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1. Jagwire Mountain Sport Brake Pad

Jagwire Mountain Sport Brake Pad

There is no retail packaging. The items are shown. Professionals use it. The materials used are the highest quality. The most trusted brand in cycling.

Brand: Jagwire

👤These things picked up a lot of debris. I pulled the wheels off and took things out of the pads. The metal and rocks embedded themselves so easily that they made a horrible noise that was a sure sign of something. They had good stopping power, but how much did it cost? I replaced them immediately.

👤The brakes on my bike are very good.

👤Great stopping power. I replaced my functional pads with awesome pads and now I can lock the tires up. The original's have nice chrome hardware and a good price.

👤The shoes slide a lot. The rubber does not adhere to my rim well enough to stop me at high speeds. I've never had a problem like this before.

👤These shoes are great. There was no squeaking and great stopping power. I will use these from now on.

👤I have bought a second pair. The extra long shoes work well.

👤An 10KG ist alten treckingbike montiert. Danach Bremsweg getestet. 30 km/h is 4 meter. I am fast berschlagen beim Test. Ich finde das Ergebnis jedenfalls sensationell. I am a man, wie man. Bremsweg will be 30 km/h, with a 4 meter speed. There is a The Dinger etwas dicker. Original waren, die etwas lnger ist. I am fahre bei Regen, die Belge bei Feuchtigkeit verhalten. Ich ist das Verschlei. Belge ist insgesamt aus dem rad.

👤Montati avanti e dietro, se correttamente tarati. Per un corretto montaggio, a s inistra - regolazione dei braccetti dei v brake dove. There is a I freni fischiano spesso dire. ma non un difetto dei pattini. In anticipo rispetto l'altro, Fischiano perché un pattino.

👤Fr den Preis (2,95 EUR) ist man hier. The Belge ist sehen. Ich ist die Bremsleistung in der meinem Stadtrad. Ich bei niedrigen. Im Quietschen beim Bremsen ist immer gelegt, weil immer gelegen ist. Kleine nderungen im Winkel bewirken hier.

👤There is a monoblock. Keine austauschbare Be, ist hier meinem Geschmack. The sitzen fest is in den Schuhen. Fr die Schrgstellung Scheiben. Extrabonbon: die Bremsschuhe is "geschwung". Ich ist das Betriebsdauer.

👤No molto da dire in realt. E frenano, pi di cos. Montaggio semplice e sicuro nulla di diverso dagli altri pattini v-brake. Non posso dire nulla sulla durata ma, due giri, ho fatto fino ad ora non hanno presentato problemi, percui cinque stelle.

2. Jagwire Black Housing Liner Cables

Jagwire Black Housing Liner Cables

End caps and cable tips are required. There is no retail packaging included. The housing diameter is 1.8mm.

Brand: Jagwire

👤I thought it would be easier to have some extra on hand since I have a few bikes with internally routed cables, and I bought a lifetime supply of this plastic cable sheathing. It turns out that it's useful. There is a If you need to replace a cable that travels through the frame without any internal guidance, you can slide a section of this over the cable and feed it up until it pokes out the other side, tape both ends in place to the outside of the tube, and pull your cable out with There is a If you don't currently have a cable in place but need to fish one through the frame, I found it easier to feed it into one hole and poke it around until it popped out the other hole. It's a bit easier to control, and less likely to get curled up in a weird pocket inside the frame. If you need to pull a length of brake hose out of your frame for re-routing or replacement, you can use electrical tape to wrap a length of this to the end and fish it through, reversing the process later. There is a In each of my frames, I have a plastic plug under my bottom brackets shell where the cable is supposed to exit the frame, turn the corner, and feed back into the frame on the way to my front or rear derailleurs. I don't like the idea of the cables rubbing against the plastic channels and then wearing away, because that's what they're supposed to do. I use a small piece of this stuff slid over the cable and pressed into the plastic channel to provide a slick surface for the cable to rub against and protect the plastic frame insert from wear. There is a The package contains a lot of cable sheath, but it doesn't cost much more than some very short lengths I've seen online. I won't have to buy anymore.

👤I don't think I could have replaced my routes shift cable without this. I was doing it for the first time and it gave me a lot of confidence. I used this to make it easy to route the cable through the frame.

👤I used this to thread my cables. The internal diameter is sufficient to slide the brake cable through, but the outside diameter is too large to fit through the built-in housing stops in the frame for the rear brake. I can still use it as an internal protection sleeve inside the frame, as the rear brake housing stop is no longer available.

👤This would be ideal for bikes that have the housing routed inside. I changed the brake cables on the Trek Madone. I was able to slip the tubing over the cable that was on the rear of the vehicle. I thought it would be easy. When the cable hit the front entry port, it wouldn't go through. I confirmed this when I removed the cable and the clearance was large enough for it. If the front port had been a bit larger, this tube would have made it a lot easier to use.

3. JAGWIRE Slick Stainless Steel Cables

JAGWIRE Slick Stainless Steel Cables

A high-performing brake compound. Excellent modulation and high power. The JAGWIRE Slick Steel Road Brake Cables and Cable Tips Set is made of steel. 1.7 m x 1.5 m Slick Steel Brake Cables are used. The cable tips are silver. Save money! Purchase this bandana with shift cabs. There is no retail packaging. The items are shown.

Brand: Jagwire

👤The shifts and cables are just as expensive. It lasts longer than the coated cables. Buy these and the shift housing and replace them frequently for the best shifting. These are 1.1mm cables, not 1.2mm, which makes them a much better fit for SRAM shifters, which won't take 1.2mm cables without a fight. These are a universal replacement because they work just fine in the same type of shift. Someone bought a bulk pack and is undercutting Jagwire's price on individual wires. The fact that they include end crimps is icing on the cake. They ship fast as well. I've bought several sets and will use them as my main source for cables as long as they're available.

👤The product is not as advertised. The headline says it all. It is advertised and pictured on the product page as bake cables, but what I received were shifter cables. The bag label says it has brake cables, but what is inside is shifter cables. The cable ends are different from the picture on the product page. Disappointed!

👤I bought the brake and shift cables. Then put it in my parts box. I need a brake cable. The package was clearly marked. I couldn't use it because the end was a nub rather than a cylindrical one, and it wouldn't fit. I'm off! I was prepared for this problem. Can anyone tell me what I can do? I want to return it. There is a Thx.

👤I used to have Jagwire Pro brake cables on my Cannondale. The Pro series brake cables are comparable. It pays for itself at the price. There was no binding in the housing.

👤The description says it fits all road bikes. The head on my set is not in line with the picture or the original cable. I'm hoping it will fit one of my other bikes so this order isn't a complete loss.

👤They look solid out of the package, installed without problems and have been working for 500 miles. So far, so good.

👤You can't go wrong with Jagwire. I also like Jagwire cable housing. You should choose the correct cable ends as hybrid ends are different from road bike ends.

👤I did a detailed review on the same cables. You can check it out at your convenience.

4. Jagwire Dropper Cable Universal Black

Jagwire Dropper Cable Universal Black

The most trusted brand in cycling. There is enough sheath for internal or external passage.

Brand: Jagwire

👤I bought this to install a seatpost on my mountain bike. The jagwire internal cable head will not fit on the dropper seatpost. I used the cable head that came with my seatpost because it was too thick. The wire cable head won't fit the IR V3 but other parts of the jagwire will work. This product is great and will lubricate any cable you put through it.

👤I was very happy when I got it. It was like a sturdy cable. I ride less than 25 miles a week. It wasn't being tired. There is a It lasted four months. It split in half, so I was looking for another cable.

👤This does what it says on the tin. You get a complete dropper kit. This cable and housing is a little smaller in diameter than regular cables and housing, which is a great benefit when installing a dropper in a frame. It was much easier to install this on my Santa Cruz Megatower than it was to use a regular cable and housing. There is a This is the cable I use for dropper posts.

👤The cable for my dropper post was replaced. This one is very smooth. The dropper stopped working because the cable wouldn't disengage it anymore, because my old one had started to rust and create a lot of drag. The issues I was having were fixed by this upgrade.

👤The jagwire seems thin compared to the shift cable I used before, but it's doing great.

👤It worked great with the OneUp V2 dropper.

👤I don't know if this product made a difference for my dropper or not, but it was small. It includes everything you need except the tools to change your cable.

👤What is the description? The complete Jagwire dropper set. There is a Reality? There is a piece of un branded cable in a plastic bag. There is a There is no branding. There is a jagwire packaging is not available. There was no fixture or fitting. There is a There were wire wraps that held the cables in a loop. There is a They said they were selling one thing. Send something else. Trade descriptions. It was awful.

👤It's so easy to use my dropper post now, I can't believe it! The cable was hard to push because of the tight bends by the cranks. This is a quality bit of kit that comes with cable caps and a selection of fixings. Very happy.

👤Not cheap but very high quality. It was used for internal route on a bike and had to put up some bends.

👤Super Produkt, lsst, die Hlle ist ausreichend lang. In der Hlle ist der Zug eng gewickelt. Wende uns mal etwas von den alten Teilen runterfllt. There is a Ich ist das Set fr Vario-Sattelsttzen.

5. Jagwire Universal Sport Brake Hyper

Jagwire Universal Sport Brake Hyper

The feature is fine appearance, good braking effect, noiseless, safe, stable, comfortable and convenient. Professionals use it. The materials used are the highest quality. The most trusted brand in cycling.

Brand: Jagwire

👤My application was filed in 1990. The Trek 720 Multi- Track had original brake and saddle cables. The Jagwire cable is thinner than the galvanized cables I replaced. The Jagwire cables seem to be ferritic, which is higher iron content, so they will eventually oxidize, but not as quickly as galvanized coated carbon steel cable. The cables are double-ended, so they need to be cut. Also, note: Side-cut pliers or a cold chisel will not work in this application. Make sure you have a set of cable cutters that are sharp enough to cut the cable. Round the end of the sheath so the cable won't rub. I can't speak to the effect of the outer sheath's construction because most of the cable runs are open. I only have a small amount of sheath at the handlebars. I found the product to be exactly as advertised and just test driving, they seem to be an improvement in my perception of solid pull to the brakes.

👤It would be better if Jagwire would care enough to send me a black housing that I paid for. They sent me a gray cable with a sticky label that said "Black" on the packaging. There is a The housing was not made black because you covered the sticker "Gray" with the one saying "Black". That's not how you change the colors. I had never replaced the brake cables before. The kit had everything I needed for the bike. I didn't buy cable or housing cutter because I found a better way to cut off a disc on YT. I simply marked the cut line with a blue marker and inserted the new cable into the housing, then carefully cut off the cable with the cut-off disc. There is a I cut the cable again after installing it and adjusting the brakes to prevent the inside jacket of the housing from flattening, but the cable cut was just to prevent the flattening of the inside jacket of the housing. There is a The old Ironhorse department store cable is about 50 percent more dense than the real one, so thats good. There is a The quality of the kit was outstanding, even though I received a wrong color.

👤I saw pictures of the Carbon Silver color on the internet before I ordered it. There is a If you're interested in figuring out what it looks like, here it is. The carbon silver is a mix of silver and gold with a yellow tint. It is sealed in a sort of soft plastic or rubber coating, but it is very thin. I was hoping that the shadows on the braided metal surface would be thicker. I think it will become dark over time since the outer coating material looks transparent. I did not see any blue tint in the lighting. There is a It looks a little dirty and not that thrilled with it so far. Hopefully it matches better when I install it on the bike. There is a The brake cable and housing are not very thick. In my case, the other ferrule endcaps fit. There was no rubber or plastic hosing.

6. Jagwire Guide Aviad Trail Brake

Jagwire Guide Aviad Trail Brake

The most trusted brand in cycling. Professionals use it. The materials used are the highest quality. The most trusted brand in cycling.

Brand: Jagwire

👤I thought I'd give it a try. "You get what you pay for" is an old adage. The brakes work well, but man are loud. Everybody on the trail will know where you are, because you van here the squall for a mile. I tried sanding them, cleaning them, and bedded them in again, but nothing changed. They would be a great option if they weren't annoying.

👤When it was hard to find the SRAM pads in stock, my experience with these came. After a long steep downhill, every set I tried became soft. We have steep descents that do not hold up, and I don't ride my brakes. I had squishy braking with the lever all the way to the grips. I got off them for about 10 minutes. I thought I just needed to bleed my brakes, but after having them professionally bled, it continued to happen.

👤These are not good. Before my first ride, bed them in. The first downhill I was experiencing less power and fade than the factory organic pads. Then began the twisting. I have never ridden brake pads that loud. It would be great if they gave a great bite, but to be loud and less powerful was disappointing. After one ride, I put my worn organic pads back in. Will have to look for a different option.

👤I live in the Northeast and ride in dry conditions. These have been great so far, good stoping power, no squeal, and the price is right!

👤Beware. Don't buy. There is a used item with grease. In a bag. Not in retail packaging. The item is being returned.

👤These pads work well. I get the same mileage as I do with organic pads. It seems the same. They make the same noise after crossing a stream as they always do. Performance and longevity are the same, so if you can get these cheaper, do it.

👤As replacements, work perfectly. Every year, a new pair of light to mid use mtn bike is added to the second set.

👤They seem to be good quality, no noise and last a long time, but I wasn't impressed with the stopping power. There is not enough bite for me on steep terrain. They don't feel stronger than an organic pad. If you aren't riding very steep terrain, they would be great pads.

👤I've never had a complaint about using the pads. They were noticeably cheaper and Jagwire is a well-known company. There were no complaints. They seem to work as well as the originals and have a nice red finish. It was a bonus! I like my Guides RSC's more than the XTR trails on my other bike. It's easier to bleed with better peak grip and better modulation.

👤The quality looks good after arriving on time. Half the cost of other pads and they're red.

👤I wanted a better material there.

7. Alritz Mountain Bicycle V Brake Blocks

Alritz Mountain Bicycle V Brake Blocks

It is possible to make charming decorative statements for any backyard, lawn or garden with the help of the BLKWHT burlap garden flags. It is made of high-quality nitrile rubber, wear-resistant, and does not hurt the rim, so that you can say goodbye to the harsh noise, and every time you brake is so comfortable. If there is a sound after installation, please adjust the installation position. The "LIMIT" word is a reminder to replace the brake pads to prevent accidents. The raised rubber text won't be washed away by rain and soil. The long service life is mentioned. The brake pad can be used 8000-10000 times when the speed is 12.5KM/H. The curved design fits the radian of the tire better. The drain boxes on the brake pads help stop the bike's power in the worst weather conditions and the grooves help drain water and indicate wear. It's comparable with all of the V-shaped systems. It's compatible with most mountain bikes. There are 3 pairs of 70mm pads in the set. It is more convenient to have left and right distinguishing signs.

Brand: Alritz

👤I care about what I put on my bikes. I'm happy with the feel of the pads. Smooth, firm, and quiet. The low quality finish on the conical washers added resistance to slipping, despite the fact that the machining finish is not beautiful. This is not an issue once they're installed. There is a pro-install tip. The trailing end of the pads should be positioned a bit away from the rim using a rubber band or folded business card. The "toe-in" technique helps to smooth and quiet break. If you need to replace your pads, make sure to replace the brake cables as well. Couple of bucks on Amazon. There is a There are three sets of pads, one set more than you need for a bike. Get enough pads for 3 bikes by buying 2 sets.

👤I got these for my cyclocross bike that I was fixing up last winter to use as a secondary bike and to try off-road riding this fall and winter. During the spring and summer I rode on the road for 15-20 miles per ride, and this fall I have been doing gravel riding for an hour or two each week. They wore down a bit over the summer, but held up well. The performance was okay initially, but it decreased as they wore. They did not last long after I stopped riding off the road. The spare set included in the package only lasted a couple of weeks after the back set wore out. They had a decent amount of material left on them, but both the front and rear set wore down in a matter of minutes. I'm not sure if they were meant for this type of use, but I am surprised how quickly they wore out. Without the cross race, they wouldn't have been usable. There is a If you want to ride light road, rail trails, or similar types of riding, I think these will work just fine, but they'll probably wear out faster than name brands, and the braking isn't as good as higher quality pads. I can't recommend them if you want to ride more competitively, or if you need to rely on the brakes a lot. I don't fault them for not holding up in how I used them, but at most can only give them 3 stars as a cheap set of brakes with "just okay" performance at their best.

👤I bought this for my son's mountain bike because I thought it would be a nice upgrade from the cheap ones. I was not happy with the performance of the brake pads. I got pink pads because I ordered red. My son pointed out that it looks nothing like the pictures. The pads quality looked okay at first, but man took 30 minutes to install and adjust all of them. We went for a bike ride and came back. There was pink dust on the bike rim. That was only 2 miles and wore out? I should have listened to the reviews about how to wear out quickly. I went to a local bike shop and bought Clark's brake pads for his bike, which was a day difference. Buy better quality if you spend that extra money.

8. Jagwire Mountain Sport Bike Brake

Jagwire Mountain Sport Bike Brake

The housing diameter is 1.8mm. The intended use is the crankset. The power is stopping and it is superior. In wet and dry conditions, enhanced performance is provided. In any condition, power and modulation are excellent. The compound delivers superior performance in wet conditions. It is designed for carbon fiber braking surfaces. A high-performing brake compound. Excellent modulation and high power.

Brand: Jagwire

👤I had just installed a brand of pad that was very poor and I wanted to replace it. Stop strong.

👤Fantastic product for a good price. They install quickly and stop very quickly.

👤Today was arrived. I noticed a huge stopping difference after the major upgrade. If I need to slam on the brakes, I feel safe. Thank you! Keep up the good work.

👤I've been using the same pair on the back brake for many months now and they aren't grinding.

👤jagwire pads are difficult to fit on two different wheels. The material has to be it.

👤I have had a bike so far. The pads break.

👤Very good. The break is a little long for a 26in rim. It works very well.

👤It's really good value for money.

👤These came quickly and seem to do the job.

9. Jagwire Cable Crimps Gold Black

Jagwire Cable Crimps Gold Black

There is enough sheath for internal or external passage. It works for smaller cables and 1.8mm cables. There is a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Proof of purchase is required for the warranty to apply to the original owner.

Brand: Jagwire

👤It's just right for a bike owner who doesn't want or need a bulk pack of 500 or so cables. Shop owners and frequent users will be better off ordering bulk. Jagwire products are of the highest quality. I was concerned that they might not fit the standard cables. Even if the cable is lightly damaged, they still do. There is a One doesn't need a specific crimping tool; an electrician's crimping pliers will do as well. The tool will be fine if you use the smallest diameter.

👤I like to dress my bikes up and match the paint scheme. Many people don't care about the small stuff, such as the cable crimps, valve caps, and bar end plugs, because functionally the look doesn't really matter. I searched for something different than the standard silver end crimps because I care. I finally found the Jagwire end crimps pack with gold, black, and red. I bought these crimps because Jagwire makes great stuff for bikes. The fit and finish of these crimps are great. The larger lip at the mouth makes it easy to insert the cables into the crimps. No my end crimps stand out from the crowd.

👤I used to use lead split shot to get my point across. I have become a roadie with my cable ends.

👤The cable end crimps are for the average user. I could have bought a lifetime supply of regular aluminum ones for the same amount, but these are stylish. They fit either the brake cables or the derailleur cables. The fit on the cables is not as tight as it could be. They color comes off when you crimp them. If you are using a regular pair of pliers, that may be true. I used them with my Park cable cutter and crimp tool. I put a small piece of cloth around the first one so it wouldn't be noticed. I found it not necessary. They look great.

👤Frayed cable and brake cable wire ends are dangerous to work around. The cable ends are easy to apply and do a good job at a good price.

👤Please come in a nice package, work as well as any I have ever used, and fit the bill, pricewise. I am happy with them.

👤It's a must for someone with multiple bikes to have this in their tool box. It's more economical to have this than to visit a local bike shop. You have a choice of three colors.

👤They work well and look great. It adds a nice touch.

👤The red ones are very cool, but the price here is excellent compared with specialist bike stores. I don't think there's a bike out there that wouldn't look better with an andoised crimp, and each one must be worth at least a second off a 40 km ride. You're going to need an extremely expensive crimping plier to make the extra second promise count.

👤It's a great way to bling the bikes. Look good, are well made, and have a good price. They arrived in a good time. Well pleased.



25'Housing Color: black, housing diameter: 4mm, roll: 25ft The JAGWIRE CGX-SL is 2.0 m x 5.0 m and has a black color. 1.7 m x 1.5 m JAGWIRE Mountain Brake Cable is compatible with both the SRAM and Shimano brands. Jagwire logo, 2.0 m x 4.0 m JAGWIRE LEX-SL, LEX reinforced, Jet Lubed housing, black color. The Mountain Galvinized Shifter Cable is compatible with the SRAM/Shimano. End caps and cable tips are required. There is no retail packaging included.

Brand: Jagwire

👤I put these on my old Diamondback bike because I wanted to extend the height of the handlebars. There is a Installation took a few hours and was done using a cut off tool. It will be easier to put the end caps on when you put tape around the cables. There is a Don't mix thinner and thicker cable for the brakes and the shifters. Make sure to measure twice and use the correct cables for the brakes and shift gears. There is a The cables on the bike were not as good.

👤Really nice kit! I used this for my mountain bike. I only use it for the beach. The car has a triple on the front and 7 on the back. There is a This restored both the shifting and braking functions. The bike came with housing and cables. I was short on caps for the cables. I had left over from the Jagwire Road Kit that I had purchased, so this wasn't a big deal for me. If you need them, you may want to pick up a couple extra. It comes with 8 and I need 10. Would purchase again.

👤The Jagwire brake and shift cables are a great value. A 4 cables costs $25. They are not the best cables that will set you back $65. They are a medium grade. They need to include 2 more Shift cable housing ends. If there was a bicycle mechanic there, they would know that 80% of the bikes have a rear shift cable that has 3 separate housings that use 6 of the 8 cable ends. There are two ends short for the front shift and two cable housings that need four ends. The housing ends are large to fit snug on the smaller shift cable housing.

👤Their cables are of the highest quality. I don't use factory replacement cables or housing on my bike. Only Jagwire. You won't have to blame the housing if you use a quality pair of cutters.

👤I replaced mountain bike style handle bars with banana bike style and bought this kit. The cables needed to be replaced. If you have a bike that does not have open sections of cable, the housing is probably not long enough. The housing is just a small part of the bike. I had enough room to add ape hangers. It would be nice if the seller included more housing. This worked well for me. The cable kits on Amazon were not long enough. This was perfect!

👤The cables and housings work. I ran into a problem with insufficient gear cable housing for a bike that needed housing from both the shift and the derailleurs. I used old housing because of the lack of cable housing. I need to purchase more housing. Measure how much cable housing you need before buying.

👤The cable housings are the sport versions. I knew what I was getting when I saw the description and pictures. I don't think the title deserves any stars taken off. The length of the brake cable housing was sufficient for both rear mount and front disc brakes. The cables and housing are long. I was satisfied with my purchase.

11. Jagwire Derailleur Housing Liner Black

Jagwire Derailleur Housing Liner Black

There is a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Proof of purchase is required for the warranty to apply to the original owner. 25'Housing Color: black, housing diameter: 4mm, roll: 25ft

Brand: Jagwire

👤My bike has never shifted so smooth when I've used this housing. It takes half the pressure on the shift levers to shift now. We will see a long term but I am impressed so far.

👤I replaced my cable with this stuff. Awesome, very slick inside. There is a pain to cut. I used a Dremel tool with a cutoff wheel and had issues with the inner sheath melting. It's easy to correct, just cut a bit, pause for it to cool and then cut more. A hacksaw could be used to cut small wire cutters, but be prepared for a fight. It is worth it though, the restored symandias rsx shift works better with this new cable. There's plenty to do my friends' bikes. These are not intended for brakes and will fail.

👤Proper shift cables and housing make a huge difference in shifting quality so it's great to have a role in that. Good quality cables.

👤I was tired of paying for kits that only had a single bike. I bought this because I want to cut what I need and not waste a section.

👤A great product from Taiwan. It's worth paying a little more for.

👤It is less expensive than the original brands and has never let me down. My life is grand and I have fresh housing every 9 mos.

👤I was disappointed to receive a coil of 5mm brake cable housing instead of the product I was supposed to use to finish the bike build. The brake cable housing and the derailleur cable housing are different types of cable housing, so be careful if you receive them. Very disappointing.

👤I have used it to build a lot of bikes. It's nice to be around the shop.


What is the best product for bicycle brake pads jagwire?

Bicycle brake pads jagwire products from Jagwire. In this article about bicycle brake pads jagwire you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle brake pads jagwire.

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