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1. Pairs Semi Metallic Bicycle Brake Juicy

Pairs Semi Metallic Bicycle Brake Juicy

When replacing pads, it's a good idea to replace the rotors. The brake pads are semi-metallic. The brake pads are semi-metallic. The ball bearing 7 disc brakes have a consistent braking for juicy 7, juicy 5,juicy 3. It is compatible with all types of bikes. The organic brake pads are quieter but wear out faster than metallic.

Brand: Corki

👤After bedding in, they have the initial bite that I hoped for. I bought these to give my rotors greater longevity as the metal and semi metallic are harder on than the plastic. The installation took a bit of time and was difficult to fit. There is a small screw from the adjuster on the original pads, which is why the depression is there. I had to drill an identical depression in the new pads because the design of these pads didn't include it. I had to file down the little arm which hit the mount.

👤The pads are listed as correct and appear in person to be the correct size for 2007, but they are too big to fit. I used my wire wheel to knock the edges down. They fit correctly now. I don't think buying these for older brakes is a good idea.

👤The blue paint added mass to the dimensions of the pads, but they do not fit my Juicy calipers on my 2009 Specialized FSR XC Pro MTB, so not sure if the metal plates are just too large from manufacturing or if the blue paint added mass to the dimensions of the pads. I threw in the towel after grinding them down with my wheel. It's not worth the time and I ordered the Avid set. Never again.

👤Product show is not what you get. The square hole is not deep enough, the lead in between the 2 small pins at the bottom of the pad is not there. I returned the brakes because they didn't fit in my calipers. There is a picture of the original and delivered brake pad.

👤Poor specifications make them incompatible with the breaks. A positioning pin is located on the break pad. The Avid pad has a depth of 2.1mm. The pads have a depth of 0.8mm. The pad cannot seat properly on the cylinder and you risk damaging your break because of this. They are the right length and width, but don't fit because the dimple isn't deep enough to seat the pad properly. Do not follow these. They were never tried with the actual breaks they were supposed to use.

👤I bought an electric bike on Amazon in the summer of 2019. The bike is not offered on Amazon now. It's a great cost effective bike. Get 30mi out of one charge.

👤This was the most affordable set of pads I could find for my brake, and it included two new springs, which are usually not included with other makers, so it was even better value. I commute to work over flat terrain for a long time, and my last sintered pads last a couple years even under that heavy level of use. It is hard for me to say if these can compete with that longevity, but so far there is no reason to think they can't. They provide good stopping power so far, and they are easy to install, unlike any other brand of pads I have ever used with theBB-7.

2. Compatible Tektro Shimano Br M575 Metallic

Compatible Tektro Shimano Br M575 Metallic

If you're not happy with their products, they'll give you a return,replacement or refund. The package contains 6 pairs of bicycle brake pads for quick and convenient replacement, and they can serve you for a long time. The bike brake pads are made of quality copper semi metallic material, which can reduce the initial bite time, shorten the run-in period, and reduce the noise fast smooth road, suitable for smooth road riding. The bicycle disc brake pads are compatible with a lot of them. The cycle brake pads have passed strict inspection and are safe to use. The mountain bike disc brakes pads feature good appearance and good braking effect, which is not easy to break and crack, safe, stable, noiseless and convenient for you to apply.

Brand: Hestya

👤They fit my radrunner.

👤The name brand ones work just as well.

👤How long would they last only once?

👤It is easy to install and works. Should be.

👤Absolutely, hands down the best brake pads.

3. Zonon Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575

Zonon Pairs Tektro Shimano Br M575

Compared to metal pads, the brakes make less noise. You will get 4 pairs of bicycle brake pads for a quick and convenient replacement. The brake pads are made of reliable material, which have better braking performance, wear resistance, and noise reduction than others, and they are not easy to change. It's compatible with: M315, M355, M515, M525. The appearance of the oil can be applied as a plate. Their products have passed strict inspection and are free of harmful substances. The feature is fine appearance, good braking effect, noiseless, safe, stable, comfortable and convenient.

Brand: Zonon

👤It's great to have some backups on hand, but I've experienced the effects of glazing, which leads to reduced grip and very loud/screeching upon braking. I broke in these pads and they were effective for a few days, but then they glazed up quickly, and I can't stand the bone rattling noise they make. The pad is completely glazed after 5 days.

👤I bought the first pair at a bike shop and paid the same as the others on Amazon. The quality is the same. It was easy to install than expected. I was surprised they didn't need to change anything. I have never had a bike with these types of brakes. I waited too long to replace. I had to constantly adjust them towards the end of their life. 1000 miles is a good point for my type of riding. Good product.

👤A warped rotor was replaced. Wear on pads. My pads were four years old. I had to change my brake line. There is a I don't think they will last long.

👤It would be great to ride a bike that is only used to cruise the sidewalks. I found that the pads will wear out in a matter of 3-6 rides. Even if it's more expensive, the pads from the bike shop last months. I get more braking with the bike shop pads. I was hoping that having 4 sets would make this better.

👤I needed new brake pads after 1000 miles on my Wallke Ebike. I should have replaced them after 600 miles. I never replaced the brake pads on the electric bike until they started to make noise. First timer learning curve. Wallke sells the entire brake assembly for $150. The little pads are easy to take out. I think I only spent 10 minutes installing the new pads. When I come to a stop, my bike no longer shrieks. I went to an electric bike shop to see why my bike was squeaking. The mechanic was selling high end pads for $40. These were only $12 for 4 pairs. Not a bad deal at all.

👤I have had the best aftermarket pads so far. Not tested in mud, just 80F on fire trails. The pads seem to need a little more pressure than before.

👤Buy the good stuff if you save your money. There was nothing in the pads. The pads I was replacing had more than this garbage. It was almost like they were selling new pads.

👤The pads are thick and will touch the rotors when installed. You just need to sand them down and they will fit. They work well after adjusting the breaks.

👤These are not funny. "Just break them in then, they're 888-270-6611 They get hotter and hotter when they rub against the disc. I'm getting on average 2 minutes a day even though it's winter. I need to get off and let the disc cool before I can continue. I have pushed my pistols all the way in and the spring hasn't bent while fitting. The tolerances are off and I need to file the other 3 sets before they go on.

4. Shimano Replacement Stronger Braking Shimano

Shimano Replacement Stronger Braking Shimano

Buy with confidence. If you have a product issue, please don't hesitate to contact them via the Amazon message system, they will do their best to solve it. BR-M355, M355, M395, M415, M416, M3050, M4050, MT200, M450, M446, M447, M465, M 475, M485, M486, M525, M575 are all for Shimano. Auriga PRO, Comp, E- Comp, HDC, and GE MINI were used. Smooth and Powerful Braking. A steel backing plate has more protection for the rotor. It's a must have item for build a mountain bike. Before placing the order, please compare the shape with your original pads.

Brand: Odier

👤I've found the best replacements for the genuine BO1S. If stock goes out, these perform better than the original design, and my local bike shop wanted $35 per axle to replace. No more! I would. The Parks tool is a good way to spread the calipers. You can buy the tool and the pads at the bike shop.

👤I replaced the pads on my bike. The old pads had very little grip. New replacements work well. The other day, I was a hood ornament on a Mercedes. I was happy with the performance. They work well in the varied conditions of my year round commute when I have a feeling metallic pads would be useless below freezing.

👤I needed to replace the brakes on my mountain bike. My kid wore out the brakes completely while he was riding it. Replacing them is easy, and you can find lots of videos on the internet to show you how. The quality of these seemed to be good, and they have lasted now, and it's better for the price if you have the skills.

👤They aren't the best, but they aren't the worst. I bought these along with the new rotors and they work for me, even though they don't meet my expectations. If you want to stop you in time, I would recommend these. They will lock up your wheels. It won't stop my front one. They do the job even though I wouldn't want that. After a few uses, they went away with just a bit of a shriek.

👤My old ones were making so much noise so I put them on my bike. These are a bit noisy but not as bad. I try to keep my brakes clean. Before you go on the trails, make sure you bed them. These work as well as any are of the highest quality. I'm happy with them.

👤The cotter pins are cheap. I wouldn't recommend it. I couldn't get these pads to grip my bike. The brands are changing.

👤Working well so far. I can't imagine why I would pay more.

👤I replaced these pads for the first time and they were a perfect match for the originals. After they were installed, they were a little noisy for the break in period, but after I took them out on a ride with lots of steep downhill, they worked perfectly and quietly.

👤There were no trumpet noises or squeaking from the work. I have no issues after 2 months of using them. There is wear on the rotor. I only use for the street.

5. Pairs Bicycle Compatible Shimano Alfine

Pairs Bicycle Compatible Shimano Alfine

It's compatible with the XTR M965 M966, Saint M800, and other brands. You will get 4 pairs of brake pads for easy and timely replacement and extended service time. The bicycle brake pads are made of a material that can reduce the initial bite time, shorten the run-in period, and reduce the noise. The quality cycle brake pads have good heat resistance, are easy to install, and are free of harmful substances. The bike brake pads have a fine appearance, good braking effect, noiseless, wear-resistant, stable, comfortable and convenient. These brake pads are compatible with other brands. T605

Brand: Boao

👤For the price expectations, my replacement cable pull hydraulics only lasted about 7 months on flat terrane. These have barely made it two. The performance was good, but terrible. The front and rear were only used for full stops. The rear is useless and the front is fast. Time to order something better for the witch.

👤It's fine for regular riding on the level streets. There is a I ride it down Chestnut Street in San Francisco from the top of Russian Hil. The blocks are steep. The pads expand after the third block. The tire is locked up by the brake. The space between the brake's pads and the disc was provided by the loosened adjustment screw.

👤The title implies that these are compatible with the Deore XT brakes. They don't. The listing needs to be edited.

👤They are doing well if I put them on my bike. This type of pad is vastly superior to S0-1 type pads and brakes, even high end ones.

👤These have been the best break's I've tried out and they work great.

👤These pads work great. I tried a lot of different companies and types. They will stop you.

👤The quality of the building is bad, but they are affordable and the stopping power is good.

👤They work well, use them to replace the brakes on my bike, and they did the job.

👤I bought these for my friend. The brakes were useless and incredibly noisey after the accident. The pads are an ideal replacement for the originals. If you're replacing due to contamination, make sure you clean the rotors before you start.

👤I swapped out the old for the new and am still going strong.

👤Really loud. Have tried cleaning with alcohol. There is water. There is sandpaper. Nothing works.

👤Does the job well.

6. Tektro P20 11 Ceramic Compound STB1762

Tektro P20 11 Ceramic Compound STB1762

Disc brake pads have a good braking effect and are free of harmful substances. The Brake Pads for the Disc Brakes are in need of replacement. Excellent traction properties result in excellent wet braking performance. The P20.11 Disc Brake Pads have features. The Airfinn is not compatible with the Radiator Airfinn. The contents are in a 2 pack.

Brand: Tektro

👤A10.11 pads have a superior performance replacement. No need to replace the rotors unless they are warped or damaged, simply clean them with greaseless solvent and dry them with soft cloth before installing new pads. You can squeeze the brake lever while you tighten the bolts. Make sure your brake lever is blocked so that it isn't accidentally actuated, or that it isn't causing a leak.

👤My pads werebedded to a different compound. There were deposits on the rotors and brake thumping when these metal ceramic pads were installed. I got the same thumping after a lot of cleaning. Tech service from the manufacture needs to be changed if a different compound is installed.

👤When I first got it, my brakes were the same as they are now. I was using a computer. It is still thick. I thought I should bleed my brakes, but it didn't solve the problem. There is a After installing the P20.11, cleaning my rotors with rubbing alcohol, and bedding the new brake pads, my brakes are working again as if they were brand new. The pads don't make noise. The brakes would fall apart from the fork because of the stopping power of the pads. I fell in love with my old bike again after being impressed. I bought a bleed kit as well, so I could use it in the future, but I wish I had these pads sooner.

👤I had new brakes on the Himiway bike, but they didn't sound good. The back was grinding and there was squeaking. I tried to clean them. It didn't work. The breaks are almost silent now that I put these on. If I hit it hard enough, I can still hear a tiny squeaking, but it's nothing that will break the squeak spray for cars. I think they are as good as it gets for breaking. The feel is also included.

👤If the outer shoe slips down too low, it can be difficult to remove the old brake shoes, so try to keep a good grip on both shoes. You will need to push the two pistons back into their cylinders in order to make room for the thicker shoes. If you have a large flat-blade screwdriver, this isn't hard. Just slip it down between the pistons and you will get a couple of twists. They are tough. It is important to not jiggle the BRAKE LEVER until the shoes are replaced. If you do, you will need to push those pistons back into place. It's a thing to do. I think it will take a few rides to get these shoes to grab. Before I replaced the shoes, I cleaned the brakes with alcohol. It works well too.

👤I own a Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent S2. It came with the organic compound brakes. Even though they were new, they were noisy with both types of sounds. The bike brakes are even better now that I have swapped them for the P20.11 pads, and they are no longer making strange noises. The upgrade to everyone is highly recommended.

7. Compatible Mechanical Decipher Dualtron Render R

Compatible Mechanical Decipher Dualtron Render R

The organic brake pads are quieter but wear out faster than metallic. You'll get 4 pairs of bike disc brakes, a convenient and timely replacement, and a longer use time. Disc friendly, low noise, stability, good high temperature performance, and wet performance are some of the benefits of the Resin brake pads. It's suitable for most weather conditions and terrain conditions. Disc brake pads have a good braking effect and are free of harmful substances. Disc brake pads have a good braking effect and are free of harmful substances.

Brand: Boao

👤Also fit for the Jetson Pro Bolt scooter. New Clips must be used in the package. These brake pads are compatible with nee clips. Jetson brand Pro Bolt E scooters have functional clips.

👤A quiet pad for general use. I wouldn't recommend for mountainous use if it was possible to fade from high heat.

👤Product worth a lot of money. Works as advertised. The store's customer service was top notch and they were able to help with a small issue with my package. The issue was resolved and the customer was happy. Will do business again.

👤The pad set is better than the hardrock.

👤This is too large to be installed for dualtron ultra.

👤They didn't fit my bike. I grinded them smaller. They work well.

👤They seem to be doing well so far.

👤You use the pads quicker than I did. It doesn't matter if you swap out old for new.

8. Gekors Ceramic Bicycle Shimano Alfine

Gekors Ceramic Bicycle Shimano Alfine

The back plate is made of ceramic or steel. It's free. The service life is very long. Adapted to different road surfaces. Smooth and powerful braking. It is designed for professional trainings. It was a perfect performance. It is compatible with the XTR M965/M966/M975, Saint M800, Deore XT M765/M775/M776, SLX M665, and Hone M601. The package includes 1 pair of pads and an installation guide.

Brand: Gekors

👤I commute on my bike in the Texas Hill Country of San Antonio on a 700c Schwinn DSB with some modifications. I had to smoke the stock brakes after a car turned in front of me, crossed my lane and headed for a business driveway. I decided to apply what I learned tuning race cars, and went for ceramic pads after the rears did note but squeal. There is a big difference. They bite harder the hotter they get which is great for long downhills or emergency stops. I noticed an improvement in the performance of the stock front after installing on the rear. The front stock pads were useless when I was caught in a rain storm on my commute, but once warmed up, they worked just fine. I'm not light or easy on the brakes because I'm so heavy. I would love to buy both sets at the same time. Fronts love the ability to make emergency stops without worrying about toasting these.

👤I bought an ebike with this style pad. The performance of the company was good. So. When the brakes were applied, it made a loud hissing noise. The pads seem to work better and are much quieter than the no-name brand pads my bike came with. The brakes make a noise that is still noticeable. I will probably try a few different pads until I find one that works better.

👤I would have had to wait 2 weeks for the Shimano XT pad, so I went for the best alternative I could find. Next day, this thing arrived. I replaced a worn pad after bleeding the system. Wow! This thing is strong. I love it! It didn't need a break-in period. It was breaking great after a break. I would buy this again.

👤The list of products that these pads are suited for is incorrect. The XTR brake systems have cooling fins. They are a bit wider than the units here. I want customers to compare the ones on offer.

👤Excellent pads. My brakes are working great now.

👤It was a better pad than the original one. A longer life under hard braking on a daily commute. I thought they should be quiet. I don't know if it's the pad or the disc.

9. KREMORV Compatible Shimano Tektro Alfine

KREMORV Compatible Shimano Tektro Alfine

The feature is fine appearance, good braking effect, noiseless, safe, stable, comfortable and convenient. It is compatible with the Deore XT M765 M775 M776 LX. M 585 T665,SLX M 955 XTR M 955 M 955 Saint M800 Hone, M535 M595 M596, Alfine S500 S500. Smooth braking and progressive power. Break-in period maximum initial bite short. Good heat dissipation. The package includes 4 brake pads, a spring, and a retaining clip.

Brand: Kremorv

👤The pads came on time and were easy to install. What a great deal.

10. Top Brake Disc Level Ultimate

Top Brake Disc Level Ultimate

The manufacturer warranty is for 2 years. There is a recommendation for racing, cross country, mountain, downhill, cycling. Fit for all bikes. Extreme stopping power. Good anti-noise ability and easy modulation. The bed is easy to install. It is normal for the brakes to make noise during installation, bedding them properly will make them quieter. The backplate is steel and the pads are made in Taiwan.

Brand: Top Brake

👤I replaced my old pads with ceramic ones because of the noise they created when the particles from the old pads were transferred to the new ones. Here's what you do. Before installing the new pads, you should clean the rotors with alcohol to remove the old particles. I found that using water on the pads made things worse. I had to clean and dry the pads after that happened.

👤They have good stopping power. Recommended!

👤I went to three bike shops that did not have cross reference. These were perfect and arrived in two days.

👤Quality pads. If not better than stock pads, it is compatible with Sram Red AXS calipers. Bed in normally and acetone to clean your rotors.

👤I was surprised at how well these work. The replacement of the SRAM brand is hard to find.

👤The sram force brakes fit perfectly.

👤Professionale buon prezzo qualit.

👤pessime, non compratele, non ne vale la pena... Su force axs.

👤El produsto lleg perfecto y rpido.

11. CYCEARTH Bicycle Semi Metallic Sintered Shimano

CYCEARTH Bicycle Semi Metallic Sintered Shimano

The brake performance was remarkable. You can apply to all weather types. You will get 4 pairs of brake pads and a piece of disc brake adjusting tool. It's compatible with: M525 M515 T65 M465 M454 M465 M447 M446 M45 M40 M45 The material is semi-metallic and has good anti-wear and heat dissipation. Their products have passed strict inspection and are free of harmful substances. The feature is fine appearance, good braking effect, noiseless, safe, stable, comfortable and convenient.

Brand: Cycearth

👤These worked well, but were almost completely gone in a week. I average 15 miles a day in the rain, it is a rain-forest, and I use my brakes a lot, but they worked well in the rain. This was the fastest I have ever worn through a set of brake pads. If the next round does better, I will be buying replacements from other brands to get them in the mail as soon as possible.

👤This is the first time I've purchased from this company. When I ordered the brakes online, I didn't know how long it would take or if they would fit my trike. The price was half that of a typical bike shop, and it fit perfectly. I will order again.

👤These worked out great and were worth the money. A+.

👤These don't fit the BR-M446 brakes. The required thickness is 3mm.

👤It's easy to install and it's priced right. Does the job!

👤I liked the price and they were what I pictured. I used them for my bike.


What is the best product for bicycle brake pads disc?

Bicycle brake pads disc products from Corki. In this article about bicycle brake pads disc you can see why people choose the product. Hestya and Zonon are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle brake pads disc.

What are the best brands for bicycle brake pads disc?

Corki, Hestya and Zonon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle brake pads disc. Find the detail in this article. Odier, Boao and Tektro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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