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1. THINKNOW Classic Bicycle Cruiser R Bell White 1

THINKNOW Classic Bicycle Cruiser R Bell White 1

13.25" x 10" x 9" Adult men and women can use a variety of colors. A loud jingle bell can remind pedestrians to be careful and make driving safer. Anti-rust and anti-aging are qualities of the material. It is durable due to its retro design, lightweight and strong alloy brackets. There is an Allen wrench in the box. To complete the installation, just tighten the screws on the handlebars with a wrench. Before purchasing, please make sure the outer diameter of your handlebar is 22.2-25.4mm-28.6. Children's bikes, bmx bikes, stunt scooters, and cruisers are all suitable. They will give you a 30-day return and a 12-month warranty. If you have quality problems, please contact them.

Brand: Thinknow

👤I am amazed that no bicycle bell sellers offer a video that lets you hear how the bell sounds. I was looking for a bell that could play the "ching-ching" sound I remember from my childhood. The classic "ching-ching" sound is delivered by this bell. It's pitch rings high and clear. The construction and packaging are of the highest quality. I think it's worth the price. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤I like that it has metal brackets. I have had trouble with plastic brackets. This one holds up. I used rubber shims on my handle bars. Works well.

👤A fun bell! It's loud, loud I wanted something that could carry, something I could hit with greater or lesser strength to create longer or shorter rings. This fits the bill.

👤My sons got bikes. They have a nice tone and are sturdy. I had to send one back for a new one, hoping it was a mistake and my two guys will survive.

👤It's easy to install. Very loud. It comes in a variety of colors. She was a little jealous when she saw it. She might get one for her birthday.

👤It seems sturdy and works well. Even though it's in the right and left models, I had to use it on the other side.

👤The bell works well. There is a The item description does not include the word "horn". This bell is not a horn.

👤It works well on thin handle bars. If there is a cable under the handle bar tape, it's not good on wider aluminum bars.

2. Classic Bicycle Mountain Cycling Accessories

Classic Bicycle Mountain Cycling Accessories

A loud and clear bell lasts for around 3 seconds before fading off. The lever is on the left if you install the vintage bell on the left handlebar. The bell works well with your thumb. The bike bell can be installed on the right or left side. The bike bell is 3.5 cm in size and has an exquisite outlook. The protective pad is needed to prevent sliding down. Premium high brass is anti-rust and anti-aging. It is durable due to its retro design and strong springs. It was a nice loud tone. The bike bell always has a loud tone. The riding is much safer because pedestrians and passing vehicles can hear you. 30-days money back and 12 months warranty are included in the warranty.

Brand: Greallthy

👤Why didn't I buy this before? My beloved Mountain Bike was rebuilt into an urban cruiser. I have never been satisfied with the bell I bought. There is a My wife found this one for me. I love it! There is a It is loud and a good trait. It is a tank. When you hit a pot hole, there is no accidental ring. It's easy to ring when you need it. There is a The quality of the ring is what sets this bell apart. It has class. There is a The look is different. It is built of heavy, quality metals. I have used my bike a lot during this time. This has been a great addition to my vehicle. Don't make a mistake. Buy this product first. There is a This review has been helpful. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

👤I thought it would be a great bell. It has a beautiful ding, but nobody knows what it means. They don't know where the single "ding" comes from and they don't identify the bell as a bicycle bell, so I try to use it to warn people. People don't seem to get "ding-ding-ding" when I try it. I'm afraid that people are so conditioned to the sound of a bicycle bell that they don't realize that it's an exception. I am going to have to order a more traditional-sounding bicycle bell because it doesn't warn people.

👤The bell has a loud ring. It's perfect for two lane trails shared by bicyclists, pedestrians, runners, families and strollers. The bell is very effective at warning people that a cyclist is approaching, and they immediately move or stay in their lane so the cyclist can pass them on their left. There is a The lever on the clapper needs to be snapped at the bell. This can cause irritation to the bellringer's thumb. The reason for only 4 stars is the same as the reason for 5. There is a The bell must ring in order for the clapper to snap. I would suggest covering the thumb with gloves in the winter, and then practicing a technique whereby the thumbnail does most of the interaction with the spring mechanism. One could wear a protective covering on the thumb. The user will have to make a decision. This bell is very loud and distinctive and is worth the hassle of learning the "thumbnail technique." My initial review has been updated. I would buy this bell again. Please note. I would like to share the modification I added. The metalic ringer mechanism was attached to a strip of tough polyester fabric. The fabric protects the thumb from being hurt when ringing the bell. I think a small strip of soft leather would work just as well and be even more durable. I can raise my rating from 4 to 5 stars with this easy improvement.

👤The rubber inserts provided fit snug on my handlebars. If you press the lever back too far, it won't hit the bell and nothing will happen, but just press harder! For a simple device, the sound is loud.

3. Zotemo Brass Decent Bicycle Adults

Zotemo Brass Decent Bicycle Adults

Small and lovely. The bell is small and integrated with the handlebars. It has enough space to install other riding equipment. The bell is small and integrated with the handlebars, which does not affect the appearance. It has enough space to install other riding equipment. The bell with brass dome and hammer bring a pleasant "Ding" sound to ensure safety. The metal body has an anti-corrosion coating. The paddles have a spring that helps keep true sound. Sturdy installation is ensured by aluminum alloy brackets. The hammer is in a good position to ring the bell and it is easy to fit it on most handlebars. The handlebars have an outer diameter from 20mm to 25.4mm. Installation is easy with the foldable base. The thickness of rubbers can be chosen. Use a wrench to mount the brackets on the handlebars. Reliable for most cycling bikes, including mountain bike, road bike, urban bicycle, commuter, scooter, MTB, BMX, etc.

Brand: Zotemo

👤I wish I had a bicycle bell like this when I was a kid. It's small, elegant looking and sounding, mounts easily, and produces a nice tone. You don't even notice the Black one is there, it blends in with the rest of my gear. There is a It's perfect for adult cyclists. It doesn't make the sound of traditional bike bells because it doesn't use gears. It doesn't make a bell noise when you're riding on bumpy roads, and there are a lot of them where I am. I think some people are missing the point of the design of the bell, which is that you're supposed to FLICK the lever down somewhat aggressively and quickly with your thumb. It takes a little getting used to, but mine worked great out of the box. I think they designed it this way so that it wouldn't hit the bell on bumpy roads. Whatever works for you. I don't know if it's loud enough for an urban environment, but I'm pretty sure it will be. There is a If you want a bell that doesn't make you feel like you're 8 years old, buy this! Kids can use it as well.

👤I have been on a tadpole trike since last summer and haven't looked back. It's a delight to ride, but it's a bit wider and less stress-inducing riding on less busy roads. I avoided paved multi-use paths on two wheels for the reason that pedestrians and joggers. Frequently announcing "On your left" is tiring, and even for situations where no vocal warning seems necessary, I've seen frightened people react in shock at a low-slung vehicle. It's high time to buy a bell. There is a The Zotemo bell was easy to install, with two different thicknesses of rubber inserts available. It should fit anywhere else. Works great as well. The sound of the brass bell is loud, but it's not loud enough to anger anyone. I've found that it can get most everyone's attention on the trail, even if there are a few lost in thought or their cell phones.

👤The bell is not reliable due to its design. The bell has a screw on top that has to stay loose in order for the bell to ring, but at the same time the lever on the unit has a screw on top that has to stay loose in order for the bell to ring. The attachment to the handlebars is not related to the problem.

👤The strikers never hit the dome so it made no sound. A pair of pliers were applied with a towel around the strikers to prevent damage. The bell is loud, but it can produce a more gentle sound if one applies finesse. They should do a better job of quality control.

👤Unlike bicycle bells that use a lot of moving parts, this is a mechanically simple product of solid metal construction. The bell is smaller than a typical bike bell, but still has a pleasant ringing quality. It is an easy project to complete with the instructions, rubber spacers, and tool provided. It is worth paying a small amount of money compared to the poor quality and badly constructed bells on Amazon.

4. TOBWOLF Bicycle Handlebar Mountain Accessories

TOBWOLF Bicycle Handlebar Mountain Accessories

The bicycle bell can be easily mounted and secured with the stretchable straps. There were no tools needed. Within 20 seconds, you can either install or uninstall it. Silicone strap is long and flexible and can be used for handlebars. The mountain bike bell is made from anti-rust brass material and coating which makes it long-lived. The mini bike bell has a sturdy plastic base that is 888-282-0465. Loud sound can remind someone else or a car to keep a safe distance when cycling outdoors. It is easy to install on the right or left bike handlebars with the L shape wrench. WIDELY USED The bike bell is suitable for a variety of bikes. Pack of 1 x bike bell, 2 x protective pads, and 1 x wrench is designed to prevent sliding down.

Brand: Tobwolf

👤It's a bell. It takes some effort to get your thumb off the handle so that the bell is loud. I'll practice more, but it's just a 3.

👤This won't fit on my bike bars.

👤The bell top fell off. It worked well, but it was a poor attachment. There is a A replacement would be nice. There is a Rob Eddy is a man.

5. Mirrycle Incredible Brass Duet Bicycle

Mirrycle Incredible Brass Duet Bicycle

Just one minute to screw, done! Two tone sound is clear. For handlebars of 21.7 to 24mm. Two tone sound is clear.

Brand: Mirrycle

👤I don't know how to rate this bell because you can get different bell from different seller. I have bought this bell 4 times. Not the same every time, just different. I bought it from different sellers. Several years ago, I and my husband received the first two bells. We have been using the bells for several years and have no problems. I ordered two more because we wanted bells for kids. There are two colors, one purple and one black. The purple came from China and the black from Thailand. I expected the same quality as before, but got fake ones. The purple was cheaply made. My eyes were close to falling out of my head. You don't want it. Completely different, bigger, cheap plastic broke. I put it in the trash and should have taken a picture. If you have original bell, you can see that the black one is not original, but slightly different. There is a different sound as well. I admit, it was better quality than fake purple, but it was broken. I tried to fix it but it fell off. Both sellers agreed to refunds. There is a It's difficult to rate this bell because you get different bell from different seller. I rate them 5 stars. I got a black one from Thailand and it was good. China has 0 stars. I rate it 4 stars. 5 stars for the original bell, minus one star because of fake bells. The original bell should not be used to list items that are different. I added pictures of the blue bell original, black and silver original, and whole black. This is broken and not incredibell. I trashed the fake purple bell so I don't have any pictures of it. I ordered purple again from Amazon and it was original. Excellent quality and sound. I will try to add a picture when possible. The purple bell has "Japan" on both sides when I took the pictures. The old bells have Japan on one side. Enjoy your day and your bell.

👤I tried to mount it on the right side of my handle bars, but I realized pulling down on the spring loaded ringer lever was not easy. I thought it was for left handers. I moved it to the left side. It's more natural for me to flick it on my left thump. A flicking UP motion instead of a Pulling DOWN motion. Time will tell if plastic is cheap or not. I might be weird or picky, but others will find it fine on the right side. It was a no-go on the right for me. I have added an edit. I put a photo of my left hand on the lever, ready to push it up to start the ringer.

👤I decided to buy a new bell for my bike after doing a lot of research. Money is not an object. I wanted a bell. The bring-bring style bells I had were old. I rang the phone out of it. It was made of cheap plastic. When I got it, I knew it was going to break. The store had only one thing that I needed. I had a single ding with a thumb hammer. They are small and well made. They are perfect for making someone say "Oh, what a pleasant ring sound." Let me turn around and see what makes that sound so pleasant. "Get the heck out of my way" is not the effect you want. No more, single-ding. There is a The Mirrycle Incredibell Brass Duet is a different type of ring. It has a lot of ding-din'ng. Two rings are not a doorbell. It makes a decent amount of noise when you ring it fast, so you can tell people to get off the trail. You can let them know you're on their left by doing a gentle "ding". There are counterfeit versions of this. It's probably best to buy it from Amazon. If it costs $2.000, you'll know if it's fake, but if it costs more, it sounds like a dud.

6. Trigger Bell Braking Turning Changing

Trigger Bell Braking Turning Changing

Black, Silver, Golden, and Copper Brown are available. There is a loud ring. The fitting videos on the Trigger Bell website can help you get the loudest ring. The Trigger Bell can be louder than a traditional bell. You can ring up to 5 times per second. The brass bell has a warmer and clearer tone than the cheaper aluminum bells. All bikes are compatible. Trigger Bell is pinged with your thumb, not your finger. On the right hand side, there is a mount for the Trigger Shifters. The grip is mounted between the brake and shifters. Questions? They would be happy to help. They will send the exact fitting instructions and video you need if you email them a photo of your handlebars. It's safe. Trigger Bell is a patented and registered design that allows you to ring it while turning and changing gear. You can ring up to 6 metres sooner if you travel at 10 miles per hour. 5 year warranty Trigger Bell is manufactured in the UK and has a money back guarantee.

Brand: Trigger Bell

👤It was installed on my bicycle drop bars. The strap going over the hood doesn't bother me. The sound was great when I installed it, but now it only makes a link sound. I might have put something on the bell dome because my thumb rests on it when I ride. To hear the link, play the video. There are a couple of good suggestions in the comment section of this posting. I was able to hear the ringing sound again. I have replaced my video with a different one.

👤It's ok, but not super loud. It's perfect for riding in parks. It scratched the rubber when I tried to put it on the hood. I put a piece of tape under it because I didn't do anything major. There is a The mounting side of the bell body is designed for narrower handlebars. I figured out that I should lower it so that it sits below the hood. I was going to mount it on the main rubber body. There is a The plastic strap may interfere with the brakes if it is in that position. I was very happy that the bell was easy to access from the hoods and when in the drops, and that it was very secure. I was wondering why my front brake wasn't working well. You have to be careful not to tighten the bell strap too much. You have to find a balance between being loose and not interfering with the brake. This is not an issue when you mount a road bike to a hood. It may not be a problem for other systems. I wish there was a link to an installation video on the package. It would have taken some time to mount and ring it. It's not difficult, but it is a bit quirky. I didn't expect that from a simple accessory. There is a It is a great idea to have a bell, but it is not the loudest or cheapest. If you want a bell on the hood, this is your only choice. It may be worth dealing with the installation quirks.

👤I wanted a bell on my road bike for added safety when I encounter other cyclists and pedestrians. I was trying to avoid bells that looked like sore eye spots on my rig after reviewing many products. When you have an event or special occasion to attend, you should try to avoid a blemish. You would hope to hide it. I was getting discouraged with many of the bells I came across because they were standing out too much and forcing my hands off my hood in order to start. This can be a danger. Do you take your hands off the steering wheel while driving? Not really. You can keep your hand on the steering wheel while flipping your turn signal with your finger. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's one less distraction you have to deal with. I was about to make a reluctant bell purchase when I saw this bicycle bell. If you are looking for a bell that is loud enough, discreet, and works on different bar types, then this bell is for you. There is a There are props to the creators of this product. Someone thought this out with the details in mind. I have them installed on both my bikes and bought three others for other riders. They love them because they serve the same purpose they were looking for.

7. ROCKBROS Classic Bicycle Mountain Handlebars

ROCKBROS Classic Bicycle Mountain Handlebars

Easy, SCRATCH-free installation for all handgun accessories. The installation requires a single key. The mounting strap can fit from 22.2mm to 31.8mm. It fits mountain bikes, road bikes, kid's bikes, and e- bikes. The mount is dipped in vinyl to protect it from being scratched. The bike bell has a sharp and clear sound. A small bell has a loud sound to warn walkers and passing vehicles. The bike bell is sweet. It's easy to install, just insert the metal band around the handlebars into the two slots of the bell bottom and tighten the top bolt until it's snug. It only takes one metal band to fit the handlebars from 0.83inch to 1.4inch. The bike bell is made of brass. There is a coating on the surface. The rockbros bell is easy to shock. Clear loud sound and sturdy quality are guaranteed by the brass alloy bicycle bells. The bike bell is kept in place with soft silicone layers.

Brand: Rockbros

👤This is a spurcycle knock off. I am okay with that. If you need help installing the bike bell, you can ask for help on the internet. I don't own a spur bell, but I feel this is just as good for a fraction of the cost. Loud, but pleasant. I used the large strap on my handlebars. There is foam tape in the package. I "taped" it to the strap after cutting it in half. 5 min was the total install time. I didn't want to pay the cheapest price for the original knock off. Update after a hundred miles... I like this bell. When riding fast, ring it around tight blind corners.

👤I had it on my bike after I broke my bell. This one is made of metal. It seems that the ding travels fairly far. I don't want to run anyone over, since I'm a hot disaster on the ride downhill, so I need to make sure all the poor innocents are out of my way. DING.

👤It has a lot more hikers and walkers than road biking. So I got a bell for everyone's safety. The bell is loud and sharp. The car with the window was able to notice me when I used it in the parking lot. The bell is loud enough to get attention. The bell does not work when it is not installed. If you want to try it out, put it on your handlebars.

👤Why didn't it get a full 5 stars? I had to modify the strikers by bending it by hand in order to make contact with the bell. It wouldn't ring until I bent it. Someone could think they got a bad one because of this. It works great now. The rubber strip they included is a nice touch and will protect my bars from being scratched by the metal strap. Even comes with an Allen tool, a nice touch that shows the company thought this out. There is a Everything about the bell. I think it will last me a long time and it seems well built. Bell has 2 metal bands that attach to it. The longer the bike, the more you will use it. Attach the side you can't see first, then slip it over the bar and attach the side closest to you. The bell can't ring if the top bolt is tight. Anyone can install this in a few minutes.

👤Nice! It was easy enough. It only takes one metal band to install the video. Depending on your handle's circumference, there are two bands that you can use. It comes with a rubber strip that you can use to protect your handlebars. I put mine on the handle grip. If you install it like you did, make sure the little rubber "shoes" are under the base because it could potentially damage the grip as time goes by. I like how small it is, but it has a lot of DING.

👤I wanted a small bell with a strong sound because my handlebars are crowded. There is a This is all that. Depending on how far you pull the gun, it can be softer or louder. Installation was a little more difficult than some bells but by following the instructions on the product page it was simple enough for me and resulted in a nice, secure fit. There is a One reviewer commented about not being able to contact the company and being sent to a Czech website. I found myself there after clicking the product help link. I hope that is correct. I clicked on the "Ask a question" link and sent a message. I had an issue that Rockbros took care of very quickly. The response was nice and I was fixed my problem. A good small bell, good sound, and a good seller is what we want to say. A happy customer.

8. KSdeal Toddlers Aluminum Childrens Accessory

KSdeal Toddlers Aluminum Childrens Accessory

All Finger Ten products are eligible for a 30 day return and change policy on Amazon. Finger Ten wants to make all their customers happy. It's dinging! - The cute super hero outlook of the bicycle bells makes riding much safer. The red aluminum bike bell and Spider Man pattern design is a perfect Christmas gift. It's easy to install, just a screwdriver. It takes 1 minute to complete installation. Excellent material for long-term use is made of high quality aluminum and ultra tough ABS. It's ideal for girl's, toddler's, kid's, children's bike, tricycle,cruiser. For bike type, it's for any standard straight bicycle or stunt scooter handle bar.

Brand: Ksdeal

👤The bell is low quality. The orientation of the switch is left-handed. After pulling it down, the switch doesn't come back up by itself half the time. My son has to pull it down, which is dumb. The mechanism to attach the bell to the bike has two screws instead of one, which is usually the case with bells like this. It was twice as annoying to mount the bell. The Spider-Man picture is cute and accurate. There is a Get a different bell that works.

👤If you're a parent and you're installing the bell, you're going to notice that it might not fit perfectly around the handle bar, which is a problem if you're a child. It doesn't come with this, so you might find yourself looking for the next best thing, so that the bell doesn't hang droopily down while your kid fails to ring their bell on the bike. The Spiderman face is a plastic sticker that can easily be removed. It doesn't feel very strong. The 4 year old doesn't notice the problems, and the bell is doing the trick.

👤This is perfect for the price. My kids love this. It took 30 seconds to install. The colors are bright and the Spiderman image is great. She needs to be good quality.

👤The first one was missing a screw, so I had to replace it. I didn't have time to send the first one back. The replacement wouldn't ding when it arrived. I had to change it out with another piece. Buy the Spider-Man horn.

👤It was small for my 4 year old son's bike and he had to push very hard to get it to budge, so he asked me to ring it, it is not for a four year old.

👤Very cheap. Didn't work out of the package. The ringing mechanism was seized when we tried to use it. I'm going to return it to Amazon and find a better one.

👤I picked it up for my child. He can use it quickly. It doesn't move and holds on to his handle bars. It's easy to use and loud. What else could you ask for?

👤Rings are nice. It was easy for my 5 year old to ring on his own, it was very nice material and sturdy.

9. Crane 13165 Riten Brass Bell

Crane 13165 Riten Brass Bell

The Origin8 brand stands for quality and dependability. The bicycle bell has a loud chime and is compatible with 22.2-26.0mm OD bars. The dome of the BRASS model is 60mm wide. It will oxidize with age. The sound is beautiful and renewed. The large dome and brass material has a long chime. Crane Bell knows the ring should be pleasant, but it should also be safe and loud. Premium Japanese phone. Crane Bell Co. is a Japanese company. Quality was not compromised on any part of the bell. The bicycle bells are unique and for bikers who care about the little things. The vintage design looks smart on city bikes and traditional road bikes. Bells with plastic mounts and hammers are not as durable as metal construction. It's more pleasing to the ears than a bike horn. Installation is easy for most handguns. The screwdriver is aPhillips. It fits mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, cruiser, kid's bikes, and e- bikes. It can be mounted to the stems.

Brand: Crane

👤The headline is hyperbolic, but I want you to hear me out. It became clear to me early in my commute career that a bell is a must for the daily urban rider. Someone isn't going to see you, but with this bell, they're almost certainly going to hear you. The front of the truck was almost hit by me. The driver left the stop sign. I was pedaling furiously down a bike lane that was partially obscured by parked cars. I was invisible from the driver's point of view. He started to roll forward when I was close. I reached for the bell instead of slamming my brakes and sending myself over the handlebars. He heard, looked, and stopped. I continued on my merry way and was still alive. There is a This bell is the steal of the century, even though it seems relatively expensive. It works when it's wet, it won't sound when you hit a bumps in the road, and you can unleash both short, crispDINGs and long, longRRRINGs, depending on how far you pull the lever back. My coworkers seem to take great pleasure in ringing it in the office, which I believe advances the cause of bike commute in some small way.

👤The bell is very high quality. Solid construction steel and brass, louder than most, with a long ringing chime both directions, and an adjustment to fit small and large handlebar sizes. There is a The ney sayers and 1 and 2 star raters are now available. Yes, it is a little heavy. Heavy-duty. Maybe this bell isn't for you if you want to lose.05 of an ounce. A plastic electronic bell is needed. Light and cheap. The metal is scratchy. I put a piece of rubber tube between the two things. Problem solved. The first time I crossed some railroad tracks at speed, my phone mount broke, but it was better than the plastic one that came with it. It's polished brass. If it's not polished occasionally like the rest of the bike, it's brass weather. I sealed it with an automotive aluminum wheel seal after polishing it with the polishing wheel. Problem solved. There is a It's sad when mass production people can't distinguish a high quality product from a mediocre one, and this bell is the best thing I have ever purchased from Amazon.

👤It was available for same-day delivery on Amazon Prime. It was in time for my ride with friends tomorrow. So excited. The bell is a classic shape, all metal parts and shiny brass, and can be placed on either left or right handle bar, and very loud. I was surprised by how loud it was. That's right! It feels like a quality product. I think this bell is great for bike riders who want a vintage bell for their ride. The ladies Windsor Kensington 8 bicycle is a classic/vintage style ride, hunter green with chrome finish. I was thinking of a bell but decided against it. I like the look of this bell and it looks really good on my bike. I am in love with how it stands out. The bell is tied together by the chrome detail in the center. It may look great with any color cycle you have. Can't wait to make noise! I believe this bell will alert the most oblivious pedestrian with headphones on that they are walking in the bike path. BRRRRRRRIIIING! Onward!

10. Greallthy Classic Bicycle Mountain Accessories

Greallthy Classic Bicycle Mountain Accessories

The package includes a bike bell. The bike bell can be easily installed on the right side. Their bike bell is small and has an exquisite outlook. The protective pad is needed to prevent sliding down. It has anti-rust and anti-aging functions. A retro design. The bike bell always has a loud tone. The riding is much safer because pedestrians and passing vehicles can hear you. They will give you a 30-days money back and a 12 months warranty for all quality-related issues.

Brand: Greallthy

👤I use it to clear the way when I come up behind people who are walking on the sidewalk. Especially the older women.

👤I enjoy bells. Alert others without yelling or horns. It looks nice and reminds me of being a kid. If you know what I mean, putting an old time bell on an ebike has a certain insouciance. It is recommended.

👤The bell is constructed well. The bell feels like it was made when the US still made good products, even though the packaging leaves something to be desired.

👤Didn't work. It was falling apart in my hand. There is a It is a safety device. Selling products that fail or never work is frightening.

👤It fit perfectly on my bike. The sound is commanding. People get out of the way. I use this bell every time I ride. Highly recommended. The bicycle bells look good.

👤This thing sounds great. The ring ring sound is really good. It's very strong. It's loud, be warned. I am on my bike.

👤It's too large for US bicycle handlebars. Not adjusted.

👤The sound is great. It matches my bike.

👤The modern 'ping' has never sounded right to me, as I grew up with proper bells. I'm pretty sure that the single, high-pitched tone is difficult for older hearing, as I came up behind an elderly couple walking their dog across the width of a shared use path. I had to move onto the grass alongside the path because no amount of pinging caught their attention. The bicycle sound is unique and this ring has it. It will be more audible over the sound of traffic.

👤I cycle 6 miles down a cycle path every day, this will make people get out of my way. A ring.

👤A bell that lets people know you are on a bike.

👤The bell matches my bike perfectly. The bell is loud and in the classic bike tone. People know you're coming. Would recommend.

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11. Crane Bicycle Cruisers Diameters 26 0mm

Crane Bicycle Cruisers Diameters 26 0mm

Two tone sound is clear. A retro, vintage premium bicycle bell with curved lever strikers is the Suzu Brass Bell. The bars are 22.2-26.0mm. The dome of the BRASS model is 55mm wide. It will oxidize with age. A dome-shaped bell is a beautiful sound and a pleasant ring. The ring of a brass bell is more durable. Crane Bell knows the ring should be pleasant, but it should also be safe and loud. Premium Japanese phone. Crane Bell Co. is a Japanese company. Quality was not compromised on any part of the bell. The bicycle bells are unique and for bikers who care about the little things. The vintage design looks smart on city bikes and traditional road bikes. Bells with plastic mounts and hammers are not as durable as metal construction. The bike horn is larger than the smaller one. Installation is easy for most handguns. The screwdriver is aPhillips. The Suzu's steel band mount can fit between 22.2mm and 26.0mm. The Suzu Mini has a die-cast mount that fits bars of 22.2mm and 23.8mm. It can be mounted to the stems.

Brand: Crane

👤There is a piece of garbage. Not a bell from Crane. Save your money and get a Crane bell.

👤The bell is very simple. It is made from a few pieces of metal. That doesn't really matter. You can hear this thing from space. If you press the hammer down and let this thing go, it will make a loud noise that can be seen. The only way to draw attention to yourself while biking is to ring a bell at an intersection or a blind corner. This sound can pierce the veil of a rolled up window and a cabin full of music, or it can bring eyes up and pedestrians to the side of a wooded trail. It is worth it in a world of cutesy tools that have forgotten their real purpose.

👤I bought a few months ago. Two of them listed "shipped and sold by LLB", which were great quality, Japan stamp etc. There is a The bell was stained, damaged, and likely counterfeit. There is a It is noticeably different from the other two. There is a The components of the bell look like copies of an authentic Crane bell. There is a The bell had a stain on the dome and a damaged top nut. It's pretty disappointing. I would only recommend purchasing when it is sold by and shipped from

👤Origin 8 manufactured the Crane Suzu Strike Brass Bell that I received. The bell on the package was not a Crane Suzu, as was stated on the sticker. This was an attempt to pass off a different product. I immediately requested a return after not opening the package. Thankfully, Amazon is great and immediately gave me a refund and will be paying for my return shipping. I read a couple of reviews on this site before I placed my order, and it was stated that this was an issue with the vendor. Before placing my order I made sure that I was not ordering from this vendor, but another vendor with the order fulfilled by Amazon. The order was fulfilled by J & L Cycle. I was either wrong or it was changed. No idea. If you don't care if you get the right item, I wouldn't order this item from Amazon until they get rid of J & L Cycle. There is a I rated the actual product 1 star, but Amazon doesn't give you a choice here, so I wanted to bring this to others attention.

👤This is a great bell. The bell I bought nine months ago was without the neo-black coating. The first bell did tarnish quite a bit, so I decided to use neo-black brass for my bike. The unfinished brass bell is brighter and more powerful than the great bells. The sound is suppressed by the neo-black coating. The performance of the bell is more important than the tarnish. I would get the plain brass again if I had it to do over.

👤I wanted a true Crane Bell because it is more flexible. There is a The vendor slipped in the bell of the Origin8 brand. It's not worth the time and money to send it back. Please vote so that other reviewers can be warned if you think this information is important.


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What are the best brands for bicycle bell brass?

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