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1. Park Tool Internal Cable Routing

Park Tool Internal Cable Routing

Most types of bikes, such as mountain bikes, road bike or city bikes, can be fitted with cycling shifter cable. Installation of internal-routed electric wiring, shift cable/housing, brake cable/housing, and hydraulic tubing into bicycle frames can be done quickly. Carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum frames are compatible. Includes guide magnet and four 250 cm guide cables with unique fitting for different housing, cable and wire applications. The guide cable and Di2 cable are compatible with 6mm frame holes. The storage case is included.

Brand: Park Tool

👤This is a lifesaver for internal routed frames. This tool gives you multiple long pilot wires that you can use to pull the cable housing, unlike other tools that only give you a short leader between the magnet and the housing. The long wire reduces the amount of force required when using the magnet. There are 4 guide wires. One with a rubber hood to fit over 5mm housings is too big to fit through the cable ports on my frame, and one has a threaded barb to screw into the interior of a housing. The wire that guides housing over or taping is unterminated. The build quality is very good and the magnets are strong, but this isn't the cheapest option. Guide wires are flexible. The only complaint I have is that the plastic box is not big enough for all 4 wire coils. They fit, and leave plenty of room for the hand magnet in the middle, but a box that is taller would have been better.

👤The kit is a must have. It's much easier to fish cables through it. There is a If your frame has weird shapes that make it difficult to route through, it is not an easy process. It will likely take several attempts to get the cable all the way through without getting hung up in the frame. Make sure the barb on the guide is firmly attached to the cable you are using. It can get really frustrating if the guide pops out midway through the frame. There is a I wouldn't want to route cables without this. It is a little expensive for what it is, but that is what you pay for Park Tool quality.

👤I spent an hour or two on Sunday trying to get the cable housing through my hardtail. I tried using my Jagwire internal routing tool, vacuum and thread trick, and everything else but could not get the new housing around the corner at the bottom brackets. I could either pop out the press fit, go to the shop or order the kit. I was not willing to remove theBB yet. I thought I would give this kit a try because I didn't want to go to the shop. The kit was in my possession a few days later. 15 minutes later, my housing was routed. Is this kit expensive? It definitely is. Is it effective for the intended purpose? It works better than any other trick I have used before.

👤If you have internally routed cables, this is a must have. This is a must have for Di2 cables and is similar to the string magnets you could buy. I had to replace my SLX brakes with the new XT brakes, which required a new hose to be run through my Top Fuel. The blue cable is pulled through the frame when you screw it into the end of the hose. It is a simple pull. The threaded barb allowed me to pull the cable all the way through the frame after I had to pull hard at one point to get the hose to route around the Botton brackets. I feel like the cable replacements have paid for themselves already. I marked it down because of the price. The product is a five star product.

2. VANICE Bicycle Brake Cable Buckle

VANICE Bicycle Brake Cable Buckle

The attached storage box is small and convenient to store and carry, so you don't have to worry about losing it. The new style of bicycle brake cable is style clips. Make your bike cable look clean and tidy by using organize brake cable and derailleur cross hooks. There is a fixed hole that can be used in a variety of ways. It is suitable for most bike cables. The total length is 18.7mm. The C-C distance is close to the ground. It's not easy to age and it's made of high-quality plastic. 10x S Style Clips are included in the package.

Brand: Vanice

👤These are what you need to keep your cables from being hit. These are a must have on the shopping list.

👤I keep my cables in check.

👤It makes everything look neat.

👤They seem pricey for what they are, but are doing the job they were supposed to do.

👤The front end of the bike was cleaned up nicely. Better than zip ties.

👤Sturdy bicycle cable clips would work.

3. Yuauy Derailleur Fitting Housing Durable

Yuauy Derailleur Fitting Housing Durable

The package includes 4 sets. The back is firmly attached to the frame. The palstic C clip is made of alloy cable. The material is aluminum alloy and plastic. It's compatible with a housing or disc hose. The package includes 5 sets.

Brand: Yuauy

👤I had to send these back because they don't adhere to my fork or frame, and I cleaned both of them.

👤The sticks are strong. It's easy to apply. It was on a carbon bike frame. Works well.

👤The attachment is good but a little expensive.

👤Good quality but expensive.

👤Good product. There is a But way overpriced.

👤The package was empty. Not happy right now.

👤They won't stay attached. Concept works well, but won't stay on forever. I lost 2 out of the 5 I returned to.

4. Hotop Mountain Brake Cable Crimps

Hotop Mountain Brake Cable Crimps

The amount of force from the brake line comes under slowing to a stop for a person about 250 lbs. After using them for more than 200 miles, there are no issues yet. The complete inner replacement cable kit includes 4 pieces barrel ended brake cables, 4 pieces gear shift cables, 8 pieces cable end caps and 24 donuts. The cables are all about the same length. Their length can be cut easily to match their bikes. These donuts are supplied in 8 sets, and each set contains 3 pieces, 24 pieces completely, and they fit to 1.2mm - 1.5mm diameter cables, please wear them when using them. The inner bike cable set is suitable for front or rear gear and is made of durable metal. The donuts can keep your bike from being scratched, and the caps help prevent the cable end from being scratched.

Brand: Hotop

👤I'm happy with the cables. I bought a used bike for my son and decided to run new cables while he cleaned it. The cables are of good quality and were easy to navigate through the cable housing and the bike. The cable has not loosened up or stretched after a couple weeks. When I checked on my son's bike after about a couple weeks of him riding it, I saw that both the crimps had come off, leaving sharp bare wire exposed. What the hell? I know how to crimp them on. I can only assume that they were of poor quality. It was annoying.

👤I like the value of the kit. It has everything you need for two bikes. The cables are packaged in a way that makes them safe to use. The only complaint is the poor finish of the anchors. The barrels and wire from the die cast process can't fit into the brake lever slots because of the aluminum flash on them. The fins were thrown around the barrel. I installed them. They slide quickly. I hope the bond is of good quality.

👤I have a Raleigh hybrid bike. I've never worked on disc brakes before. I went looking for a replacement cable after the rear brake cable snapped. I wanted to keep the conduit, so I was hoping that I could find a bare cable that was compatible with the disc brakes. I gambled and bought this kit because I couldn't find anything specific on Amazon. The cable is a little thinner than the one used in the conduit, but it works in the conduit and can be swapped in within 5 minutes. The cable seems to be of good quality. The best part? I have several extras in case something like this happens again. You can't beat this kit for money.

👤I was able to replace the brake cable on the bike in 25 minutes. It was easy to thread the cable. When you get into one of these adventures, you have to play with the bike's adjustments to get the pad distance set again. I crimped the end cap after cutting the cable. It looks and behaves like new. It saved some money and the hassle of having someone work on it, then having to pick it up later. I'm not sure why others had problems with this product, since it worked great for me.

👤The spare cable set comes with four brake and gear shift cables and matching end-caps and donuts. The cables are long enough to be used on any bike. The braided ends make it slide through the cable housing smoothly. I used a spare brake cable to replace the bad one on my son's mountain bike and had no issues installing it through the original cable housing. It's highly recommended for anyone who wants a spare cable set for bike repairs.

👤Positive reviews. I thought I would give them a try to replace my original trek/bontrager cables. The barrel end is shaved more so that it doesn't sit in the brake handle. It is not an oem quality part. I was going to return but the seller wouldn't allow it.

5. Bicycle C Clips Clamps Housing Derailleur

Bicycle C Clips Clamps Housing Derailleur

The storage case is included. C-clip cable guides for bikes. The hook is inside 8mm and has a width of 6mm. It's on the bike fork.

Brand: Juscycling

👤These fit well and were easy to put in. They gave a nice snap when they locked in. The ones that came from the manufacturer were not as good as the ones that hold very well. These are good if you need to replace your clamps after a trial.

👤You'll need a few of these for the rear brake and/or derailleur if you buy a used frame. One brand seems to work the same as another, and there's no rocket science to that. These will get the job done and you'll have a few extra to spare.

👤Over the last year, I have lost a few of these. I have been using zip ties. They work well as new, after being bought to replace them. They look better because they are not zip ties. I recommend them.

👤These come off my bike when I take it off the car rack. The replacements work well.

👤The item arrived quickly. The ones that came with the bike are a bit thicker than the ones that I have lost, because they don't wiggle once inserted, which is a good thing. The cables are harder to come off of the Trek Marlin 7.

👤It was a perfect fit. The castings are clean and the edges are sharp.

👤The clips that hold the cables on my Giant brand mountain bike pop off easily when I take the bike on and off of a carrier. Having these spare parts available helps my peace of mind. The fit was perfect.

👤We were installed in cold weather and didn't break.

6. Origin8 Alloy Cable Stop Single

Origin8 Alloy Cable Stop Single

Rear brake or derailleur housing has a cable stop. Round frame tubes have mounts on them. The alloy construction is lightweight.

Brand: Origin8

👤This isn't the normal way this is used. I bought it because I have a bottom-pull front derailleur and I was able to reverse the direction of the cable as the bike was designed for a top-pull derailleur. I have not seen any additional movement in the shifting line. It's even accessible.

👤I was restoring a road bike. The bolts on the shifter broke when I removed them. I was changing the gears. anyway I bought a cable housing stop. The 28.6mm is perfect for me. You can move it in a variety of ways, from center to off-center. I wanted to use my extra bit of cable, but it was a little short and I had to use a forward adjustment. The construction is solid and could last a long time. We'll see. The price is insignificant. This is what I need from a guy who restores vintage bicycles.

👤There was a small piece of equipment for bikes that came without brazed shift bosses. There is a The old downtube friction shifters were easily replaced by this one. I put up old bar end shifters that can be used with a freewheel to stop the long reach to the downtubes. The Origin8 cable clamp is light and easy to use, it snugs up perfectly, stays in place, looks good, and is easy to align the cables along the down tube. Drop the cable in the open slot and snug up the cable housing to the recessed area and pull your derailleurs because there is no need to thread it. There is a Some of the best things are simply designed and work well. It's cheap.

👤I just shake my head when I see someone riding a single speed or track bike and they're running clips and housing all along their toptube. When you have a solution like this, running clips and housing on your toptube is pointless. These are cheap, they improve the look of your fixed or track bike, and they work.

👤I only had this one day. It's a winner if it doesn't break. The price was seven dollars even with free shipping. It could have been sold for 3 bucks and shipped for free. It's just a stop. sigh I only bought one of them because of that. If they were sold for less and shipped in the same box, I could have bought a few and paid less for them. I will not buy any more of these than I need to at this price, and I will not stock this part. I was considering buying a double one but I needed this one and it works well. If I can find a way to keep that money out of my pocket, I will. Why did I purchase this part? I rebuilt a 34 year old bike that did not have a cable stop or cable guide below the bottom brackets like our modern bikes do. There was no cable stop on the bike. The cable ran in a solid housing all the way from the shifter to the front of the bike, which was built with a cable stop right on the derauilleur. It was similar to the old lawn mower gas feed system. When I rebuilt the drive train I changed it from a 10 speed to an 18 speed drive and I had to replace the old front Derailleur. I had to either buy the part or braze the frame. It cost 7 bucks for a simple part. I had to pay the price or spend a lot of time with the brazing tools so I chose this part and it works well. So far... It's a nice looking part. Measure the tube that you intend to install. One way to do that is to use the jaws of the wrench that you can gently hold onto the tube, one that will allow you to set the jaws and stay set. You can use a ruler to measure between the jaws and make sure you're close to the right size. I bought the 28.6 because my down tube is about 1.5 inches wide, not the other way around. This part was bolted onto the tube. There is anHINT. If you cut a small piece of inner tube rubber and put it under the frame of the bike, it will keep it from slipping on the frame. I put a half inch by a quarter piece of rubber in it to keep it in place. This has a bolt on the other side. Do not get excited and over joyed when you tighten this onto your bike. If you tighten it, you can break the small hinge. This thing is small. If you use the rubber trick under the clamp you will have some flexibility with the Torque, which may save you from breaking something. You will need an Allen wrench to install it. I suggest you buy a set from your local store. I paid 6 bucks for a set that folds onto a handle. Most of the parts on my bike were fit by them. If you slow down and think it through, you can do this. You can't make any cheaper if you need it. Good luck, Chief.

7. Bicycle C Clips Housing Derailleur Plastic

Bicycle C Clips Housing Derailleur Plastic

The cable tool in the frame improves the efficiency of the internal route. It is convenient for you to use the tools. You can use it to share with family and friends or you can get a sufficient quantity to meet your needs. The bicycle c-Clips can be used to fix bicycle lines. The housing hose guide clamps are suitable for most mountain bikes, road bikes, children's bikes, folding bikes, etc. The bicycle c-Clips are made of quality plastic, which can be used again and again, and the hook is about 5mm and the internal width is about 8mm. The attached storage box is small and convenient to store and carry, so you don't have to worry about losing it.

Brand: Hestya

👤Use these to make your bike look better.

👤Zip ties are not something that I like to use on cables. These work well.

👤My bike has cables hanging around when I ride.

8. BlueSunshine Housing Mountain Bicycle Cycling

BlueSunshine Housing Mountain Bicycle Cycling

The ideal replacement for Mountain bike is a cable pipe installation. 2 x 1.8m brake cables, 1 x 3m brake housing, 6 x Ferrules, 6 x Cable end caps, 6 x C-Clips Buckle are included in the package. The slick cable is made of steel and has more braking power. The cable for the front and rear brakes is long enough for a custom length. 3000mm is long enough to keep your desired length. If there is a problem with this product, please contact them.

Brand: Bluesunshine

👤Not having many bike tools on hand, I figured out a way to cut the cable housing cleanly with a metal cutting blade in my chop saw. The cable cutter was for $11 at Home Depot. I saved the brake cables from Jagwire, and re-used my existing cables for my brakes. I recommend the kit as a solid and reasonably priced product, even though I did not get a response to my email about the product. My project was to convert a mountain bike to a cruiser.

👤If you have a BMX bike that has a bad gyro setup, just run straight cables. The majority of mongoose bikes have 900 adjustments and the brakes are the biggest complaint. The brake cable kit is worth a lot. The wire is very well made and the cable is thick. Make sure you know what you want to do. Purchase a cable cutter or use a Dremel with a cut off wheel. Make sure you wear eye protection.

👤The Blue Sunshine Brake Cable Housing Kit comes complete with clips to hold the cable in place. The linings on the housings make it easier to operate. Bicycle tools such as housing cutter and cable cutter are very helpful if you don't have experience with this type of installation. You risk improper installation and a dangerous brake system if you don't have the above. I would recommend this set to a friend.

👤Yesterday I installed the brake cables. It's easy to do. The cables are thinner than the ones on the bike. Will they last? Who knows? The old ones didn't break, they just didn't slide as smoothly as they should have, so these might be fine. I would be more confident if they were the same parts as my bike.

👤The cables I received will only work with a mountain bike. The road bike brake lever is not compatible with the cable end. The cable and other parts of the brake housing are low quality. I can't recommend this item.

👤The kit has 2 cables, sleeves, and ends. You don't need to replace the cables. Be sure to solder the cable where you are cutting it. I learned the hard way, that should be the only instruction in the kit.

👤I fix bikes for kids in need. I had a lot of mongoose BMX bikes. You almost can't tell they were there because you used these to skip them, and took a grinder to the left over ring. It was very easy to install. Will definitely be buying again.

👤Jagwire made the cable housing for this set. There are two brake barrel cables and a couple of end caps. Don't buy 50 ft of cable housing if you really need it.

9. Zicome Bicycle Replaceable Brake Silver

Zicome Bicycle Replaceable Brake Silver

There is a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Proof of purchase is required for the warranty to apply to the original owner. 10 x bike replaceable brake cables and 20 x alloy cable caps are included in the package. The package is well packaged with a plastic bag. The slick cable is made of steel and has more braking power. It's enough to custom the shift cables. The cable end tips are practical and durable.

Brand: Hazoulen

👤These are a great value compared to the local shop. If they are magnetic, it is a very low grade, so look elsewhere. You can't beat these for the price. The cable ends may have a little casting/burr that can easily be removed, so I would deduct a star for not being STAINLESS. There is a A basic steel has a 'ferritic' structure and is magnetic. The most common type of steel is 'austenitic', which has a higher chromium content and nickel added. The nickel makes the steel non-magnetic. I think these could be a ferritic grade of Marine SS. /aw

👤The brake cables are very high quality. I used an XRF Analyzer to confirm that they are zinc-plated carbon steel. The ends were welded together. The shipment arrived on time. I gave these a 4 star rating because the description indicates that the cable material is not made of metal. The original cables on the two bicycles I repaired were zinc-plated carbon steel and only slightly tarnish on the one bike that is 28 years old.

👤These are a good deal. They work well and are a great value. They fell from 5 stars to 4 stars because of one thing. The wires near the barrel appeared blackened when I installed one of the cables. The wire strands were weak at that point and broke. I replaced the cable with a different one from the pack. None of the cables had that issue. Someone doesn't have a brake cable, so it's possible that they will fail. It is still a great value even with a bad cable.

👤The brake cables on my wife's walker were in need of a replacement. The knob end was a bit rough on a few of them. They do not last very long. They usually last about a month before breaking. The other one will follow when one breaks.

👤It seems well constructed and solid. It was easy to replace the broken rear brake cable on my children's bike. A set of ten cables were crimped. I used wire cutter to put them in place. The same thing can be done with needle nose pliers. Every family should keep a set in their bag.

👤I've been maintaining my own bikes for over 30 years. I have had 2 of these cables break in less than 8 months. I have kept my bikes outside for the past 10 years. I assumed the damage to the cables was only cosmetic when I noticed that they rusted very quickly. I store my bikes outside when I commute by bike. This lasts less than 8 months and I usually get years out of cables. This was a very dangerous situation when I had both cables install brake cables. I wouldn't buy this brand again. It's not riskier than your safety.

👤These brake cables work well and are designed well. I had to remove tiny bits of tin from the brake cables. It beats paying $7 per cable at a local bike store.

10. Guides C Clips Adhesive Housing Derailleur

Guides C Clips Adhesive Housing Derailleur

The package includes 5 sets. The bicycle brake cable guide is made of high-quality materials. Attach the frame with double-sided tape. The installation is easy and convenient. The aluminum plate of the base can be bent into a curve according to the shape of the frame. It's important to keep your bicycle cables neat. Bicycle C-clamp cable is suitable for pipe fixing.

Brand: N/h

👤I used the cable guides for my dropper post. They seem to stick well. I used cable ties.

👤I had to re-set two of them using another glue.

👤It doesn't stick to the bike frame.

11. Xmomx Derailleur Fitting Housing Durable

Xmomx Derailleur Fitting Housing Durable

Material: metal The cable housing guides have a professional design. It's compatible with a housing or disc hose. The package includes 4 sets.

Brand: Xmomx

👤The diameter is 25.4mm. If you want to fit them on a tube that has a diameter of 25.4.

👤They fit my bike nicely. Hard ware is safe. These are the only options for decorative aluminum cable clamps. Will order more as a hobby.

👤The product works as described. I used an old inner tube cut to fit between the mount and frame to protect the paint. This Ross Professional 10spd turned single speed was what I needed to complete it.

👤Fine craftsmanship.

👤Quality product that worked well on my car.

👤These may look like the ones on your bike, but they are too small. A waste of money.

👤Can fit on top bar. The place of barze is on cable holders.

👤The frame is not as shiny as I 888-276-5932


What is the best product for bicycle brake cable guide?

Bicycle brake cable guide products from Park Tool. In this article about bicycle brake cable guide you can see why people choose the product. Vanice and Yuauy are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle brake cable guide.

What are the best brands for bicycle brake cable guide?

Park Tool, Vanice and Yuauy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle brake cable guide. Find the detail in this article. Hotop, Juscycling and Origin8 are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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