Best Bicycle Brake Pads Shimano

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1. SHIMANO L04C Metallic Mount Brake

SHIMANO L04C Metallic Mount Brake

The mountain bike is recommended for use. Brake fade can be eliminated by metallic pads. Increased stopping power in wet conditions. The aluminum fins have increased cooling capacity. Easy installation of magnetic attachment. Only with flat mount disc brakes.

Brand: Shimano

👤After spending a week with my brakes sounding like I was clubbing a baby seal, I swapped the organics for the metallic ones. Highly recommended. I had the pads well ahead of the quoted eta.

👤I bought what was available. I needed to get the brakes soon because I was searching for the longest time. Went with the metallic. I can't tell much of a difference when riding dry out side. If there is a difference, I'll find it when I ride in the rain.

👤It was the right thing to do to change from the old brake pads to metal ones. The sound when the pads are pressed to the rotor has been complained about by other reviewers. Not noticeable to me.

👤You can't go wrong with this quality. I have noticed a difference in the performance of my brake. Remove the clip and screw, then slide the old ones out. These are in place. I was cautious about using these because they are not the ones that came with my bike. They fit perfectly and look great.

👤You will need a video on YouTube. The spring isn't strong enough to separate the calipers. I used a wooden wedge and hammer to reseat the calipers after installation. The brittle pads will be damaged if a screwdriver or other metal tool is used.

👤I used the fact that I needed new pads to be lazy for a while. I decided I missed riding. I installed them on my bike. They think they will stop the bike. I was ready to go tomorrow morning after cleaning and lubricating the bike. I broke my toe in the living room. When my toe heals, I will test them.

👤The brakes on the Ridley I bought were so bad that I couldn't drive. I cleaned them, but the front wouldn't quiet down. These pads were bought by me. They went in the right place. Ibedded them in as you were supposed to. There was no noise. Problem solved, and they stop. Thank you!

👤Good stopping power, but it's hard to keep it from going crazy. I switched to the quieter pads from the same brand, which had comparable stopping power.

👤The original pads began to fade. The performance was better after the rear set was replaced with metal pads and 40 miles of bedding was done. Will replace the front with a set of these as the performance improvement over the original pads is worth the cost. It took less than 10 minutes to swap out, with a mini bleed and recentralisation of the pads.

2. SHIMANO J03A Unisex Adult Brake

SHIMANO J03A Unisex Adult Brake

The article is called Y-8LW98030 The brand is Shimano.

Brand: Shimano

👤These were delivered in plastic bags, not the cardboard/plastic packs. I hope these aren't fake or returned. There is a The vendor said that J03a can be used for workshops. There is a We are packing them again. They are original.

👤It would be great if it were possible to add models that are designed for.

👤I got a 30% more mileage from my previous J02A pads because of the smooth and quiet braking.

👤The pads on my bike are still in good shape so they go in the parts bin when I need them. Second time ordering and not needing them. I will have them when I need them.

👤I have some oil on my pads. It was as good as new after being replaced with these.

👤The pressure plates are seated immediately upon use.

👤We will have to see how long they last on my bike.

👤They can be used on XT brakes. It's easy to install. It was delivered quickly.

👤The best brake pads for my bike.

👤Non metalliche per capirci, ho cercato di acquistatare la versione. "Credo" di esserci riuscito, ma solo grazie alle risposte degli altri acquirenti. La descrizione del prodotto fosse pi chiara is necessario.

3. SHIMANO Pairs Brake Spring Resin

SHIMANO Pairs Brake Spring Resin

The replacement of Y8C998050. 2 pairs of discs with a brake pad without a fin. BR-M500, BR-M It is possible to make less noise with the use of the Resin pads. The disc brake pad is of high quality.

Brand: Shimano

👤These were bought 3 months ago and appear to be either faulty or knock offs. Reason being... I have had a previous set for 3 years and they are already worn out. I only ride 2 times per week on the 10 mile trail. The trail is called the Fullerton loop. The pics of the pads were attached. I'm sticking to the website for my bike parts.

👤After one ride, the pads fell apart. The bike shop has a pad on the left. The two pads on the right are not good. The difference in color leads me to believe they are not the same pads. They fell apart after one ride. Not safe!

👤I bought this product back in March and installed it at the beginning of August because I was going to need to change my brakes in the coming months. I have been riding for 20 miles every other day since installing the brake pads and last night my brakes failed in the middle of traffic. I was able to slow down thanks to gravity. I noticed that the entire pad separated from the metal backing when I checked my brakes. I have never seen anything like this before. I am not bashing the quality of the product but I wanted to share my experience in case someone else is interested in purchasing these brake pads. The first picture shows how the metal backing on the left brake pad is still there. The other side only has metal backing.

👤The baggy that they arrived in was pretty worn and had a hole in it. There is a The correct item number and the stamped "Shimano" make the brake pads seem legit. The packaging makes it look like a knock-off part, and it came with 6 split pins, one for each set of pads. I wonder if these are actually Shimano pads. Some of the split pins are not long and would not work. I guess it was good that there were 6 in the package. I took a quick test ride after installing them and they seem to be working well. The test will be on a ride. If I have any issues, I'll post an update.

👤I bought new pads because the old ones were so noisy. I put the new pads on, cleaned my rotor, and put the wheel back on. I can't use my front brakes because it's deafening. My next bike won't have the same components. I don't know if they are real or fake, but they are just a tiny baggie of something. I don't know if the components are legit or not.

👤The springs and cotter pins come with the pads, so I like that. That makes them a complete disc brake service kit. The cheap and small washers used on the bolts for most of the Shimano mounts are easy to use and are "domed", which is why a complete kit would include them. The brakes on my new bike were so crazy that I didn't know how to break them in. It's almost impossible to clean out of the pad when you have a chain lube on the disc. It's easier to replace the pad after it's been damaged. If your pads are "glazing" frequently, you should just throw on a new set of pads. It's cheaper than having to clean a dirty pad.

4. Shimano Brake Alfine Combatable Models

Shimano Brake Alfine Combatable Models

Excess mud can be prevented with the Mudguard. The ICE-TECHNOLOGY pad is made of plastic. The long pad life and less fade is provided by the radiator fin. The focus should be on controllable performance. BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M987, BR-M985, BR-M785, BR-M675, BR-M666, BR-M715, BR-S700, BR-R785, BR-M715, BR-

Brand: Shimano

👤I own a Orbea Occam H2O with STX disc brakes. I was able to change the pads in about 10 minutes with nothing more than a Leatherman tool, because they were a perfect fit for both front and back. I tried sanding down my old pads, which still looked like they had plenty of meat left, but I could not get the horrible noise to stop. The noise was stopped and the brake lever was restored by changing the pads.

👤They fit in with the G03s better than the G01s.

👤It's important to use genuine Shimano brakes. You can install it once you separate your brake pistons. If you plan to do this yourself, you should invest in a tool that can separate the pads.

👤It is easy to install, silent and durable. These work better than noisy aftermarket alternatives. The risk of damaging your rotor is lower with the use of Resin than with other materials.

👤The price was decent. I got rid of my brakes.

👤The Brake Pads work great. Great. After a steep downhill, the brakes don't fade.

👤They are a great deal. Will buy again.

👤Happy with the stopping power provided by these. They never had a fade on extended braking. They are not silent even though they have been wet.

👤Do what they should. It was a back up for a bikepacking trip. They were tagged in for day 4 and 5 of Scottish hills.

👤It was a good fit and arrived on time.

👤Great pads to make sure you stop when you pull the lever.

5. Alritz Mountain Bicycle V Brake Blocks

Alritz Mountain Bicycle V Brake Blocks

Each piece of v brake pad comes with a piece of a nut and a piece of spacers. It is made of high-quality nitrile rubber, wear-resistant, and does not hurt the rim, so that you can say goodbye to the harsh noise, and every time you brake is so comfortable. If there is a sound after installation, please adjust the installation position. The "LIMIT" word is a reminder to replace the brake pads to prevent accidents. The raised rubber text won't be washed away by rain and soil. The long service life is mentioned. The brake pad can be used 8000-10000 times when the speed is 12.5KM/H. The curved design fits the radian of the tire better. The drain boxes on the brake pads help stop the bike's power in the worst weather conditions and the grooves help drain water and indicate wear. It's comparable with all of the V-shaped systems. It's compatible with most mountain bikes. There are 3 pairs of 70mm pads in the set. It is more convenient to have left and right distinguishing signs.

Brand: Alritz

👤I care about what I put on my bikes. I'm happy with the feel of the pads. Smooth, firm, and quiet. The low quality finish on the conical washers added resistance to slipping, despite the fact that the machining finish is not beautiful. This is not an issue once they're installed. There is a pro-install tip. The trailing end of the pads should be positioned a bit away from the rim using a rubber band or folded business card. The "toe-in" technique helps to smooth and quiet break. If you need to replace your pads, make sure to replace the brake cables as well. Couple of bucks on Amazon. There is a There are three sets of pads, one set more than you need for a bike. Get enough pads for 3 bikes by buying 2 sets.

👤I got these for my cyclocross bike that I was fixing up last winter to use as a secondary bike and to try off-road riding this fall and winter. During the spring and summer I rode on the road for 15-20 miles per ride, and this fall I have been doing gravel riding for an hour or two each week. They wore down a bit over the summer, but held up well. The performance was okay initially, but it decreased as they wore. They did not last long after I stopped riding off the road. The spare set included in the package only lasted a couple of weeks after the back set wore out. They had a decent amount of material left on them, but both the front and rear set wore down in a matter of minutes. I'm not sure if they were meant for this type of use, but I am surprised how quickly they wore out. Without the cross race, they wouldn't have been usable. There is a If you want to ride light road, rail trails, or similar types of riding, I think these will work just fine, but they'll probably wear out faster than name brands, and the braking isn't as good as higher quality pads. I can't recommend them if you want to ride more competitively, or if you need to rely on the brakes a lot. I don't fault them for not holding up in how I used them, but at most can only give them 3 stars as a cheap set of brakes with "just okay" performance at their best.

👤I bought this for my son's mountain bike because I thought it would be a nice upgrade from the cheap ones. I was not happy with the performance of the brake pads. I got pink pads because I ordered red. My son pointed out that it looks nothing like the pictures. The pads quality looked okay at first, but man took 30 minutes to install and adjust all of them. We went for a bike ride and came back. There was pink dust on the bike rim. That was only 2 miles and wore out? I should have listened to the reviews about how to wear out quickly. I went to a local bike shop and bought Clark's brake pads for his bike, which was a day difference. Buy better quality if you spend that extra money.

6. SHIMANO G04S Metallic Disc Brake

SHIMANO G04S Metallic Disc Brake

The shaping of the sawtooth on the outside decreases the chance of brake squeal. It comes with steel bolts that will work with any 6 Bolt compatible hubs. The material is a backing plate of steel. The compatibility of the XTR BR-M9000, XTR BR-M9020, XTR BR-M987, and XTR BR-M985 is listed below. Recommended use is mountain biking. The manufacturer warranty is for 2 years.

Brand: Shimano

👤Lots of reviews talked about noise and abrupt braking. I put these on a rear disc that had been in contact with the backer on the old pads. Not bad, but still... They worked well before they were bedding them in. Smooth control, no noise. Can you tell me how long they last? The original pads had more than 5000 miles on them. There is a I don't brake very often. There is a Don't brake, it will only slow you down.

👤It was bought because of the name. What a mistake! It was a little shaky at first. I gave it a chance. Each week it got worse. A male turkey is running around. It was just my brakes. I ordered new brake pads based on recommendations because I couldn't take it anymore. The squealing was eliminated by the pads.

👤The front brakes were upgraded just when they wore out, and they were much stronger than the original. The rear had to be upgraded to keep it in balance. I only need one finger to brake, but still use two in order to have better control, after some getting used to it.

👤Work well and have always been more than enough for us. I have never felt like I needed the extra cooling fins. The new pads made a difference.

👤These are great if you stop hard. If you ride your breaks a lot, then you should use the resin. I know some riders who do metal up front.

👤The harder they are used the better they get. They stop when they do squeal.

👤I use these on my ebike. I get little to no squeaking with proper bedding.

👤I chose a 3rd party brand to save money. What a mistake! Loud after a couple hundred miles. It's not worth it to buy theses.

7. Shimano H03C Metallic Disc Brake

Shimano H03C Metallic Disc Brake

For ZTR 975, XT 775/765, and LX 585. The metallic compound is a material. Saint M820, Zee M640, XT 4-piston are compatible. The claimed weight was 1.4oz. The manufacturer warranty is for 2 years.

Brand: Shimano

👤The fit is perfect on the light bee. They work well and look good. The pads are better than the original ones.

👤The photos are not correct, but the description is correct. The pads are made of metal. It's great for him.

👤It worked well with my bike.

👤The front brake pads are better than my stock ones. If you are going to be doing a lot of road riding you should upgrade the controller and battery as the stock ones are a little undersized.

👤It's perfect for my Segway X260. Also. The seller was very fast in shipping these to me.

👤One would expect them to work. There were no issues with stopping or modulation. The noise that comes from these pads was something I noticed. The pads are large and have mass. Since most of my bike is carbon, it took me forever to figure out where the metal was coming from. I spread the spring between the pads to make the noise go away.

👤The upgrade of the brake pads was great. The performance of the brakes has been increased. Reduces the noise of the brakes. No modifications were made to the fit. Plug and play.

👤The pads feel great so far. I might change my review. I have never used these brake pads before.

👤Great upgrade to your brakes. Superb stopping power.

👤It's a genuine part for really good breaks.

👤Come cani rabbiosi, bello avere dei freni. There is a Io peso oltre in ordine di marcia. I freni a 4 pistoni lavoravano, a semi-metalliche. I questo fenomeno non presenta pi, ma anche modulabile, e con sforzo da parte mia. Ho ridotto sensibilmente, l'indolenzimento di mani incrementando di molto il feeling con la bici. There is a Montate su pinza.

👤Pastiglie con alette. Le preferisco per essere montate nella pinza posteriore. Non ritengo, la pena pagarla a prezzo pieno ma, se sono in offerta, vengono vendute a prezzo equivalente a quelle senza alette. Arrivano in una scatolina di cartone.

👤I prezzo a mio iso, pago meno le pastiglie Brembo per la mia moto stradale, per devo ammettere. Montate una. Nonostante le alte velocit, ho affrontato discese in off-road. Ottimo prodotto, ma credo.

8. Shimano BR CT91 Cantilever Brake Shoe

Shimano BR CT91 Cantilever Brake Shoe

BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M987, BR-M985, BR-M785, BR-M675, BR-M666, BR-M715, BR-S700, BR-R785, BR-M715, BR- Cantilever Bike Brake shoe set.

Brand: Shimano

👤It fit my old Trek. They work better since they are softer than the original. I know, Mr. Safety. I will miss the loud scream of the brake pads when clearing the paths of dog walkers. The new pads work well for the brakes, but not for 80 decibel screeches. My helmet is just fine, my horns fit. There was an update in March. They are working well. Took a couple of changes to get them gripping. It's up to you to adjust-by-feel. The front wheel brake adjustment is where the rear wheel comes off the ground. Both F and R work well. My rims are aluminum and they appreciate me getting rid of the old rock hard screamers. I miss the reactions of the dog walkers. Oh my gosh...

👤I got my bike out of storage for the first time in 15 years as part of my quest to improve myself. I took it for a ride without really looking at the brake shoes because I did some basic adjustments, freed up the sticky shifters, and did not notice they were still there. The brakes... I ordered replacements right away because I overlooked something important, but emergency stops were out of the question. When I got the old pads off, they were so hard that they melted when struck together, and they gripped the wheel rim so badly. There is a The new pads were easy to install and have good stopping power after the melted remnants of the old pads wore off. Don't be stupid like me, BRAKES are very important. Make sure yours are functional.

👤I received 2 packages of "Beard protectors" instead of the new brake pads I ordered. I don't want to grow a beard or join the circus, but I can't imagine how the brake pads were confused with "Beard protectors"! I replaced the front & rear tires, steam cleaned the chain, front & rear sprockets, and applied a fresh coat of Tri-Flow Lubricant, all in a week. I will have to wait another week to experience the benefits of my efforts. The new brake pads were going to arrive today. It was a disappointment.

👤I'm working on a mountain bike that was built in the early '90s, but the brake shoes are so hard and slick that I wonder if they're actually older than the bike. The performance is better than the shoes they replaced that were almost 30 years old. I was hoping that they would find some better rubber. Nope. They've gotten worse, and stopping power is notexistent. I wasted a lot of time and energy trying to find a brand that would fit my needs, and now I'm waiting for a different brand so I can start over again. It was very annoying.

👤When I braked, I had a terrible squeel. A bit of search engine helped find a solution. If you angle the leading edge slightly, it won't hurt. I didn't realize that it would cause squeeling. Just to be clear, just FYI.

9. SHIMANO Disc Brake Pads Resin

SHIMANO Disc Brake Pads Resin

It's comparable with all of the V-shaped systems. It's compatible with most mountain bikes. There are 3 pairs of 70mm pads in the set. It is more convenient to have left and right distinguishing signs. The pads are genuine. The steel back plate has a compound. Will fit; BR-M525, BR-M465, BR-M486, BR-M485, BR-M510, BR-M510. The replacement of Y8C998050.

Brand: Shimano

👤My name is my mt. The bike's brakes went bad and it was not possible to stop in less than a block. The local bike shop only deals with one supplier and they said they were out. I had the local bike shop install them after an employee snuck me the part number. I am back to biking 8 miles a day.

👤Time will tell if these are quality pads.

👤These popped in and worked great. They stop well and are quiet after we broke them in.

👤I had the same brake pads but they started to crack. It was time for a new one. I got the brake and these. I need to know how they hold. They are in a legit packaging.

👤I received the brake pads quickly and easily.

👤The product is in the original packaging. It was a perfect match for the original pads.

👤Not sure they are genuine. The image shown was the same as the one I bought when I bought my cube bike. They arrived in a bag. The originals I bought were packed on a card. The pads are the same as the originals, in my pic original they are on LHS. They are not the same. Are they originals or copies? They should be sent to the customer in a different form, but they should be pictured one way in the advert.

👤I don't think the item posted to me is genuine, I paid more for it. If this is the case, then it is not how it is described because they look good with the stamp on them. There is no way to know if there is a problem with the braking surface and the sort of people that do this sort of thing are unlikely to take care of the items. Too much trouble to return them, but not happy with this purchase, and have marked this seller as one to avoid. I think they'll work well.

👤They are not always in original packaging, but they are always correct, because some business is buying bulk packs and re packing them into singles and selling them to Amazon as original parts. Some people say that they have received original retail packaging because of the way Amazon purchases.

👤These came in a bag. I don't think they are genuine, they are fitted to my bike and they don't stop as well as the original ones did.

👤It fit on my brakes. It is easy to install if the calopers are dismounted first. It's important to keep oil and grease away from the discs and pads during installation and it's a good idea to rinse with alcohol and wipe dry with a clean cloth before testing on a ride.

10. Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575 DP B01S

Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575 DP B01S

If you want to read the text on the brake pads, leave the left and right ones. The pads are for the initial bite. The short break-in period isdurable. Disk wear is low and the feel is comfortable. Smooth braking offers power. Compared to metal pads, the brakes make less noise.

Brand: Corki

👤I hit the boys with a slap and then hit the trail to hit me. A big wet rock. The brake pads were locked up and I was able to slide even more out of control, into a bush. I found several hundred ripe blackberries. After picking my self out of that mess, I kept riding and the salty tears stinging my lacerations. The brake pads worked well for the rest of the trail and are a good buy for the price and depression. Thanks!

👤The material for the brakes is much thicker than stock pads or any other compatible brand. The pad surface rubs continuously on the rotor even with the pistons on my TRP Spyres dialed all the way out. There is not enough adjustment at the mount. It's odd that the TRP units are a bit thinner. I think the fit would be non-functional if you have the same type of rotors. If you're riding and racing in muddy winter conditions, the Swiss Stop 15 is the best Spyres I've found so far. The Swiss Stop units are expensive and hard to find, but they perform beautifully and last longer than any pads I've tried. Don't use these generic pieces of crap. They seem to have been made in a factory run by people who don't know how bicycle disc brakes work.

👤I ordered the pads because they work well on the downhill stretch of my commute. The pads have a lot of material so right from the start, the pad was dragging on the rotor even though my calipers were pressing all the way back in. I was going to belt sand off but ended up using my old brake rotors to clear the pads. After the pads stopped dragging, I put on my new floating rotors and bedded the brakes in again. The bike is 70 lbs. The pads have to stop a lot of mass for me to be able to play. The ability to change the brake lever was traded. The new pads and rotors meshed well after 2 days of commute and I am happy with my braking power. If the pads had. I would have given them a 5 star rating. The brakes on my e-bike are the HD-E350s.

👤The factory brakes on my Specialized st are not impressive. It was not a good idea to single finger brake. I was going to throw a new set of pads instead of spending 100s on new brakes. Wow! The pads do exactly as advertised, with lots of initial bite and dirt not phase them. I can now brake with one finger. I have put 500 miles on these brake pads and they perform the same as they did when I installed them. I have 100s more rough miles to put on these due to the extra material that others complain about. If you're thinking of buying these pads, just buy them. At 15 bucks, you can't go wrong.

👤I bought these for a Fuji Absolute 1.9 bike that uses a low end mechanical disk brakes. The pads immediately gave a better feel with less noise than the original pads. After removing the old pads, I noticed they still had a good amount of material left, and I probably could have adjusted them before replacing them. The pads had a new cotter pin, spring shim and a longer one that was not needed for my bike. If I have any issues with these, I'll update this review.

11. SHIMANO BR T4000 Front V Brake Black

SHIMANO BR T4000 Front V Brake Black

The brand is Shimano. The design has low operating forces. Smooth and quiet stopping power is what it is designed for. Excess mud can be prevented with the Mudguard.

Brand: Shimano

👤The tolerances on the integrated-bushing V-brakes and the T4000's are no exception, as was mentioned by JRP. The locating pin on the V-brake stud doesn't sit deep, and the brakes don't sit flush on the V-brake stud. There is a The biggest concern I have is that the bolts are only 15mm long, which is not long enough for most V-brakes. The edge of the brake post is buried under the body of the V-brake. There is a You're barely getting thread engagement on one of the most critical parts on your bicycle now that you have a deeper set mounting boss with a shorter bolt. This combination helped snap a stud off a bike I was working on, and I had a spare fork. There is a The jury is still out on whether the stud was faulty or if the short length of the bolt helped to tear the front half of the stud off, but I'd wager that a combination of the two contributed to this failure. This is not how to engineer a product. As nice as a V-brake sounds, it's all wrong. Would I buy a new V-brake if I knew what I know now? No. As a few others observed, the brake pads were almost used on these. The edge of the rubber looks a bit odd at first glance.

👤I didn't want to do a review until I found out what was wrong with the brake. Everything works out as it should. The brakes are beautiful and work well, but they don't flush properly, as everyone has said. The issue is not due to bolt size. The bolt size is 20mm. The depth of the inside of the brakes doesn't match the depth that comes standard with every bike I measured to be roughlY 0.25 in. I hope you read this because it is an easy fix and can provide a lot of happy customers. If they fix the issue on the brakes, I would buy again from them.

👤I'm replacing my Trek 7200 hybrid with a new one. I was in need of new brake pads and wanted to try the hybrid pads, but I decided to upgrade my brakes after seeing the new pads. For only a few bucks more, they can offer better stopping power. I can only imagine what these can do when the pads wear out. There is a The installation was very easy. There is a The cane with bike is better for stopping power and comes with a new rubber boot. There is a The brake pad adjustment doesn't come with allen head or a nut. Resolved by taking my Allen head nut. There is a If you're looking to replace brake pads on a subpar set of V-Brakes or for replacement V-Brakes in general, this is a great deal.

👤I bought these for the old bike that needed new cables and pads. I upgraded to the entire sets for the price. levers and cables are not included. I assumed they would work because I read in the reviews that someone had used them on the exact model of my bike. Since the rear set was on backorder, I ordered 2 front sets. They work well enough. The spring is not as strong as it used to be, so I had to fiddle with them to see how they would do on the rear. I used the top because the rear mounts have no resistance in the center. The front mounts only have one hole. It took a long time to mount, mainly because of trying to align and toe in the pads. Thank goodness for Park Tools. They have videos on how to install V brakes. It would be helpful for the seller to explain the differences between the front and rear sets on their Amazon sales page.


What is the best product for bicycle brake pads shimano?

Bicycle brake pads shimano products from Shimano. In this article about bicycle brake pads shimano you can see why people choose the product. Shimano and Shimano are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle brake pads shimano.

What are the best brands for bicycle brake pads shimano?

Shimano, Shimano and Shimano are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle brake pads shimano. Find the detail in this article. Shimano, Alritz and Shimano are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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