Best Bicycle Brake Cable Parts

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1. Housing Bicycle Plastic Mountain Cycling

Housing Bicycle Plastic Mountain Cycling

The Black OPS brand stands for quality and dependability. The bicycle brake line set comes with 1 piece 5mm brake line 2.5 m, 1 piece general front brake internal line 1.1 m, 1 x general rear brake internal line 1.7 m, 6 x brake line cap, and 2 pieces inside. The bicycle brake line set can help you hold the brake well, it has a strong cable for more braking power and smooth operation. The V bicycle brake noodles cable set includes two pieces of aluminum alloy V bike brake noodle cable guide pipe and two plastic hoses that are made of rubber tube with a plastic pipe. The bicycle riding set is made of quality material, each replacement part has been well made, reliable and durable, can be applied for a long time. The bicycle brake cable housing kit is a great accessory for bike repair and gift giving, and it is suitable for both mountain bikes and road bikes. The bicycle brake cable housing kit is a great accessory for bike repair and gift giving, and it is suitable for both mountain bikes and road bikes.

Brand: Patelai

👤The cables and housing are good. Make sure you pay attention to the lengths. The sorter is for the front and rear. There was nothing in the packaging to remind you of that. I wouldn't kill them to put a small piece of paper in the packaging to remind the user that there are two different lengths of cable.

👤I am really happy with this purchase. I thought I'd give it a try and see what I could do to fix the broken front brake cable on my youngest's bike. I was surprised by how easy it was to cut a new cable and repair it. The kit had everything I needed, the process was easy, and now the front brake works for the first time in years.

👤Excellent quality brake cables. I thought they were plastic coated, but they're not, they're really well made. The accessories are good. metal end caps would have made them better, but plastic ones seem to work well enough. I cut them with a wire cutter.

👤The package didn't have instructions.

👤I replaced the stock zero-rise handlebar with a 100mm riser bar for a more upright riding posture and left the original cables short of optimal length. There was enough in the kit to make up two new brake cable assembly, and I could have used it to make a larger bike. Products were easy to use.

👤The cables worked well. I replaced the straight handle bars with a set of rise handle bars and needed a longer brake cable. The parts were included and it was easy to install.

👤The kit was able to replace the front brake cable on my mom's bike. It was easy to install and cheaper than taking it in.

👤It may be a great product, but I don't like it to be cut for the length. There is pain in the a$$.

👤I haven't done bike repairs in 40 years. My advice for beginners is to take photos of the old set up before dismantling and use the old kit as templates. Great kit, other than that.

👤This was bought to replace worn cables. Extra bits, end caps, and all the other things were included. It's perfect for the job and easy to set up.

👤The pack seems to have good quality and a good price. The package did not contain the noodles advertised.

👤The materials did the job well.

2. Jessica Welcomes You Front Bicycle

Jessica Welcomes You Front Bicycle

The design of the plastic conduit inside the pipe is reasonable because it reduces the friction of the brake wire, so that it can be used for a long time. High strength is not easy to break. The front and rear brake lines are different lengths. The brake pipe line length is 61 inches. The package includes a pair of Brake Cable.

Brand: Jessica Welcomes You

👤The cables work. The front cable on my son's bike needed to be shortened because they were installed on it. I pulled out the cable and used a utility knife to cut the sheath that has a metal liner inside. I was able to smooth it out so that the brake cable wouldn't fall in and out. I think these are intended for kids bikes as they are short and work for that purpose.

👤This isn't made for an adult bicycle. It was too short.

👤These are for a small bike.

👤The cable for the back brake is long, but if you have a disc brake in the front, it will only work if you have a pad brake.

👤Front cable used back cable to tie down a tarp in the back yard.

3. Hotop Mountain Brake Cable Crimps

Hotop Mountain Brake Cable Crimps

The amount of force from the brake line comes under slowing to a stop for a person about 250 lbs. After using them for more than 200 miles, there are no issues yet. The complete inner replacement cable kit includes 4 pieces barrel ended brake cables, 4 pieces gear shift cables, 8 pieces cable end caps and 24 donuts. The cables are all about the same length. Their length can be cut easily to match their bikes. These donuts are supplied in 8 sets, and each set contains 3 pieces, 24 pieces completely, and they fit to 1.2mm - 1.5mm diameter cables, please wear them when using them. The inner bike cable set is suitable for front or rear gear and is made of durable metal. The donuts can keep your bike from being scratched, and the caps help prevent the cable end from being scratched.

Brand: Hotop

👤I'm happy with the cables. I bought a used bike for my son and decided to run new cables while he cleaned it. The cables are of good quality and were easy to navigate through the cable housing and the bike. The cable has not loosened up or stretched after a couple weeks. When I checked on my son's bike after about a couple weeks of him riding it, I saw that both the crimps had come off, leaving sharp bare wire exposed. What the hell? I know how to crimp them on. I can only assume that they were of poor quality. It was annoying.

👤I like the value of the kit. It has everything you need for two bikes. The cables are packaged in a way that makes them safe to use. The only complaint is the poor finish of the anchors. The barrels and wire from the die cast process can't fit into the brake lever slots because of the aluminum flash on them. The fins were thrown around the barrel. I installed them. They slide quickly. I hope the bond is of good quality.

👤I have a Raleigh hybrid bike. I've never worked on disc brakes before. I went looking for a replacement cable after the rear brake cable snapped. I wanted to keep the conduit, so I was hoping that I could find a bare cable that was compatible with the disc brakes. I gambled and bought this kit because I couldn't find anything specific on Amazon. The cable is a little thinner than the one used in the conduit, but it works in the conduit and can be swapped in within 5 minutes. The cable seems to be of good quality. The best part? I have several extras in case something like this happens again. You can't beat this kit for money.

👤I was able to replace the brake cable on the bike in 25 minutes. It was easy to thread the cable. When you get into one of these adventures, you have to play with the bike's adjustments to get the pad distance set again. I crimped the end cap after cutting the cable. It looks and behaves like new. It saved some money and the hassle of having someone work on it, then having to pick it up later. I'm not sure why others had problems with this product, since it worked great for me.

👤The spare cable set comes with four brake and gear shift cables and matching end-caps and donuts. The cables are long enough to be used on any bike. The braided ends make it slide through the cable housing smoothly. I used a spare brake cable to replace the bad one on my son's mountain bike and had no issues installing it through the original cable housing. It's highly recommended for anyone who wants a spare cable set for bike repairs.

👤Positive reviews. I thought I would give them a try to replace my original trek/bontrager cables. The barrel end is shaved more so that it doesn't sit in the brake handle. It is not an oem quality part. I was going to return but the seller wouldn't allow it.

4. Auto Plaza Brake Cables Spinner Complete

Auto Plaza Brake Cables Spinner Complete

The lightweight characteristics of their cycling brake pipe with rubber boots make it easy to carry and store. Installation of a fresh brake cable is easy and fast. The set includes all the components for a BMX. Generic use with most gyro systems. The actual rotors, the actual cables, and the front brake cable are included.

Brand: Auto-plaza

👤The brake cables were a little more expensive than other brands, but they had good reviews so I gave it a try. It turned out well. I was willing to pay more for it since it worked well. There is a Our kid's bmx bike had an extra length of cables. It was easy to install. The ends of the cable were not damaged. I put the cables through the sleeves since they were recommended in some instructional videos. There is a He has no issues on his bike.

👤The cables were easy to use. I only had to change the size of the housing. After installation, the cables work well.

👤It worked well but for some issues. It was worth it because it was a good price.

👤It's not easy to adjust brakes, so we're not sure if it's only this brand. It was either tight or loose.

👤Resolv el problema.

👤Kent FS20 is difficult due to protecting cable being too long after the splitter. There is a lot of stretch in the adjustment room.

👤My son's BMX bike was a perfect replacement for this. The access slack had to be trimmed and the caps had crimp on them. Awesome!

👤I bought this setup for my rhythm. The quality was better than I expected. Would prefer this over a bike from a store.

👤The cables were too short and the item didn't fit my bike. I was wondering if I could return the item and get my money back.

👤The brakes are up and running again, it's cheaper than a name brand.

5. EACOZY Noodle Bicycle Mountain Bicycles

EACOZY Noodle Bicycle Mountain Bicycles

It's compatible with most mountain bikes, perfect for front or rear gear and brake, and it's the best replacement for mountain bike, BMX, MTB bikes, Kids' mike's, folding bikes, city bikes, like the common bikes,recreational cycling. Bike Brake Noodle Cable Pipes are made of bend pipes and rubber boots. Excellent Performance: rubber boots reduce the resistance of the brake wire and protect it from being damaged. Their bike cycling brake pipes with rubber boots are made of sturdy steel, aluminum and rubber and are reliable for daily use. The bike brake noodle cables can be used in a wide range of bikes. The bicycle V brake noodles cable has a replacement brake noodle and boot set.

Brand: Eacozy

👤There are two noodles in the picture, one 90 degree and the other 110 degree. I got two 90 degree noodles. I needed the noodle at the higher temperature. The picture is deceptive.

👤The rubber part is what it is.

👤This item is available for purchase. It is easy to install.

👤The product is good. Just as advertised.

👤It was easy to install and worked perfectly.

👤Excellent product on my bike.

6. Lucas Shops Front Brake Bicycle

Lucas Shops Front Brake Bicycle

The Universal Cable End Pressure Line is used for the end of the Brake Wire Core and the end of the Speed Change Wire Core. It can prevent the core of the wire from unraveling after cutting. High strength is not easy to break. The front and rear brake lines are different lengths. The brake pipe line length is 61 inches. The package includes a pair of Brake Cable.

Brand: Lucas Shops

👤I have never installed a brake before. I got it right the first time I watched a video. I replaced some of the old brake housing with new ones. The brakes were easy and the gears were a bit harder to get right.

👤The cables are pre-sleeved which makes them easier to install than other brands.

👤The rear brake wire on my wife's bike was replaced. Simple install and adjustment.

👤These were easy to cut. I enlarged the pinched housing using a sharp metal pick after cutting these with a pair of wire cutters. The package does not come with small crimp caps for the ends of the wire, but it does come with a set of ferrules for the ends of the housing. I would not give 5 stars.

👤It worked well for my temporary rim brakes. These cables worked for me when I was looking for a beach cruiser.

👤It took about 20 minutes to install. It was a good value and was delivered on time. These cables were better than the stock ones. I discarded the bushing that sits on the base of the brake because I didn't need it. I needed to replace the back and front brakes. The cable tips were welded.

👤The anchor end of the cables is too large for the hand brake. I was able to correct the problem by using a file. I wouldn't buy this brand again.

👤It works like a charm. Price was correct. It arrived as promised.

7. Pieces Bicycle Cycling Mountain Accessories

Pieces Bicycle Cycling Mountain Accessories

Two brake levers are suitable for both right and left handlebars. The package includes 8 sets of bike brake noodle cables, each set contains 1 piece 90 degree bend pipe, 1 piece 110 bend pipe and 2 pieces rubber boots, enough to meet your long-term using needs. The rubber boots on the brake pipes will reduce the resistance of the brake wire and serve you a long time. The bicycle cycling brake pipes with rubber boots are made of sturdy steel, aluminum alloy and rubber, which is not easy to damage in long-term friction, durable and reliable for you to use. The bike brake noodle cables can be applied to most types of bikes. The lightweight characteristics of their cycling brake pipe with rubber boots make it easy to carry and store. The lightweight characteristics of their cycling brake pipe with rubber boots make it easy to carry and store.

Brand: Boao

👤I used to spend a lot of time cleaning up old brake noodles on my used bike repairs and sales. I only use these for my cheaper bikes. I still prefer Jagwire, Sram or Shimano for my higher-end bikes as I have noticed a significant performance and quality difference. These have made my life a lot easier and made biker repairs look professional. There is a I did not receive them individually wrapped in sets. They were mixed up in a small box.

👤If you have more than a few bikes at home to repair, this is a must have.

👤The value is great. I have already purchased 4 sets. Will buy again. I would recommend them to anyone who needs them. There is a Thanks.

👤It is not high quality or fancy. It does the job. And meets the minimum requirement.

👤I bought these to make my bikes look better. I think it's a great value. They are in a white box. I used to separate the 8 sets with small bags. There were no complaints here.

👤Excellent value. The item is described.

👤They are not very good. I thought it would be a product that wouldn't matter how much you pay. That isn't the case. The cable has more force than a higher quality one, and I could barely push it through.

👤If you have the larger diameter cable, do not buy these.

👤I had trouble threading the inner cable through the noodles. Had to take out the lining, thread it through, then try and push the cable out of the other end, because it did not like a gradual bend as it would catch. I only had to setup another bike with a different set of noodles.

👤The price is unbeatable and you will have many years of supply ahead of you, assuming you have only one bike. There is a The quality is low because the inside tube is not well lubricated and this will cause problems. Unless you are desperate for a low price item, this is not recommended.

👤When it's time to replace your brake cables, this kit is a good place to put it.

👤It's great to replace old ones.

8. Blissgo Universal Complete Mountain Replacement

Blissgo Universal Complete Mountain Replacement

The brake and shift cable ends of bikes or modified vehicles are compatible with all inner cables. Two pairs of mountain V bike brakes, which can fit most of bicycles, are included in the package. The brake cables are 200 cm, the pads are 2.16 inch, and the frame is 4.3 inch. The bike brake set is made of durable aluminum alloy and plastic and rubber, they are very strong and resistant to cold, heat and oxidation. It's not easy to out of the shape. To install the brake to the bike first, you have to pass the brake wire tube. Fix the brake line on the bolt after fixing the wire tube. Put the brake caps on. Fix the brake line well and adjust the length and distance of the brake tube. Please confirm if the back wheels of your bike have a hole. If you have a question, please email them, they will reply within 24 hours. Please confirm if the back wheels of your bike have a hole. If you have a question, please email them, they will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Hmseng

👤The brakes are not good. The metal in the pads is very easy to break. The pads are easy to crack. I don't recommend these brakes. I threw them away, what's the point? I know my lessom.

👤The plastic housing for centering the brake pad cracked during the final brake adjustment.

👤Fast shipping, a good product.

👤It's amazing, it's combined with my mountain bike, let me go out again.

👤The metal and spring are weak. The product is bad.

9. Muzata Stainless Shearing Forceps Bicycle

Muzata Stainless Shearing Forceps Bicycle

The housing replacement control line set includes 1 x 2.5 m brake cable housing, 4 x inner brake cable, 3 x O-rings, 4 x tail ends, 4 x brake copper sleeves, 10 x brakerbox cap andSufficient quality to meet your needs of repairing your. It's ideal for steel. This cable cutter can cut up to 5/32" cable. It is used in a lot of home and industrial projects. The wire rope and crimper are recommended to be used with the aircraft. The bike brake cable cap end tips are included as a gift. The blade of the wire rope cutter has been hardened by high-frequency quenching and is sharp and durable. The steel wire cable can be used to make clean cuts. The safety lock is designed to prevent accidental opens and cuts. It is easy to use and carry. The product is a pre-designed cable railing system. Everything you need to build a cable railing project has been planned by them. If you want to read more about the product or the user guide, please scroll down. You can check out all their systems by clicking on "visit the Muzata Store" below the title. If you are a beginner or unsure how to do it, please reach them by clicking on "by Muzata" below. Their experts can do all the planning, designing, and estimating for you. You can buy all the materials in 3 minutes.

Brand: Muzata

👤I took a chance on the reviews and looked for something that didn't cost more than my bike. The top brands are the best for this tool. This is very effective and easy to use. I used it to cut the housings. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a cutter that won't distort a hollow tube. A small punch or pick opens the hole and restores the shape. If you are looking for a practical, effective cable cutter at a reasonable price, you have found it.

👤I use several sets of these for bicycle repairs and they cut the cables cleanly. I have never had an issue with them. A family member needed to cut thin metal strips and couldn't find a tool to do it, so they bought another set. The job was done by these people. Excellent tool, good quality. There is a * I rely on people's reviews to make my own purchases on Amazon. I try to leave a review on every item I buy for the benefit of others. Click "helpful" below to read the review.

👤I was prepared for this to be a pretty good tool, but it was a bit rough around the edges. That wasn't the case. It's cheap and the edges are rough. It's not a very good tool. I put together two bikes using this. I had to redo the cut with a diagonal cutter because the rest of the cuts were clean. I don't want to send it back because it will use up resources, but it makes sense to donate it or put it in the bottom of the box when I can't find the Park one I'm about to buy.

👤I waited until I had used it a few times to review it. I have changed the brake cables on 2 bikes. The cutter works like new. I cut cables and sleeves to length and it works great. The Muzata cutter is the cleanest cutter I've tried, and it's the only one I've tried that uses a metal cutting blade. Very pleased!

👤I assumed that this would cut bikes cable housing. I cut my brake cables to length, and then probably my fourth or fifth cut on the housing, because the first cut didn't work. The cables are still cut, but don't expect them to cut the sheath. It was a mistake. There is a Hopefully they last long enough to be worth 15$. The spring mechanism is a rolled metal sheet and not very sharp. Careful.

👤It works and is a good price. I tried to crank it back and forth a few times to see if it loosened up. If you open the jaws wide enough, the spring will pop out. It is easy to fix. If you only squeeze, don't spread the jaws and rely on the springs to spread it. I like it because it is cheap and I can take it apart easily if I have to. Over a lifetime, I would probably cut 50 cables and at most 200 cables, so this is a very good price. I have not tried to cut cable housing, like another reviewer says, no matter how sharp, I expect a cutter will crush the cable a bit. If I ever need to cut the cable housing, I will use my dremel and a rotary cutter because I am an amateur with time on my hands.

10. Hyacinth Premium Professional Bicycle Mountain

Hyacinth Premium Professional Bicycle Mountain

It's suitable for a lot of bicycles. The brake cable are made of the highest standard zinc coated. Smooth movement and higher resistance to corrosive elements can be provided by it. PERFECT KIT It has everything you need: sheaths, end caps, and two different lengths of cables. It's long enough to fit for a tandem bike. If you want to make it easy to replace, make sure you use the shortest cable for your front brake and the longer cable for your back brake. You should use a Dremel tool to cut off the brake cable. The caps on the cables should be worn to prevent the cable end from being scratched. It is used by professionals. Most bikes can be fit for this. The amount of force from the brake line comes under slowing to a stop for a person about 250 lbs. After using them for more than 200 miles, there are no issues yet.

Brand: Hapleby

👤They are all the same wires with the same end. Why pay 10x more? The packaging was easy to read. The included ferrules were not what I needed, but my LBS was there for me on that. These are for replacing housing, which is not included. There is a New cables are great, but I should also lubricate them. Take some bike grease, lightly wipe the bare cable before installing, or with the housing slipped away if that works for you, and then go over it with a very thin-bodied lubricant--pro lube gold, in my case. The result is a cable that is a bit slippery and a bit protected from the elements. There is a When the years have passed and the bike is still riding, new cables are a great upgrade. I don't replace them just because it's been a year. The people probably don't buy aftermarket cables.

👤The corona crisis has made finding a bike impossible, my daughter had out grown her bike and we had to buy a used bike. The bike brakes needed a lot of force because of the damaged lines. I was worried that the generic brake lines wouldn't work, but they worked perfectly with her bike. There is a The price is fair for the number of cables you get and the end caps. I bought the Zoostliss cutter on Amazon for $9.99 and it worked perfectly, I would recommend buying a cable cutter if you want to cut cable evenly.

👤It was installed in less than a minute and fixed my problem, but it wouldn't have worked on my mini. Not enough length for a crimp. Hopefully it doesn't break.

👤It's a great value for brake cables. But 10 of them? I was hoping that half would be shift cables. Oh well. The new brake cable was threaded through the existing sleeves and tubes on my bike. After excess was trimmed off the cap on the cable needed to be Crimped.

👤The brake cables on my bike snapped. I have no experience fixing bikes. I like to fix things myself. It was simple and a great learning experience. It was worth a try since the cables cost 75 cents each. The replacement was easy, and I thought it was straightforward to slide the cable through the housing and pull it through the pinch bolt. So everything is snug, tighten the pinch bolt, and trim and crimp the end of the cable. It doesn't get much easier than that to get it to feel right.

👤I've used these cables on hybrid bikes and they work well. Unless you're setting up a high end rig, you don't need to spend more. The description says they are for road bikes, but they are not for road bike style drop bar brakes.

👤These cabels are a great value for the price. This deal is a lifesaver if you have a few bikes that need new cables and parts. Hopefully the cables will save your life in an emergency. It's much cheaper than at the bike shop, but it's decent quality. I was able to order some bar tape in addition to the cables because of the savings.

11. Hyccinth Premium Professional Bicycle Mountain

Hyccinth Premium Professional Bicycle Mountain

It's comparable with all of the V-shaped systems. It's compatible with most mountain bikes. There are 3 pairs of 70mm pads in the set. It is more convenient to have left and right distinguishing signs. HARD-WEARING MATERIAL The brake pads are made of hyathetic fiber and nitrile rubber, they have long- lasting qualities. Do not use poor quality brake pads. The data can be used continuously for more than 8000 times, when the vehicle speed is 12.5 km/h, and the brake pad is only 3000 times. It can be replaced with 4,000 miles in smooth kilometers and 1,000 miles in a steep hill. HUMANIZE DESIGN There are three brake pads. The first line tells you to replace the brake pads, the second line tells you to stop and the third line tells you to stop. To be responsible for your life, please pay attention. The braking performance of high quality compound rubber is softer and quicker, and it will have excellent braking effect even in rainy and snow days, thanks to the Arc and drainage design. COMPATIBILITY The brake pads are suitable for bikes that are over 20 inches. You can buy the same quality bicycle at a cheaper price if you don't have to go to a bicycle shop.

Brand: Hapleby

👤The title says it all. There were 4 pieces, 2 pairs, and a wrench on the page. I got 2 pieces, 1 pair, and no wrench. A total scam. I'm coming back soon.

👤I bought this during the rainy season and it did not make any noises. It makes a loud grinding or sanding sound, and made me feel like it was wearing down my rim. Even after adjusting it, the brakes offer very mild stopping power. It wore out quickly and created a lot of dust. I will not use the second set of brakes. I wouldn't recommend these and I wouldn't buy them again. I'm not happy with them, but they were cheap enough to throw away.

👤The work is good and the quality is good. Make sure you have some slack on the brake cables and the adjustment room on the actuators because they are thick. I had to replace my rear brake cable to have enough slack for the new pads. The material seems good and they should last a long time. Even when damp, I can stop on a dime once seated on my bike. My old ones were hard to stop because they had worn and hardened. When you are on a bike path with pets or children, you need to stop quickly. I will buy some for my wife.

👤It was good compound that stops my wheel immediately, but it was awkward on the road bike that I have and too powerful for road wheels. The pads are better for bikes that use them. I have an extra set of pads because they were too big to fit on the front calipers. I have to buy another set of pads.

👤The brakes are amazing. Excellent quality! I tried adjusting my pads to stop the noise, but it didn't work. The reviews said they didn't make noise. The reviews are consistent. The brakes on my old car felt squishy. Not so with these. The Braking is Solid now! The price of two sets is basically the same as the price of one. The nut on the end of the bolt isn't able to allow you to tighten the brake pad to the lever. The brake is loose when you tighten it as tight as it will go. The problem was solved by using the nut from the old brake pads. I think I could have used the old pad as well.

👤There are lots of spacers that can be installed in your brackets. They don't stop when wet. 5M was included. I'm just a casual rider and the bike shop wanted $36, which I'm sure is better and lighter.

👤I have only replaced my brakes twice before on my bike. They are really good and I have been using them for a couple months. The wear has not been fast. They stop me on hills which my last pair of rubber brakes didn't do. If you have old hardware on your bike, keep them until you have them installed. I couldn't get the plugs off the rim because they were too big. I used the old ones.


What is the best product for bicycle brake cable parts?

Bicycle brake cable parts products from Patelai. In this article about bicycle brake cable parts you can see why people choose the product. Jessica Welcomes You and Hotop are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle brake cable parts.

What are the best brands for bicycle brake cable parts?

Patelai, Jessica Welcomes You and Hotop are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle brake cable parts. Find the detail in this article. Auto-plaza, Eacozy and Lucas Shops are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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