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1. Rpuomtz Bicycle Housing Universal Repair

Rpuomtz Bicycle Housing Universal Repair

If you don't like their products or have any questions, please come to them. All the problems would be solved by them. The cable is double tipped. One end has the mushroom shape for road bike and the other has the lolipop shape for mountain bike. Take the other end and leave the suitable one. It is an ideal replacement for road bikes, folding bikes, and cable pipe installation. PTEE coated cables have greater strength and wear-resistant material. Better braking power and smooth operation are provided by wires. The bike brake cable housing kit is made of quality material, each replacement part has been well made, reliable and durable, and can be applied for a long time. The bicycle brake cable kit is made of new PVC material and treated with special technology to ensure the brakes are sensitive. 2 x Brake Cable (Front Brake cable- 1.1m, Rear Brake cable- 1.7m),6 x 2 x Cable end caps. 3 x O-ring.

Brand: Rpuomtz

👤The cables were double ended and I am more than happy. That is road racing brake levers. I will tin the cable ends and crimp the aluminum end covers if the cable ends are supplied. Because neatness is important.

👤It worked out as intended. There were end caps and ties. There is a complete kit for brakes.

👤Needed lever updates so they did the trick.

👤The cables, lines, and cap covers fit like a glove. If you don't have a cable cutter, I recommend buying one.

👤I usually buy a set of bike brake cable from Rpuomtz, but this one is a great value and good enough for the occasional time when I need to work on our household's bicycles. I like the fact that I also get brake cable ferrules, end caps, S-hooks, and cable isolators, with several parts not found in the kit. The value is quite good at $8.69. I can't speak yet about the long-term dependability of the cables and housings, but I will update this review if something goes wrong. I rate it 5 stars.

👤I thought the Rpuomtz Bicycle Brake Cable and Housing set had break cables for road and mountain bike cables. There is only one set of cables. The cable is double tipped. One end has the mushroom shape for road bike and the other has the lolipop shape. You cut off the tip you don't need if you decide you need it. Good luck and don't make a mistake. I had the wrong expectation and it was ingenious. The small red print in the photos was important to me. It's not written in the product content or how you are supposed to use it. There is a The length of the front and rear brakes is determined by the 2 cable set. There is a long black plastic housing for both front and rear. There are many plastic housing ends and S clips. I have what I need for a complete bike brake cable overhaul. I have to cut the tip off.

👤The cables were replaced on our mountain bike. We had to replace the brake handles and the other end was in a bad shape so we decided to replace the cables. They were easy to replace and install. Good quality and durable brake cables are what they are.

2. 60 Mini Bike Brake Cable

60 Mini Bike Brake Cable

If there is a problem with this product, please contact them. The Brake Cable is universal. 65" inner cable and 60" outer cable. Heavy duty long wear.

Brand: Rotary

👤I bought a 60" mini bike cable to replace the brake cable on my older brothers mini bike. The brake cable is a complete waste of money and will not fit any brake lever I have ever seen in repairing off-road machines. The barrel end is larger than the standard size. The cable is not from the planet Earth. I wasted my money on this useless 60" Mini Bike Brake Cable. It took over 5 days before the seller shipped the product. I can't recommend this product to anyone because it won't fit any mini bike lever. Spend your money somewhere else.

👤I bought a new brake assembly and pads for my minibike. This was recommended for it. The other parts were also bundled with it. It doesn't fit at all. The handle end is too big to fit, the cable is too long on the case, and the cable is a foot long. This doesn't fit. The reviews about it not fitting were not in the first 2 pages of the reviews.

👤It is extra heavy duty. The ends were large for the mini bike. I had to grind the ends down to fit into the brake handle and then cut the other end off to fit into the brake caliper. It should last a long time.

👤Everyone else has said that you will need to cut the huge lead slug at the bar end of the brake cable. I made the bastard fit.

👤The size I need is barrel 4. " Mini bike break cable? This is for a truck. Sending back is not worth it. Straight in the trash!

👤This does not fit a monster moto. This is what came up in the search. It was very disappointing. The chain for the bike was completely wrong. It's not worth the time to return. If you want to keep your money, just throw it in the trash. Same difference.

👤You will have to shave the barrel at the end to fit in the brake, but it would have been 5 stars. The barrel was sanded down to size with a tool.

👤The end is large enough to fit into anything I've worked on and owned. I'm going to have to grind down the head to make it work, I don't want to waste your money.

3. YASI Bicycle Mountain Including Ferrules

YASI Bicycle Mountain Including Ferrules

The reference number is for Shimano. SM-RT66 Their brake cables are 1.5mm in diameter and are zinc-coated, which will provide you a better brake and a safer riding experience. You will get a complete replacement set. There are 10 Housing End Caps, 10 end ferrules, 10 cable end crimps, and 5 rear 1800mm barrel ended brake cables. The cables for the front and rear wheel are easy to install. The cables can be cut to match the bikes. After installation, be sure to use the crimp to cover the cable end. A widely used bike brake cables set is 888-282-0465. The inner cables are long enough to hold mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, folding bikes, and recreational bikes. The tension on the new cables should be adjusted well after installation. The cable end crimp prevents it from being scratched.

Brand: Yasi

👤The cables are a good deal. If you lose an adjuster, the few little odds and ends are useful. This was a great price for 10 cables, because I usually buy good casings for my bikes, then change out the cable when I need it. Some bikes are long enough to reach the back, while others are short enough to do so. I was able to use one for a clutch cable on my motorized bike because they are strong.

👤I bought this because of the brake adjusters. If you have to buy them on their own, they are way overpriced. There are two 10mm x 26tpi and two 7mm x 26tpi adjusters that were not on the ad. The 10mm and 7mm are both thread into brakes for 10mm and 7mm, even though they are small. I haven't had a chance to install any of this, so I might need to update this review later.

👤The wires were either long or short. I had to wrap the excess wire in the end. The wires are okay. Since the extra pieces are more named, don't go by the number of pieces on the package. Installation isn't really a feature of this. It is easy to install break wires.

👤I liked the extra accessories it came with. The ends are needed after cutting the cables. The welded cable ends make it easier to push them through the cable tubes. Good product.

👤This is the ticket if you want to fix old bikes for money.

👤The break lines on the bicycle were in need of replacement. These were easy to install.

👤Excellent value. The quality is high. The parts were sent to install the cables. Above and beyond expectations.

4. Fat Cat Housing Mountain Bicycle Cycling

Fat Cat Housing Mountain Bicycle Cycling

If there is a problem with this product, please contact them. 2 x 1.8m brake cables, 1 x 3m brake housing, 6 x Ferrules, 6 x Cable end caps, 6 x C-Clips Buckle are included in the package. The cable for the front and rear brakes is long enough for a custom length. 3000mm is long enough to keep your desired length. The slick cable is made of steel and has more braking power. If there is a problem with this product, please contact them.

Brand: Fat-cat

👤jagwire was the name of the housing. Not sure if it is or not, but not complaining. The kit included housing clips and cable ends. Ferrules are very soft. At this price point, who cares if you buy a full kit?

👤Most of the kit is pretty good. There is a The cable crimp ends were the only flaw. They aren't of good quality and don't fit.

👤These cables worked for me. I did not use the housings. I realized that they had the wrong heads for the bicycle when I tried to install a set of cables. I used the cables and hardware to finish the job after splitting the set. I used a cheap cable cutter to finish the job. I might still buy a Park cutter to see what difference it makes.

👤The product is great at this price point. There are a lot of cable tips. The cables only have a barrel end. They do not have a 'B' tip on one end, and a 'C' on the other. This is clearly shown in the photo, so my bad. The price is a great deal. My new build looks great.

👤I purchased two sets of brake cable and shifter cable, but it was easy to install and works great. The pink-themed bike looks better than ever.

👤I had to order more cable. Could be sent a couple more feet of cable. If you have a lot to do, you should order two sets. The front and rear brakes were done with the front and rear derailer. Only one set was able to complete the job.

👤I was not sure if this would be enough for the front and rear brake, but it is definitely more than enough and easy to snake the wire through the cover. Go ahead and make a purchase.

👤These cables are very similar to my schwinn. Solid cable. There were no complaints.

5. Yakamoz Universal Derailleur Replacement Repairing

Yakamoz Universal Derailleur Replacement Repairing

The donuts can keep your bike from being scratched, and the caps help prevent the cable end from being scratched. The cables are made of strong steel and coated with a strong material. The shift cable has a housing ofOD 4mm, front and rear shift cable lengths, and cable ends and S-buckles. 2.5m Cable housing, Front Brake cable- 1.1m, Rear Brake cable- 1.7m, and cable ends are included. The material is low temperature and intense heat resistant. The shift and brake cable set is durable. The ideal replacement for Mountain bike is a cable pipe installation.

Brand: Yakamoz

👤I paid $12 for the kit and replaced the shift and brake cables on the bike I was fixing for a friend. The kit has two different cable and housing thicknesses. Shift cables have a different cable and housing. Many of the other bargain kits on Amazon have only brake cable housing and cable which will not give you the smooth shifting you are after. I highly recommend investing in an aircraft style cable cutter. The standard garage wire/side cutter is not going to make it through without making a huge mess.

👤The cable failed before use. The plastic housing cover can split or tear. The product should be pulled. I took my bike out on the road after the housing on my bike split. There is a The housing is needed to provide tension for the brake cable. No tension, no brakes. There is a If the cable failed, it could have caused serious injury. On a bicycle, brakes are important.

👤The complete wiring kit for mountain, road, and hybrid bicycles is the best bang for your hard earned bucks, and it has the best quality parts. There is a You will need a pair of cable and housing cutter for this kit to be completed and professionally installed. The kit comes with both front and rear braking lines. The kit includes two pieces of housing, one gauged for gear and the other thicker for braking. It also includes the cable end tab clamps and housing to make a professional installation. There is a Measure twice and cut once. Make your cut by measuring out one end of what you need. Measure, cut, and use the other end for your next piece of housing. One piece of housing should suffice for both lines. Two housing lines from one housing, two brake housing lines from the thicker housing. There is a The three donut spacers per line are included to prevent the exposed brake lines from rubbing. It's a good kit for the money. You can't go wrong with this kit if you have the right tools and knowledge. It's a well assembled kit. It's five star quality for a two star price.

👤This is a great value for amateur cyclists. Our bikes are made of 70% Shimano parts. I only have a small complaint. The brake cable nipple is slightly smaller in diameter and height, which causes it to not seat firmly in the brake housing brackets. The nipple can twist in the housing on our bikes. I think they will work, haven't done a test ride yet, but if it becomes a problem I'll replace the inner brake cables with better ones. Good luck, your milage may change. One funny bit... If you look closely at the rear derailleur picture, you will see that the cable is labeled "Shimano SIS", which is not the product you are looking for.

👤I bought this kit to change the rear derailleur on my Diamondback. I considered taking it to a bike shop. When I noticed how cheap the cables were, I decided to do my own repairs. I'm glad I did. The quality of the cables is great. I cut a brake cable thinking it was a derailleur cable, but that was my fault. I realized it was too short after I fed it through. If I kept all the outer cables the same length, the internal cable wouldn't reach the tighten nut on the derailleur. I took off the front and rear outer cables so that the internal cable could reach them, but I left a piece over that was long enough to fit through the tightening bolt. It made it a bit harder to tighten the cable because there was barely enough cable to work with. The cable was too small for a medium sized frame and I wish it was at least 4 inches longer, 6 to be on the safe side, but it's not clear if it was a larger frame. I had to cut some of the outer cable pieces after I realized it wouldn't work out. It came with the outer cables and ends. Good wire, held together nicely, but too short.

6. Hyccinth Premium Professional Bicycle Mountain

Hyccinth Premium Professional Bicycle Mountain

It's comparable with all of the V-shaped systems. It's compatible with most mountain bikes. There are 3 pairs of 70mm pads in the set. It is more convenient to have left and right distinguishing signs. HARD-WEARING MATERIAL The brake pads are made of hyathetic fiber and nitrile rubber, they have long- lasting qualities. Do not use poor quality brake pads. The data can be used continuously for more than 8000 times, when the vehicle speed is 12.5 km/h, and the brake pad is only 3000 times. It can be replaced with 4,000 miles in smooth kilometers and 1,000 miles in a steep hill. HUMANIZE DESIGN There are three brake pads. The first line tells you to replace the brake pads, the second line tells you to stop and the third line tells you to stop. To be responsible for your life, please pay attention. The braking performance of high quality compound rubber is softer and quicker, and it will have excellent braking effect even in rainy and snow days, thanks to the Arc and drainage design. COMPATIBILITY The brake pads are suitable for bikes that are over 20 inches. You can buy the same quality bicycle at a cheaper price if you don't have to go to a bicycle shop.

Brand: Hapleby

👤The title says it all. There were 4 pieces, 2 pairs, and a wrench on the page. I got 2 pieces, 1 pair, and no wrench. A total scam. I'm coming back soon.

👤I bought this during the rainy season and it did not make any noises. It makes a loud grinding or sanding sound, and made me feel like it was wearing down my rim. Even after adjusting it, the brakes offer very mild stopping power. It wore out quickly and created a lot of dust. I will not use the second set of brakes. I wouldn't recommend these and I wouldn't buy them again. I'm not happy with them, but they were cheap enough to throw away.

👤The work is good and the quality is good. Make sure you have some slack on the brake cables and the adjustment room on the actuators because they are thick. I had to replace my rear brake cable to have enough slack for the new pads. The material seems good and they should last a long time. Even when damp, I can stop on a dime once seated on my bike. My old ones were hard to stop because they had worn and hardened. When you are on a bike path with pets or children, you need to stop quickly. I will buy some for my wife.

👤It was good compound that stops my wheel immediately, but it was awkward on the road bike that I have and too powerful for road wheels. The pads are better for bikes that use them. I have an extra set of pads because they were too big to fit on the front calipers. I have to buy another set of pads.

👤The brakes are amazing. Excellent quality! I tried adjusting my pads to stop the noise, but it didn't work. The reviews said they didn't make noise. The reviews are consistent. The brakes on my old car felt squishy. Not so with these. The Braking is Solid now! The price of two sets is basically the same as the price of one. The nut on the end of the bolt isn't able to allow you to tighten the brake pad to the lever. The brake is loose when you tighten it as tight as it will go. The problem was solved by using the nut from the old brake pads. I think I could have used the old pad as well.

👤There are lots of spacers that can be installed in your brackets. They don't stop when wet. 5M was included. I'm just a casual rider and the bike shop wanted $36, which I'm sure is better and lighter.

👤I have only replaced my brakes twice before on my bike. They are really good and I have been using them for a couple months. The wear has not been fast. They stop me on hills which my last pair of rubber brakes didn't do. If you have old hardware on your bike, keep them until you have them installed. I couldn't get the plugs off the rim because they were too big. I used the old ones.

7. Universal Standard Professional Mountain Accessories

Universal Standard Professional Mountain Accessories

The package includes Brake Cable Housing, 2 x Brake Cable, 6 x Housing End Caps, 5 x C clip, 2 x S clip, and 1 x Isolation Protection Clip. The complete replacement set is 2 million lengths. The Universal standard is the Brake cable, each cable consists of 19 wires. The cable end tips can be used to keep cable ends nice and tidy, and the donuts can keep your bike out of the grind lacquer. PREMIUM BIKE BRAKE CABLE Each cable is made of zinc-coated, it's sturdy, provides better braking force, and could last long time use. Premium brake cable for your bikes. The bike cables kits can be cut easily to match your bike, perfect for front or rear gear and brake. The inner cables are long enough for Mountain bike, BMX, MTB bikes, Kids' Bikes, Folding bikes, city bikes, like the common, be remember to use the crimp to cover the cable end after installation. There are weapon tips. The bicycle brake cable kit is good for better braking and smooth operation, please adjust the tension after installing the new cables. If you enjoy your ride, wear the caps on the cables to prevent the cable end from being scratched. There are weapon tips. The bicycle brake cable kit is good for better braking and smooth operation, please adjust the tension after installing the new cables. If you enjoy your ride, wear the caps on the cables to prevent the cable end from being scratched.

Brand: Mamakoi

👤These cables seem to be well made and slick. The accessory kid has various ends. There is a They are not described as "Universal". They only fit mountain-bike brake levers with a barrel-style end. The smaller end of the road brakes is shown in the photo. You can use whichever one of the two are required. These are only for MTB. It's hard to complain about the price. Wrong description.

👤The cables, crimps, etc. were described in the description. The 1990s mountain bike will be updated after I test the bike's durability. It seems like cables seem good. I have used these for 5 weeks now. Work well, no complaints. The price I paid was very reasonable. Writing a review is part of a promotion.

👤I bought the inner brake cables for the kick bike. I needed a longer cable for the rear brake. These were the things I needed. It was installed as usual. I built this bike in the beginning of winter so it won't be used until spring. They work as usual.

👤I live in the California Coast Redwoods, where plastic is the only thing that will rust. I have to replace brake cables every other year. The cables from Amazon are just as good as the ones from my local bike shop, at a fraction of the cost. Highly recommended.

👤The product was used to replace a brake cable. The product is in line with the description. The price is correct. The delivery could not have been quicker. My son-in-law knows how to use the cables that were purchased. The walker was repaired by him. He received the excess cables in the package.

👤It is easy to install and use. I don't know about durability, so I gave it 4 stars.

👤Nice package. It has all the little bits needed to do a good job.

👤What was advertised? Couldn't use cap ends, but thought it was possible to fix a very old bicycle.

8. Cable Crimps Mountain Bicycle Silver

Cable Crimps Mountain Bicycle Silver

The package has a dimensions of 2.311 L x 25.908 H x 9.398 W. The brake cable crimps are made of high quality aluminum alloy and are low in cost. The bike cable end caps can be used to protect the brake wire core and the speed change wire core from being torn apart by the cable wire ends. The cable end tips are suitable for all kinds of bikes. The best replacement for the worn cable end caps is the 0.08inch/ 0.2 cm hole.

Brand: Eacozy

👤I decided it was time to rebuild my 15 year old road bike since the cable ends were long gone and the cables were badly damaged. I had to buy a ton of ends for the two cables, but I found the ones that fit both. I bought them despite being skeptical. They work for both size cables.

👤I was able to fit this onto my bike brake wires. My wires are very damaged. I used the tool in the picture to grasp the wires and twist them into a tight uniform smoothness in order to fit into the opening of the wire cap thingy. I slowly moved the cap over the wires. I could feel the wires catching and gripping as I twisted it and it became secure as I wanted. I tried to smash the cap the same way as the original, but I couldn't do it with my tool. I don't want it to come off so I won't test how firm it is. I only care that the wires are capped. The first try was a success.

👤It's easy to crush without cracking, and have held for several months. Toxic poisoning from handling them has not killed me yet. So far, so good.

👤These are good for either shift or brake cables. That's all that matters.

👤These are ideal for cable replacements. Without a cable crimp the cable becomes unwound and the individual strands become like needles, impaling your skin where it may happen to contact them. Be safe! Control the ends of your cable.

👤Even though they will probably never be noticed, the colors are fun and they seemed to crimp fine using a pair of needle nose pliers. I use a bike cable that they have been installed on.

👤It was cheaper to buy this lot than it was to have a mechanic install it. I need to find a project for them.

👤If you see what you get, I have no complaints and expect them as I use them. I have used most of the ones that I have.

👤It's just what you need to finish the job.

9. Jessica Welcomes You Front Bicycle

Jessica Welcomes You Front Bicycle

The design of the plastic conduit inside the pipe is reasonable because it reduces the friction of the brake wire, so that it can be used for a long time. High strength is not easy to break. The front and rear brake lines are different lengths. The brake pipe line length is 61 inches. The package includes a pair of Brake Cable.

Brand: Jessica Welcomes You

👤The cables work. The front cable on my son's bike needed to be shortened because they were installed on it. I pulled out the cable and used a utility knife to cut the sheath that has a metal liner inside. I was able to smooth it out so that the brake cable wouldn't fall in and out. I think these are intended for kids bikes as they are short and work for that purpose.

👤This isn't made for an adult bicycle. It was too short.

👤These are for a small bike.

👤The cable for the back brake is long, but if you have a disc brake in the front, it will only work if you have a pad brake.

👤Front cable used back cable to tie down a tarp in the back yard.

10. Kremorv Bicycle Brake Cable Housing

Kremorv Bicycle Brake Cable Housing

The brake cable housing kit only works on road bikes. The bike brake cable housing length is 8.6FT. The cable housing and inner brake cables are made of material. It's a perfect replacement for mountain bike, road bike,folding bike. The package includes a brake cable housing, 2 brake cables, 6 housing ferrules, 5 C clips, and 4 Isolation Protection Clip.

Brand: Kremorv

👤This kit was very good. The cables are long enough to easily reach the front and back brakes. To reach my front and back brake calipers, Irimmed to fit the needed length. There is a The blue cable housing is made of high quality materials and is lined with Teflon for long term use. The cable housing is also cut to length. After cutting the necessary lengths for my bike, I had a couple more feet left to spare. There is a The kit comes with all of the small parts. Black end caps for the cable housings, crimp-on caps for the cut ends of the cables, and some other clips and spacers are needed.

👤There are two options for the ends. I should have gotten the cylindrical ones for my mountain bike brake handles, but I got the bullet shaped ones. I made it work, but it doesn't fit very well. The quality is good and the lengths are generous.

👤Everything I needed to fix my wife's bike came with it. The colors were vibrant, but the cables that come with the kit seem to only work for road bike shifters, I had to buy mountain bike specific cables with the larger ends to allow proper shifting.

👤The cable was a few inches short after I made some modifications. I was able to get a replacement cable the next day. It does what I need. The red I bought seems to be made of good quality and has a lot of accessories to go with it. It's cheap!

👤I needed some extra brake cables, along with the ferules, and this fit the bill for a great price. Maybe when I'm better at installing cable, I can go with premium gear.

👤The package said it was for road bikes, not mountain bikes. The fitting on the end is not compatible with the mountain bike brake lever. It's pretty sad.

👤These made the bike pop when I bought them for a project bike. The cable and housing are of the highest quality. Use the best practices described on the inter-webs.

👤The complete set has great fit and looks. Other kits do not include the c clips, and they would cost as much as the kit here.

11. Jagwire Slick Stainless Shift Cable

Jagwire Slick Stainless Shift Cable

The package includes a 2.5m shift housing cable and 2 shift cables. End Caps, C clips, cable end crimps, and isolation protection clips are included. The material benefit is material. The wires are die-extruded to remove burrs. The single-ended SRAM/Shimano was used for the Road and MTN. There is a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Proof of purchase is required for the warranty to apply to the original owner.

Brand: Jagwire

👤When I switched my bikes from a Ross Mount Rushmore bike to a Trek Antelope 800 series bike, the cable worked as it was supposed to. The 21” Ross was too big a frame for me since I am 5,10 and the old rear derailleur cable was too short. If you want to fix it, you can simply wind the strand back and then take a candle lighter and heat the area where the wire came undone, that will keep the cable from unraveling. I like the fact that the cables from Shimano are usually only 3100mm long, but sometimes they don't work and sometimes they do. They aren't long enough for the rear derailleur in my case. When I buy a bike from someone with a low threaded quill stem or low threadless stem, I usually have to buy a longer cable because the brake cable housing is usually made from a threadless stem. I was able to dial in the shifting on my bike with no issues after using the shift cable. I think this cable works well and I recommend it.

👤Good quality cables. My go-to cables are the ones that are available all over. I couldn't find the ones that would take less than 2 weeks to arrive, so these were the next best thing. I used them in my remote for my shock. They have a good head and are smooth. They are long enough to hit the rear shock on my frame. White Lightning clear lube was used to lubricate them before they were installed. They are easy to pull into lock mode. I would consider them the same as the ones from Shimano.

👤The old jagwire cable was used to replace the rear deraillueur cable. I had to cut the old one to remove it. This one doesn't feel as smooth as the one it replaced. They told me that I was the only one who had this issue, and that it wasn't their fault, because they weren't the manufacturer. Oh well.

👤They're okay. They are both slick. It's hard to install because they kink easily. Their thin complexion causes some compression movement in the housing, but the dérailleurs shift well. I wouldn't install them again. I would recommend them if they were less than 1.2mm. There is a The review has been changed. The erratic movement in my drive train and car was caused by my road bike being put on by my LBS. I changed my cable housings to OT SP41 and re-used it for the front dérailleur, and it seems like there is no tension in the shift action. The cable housing, shift lever pull, and the dérailleur pull were caused by the old housing. The issue was fixed quickly and effectively by the new housing and cable. The cable is good quality and I think it was my fault for the bad review. I prefer to have 1.2mm. The wires should be shifted rather than 1.1. Good quality to price ratio. It was shipped fast.


What is the best product for bicycle brake cable long?

Bicycle brake cable long products from Rpuomtz. In this article about bicycle brake cable long you can see why people choose the product. Rotary and Yasi are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle brake cable long.

What are the best brands for bicycle brake cable long?

Rpuomtz, Rotary and Yasi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle brake cable long. Find the detail in this article. Fat-cat, Yakamoz and Hapleby are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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