Best Bicycle Bell for Kids Purple

Kids 8 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Paliston Bicycle Horny Toddler Purple

Paliston Bicycle Horny Toddler Purple

TheBicycle Bell is made of high strength aluminum alloy and ABS, strong and durable, waterproof, rust, sun and corrosion resistant, and ensure a longer service life. A ring! The flower bell has a clean and crisp sound. It's suitable for 22mm / 0.866in diameter children's bike handle bar. To complete the installation. The handle bar has a screw on it. Safety matters. A bicycle bell is required for your child to ride their bike. 30 days money back guarantee! If you don't like the product or have an issue, just contact them and they'd like to give you a new one.

Brand: Paliston

👤A great bell for kids. I like the colors and the ease of assembling them. My 3 year old wanted a bell to match her older sisters bike. She really wants the one with the flower that we picked out. There is a It's not too bad, it's just one and it's loud. The tight spring on the inside bell makes it hard for my youngest to ring the bell. She will eventually get there as she gets older, so why the need for a tight spring? There is a It is a great product. I would recommend this to others.

👤Our little girl wants a bike bell so she can ring it on her neighborhood rides and her friends can come outside. The first day was amazing, but she doesn't use it anymore because it's hard to ring while you ride, and she's just starting to get the hang of the balance bike. It's not hard to install, but make sure to get the orientation right so that the lever pulls in a natural way.

👤I don't know what to say. I got this for my child. It's not secure at all. The top-half can easily be separated from the rest. It sits on a cylinder without a notch, no glue, and absolutely nothing keeping it from coming off. Disappointed.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter's bike. She loved it when it arrived. The colors are vivid, easy to install, and the bell is loud enough to alert people. I was very happy with the purchase. Would recommend. Great price too!

👤This product is not suitable for use by a 4 year old. After a few days on the bike, the cover popped off and the gears went flying. I was able to reassemble but there wasn't anything on the top piece so I'm always putting it back together after the bike falls or the bell gets bumped.

👤The bell was easy to install, but I had trouble with streamers. The bell is user friendly and good for kids. I would have liked to see streamers with green on them. No complaints so far.

👤Poor design and quality. The metal top with a flower design falls off. There isn't a way to fix it permanently.

👤My daughter took this apart in a split second. All the pieces can be taken out one by one, because it just opens. This can be dangerous for children. There is a I can't install it on our daughter's bike because it has little to no flexibility in that point.

👤I had to put on a bike for Christmas. The strap is made of rubber. It's strong and fixed. There is a The push and release lever makes it easy to operate the bell. The bell makes a loud noise. There is a It has a large dower transfer. The bike will be fixed and the granddaughter will be very happy with it.

👤This is something that I love. The ring is nice, the colors are beautiful, and my child can ring it. It was easy to fit and we had to fit it onto her bike before she saw it.

2. Mini Factory Unicorn Childrens Accessory Handlebar

Mini Factory Unicorn Childrens Accessory Handlebar

The bicycle bell is a great toy for kids to make noise. Most bikes have diameter 20-25mm handlebars. The bike bell is cute for girls. Loud & Clear Ringtones offer a safe way to ride a bike. Made of high quality material. Installation is easy. The pink bike bell is a pattern. Excellent gift for girls.

Brand: Mini-factory

👤It is a bike bell. It rings well and that is great. The button is too close to the handle bars and it's hard to ring because it's too hard to push for my 3 year old. My 3 year old son pulled off a sticker that is now pink. It's not suited to kids under 6 or 8 for hand strength and dexterity. Cheaply made.

👤Bell stopped working after a few days. The mechanism is locked up. The bell only lasts 1 or 2 minutes, so you can pull on it to loosen things up.

👤The bell fell apart. There are not a lot of moving parts. I don't understand how it stopped working. Disappointing.

👤It was very small and cheap. The box didn't make up for the little bike bell, that was really bad.

👤It works great and the kid loves it. It's easy to install.

👤I didn't like the bell. It was hard to push the lever. It wouldn't turn again. It seemed to me that it was cheap. The bells I bought are better.

👤The princess bell that I bought to replace it fell apart after the first turn. There is a The metal graphic on the bell fell off as it came out of the box, but I thought it would be a better bell. I am going to try to hot glue it back on and hope my granddaughter can use it on her bike.

👤My little girl is 6 years old. It's appropriate. She needs to argue if it is louder than her brother's bell. It does the job and stays put. We are happy here.

👤Excellent service and a great product. It's dinging!

3. DRBIKE Plastic Handlebar Bicycle Accessories

DRBIKE Plastic Handlebar Bicycle Accessories

The bicycle bell should be used on the right side. ADORABLE BIKE BELL - Classic RING-RING matches perfectly lady bike or frozen kids bike, which makes your bike unique and attractive. The retro bike bell is easy to attach to your bike. You can enjoy the cycling with the clear sound if you attach it. It's easy to ring for kids. All risk is removed when you buy with conviction. All of their products come with a money back guarantee. They will help you solve the problem in 24 hours if you contact them. If you're not completely satisfied with their bike or service, you can return it for a full refund. The Universal Standard is ideal for any bike with a 22.2mm handlebar, check your handlebar size before ordering in case of any unnecessary hassle. The bicycle bell is a great toy for kids to make noise.

Brand: Dr Bike

👤It's very easy to attach a bell to a bike. The bell sound is more of a long sound if that makes sense. The lever is easy for my 2 year old to use to ring the bell. She loves it! The noise can get rather agitated after a few bell rings.

👤My niece used this one time. The thing exploded when she dumped her bike. The parts and gears are plastic, and the bell is the only one that is plastic. The post that aligned the 2 halves snapped. I was hoping the bell would last longer. I bought her another one because she loved the look of it and it was cheap enough to be placed on her bike after she is more skilled at riding.

👤The sound of the bell is not very strong. It is almost as if it is broken. That is my PI. I took off a star. It is easy to attach, and works well. There is a I need to change my review. My daughter said she likes the sound and wouldn't change it. If she could, she would give it 10 stars.

👤I was not sure if the petals would stay on. I put duco cement glue between the petals and base. It looks sturdy now. I'm restoring a bike for a children's toy fund and I don't want to have any problems after the child gets it. The bell sounds good. The picture was bright pink.

👤The flower fell off after a few days of riding. It is attached by glue. We tried to put it on with hot glue, but it came off a second time. It hasn't come off since my husband fixed it again. We will see how long that will last.

👤I am using it with my little chick on my walker. I trust the walker for safety and security after I broke my neck in December. I have been told that I should have a horn to be able to get through groups of people. At church. My therapist thinks the mouse reminds her of "Topo Grigio". They help me get through gatherings. By the way! I'm 87! I am enjoying your children's bike horns. Thank you for helping me out!

👤Too fragile. I bought two and both broke. The bell still works, but the flower petals broke. The bikes are never thrown to the ground. Very disappointed.

👤The flower popped off the base after my daughter fell off her bike. I just put it back on with glue and it was fine. The bell sound is really pretty.

👤It's perfect for my granddaughters red trike.

👤This is amazing. I love it! It's gorgeous! It was a nice sound. It was well made. Absolutely perfect. I was glad I found it. Girls need one on their bike.

👤The bell is lovely. Put the bar on the handle.

👤No sean resistentes, se cierra con tornillos.

👤My daughter's bike has a purple basket.

4. Mirrycle Incredible Brass Bicycle Purple

Mirrycle Incredible Brass Bicycle Purple

3D flower pattern sticker. The package is 17.78 cm in length. The package is 11.43 cm in width. The package is 4.572 cm high. The product is outdoor rejuvenation.

Brand: Mirrycle

👤I don't know how to rate this bell because you can get different bell from different seller. I have bought this bell 4 times. Not the same every time, just different. I bought it from different sellers. Several years ago, I and my husband received the first two bells. We have been using the bells for several years and have no problems. I ordered two more because we wanted bells for kids. There are two colors, one purple and one black. The purple came from China and the black from Thailand. I expected the same quality as before, but got fake ones. The purple was cheaply made. My eyes were close to falling out of my head. You don't want it. Completely different, bigger, cheap plastic broke. I put it in the trash and should have taken a picture. If you have original bell, you can see that the black one is not original, but slightly different. There is a different sound as well. I admit, it was better quality than fake purple, but it was broken. I tried to fix it but it fell off. Both sellers agreed to refunds. There is a It's difficult to rate this bell because you get different bell from different seller. I rate them 5 stars. I got a black one from Thailand and it was good. China has 0 stars. I rate it 4 stars. 5 stars for the original bell, minus one star because of fake bells. The original bell should not be used to list items that are different. I added pictures of the blue bell original, black and silver original, and whole black. This is broken and not incredibell. I trashed the fake purple bell so I don't have any pictures of it. I ordered purple again from Amazon and it was original. Excellent quality and sound. I will try to add a picture when possible. The purple bell has "Japan" on both sides when I took the pictures. The old bells have Japan on one side. Enjoy your day and your bell.

👤I tried to mount it on the right side of my handle bars, but I realized pulling down on the spring loaded ringer lever was not easy. I thought it was for left handers. I moved it to the left side. It's more natural for me to flick it on my left thump. A flicking UP motion instead of a Pulling DOWN motion. Time will tell if plastic is cheap or not. I might be weird or picky, but others will find it fine on the right side. It was a no-go on the right for me. I have added an edit. I put a photo of my left hand on the lever, ready to push it up to start the ringer.

👤I decided to buy a new bell for my bike after doing a lot of research. Money is not an object. I wanted a bell. The bring-bring style bells I had were old. I rang the phone out of it. It was made of cheap plastic. When I got it, I knew it was going to break. The store had only one thing that I needed. I had a single ding with a thumb hammer. They are small and well made. They are perfect for making someone say "Oh, what a pleasant ring sound." Let me turn around and see what makes that sound so pleasant. "Get the heck out of my way" is not the effect you want. No more, single-ding. There is a The Mirrycle Incredibell Brass Duet is a different type of ring. It has a lot of ding-din'ng. Two rings are not a doorbell. It makes a decent amount of noise when you ring it fast, so you can tell people to get off the trail. You can let them know you're on their left by doing a gentle "ding". There are counterfeit versions of this. It's probably best to buy it from Amazon. If it costs $2.000, you'll know if it's fake, but if it costs more, it sounds like a dud.

5. Platt Handlebar Streamers Colorful Handgrip

Platt Handlebar Streamers Colorful Handgrip

Simple snap-on design, no tools required for installation. The material is plastic and polyester. Good fortune. A simple and interesting way for kids to dress up their bikes. It's fun to ride a bike or scooter with the streamers flying and dancing in the wind. Kids bikes, tricycles and scooters are used. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don't like this product or have any problems with it, contact them first and they will replace or refund your purchase.

Brand: Platt

👤She wanted to bling the bike up. The streamers were the ticket. They fit tight and seem durable. A regular Tour de France cyclist with a red bell and a new kickstand, she is doing laps around the block. It's funny.

👤Great streamers. They are using them on our scooter. The pink was easy to put on.

👤I bought these for my daughter's bicycle, and they're great! The ribbons seem firmly attached, the colors are as shown in the image, it fit very snug into the end of the handle bar grips, and I think that they will hold up longer than the plastic streamers.

👤I was very pleased with the streamers. The ribbon seems to be very durable. We haven't had them in a while, but they've withstood the grasps of both the 2 and 4 year old. The Micro scooters look really cute!

👤My 3 1/2 year old loved these. The colors are the same on her bike. The plastic ones that she had were fading away. These will probably get dirty quickly, but at least they will last longer.

👤My daughter enjoys riding the blue bike and we added these to make it more fun. They're long and quality. The colors were the same.

👤Happy with the longevity of these. Good quality. Not flimsy plastic, but nice fabric. These are able to replace old ones. A kid's bike was hit.

👤My daughter's brand new bike had streamers that ripped off. These are made with fabric and will be difficult to tear.

👤The bike we bought second hand had plastic ribbons on it. They were both torn and missing. It was the perfect solution when I saw these silk fabric ribbons. My daughter loves them and they make her bike look brand new. They don't tare off easily.

👤Good quality. It is not easy to rip out. Dollar store quality is not as good. Buy!

👤These are made of great quality. I recommend these brands to everyone. I'll be buying the same brand of streamers when my other daughter gets a bike.

👤The cute will look great on the new scooter. No hassles with quick delivery.

6. Little World Bicycle Streamers Accessories

Little World Bicycle Streamers Accessories

The package includes a basket with bowtie and a colorful bike streamer. The unmistakable sound of the horn lets everyone know you're coming and it's cute. The colorful bike streamers add fun and beauty to the kids bike. The bicycle horn is easy to install on most of the kids' bikes. The rubber kids bike horns are high quality and sound good. It is compatible for 20-23mm diameter children's bike handlebars. It's a good bicycle accessory for children.

Brand: Little World

👤The horn and streamers are cute and functional, but I think 12 to 15 dollars is a more appropriate price for streamers which are cheap and flimsy with a zip tie holding them together. The streamers arrived wrinkled, but I was able to blow them up with a hot hair dryer. The little flowers on the ends spin in a strong wind, but only when my daughter is riding as fast as she can. The horn is of good quality. It is made of metal and has a cute edge. I wish it sounded like a bike horn. It has a high pitched sound similar to a dog toy. If my daughter sounded her horn near the wrong dog, she would get chased.

👤My sister is in an assisted living home and has a walker. She needs something to set her walker apart from the others. The set makes people happy and laugh when she toots her horn. She might have started a trend for bikes at her center. They call her a hotrod. Send this set if you have a person using a walker.

👤I gave this as a gift to my daughter for her birthday. When I was told it broke, I was embarrassed. I thought it was an upgrade to the one I bought first, but it was too cheap to give her. I wouldn't buy either one again. She missed a party due to the virus and then her grandpa gave her junk.

👤My granddaughters bike is covered in this set. The horn is really loud and easy to put on. It's funny. The streamers are cute, but I was worried about putting them on. The plastic end is pushed into a small hole at the end of the handlebars. The plastic on the streamer was going to break and that was my concern. I took it easy and it didn't break. I love this set.

👤It was easy to use. Make that bike or scooter look nice.

👤This product was used to give a little girl a new bike. I bought the horn for the little one I had and it was a favorite of mine.

👤It does not fit on a strider bike.

7. Hicdaw Streamers Sunglasses Decorations Accessories

Hicdaw Streamers Sunglasses Decorations Accessories

The bike bell is easy to install. The bicycle streamers can be inserted into the most bikes and tricycles and scooters handlebars. The installation can be completed in 3 minutes. It was very easy to install. There is a package that includes 135 pieces of star beads, 2 streamers, 1 girls bike basket, 1 bow, 1 car bell, 54 stickers, 36 love beads, and 1 pair sunglasses. The streamer is easy to install, it's connected through the handle of the bicycle's handlebars. The star stickers can be used on bicycle wheels. A unique design with white, pink and purple. Girls will love it. It only takes a few minutes to install most children's bicycles. There are no tools required. The basket can be used to bring toys, water, and other daily accessories. The child's bicycle basket is not easy to break and is high quality. It will return to its original shape after a few days.

Brand: Hicdaw

👤My granddaughter likes this basket. There were a lot of fun things to add to your bike. Great time.

👤There are many cute little things to decorate the bike. My little girl liked the set.

👤We got this for my daughter because she broke her ankle. It took 3 weeks to secure it again and cut and fit a lot of pieces that had been in the basket.

👤Plastic questionable. Stickers are good.

👤A girl between 3-7 years old. A small basket.

👤The basket was missing straps.

👤There is a nice set of bike accessories. It comes with a lot. My daughter liked it. She put it on her bike. It was very cute. Everything worked well. It was easy to put on. It was very cute. You can get a plain bike and this makes it look nice. I would recommend it.

👤The set was perfect for changing a brother's bike into a sister's bike. She loves the basket and glasses, but they took about 3 minutes to break. It came with a lot of neat things, and even a piece for the brother's new bike. Great set!

👤I was expecting a lot of rubish for the price. It's a good bundle.

8. Streamers Childrens Handlebar Decoration Accessories

Streamers Childrens Handlebar Decoration Accessories

Bassdash kids' gel padded gloves are ideal for gearing up your lil' one for all their activities. The set includes a purple basket with a size of 9 x 4 x 6 inches, a bicycle bell, 2 straps of bicycle streamer and 30 pieces of stickers. The bicycle basket is hand-woven for strength, and the bell can be installed on children's bicycle handlebars to make riding safer. The woven basket is easy to install on kid's bicycles with the included straps and it is also a household basket. A bike basket set allows children to decorate bikes with 30 pieces of cute stickers and allows parents to spend time with their children. The bike accessory kit is packaged in a box specifically for children, and you can send it as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Brand: Boao

👤It is smaller than expected and seems over priced.

👤The basket is not made to fit a bike. I would like a refund for the belts that attach to the bike because they are not centered on the basket.

👤It is good quality and beautiful. The basket is easy to assemble. It comes with a lot of decorative glues for the bike. You can use arts and crafts on the basket. The bike handler is solid and we couldn't install the ribbons. It is a good product.

👤A small basket. It's a good fit on a bike or scooter. It looks small on my daughter's mountain bike, but she picked it out for the color and is happy. The basket has a rubbery plastic feel. We did not use the streamers or bell.

👤It looked like a nice basket, but was a bit smaller. We returned it. It looked well built and I gave it 3 stars. I'm neutral on it.

👤Smaller than expected. It might work for a bike, but not a bike biger.

👤A nice set. The reason for 4 stars is the small basket.

👤My 4 year old loves the basket and bell. It's important. She hoped the stickers would stick to the basket, but they don't.

👤Just as advertised. Just perfect. Thank you.

👤Ein Geschenk fr das 4 jhrige Fahrradkorb ist. Im gut ist das schner rosa ton, die Accessoires dazu finde. Weil das Krbchen bei Striemen ankam. AlDiese ist immer rein geknott. Ich denke. Laufe der. fter fell. Den Preis war das alles. It's ok.

👤Immaginavo pi grande ma adatto all'utilizzo. Per una bici pi grande, lo sconsiglio. I pulisce facilmente. I nastrini per le manopole deliziosi! Adesivi sono vari, grandi e di buona qualit. Insomma prodotto consigliato.

👤In buono stato ma, non nuovissima, per la mia bimba di 6 anni! Dopo una bella pulizia, ho comprato questo kit per renderla pi carina. Non attaccare gli stickers perch era troppo esagerato. plastificato rosa e le stelle filanti fanno davvero scena.

👤Meine Tochter is lying. Die Habdbremse ist die Klingel. Allerdings ist die Korb. Ihn ist, Ihn ist, Ihn ist, Ihn ist, Ihn ist, Ihn ist, Ihn ist, Ihn ist, Ihn ist, Ihn ist, Ihn ist, Ihn is Is there a Stickers brig geblieben?

9. Cristin Tang Glittery Adjustable Accessories

Cristin Tang Glittery Adjustable Accessories

The bike streamers are great for decorating children's bikes, they will fly and dance in the wind. The bicycle bell has anti-rust and anti-aging effects. A loud ringing tone can be provided to help you ride safely. Bells can be used for standard mountain bikes, children's mini bikes or vintage bikes. The bike bell is easy to install and can be done with a screwdriver. The bicycle bell is included.

Brand: Cristin Tang

👤I thought the bell was upside down when it arrived, but I can change it to face I want. The bell sounds nice and it's easy to install.

👤I am very disappointed. This was a nicer item. I don't expect a sticker. It had scratches on it. I am going to pull out my craft box and see what I can do to make it nicer because my daughters birthday is too soon to send it back and find another.

👤The bell is difficult to ring for young children. Quality is not great. You get what you pay for. This made my niece happy.

👤It looks and sounds nice, but it comes apart easily. It's easy to put it back together, but it's a challenge to deal with. It was a little more difficult to attach to the bike because it has two screws instead of one. There were some minor complaints.

👤Put this on my bike to let other bikers know I'm there. I used this for one ride and it wouldn't work on my next ride. The lever on the side is stuck in place. I can't return this now so I'll have to buy another one.

👤Overall, good! It works well for the purpose, it is very light and only the top is plastic. Will see if it lasts. The top is made of aluminum.

👤It's too difficult for me to push down. It doesn't return on its own. It wasn't enough to be on the bike bar, so I had to reinforce it.

👤The bell doesn't ring right. You have to force it but it won't be used much because it doesn't have a flow.

10. Xthuge Classic Aluminum Bicycle Purple Right

Xthuge Classic Aluminum Bicycle Purple Right

The bicycle bell is easy to install and requires a simple screwdriver. The clear and loud bicycle ringtone is attractive because it makes people hear it more clearly. The bicycle ringtones will fit most mountain bikes and road bikes very well, Xthuge launches a clear bike ringtone to hear clearly, safety alarm for mountain bikes and road bikes. Bicycle bells are made of high quality aluminum and engineering plastic materials, which are anti-rust and anti-aging, enabling riders of both sexes to live. It's applicable to any standard straight bicycle or stunt skateboard handlebars, dirt bike, BMX, kid's bike, cruisersports bike and cruiser bike. It's easy to rate andOPERATE. The installation of the bicycle bells can be done in less than 1 minute with a screwdriver.

Brand: Xthuge

👤I bought it for my girl and she loves it.

👤Great product and fast delivery service. There is a The package was topnotch.

👤It was great for the price. Sometimes it gets stuck, but it's easy to remove and keep using.

👤On time, it arrived as described. Great product!

11. Musment Bicycle Bells Aluminum Children

Musment Bicycle Bells Aluminum Children

It's easy to rate andOPERATE. The installation of the bicycle bells can be done in less than 1 minute with a screwdriver. The clear ringtone of the bicycle bell makes riding safer because people can hear clearly. It is easy to install the bicycle handlebar tube. The installation takes 1 minute. The screws on the handlebars can be tightened with a screwdriver. Bicycle bells are made of high-quality aluminum and engineering plastic materials with anti-rust and anti-aging characteristics, which can extend the use time of male and female riders. It's suitable for any standard straight bike or stunt scooter handle, mountain bike bmx bike, children's bike, cruiser, etc. Their company policy is 100% refunds for any orders that are not perfect. Please contact them if you are still not satisfied.

Brand: Musment

👤If you are like me and ride a bicycle in a city where you will get pulled over by the police and fined for not having a bell on your bicycle, then I highly recommend this item. Will it stop an Amazon delivery truck from running you over in the bike lane if they don't see you before swerving to the curbiside to make their delivery quota in time? No, no! There is a If you know how to turn a screwdriver, it's easy to install. Pedestrians won't hear you even if you use an air horn because they are too busy reading reviews on their cell phones and talking to their significant others.

👤I got red and blue and it's the same color as the photos online. The bells made my grandson happy. I've spent the best amount of money in a long time. It might be a bit loose if you're buying it for a tricycle or a small child's bike. I bought a tricycle. I used duct tape to make the handlebars wide enough to hold the bell down. The fit of the other bike I bought was perfect.

👤We needed to warn the world that we were on the road after we purchased our first e-bike. The little bell brought back memories of my childhood bikes. A simple push on the lever will make it ring loudly enough to warn and greet. The price was right and the job was done well. The blue is a lovely color that matches our bike.

👤The metal cover isn't screwed in. It was just pushed. All parts of it fell off. I couldn't find one part back the second time and it wasn't working. Purchase something better and save your money.

👤My daughter liked it and I like it. Thanks and recommend it.

👤It's perfect for the trike. There was a cute little gift too. Thank you so much!

👤Funciona, es brillante, el sonido es claro.

👤Producto color sper bonito y meloda se escucha.


What is the best product for bicycle bell for kids purple?

Bicycle bell for kids purple products from Paliston. In this article about bicycle bell for kids purple you can see why people choose the product. Mini-factory and Dr Bike are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle bell for kids purple.

What are the best brands for bicycle bell for kids purple?

Paliston, Mini-factory and Dr Bike are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle bell for kids purple. Find the detail in this article. Mirrycle, Platt and Little World are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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