Best Bicycle Brake Cable End Caps

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1. Mountain Ferrules Horizontal Cylinder Bicycle

Mountain Ferrules Horizontal Cylinder Bicycle

Protection of line pipe is more favorable. Bike complete inner replacement cable kit includes 12 x barrel ended brake cables, 12 pieces cable end caps, and 36 pieces end ferrules. 36 Pieces end ferrules are supplied in 12 x 3 and fit to 1.2mm - 1.5mm diameter cables, please wear them on the cables when using them. The standard cable for front and rear brake or gear can be cut into a length that suits your needs. Do donuts on the cable to protect your bike from the grind lacquer, and put on cable end crimps to prevent the cable end from scratching. This bike cable set is for mountain bikes.

Brand: Boao

👤A child's bike has a front brake. Remove the old cable and replace it with this one. Enough time to replace every cable on the bike.

👤It's well worth the money. Fast delivery.

👤The clear plastic rings did not come with it. If I had known, I would have bought another product. It was very disappointing.

2. Glarks 121Pcs Stainless Aircraft Bicycle

Glarks 121Pcs Stainless Aircraft Bicycle

2 x 1.8m brake cables, 1 x 2.5m brake housing, 4 x cable end caps, 4 x S-buckles, 6 x housing ferrules, 6 x protection clips are included in the package. The set includes 120 bike brake cable end caps in 20 different colors, which are black, silver, green, blue and golden. You can get a 8 inch wire cutter for cutting up to 5/32” of steel wire. The bike cable end caps are made from superior aluminum alloy. It is not easy to fade and has good protective properties. It is easy to carry. The cable wire cutter is made of steel and has enough strength to cut it cleanly. You can use the cable cutter to cut your bike brake cable, which can be used for wires up to 5/32''. You will get a clean cut. Put the cable end caps on the end of the brake cable and crimp it. The bike brake cable caps are bright and colorful and are a great way to personalize your bike. They have cable end caps in six different colors for you to choose from. If you don't need so many, you can give them to your friends. The bike cable end caps are applied at the end of the brake wire core and the tail end of the shifting wire core to prevent a brake wire core split. They can be used for mountain bikes and road bikes.

Brand: Glarks

👤These pliers are a good starting point for a home mechanic, but there are better products out there. If you want something to last for a long time, I would get the park tool or pedros, but if you just need a set to get a job done occasionally or you are just getting started on your work, I would not.

👤The package is nice. I know that there are better cutters out there, and I suppose if I worked at a shop and used it daily, I would want the quality of a Park tool. For the home mechanic who only uses it a few times a month, you really can't beat the value. The box of cable ends is really nice quality and would cost the same as the whole package if purchased separately.

👤I only used this a few times, in the beginning it was cutting fine, now after the 3rd use after only cutting cable less than 10 times it frays them and leaves the cable end ruined.

👤The tool is easy to use. I only needed the ends of the cable, but the price was so cheap it was possible to buy the whole package.

👤The bike cables should be cut quickly and cleanly.

👤There is a nice end cap assortment.

👤I only use bicycle cables and they work well.

👤Matching bike colors can be achieved with a great choice of colors.

👤The grease was straight out of the packaging. It was the first cut. And it was shut down. Every cut got stuck after getting less clean. It was a total waste of time and money.

3. Blissgo Universal Complete Mountain Replacement

Blissgo Universal Complete Mountain Replacement

The brake and shift cable ends of bikes or modified vehicles are compatible with all inner cables. Two pairs of mountain V bike brakes, which can fit most of bicycles, are included in the package. The brake cables are 200 cm, the pads are 2.16 inch, and the frame is 4.3 inch. The bike brake set is made of durable aluminum alloy and plastic and rubber, they are very strong and resistant to cold, heat and oxidation. It's not easy to out of the shape. To install the brake to the bike first, you have to pass the brake wire tube. Fix the brake line on the bolt after fixing the wire tube. Put the brake caps on. Fix the brake line well and adjust the length and distance of the brake tube. Please confirm if the back wheels of your bike have a hole. If you have a question, please email them, they will reply within 24 hours. Please confirm if the back wheels of your bike have a hole. If you have a question, please email them, they will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Hmseng

👤The brakes are not good. The metal in the pads is very easy to break. The pads are easy to crack. I don't recommend these brakes. I threw them away, what's the point? I know my lessom.

👤The plastic housing for centering the brake pad cracked during the final brake adjustment.

👤Fast shipping, a good product.

👤It's amazing, it's combined with my mountain bike, let me go out again.

👤The metal and spring are weak. The product is bad.

4. Shifter Mountain Including Complete Replacement

Shifter Mountain Including Complete Replacement

If you have a problem with the item, please contact them, they will do their best to help you. You will get a complete Inner Replacement Set. You can also get a set of free accessories. Housing brake Cable end caps, 4 x pipe shift Cable end caps, 4O-rings. The bike brake/shift cables are made of high quality materials. O-rings and pipe end caps are durable. The brake / shift cable is easy to install and can meet different bike needs. If the cables are too long, you can cut them to the length you need. To keep cable ends nice and tidy, be sure to use the cable end caps. This kind of bike cables set fit most bikes. Mountain bike, road bike, common bikes, kids' bikes, folding bikes, BMX bike, recreational cycling. Their goal is to provide excellent products and satisfactory service to their customers. They will do their best for you if you have any questions.

Brand: Asdfhasfhu

👤The cap on the brake cable is actually 7mm x 6.5mm. Since I only ordered this one, I used it since I needed to install this asap to fix my pedal. ?coliid is I1B8YROJLUQ63P&colid is YS3QIGRCS9D8

👤The kit was great. It came with everything I needed to get my mountain bike running again. Installation is easy with the cable ends and ferrules. After a quick ride and adjustment, they have been fine ever since.

👤It was replaced by a worn MTN. BIKE cable. Straight forward process with some help. Brakes should work now.

👤The exposed cables are starting to break after less than 12 miles.

👤The little bits you get in the package are high quality cables. Proper bicycle cable cutter can cause fraying.

👤The dollar store has bike shop-quality cables. It's a great addition to your inventory.

👤The job was done for a reasonable price.

👤Sutituir gusts de freno han resultado fcil de instalar.

5. SHIMANO Derailleur Cable Silver 1 2 Mm

SHIMANO Derailleur Cable Silver 1 2 Mm

This bike cable set is for mountain bikes.

Brand: Shimano

👤The cable caps come in two packages of 50. The caps are called the "INNER CABLE END CAP FOR SHIFTING". " The site does not have dimensions or specifications. I measured the cap's diameter and it is 1.81mm. They are easy to fit for the cable. The cable is 1.5mm in diameter and in good condition. I tried the cable caps on the old bike that has the single digit ultimate brakes and levers. The cable is 1.6mm and the cap is loose before it is crimped. The difference between trade-size and actual size is not published by these products. Even with a cable that has issues, the clearance around the brake cable is still a lot. The caps are good for both types of cables.

👤These tubes are closed on one end and open on the other, with a small ring around the open end. You can buy cheaper end caps, but they work just as well on brake or shift cables. The opening of the aluminum is large enough that you don't have to force a cable in. They are long enough that you can crimp them in two places for added security. When you lose one, the cable end will break. I would make them available in a flip cap bottle for easier use in the shop. I put them in a bottle for easier use. Silver is classy and goes with everything. When I run low, I will order more.

👤These are the genuine parts. The cap on the cable should be the right size. If you drop it, the hides are small and run off. You can search for it with a package of 100. It isn't the end of the world if you can't find it. The end cap can fall off if you need to adjust the cable. It's easier to put a new one in than it is to put the old one back in place. A small wire brad nail and some patience can be done, but it is worth more than that and the second squeeze usually cracks the end cap. The third squeeze is over. It is recommended. The package is a little more expensive. The home repair person needs a near life time supply.

👤I used the larger end caps that are made for brake cables at the bike shop because they are what they were given. They are so large that they are kind of sloppy when you crimp them on. The crimp is better when you have the right size. I keep both the smaller and larger end caps because they are cheap. I don't think there is anything special about the end caps of Shimano compared to other brands, just make sure you have the right size for the application.

👤Most generic caps are inferior to genuine Shimano end caps. I stopped buying packets of cheapies a long time ago. Better caps have thicker walls and are more compatible with cable sizes. This helps to avoid crooked looking caps, diagonal cutters actually cutting into cables, or cables being mashed inside the caps. Good caps look the part with a nice lip around where the cable enters them. It's important to distinguish between the two cable sizes. I usually use cheap caps for the brake cables on my bikes, but always use the genuine Shimano caps for SHIFT cables. You can use a dedicated tool to nicely crimp the caps. The crimp part of the park. The thicker the Shimano, the better the result and you won't fall off. I don't bother. I usually use a pair of side cutters. Good product. I would rate them 5 stars but with a high cost.

6. YESON Oxidation Multicolour Derailleur Crimps(50pcs

YESON Oxidation Multicolour Derailleur Crimps%EF%BC%8850pcs

Length: 0.47inch/1.2 cm, Hole diameter: 0.08inch/ 0.2 cm. The cable end cap protects your cable ends perfectly. The quality is high. It is convenient and practical. Your bike is unique because of the multi-color choices. The Brake Cable and Variable speed Cable Universal need to be tightened. The hole is 0.1in and can be 888-282-0465, fit 0.1in cable or 888-282-0465. There are 6 colors: red, black, gold, silver, green, and blue.

Brand: Yeson

👤Inexpensive, stay in place, anodizing does not come off when crimping, and they fit both brakes and shift cable were all checked. I broke my crimp tool, but they held up.

👤The bike cables I just bought are larger than the end caps, but that's not an issue because they hold solid. I accidentally pulled the end cap off of my wife's bike while I was adjusting her brake cable, and I found that the cable diameter is slightly larger than the ones I ran on my bike. I replaced it with one of these caps and it fit perfectly. The end caps seem to be versatile for different cable diameters.

👤I only needed a few, but now have a lot. Just in case. The product worked as it was needed.

👤The end of the cable is protected by this item. There are plenty of them in the package. The black paint chips away when crimped, leaving the end cap with silver spots. It's ugly! I threw them away. I wouldn't buy this brand again.

👤I didn't have any issues with these. They protect the wire. Some of the red came off when I crimped them. I'm not worried about that. It does the job and can't beat the price.

👤What can you say? They do what they are supposed to. Work hard and look great.

👤What else can be said about easy to use?

👤Needed replacements for mountain bikes. It worked.

👤If they were made in smaller diameter for shift cables, they would work as advertised.

7. Muzata Stainless Shearing Forceps Bicycle

Muzata Stainless Shearing Forceps Bicycle

The housing replacement control line set includes 1 x 2.5 m brake cable housing, 4 x inner brake cable, 3 x O-rings, 4 x tail ends, 4 x brake copper sleeves, 10 x brakerbox cap andSufficient quality to meet your needs of repairing your. It's ideal for steel. This cable cutter can cut up to 5/32" cable. It is used in a lot of home and industrial projects. The wire rope and crimper are recommended to be used with the aircraft. The bike brake cable cap end tips are included as a gift. The blade of the wire rope cutter has been hardened by high-frequency quenching and is sharp and durable. The steel wire cable can be used to make clean cuts. The safety lock is designed to prevent accidental opens and cuts. It is easy to use and carry. The product is a pre-designed cable railing system. Everything you need to build a cable railing project has been planned by them. If you want to read more about the product or the user guide, please scroll down. You can check out all their systems by clicking on "visit the Muzata Store" below the title. If you are a beginner or unsure how to do it, please reach them by clicking on "by Muzata" below. Their experts can do all the planning, designing, and estimating for you. You can buy all the materials in 3 minutes.

Brand: Muzata

👤I took a chance on the reviews and looked for something that didn't cost more than my bike. The top brands are the best for this tool. This is very effective and easy to use. I used it to cut the housings. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a cutter that won't distort a hollow tube. A small punch or pick opens the hole and restores the shape. If you are looking for a practical, effective cable cutter at a reasonable price, you have found it.

👤I use several sets of these for bicycle repairs and they cut the cables cleanly. I have never had an issue with them. A family member needed to cut thin metal strips and couldn't find a tool to do it, so they bought another set. The job was done by these people. Excellent tool, good quality. There is a * I rely on people's reviews to make my own purchases on Amazon. I try to leave a review on every item I buy for the benefit of others. Click "helpful" below to read the review.

👤I was prepared for this to be a pretty good tool, but it was a bit rough around the edges. That wasn't the case. It's cheap and the edges are rough. It's not a very good tool. I put together two bikes using this. I had to redo the cut with a diagonal cutter because the rest of the cuts were clean. I don't want to send it back because it will use up resources, but it makes sense to donate it or put it in the bottom of the box when I can't find the Park one I'm about to buy.

👤I waited until I had used it a few times to review it. I have changed the brake cables on 2 bikes. The cutter works like new. I cut cables and sleeves to length and it works great. The Muzata cutter is the cleanest cutter I've tried, and it's the only one I've tried that uses a metal cutting blade. Very pleased!

👤I assumed that this would cut bikes cable housing. I cut my brake cables to length, and then probably my fourth or fifth cut on the housing, because the first cut didn't work. The cables are still cut, but don't expect them to cut the sheath. It was a mistake. There is a Hopefully they last long enough to be worth 15$. The spring mechanism is a rolled metal sheet and not very sharp. Careful.

👤It works and is a good price. I tried to crank it back and forth a few times to see if it loosened up. If you open the jaws wide enough, the spring will pop out. It is easy to fix. If you only squeeze, don't spread the jaws and rely on the springs to spread it. I like it because it is cheap and I can take it apart easily if I have to. Over a lifetime, I would probably cut 50 cables and at most 200 cables, so this is a very good price. I have not tried to cut cable housing, like another reviewer says, no matter how sharp, I expect a cutter will crush the cable a bit. If I ever need to cut the cable housing, I will use my dremel and a rotary cutter because I am an amateur with time on my hands.

8. Universal Standard Professional Mountain Accessories

Universal Standard Professional Mountain Accessories

The package includes Brake Cable Housing, 2 x Brake Cable, 6 x Housing End Caps, 5 x C clip, 2 x S clip, and 1 x Isolation Protection Clip. The complete replacement set is 2 million lengths. The Universal standard is the Brake cable, each cable consists of 19 wires. The cable end tips can be used to keep cable ends nice and tidy, and the donuts can keep your bike out of the grind lacquer. PREMIUM BIKE BRAKE CABLE Each cable is made of zinc-coated, it's sturdy, provides better braking force, and could last long time use. Premium brake cable for your bikes. The bike cables kits can be cut easily to match your bike, perfect for front or rear gear and brake. The inner cables are long enough for Mountain bike, BMX, MTB bikes, Kids' Bikes, Folding bikes, city bikes, like the common, be remember to use the crimp to cover the cable end after installation. There are weapon tips. The bicycle brake cable kit is good for better braking and smooth operation, please adjust the tension after installing the new cables. If you enjoy your ride, wear the caps on the cables to prevent the cable end from being scratched. There are weapon tips. The bicycle brake cable kit is good for better braking and smooth operation, please adjust the tension after installing the new cables. If you enjoy your ride, wear the caps on the cables to prevent the cable end from being scratched.

Brand: Mamakoi

👤These cables seem to be well made and slick. The accessory kid has various ends. There is a They are not described as "Universal". They only fit mountain-bike brake levers with a barrel-style end. The smaller end of the road brakes is shown in the photo. You can use whichever one of the two are required. These are only for MTB. It's hard to complain about the price. Wrong description.

👤The cables, crimps, etc. were described in the description. The 1990s mountain bike will be updated after I test the bike's durability. It seems like cables seem good. I have used these for 5 weeks now. Work well, no complaints. The price I paid was very reasonable. Writing a review is part of a promotion.

👤I bought the inner brake cables for the kick bike. I needed a longer cable for the rear brake. These were the things I needed. It was installed as usual. I built this bike in the beginning of winter so it won't be used until spring. They work as usual.

👤I live in the California Coast Redwoods, where plastic is the only thing that will rust. I have to replace brake cables every other year. The cables from Amazon are just as good as the ones from my local bike shop, at a fraction of the cost. Highly recommended.

👤The product was used to replace a brake cable. The product is in line with the description. The price is correct. The delivery could not have been quicker. My son-in-law knows how to use the cables that were purchased. The walker was repaired by him. He received the excess cables in the package.

👤It is easy to install and use. I don't know about durability, so I gave it 4 stars.

👤Nice package. It has all the little bits needed to do a good job.

👤What was advertised? Couldn't use cap ends, but thought it was possible to fix a very old bicycle.

9. VTurboWay Crimps Mountain Shifter Golden

VTurboWay Crimps Mountain Shifter Golden

The material is alloy. The color is silver. Each color has 10 PCS for it. You should not be poked by the cable ends. The Brake and Shifter tips fit the cable. Length: 0.47inch/1.2 cm, Hole diameter: 0.08inch/ 0.2 cm.

Brand: Vturboway

👤The correct quantity was 8 x 10. I was worried about the ID of the cable caps. The bullet points say 2mm, yet they measure 2.18mm. The caps are larger than needed. The shifter cable is 1.2mm and the brake cable is 1.5mm. 2.18mm is large. The cap should stay in place if proper crimping is done. There is a large and small crimp in the CN-10's. The small crimp was used for the brake cables. The crimp reduction is significant in the x-section because it cracks the color anodizing which exposes the aluminum. A cap that fits the cable is a better choice. These cost $0.10 each and the silver color is $0.097 which is better. I bought them because they are fun. A cap that fits the cable is a better choice.

👤The case is not bad and the colors are great. The end caps on our bikes are a bit bigger than the ones on the ones I noticed. It's not a big deal in most cases, but under my dropper lever there's not a lot of space. I used one from a set of shift cables.

👤Adding highlights when replacing functional parts is a great way to do it. Adding some awesome looking highlights to your bike will help keep your cables from unraveling. VTurboWay 8 Color 80 PCS, Cable End Crimps/Caps are well made and inexpensive, making them a great choice for this. These are very similar to the stock cable ends that came on my MTB.

👤After changing out the brake handles on my trike, I have been upgrading the brake and shifter cable housings. These were the final touches to the bling. I used them with blue housings. Since it came in an assortment of colors, I replaced the cable ends on my son's bike and his friend's as well. Simple and effective.

👤It works, but it doesn't look good after installation. When crimped, the paint chips off. I thought they were made of metal.

👤The opening size of the crimps is large and not good for shifter cables. You need to pinch these things a few times to get a good bite on the cable. They look good.

👤It's perfect for a rebuild where you want to change every detail of your bike, right down to the color of the cable end crimps. The storage case has a variety of colors that you can choose from. It will take a long time before I need any more of them, but I would definitely buy again.

👤I like the colors of my bikes. The materials are strong.

👤Les couleurs sont photos. There is a The couleurs semblent raisonnablement. * La Boite estbonne et le compte. Y est... Le métal est solide. Mallable pour sertir. Ce prix qui parait faramineux (17 cents l'embout, 13,59$) est surement.

👤I was excited about getting these, but I was disappointed with the paint. The black ones were cracked when crimped. I think I should have expected that.

👤They are painted. The paint will fall off when you press it. Cheap product.

10. Yueton Bottle Jagwire Housing Ferrule

Yueton Bottle Jagwire Housing Ferrule

The brake cable tube is protected. New and high quality brake cable end caps. The measurement is 5mm*10mm. Brake cable for bicycles and adapted vehicles is available. A pack of 100 is in a bottle.

Brand: Yueton

👤Very fragile. I guess it's better than plastic. It can be easily crushed with 2 fingers.

👤The cable does not hold up. You can crush it between your fingers. Look at the metal in my pic after I tightened the cable.

👤You can't beat the price for Jagwire ferrules. I measured the inside diameter and outside diameter of the ferrules and they are stated to be 5mm inside and 5.3mm outside.

👤The metal thickness of these ferrules is very thin. The standard brake cable housing ferrule has a weight of about 7 grams. The purpose is to make the end of the cable square. These don't serve that function. 8 out of 100 were affected by the delicate nature of them. The bottle they come in is great.

👤Don't buy it. Junk. I have a small Jagwire brake cable. You can crush them between your fingers. I paid for something that wasn't worth 50 cents.

👤I have used cable housing ferrules for 25 years. The ferrules do not rust.

👤Fast delivery, great product.

11. Hyacinth Premium Professional Bicycle Mountain

Hyacinth Premium Professional Bicycle Mountain

It's suitable for a lot of bicycles. The brake cable are made of the highest standard zinc coated. Smooth movement and higher resistance to corrosive elements can be provided by it. PERFECT KIT It has everything you need: sheaths, end caps, and two different lengths of cables. It's long enough to fit for a tandem bike. If you want to make it easy to replace, make sure you use the shortest cable for your front brake and the longer cable for your back brake. You should use a Dremel tool to cut off the brake cable. The caps on the cables should be worn to prevent the cable end from being scratched. It is used by professionals. Most bikes can be fit for this. The amount of force from the brake line comes under slowing to a stop for a person about 250 lbs. After using them for more than 200 miles, there are no issues yet.

Brand: Hapleby

👤They are all the same wires with the same end. Why pay 10x more? The packaging was easy to read. The included ferrules were not what I needed, but my LBS was there for me on that. These are for replacing housing, which is not included. There is a New cables are great, but I should also lubricate them. Take some bike grease, lightly wipe the bare cable before installing, or with the housing slipped away if that works for you, and then go over it with a very thin-bodied lubricant--pro lube gold, in my case. The result is a cable that is a bit slippery and a bit protected from the elements. There is a When the years have passed and the bike is still riding, new cables are a great upgrade. I don't replace them just because it's been a year. The people probably don't buy aftermarket cables.

👤The corona crisis has made finding a bike impossible, my daughter had out grown her bike and we had to buy a used bike. The bike brakes needed a lot of force because of the damaged lines. I was worried that the generic brake lines wouldn't work, but they worked perfectly with her bike. There is a The price is fair for the number of cables you get and the end caps. I bought the Zoostliss cutter on Amazon for $9.99 and it worked perfectly, I would recommend buying a cable cutter if you want to cut cable evenly.

👤It was installed in less than a minute and fixed my problem, but it wouldn't have worked on my mini. Not enough length for a crimp. Hopefully it doesn't break.

👤It's a great value for brake cables. But 10 of them? I was hoping that half would be shift cables. Oh well. The new brake cable was threaded through the existing sleeves and tubes on my bike. After excess was trimmed off the cap on the cable needed to be Crimped.

👤The brake cables on my bike snapped. I have no experience fixing bikes. I like to fix things myself. It was simple and a great learning experience. It was worth a try since the cables cost 75 cents each. The replacement was easy, and I thought it was straightforward to slide the cable through the housing and pull it through the pinch bolt. So everything is snug, tighten the pinch bolt, and trim and crimp the end of the cable. It doesn't get much easier than that to get it to feel right.

👤I've used these cables on hybrid bikes and they work well. Unless you're setting up a high end rig, you don't need to spend more. The description says they are for road bikes, but they are not for road bike style drop bar brakes.

👤These cabels are a great value for the price. This deal is a lifesaver if you have a few bikes that need new cables and parts. Hopefully the cables will save your life in an emergency. It's much cheaper than at the bike shop, but it's decent quality. I was able to order some bar tape in addition to the cables because of the savings.


What is the best product for bicycle brake cable end caps?

Bicycle brake cable end caps products from Boao. In this article about bicycle brake cable end caps you can see why people choose the product. Glarks and Hmseng are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle brake cable end caps.

What are the best brands for bicycle brake cable end caps?

Boao, Glarks and Hmseng are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle brake cable end caps. Find the detail in this article. Asdfhasfhu, Shimano and Yeson are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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