the test run because I didn't pull the side straps tight enough. I was able to fix that and our transporting went quite smoothly with the rack in place. The design elements of this rack. The straps for fastening the bicycles are very well designed and easy to manipulate and keep the bikes secure. I had a little trouble with the girl's bike on the first run, but I still managed to do things imperfectly. I figured that out by the second run. There is a The set of clips for attaching to the sides of the trunk is the most difficult part of the rack. It takes some work to make sure the straps are tight. The clips are difficult to get in and out of. After taking the rack off, I realized that the clips were marked "top," "side" and "BOTTOM." I reversed the side and top clips. It was hard to get those side clips out because they were the top clips. I will get that right next time. It's easy to transport and store. It is very easy to store in one's trunk. Quite happy with this!

4. Thule Easyfold Hitch Mount Carrier

Thule Easyfold Hitch Mount Carrier

Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit. Premium, high-load capacity bike rack is ideal for heavy bikes. A bike loading ramp. It works with 1.25" and 2. Installation is fast and easy. Attach and secure bikes with knobs and straps. The design has a carry handle and transport wheels. Lock bikes to the rack and receiver with the smart foot pedal tilt.

Brand: Thule

👤It pains me to give a low review for this bike rack, but I think they missed the mark on quality engineering. I bought the rack to fit the weight and tire size of the e- bikes. My e-bikes are 65 lbs each. The tires are fat. The tires are claimed to be up to 4.5” and 65 lbs. My experience with previous Thule bike rack made them the perfect choice for my new bike rack. There is a The tire width of 4” is below the max designed width limit, so the bike rack width is insufficient to accommodate my e-bikes without squeezing them together. I put the first bike on to make sure the tires are on the rack. I put the second bike on and have someone lean it out, secure the wheels, and then squeeze it into the first bike to attach the clamp. The bikes being squeezed together seems to increase the risk of the bikes breaking loose, as the clamps do not appear to adequately attach to the bike frames. I put a cable between the bikes and the car. The bikes will be dragged rather than hitting the car behind if something goes wrong. I will make the safety measures for this rack better in order to reduce the risk of injury. The size of the rack attachment to the hitch is a concern for me. The yield movement of the rack mount structure is excessive when I use the tilt feature to get into the back of the car. The batteries, seats, and everything else are easily removed to reduce the weight. I like the idea of the design. I have to use many different ways to be able to use the bike rack.

👤It's good for bike hitch racks. It can handle 2 bikes at 65 lbs each. There is a card board box and plastic wrap on the arm of the bike. Maybe 12 by 12 inches. One pull. It is out of the box. 45 pounds. Unfold it and put it in a car hitch. There is a This is the third iteration of the bike rack and it is wonderful. Load and unload quickly. You don't have to lift a 65 pound bike with the folding ramp. Roll it up the ramp. There is a Unlike most Thules where there are dozens of parts that have to be purchased and installed, this involves no tools and is one part only. I've had three roof rack before and two of them were Thule with lots of parts to assemble. This one part woder is not like that. Absolutely love this rack.

👤I picked it up when it was 20% off. One of the few carriers that supports the weight of an ebike. It works well with the Raleigh Redux iE Stepover Medium size. The frame can be secured with the big clamp. It is lightweight, easy to install, and has a fold up ramp for easier loading and unloading bikes. There is no expansion capability. It is about the size of a carry-on suitcase. I leave it in the back of the SUV when I need it.

5. Thule 9040 Platform Carrier Capacity

Thule 9040 Platform Carrier Capacity

Premium platform hitch bike rack. Without frame contact, secures bikes in place. It is easy to install and remove. Attach bikes with wheel loops quickly and securely. Remove bikes with a handle. When not in use, fold the bike arms down. Installation is quick and easy.

Brand: Thule

👤It was great for the first 6 months, but then the internal spring broke and now it's useless.

👤It's a nice bike rack. It looks good on my Q7. The handle to pull the tray is very flimsy, the handles to sehure the bike are very cheap, and the back up sensor on the vehicle. I don't think it will last long.

👤I am not sure what is going on with Thule, as they used to be the standard for bicycle racks. The plastic bits on the Helium platform are what heals this rack. They make up the critical connections with the aluminum trays and they fail/crack due to the required force at the ratchet straps to tighten the bike to the rack...this creates a slight cantilever motion which stresses the plastic that attach to the trays. The mechanism sticks. I have been buying Thule products since 1989 and they are not what they used to be.

👤This is a great carrier. It is very easy to operate. The bike is held firmly. The license plate is hidden when traveling with the carrier in the up position.

👤I'm not impressed by the price of this bike rack. It looks like it was made cheaply. The springs inside the handles for the bike arms and the hitch feel like they will give out any moment as they don't always respond right away when grabbing them to unlocked the ratchets. The key is hard to use and I haven't been able to get the hitch to unlocked so that I can remove the rack from my bumper. It's a bit heavy and full of scratches, since most of it is made of plastic. I would expect a better product from Thule. If I can get it off my car, I might return it.

👤This is a very cheap product. The product had a missing plastic cover. A warranty claim was opened with Thule. After waiting for two weeks and calling customer service, I was told my product would be returned as it was within 30 days of purchase. That is how well the products of Thule are held up. I will not be buying Thule products in the future. The seller is refusing to give me a refund.

👤I love this bike carrier. Not too heavy to take out. It's easy to put bikes on and off. Highly recommended. I didn't think about small tires before buying, but I had to figure it out with my son's bike tires. Not designed for small tires. I like hauling by adult bike. It was easy and quick.

👤It looks very sturdy. I have only used it twice to see how it works, now my bicycle is due soon, I tried to lower the platform, but it didn't work. I have found that contacting a seller through Amazon is a slow process.

👤It's a great rack, but it's a bit heavy for average women. It takes 10 seconds to secure your bike on the rack in a car. Great look too. I'm not talking about the quality of the aluminum. The only downside could be the size. You need a big empty spot in the garage to store it. It takes some room to store it, but other than that, freat product. If you are not concerned about your budget, it is worth it.

6. Saris Freedom Bike Tray Hitch

Saris Freedom Bike Tray Hitch

Kids' bikes are for everyone. The frames are step-by-step. There are trikes. Recumbents are small. The list continues. If you have it, the Freedom can move it up to 60 lbs per bike. Rackets are easy to use to keep a bike secure. Universal Hitch is compatible with 1 14" and 2" hitches. There is a base at WHEELBASE. The rack is right out of the box. If your bike has a longer wheel base, you will need a bar. The rubber holders can fit any frame.

Brand: Saris

👤The product is advertised for bikes. I used it 8 times and it fell apart, leaving my ebike in the street. One of the cups the wheel rides in failed and the center post holder failed, leaving one wheel held to the rack and the rest of the bike dragging in the street. The parts are snapped and made out of plastic. My bike is within the weight range they quote and everything was attached as the directions recommend. I wasn't traveling fast or the road was rough. I wasted my money on this and it's outside of the return window. Learn from my experience.

👤It took a lot of research to find a good carrier solution for our beach cruisers. The majority of the racks are either over the wheel or the top bar. This is an excellent choice if you own a beach cruiser or women's bike. I've only used it four times, but I can get the rack bolted onto the trailer hitch and both bikes tied up within 5 minutes. The unit is built to last. I have traveled on highways and bumpy city roads without any concern about the bikes coming loose. When the unit is tilted back, the rear hatch is not a problem.

👤I bought the Saris 4 bike freedom rack back in February of 2020. My kids are old enough to trail ride with me and I needed an upgrade from my old 2 bike rack system that could easily and securely fit four MTBs without frame contact. I have been frustrated with the rack since February, and I couldn't have been more wrong to buy it. I should have paid the extra couple of hundred bucks for a tray hitch rack like 1up from the beginning. There is a I have two bikes, one with plus-size wheels, and a couple of kids, and I spent too much time configuring and reconfiguring the position of the wheel. They would loosen and shift and I would have to do it over and over again. The seats, handlebars, and pedals of the bikes will rub and cause damage to the other bikes if there isn't enough room between them. I would have to tie socks between the points of contact. The plastic components loosen easily after a few journeys. The Allen head bolt that held the cradle on fell out and the cradle fell off. It was in my driveway and not on the highway. The wheel tray straps are difficult to close. You have to get the position right each time. It is extremely frustrating. The rubber slips on the down tube cradle's anti-sway straps will not stay in position and will slip down the straps. They are an interesting idea, but they are an awful execution. The tilt bar wouldn't stay locked in the vertical position and the bikes attached to it would rock a little from side to side because the tip of the tilt pull handle broke. I had to make my own fix with a bolt head and a spot weld because I couldn't find a replacement part. I spent 25 minutes loading my four bikes each time I went for a ride and was constantly adjusting and re-adjusting the parts on the rack to fit the bikes. If you bike more than once in a blue moon, you'll get frustrated. This is not a bike rack made by Saris at a higher price point. I would say that it's garbage. I think they are exploiting the craze in biking. This product is worth half of that. It is for a person who bikes one or two times a month and has the patience of Job or is slightly masochistic. If you bike frequently, I would not recommend buying this product, you'll want to take a hammer to it. It's a good thing.

7. Overdrive 4 Bike Ratchet Platform Hitch Mounted

Overdrive 4 Bike Ratchet Platform Hitch Mounted

There is a dual locking chateau feature. The model includes sliding hooks to quickly remove your bike. The mechanism eliminates slack between the receiver and the rack. It's easy to fold up the rack when not in use. It's easy to adjust and install the padded clamps to hold bikes in place and the wide wheel holders to fit most bikes. Most parts are pre-assembled so installation is easy. Only for 2 hitches. Power coated steel tubing will hold bikes up to 60 lbs. The hitch pin and dual locks are included. Enhanced visibility is provided by the rear reflector. The use of an KAC Bike Frame Adapter is required for bikes with low Y-frame. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel.

Brand: Kac

👤This is a good bike rack. We love it! It is easy to haul our family bikes. The lever that folds and lowers is easy to use. You can't beat the price of this rack. The anti-wobble mechanism works and I can remove two of the slots if we ever need them. The instructions are easy to follow. I have no complaints. I would recommend this rack to anyone looking for 4 slots.

👤I love this bike rack. The hitch and all the hooks lock down on the bikes, so there is no need for a bike lock. We got four place one. We can haul our friends bikes with us. We can easily remove the attachment that converts this from a four place bike rack to a two place bike rack. It seems very secure. We took a long trip with four bikes and couldn't tell they were behind our car. The hitch has a feature that keeps it in place so it doesn't shake and make a lot of noise. Even if we didn't have bikes on the rack, it made a lot of noise while we were going down the road because it didn't have all the features that this one has. We are so thankful we found this one.

👤I used it for the first time. Bikes are damaged. I have to pay for it to be shipped back.

👤I just had to write a review for this product. This bike rack is exceptional. We just returned from a trip to Lake Placid, NY in the Adirondack mountains. I used the carrier for the entire week after I purchased it. Four mountain bikes with 29 inch tires can easily be accommodated in the rack. There was a lot of space between the bikes. The bike rack was able to drive at speeds up to 90 mph with gusts from a recent tropical storm like nothing else. It was able to handle the up and downs of mountain driving with the winding roads at high speeds. The bikes were locked in place. I was thinking about how awesome ours was compared to those hanging bike racks that just had bikes dangling in the wind while they became a mess with their front tires spinning, as I drove past. It's a good thing. The locking system on the bike rack was awesome. The bikes were secured tightly with the ratchet system. The locking system kept the bikes secure. The mountain bikes were on the rack all week. When we went mountain bike riding, I only took them off. We kept the bikes on the rack when we went hiking the rest of the time. I never felt like my bikes were in danger of being stolen because of this. The system is easy to use. It takes 2 minutes to load or unload your bikes once you know how your bikes will be configured. The bike rack held up well over the course of the week. The company that I read was created by mountain bike riders. They know what they're doing and they're cheap. I was researching similar rack from other companies. They were pricing it out at a range from 800 to 1200. I am very happy with my choice and would recommend it to anyone who needs to carry four bikes.

8. Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Trunk

Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Trunk

Every order has a free Horus number. If they have room, they will usually send more than one tall number. For specific vehicle fit information, the manufacturer's website has a patented design that fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUV's. Side straps for stability. Installation hassles are eliminated by single configuration design. Individual tie downs are used to protect bicycles. A padded lower frame keeps bicycles away from a vehicle. 70 pounds max capacity is what ships in certified frustration free packaging. The fully assembled set up and installation takes seconds and can accommodate a wide range of bicycle styles and carry arms. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit.

Brand: Allen Sports

👤There are a lot of bad reviews for this product. I think a lot of people didn't do anything to have amazing results when using this bike rack. I read the directions. I know, right? Weird. I read the directions and recommendations and the rack didn't break my window, it didn't scratch my car, and it didn't fall off while I was driving. It worked. And worked well. I hope the review helps others. The rack is awesome.

👤I put this bike rack on my 2012 Prius V. Amazon says it doesn't fit, but it is verified by the Allen fit guide on their website. It's been on several trips up and down the CA coast, from 70mph freeways to stop and go city traffic, and no problem. It's not easy to put on a car, so bring a friend to help you hold it up and do the straps. I found a few quick tips from other people that worked for me: 1) Wrap the metal strap clips in electrical tape or 2) put pieces of rubbery cabinet liner between the clip and the car. Protects your paint from scratches and helps the clips hold your car. There are two more To keep the wheels from spinning, use bungee cords to strap the bike to the rack. bungee cords never hurt anyone You can put your bikes on the rack. I saw people putting their bikes on. The bikes fit into each other better and the weight is distributed evenly across the rack if they are alternating them. There are four After putting the bikes on the rack, tighten your straps. The added weight on the bikes will change the distribution and forces on the rack so you need to give the straps more tugs. You should have your friend lift the rack while you tighten it. You can tuck away the excess straps in a variety of ways. If you have paint, I wrap the excess around the straps. After a long trip, take the rack off frequently and clean in between the pads. If you keep the rack on your car for long periods of time, dirt will get up in there and scratch or stain your paint and/or bumper, which is hard in the California climate. It's visible on my car, but it isn't bad. Enjoy your bike racks with those tips. I would love to hear about any additional tips you have.

👤I agree with those that say it's easy to open the box and install the rack. Take your time the first time and it will go on quickly. It took me 20 minutes the first time, including looking at the directions thoroughly. The next time I do it, it will take me less than 5 minutes and most of that time will be used to tighten the straps. I tried to use the rack today for the first time to take my son bike riding, but got the rack on the car and put his bike on the first spot, which was great. I tried to put on my ladies bike, but it was not good. I saw some pictures of other reviews that showed ladies bikes on there but it wouldn't work because I couldn't maneuver my bike on there. I was very tired and hot when I gave up. Sorry son, no bike riding today. The directions mention the stabilizer bar for ladies bikes, but this sheet is inside the box. I would have liked to know when I bought it. It's terrible that customers don't know that it's an issue before they buy it. I have to wait for a bar so I can take my son for a ride. If you are going to use this rack for a ladies style bike, you need to buy this thing. Just include the bar and update the price for the extra money. It's called the Men's 3 Bike Rack.

9. KAC Overdrive Platform Standard Electric

KAC Overdrive Platform Standard Electric

The carrying bracket is for easy storage. The patented Anti-Wobble System keeps bikes safe. The hitch pin and locking knob add security. The rear reflector makes it easier to see. CONVENIENT: The tilt design makes it easy to access the rear hatch when not in use. It can be easily detached into a bike rack. It'sTILE: 4 bikes up to 60 lbs each with durable powder coated steel tubing. Heavy duty 5” wide trays can be adjusted to fit most bikes. A KAC Bike Frame Adapter may be required for low Y-frame bikes. Only 2” hitches are allowed. Most parts are easy to use. The hitch pin lock, instruction manual, and all installation hardware are included. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel.

Brand: Kac

👤The bike rack was assembled in about 2 hours. You will probably do it quicker. The package includes cheap wrench tools, but you will definitely want more. A standard crescent wrench and screw driver is required. There is a There is a basic configuration for 2 bikes or 4 bikes. The extended 4 bike version was ordered by us. Each bike has two loops, one for the front tire and one for the back. You slide on the inside and outside of the slide bar. There are two sliding padded loops that go up and down over the horizontal bike tubes after a post goes up between the two bikes. Take a look at my pictures. If you only have 3 bikes, then you only need to install 6 tire loops, which is why ours looks like it's custom made. It's the 4 bike version. We can remove the two bike extension and go to a two bike carrier. The contraption is on the back of our car and can be seen from the car. People are asking if you can open a trunk with bikes in it. I'm sure you could. The rack is heavy even when it's empty. You would need to be a superman to be loaded with bikes. You can't get into the back of the car when it's loaded with 3 or 4 bikes. There is a A key lock for the pin connecting the rack to the car is a nice feature. I can see someone driving past and tossing bikes into the back of a pickup, but I don't know if this lock will stop them. It won't hold a pry bar. There is a The bikes are locked onto the stand with a key lock. It's not going to be able to stop people from walking away with your bike. The padded loop was able to slide down enough to work with a woman's bike. The eBike tires work well with the rack. Even though the bikes weigh 45 lbs, 4 of them still feel supported on the rack. There aren't many negatives other than the fact that you have to remove the metal from the back of your car. It's going to be very difficult to remove this rack from the car, that's the worst feature. The bolt is screwed into the receiver. It's going to be difficult to remove that bolt because it's a no-slip type. They want to stop rattles and secure the stand to the car. It's going to be hard to put it on and take it off. I can already see the wear on the nut from being tightened up once. I've put it on and off 20 times. I have a feature on my car that is specific to me. The hatch will open if I loiter around the back of the car. The hatch would bang into my bikes when I loaded them. I can change that feature. I have to remember to do that. If you're after a heavy duty rack that's able to hold heavier bikes, this is the one for you.

10. MaxxHaul 50025 Mounted Rack 100 Capacity

MaxxHaul 50025 Mounted Rack 100 Capacity

A vehicle is protected from a bicycle. The hitch adapter is better to fit the standard hitch receiver. Can be used on Class I, II, III and IV hitches. Transport 2 bikes with improved cradles and straps. A locking knob keeps the main upright sturdy. 50 lbs per bike is the maximum capacity. 50 lbs per bike is the maximum capacity.

Brand: Maxxhaul

👤Can't beat the price. The rack is wobbly. I have driven my car with it a couple times and no damage has been done. There was no noise. The straps are my main concern. I feel like if I don't tighten up the straps twice, it might get loose. Make sure it's secured!

👤There was a sticker on the outside of the box that said not to use the RV's on the bike rack. What is the deal? Can I or can't I? I've been an Amazon customer for a long time.

👤I use this with a Nissan Xterra. The hitch receiver is off the ground. Bikes ride very low on this rack. I have a bike that clears the road in about 7 minutes, but I have to remove the front wheel for clearance because I hauled my friend's 29" bike. It was annoying. There is a The rack is easy to assemble and works well. If you own a hitch riser, you could use this rack. If you don't make sure your hitch receiver is high, you might be disappointed. I got mine from Amazon Warehouse. It was assembled when I got it. The bottom part of the receiver was installed upside down after I looked at it. I unbolted the vertical bar and flipped the receiver over. It's a good 10 inches higher than it was, and the right height to work without the bikes being close to the road. I changed my rating to 4 out of 5 stars because I haven't used the carrier yet. I might revise again after that. July 2021. The bike rack works. It does move a bit, but all of them move to an extent, and there's nothing alarming about the amount of travel this one has while driving. If you tighten the bolt through the hitch receiver, you can minimize the wobble. I've driven this all over the place, including four lane highways and dirt backroads, and it handles my ebike without issue. If you have an ebike that has a battery on the down tube, it is advisable to remove the battery before putting it on the rack.

👤The rack is simply user error, and no one should pay attention to the negative reviews. The thing is pretty sturdy if assembled and attached correctly. You can watch my video. It is easy to install. The rest will take care of itself if you have the correct tools.

👤I will let you know the things to note for your purchase. There is a The pad around the pole was in the box. I expect this foam to back up in time. Simple packaging adjustments wouldn't affect the operations of the product. You can consider this under Aesthetics. There is a The picture is attached. If your bike doesn't have the horizontal bar, you will need an attachment. That is not a ding again, just a heads up. It takes about 15 minutes to assemble a person. To tighten the bolt, you'll need a wrench and a socketst. You don't want them to lose in time. 40 foot lbs of Torque is what Id gage. Don't tighten to the point you're squeezing the metal. The components are flexible. I was worried that my large bar would be too big. It seats well. I don't think many bikes have larger bars, but if you do, you may want to look for something else. There is a The straps are easy to use. You may be surprised at how easy they are to release. I would recommend doubling back on the strap. You should check these frequently as this is all that holds the bike. Modifications to this strap may be required after they become more used. The vertical bar needs to be installed the right way. If you put yours in backwards, it won't tilt until you reverse it. There is a The instructions state that this should be straight. This is a mistake. It will be able to access the rear of the vehicle, but not flat. There is a The instructions state to tie up the bike components to prevent them from turning into the car. Again, it's obvious. I wish they provided more straps for the product. To keep your bike straight, you need to go through the front wheel. The brakes should be tied to the handle bars. The less movement, the less vibrates. I recommend doing this regardless of your product choice. There is a I've been tested locally. I'll update if things change. I'm happy that I read the above and decided to purchase it, I think you will be as well.

11. MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Platform 2 Bike

MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Platform 2 Bike

Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. The hooks are foam-padded and do not scratch the bike's finish. Hooks and tire cradles are used to fit most bikes frames. The post can be removed quickly. Bike tire cradles can be adjusted along horizontal bars using quick knobs for convenience. Steel. Class III and IV standard hitch receivers are compatible. 80 lbs maximum capacity or 40 lbs per bike Universal Fit is the type of fit. There is a patent pending. ROLL DOWN AND BROWSE THE A+ PAGES FOR MORE INFORMATION. Quick hitch pins assist in accommodating different size bike frames for safe and reliable transport. Universal Fit is the type of fit. There is a patent pending. ROLL DOWN AND BROWSE THE A+ PAGES FOR MORE INFORMATION. Quick hitch pins assist in accommodating different size bike frames for safe and reliable transport.

Brand: Maxxhaul

👤The product was in good condition. Over the years, we've had several bike racks. The type that hangs your bike from the cross bar is all of them. There are only two frames we have to transport. The female bike was a pain with the extra bar. Not any more. We love this rack. It took about 15 minutes to get it together. It works well in our 2 inch receiver and is stable. They said it was rock solid when I used the clamps. The bikes are super secure and easy to load. Going down the freeway. Awesome. The name brand units are a great price if you check them out. The quality is very good. Highly recommend this product.

👤You can tell by the weight of the box that it is a large hunk of metal. Do not be deterred by the posts that say "too many parts" or that it's too confusing. The average person can figure this out in 20 minutes if they have pictures and instructions. There is a You will want to use the hitch lock piece. It is a deterrent to theft as someone will need a deep sockets or inc wrench before they can remove the carrier, and it keeps the carrier rock solid in the receiver. It will take more work to get your bikes to fit without touching each other. The bikes are reversed in the photos that come with the carrier. I couldn't make this work because the handlebars on one bike made contact with the seat on the other. There is a I have two bikes facing the same direction and the carrier works great. Everything was safe and sound because of a high speed run down the freeway and a drive all over Houston's crappy streets. The red arrow should be noted. As with all bike carriers, it is important that you put some kind of material between the bike and the carrier, as movement and vibration can wear paint.

👤I was worried about the price and the fact that it had no reviews, but it was easy to put together and it fits on the back of my jeep wrangler with the spare tire.

👤I read reviews. Know when I do... I took out the 5 stars. They have to own the company or stock. One star can't even see the pictures and this is easy to assemble. Period. I saw a lot of things. The husband and wife team. It's funny. Repacked and sent it back? You sent the bike rack back. Not a bolt or washer to assemble! The rubber tire straps would be difficult to push over the steel peg. The instructions were terrible. Agree! Take a look at the parts picture. It is easy if you use common sense. I adjusted the bike by shaking it. It is going to your destination. Oh yes... No common sense people... There is no off loading your bike pics. The bottom line. I look forward to my first trip with my bikes because of the inexpensive, sturdy, easy to assemble bike rack. The bike rack is very EXPENSIVE but at a fraction of the cost of a bike shop rack. Those of you that can't figure it out will get totally assembled bike racks. There are bike shops waiting for you. Enjoy your travels with your bikes.


What is the best product for bicycle car racks for 2 bikes?

Bicycle car racks for 2 bikes products from Kac. In this article about bicycle car racks for 2 bikes you can see why people choose the product. Allen Sports and Saris are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle car racks for 2 bikes.

What are the best brands for bicycle car racks for 2 bikes?

Kac, Allen Sports and Saris are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle car racks for 2 bikes. Find the detail in this article. Thule, Kac and Kac are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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