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1. Generic Bike Mule Grocery Pannier

Generic Bike Mule Grocery Pannier

It's a crossbody bag, messenger bag, or shoulder bag for both men and women, and it's made of durable material that's good for a rough bike commute and hip for the office. It won't be knocked off. Redesigned to make pedaling easier. Bike rear baskets are positioned higher up so you don't knock them off with your feet. There are bags securely attached. Lock-down straps are used to secure shopping panniers to a bicycle cargo rack. The hook and loop design makes it easy to remove. There are no tools required to remove or mount. Take your stuff down. You have a lot of options with each basket, it has 4 loops. Attach a net over one pannier or strap across both bike bags when you need to carry a lot of toilet paper. It was built strong. Heavy-gauge STAINLESS STEEL mounting hooks and shatter-proof PVC support frame allow you to carry heavy loads without sagging. It was designed for shopping. The bike rear basket is designed to fit a brown paper grocery bag. Drop your bags in and pedal home. No re- packing into saddle bags.

Brand: Generic

👤I was hesitant to buy this because of a bad review. I am glad I did. I was looking for a better way to haul things. I was wearing a backpack and hanging bags from my handlebars. These are great! I think they sit higher on the cargo rack than other types. Okay. I was able to go fishing on my bike. The box fit well on one side and a few fishing poles on the other. It's a perfect size for a case of soda or beer for a quick drink run on the bike. There are places to put bungees on this thing. You need something in the bags to weigh them down so you can use bungees across the outside of them. I am looking forward to using these things for a long time. I was considering getting a waterproof bag, but it seemed like it would be a pain to load and unload. I don't need the waterproofness because I only ride when it's nice out. It was easy to install. The tag has a video that shows how to install it. If you put the bungee back to the rack, it will be easier to install on taller bikes. The quality is great and I like the colors. I think it matches my bike. A big fan of mine.

👤The first impression after installation. There is a limited design. It was too high for me. The design for different size bikes was not thought out. This was for small bikes. I converted my mountain bike to an ebike with 29 inch wheels. You need to be able to kick someone in the head while balancing on one foot in order to mount the bike with groceries because the mounting hooks are in the middle of the bags. If you want to lift the bike back up, you need to be very strong. I was expecting a better design for double the price. If the bags were hung lower on the bike rack, they could be mounted on the bike rack itself and lower the center of gravity. I'll update later and see if I can figure something out before I decide if I'll return it. The design of the bags is not good.

👤I don't carry things often, so easy on and easy off was a must, and it doesn't get any easier than these. I took them to the farmer's market for the first time this past Sunday and they worked well. It was easy to expand them and put in my purchases because they fold up and clip when empty. They have a re-useable grocery bag. I was able to park, put my purchases in my bags, and then go to the market. It only took a few seconds to remove the saddle bags and store them in the house after I returned home. There is a Without a bottom anchor, I had no question about stability. The manufacturer responded to my question immediately. They worked great without the bottom anchor. The bottom anchor point would be a good idea if you were carrying something more awkward. The straps on my bicycle were too short. The maker addressed my question, and asked for input on how to make it better, but I couldn't find any contact information to send them pictures to show them the issue. It isn't really an issue. If they do so, I will give my input and continue to recommend the product. These are the best for my small purchases around town.

2. HOMEE Folding Rear Bike Basket

HOMEE Folding Rear Bike Basket

Good protection. The elastic band on the top of the bag can be used to keep your items safe. Your items are protected with a high quality construction made of polyester and PE cotton. It's convenient to take out your items. It is under the process of being plated and should be used with a bit of ventilation. The bike basket is easy to detach. The foldable basket will open if you push the folded basket a little bit. The metal folding bike baskets are foldable. It has stout legs, cargo bands, and heavy duty handlebars. The folding size is 12.97 inches. It is suitable for most folding and mountain bikes. The diameter of the handlebar should be less than 4.5 cm. To prevent the bottom of the basket from touching the bike tire, the distance between the handlebars and the tire should be greater than 40 cm. The diameter of the handlebar should be less than 4 cm. The basket will not tip down if it is installed correctly. If you find any problems with their basket after you receive it, please contact the seller immediately. They will do everything they can to provide better post-sale services for you.

Brand: Homee

👤It was so easy. I bought a basket that had more complicated mounting and it was awful. This one is great. I had to work it around cables to get it on. I think it was just the packaging. It is great. Push one easy tab to keep it folded up. I love it! There is an update. There is a I lowered the rating a star because it stinks like chemicals. I kept it outside in the cold since I got it because of the smell. I washed it off and it still smells like it did when I first smelt it. I would think that breathing that in is harmful. It smells like paint thinner or spray paint.

👤The basket is perfect. It comes with clear protective covers.

👤It's 12 inches wide by 7 inches deep. I had to take the handle bar hangers off. I attached it to my front rack with a hose clamps. My kids tandem attachment makes it impossible for me to use a rear rack. There is a Make sure you have a hold of it when you unfold it.

👤A great basket. It folds back up. I used zip ties to tie the bottom of the basket to my bike, which stopped it from popping if I went over a big obstacle. It can hold a re-usable shopping bag or two disposable bags. It's important to squeeze the hooks before putting them on if your pipes are smaller than the hooks are bent. Oh! I tried to squeeze the plastic protectors for the screws, but they were too tough for that.

👤The basket is easy to use. I like how it folds up when I don't use it. I used to use it on the front of the bike, but now prefer it on the back. I wish it could be secured with another piece or a strap, so I don't have to worry about it rattling when I ride. Many people compliment it.

👤I put it on my cargo. I can fold it down when not in use. It springs up when it's needed. It doesn't fit on the handle bars. I don't think it could fit any handle bars. It hangs low to be used as saddle bags. The cargo hold on the back is very efficient and I am happy with it. I put a car battery in it to give you an idea of what it will hold. A gallon of milk and a week's worth of groceries are included.

👤It's not cheap for the quality. The material is flimsy, but it's a great size. The upside U hook is too wide to put on a sensible place on a bike. It is loose and shakes when I ride. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone again, it's almost ok, but I wouldn't buy it again. There is a There is an edit. After using it for a week, I moved my stars from 2 to 1. It's a basket, but it's not. The pieces that came with it fell off when it was cold. I would pay $3 for this product.

3. Rainproof Reflective Waterproof Bicycle WOOFOPT

Rainproof Reflective Waterproof Bicycle WOOFOPT

M is 28*22*21 cm, 11*8.7*8inch. The M-size baskets are for bikes. Universal rear bike handlebars. The bicycle rear basket is easy to install. Installation methods include a screw kit with a screwdriver and nylon cable ties. Bicycle water spout covers/INNER LINING and adjusted cargo net are included. The rear bicycle basket comes with waterproof covers, upgraded design, increase internal coating, and reflective strips. The basket is suitable for rainy, windy, and snowy activities. A cargo net is an additional reward for the rear basket. Rear bike baskets areimpregnated with high-quality metal so they are not afraid of rusting after the rain. It has a maximum load of 21 kilogrammes. The rear basket for bikes is suitable for city travel. The bike basket rear can be used for lunch boxes, food bags, jackets, water bottles, children's school bags, daily shopping, or as a dog bike basket, bike crate. Quality control and factory service are included. All bicycle baskets have been thoroughly tested. Please contact them if you have any questions. They are ready to give you solutions.

Brand: Woofopt

👤A good bike basket is not a good fit for the Lectric 2.0. It was too small to be used. I can't comment on ease of installation because I didn't mount. I wish it had fit my needs.

👤My son cannot fit his school backpack in this product.

👤The basket is ok. The quality is good and once you mount it, it stays in place. It's not long enough to rest a standard U lock and there's no bar at the back to attach a rear light. I had to do something myself. There is a The types of things that would have been picked up had a cyclist tested it before sending it to market.

👤It's big. It was deep. It's very secure for any items you put inside. It's easy to install. I am happy.

👤The basket works for our bikes.

👤Easily mounted with tie wraps. It works well.

4. Sunlite Rack Basket 10 25 Black

Sunlite Rack Basket 10 25 Black

Baskets are side to side with 18 inches front to back and 11 inches deep. Baskets are 16 inches at the bottom. The rack is 16 inches long. Sunlite rack top wire mesh basket is black Steel. There is a mounting hardware.

Brand: Sunlite

👤I had to return the product because it was a little too small for what I needed. I put a couple pics of the basket in the reference section to give people a better idea of the size. I can see how it would be the perfect size for a duffel bag.

👤I was looking for a basket like this. What have you done with the city bike that you recently acquired? I was looking for a small basket to attach to the rear rack. The basket is nicely finished. The mesh on the bottom helps to hold small things and the larger upper grid makes attaching a bungee cord easy. I didn't want to have long threads exposed so I bought shorter screws. The ones included would work on a much thicker rack than my bike does. Well packaged and arrived within a few days.

👤The perfect size for my bike. It was not possible to mount breeches. The design of my rack and battery point made it very secure. Unless you have a little experience on a bike, a halter would not have made no discoveries. If you use tie downs or bags, you'll be able to keep a gaggle of milk. It looks like it's perfect as opposed to the people who do the math. I can put tail lights to the rear now. There was a soft trail bag on the rear. Still use it. But now. I don't want to leave it in the basket. UNATTENDED. I will pick it up and give it to you.

👤I can't say enough good things about this basket. I usually use the bus to get things from local stores. This basket has a Thirty pack of Miller High life in it. I can get a week's food in this thing. It's amazing. I have a bungy cord that I use to hold down light objects. I love it!

👤This is a good size basket. I bought it for my bike. It is the perfect size for my bike rack. It works well for our bike rides, where we stop at the bread and coffee shops along the way. One of our bikes has a basket that makes it easy to pick up small items of interest. We live in a great area for this type of outdoor activity.

👤The basket was easy to install. I had to use screws twice as long as the one provided to install on my ebike rack. Beer, chips, and salsa can fit in a 12pk container. I use it to carry my bike lock, hoody, hat and mask, instead of a back pack. I ordered a cargo net to keep things from falling out. The basket is 5 inches deep and I wish it was more. I would recommend it.

5. Bushwhacker Omaha Bicycle Grocery Accessories

Bushwhacker Omaha Bicycle Grocery Accessories

The main compartment has a dimensions of 12 L x 6 W x 7 H. The top of the rack with two metal hooks and the bottom of the bike frame with a bungee and S Hook can be attached with two grocery panniers. Each pannier has a full sized grocery bag. When not in use the folds are flat. The dimensions are 14" Length x 9" width and 11.5" height. The pannier supports can carry up to 15 lbs of goods.

Brand: Bushwhacker Usa

👤When they're full of groceries, they work great, but they're not secure when empty, because there isn't enough down force to keep the hooks attached. On my second trip with them, one of them bounced out at a well paved road, tangling in my rear spokes and causing me to stop in the middle of traffic. The basket is mangled, but the bike wasn't badly damaged. I was fortunate to have extra bungees with me. There is a They are sturdy and fold nicely, but I wouldn't recommend using them without rigging extra attachment to keep them in place. If you're going to modify them, there are many cheaper options out there. I spent a lot of money on these because the reviews said they wouldn't get caught in your spokes and become a hazard. If you want something that can be removed easily and stay on securely, find something with a decent clip mechanism.

👤Let's get this out of the way first, how big are they? One of them should have six and two liter beverage bottles. That is big and it also weighs 30 pounds. My Travoy trailer has a bag mounted to it. Some of the bow problems can be alleviated by placing two bottles side by side in the bottom of the bags. There is a lot of room left on top. I like these, but they have a few problems. There is no way to keep things from bouncing out of the tops and the top bows out and the bottom bows in. The bags are fitted to a rack that has a flat vertical plane. These are more of a good starting point than a ready to use solution. I own an Ebike with a battery. There were tubes that were bent around other tubes that made for a very even mounting surface. The only way to get rid of the problem was to cut away the tubing. I had to mount the Bushwhacker panniers with the standard mounting hooks. I reworked the Bushwhacker bags to resolve most of the other problems. Each quarter I installed three.

👤I have had these for over 3 years and they have held up well. They've been used for everything from groceries to sports equipment. They're light, mount firmly, fold very thin, and are well sized. I tend to leave them on my bike at all times because they don't mount very quickly.

👤It works nicely for my bike's rack. A grocery bag that fits perfectly in each side handles weight with no problem. A gallon of milk on the other side of a 12 pack of beer works well. The bike can become wobbly while using the kickstand, so be careful with the weight when loading and unloading. They make my trip to the grocery much easier. I like this product.

6. ANZOME Rear Bike Basket Reflective

ANZOME Rear Bike Basket Reflective

With their bike basket, you will be able to enjoy shopping at the market or stocking up at the sales, savor a more serene ride into the office, or get sorted for the school day knowing that your daily essentials are all well stored in your bicycle basket. Universal rear accessory for bike. All bike types are compatible with the rear bicycle basket. The basket can be used for mountain bikes, children's bikes, adult women's bikes or men's bikes. SturDY IRON was made from strong metal. Their bike basket rack is made of iron metal. The metal bicycle basket can hold up to 20KG of weight. The bike cover is waterproof. The rear bike basket has a triple layer bag that protects it from the elements. It's made out of nylon and PU. Installation is easy with the bike basket that includes screws and cable ties. Attach the back of the bike storage basket with zip ties. Both methods are reliable. They have thoroughly tested all the bike baskets. Please contact them if you have any questions. They are always ready to give you the best services.

Brand: Anzome

👤A great basket. It works well with the location of the holes in my bike. The basket's 2 mounting brackets seem a little soft and in certain conditions may not be strong enough to hold the base.

👤The size is perfect for keeping my helmet and bike lock and can fit in a back pack or a couple bags of groceries. It was easy to install, but I was a little worried about how to tighten the basket on the bike because the basket material is easily bent, and I didn't want to break the hole. The basket seems to be made from a thin wire with a plastic coating on top, and with little pressure, it can be broken through. I circled in red in one of the pictures because I think it was a small defect that happened when it was being made, and it seems like it was made of melted plastic and maybe some thin wire. I'm happy with it, but I would probably look for a better deal next time, since I expected a better quality basket. The cover of the basket was very strong and smelled very toxic. I wouldn't use it if I had groceries in the basket.

👤I use my bike for exercise. I wanted a basket option that I could easily remove when I wasn't transporting things, and one that I could add when I needed to carry groceries. The original mounting system that comes with this basket requires zip ties or screws, neither of which are an option that allows for quick removal. The Basil MIK system on my bike rack is perfect for this basket. I have a standard back rack. The Basil MIK Carrier Plate and the Basil MIK Adapter Plate are required. The carrier plate is screwed on to the basket. The basket can be removed with a key as part of the MIK system if you need it. The carrier plate is semi-permanently attached to the rear rack and not easily removed without tools. I didn't mind that it was a low profile and light weight. I don't use my bike rack for anything other than carrying stuff. The carrier plate is well designed and can be adjusted in a variety of ways to fit different bike rack designs. I ordered the following items. There is a The MIK carrier plate is available at the following websites: TheBasil-MIK-Adapter-Plate-Black/dp/B075DKV1MK is available on Amazon. I'll try to update once I take a few rides with it. I gave 4 stars because I didn't use the mounting system which came with it.

👤It was a great buy. It comes with two methods of installation. The zip ties are easy to use. I tied all of them to the frame of my e bike. I gave up on the installation of the screw and plate because it would have been so easy to put the bike on its side. My electric bike is heavy and awkward to work with.

👤I bought this basket and a liner from another company to take my Yorkie for rides. The liner was perfect. I had a hard time attaching the baskets to the bike rack. The ties were used in place of the second brackets. I lost my balance when I took my bike for a spin and it fell on its side. Two of the ties broke off the basket and two of the other ties ripped holes in it. My dog was not in the basket. I want a plastic basket. I'll be trashing this one.

7. ANZOME Removable Handlebar Detachable Mountain

ANZOME Removable Handlebar Detachable Mountain

You can measure the distance between the handlebars and the front tire to see if the basket fits. If you are unsure, please let them know with bike photos. This bicycle basket is foldable and can be removed via a quick-release handlebar mount. Remove the basket and carry food or other things for a day of sun, surf, and relaxation. As a pet bike carrier, you can take your dog on the road. Light weight and resilience. The bag is all about convenience. A sturdy metal frame with a solid Oxford fabric and a modern quick release handlebar accessory. The bike basket is of the highest quality. Their bicycle baskets are both stylish and practical. Whether you shop daily at the market, or commute into work by bike, their bicycle front baskets are on hand to make your journey a little bit easier. Would you like to be able to leave your bike outside without worry? Their bicycle basket range can be left in the weather with no worries. If it gets dirty, just wash it and dry it. It's ideal for small dogs that weigh up to 11 pounds. It is easy to disassemble and reassemble when you use it as a dog bike basket, so you can use it as a pet bed or dog car carrier.

Brand: Anzome

👤The basket is made for a small dog. I thought my dog was about 15 pounds. My dog is 22 pounds. I was able to put him in the basket without touching the front wheel. I was able to ride my bike with my dog in the basket despite the fact that he was overweight. I had to ride slowly because it was difficult for me to steer and maneuver with my dog in the basket. My dog was very nervous in the beginning, but he relaxed as we rode down the road. Make sure your dog is less than 11 pounds before you buy this basket. I should have weighed my dog before buying it. I would have had a better experience if my dog was less than 11 pounds.

👤I was frustrated when the item arrived because I found the instructions to attach to the bike unclear, but eventually figured it out. The basket is handsome. My 14lb pug rides in it every day.

👤My dog loves this. There is a story so let's go on a bit. We went to adopt a small dog because we can and taking the time is worth it. There is a Biscuit was in a shelter for a long time. We had no idea what "whale eye" was. She was a little scared. It took 3 days. She was in puppy mode. She is adorable. She wasn't adopted sooner. I am enjoying this more than I thought and we have become friends in a few weeks. I use a bicycle for exercise and do a lot of trail riding. Maybe the basket will work. She loves it so much that she took the first photo after not getting out of her basket. She wanted more zoomies. There is a She is a paranoid type and I put a tether around her waist. I added padding for comfort. There is a I used masking tape to make sure the bars were secured with the smaller ones. I used a piece of hose to hold the bolt against the riser. There were no scratches and less vibration. I don't modify everything just a nice touch. I go on trails and don't have any problems with bumps or vibration. 8 lbs of pure ChiWi can be helped by the tiny biscuit. I'm glad to have a source of joy with me on my rides after Biscuit had the time of her life in just one week. I can't remember the best purchase.

👤The dog carrier I have used is the best I have ever used. I've tried a lot of things, from baskets to backpacks to frontpack type carriers. There is a The dog hates the trailer, but I like it. He barks the whole time, and he jumped out once going 20mph, and the trailer ran him over. There is a The basket carriers that cost $100 connect to the bike the same way. The basket is not as sharp. I like the idea of $23 for an ebike instead of $100. He finally likes riding in something I paid for. He smiles all the time. There is a He knew not to stand up. When I stop at a light, he will come up to me. He does it perfectly every time. He and I love it. I will buy another one like it if it ever gets beat up. Someone wants to buy a barely used trailer. I think that's correct.

8. ANZOME Waterproof Bicycle Adjustable Rainproof

ANZOME Waterproof Bicycle Adjustable Rainproof

The bike basket is large enough for carrying many things and it has a cover that will keep your items out of the basket. The basket for bikes can hold a lot of things. The carrying weight is 20lb. There is a bike basket, a bicycle disposable rain cover, a bicycle disposable seat cover, and a bike basket holder. Bicycle Universal Rear Bassket: The rear bike basket is easy to install. Installation methods can be chosen according to the type of bicycle frames. The bike basket liner is held in place by a rope and is easy to remove from the basket. A cargo net with a water pollutant cycle is included. The basket liner. The waterproof bicycle basket liner is made of nylon and PU. It can be used as a basket cover in the rain. The bungee rope cargo net is made of rubber thread and nylon. It is easy to install. The goods can be held in the rear bike basket. The structure is high-quality. The rear bicycle baskets are forged from high-quality metal wire over 3mm, which is not easy to bend, the bearing is stable, and has reliability. The rear bicycle basket has a rust-resistant coating that is strong. You can use it for a long time with confidence if you wipe it clean with a damp cloth. The space is three-dimensional. The rear of the bicycle basket has a 20-liter three-dimensional space, which can support a weight of 20KG. Small and medium-sized pets can be carried in the large space bicycle basket. Take your pets for a ride. Quality control is a priority. All bike basket baskets are tested and sold by them. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution.

Brand: Anzome

9. TOURBON Canvas Bicycle Pannier Insulated

TOURBON Canvas Bicycle Pannier Insulated

The bars are reinforced. The insulated lining keeps your beverage cold or food warm. Installation and removal of Hook and loop closure straps. Can be used for carrying groceries, snacks, food, hot or cold drinks, bike gear, and extra things. The loop on the bag is easy to hang when not in use. Approx 14.76" x 7.28" x 8.07" is the weight. Approx 14.76" x 7.28" x 8.07" is the weight.

Brand: Tourbon

👤This fit my cruiser rack perfectly. It had a lot of extra space left for my husband and me. It stays in line with my bike rack. saddle bags can be awkward if one side is full, but not the other. I think I made the right choice with this bag. I like the distressed look of it that goes with my vintage bike. I haven't tested it in the rain yet, but it is very thick and sturdy. I think you will like this bag.

👤This bag is very well made. The bag is made of heavy canvas and is rain proof, so you can eat lunch with a sandwich and drink.

👤The bag is nice, but it mounts via tiny pieces of Velcro. The bag will tip over or fall to the side of the wrack while I am riding. It is difficult to tell if the bag is flimsy or if it is due to the lack of a binding agent. Anything not secured will fall out once the case is over. Beware.

👤I love this bag. It is a great look on the bike. I think that the charm of this bag is what makes it so attractive, even though it does scratch easily. The bag is strong in the video clip. It was wonderful! It's good too.

👤I was not happy with this purchase. The material was not what I expected and the color was off. It was more distressed than what was pictured. I came back.

👤I wanted a cooler bag for my bike. I didn't want one of the modern ones, I wanted something that fit in with the vintage look. The bag exceeded my expectations. It is definitely worth the money, even though it is not the cheapest bag you can get. It looks great on the bike. I only ride my vintage bike occasionally. I have used this bag a few times and it holds a small picnic lunch for two. A couple drinks and sandwiches. I am very pleased with the bag, it is perfect for my application. I only use it occasionally but function and style points are very high so I'm not sure how durable it will be.

👤I had this bag before, and I like the looks of my e-bike. We had it on a bike rack for travel and it fell off. The bike rack and seat are not secured by the short straps. The top of the new trunk is not new. I know that will happen with use. I shouldn't look all battered already. I was very disappointed in the purchase. I shouldn't have to buy a new item to fit my bike. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The packaging is very dense and leaves a lot of space on the lid. Not as strong as was indicated. I like the waterproof canvas and color.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It is easy to attach, study and look good. It looks great with my seat and grips. I think this is a great idea.

10. JXFUKAL Waterproof Reflector Adjustable Commuter

JXFUKAL Waterproof Reflector Adjustable Commuter

It'sTILE: Easily transports up to 2 bicycles and is compatible with a Class 3 hitch receiver. Also comes with a bumper accessory. Water retention and reuse: The bag for the bicycle rack is made of PU leather and is easy to clean. It comes with a rain cover that protects the trunk and stuffs in it from the elements. 7L CAPATITY: Their bike carrier bag has a main compartment, a top pocket, and elastic cord, which help keep your riding essentials organized. The 7l capacity is enough to hold wallet, phones, power bank, small speaker, towels, T-shirt, food, drinks, bike locks, sunglasses and more. Retention spikes are related. The rear belt for taillight and reflective strips make riding more safe. The trunk is easy to install and has thin PE foam for better protection of the gears in the bag. It could collapse if you don't use it. Your great clown. The bag is portable and lightweight. It will be your good partner no matter what the occasion is.

Brand: Jxfukal

👤I bought this for my ebike build and it works perfectly. It fits perfectly on the rack that I have. It seems to be very durable so far. The purpose of this bag is to protect my battery. I have a UPP 52v 20ah battery for my ebike and the measurements are 11.3 x 5.9 x 2.76 when looking for a bag, which caught my eye. I thought it would fit in the wiggle room. It took a bit of time and effort to get it in, but it is very snug around all sides, and it is less than an inch on top. The battery doesn't move inside the bag, so this seems to work out better for me.

👤The bag traveled through the Erie Canal Trail. It held my lunch. Bike tools, map, phone, and first aid kit are included. I colored it up because I didn't think it was reflective. I think it would be less likely to be floppy if there was a stiff board on the sides. There is a I think it is a good product and would recommend it.

👤It works great on my new bike.

👤I returned the bag because it wasn't big enough for me. I wanted something that would fit in my rack. On the small side is this. Check the dimensions. The volume inside. The bag is small.

👤The size is not as big as I thought. There is a It's still a nice bag. I can put 2 1/2 gallons of milk in it. There is a That's on me, not them. There is a The material is solid but thinner than I would like.

👤I like the product. We made a water proof cover that fits over the bike rake bag to keep water out and items dry in rain storms. I would recommend it to my friends.

👤This is easy to install. It is small so make sure you think about the right size. I got an iPad, a water bottle and some headphones and they were all full. It was big enough for what I needed.

👤The bag is on the bike rack. The bag is small and holds only a few bottles of water, which makes it light weight for traveling. I'm pleased that I don't want to take more with me as I ride the bike trails.

11. CyclingDeal CD EP 03

CyclingDeal CD EP 03

The stability of the bike basket is beyond its small body, so you should give it a try, it's gonna be a good friend on your way to work. COMPATIBILITY: The rear bike basket can be used with pannier racks. It is not comparable with any tails racks. The rear mesh basket is made of high-quality metal with a rust- resistant coating. It is easy to maintain by wiping with a damp cloth. SPECIFICATION: The rear of the bicycle basket has a volume of 25 liters. The large space bicycle basket is suitable for a lot of things. Simple installation. The included hardware is easy to install. Attach it to your pannier with screws. ORDER NOW, WORRY-FREE! They can provide a 2-year warranty because they're so confident in the product quality.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤They give you a full sheet of paper with instructions. There is no information on how to install. It has two images that are very dark and blurry. Good luck trying to find the video you need when you use a QR code to get to a YouTube channel. I deducted 1 star because of this. I remembered that the product page had an install video. There is a The video shows that it only gives washers for the bolt heads. The nuts were added to be safe. There is a The basket is large enough for most tasks.

👤This seems sturdy. The mounting system is adequate. Poor instructions and nuts and bolts for the mounting system made this a 4 star. The instructions were poor and the bolts used a head screwdriver. The nut is metric 10. It's much easier to have a #10 deep sockets than a crescent wrench.

👤It is easy to install and sturdy. It was big enough to carry my bag. I would recommend it.

👤One more attachment was needed. Make a perfect fit.

👤I am satisfied with the basket.

👤The basket is not directly attached to your bike. It comes with two metal strips. The basket is supposed to be screwed to the metal strips with your rear rack in between and the metal smooth strips hold it in place. The idea is that if you screw tight enough the metal strips will bend around the rear rack and keep the basket from sliding. There is a The thread of the screws is strong enough to support those forces. Everything breaks if they slip. It's weird that the screws it comes with are so bad that they can't be tightened without slipping. If you swap them for heavy duty ones, you will have to buy them separately.


What is the best product for bicycle basket rear?

Bicycle basket rear products from Generic. In this article about bicycle basket rear you can see why people choose the product. Homee and Woofopt are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle basket rear.

What are the best brands for bicycle basket rear?

Generic, Homee and Woofopt are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle basket rear. Find the detail in this article. Sunlite, Bushwhacker Usa and Anzome are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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