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1. Brake Bicycle Blocks Caliper System

Brake Bicycle Blocks Caliper System

Universal replacement for V Brake pads of mountain bike, road bicycle, MTB, BMX, etc. It's suitable for road bike brake systems. The material is made of rubber and aluminum. These brake pads are long- lasting and durable. High performance. The surface and tread pattern of bicycle brake pads are designed to provide better braking capacity and lower noise. The sand guide grooves can prevent sand from damaging the rim. The text mark on the brake pad makes it easy to install. The pads have screws on them. The package includes 1 pair of 55mm brake pads, 2 replacement pads, and 2 spare screws.

Brand: Zukka

👤It was installed on the brakes. It's easy to install. It was very stiff. I need front and rear brakes and they don't offer a 2 pair version.

👤These brakes look good. Very sleek. I put these on the Vintage Mafac brake calipers. They were easy to install and tightened up nicely. The only problem is that these vintage brakes don't hold them. I had to change out the style of the brakes. I loved how these looked on the bike. If they are for your brake system, get them.

👤These are a little wobbly and twisted on my back wheels, but it may be user error. I see potential if I can get a good install.

👤It's two pairs of brakes, but it's only two pad holders. The description is misleading.

👤I thought I was getting two sets of pads. I received a complete set and a set of replacement pads.

👤If the description still reads "2 Pairs" instead of "1 Pair", then it's not right. This is not two pairs, it is one pair with spare pads. If you want to replace your front and rear pads, you'll need 2 of these or a different set.

👤It's so annoying that the squeaking sound won't stop when you brake. Looks nice.

2. ELAPCO Mountain Reliable Condition Installation

ELAPCO Mountain Reliable Condition Installation

There are no abrasives that damage the rim. The bike brakers generate more braking power than standard brake pads. This means that the rider has to apply less pressure on the brake levers, which can lead to fatigue, especially on long descents. There is resilience in wet weather. Their pads give better grip in wet weather. The bmx brake pads for the bike are designed in such a way that you don't have to wait for the bike to come to a stop and you can ride it in wet conditions too. There is a ride for Easter. A rider gets a faster ride with their mountain brake pads. As riders will get more trust on the road bike brake pad so they brake harder and spend less time on the brakes, they will spend more time travelling at higher speeds. The ELAPCO bike brakes are made from native rubber which is harmless and produces less noise than other pads. The slots on the brake give it better grip in mud and water. The road bike BRAKE PAD PACKING is a necessity. Two pairs of 50MM C shaped break pads are included in a package. They made it easy for you to use and install.

Brand: Elapco

👤My nephew has a cheap big box store bike that has worn out brake pads. Installation took less than 10 minutes and included adjusting the side-pull brakes on the bike. The brake pads have an Allen key included. They don't make any funny noises, operation is smooth and secure. I was installing them on a bike and the price was very attractive.

👤I was not sure what to expect with the price, but have been happy with these so far. They do a good job of stopping me. The only downside to them is that the rubber on the brake pads for bikes is a bit soft, and that can leave a mess on the rim when riding in the wet. It's not a dealbreaker, but something to consider. I am happy that the brake pads are not hard like some of the other cheap ones on the market.

👤My daughter's diamondback brakes were replaced. The bolts on the brake pads were molded a half inch longer. The assembly could be used with a bunch of spacers. These barely fit after I removed the spacers. I don't like buying bigger bolts at the hardware store. The compound on the pads is not bad. It stopped the squeaking. If it came with longer bolts, I would raise it to 5 stars.

👤I was very pleased with the work of these brake pads, they provide excellent stopping power, but are not ideal for racing. They are perfect for brakes used on a bike that is ridden for leisure or for a commute. These are easy to install and take only a few minutes.

👤I was looking for a cheap replacement for my brake pads. I was happy for the money that was paid. It works the same as my old pads.

👤These brake pads are a better replacement for vintage road bikes than a lot of the others on the market right now.

👤It was cheap and bulky to make a comparison to a brand name product.

👤My kid wore out the brake pads on his razor electric scooter after a million miles. These bolted right in.

3. Hotop Brake Spacers Bicycle Blocks

Hotop Brake Spacers Bicycle Blocks

COMPATIBILITY The brake pads are suitable for bikes that are over 20 inches. You can buy the same quality bicycle at a cheaper price if you don't have to go to a bicycle shop. Each piece of v brake pad comes with a piece of a nut and a piece of spacers. The V bike brake pads have a slightly curved design which does not hurt the wheel, and provide braking ability. TheBrake Pad size is 70mm/ 2.76 inch in length, 10mm/ 0.39 inch in width and 38mm/ 1.50 inch in height, it's lightweight and portable, it's convenient for riding a long journey. The v brake pad is made of hard-wearing rubber and metal and the water-leaking tanks help stop power of your bike in adverse weather conditions. If you want to read the text on the brake pads, leave the left and right ones.

Brand: Hotop

👤Over the past 4 years, I've put almost 2000 miles on my Giant Escape 2, and 1500 of them in the past 4 months. It felt like being in a gas chamber. The brakes were getting worse, but I just lived with it. The rear brake pads started making a grinding sound one day, and after a quick investigation I discovered that they had worn down to the metal. Oops. There is a I found a nice pack of brake pads and decided to try them out. The pads looked a little longer than the ones on my bike, but I thought that was okay. It was easy to swap out the brake pads, but the difference they made was even better. Wow! I can stop now. Way, way, way better. I have a set of pads on my shelf ready to go for the next change, because I bought the 4-pack. Customer was very happy and would buy again.

👤"You get what you pay for" is the old saying. The brake pads were obvious to be of low quality. The rim contact surfaces were not flat but curved, the finish was poor, and the hardware was low budget. The bolt length was too short to allow the nut to make enough contact, so I had to use thinner spacers. What is the most important feature? How did the brakes work? The bike was not stopped well by the brake pads. They did not perform their job quickly because of the amount of pressure they were under. They felt "disgust". They didn't perform as brakes need to perform, so I could have lived with the poor quality appearance. I was thankful that I was able to get a refund quickly.

👤My kids have a bike. My wife has a 26" bike. The brake pads are not as good as the stopping power and adjustability of the original ones. The allen wrench that comes with the brakes is very cheap and rounded over so you should use a good allen wrench.

👤I had the worst time working on a cheap bike repair when I got a set of these. The threaded stud on the backside of the rubber brake pad was pulling loose during the installation process, allowing the pad to flop around despite the properly Torqued bolt. I finished the job after getting one of the four sets to work. I'm not sure how my experience with this product is different than other reviewers. I think I'm a bit better than a novice bike mechanic with a lot of experience. This is the first time I have ever had something like this happen. The low end quality of the bike being repaired could have contributed to the issue.

👤The brake pads are working. They don't stop, which was important to me. The brakes on my bike were making noise so loudly that it was becoming embarrassing. I'm happy to have solved that issue. There is a I think they're ok. I don't have a lot of information for comparison but I think the pads would perform better if the rubber was a bit more supple. The rubber of the brake pad is hard to touch, and it is hard to feel the sensation of plastic. Maybe this makes them last longer. Or perhaps a function of their lower quality. They work well in any event. If I'm being honest, my braking distance is probably a little worse than with the original brake pads. I'm happy with this purchase as I don't need high performance equipment and these provided a decent solution at the right price point for me.

4. Lomodo Bicycle Rubber Blocks Mountain

Lomodo Bicycle Rubber Blocks Mountain

The package includes 4 pairs of road brake pads with a tool, and comes with a lightweight tool for easy installation. You can replace old brake pads on 2 bikes with the 8 pack of bike brake pads. Good wear-resistance, made of rubber and aluminum, is perfect for everyday use. The rubber pad has a size of 1.57. The total height is 0.866 inch/ 2.2 cm and the length is 4 cm. You can install the brake pads in a few minutes. Older style road/ mountain/ BMX bikes are compatible.

Brand: Lomodo

👤I bought these pads because they were cheap. I wondered what could go wrong with a simple product. The pads are loud and have a serious problem. I thought it was a one off problem. I put the toe in on the brakes. I used alcohol and steel wool to clean the rims. I used a file to ape the braking surfaces. None of it helped. I replaced these with a better quality pad. I tried another set of them on a different bike. The problem is still the same. There is a I don't think I just got a bad batches. The quality of the rubber compound used in these pads is questionable. Don't buy these unless you want to wake your entire neighborhood up.

👤I was concerned about the crimping done on the sides to hold the pad in place. I realized it was because the pads were too soft. I could remove them with my hands. My brain immediately thought of going down a hill and the soft rubber getting pulled out by the rim and then I would return them. There is a real risk with these. I don't want someone to find out the hard way. It would be fine for non-restored pieces.

👤I should have known better than to expect any quality at this price. I replaced my old ones with better ones. They are not returnable. When I ordered, I overlooked that detail. I wouldn't recommend these for anything except to fix a cheap bicycle. Bottom line is you pay for what you get.

👤The pads are more than a poke. I bought them hoping they would be good for the restoration projects I was working on, but they are not. There is a I can't get them to work quietly because they fit ok and look ok. Very disappointed.

👤The rubber pads needed to be replaced on our old bicycles fit perfectly. The Takara and Trek were both made with cantilever type brakes.

👤The brake blocks are still available at Amazon, but it can be difficult to find them. The quality is okay and a bit small.

👤It was a replacement for my brakes on my old bike. It's a big difference being able to stop without being scared.

👤I've tried to use these pads before. I put them on and they worked well. The bike was not stopped very well. One of the pads came off the ride. I don't think the pads are safe.

5. SHIMANO BR 6700 Ultegra Caliper Road

SHIMANO BR 6700 Ultegra Caliper Road

Light alloy holder. There is a replacement brake pad insert. The reference number is BR 6700.

Brand: Shimano

👤The bad news is that the threaded barrel on the SwissStop Full FlashPro Elites did not fit my 1990 Exage Motion calipers. There is a The good news is that they tend to be a bit noisy. I may try to quiet them down by pulling them. They stop by as well. My original pads were 27 years old, never having been changed, and started to leave nasty marks on my aluminum rim. I can replace them with SwissStop pads when they wear out.

👤I have tried a lot of the long, wide or long and wide pads and couldn't find one that wasn't loud or not very good in wet. They are harder to position. These are small but solid and that makes them stop good. The rubber stops.

👤After an Allen wrench stripped one of the screws on my bike, I used these to replace it. I thought I would just replace the whole thing. It was easy to fit my Trek road bike with 105 components. I will likely get another set because it looks sharp and it has a matt finish. My brakes match. After descending a hill at 27mph, I was able to stop quietly. I feel safe on my bike.

👤It was easy to install on my Vilano road bicycle. I'm not a bike mechanic, but they are doing a great job of stopping the bike and going fast downhill. There is a The install was difficult because they had to align them to the tire. They were not in alignment when I tightened them. I'm not a bike mechanic, so there's probably a better way to keep them in place. I was able to save $50 at the bike shop by not having my bike for a few days. It was worth it.

👤I used whatever was available and didn't notice much of a difference, I never paid much attention to brake shoes. I noticed a huge improvement in brake performance when I put these on my bike. These are worth the money.

👤I use these on my road bike and they do a great job. We get a lot of rain in Washington. The pads will work quickly in the rain. I have had to be careful when I pull strangers because I usually can go much quicker than they can. There is a The performance more than compensates for the wear out they do. You can either go with cheap pads that won't perform well, or pads that perform well and you replace more often. My safety is more important than money.

👤clearance was not an issue for my 90s retro that has a slightly larger design with metal shoes. The bolt hole post on these guys was a little big for my brakes so they were a bit of a pain to adjust but once adjusted they will not move.

👤The brake pads were a great replacement for the ones that came with my bike. Even for someone with very little bike maintenance experience, they're easy to install and align. It's important to give it a small test run in the driveway. It was gratifying to find that my bike would stop after installation. I would like to see these in packs of two.

6. Hyccinth Premium Professional Bicycle Mountain

Hyccinth Premium Professional Bicycle Mountain

It's comparable with all of the V-shaped systems. It's compatible with most mountain bikes. There are 3 pairs of 70mm pads in the set. It is more convenient to have left and right distinguishing signs. HARD-WEARING MATERIAL The brake pads are made of hyathetic fiber and nitrile rubber, they have long- lasting qualities. Do not use poor quality brake pads. The data can be used continuously for more than 8000 times, when the vehicle speed is 12.5 km/h, and the brake pad is only 3000 times. It can be replaced with 4,000 miles in smooth kilometers and 1,000 miles in a steep hill. HUMANIZE DESIGN There are three brake pads. The first line tells you to replace the brake pads, the second line tells you to stop and the third line tells you to stop. To be responsible for your life, please pay attention. The braking performance of high quality compound rubber is softer and quicker, and it will have excellent braking effect even in rainy and snow days, thanks to the Arc and drainage design. COMPATIBILITY The brake pads are suitable for bikes that are over 20 inches. You can buy the same quality bicycle at a cheaper price if you don't have to go to a bicycle shop.

Brand: Hapleby

👤The title says it all. There were 4 pieces, 2 pairs, and a wrench on the page. I got 2 pieces, 1 pair, and no wrench. A total scam. I'm coming back soon.

👤I bought this during the rainy season and it did not make any noises. It makes a loud grinding or sanding sound, and made me feel like it was wearing down my rim. Even after adjusting it, the brakes offer very mild stopping power. It wore out quickly and created a lot of dust. I will not use the second set of brakes. I wouldn't recommend these and I wouldn't buy them again. I'm not happy with them, but they were cheap enough to throw away.

👤The work is good and the quality is good. Make sure you have some slack on the brake cables and the adjustment room on the actuators because they are thick. I had to replace my rear brake cable to have enough slack for the new pads. The material seems good and they should last a long time. Even when damp, I can stop on a dime once seated on my bike. My old ones were hard to stop because they had worn and hardened. When you are on a bike path with pets or children, you need to stop quickly. I will buy some for my wife.

👤It was good compound that stops my wheel immediately, but it was awkward on the road bike that I have and too powerful for road wheels. The pads are better for bikes that use them. I have an extra set of pads because they were too big to fit on the front calipers. I have to buy another set of pads.

👤The brakes are amazing. Excellent quality! I tried adjusting my pads to stop the noise, but it didn't work. The reviews said they didn't make noise. The reviews are consistent. The brakes on my old car felt squishy. Not so with these. The Braking is Solid now! The price of two sets is basically the same as the price of one. The nut on the end of the bolt isn't able to allow you to tighten the brake pad to the lever. The brake is loose when you tighten it as tight as it will go. The problem was solved by using the nut from the old brake pads. I think I could have used the old pad as well.

👤There are lots of spacers that can be installed in your brackets. They don't stop when wet. 5M was included. I'm just a casual rider and the bike shop wanted $36, which I'm sure is better and lighter.

👤I have only replaced my brakes twice before on my bike. They are really good and I have been using them for a couple months. The wear has not been fast. They stop me on hills which my last pair of rubber brakes didn't do. If you have old hardware on your bike, keep them until you have them installed. I couldn't get the plugs off the rim because they were too big. I used the old ones.

7. Kool Stop Bicycle Dura Ace Ultegra

Kool Stop Bicycle Dura Ace Ultegra

The package is 1.016 cm long. The package width is 8.128 cm. The package is 13.97 cm high. The vehicle BRAKE PAD is a product.

Brand: Kool Stop

👤If you want to get the salmon Continentals, you have to select them below Dura-Ace salmon. The Continental shape is the same as shown in the middle gray Continental selection, but you must select Continental in the drop down to avoid being shipped the wrong part. The salmon brakes are perfect for vintage bikes. Use force but don't over use it. You could break the arm if you were gentle. A crescent works for this. Disk brakes are better in the rain than normal brake pads, but Braking is better in the rain. There is an alternative to the threaded salmon Kool Stop pads. The Continentals need to bend the arm to toe-in, but Eagle Claw 2 doesn't.

👤After hearing great things about the salmon kool stop pad, I decided to give it a try, even though I was ready to give up and switch to a disc brake setup for road racing. I mounted the pads on my bike right before the race, so I could clean the wet rim with the initial pressure, and I followed online instructions to center the pads so they were bowed. I was happy to stick with these for racing and all-condition riding in the future because I had no trouble following descending lines of strong disc-brake equipped riders.

👤I'm not sure if the Shinanos design is helping me stop faster than the real ones, because the ridges on these are different. There seems to be an increase in performance when wet. They work as well as the Shimanos, but are cheaper, and seem to have some great ratings. I've had them on for a season now with no noticeable wear. They install the same as any other brake pads, and have no special equipment needed to get them aligned correctly. They have a design that would make it easier to stop. Are they better than the Shimanos? It is likely for certain conditions. You won't regret it if you get them.

👤I made them work because they are not an ideal fit for superbe pads. I think I could shave the rubber down and make it work, but it wasn't a big deal to me. The good news is that they don't interfere with my frame for long. They work better than the dry rotted pads they replaced. The salmon continental are the full threaded/mounted pad and not just the insert, as I expected, and I attached a photo of that.

👤There were issues with these pads. I had to adjust my brakes constantly. I would think I had enough room for the pads to fit, but then I would have to rub them on the rim. I told them to forget about it and go back to their original pads. There is a Pads were lost in the mail. It took 4 weeks to get them. The seller sent a second set out after I contacted them. Customer service is great. The second set showed up before the first and the seller sent the original pair back to the post office.

8. Zipp Tangente Platinum Brake Shimano

Zipp Tangente Platinum Brake Shimano

Smoother control of speed. Reliable stopping power when needed. It is designed for carbon rim. There are no abrasives that damage the rim.

Brand: Zipp

9. Gekors Ceramic Bicycle Shimano Tektro

Gekors Ceramic Bicycle Shimano Tektro

Older style road/ mountain/ BMX bikes are compatible. The back plate is made of ceramic or steel. It's free. The service life is very long. Adapted to different road surfaces. Smooth and powerful braking. It is designed for professional trainings. It was a perfect performance. It's compatible with the M515/M525/M465 and the M465/M475. The Spyre is called the TRP HY/RD. The package includes 1 pair of pads and an installation guide.

Brand: Gekors

👤The bike forum member recommended these. It is a bargain compared to brands like Swiss Stop or Jagwire. They were a bit thicker in appearance than other pads I've purchased before, but I thought they would work out. The fit and finish were a bit rough, but the pads were still expected to work. I don't worry about overheating because I don't overwork my brakes. Installation was easy and included the usual spring, and I adjusted them by removing the brake body and using some gap tools to fine tune it, then Torque the screws to their required setting. tweaking the cable is fun. The thickness of the pads made that even more annoying. They installed with more effort than before. I expected the usual bedding to be not great in the beginning. They were so soft after the initial bedding. The discs were never grabbed with the normal power of the brakes. When I got home from my final commute on these pads, I swapped them out for a new pair of Swiss Stop pads because I didn't want to experience bad brakes. These were thrown in the trash. Safety is not worth the savings.

👤I bomb downhills. There is a road and a mountain. Biker too. 40 years of riding experience The pads are the best I've found. Stick better than metallics. The stopping power is huge. The spring clip holes don't line up correctly, so I would give them 5 stars. It's easier to get the old spring clip than it is to fit the calipers. These are the sticksiest brake pads I've found. The clips would be perfect if they fit. They're the best price for ultimate stopping power. I change my pads every two months. It is possible to burn out road grime oils with a torch. They will stop like new. I keep a pair in my bag.

👤I use a 203mm rear disc with custom mounts on a heavy electric bike that is capable of speeds that are slightly north of legal. I only run these pads. The braking behavior is very similar to the original pads. The pads take heat without losing their cool. They like extreme heat better. Don't buy the green "ceramic" pads, they're terrible. I tried. Get the real deal. The pads are the winner.

👤The pads take a lot of heat and bedding cycles to grip properly. They work best with some heat in them. I have to use more pressure to get that pop in my brakes since I don't have any hills in Texas. They grip well when they're warm. I have some low-tier brakes that may be worth it on more powerful brakes.

👤I installed ceramic pads on my bike because I chewed through a set in 2 weeks. These are holding up just as well. I don't feel like I need more stopping power when I go between 20 and 30 mph with these pads because they feel good. My bike has 160mm rotors and TRP Spyke brakes.

10. Zonon Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575

Zonon Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575

Compared to metal pads, the brakes make less noise. You will get 4 pairs of bicycle brake pads for a quick and convenient replacement. The brake pads are made of reliable material, which have better braking performance, wear resistance, and noise reduction than others, and they are not easy to change. It's compatible with: M315, M355, M515, M525. The appearance of the oil can be applied as a plate. Their products have passed strict inspection and are free of harmful substances. The feature is fine appearance, good braking effect, noiseless, safe, stable, comfortable and convenient.

Brand: Zonon

👤It's great to have some backups on hand, but I've experienced the effects of glazing, which leads to reduced grip and very loud/screeching upon braking. I broke in these pads and they were effective for a few days, but then they glazed up quickly, and I can't stand the bone rattling noise they make. The pad is completely glazed after 5 days.

👤I bought the first pair at a bike shop and paid the same as the others on Amazon. The quality is the same. It was easy to install than expected. I was surprised they didn't need to change anything. I have never had a bike with these types of brakes. I waited too long to replace. I had to constantly adjust them towards the end of their life. 1000 miles is a good point for my type of riding. Good product.

👤A warped rotor was replaced. Wear on pads. My pads were four years old. I had to change my brake line. There is a I don't think they will last long.

👤It would be great to ride a bike that is only used to cruise the sidewalks. I found that the pads will wear out in a matter of 3-6 rides. Even if it's more expensive, the pads from the bike shop last months. I get more braking with the bike shop pads. I was hoping that having 4 sets would make this better.

👤I needed new brake pads after 1000 miles on my Wallke Ebike. I should have replaced them after 600 miles. I never replaced the brake pads on the electric bike until they started to make noise. First timer learning curve. Wallke sells the entire brake assembly for $150. The little pads are easy to take out. I think I only spent 10 minutes installing the new pads. When I come to a stop, my bike no longer shrieks. I went to an electric bike shop to see why my bike was squeaking. The mechanic was selling high end pads for $40. These were only $12 for 4 pairs. Not a bad deal at all.

👤I have had the best aftermarket pads so far. Not tested in mud, just 80F on fire trails. The pads seem to need a little more pressure than before.

👤Buy the good stuff if you save your money. There was nothing in the pads. The pads I was replacing had more than this garbage. It was almost like they were selling new pads.

👤The pads are thick and will touch the rotors when installed. You just need to sand them down and they will fit. They work well after adjusting the breaks.

👤These are not funny. "Just break them in then, they're 888-270-6611 They get hotter and hotter when they rub against the disc. I'm getting on average 2 minutes a day even though it's winter. I need to get off and let the disc cool before I can continue. I have pushed my pistols all the way in and the spring hasn't bent while fitting. The tolerances are off and I need to file the other 3 sets before they go on.

11. Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575 DP B01S

Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575 DP B01S

If you want to read the text on the brake pads, leave the left and right ones. The pads are for the initial bite. The short break-in period isdurable. Disk wear is low and the feel is comfortable. Smooth braking offers power. Compared to metal pads, the brakes make less noise.

Brand: Corki

👤I hit the boys with a slap and then hit the trail to hit me. A big wet rock. The brake pads were locked up and I was able to slide even more out of control, into a bush. I found several hundred ripe blackberries. After picking my self out of that mess, I kept riding and the salty tears stinging my lacerations. The brake pads worked well for the rest of the trail and are a good buy for the price and depression. Thanks!

👤The material for the brakes is much thicker than stock pads or any other compatible brand. The pad surface rubs continuously on the rotor even with the pistons on my TRP Spyres dialed all the way out. There is not enough adjustment at the mount. It's odd that the TRP units are a bit thinner. I think the fit would be non-functional if you have the same type of rotors. If you're riding and racing in muddy winter conditions, the Swiss Stop 15 is the best Spyres I've found so far. The Swiss Stop units are expensive and hard to find, but they perform beautifully and last longer than any pads I've tried. Don't use these generic pieces of crap. They seem to have been made in a factory run by people who don't know how bicycle disc brakes work.

👤I ordered the pads because they work well on the downhill stretch of my commute. The pads have a lot of material so right from the start, the pad was dragging on the rotor even though my calipers were pressing all the way back in. I was going to belt sand off but ended up using my old brake rotors to clear the pads. After the pads stopped dragging, I put on my new floating rotors and bedded the brakes in again. The bike is 70 lbs. The pads have to stop a lot of mass for me to be able to play. The ability to change the brake lever was traded. The new pads and rotors meshed well after 2 days of commute and I am happy with my braking power. If the pads had. I would have given them a 5 star rating. The brakes on my e-bike are the HD-E350s.

👤The factory brakes on my Specialized st are not impressive. It was not a good idea to single finger brake. I was going to throw a new set of pads instead of spending 100s on new brakes. Wow! The pads do exactly as advertised, with lots of initial bite and dirt not phase them. I can now brake with one finger. I have put 500 miles on these brake pads and they perform the same as they did when I installed them. I have 100s more rough miles to put on these due to the extra material that others complain about. If you're thinking of buying these pads, just buy them. At 15 bucks, you can't go wrong.

👤I bought these for a Fuji Absolute 1.9 bike that uses a low end mechanical disk brakes. The pads immediately gave a better feel with less noise than the original pads. After removing the old pads, I noticed they still had a good amount of material left, and I probably could have adjusted them before replacing them. The pads had a new cotter pin, spring shim and a longer one that was not needed for my bike. If I have any issues with these, I'll update this review.


What is the best product for bicycle brake pads road?

Bicycle brake pads road products from Zukka. In this article about bicycle brake pads road you can see why people choose the product. Elapco and Hotop are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle brake pads road.

What are the best brands for bicycle brake pads road?

Zukka, Elapco and Hotop are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle brake pads road. Find the detail in this article. Lomodo, Shimano and Hapleby are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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