Best Bicycle Baskets for Adult Bikes Rear

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1. Schwinn Quick Release Wire Basket

Schwinn Quick Release Wire Basket

The L is 14.29" and the W is 10.35" The handle is easy to carry. The construction is weather-resistant. Easily mounts to handlebars. It's ideal for holding personal items while riding. It's ideal for holding personal items while riding.

Brand: Schwinn

👤Let's say you picked a flower that was heavier than roses. Is the mounting system that comes with this basket able to handle that? It depends. Don't count on it if you picked 6 lbs of roses. There is a The basket is great. I like the basket. There is a The mounting system is hot. There is a It's un-sexy garbage. I'm not on by the mounting system. There is a You click into place because it's rachet based. You put six lbs of stuff in your basket, and then you hear a loud noise as your basket drops to ride atop your tire. I don't need this job anyway, I wanted to be a president's toothbrush, or at least a fashionable pair of sunglasses, instead they made me into a crappy basket mount. I will show them that I won't do that job right. The basket gets 5 stars. I'm bitter and that averages out to 2 stars.

👤I had to downsize on my bike. I needed to get through a cruiser. It is plain and simple. I needed the bike to go the quarter mile to the store for my groceries because I don't have a car. I dread the thought of spending winter up north to be closer to my kids, grandkids, etc., so a handlebar basket is essential to getting through until then. The baskets that others were suggesting were similar to children's bikes baskets. It's small enough to hold my wallet, keys and cell phone. The basket is a workhorsse. I can stuff it heavy. It holds onto that little connecter. So far. seeds that fall from a tree will not fall through the mesh. It's deep and not so deep that it won't hit the front fender. I like that I can remove it and carry it inside to see how much I can buy. We have them around and they steal from us. The sob's have tools on them. I can fit a full brown paper bag's worth of groceries in it. I tie the ties over the top of the cloth bag I use to line the basket to hold it all in and off. I love it. Truly. If it can outlive the bike, I'll be very grateful. Be careful, that the picture is not the same as the one for the basket. The one I received has a small slide button that engages and releases the basket from the bike side of the basket, and it has a gadget that Attaches to the handle bars. It's clever. I've had to lift a full basket off because I'm not very strong. Pull the button back while pulling upward on the handle lets it go without a problem. You are not holding a heavy basket in one hand. I lined the basket with the shopping bag so I could take off the empty basket at the doorstep. Trust me...this works. I like this thing.

👤The Schwinn Quick Release Wire Basket has some problems. There is a The coat of shiny black is quite nice. I wouldn't call the basket and brackets heavy duty. Installation requires the use of tools. Most adults will be able to do it, but children or those with dexterity issues may need help. I was worried about over-tightening the screws and stripping the threads from the holes as they drove into plastic. There is a Light grocery shopping can be done with the basket size. I usually get a gallon of milk. I found that the weight of a gallon of milk, two bags of frozen peas, and a bottle of Worcestershire Sauce was about 10 pounds. My gear cables came to rest on mine. It is probably harmless but not ideal. A mounting system that provided a positive lock is what I would prefer. I find it difficult to attach the basket because of interference from the cables and sometimes it is not in place. To make sure it is locked in, you should test yours. The handle on the basket detached if I moved it very far in either direction. I found that this feature happened while I was riding. The tabs that held the wire handle were bent slightly outward, which made them fail to hold the ends of the wire handle. I pushed them in and it seemed to solve the problem. The basket was made from foam pipe and I added bumpers to the top edges to prevent it from rotating too far. A small piece of double-sided tape is used to hold the bumpers in place. The problem hasn't reappeared so far. There is a The extra weight on the handlebars affects your steering and can produce over-steer. If you are heavily loaded, be ready for the handlebars to pull in the direction you are going. If your bike is parked and resting on the kick stand, you should not load the basket. The bike may fall over if you turn the basket towards the kick stand. Turn it away from the kick stand. There is a I use the basket a lot. The basket's inability to be reattached has made me not use it as a shopping basket. The handle design is flawed but fixable. I would like a mount that holds the basket in place. It is impossible for me to highly recommend it.

2. Chanwei Removable Installation Handlebar Accessories

Chanwei Removable Installation Handlebar Accessories

The quick-release shoulder strap can be quickly and safely removed. Safety warning reflective strips are used for night driving. It is not suitable for road bikes before buying, according to some customer feedback. If you also have the same problem, please contact them. After being left for a few days, there will be a smell. The basket is 33 x 20 x 22 cm and has a folding size of 13*11.8*1.97 inches. Rust Proof Steel Construction. The steel construction of the bicycle basket is anti-rust. The hooks of the bicycle basket are protected from scratching and damaging by using plastic tubes to surround them. It's big enough for carrying a lot of things and easy to fold up. The basket for bikes can carry a lot of things, but it can also be folded to fit in a smaller size for convenient storage. It's easy to install, just push the folded basket a little bit and lift the buckle, it will open in less than 60 seconds. The steel wire they use to make this basket is thick and strong, it has a heavy load of more than 55 lbs, you can carry a large pet with confidence.

Brand: Hoyuuoo

👤I wanted to return the baskets I bought for the back of his bike because they were missing bolts. We went to the hardware store to get them. They don't install on the back of the back like they are advertised. We are trying to find a way to install them. I want to return them, but my grandson likes the way the basket collapses. Very angry. I went to a bike store to see if they could help. I wouldn't buy these baskets again.

👤It arrived on time. Was completely disappointed. . There were no straps for the handles or screws for the basket. I used double tape to keep it in place.

👤These are lifesavers. I try to bike as much as I can, but a backpack is not big enough to hold it all. I have a couple on my bike.

👤There was a missing hardware for one of the baskets. Very sad.

👤I sliced my hand open because it didn't come with instructions for the screws. It was a lot harder than it should have been and I had to have my hand operated on.

👤The front of the bike tends to come unlatched and forward when it hits flop bumps. I wouldn't put anything in there if it broke. It's easy to install and folds away nicely.

👤The basket is spring loaded and opens with a flick of the switch. It's great when you have enough hands to open it with one finger. When not in use, it folds out of the way and opens automatically.

👤The wire basket is perfect for my electric bike.

👤El material se ve resistente. Ademas de una quita. y se monta

👤El producto est una sesin para el precio. el.

3. Roswheel Essentials 141466 Accessories Capacity

Roswheel Essentials 141466 Accessories Capacity

The basket will not tip down if it is installed correctly. Lifetime warranty is the quality. Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal. If you find any problems with their product after you receive it, please contact seller immediately. They will do everything they can to provide better post-sale services for you. It is made with 300D polyester and PU leather, padded with strong HDPE board and rigid EVA foam, and in good shape. Easy mount and quick release are included. Most of the mountain bikes' Racks should be fit. A well designed structure for better organization of cycling essentials, tools and accessories has an 8 liters capacity. A bicycle rear rack bag, a handbag with built-in carrying handle, or a messenger bag with a included shoulder strap are versatile usages. The reflective elements and taillight are compatible with low light situations.

Brand: Roswheel

👤The bag design is great. There was a sticky spot on the zipper. We should have exchanged it. After about 6 or 7 rides, it failed. There is no way to contact the seller. I contacted Amazon and got a canned response saying my inquiry is invalid. There is no way to contact the seller.

👤Nice size, not too big. It is made of sturdy material and holds its shape when empty. Would definitely recommend it. It is easy to fit the straps on the rack.

👤I am using it with the Bontrager MIK rack. It doesn't look awkward because it's a perfect match of length and width. I researched rear trunk bags before I decided to take a chance. I wanted something that would work for running small errand and getting minor groceries on my hybrid, and this fits the bill. The shape is very stylish and doesn't just look like a duffel bag as many of the others I was considering. The bag is made with a thicker material so it keeps its shape even when empty. The multiple point straps keep it secure. It is easy to fit a 1.75L bottle and still has room. I included a picture of a run I made for my wife the other day and it was easy to fit 2 large cakes of yarn in it. I would recommend this bag to anyone looking for a quality bag that doesn't break the bank.

👤I ride a Rover with fat tires. I wanted a small bag that I could carry just what I needed on my rack and still have room for more stuff. I have a fat tire tub, tools, patches, pump, first aid kit, and a small micro fiber towel. I got this bag because I know how much space a fat tire tube can take. I have enough room for food or a toy. Pull the shoulder strap out from under and start walking if you park and lock your bike up. There is a The bag is good, but I felt that one of the pull strings broke on the 5th ride, but I didn't use it. It's an easy fix, but still not great.

👤The straps are long enough to attach to my rack and seem strong. The bike rack and seat are in the right size. I can probably put it under the seat and move it forward on the rack. There is a The bungee loops can be tightened. The carrying strap is in a pocket. There is a mesh pocket inside the flap. My rack is 13 x 5.5 inches and has about 4.5 inch space between the seat and front of it.

👤I bought this for my car. It has enough room for my Lezyme Fat Bike Pump, an allen wrench, an extra tube, a patch kit, and a few clean rags. It should last for 3-4 years.

👤I got this recently and have been using it a lot. The bag has a set of straps to carry it around. It is small enough that I can put on my bucket panniers, but also great to have alone as I can bungee my U-lock to the top. Recommended!

4. TOURBON Canvas Bicycle Pannier Insulated

TOURBON Canvas Bicycle Pannier Insulated

The bars are reinforced. The insulated lining keeps your beverage cold or food warm. Installation and removal of Hook and loop closure straps. Can be used for carrying groceries, snacks, food, hot or cold drinks, bike gear, and extra things. The loop on the bag is easy to hang when not in use. Approx 14.76" x 7.28" x 8.07" is the weight. Approx 14.76" x 7.28" x 8.07" is the weight.

Brand: Tourbon

👤This fit my cruiser rack perfectly. It had a lot of extra space left for my husband and me. It stays in line with my bike rack. saddle bags can be awkward if one side is full, but not the other. I think I made the right choice with this bag. I like the distressed look of it that goes with my vintage bike. I haven't tested it in the rain yet, but it is very thick and sturdy. I think you will like this bag.

👤This bag is very well made. The bag is made of heavy canvas and is rain proof, so you can eat lunch with a sandwich and drink.

👤The bag is nice, but it mounts via tiny pieces of Velcro. The bag will tip over or fall to the side of the wrack while I am riding. It is difficult to tell if the bag is flimsy or if it is due to the lack of a binding agent. Anything not secured will fall out once the case is over. Beware.

👤I love this bag. It is a great look on the bike. I think that the charm of this bag is what makes it so attractive, even though it does scratch easily. The bag is strong in the video clip. It was wonderful! It's good too.

👤I was not happy with this purchase. The material was not what I expected and the color was off. It was more distressed than what was pictured. I came back.

👤I wanted a cooler bag for my bike. I didn't want one of the modern ones, I wanted something that fit in with the vintage look. The bag exceeded my expectations. It is definitely worth the money, even though it is not the cheapest bag you can get. It looks great on the bike. I only ride my vintage bike occasionally. I have used this bag a few times and it holds a small picnic lunch for two. A couple drinks and sandwiches. I am very pleased with the bag, it is perfect for my application. I only use it occasionally but function and style points are very high so I'm not sure how durable it will be.

👤I had this bag before, and I like the looks of my e-bike. We had it on a bike rack for travel and it fell off. The bike rack and seat are not secured by the short straps. The top of the new trunk is not new. I know that will happen with use. I shouldn't look all battered already. I was very disappointed in the purchase. I shouldn't have to buy a new item to fit my bike. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The packaging is very dense and leaves a lot of space on the lid. Not as strong as was indicated. I like the waterproof canvas and color.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It is easy to attach, study and look good. It looks great with my seat and grips. I think this is a great idea.

5. ProSource Wicker Front Handlebar Basket

ProSource Wicker Front Handlebar Basket

Storage bag included The bicycle cover can be folded into a portable size and put into the storage bag when not in use. The hassle of cleaning will be reduced. The dimensions are Length-13"(side to side on the top) x Width-10.5"(front to back) x Depth-9" Natural wicker has a color. Water-proof treatment.

Brand: Prosource

👤It's great to take water, fruit, sunscreen, beach towels. It looks pretty.

👤It worked well for 2 years. I carried my heavy duty lock, water bottles, phone, and other items in here during long distance rides. I purchased this in July of 2013). There is a I broke the strap in August of 2015. I was able to poke a new hole in the cheap straps to get me through the rest of the ride. I'm still keeping the basket, but I'll probably find better straps, which is a good thing. There is a The basket has held up well. It can be a bit bristly and some pieces break, but I don't think it's bad. It is a basket. There is a The bottom is large enough to hold a lot of stuff and tall enough to not let things fly out.

👤The basket is a good size. I used black zip ties under the straps after reading reviews about weak straps. I have been using it for a couple months and it looks great. There is room for my water bottle and recorder, and when I get overheated there is room to stuff my jacket in. I'm completely satisfied.

👤These baskets are for my granddaughters. I bought a triple bunk bed for them. I wanted it to be convenient and personal. The baskets will hold everything they need. Books, paper, pens, dolls, and of course their headlamps are against the rules for late night reading. There is a These will not see the rougher treatment of those on a bike, but they are very well made. The strap leather is a bit thin but can be slipped out to replace simple dog collar. The baskets are made of wicker. They are a great buy and will last a long time in college.

👤It's adorable! I'm looking forward to it. I'm not expecting to put a lot of stuff in it, but a few things can fit in the basket, like a bottle of water and lunch. The belt/harness looks flimsy so I added cable zip ties. I would recommend it. Just for light stuff. I would like to see cable zip ties used to make it stronger.

👤I bought this for my bicycle. I used it to plant flowers in the basket. It adds charm to any bicycle. The leather straps are nice.

👤The basket is smaller if you don't mind. If you're expecting the measurement described, it won't be, at least not the one they sent to me. The actual is 12x10x9. Returned. The basket I replaced was the same size as the one I had. If you don't mind the smaller size, it's not a problem. The basket is thin and sturdy, with some pieces poking out on the outside, but it doesn't have leather straps. In a town built with endless bike paths, I need something to hold my water bottle, purse, and sometimes light jacket, so I use something to hold it often. This is a good budget buy if you don't use as much as this.

6. M Wave Rear BA RM Long Basket

M Wave Rear BA RM Long Basket

There is a bike basket. For mounting on the carrier. It is extra narrow and long so that it does not protrude. The bars are reinforced.

Brand: M-wave

👤The basket was difficult to install and only lasted about two years of use, and was always stored in the garage. The bottom of the basket fell down. I would expect it to last longer than the price I paid. Will not buy again.

👤I'm not sure I want something this large attached permanently to my bike, so I'll probably send it back without trying it on my bike, but it's quite a bit larger than the description indicates. I would like to be able to take it on and off when I need it, not having to drive around the neighborhood. The one I received is long and wide and deep in the back. Everyone gets a different size from reading the reviews. The hardware was thrown in the basket loose, so be careful when opening it.

👤I have a basket. It doesn't fit under my seat, but it is perfect! It is not too long on the sides. It's exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to fit on my bike. My husband thought it was silly for me to buy it, but I used it to hold his tennis shoes and other necessities when we went riding. When we went camping, I used it to hold my carry-on bag and clean my clothes at the community bathroom. The camp site was not far from the community bathroom. He admitted that it was a good idea to get this basket.

👤It's sturdy enough to cruise off road trails. I would suggest a layer of protection over the metal because it is thin and looks like it could be damaged.

👤Attaches firmly. My daughter loves putting her backpack in. We put our stuff in her basket when we ride our bikes. The basket is still doing great even after she fell down. It is light in weight. The bike came with a rack that we attached it to.

👤Very light and nice size. My dog likes the ride.

👤I used zip ties to attach it to the rear cargo rack, however I can easily take it off if I want to. The zip ties work well. It has enough space for my shi zhu to ride comfortably. She loves to ride. Good quality for the price.

👤I lost in a big box. The hardware is lost. I'm not sure if I got it all. No instructions. I might return.

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7. Roswheel 14024 Convertible Bicycle Pannier

Roswheel 14024 Convertible Bicycle Pannier

It's fastened securely to the rack and doesn't shift, it has 2 straps on the front of the rack, 2 long straps going across the rack, and a fixed buckle. The bag is for fat bikes, e- bikes and other commuter bikes. The whole bag is padded with PE cotton for better shape and protection. A bottle case and 3 side pockets for better organization of cycling essentials are included in the 6 liter capacity. 2 of them are suitable for the most mountain, road and commute bikes' rack. As a shoulder bag with the included shoulder strap, it is portable and versatile. All around reflective trims and logo increase visibility for the motorists in dark or reduced light. One year against materials and workmanship defects.

Brand: Roswheel

👤The entry-level Pannier trunk bag has a bottle holder end that will hold a small disposable water bottle but not a full-sized bike bottle, a fully padded wall and a fully unzipping perimeter. The "Roswheel 14892 3 in 1 Multifuction Bicycle Expedition Touring Cam Pannier" was equally thoughtful in design and features. It fit well on the extra large rack. There is aRear available on Amazon. Work around it. We tried to use the bag on the R151 "Front Extra Large Rack" but the bottom 1 1/2 wide straps were too short for mounting the bag on the frame rack. The bag's overall length was good for the rack's length. There is a The below work-around was a better option than returning the bags. The tail is stopped. We used the VELCRO Brand - One-WRAP Roll, Double- Sided, Self Gripping Multi-Purpose Hook and loop at most home centers and hardware stores. To shorten the straps. Attach the new strap extension through the buckle and give it a 1/2 twist to properly align the hook, by cutting two 7" long strips of the "One-Wrap" material. You don't need the whole roll of VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP, but it is useful to make re-usable straps for hoses, extension cords, wall mounting tools, etc.

👤I ordered 2 for my fat bikes. I thought I measured carefully, but there was no mention of how long the straps on the bottom for attaching to the rack were. I don't know how the manufacturer expected these to work. The eye loops that are let along loop through the straps are barely long enough. If you loop the straps through the eyelets, the bag can not be expanded to it's full width. They were not sure what they were thinking.

👤This was the best bang for my buck. Not one to write bad reviews. I needed to let you know. The straps that are used to hold this on your bike are very short. I don't see what they were thinking. They aren't wide enough for the pack to be fully expanded, less than ideal for my bike. It was a universal fit and removed tags before realizing it would need to be returned. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I have a small collection of bicycles and wanted to add a rear bag to one of them. I wanted a decent bag, but it was a good price. I liked this one so much that I decided to try it. I like the individual pockets because they allow me to keep my tools and spare parts organized, and still have the main compartment open for other things. I keep a spare tube in one of the compartments, and it's nice to know that it won't get damaged. There is a The water bottle holder is on the back of the bag. Due to other accessories on my bikes, I only have room for one water bottle cage on the bike frame, so this bag lets me carry a second water bottle for longer rides, and then I just switch them out once the first bottle gets empty. I bought a second bag to replace an older bag because I liked it so much. I had to put the second water bottle in the main compartment of my older bag because it didn't have the extra water bottle holder. If you read the reviews of other lower-cost bags, you'll see that they don't have enough rigidity to it, so if it's not full, it collapses and flaps around. It has good padding in the sides to keep its shape even when empty. There is a The one thing that I don't like about this bag is the lack of a strap with a clasp on it for attaching your keys. I have forgotten to zip a bag a few times in my life, but the keys were always secure because of the internal clasp. It's not a big deal to remove a star from the rating, but it's something to be aware of if you like that feature. A great bag at a great price.

8. Rainproof Reflective Waterproof Bicycle WOOFOPT

Rainproof Reflective Waterproof Bicycle WOOFOPT

M is 28*22*21 cm, 11*8.7*8inch. The M-size baskets are for bikes. Universal rear bike handlebars. The bicycle rear basket is easy to install. Installation methods include a screw kit with a screwdriver and nylon cable ties. Bicycle water spout covers/INNER LINING and adjusted cargo net are included. The rear bicycle basket comes with waterproof covers, upgraded design, increase internal coating, and reflective strips. The basket is suitable for rainy, windy, and snowy activities. A cargo net is an additional reward for the rear basket. Rear bike baskets areimpregnated with high-quality metal so they are not afraid of rusting after the rain. It has a maximum load of 21 kilogrammes. The rear basket for bikes is suitable for city travel. The bike basket rear can be used for lunch boxes, food bags, jackets, water bottles, children's school bags, daily shopping, or as a dog bike basket, bike crate. Quality control and factory service are included. All bicycle baskets have been thoroughly tested. Please contact them if you have any questions. They are ready to give you solutions.

Brand: Woofopt

👤A good bike basket is not a good fit for the Lectric 2.0. It was too small to be used. I can't comment on ease of installation because I didn't mount. I wish it had fit my needs.

👤My son cannot fit his school backpack in this product.

👤The basket is ok. The quality is good and once you mount it, it stays in place. It's not long enough to rest a standard U lock and there's no bar at the back to attach a rear light. I had to do something myself. There is a The types of things that would have been picked up had a cyclist tested it before sending it to market.

👤It's big. It was deep. It's very secure for any items you put inside. It's easy to install. I am happy.

👤The basket works for our bikes.

👤Easily mounted with tie wraps. It works well.

9. KINGWILLOW Basket Little Bicycle Crafts

KINGWILLOW Basket Little Bicycle Crafts

It's easy to install, your bag comes with everything you need to load it up, attach it, and hit the road in minutes. The stuff sack has a sewn-in set up guide. It is durable. The basket is made from high quality wicker. The handles are convenient for hanging on and dismantling. The design of the bins is simple and elegant. Sturdy construction will not be in a bad shape. The top size is 8.86”X 7.09” With their famous 100% satisfaction, you can have peace of mind. If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase, just let them know and they will either replace it or refund you, your choice!

Brand: Kingwillow

👤I needed a basket that wasn't very tall. It fits my stuff and a can of soda. The color is nice, not baby blue as I had feared. This is a mountain bike that I have been using for a long time.

👤The basket is cute and sturdy. The cup and phone are still in the small bag.

👤Exactly what I wanted. It is large enough to hold my keys, wallet, phone, and water bottle.

👤It was too small to carry more than a wallet and a cell phone. I should have checked the dimensions but I didn't. The price was higher because of the size.

👤I bought this for my daughter. I will need to replace it because it is so neat up. There is a I was expecting a basket that was marketed for kids to be more durable.

👤A little basket. It's small but big enough to hold my phone, keys, and drink when I ride my bike.

👤I was expecting it to be bigger. She was disappointed when she saw how small it was and I will have to return it.

👤I had to make holes in the belt with a tiny screwdriver to tighten it, but it was ok. About the same.

10. Basket Folding Bicycle Mountain Fold Up

Basket Folding Bicycle Mountain Fold Up

We want to make outdoor excursions more fun and adventurous because they believe in the spirit of explorers like you. If you're unhappy with their rear bike rack, they'll make it right. The iron wire is stronger than the original bicycle basket and has a black finish that makes it better weather- resistant. The iron wire is weather resistant and long lasting. It can be folded to a smaller size for convenient storage. The foldable basket will open automatically if you push the folding bike basket a little bit. Versatile Large capacity to place things like books, bags, pets, grocery, flower and so on. Try to use your imagination to develop more functions, even if you only apply in bicycle. The front bike basket should be less than 1.77 inch and the rear basket should be less than 4.5 cm. Before you use your hanging bike basket, make sure to breathe.

Brand: Fengwu

👤I wanted a basket that could be folded when not in use. All of the fabric ones seem to be at least 2x cost, and with less durability, which is why they had reviews of the fabric getting dangerously caught in the wheel spokes. This product is a winner because of its price and sturdiness. There is a My particular rack had two issues. One rack was bent from shipping in such a way that it could not open. I'm worried that the paint chips could allow the underlying metal to rust. There is a There are some quirks of this product. The bike is lower than the rack. This allows for a lower center of gravity, and it also allows me to mount a milk crate to the top of the rear rack. If I wanted to use this basket as a front basket, it would have to hit my hands. I used a few ziplocs to fix the basket against the rear rack's support legs. I put electrical tape on the rear rack to prevent scratching.

👤The package had a terrible smell. I had to throw the packaging away because it was stinking. The smell stayed on your hands when you touched the baskets. It was washed off with soap and water. It was a disaster trying to get the plastic tubing on the curved handles. I tried dish soap and it didn't work, but they did damage two of my nails. The baskets hurt my fingers when they opened. I had to have my son remove one of the springs so they wouldn't snap open. They are mounted to my bike rack. The mounting is not good. They are not tight. I'm going to have to secure them with zip ties. What a throbbing head. inky things.

👤I bought these for my brother's birthday so he could carry stuff on his bike, but he hasn't carried a lot in it, but he said they're holding up really good. They fold up quickly and easily, and a pop out push him in, and they snap and stay close to him.

👤I like the baskets for their price. The complaints people have about these baskets are completely false, because they are comparing them to hundred dollar baskets.

👤These have worked well. I use them on the back of my bike for the occasional bike ride to the park with my 5 year old. There is a splash pad and books in the park. There is a They can fold up when not in use.

👤These are great for the investment. I like the way they fold up. I would buy them again. Great product.

👤I like the product. It is very easy to use.

👤The baskets are used for the bike and kick scooter. The brown paper bag is inside the basket. The screw was not compatible with the scooter. I used a zip tie.

11. Ventura Economical Bicycle Carrier Adjustable

Ventura Economical Bicycle Carrier Adjustable

Can be mounted with Ibera trunk bags. There will be additional hardware required. Call them at 1-877-BIKEAID for assistance with hardware or installation. It fits 26 in. Or 28 in. A fitting set for most bicycle tires is included. Not all bike types. You will need a 3mm wrench and an Allen key. A steel rack mounts to the back of your bicycle to help transport bags, panniers, cargo baskets and more. The weight limit is also included. Instruction. Product photos and the bottom of the listing page are available for an updated assembly guide.

Brand: Ventura

👤I'm getting a new bike. I started shopping for accessories because I was excited. Woohoo! After opening the rack, I saw all the missing clamps. They don't have the clamps, that's what it says in the description. Should I be upset that I didn't read carefully in my excitement? I'm a grown up and I shouldn't. The bike does not have a rack boss. I should go to Home Depot and get some clamps to attach it and design a few more for the rack bosses. Nope, I'm not going to do it. I don't want to waste time on this rack. I think the company should have added the clamps. I'm going to put the bike rack back in its bag and put it on the side of the road with a sign that says, "free." I don't want to call Amazon to get it back because I didn't read the instructions. I've wasted a lot of money on dumber purchases like Tony Little Foot and Calf Massager. The Ventura Company should fix the rack that people can put on their bike. People are putting it on with zip-ties. Enjoy my money.

👤I can confirm what the other reviewers have said, that this did not come with all of the hardware to install it. I had to do a lot of metal work to get it on my bike. I had to make some changes. There is a The stock bolt wouldn't fit in the larger hole so the mount had to be drilled out. I stripped 2 of the screws that I got. The heads on the screws are very weak. I had to replace all the screws since I was shorted 3 of them. The size matches. There is a The seat post side on the rack was not welded right, so I had to grind down a weld to fit the seat brackets. I knew this wasn't the best quality based on other reviews. It saved me a lot of work on making my own. I gave 2 stars because I knew what I was getting into. It is quite sturdy once fixed with stronger hardware and locktite on the screws. If you are looking for something that will bolt on and go, I recommend against this rack.

👤Whoever built this and whoever forgot to check for quality should be fired. I would have a hard time finding worse craftsmanship for $12. The pics show it all. The rack on my bike was crooked and the arms were off center. I bent the arm to match the other. I used the supplied screws. There was a big mistake. On the last turn, every head was stripped. I would have stopped after the first screw, but my bike was only $200, and I'll just deal with the nightmare if I ever take the rack off. It looks decent in the picture, but it's off-center. There is a There were holes in the dropouts. The supplied screws were threaded in. The seat post on my bike had allen screws on it. I own a bike. I wanted something that I could attach my saddle bag to, so that I could take a dozen bagels with me. It's strong enough for that.


What is the best product for bicycle baskets for adult bikes rear?

Bicycle baskets for adult bikes rear products from Schwinn. In this article about bicycle baskets for adult bikes rear you can see why people choose the product. Hoyuuoo and Roswheel are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle baskets for adult bikes rear.

What are the best brands for bicycle baskets for adult bikes rear?

Schwinn, Hoyuuoo and Roswheel are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle baskets for adult bikes rear. Find the detail in this article. Tourbon, Prosource and M-wave are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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