Best Bicycle Brake Cable Kit

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1. RealiNice Brake Noodle Cable Guide

RealiNice Brake Noodle Cable Guide

It is compatible with the Avid V Brake system. stainless steel noodle, rubber boot, and alloy cable end cap are durable. Plastic catheter with lube reduce brake cable friction. The cable end cap protects the end of the cable. The set includes a brake noodle, rubber boot, cable end cap, and a pair of shoes.

Brand: Realinice

👤The bike I bought had a broken brake. I didn't want to break my noggin so I put a new noodle in. I ordered the noodles so I could get back to the things I enjoy most in life, like not riding over a cliff and not being able to stop with my feet. Four bike trips later, and still going strong.

👤The cable pipe on the front brake was broken when we bought a new bicycle. We were able to use this product as a replacement. No need to return the bike.

👤I don't know how these have so many good reviews. These are terrible. My son's mountain bike had a broken front brake and I bought these to replace it. The first one was broken after three weeks. The second one broke after two days.

👤I twisted my handlebars and the cap came off. It was easy to replace. The front brakes are working again.

👤I needed a simple fix for my bike. This was an exact replacement, not a return to the store. Saved me a lot of trouble.

👤They work well for a bike part. If they are what you are looking for, you should get them.

👤It's a perfect replacement for cheap hardware.

2. SHIMANO Brake Cable Housing Black

SHIMANO Brake Cable Housing Black

Works with either of the two. Teflon coated cables. Includes housing and cable ends.

Brand: Shimano

👤The cables and housing are of good quality. My road frame had plenty of cable and housing. I don't think the cable is coated in Teflon, but rather it isstainless? Steel cables and housings. The feel of your brakes can be changed by the housings. You should grease the cables, but the liner makes them slide. I cut the cables down to size by holding the cable against the housing with a pair of channel-locks and pulling the lever to the bar a few times. Before you cut the cable, be sure to put it into the housing. I only had to get the cable position right the first time, as the adjustment stayed put. There are only two o-ring sealed housing ferrules, which is why these don't get a five-star review. I only had two o-ring sealed ferrules on hand, so I used them at the lever side. What do they want me to do? The cable ends are ugly, but they get the job done. I've used ends that were less dense.

👤It works perfectly, as with any. Use a short length of cable so the housing doesn't get crushed too much, then use an ice pick to smooth out burrs at the cut/crushed end. Basic black housing is fine, but I'm glad that Shimano is offering unique colors that can be used in Transition areas or just in crazy crammed college racks.

👤The cable for the front brake was too short to reach the calibers at the end of the fork, so I had to use the disc brake. The rear brake was very long. Cut down the old rear brake to get by, but will need to look for another option in the future.

👤The best brake cable you can buy. It lasts a long time between changes. It's not necessary to adjust the brakes after the first couple of uses. A good quality cutter is needed to prevent the casing from being crushed. There are a lot of colors. I use white on my road bike, grey on trainer bike and black on my gravel bike. All of them had a lot of mileage.

👤It is not possible to beat the original Shimano PTFE Brake Cables. A fresh cable replacement is a great upgrade. Everything in the package is complete.

👤It's perfect for the Dura-Ace 7900. There were all required items available. Excellent price. The parts are original.

3. Rpuomtz Bicycle Housing Universal Repair

Rpuomtz Bicycle Housing Universal Repair

If you don't like their products or have any questions, please come to them. All the problems would be solved by them. The cable is double tipped. One end has the mushroom shape for road bike and the other has the lolipop shape for mountain bike. Take the other end and leave the suitable one. It is an ideal replacement for road bikes, folding bikes, and cable pipe installation. PTEE coated cables have greater strength and wear-resistant material. Better braking power and smooth operation are provided by wires. The bike brake cable housing kit is made of quality material, each replacement part has been well made, reliable and durable, and can be applied for a long time. The bicycle brake cable kit is made of new PVC material and treated with special technology to ensure the brakes are sensitive. 2 x Brake Cable (Front Brake cable- 1.1m, Rear Brake cable- 1.7m),6 x 2 x Cable end caps. 3 x O-ring.

Brand: Rpuomtz

👤The cables were double ended and I am more than happy. That is road racing brake levers. I will tin the cable ends and crimp the aluminum end covers if the cable ends are supplied. Because neatness is important.

👤It worked out as intended. There were end caps and ties. There is a complete kit for brakes.

👤Needed lever updates so they did the trick.

👤The cables, lines, and cap covers fit like a glove. If you don't have a cable cutter, I recommend buying one.

👤I usually buy a set of bike brake cable from Rpuomtz, but this one is a great value and good enough for the occasional time when I need to work on our household's bicycles. I like the fact that I also get brake cable ferrules, end caps, S-hooks, and cable isolators, with several parts not found in the kit. The value is quite good at $8.69. I can't speak yet about the long-term dependability of the cables and housings, but I will update this review if something goes wrong. I rate it 5 stars.

👤I thought the Rpuomtz Bicycle Brake Cable and Housing set had break cables for road and mountain bike cables. There is only one set of cables. The cable is double tipped. One end has the mushroom shape for road bike and the other has the lolipop shape. You cut off the tip you don't need if you decide you need it. Good luck and don't make a mistake. I had the wrong expectation and it was ingenious. The small red print in the photos was important to me. It's not written in the product content or how you are supposed to use it. There is a The length of the front and rear brakes is determined by the 2 cable set. There is a long black plastic housing for both front and rear. There are many plastic housing ends and S clips. I have what I need for a complete bike brake cable overhaul. I have to cut the tip off.

👤The cables were replaced on our mountain bike. We had to replace the brake handles and the other end was in a bad shape so we decided to replace the cables. They were easy to replace and install. Good quality and durable brake cables are what they are.

4. Complete Hybrid Cables Callipers Levers

Complete Hybrid Cables Callipers Levers

Most adult bikes are compatible. There are 6 products in the complete quantity, which includes 2 pairs of black brakes with elbow and screws, 1 pair of black aluminum alloy brake handlebars, 1 piece front brake cables, and 1 piece rear brake cable. The bike brakes' arch is not right. The bike brake handle is suitable for handlebars with a diameter of 2.2 cm/ 0.87 inches and the brake pads are 55mm/ 2.1 inches. The brake housing set is made of alloy and plastic, strong and durable enough for long time use, with resistance to cold, heat and oxidation, not easy to deform, making it suitable for most kinds of weather conditions of riding. The bike brake lever set is easy to install, and you will find it easy to replace the old bike brake, making the riding process more comfortable and safe. The bicycle brake rod is easy to use and portable, and it is suitable for most mountain bikes and road bikes with brakes. The bicycle brake rod is easy to use and portable, and it is suitable for most mountain bikes and road bikes with brakes.

Brand: Boao

👤Considering the price, these are great. The levers are really annoying because of poor manufacturing. I have already ordered another set for some other bikes because they are only $20. The manufacturing advice is to incorporate a 2 piece clamp. It makes installation much simpler. Definitely buy this. There is a One of the springs that puts tension on the caliper bent out of place is horrible quality.

👤It's too short for a kid bike. I had to order longer cables. I need more money for everything. I ordered cables for the mountain bike before I rode it on the 4th of July. There is a Next time, double check. ty

👤The front and rear brakes and cables were replaced. All I needed to do the job was my order. The product is good and easy to install. I would purchase again.

👤The parts were in a box. The install was going well until I tried to adjust the tension screws, which caused the break-pads to fall. I had to adjust the screws in an out because I couldn't get the break lever tension and break pad distance right. The plastic housing that was supposed to hold the square nut in place broke. The screw can't be adjusted once the plastic housing breaks. The housing on linear pull break systems would be metal, and it would last through as many adjustments as you want. There is a It's hard to know how often parts of this system fail, but I recommend spending a few more dollars on a higher quality break system if it's in your budget.

👤The BMX was rigged together and trashed. It was easier to start over than to fix it. There is a complete kit with a lot of cable. It's a perfect universal kit.

👤Instructions only apply to items. If I hadn't taken what was there off before new came in, everything would have been the same. I had to take an extra day to get them right.

👤These were cheap right out of the box. There were paint chips along with the surface paint. There are no crimps for the cable ends. I don't think you should buy this set for a daily rider or above kids level bikes.

👤The brake kit is a good value. I suggest you take pictures of your old brakes before you install the new ones because there are no instructions. If something doesn't seem right, you can look at your pictures. I suggest you watch a video on the internet before changing your brakes.

👤All the compartments were lined up. If you know what you're doing when it comes to changing breaks, you won't have a problem. I don't and the lack of instructions was annoying. The material of the handle bars makes it impossible for the break leaver to be slid onto the handle bars not hooked over. The levers were still working. The cable cover is too long and can be easily trimmed with wire shears. It's good value for money.

5. Shimano Universal Standard Brake Cable

Shimano Universal Standard Brake Cable

They can adjust the size at will, and the specially designed Velcro won't cover the reflective strip, so no matter you are. Universal set is for mountain bikes or road bikes. The inner wires are made of steel. Black cable housing with 5mm 2 x Steel cables with a length of 1 x 1000mm and a length of 1 x 2050mm. 4 Ferrule's and 2 cable tips.

Brand: Shimano

👤I'm surprised when I see people run cheaper cables. It makes no sense to save a few dollars and run cables cheaper than Shimano, for example, if you prefer comparable brands like Jagwire. There is a The kit includes two brake cables with compatible with mountain or road applications, one very long length of housing, 4 end caps for the housing, and two cable ends caps. I prefer 6 caps because I like to run caps into my brakes if possible, but 4 is enough, even if Campy requires it. I assure you that you'll have enough left over to run housing for your next application, if you're careful with how you cut your housing. You get a lot of housing in this kit. The kit can be installed in less than 30 minutes for anyone who is mechanically inclined. Less than 20 minutes if you work on bikes often. If you don't change out cables and housing often, you should use a good pair of cable/housing cutters. Don't use a specific cutter, just use a quality pair. If you don't, you're going to have a hard time cutting your housing and you'll end up damaging your cables. If you don't have a paid job and want something cheap, Amazon has a cheap pair of Stanley cutters as an add on that are perfectly fine for this type of application. There is a The kits are very easy to install. They are the cheapest cable and housing kits that are acceptable.

👤I didn't know how this would work with both Road bikes and off road bikes. I engaged the brain and figured it out. You have two cables, one short and one long, each with a end for a bike. You have to cut off one of the ends to use the cable. Road bike cable! You should have some cable cutting tools with you. There are a lot of cable cutter for sale on Amazon. Cut off the ends of the old cable if you don't want to throw it away. I think you will find your linesman ply to be less disreputable. You will find the housing crushed closed even with cable cutter. You should have awl on hand. The cable housing on my road bikes goes from the lever to the front of the frame. The cable goes from the back of the seat tube to the break. The kit comes with only 4 housing ends, so you need a total of 6. I checked with my local bike shop and they had a lot of loose things. I got two there. Problem 2 was found by me. The housing ends that come with the cables are too fat to work with my 105 brakes. I got two ends from the local bike shop and they worked just fine, so I decided to buy a couple of ends from the shop. There is a The housing is very smooth and seems to have a liner. There is a How complete is the kit, three stars.

6. Universal Bicycle Transmission Derailleur Mountain

Universal Bicycle Transmission Derailleur Mountain

Their goal is to provide excellent products and satisfactory service to their customers. They will do their best for you if you have any questions. The bike shift derailleur cable and brake cable are made of quality material, they are heat and rust resistant, and they are great for long-term use. Variable speed cable set has a 2 m transmission cable shell that is 4mm thick, front transmission length is , interior wire of rear variable speed is 2.2 m, their length can be clipped to a proper size that meets your needs. The front brake cable is 1.1 m and the rear brake cable is 1.8 cm. You will get a 2 m transmission cable shell, 2 pieces inner variable speed cable, 1 piece 2.5 m brake wire outer tube, 6 pieces O rings, 8 pieces tail ends, and 21 pieces cable. The scope includes mountain bike, road bike, small wheel bike, foldable bike, good for maintenance cables. You can clip the inappropriate end off if the brake line is double-headed.

Brand: Boao

👤It was installed and it worked perfectly. I needed to buy a specialty cable cutter. The thicker of the two cables is for your brakes. They give you enough to do two bikes with the double package and 5 times as many bits as I needed, so great value for the money. The blue is very bright and looks great on my bike. If you take it one cable at a time, remove the old cable but leave the housing alone and replace it from one end to the other, it's easy to install. Never done it before. I was able to figure it out by taking my time with the first couple, they're made to be good, so you can do it yourself if you don't know how.

👤The British Woodrup bicycle was built in the 1980s. The ancient brakes I was using did not work with these cabled. The drum at the tip of the cable was smaller than the drum on my old cable and therefore did not fit the brake handle mechanism. The job I was supposed to do myself had to be done at a bike shop, where they used the news cables, and they had to install new brake levers. The job cost more than I expected, and included cables and brake levers. These cables are not universal. If you have an old bike, even a top of the line one like I have from decades ago, you may run into the same trouble.

👤This set up was something we were very interested in. We were worried if the cables would fit our bike. It did. The cables come with two different ends, which is the greatest thing about this set up. The only thing you have to do is cut the end that is not for you. There were many ends and tidbits with this set up. Just buy it! It's the best bang for your buck. Bike stores charge a lot, and usually per item, not in a package deal like this.

👤My old schwinn is being fixed. Extra end caps, cable ends, and cable housing were included in the cables. I cut one piece too short and had plenty of extra to use. Update! I swapped the cables on my car and they worked perfectly. I need to buy these cables for my bike.

👤I am a bike restorer. I restore bikes. I have used these cables on several restorations. They look good and perform well.

👤The cables seem to be okay. The housings are small and the interior diameter is narrow. It is more likely that a cable will pinch or crimp in normal operation and that it will cause a decrease in brake performance. I don't recommend.

👤It was bought to replace cables on a vintage car. The cable and cable housing are of good quality. I would buy again.

👤There are 2 sets of cables. I only need the brake cables now, but I will need derailleur cables later.

7. Schwinn SW76193 4 Brake Derailleur Repair

Schwinn SW76193 4 Brake Derailleur Repair

The package includes 1 pairs of V brake pads, for most V-brake road bikes, mountain bikes,city bike,folding bike, each pair V brake pads have left and right, please carefully read the text on the brake pads. Bike cable tune up kit. For a smooth shifting and stopping, replace gear and brake cables. One set of brake cables. A set of shifting cables. Plastic cable end caps, metal cable ferrules, and end tips are included. Most adult bikes are compatible.

Brand: Schwinn

👤The listing doesn't have any measurement for the cables. Brake cables are housing 24 inches long and 5mm in diameter. The cable is 31 inches. There is a The cable is 71 inches and the housing is 60.5 inches long. There is a Shifter cables have a housing of 52 inches long and 5mm diameter. There is a The housing is 75 inches long and 5mm in diameter. 8 cable ends. The cables for the shifter are not 4mm as they are 5mm.

👤I bought the cables to fix my bike. The cables were worn so much that they no longer fit the gears. I decided to keep the cable housings because they were still in excellent condition 33 years later and I wanted to save myself some work. I had never installed gear cables before, but I found the process to be easy after watching several good instructional videos. The Schwinn cables are better than the original cables and my old bike is back on the road. After removing the old cables, I sprayed the dry lube into the housings and contact points. The Teflon coating on everything that the cable touches is eliminated by the drying of the lube liquid. Less resistance is better. The same product can be found in the WalMart automotive department in a larger can for a much lower price than in the bike shops.

👤A cheap product that works well and is good for unfancy bikes. I didn't want to spend the money on a real bike cable slicer, because I couldn't find one at Northern Tool. The cable is so tough that an ordinary diagonal cutter won't do the job. The housing is made of hardened steel. I used a small wire cutter blade to cut the small hole in the bottom of the small hole. See the photo. The vise- grip should be tight and snap. Went through the cable and cut the housing.

👤The Bell cable set for my vintage bikes is very cheap. This time, I chose the Schwinn set. I thought the nylon liner in the cables would be an upgrade over the unlined Bell set. I felt like the nylon was damaged in the pinch of the cutter, because of the additional layer. I had been using a marginal cutter for the Bell cables, but I was not able to use the Schwinns. I had to buy new cutters on the spot for $16, which I suppose I needed anyway, since I probably wouldn't have stuck with the Bells. The best trimmed cable housings were not produced by the brand new compound-action cutter. The outer sheath is peeling away. The outer sheath of the Bell cables is much more firmly attached to the plain coiled-steel inners, and I have never had a problem with layers separating at all. The Schwinn set isn't a bad option, but I will be returning to the Bell set next time.

👤The cables move well inside the universal housing. It is almost impossible to get through the strong steel lining with a flat bladed cutting pliers or a hacksaw. The brake cable ends fit in and work well, unlike the ones that came with my brake levers. The ends of the cable are the same size. Ferrules are very good and respond well to crimping. There are some drawbacks to the product, such as being tightly coiled in the package so visible bends can be seen in the cable housing in front of the handlebars, and only four cable end caps so great care and certainty must exist before they are installed and crimped. I'm very happy with how my bike works with these cables. Even though I missed the step of greasing the cables, they move with ease and control. The cable was seating and the spiral lining was compressed, which resulted in excellent, powerful braking and shifting. The housing is long enough to allow a continuous run from brake and shifter levers to the rear triangle. The cables will be protected from the elements. I have a set of these on hand for when I need them.

8. Fat Cat Housing Mountain Bicycle Cycling

Fat Cat Housing Mountain Bicycle Cycling

If there is a problem with this product, please contact them. 2 x 1.8m brake cables, 1 x 3m brake housing, 6 x Ferrules, 6 x Cable end caps, 6 x C-Clips Buckle are included in the package. The cable for the front and rear brakes is long enough for a custom length. 3000mm is long enough to keep your desired length. The slick cable is made of steel and has more braking power. If there is a problem with this product, please contact them.

Brand: Fat-cat

👤jagwire was the name of the housing. Not sure if it is or not, but not complaining. The kit included housing clips and cable ends. Ferrules are very soft. At this price point, who cares if you buy a full kit?

👤Most of the kit is pretty good. There is a The cable crimp ends were the only flaw. They aren't of good quality and don't fit.

👤These cables worked for me. I did not use the housings. I realized that they had the wrong heads for the bicycle when I tried to install a set of cables. I used the cables and hardware to finish the job after splitting the set. I used a cheap cable cutter to finish the job. I might still buy a Park cutter to see what difference it makes.

👤The product is great at this price point. There are a lot of cable tips. The cables only have a barrel end. They do not have a 'B' tip on one end, and a 'C' on the other. This is clearly shown in the photo, so my bad. The price is a great deal. My new build looks great.

👤I purchased two sets of brake cable and shifter cable, but it was easy to install and works great. The pink-themed bike looks better than ever.

👤I had to order more cable. Could be sent a couple more feet of cable. If you have a lot to do, you should order two sets. The front and rear brakes were done with the front and rear derailer. Only one set was able to complete the job.

👤I was not sure if this would be enough for the front and rear brake, but it is definitely more than enough and easy to snake the wire through the cover. Go ahead and make a purchase.

👤These cables are very similar to my schwinn. Solid cable. There were no complaints.

9. Park Tool CN 10 Professional Housing

Park Tool CN 10 Professional Housing

4 Ferrule's and 2 cable tips. Made in the USA or imported. Steel handles are cold forged and treated with heat. A clean cut on every cable can be achieved with precision ground jaws. The crimper was built for cable end caps and formed a hole for housing ends.

Brand: Park Tool

👤The performance of the Park tool cable cutter has been completely different than expected. I used the cutter a few times and found that it wouldn't cut the cable without leaving several strands bent and uncut, and that it wouldn't produce a usable cable end. I could not get a clean cut with this tool because I tightened the cutter and lubricated the pivot. I threw the Park tool cutters in the garbage because I didn't want to return the inferior product to Amazon. The Felco C7 cable cutter is made in Switzerland and I have been very pleased with it's ability to make a clean cut every time. Do not bother with the inferior Chinese made Park Tool, spend the extra dollars on Swiss quality Felco cutters, you won't be disappointed and will have a tool that performs it's function without issues.

👤It is no better than cutting pliers. I think it's worse, considering the price. I'm not sure which part should be clean after you cut it, but I found myself always finishing the cut with a file and cutting pliers. The spiral metal housing that was bent and finished with the outer plastic/rubber coating was messed up. I'm not sure how a professional cable cutting tool should look like, but these use scissors design with offset blades and that makes it bend the cable first, rather than cut it. If you use regular cutting pliers, it will squeeze the cable before you cut it, which is not good, but from my experience, it is no worse. You can get decent quality made in USA cutting pliers for half of the price if you wait until the brake cable is cut.

👤I wanted to cut the brake cable housing without crushing it. It would do a great job if I spent the money on a quality set. The cable cutters crush the housing, so your brake cable gets caught up on the opening. It's possible I'm using them wrong. I don't think it's possible to use them in one way. I tried adjusting it using the center screw, but it crushed the housing every time.

👤Park tool proves it's worth. I leaned towards the budget option made by the oddly named company, but the tool barely worked. You need a clean cut when cutting bike cables and housing, if you don't you'll end up with wire shards on your floor, or a cable that's too short because you had to recut the end several times. The money should be spent. The higher price is not arbitrary because Park knows what they are doing. You will get what you pay for.

👤The older tools are still strong, but the newer ones are not as good. I am a cutter. I use them for cutting cable and they produce a clean end. They don't do well at cutting housing, leaving a sharp edge or twisting the wrapping. The housing shape can be damaged if you cut an old piece of cable. It usually takes 3-4 cuts to get an acceptable one clean enough to finish with a file, so I always start with the housing a little longer than I need. A Dremel tool with a cutoff disk can do a better job.

10. Universal Housing Bicycle Replacement Mountain

Universal Housing Bicycle Replacement Mountain

The bicycle brake cable housing kit is a great accessory for bike repair and gift giving, and it is suitable for both mountain bikes and road bikes. You can get a set of brake cable kit that comes with a set of inner brake cables that are compatible with mountain bike and road bike universal. The cable housing is 2.5 m in length and 5mm in thickness, the front brake cable is 1.1 m in length, and the rear brake cable is 1.7 m in length. The brake housing is made of strong material, which improves the smoothness of the brake housing, and it can sustain high cable tension forces without splitting, helping to stop your bike instantly. Bike housing and brake cables can be applied to mountain bike, road bike, small wheel bike, foldable bike, good for maintenance and upgrade of cables. The housing replacement control line set includes 1 x 2.5 m brake cable housing, 4 x inner brake cable, 3 x O-rings, 4 x tail ends, 4 x brake copper sleeves, 10 x brakerbox cap andSufficient quality to meet your needs of repairing your.

Brand: Boao

👤The inner housing of my bike would spiral after I cut it. The housing was hard to work with and I was using a good set of brake cable cutter. I used a finish nail to reopen the end after cutting it. I used a bench grinder to clean it up. The cables worked great after this effort. I will probably look at a different brand next time.

👤The cable can be cut with a diamond Dremel and route them in the cable cut with tin snips. It was very nice! oops bought 2 more and wanted red, but too happy to care. Use the red for 2 more days. The ship was fast and received. Thanks for a good price and product!

👤Everything you need to replace the cable on a bike. I found the best price without buying bulk.

👤Excellent quality wire and housing. My original bicycle cables are exactly the same as the ones I used. It gives you more length of cable and housing for your money. This is just as good as the other cables. I think they're a good choice.

👤Not universal does not work with a twist style gear shift.

👤The kit is great. You get more for the money if you buy at a local bike shop. The bike shifts better now than it did with the original cables, because they worked great.

👤The cables work well. Housing caps don't fit into cable housing

👤Good quality and purchase.

👤The correct type of housing for brake cables is one that comes with 4 brake cables, 2 of which were long enough for the front brakes, and the other 2 were long enough for the back brakes. Not enough small pieces for each individual cable would be a problem if you were planning on using the rest of the parts for a future replacement. There is a This kit doesn't include brake noodle or rubber boots, so it's an incomplete brake kit, so you might want to look for a kit that offers those too.

👤The ends don't fit onto the cable, and when I tried to wedge one on it, it slid through the hole in the bike, so I put some tape around it, and the brakes work, but its an eye. I have to spend more money and buy new ones because I don't have enough cable housing for the cables and the brakes, so I need more of that. I liked the colour I bought.

👤The diameter of the cable might prevent it from fitting down the hole in your gear shift. Universal brake or gear cable is what the cable is designed to be. It wouldn't fit down the hole in my gear shift. Had to replace the whole thing.

👤These brake cables are very good, can't understand the bad reviews, but I thought I would give these a try and glad I did, no fraying as long as you use decent cutters.

👤Terrible quality... I had to buy another cable from another source after they said that they were not cable end protectors orcovers, which was very disappointing.

11. Black Ops DefendR Brake Cable

Black Ops DefendR Brake Cable

If there is a problem with this product, please contact them. The inner wire is made of steel. There is cable, housing, ferrules and cable tips. Completely black cable and housing kit is black out. Housing length is 1800mm and cable length is 2100mm. The Black OPS brand stands for quality and dependability.

Brand: Black Ops

👤First time installing bmx break, do not know much about it... It is not a kit. It is a cable. I wouldn't call it a kit. If you are learning how to install bmx brakes on your own, you should use a solid enough cable. Make sure you know what kind of triangle you have. straddle cables and they differ. I need the accommodating kit for my brake arms. For $9 more, they sell complete kits with pads arms and cables. I should have researched it better.

👤I needed a front brake cable for my bmx bike, it has a break on one end and a shift on the other, just cut off the shift if you mess up.

👤It is long, but they shorten it properly. The wire is smooth. I got green with bkack wire. The wire feels like fabric to my 8 year old. A high quality product!

👤The inner cable is not very elastic. I had to cut parts of my cable because it was longer than needed. The outer piece did not pinch closed. I could use the new cutters to cut the cable. The set has crimp pieces.

👤It is a solid brake cable. There are different colors for the bike. I added taller handlebars to one of our BMX bikes and replaced the cable in about 20 minutes. There are plenty of cable and end caps.

👤It was used to replace my son's brake cable. I had to trim the cable down because it was longer than I needed. No big deal.

👤I needed all the hardware to complete my swap. The black hardware adds an extra cool factor.

👤I was mostly patient. I bought a cheap roadmaster and wanted to build some aftermarkets. The cables are the best I have seen thus far. Good quality brake levers are what they work well with. I recommend using the right tools, being patient, and doing a good build. You will be happy with these!


What is the best product for bicycle brake cable kit?

Bicycle brake cable kit products from Realinice. In this article about bicycle brake cable kit you can see why people choose the product. Shimano and Rpuomtz are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle brake cable kit.

What are the best brands for bicycle brake cable kit?

Realinice, Shimano and Rpuomtz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle brake cable kit. Find the detail in this article. Boao, Shimano and Schwinn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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